Survivor (2000–…): Season 24, Episode 14 - Perception Is Not Always Reality - full transcript

It's down to the final 5 women. As they compete in their final immunity challenges, fighting for a spot at the final tribal council, old alliances are questioned and everyone starts to think about who they could beat at the final vote.

37 days ago,nine men and nine
women were given one World,

and all 18 castaways Lived together on
the same beach For the first time ever.

You guys ready to begin an Adventure
that will change your Lives?

This is what they did.

The men came into the world
with Bluster and arrogance,

each of Them obsessed with
becoming the Alpha male.

all of us were rosters,Right,

and we don't want any
Other roosts are around.

these guys are so cocky and Arrogant

it's ridiculous. They're
like ehud barakians.

The women defended Themselves
against the onslaught Of testosterone

by working Together
cooperation and Understanding.

if we all just stay together,

Then we'll just be one,huge
Ball of bad-assness.

A great plan,but Initially,unsuccessful.

The women lost every challenge
In the first six days.

Men win immunity!

They also suffered at camp.

Is there ****

I'm sorry,I'm a republican.
I do not believe in handouts.

But they stuck Together and
chipped away at the Men's dominance,

roaring back With three
challenge victories In a row.

The women win immunity!

things are starting to feel Different.

Facing their first Serious
threat,the men reactedd With in-fight,

leading to total Pand knownium.


you're ghetto trash. That's all you are.

I can't stand him.

Even after a victory,Men couldn't
stop their downward Spiral.

Colton convinced them to give up Their
immunity and head to Tribal council

just so he could Settle
a personal vendetta.

we can give the girls Immunity and go
to tribal Council and vote out bill.

I'll have you guys know I'm
Completely baffled right now.

40% voted our the
"survivor: One world," bill.

You can drop your buffs
because We are switching tribes.

oh,my god.

After a tribe switch,

Colton's rein of terror Continued.

all hail to the queen.

And he routinely Berated his subject.

you can quit or you can jump In that
fire.Whichever is more convenient for You.

I'm running this err
tine show Right now.

If you can't see
that,you are Helen keller.

- Colton we have toul You from the game.
- please,don't.

Just ****

Fate intervened and Colton was
medically evacuated From the game.

At tribal

you can drop Your buffs.We are merged.

A merge sent everything
back to Square one

as the men and women Were
at equal numbers.But--

when did it change and why
am I the last guy to know?

The men continued to battle each
other for the Mantle of leadership.

I'm out of it.

And they failed to See that their real
adversary Was the women's unbreakable Bond.

this is never going to be the Same.

It's time for the guys to
know Where the women stand.

The woman is Theically
eliminated every Single man,

completing one of The most successful
california Backs in "survivor" history.

The tribe has spoken.

And now,for the first time Ever,
there is an all-female Final five.

You've done it. All the men are gone.

Christina and alicia are Aligned.

Sabrina and chelsea are aligned,

And everyone thinks
kim is on Their side.

May the best woman win.

Each one of them has an
equally Powerful story.

Sabrina,the teacher from new York.

She managed to keep
herself in The majority

throughout the game
Without making any enemies.

sometimes I can be a little Loud,

so my strategy was just Fall
back a little bit,listen,Observe,

and now at the very End,that's
when you go in for The kill.

Kim,the bridal shop Owner from texas.

She played the ultimate Strategic game

]but she's Terrified it
will come back to *** her.

I've been in the driver's
Seat this whole time

but I Feel like this game
is,like,Closing in on me,

and I feel Like if I can run just
fast Enough in the perfect direction,

I might make it out of this Tunnel
before it all crashes Down on my head.

Christina,the career
Consultant from california,

had Her name written
down countless Times,

but she survived every Single vote.

I'm not a stereotypal asian Girl.

I just like to go all out.

I have been the ultimate
Underdog the whole entire Process,

and I'm not going to Give up now.

Chelsea,the medical
Saleswoman from south carolina,

Has a winning smile and
a close Bond with the men,

making her a Serious jury threat.

the way I was brought up is You work for
everything you Have,and people respect that.

I wasn't a kiss-ass.

That million dollars is going
to Be on my mind the whole time.

Alicia,the special
Education teach frer chicago

Started the game as the city Girl with
attitude who no one Thought would last,

but she Surprised everyone.

I am one smart,confident Woman.

Home girl the heels from
the Cities killed it.

These five women Worked
together to get this far.

Now,for the first time,they Have to
fight against each other To reach the end.

Find out tonight who will claim The million-dollar
prize and the Title of soul survivor.

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Season 24 Episode 14


well,there's that one.

- there's that one.
- there's that one.

oh,my god.

It's ****

it's a good moment coming Back
to camp tonight after Tribal

to,like,walk into camp And reflect
on how far we've Come as women,

like,from day One,being miserable
with a Crappy little shelter,no fire.

And to walk in with good friends And
have a decent shelter to Sleep in tonight.

But tomorrow I'm going to wake Up and
I'm going to play as hard As I can,

and that's how I plan To finish game.

he told me-- he told me he
Knew he s going home after That.

I got rid of tarzan.

I'm feeling a little
bittersweet About it,

because I had to Get
rid of one of my powers

but This is my dream come true.

I always wanted it to
be girls At the end.

my favorite part was when Jeff goes,"well,you
made it All girls. Congratulations."

I was like,damn,we did.

I'm very cched that kim and I Are going
to stick together as Well as christina

and get rid of The next two
girls,chelsea and Sabrina.

And they know it.

There was no way I would have Ever
thought I would be sitting Here at the end

and,you know,I Really have to say that
it's Because I played one hell of a Game.

- may the best woman win.
- I know,right.

Can't ****

voiula,dave 37.

- Only going to be a couple more Days.
- I know,right.

we're still here.

We are here. We are strong.

what do you think?

you know who I want to get Rid of.

- I want to get rid of alicia
But-- - I mean,here's the thing.

I don't know that she will get Votes.


In my mind ****

is chels.

What's the rhyme or reason Behind that?

just people that I
think will Vote for her.

and there's no part of who
Wants to get rid of chelsea?

It depends on what we're Honoring,

if this game has
Any freaking--

- honor left.
- yeah,honor left,you know.

Kim and I were just talking About

it's just good to be here Day
37,you can believe we're Here.

And she looks at me and says,

"what are your thoughts
about Getting rid of chels ?

*** I was like,what?

I thought we were tight until The end.

Then again,things are never
What they seem in this game.

Not to say I'm entertaining it,

But who would you consider in The three,

- if not her?
- again,it's hard not to take Christina.

- Literally,it's like,them Against me.
- Right.

I would think I'm the next
Likable person out here.

So if chelsea wins immunity Today,

am I on the chopping Block?

It could very well be a Possibility.

So I just want to get my head
in The challenge right now.

All right.

memory.This one has it all.

Guaranteed spot in the final Four,

unless,of course,you Fall."

- pretty cut and dry.
- all righty.


would love it if chelsea
Didn't win immunity.

For me to have any chance of Winning
a million dollars,she Needs to go.

So,please,chelsea,I hope you Suck today.

Come on in,guys!

- You guys ready to get to today's Immunity challenge?
- yes.

Alicia,you have to Give up the safety.

Once again,immunity
is back up For grabs.

For today's challenge,you will
Race across a balance beam maze.

If you fall off,you have
to go Back to the start.

You will then traverse across a Giant rope
net,collecting five Bags of puzzle pieces.

You will then use those
pieces To solve a puzzle.

The puzzle will give you
clues To three numbers.

Once you have those
numbers,Race to the top,

use those Numbers to
solve a combination Lock.

First person to get
it right Wins immunity,

guarantee a One-in-four
shot at winning this Game.

Losers go to tribal council Where
there is nowhere left to Hide.

We'll draw for spots.

We'll get started.

All right,here we go.

For immunity and a one-in-four Shot
at winning "survivor: One World."

Survivors ready?


First step,untie the ropes,Remove
the board,and get Through the gate.

Sabrina flying through the Knots.

Kim getting three thowz knots Quickly.

Chelsea making quick work of it.

Christina in an early lead
right Now. Kim right behind.

Kim finishes her last knot.
Kim's got to get her board out.

Christina has her knots
done. Her board is removed.

Pull that board out. Let's go!

Christina and kim are now on the Maze.

Sabrina is now out. She's on the maze.

Chelsea has her last knot. She's
got her board done,she's On the maze.

Alicia is now free. All
five women are the maze.

Some pass will lead you to
the End. Others are a dead end.

Christina falls off. She's
got to go back to the Start.

Chelsea appears to be in the Lead,but
only if this path Leads to the finish.

Kim falls off,gotta
go back to The start.

That's going to cost her a lot Of
time in this immunity Challenge.

you got to be kidding me.

Alicia now stuck.

Alicia and chelsea
Very close to the end.

The only way out is the white Board.

Anything else will be a dead End.

Kim doesn't like where she's
Heading. She's coming back.

Another setback for kim.

Alicia's through and on to the Net.

Chelsea right behind.
She's on to the net.

Start gathering your puzzle Pieces.
You're looking for your color.

Alicia and chelsea collecting
Their bags of puzzle pieces.

Chelsea working on her second.

Sabrina is across the maze.
She's working on her bag.

Alicia,those bags you're
Untying are not yours.

You're making it
easier for Other people.

- One color,your color.
- you got to be kidding me.

Alicia gave a couple Of people an
advantage by Untying the wrong bags.

Christina and kim are across the Maze.

Chelsea has all five. She can
start working on her Puzzle.

Chelsea with the early lead.

There's a mash-up on these Ropes,
everybody trying to untie Their bags.

Sabrina has all five bags.
She's working on her puzzle.

Christina working on her
fourth Bag. One more to go.

Kim has all five of hers.

Alicia has all five of hers.

This puzzle is complicated.

You're still in it,christina.

This is it right here.
One-in-four shot at immunity.

- come on,baby!
- All your Concentration on this puzzle.

Keep digging. Don't think
about how tired you Are.

Chelsea starting to
put the Puzzle together.

Kim still sorting pieces.

Sabrina now working on her Puzzle.

Alicia has all of her piece
now. She's working on the puzzle.

Christina opens her last bag of Pieces.

You started this game
together 37 days ago.

One of you will live to see day 38.

The other four will be Vulnerable
tonight at tribal Council.

Alicia make something
progress On her puzzle.

Kim making a little progress.

Chelsea places another piece.
She's making good progress.

Sabrina struggling in this Challenge.

Has very little of this
puzzle Put together.

you're killing me,jeff.

Christina not doing Much better.

Alicia,kim,and chelsea,almost
Dead even right now.

This puzzle will offer
you clues To three numbers.

Those are the numbers you need
To finish and win this Challenge.

Kim places another piece.

Kim getting closer.
Chelsea gaining on kim.

Alicia now falling behind.

It is kim and chelsea
with kim In the lead.

Kim down to a few pieces left.

Kim has solved her puzzle. Now
she has it figure out the Clues.

Once you solve the clues
and Have the numbers,

you'll make Your way to the top.

If you're right,it will
open The combination lock.

If you're wrong,you will come
Back down and count again.

So keep working on your puzzles.

Alicia's now solved her
puzzle.She's counting pieces.

Chelsea still working on the Puzzle.

Christina and sabrina are out of This
challenge,have no shot at This point.

Kim has counted all of her
Puzzle pieces,solved her clues,

She's headed to the top.

If she's right it would
be her Third immunity

and couldn't come At a better time.

Kim working on the combination Lock.
Does she have the three right Numbers?

No.She's trying again.
Trying a different order.

Wrong again.

Alicia now heading up.
She's counted the numbers.

Chelsea finally finishes her Pills.
Chelsea going to start work on The clues.

Will alicia have it right?

Kim trying all different Variations of
the same numbers But they're not coming up.

Alicia tries. She is wrong.

Kim giving up,thinks her Number's
wrong,going to head Back down.

Alicia going to head back down And
recount her pieces.Something is not right.

This challenge is back on again.

Chelsea still counting.
Triple checking her work.

Kim thinks she might have
Figured something out.

Kim coming back up now. Will
she have a different Number.

Chelsea now getting in on
it. Hurry up,girl! Let's go!

Alicia now coming up.

Kim trying again. Still not right.

It is kim,chelsea,and alicia
Working on their combination Locks.

Chelsea going to give it a go.

You may have the right three Numbers,
just got to get them in The right order.

Chelsea gives it
another try. Wrong again.

Kim going to give it
another go. Will this do it.

Kim wins immunity for the third Time!

- Guaranteed a spot in the final Four.
- good job.

holy moly.

good job,ladies.

a freaking cow head.

Kim,come on over.

For the third time,immunity.

Kim is safe at tonight's tribal Council,
guaranteed a spot in The final four,

one challenge Away from
the final tribal Council

and getting a shot to Plead
your case for the money.

As for the four of you,

somebody is going home Tonight.

You have the afternoon to figure
Out who that's going to be.

I can't wait to see
you at Tribal council.

- Grab your stuff and head back to Camp.Congrats.
- thanks.


Holy ***

**** To sweat,

- but I think that's the Hardest challenge I've had.
- yeah.

winning the immunity idol
Today,huge,but also feels Funny.

Ladies,I like you people.

I'm glad it's us.

I have so many options and
Things running around in my head

They feel like my head
is about To explode.

- we'll be back.
- all righty.

at this point in the game,

Every person I send to the jury Is
either a vote for me or Against me

it's huge,every Person you send
home could make The difference.

okay,this is what went Through
my head on the way back To camp.

- Take alicia out tonight.
- okay.

- you,me,and sab go to Theifiable three.
- okay.

I feel like the two
big options For tonight,

one would be to Stick with
chelsea and vote for Alicia.

Christine sasort of a
no-brainer To take to the end.

My other option would be
to vote Chelsea out tonight.

trust me,as much as you Think I can
win the game.I think total opposite.

I think total opposite. I think that much
is you can win This game and you're going to.

thanks for saying that.

you've played this game Better
than anyone else out here

And I'm lucky that you and I Developed a
friendship that we Had each other's backs.

I feel the same way.

I don't feel like I've ever Felt
more comfortable going into Tribal.

Kim has had my back
throughout This game.

She has always been 100% honest
With me.A million-dollar game,

she Thinks I could win it,and she Still
wants me to go to the Final with her.

Hopefully she's not about to Backstab me

but I don't think That's the case.

You could say you want me out of Here

if you talk to alicia or Sabrina

and get them to vote for Me and give
me the idol and Fireworks go off.

at the time it seemed like Such a smart
thing telling chels I had the idol.

I can say sitting here
today I Wish she didn't know.

She's expecting me to
play the Idol for her.

I have to be so careful
how I Play tonight.

I feel like I have all
these Weapons in my belt

and I want to Play the right ones

and not get Them all out and play
all of Them for the hell of it.

I just want to tell you that
Chelsea and I just talked.

Who ****


- perfect.
- okay.

sounds good. No more
discussion.I'm done.

She's ****

she's probably asking
her who We should vote.

I definitely feel confident
that Kim is 100% loyal to me.

I mean,even when I sit
back and Sass everything,

why in the hell Would she want
to sit next to Chelsea and sabrina

and have all Those votes just split?

So I need to,not be paranoid,

relax,and Don't overthink stuff.

I got this.

She's ***

- who does she think it is,me?
- yes.

oh,my god.

I mean it's done,it's done,It's done.

I believe what kim said that
She's going to vote chelsea out

And sabrina and chelsea both Believe
it's going to be alicia To go.

Kim would be a fool
not to vote For chelsea.

It would be her biggest Competitor.

so don't even try to work it. Just
leave it be. We're totally fine.

Everybody knows where everybody
Else stands because of me.

I've told sabrina and chelsea
What the other side is doing

and Alicia and christina
what They're doing

and I really could Go
either way at this point.

We'll now bring in The
members of our jury.

Jonas. Michael. Jay,


and Tarzan,voted out at
the last Tribal council.

Alicia,day 37. Five women left.

Two of you will join the jury,
Three of you will make it to the End.

What was the vibe around
camp This afternoon

knowing somebody Was going home tonight?

I actually,you know,came
Back and it was quiet.

I thought it was actually
one of The first times

that we went Back that
I didn't see Scrambling.

Chelsea,what was Your take on how
things went After you got back to camp?

I agree. It was pretty quiet today.

I think it's because the Less people there
are,the less People there are to go scramble.

It's easy to take one
person off The side.

It's gotten to the point
where It's either this or that.

So even though it's Quiet,it
doesn't mean there's Not paranoia.

- right.
- Because now,as you Say,

all it takes is a very Quick comment to
a couple of People and the vote is done.

of course we're all paranoid

Because we see the light at the End of
the tunnel and wean we're Almost there,

and to leave now Would just
be you know-- it would Suck.

So,kim,was this a Difficult afternoon?

Because on one hand,you have
to Be celebrating the fabt that,

a.,I won my third immunity
Challenge. You can't be voted out.

And,b.,you have a big
vote. There are five people.

- And now I'm going to cut one of Them loose.
- it was difficult.

you come and you say
you're Going to play a game

and you're Going to play it with your
head And you're going to play Strategy.

It's still hard at the end of The day.

I really like all of the
women I Am sitting here with.

And you're not just making
a Choice for tonight.

You're making a choice for Tomorrow
and the next day and The jury.

It encompasses a lot and
it's Kind of overwhelming.

Are your decisions For tonight
and tomorrow already Made

or is tonight one decision And tomorrow
you will have to Decide yet again?

I mean,tomorrow I have
to Decide yet again

because there's Another immunity challenge
Coming and that could change Everything.

So the

Loyalty,threat to
win,deserves To be in the end--

all Legitimate reasons to take
Somebody or get rid of somebody.

loyalty is huge because
Tomorrow if I don't win Immunity,

I want to make sure I'm not
the person heading to The jury.

Threat to win,that's also super Scary.

- there's a couple of People sitting
here -- hold on,let's go back to Loyalty.

Obviously,everybody's been Loyal
because the five of you Are sitting here.

You got rid of the men.

That can't be an easy decision.

I mean,to me,it all comes Down
to perception and Self-perception

and how I do Think people see
me,who I do Think I can beat,

what will they Respect?

It's tough.

Why is it tough Because
a lot of people would Say

this is the easiest decision In the
world. I pick the person I can beat.

I think it's just my
heart.Like,it does get in the way.

Isn't that a song?

I think I thought that This would be
easier to play Heart and head separate.

Like I thought I could come
and Stay totally in the game

and Stay totally in
my head and Strategize

and not focus on my Emotions or my
relationships or Connections with people

or Listen to their
stories and hear About them

and it becomes really Hard
to separate those two Things.

Before we go to the
Vote,is there anybody here

who Feel they say might need to
put One more word out on the table?

Alicia,feel like you've said
Everything you need to say to Kim

about why she should keep You tonight?

I think from day one it Says it all,

that I've been With her from day one,

so I Don't even need to
even go there With her.

You gotta ***

Sabrina,last words
For kim before we vote?

I'm fine. I'm good.

I'm truly good.

Christina,how about you?

I've been true to every Vote,and
I've been loyal Throughout.

So I'm going to be
confident in Her decision.

I just want to say that I Know you think a lot
of people Are pissed off at you on that Jury,

and I think the way this Goes tonight,
you will gain a Lot of respect.

So you're saying she Has a chance
to gain some Respect or lose respect.


Do you feel that as Well,kim? Do you feel
like tonight's Decision may impact the jury

- and Ultimately your fate if you make It to the end?
- definitely.

I do think it impacts the
jury,My decision tonight.

But at the end of the day,I
Have to make my own decision

and Let everyone else's voice goes
And remind myself of why I'm Here.

All right,let's get To it.

Cannot vote for kim.
She has the necklace.

Everybody else is fair game.

It is time to vote. Christina,you're up.

alicia,I love you like a Sister,

but tonight I hope it's You and not me.

chelsea,you'll be just fine.

I'll go tally the Votes.

If anybody has a hidden immunity
Idol and you want to play it,

Tonight is the last night you May do so.

Another once the votes are
read,The decision is final.

The person voted out will be Asked to
leave the tribal Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,chelsea.



Chelsea. Two votes chelsea.

Alicia. We're tied.

Two votes chelsea,two
votes Alicia,one vote left.

14th person voted out and
The eighth member of our jury,


- sorry,mama.
- You need to bring me Your torch.


Alicia,the tribe has token.

Time for you to go.

made it To the final four.

Tomorrow,you will compete in
Your final emimmunity challenge.

Win that challenge,you earn a
Spot at the final tribal Council.

Lose,you may be a final
member Of our jury.

Big stakes. Grab your torches.
Head back to camp. Good night.

I realized what mistakes
I've Made in this game,

and it was Definitely giving
up my power,Voting off tarzan.

I don't want to dwell on it too Much.

You know the game is done. I'm out,

and I am definitely not A sore loser.

I'm proud of kim. She
fooled me completely.

And christina,I brought you There.

All those girls wanted
you out From day one.

So good job,christina.

Bask in it because you suck Right now.




that's okay.

bravo. I got played.

I totally thought that
kim and Alicia,myself,

were going to be Part
of the final three.

And kim did a great play.

you're the most resilient
Person I've ever met.

You're always like,"hey,I
know It's a game.

thank you I'm glad you do.

I think you're one of the few People
here that actually does Know it's a game.

Right now I do feel
like I'm on The outs,

but I could still have
Them convinced that

having me as Part of the final
three would be A good call

and not think about Sabrina.

I'm not going to pull
a Troyzan and go crazy.

why not have somebody like Me.

People don't think I deserve to Be here.

You know,I've been coattail
the Whole entire time.

I mean,things change every day.

i **

I was thinking that same
Thing on the way back.

It probably should have
been me Going home tonight

but I'm still Here.

I owe a ton to kim because I
Feel like tonight was all her.

We need to decide who we want to Take.

I know. I'm thinking.

Sabrina might not be the best
Person to take to the end.

We know that christina is
Definitely not well spoken,

and If she has to sit in front
of a Jury and explain herself

and how She played this
game,it's going To be a joke.

we're gonna do this. It's gonna be fun.


today,I have to win Immunity.

Previously in the game,I
would Not elevate my game

and just Kind of be
like at a mediocre Pace,

and now is the time I Really,really need
to step it Up and give it full throttle.

I don't want her going into
Today's challenge thinking

if She doesn't win,she's going.

right. I don't want the do or die.


tree mail.

all right! Let's go,final four.

four.You are almost at the end.

- awesome.
- follow the map.

There you will find the
torches Of your fallen comrades.

At each torch,you will collect
A representative name plate

of Those who were voted out before You.

At the end of your journey,you
Will offer them upas Ceremonial,

paying respects to Their
memory as they each had a Part

in getting you to this Point.

You will then proceed to your
Final emimmunity challenge."

court me.

you know,kourtney was
an Amazing trouper,

probably one of The
sweetest girls I ever met.

when we walked uto the
Challenge and I saw the net

I Was just like,"oh,my god.
I thought it will be fun.

It will be like a giant Trampoline.

But I think I'm going to be the Brunt
of many a joke for many Moons to come.


You know,I like the fact
that She went out fierce,

and she Helped us
build our first Shelter,

so kudos to nina.

I learned I'm a lot more Patient
than I gave myself Credit for.

Working with these young women

Was just like nails on
a chalk Board at times.

I appreciate my family so
much More than I ever did.

It put things in perspective Just
live in the moment and Enjoy things.

This has been aninable Experience.


matt was the first person I Argued with
about those darn Chickens the first day.

I'm surprised he was the first Man out.

pretty cool and pretty fine.

a lot of people will say
matt Didn't do too well.

That's just not true. I
played the best game out There.

I don't think anybody still in This
game was playing a better Game than me.

The male versus female split

Kind of clipped my wings and
Didn't allow me to take off.

That leaves me feeling Frustrated

because I know I can Win this game.

good old bill.

He was quite a character,Hilarious.

I've been grinding for
the Past three years

to try to make My dream
come true of being a Comic

so when a few of my Tribemates
came up to me and Confided that

my attitude,the Way I
was making them laugh

is What kind of brought them Through

and that meant a lot to Me.


You know,she's everything,Actually,in
a personal life,That I aspire to be.

Momma with skills. Momma monica.

when you're the mother of Three kids,

you always put the Wants and the needs
of your Children and your husband first

And it was a pleasure
for me to Come out here

and for once only
Have to worry about me.

Eleanor roosevelt said do Something
every single day that Scares you.

And coming on "survivor" scared Me.

But I'm glad I did it.

oh,colton .

I think this whole game
would Have gone differently.

There's no doubt he was one
of The biggest threats here.

all right,colton.

sorry you went out like did You
but I'm glad you're not Here.

from day one,I,like,Scratched,kicked,and
clawed my Way

from the bottom of the food
Chain to power,every single Day.

The hardest part for
me right Now is that

I put everything in
Motion and then I got sick.

But maybe that was god's way of
Opening my eyes and showing me,

You know,what lailt bitch
I am,And how spoiled I am.

oh,good old jonas.

What a sweet man.

I mean,such a great spirit.

best seafood I ever had.

best food I think you could
Possibly have on "survivor".

when you've only got a
half An hour of sleep,

you're Freaking starving,un,your
Muscles are all sore,

the Chances of you blowing up
or Being impatient or irrational,

It's greatly amplified.

Yet,it's all good.

- michael.
- big mike.

If could do it all over again,I
wouldn't have vote out any Guys,

because right now the game Saul women.

I came out here and did my best. I
wasn't the first person voted Off.

That was my biggest
fear. I didn't back down.

I played open and honest and
That's exactly how I wanted to Play.

jay.My fellow south carolinian.

His outlook on life was Something
I looked up to,Definitely.

Just as beautiful on the
outside As on the inside.

realizing that you're going To be on
your own out in the Middle of nowhere.

You're with a bunch of Knuckleheads
you've never met Before.

It oppose you up to people.It
oppose you up to Relationships.

Just how you think about life.
How you really embrace people.

It's really taught me overall to Have
more of an open mind to Everybody.

You have,I think,more of
a Positive outlook on life.

oh,look who is here.
Look what we have. Leif.

Small in statute,very big in Heart.

leif was a gentle soul.
He was a sweet guy.

this whole experience has
Really changed me as a person.

I mean,just how we take so many Things
for granted these days. Like,fire.


It really is just so hard
to Explain with words.


probably the biggest Strategic
threat this this whole Game,

no doubt,huge physical Player.

And I was never more
thankful to See someone go.

We're glad you're not here,Troy,because
if you were,none Of us would be.

- at all.
- no way.

this is "survivor." Everyone is
going to be Deceitful,everybody.

I accomplished quite a bit of
What I actually wanted to do,

Finding an immunity
idol,Winning challenges.

So everything except
that Million dollar check,

basically,I got done.


She had so much heart,so much
Determination for somebody that Young

and definitely brave to Come
out here and do what she Did.

I think that I should
never Have been so naive.

We were playing for a million Dollars.

You can't just,like,go in There
and expect everything to Be okay.

But I felt like every single
day I grew as an individual.

So I can't wait to show
Everybody how much I've changed,

And how much I've learned.

all right,my man tarzan!

When you're first around
him,You're like oh,my gosh.

But I think he grew on all of Us.

And when he left,we all have a
Little place in our hearts for Tarzan.

I'm still an alpha male but I Realize

a number of these girls Have characterized
their Personalities in a masculine Fashion,

so I knew that the Smart
way to last with them

was To be a bit more beta,

not the Biggest,not the
toughest,not The most athletic,

but smart Enough to be
the last man Standing.


- Love that girl.
- puerto rican mommy.

day one out in the beach
in a Pair of high heels.


and sure enough,she made it A
lot further than a lot of People.

I am not the same girl
that Jumped off that truck.

To walk on this island with my
Nappy hair,emwraising who I am,

At the end of the day I fell
in Love with that person.

It was pretty awesome. I
didn't think I had it in me.

- light that bad boy up.
- light it up! light it up.

amazing people,amazing Journey.



Come on in,guys!

Kim,sabrina,christina,and Chelsea,

are you ready for your
Final immunity challenge?


First things first,Kim.
You've got to give it up again.

Thank you.

For the last time,immunity
is back up for grabs.

Here's how today's challenge works.

You will use a long poll to mawfer a
small wooden bowl through a channel.

When you get to the top you place
the bowl and go back for another one.

The entire structure sits on a spring

which means if you touch it it will
wobble and your bowls will fall.


First person to stack all 10
of their bowls wins immunity.

You will go to the final tribal council.

You will have a chance to
plead your case to the jury

as to Why you deserve
the title of soul survivor

and the million dollars
that goes with it.

For the losers,somebody will be voted out
and become the final member of the jury.

Big stakes. We'll draw for
spots. We'll get started.

All right,here we go.

For immunity.

And a spot at the final tribal council.

This is it,big stakes
survivors ready? Go.

You're trying to mawfer small
wooden bowls through a steel channel.

Make your way to the top and
then place that bowl at the top,

And then go get the next bowl.

What makes this difficult
is that spring at the bottom.

Which means if you hit the
structure,even a little bit,

It will start knocking those bowls
off that you've been stack all along.

Kim has her first one
through. She's placing it.

Headingly back for her second.

Kim has won three immunity challenges,would
louve to close it out with a fourth.

Chelsea has her first.

Kim working on her second.

Christina has her first.
She's heading back.

Chelsea taking a long time
to place that first bowl.

Kim has her second bowl through.

Sabrina has her first bowl stacked.

Christina now working
on that second bowl.

Kim working on that third bowl.

Chelsea right behind
with her second bowl.

Kim off to an early lead in
this final immunity challenge.

Christina places her second bo bowl.

Kim drops a bowl,got to go
back to the start with that one.

There's an opening now
for christina to catch Kim.

Christina and Kim neck and neck as
they go to place their third bowls.

Chelsea places her second
bowl. She heads back.

Sabrina working on her second
bowl,quickly falling out of this.

Kim places her third bowl.

Christina placing her third
bowl,neck and neck with Kim.

Chelsea drops hers,gotta go back.

Kim and christina tied,both have
a one-bowl lead over Chelsea.

You're going to 10.

Kim working on her fourth bowl.

Christina working on her fourth bowl.

Once in,in a challenge.
Sabrina is out of it early.

Kim has her fourth through the track.

Christina matching Kim bowl for bowl.

Still a long way to go.

Kim and christina still dead
even,both placing their eighth bowls.

Both women taking their time.

You want to make sure
it's even,lined up,

christina has her eighth
bowl. She's heading back.

Kim has her eighth bowl placed.

Chelsea working on her seventh.

Sabrina out of it.

It would take a disaster for Sabrina
to have a shot in this challenge.

The wind now coming up.

Those structures are
going to move a little.

Christina's is moving a lot.

Christina working on her ninth bowl.

Kim working on her ninth bowl.

The slightest wrong move could
send everything toppling down.

Kim's ninth bowl barely hanging on.

One bowl left for Kim.

Christina has slowed down.

It is Kim's challenge now.

All she has to do is get this tenth and
final bowl through the track,to the top,

And place it without
knock her stack down.

Christina places her ninth bowl,

Heading back for her
tenth and final bowl.

Kim really taking her time,does
not want to make a mistake.

This would guarantee her a chance to
plead her case for the million dollars.

She is three steps away.

This is it.

Kim wins immunity and a guaranteed
spot at the final tribal council.

- **
- Thanks.

You're a beast. You're a beast.

Kim,come on over.

- All right,Kimster.
- Good job,Kim.

For the fourth time In this game
you've won individual immunity.

You have dominated the
individual portion of this game,

And as a result,you are guarantee
aid spot at final tribal council.

Two of you are going to
go to the final with Kim.

One of you will become the
final member of the jury

that will decide who wins this game.

Huge decision tonight.

Grab your stuff. Head back to camp.
I'll see you at tribal council. Congrats.



I won the immunity challenge
today. It was awesome.

That was the one i've
been wanting,you be.

You have to take it
challenge by challenge,

but to know,like,to go tonight knowing
that it's not me,it feels awesome.




There's no need to.

It's me.

- That's the plan.
- Yeah.

I'm sorry.

It is what it is. Don't be sorry.

It's all part of the
game and everything.

So,you know,i made it all
the way to the final four.

- You did bad-ass,girl.
- All righty.

- But i love you.
- I love you,too.

I had a good time with you.

- I know.
- So.

I feel like Kim,Sabrina and Chelsea
have their decision already made.

I thought maybe i could try to
talk to Kim and try to switch it

But Kim is pretty adamant
just keeping it the way it is

so i figured my last day here,

Day 38,final four,can't really complain.

Might as well make it as
enjoyable and peaceful as possible.

How are you doing?

Good. Tired. Just really,really
ready for This all to be over.


Christina just came to me and
said,"i'd rather just know."

And i was like,"it's you."

- Really?
- We hugged.

I mean,it's like-- it's
hard to not take her.

I feel like she doesn't get any Votes.

- I know.
- So...

The interesting thing about christina's
response is she literally didn't fight for it.

I feel like i did make my decision
to go with Chelsea and Sabrina,

But i think i'm starting
to second guess myself.

Like,up until this point there Was
less at stake,you know what i mean?

There were more chances to go home.

The decision is going to change
Who i sit there at the end with.

I think if i do take kristina,i really
don't think she could get one vote.

And i do think Sabrina will receive quite
a few more votes than christina would.

I'm going to try to make what i think is
the best decision for myself in this game.

We'll now bring in the
members of our jury.

Jonas. Michael. Jay. Leif. Troyzan.

Kat,tarzan,and alicia,voted
out at the last tribal council.

All right,let's get to it.

Kim is going to the final
tribal council tomorrow.

That is a fact.

The question tonight is which
two of you are going to join her?

So,Kim,it was a busy afternoon
with people scrambling?

It was definitely not a busy afternoon.

It was really,really quiet.

Sabrina,fill me in.

After we got back from the challenge,

i think everyone knew Where the
cards were laid out on the table.

And people just didn't
see the need to scramble.

Everything was very blatant and

One person had to see
the need to scramble

because if the cards were laid out,that
meant somebody knew they were going home.

Is that true,Chelsea?

Yeah. We pretty much made is
cut and dry who was going. And --

So clue me in. If you
guys all know. Who is it?

Jeff,it's me. So...

So,christina,you're going home tonight.


The alliance of the three girls
have been formed since day one.

So everyone is pretty adamant
about where they stand.

Well,what's not clear to me is why that
means it made for a quiet afternoon.

Was there a strategy from your end
in terms of trying to break this up

Or have somebody see the light
or bring a new idea to it?

My argument would be Sabrina Hasn't
done well in some of the challenges.

As far as strategy-wise,i
haven't seen her do anything.

But,you know,how do you
convince that to someone

who already has a strong
alliance with them.

It's a partnership they have and

Trying to break it is really hard.

Sabrina,are you at all
surprised christina would,

In a sense,lay down
and die and just say,

"okay,if that's what it is,it is?"

You know,i can't read anyone's mind.

I can't look at her and
say,okay,why are you here?

But from her actions
alone,it wouldn't seem that

she was here to actually win or at
least she would have made an effort.

And just because you don't
see me scrambling around

i don't know fully what's
been going on since at a one.

Perception is not always reality.


I knew i would have gone out if i
knew my name was on the chopping block,

I would have tried everything possible.

But that's just me.

Christina,if you're
a fan of the show all,

you know the most likely
people have won this game

But they don't win if they're
not at the final tribal.

I understand you feel you
would have an uphill battle

But i'm pretty sure there are a lot
of people on the jury give me a shot.

Put me in the four spot. Give me a shot.

I'm just trying to understand because
this is a game about social politics.

Right. And i get what
you're saying and everything.

It's just-- i think when it came to the
point where my key alliance had just left,

it's like what i can do to convince
these girls to break a promise

that they've already made since day one?

It's like,you know,i mean-- i Don't--
it's-- it's not like i Gave up.

It was just-- it was just
kind of the sense of why--

i mean,How can i even convince these
girls to make a switch and everything

to give me a shot at everything?

Kim,as a competitor,would
you make the same choice

if you were in christina's spot?

Absolutely not.

I mean,i think christina's
not a bad person

to take to the final
three potentially in that

She has a lot of arguments she could have
made for herself today but she didn't.

And i think that you have to
weigh out your options at the end

and things aren't always
as clear as they seem.

well,tribal council is
always full of surprises.

So while this vote tonight
appears to be a formality,

the result of that vote will be a
million dollar mistake for somebody.

It is time to vote. Christina,you're up.

I love you,girl,but deep down inside,

i kind of still don't think that you
deserve to make it to the final three.

Baby girl,you just
did not play the game.

I don't even know if you knew
it was the game "survivor."

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are
read,the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked to leave
the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote. Sabrina.


Christina. Two votes
christina,one vote Sabrina.

15th person voted out and the ninth
and final member of our jury,christina.

You need to bring me your torch.

Kristina,the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Well,three of you have played
this game together from day one

and tonight you've gone
as far as you can go.


Now the power shifts to the jury.

Nine people that you
voted out will decide

who they think is most deserving
of the title of soul survivor

And the million dollar
check that goes with it.

You have one more night in
the south pacific. Enjoy it.

Try to get some sleep. Grab your
torches. Head back to camp. Good night.

I'm honored to make
it to the final four.

However,i wish i would have played
this game a little bit differently,

probably a little more strategic.

Although,being the underdog of the game,i'm
pretty proud of myself to be where i'm at.

Trying to make it to the top
three,would have loved it.

However,how do you change three
girls who are pretty adamant and

Pretty loyal to where they're at?


********This morning.

It's coming to an end.


I had no idea i was
going to go this far.

And i'm just reflecting on life,just
how god has just blessed me.

Just the little things,a decent family.

Decent friend.

This amazing experience.

I'm about to go back to real
life,and part of me wants to.

Part of me doesn't.

You know,i'm a teacher.

And one of the craziest neighborhoods
in the country,and i just got laid off.

I signed up to be a teacher,to teach
kids that people don't want to teach.

I wanted to tell all the kids
everything-- how the sand felt,

How the water felt.

I would love my kids
just to see this view.

They see a few blocks
of brooklyn,that's it.

And that's all they aspire to see.

So hopefully they see that i took
a chance,they'll take a chance.

All they have to do is one time.

I can only spend maybe a few more minutes
sitting here after the sun comes up.

You gotta put your game face on.

This is still anyone's game.

I think everyone has their strong
points and their weaknesses in this game,

And it's all about playing
with the strong parts.

You have to go in,guns blazing,

And kind of have no mercy and
from there,the game will unfold.

This is all********

I know I*********

but I have********

Oh,my god!

- Orange juice!
- Mimosas!



Before i came into this game,i
was so nervous and so scared,


And i can be honest and say that i did not
expect to be sitting here in the final three.

Y'all,this is so exciting.

You know,my dad told me before
i left,no matter what happens,

we're all proud of you.

So,i mean,of course you want
to win a million dollars,

but sometimes money isn't the big prize.


When you come out
here for the adventure,

you have to think it's a lot
bigger than just a million dollars.

I've made some great friends i know
i'm going to have for a lifetime.

Memories i'll be able to
share with my kids,their kids.

And the list goes on.

Oh,my god!

It's ready to go like we are.

Saying final three on day one

And standing here on day 39.

May the best woman win.

- Cheers.
- Cheer.

This year has been kind
of a tough year for me.

I just recently got divorced and


Coming out of a really tough
marriage after almost four years.

You look back and it's
like,man,i got neerd this person,

And,wow,it really doesn't work.

It short of shakes something in you.

So coming out here and having to make decisions
quickly day in and day out and have them work

And get to sit here at the end and say,wow,this
decision has worked out and went really well,

I have definitely gained some of
my confidence back,trusting myself,

trusting my accidentment,and
my intuition.

There hasn't been a wrong turn.

I'm excited to take this and
take it back to my real life.

We'll now bring in the
members of our jury.









And christina,voted out
at the last tribal council.



You were able to do what the 15 other people
who started this game were unable to do--

Last all 39 days.

You've gone as far as
you can go in the game.

And tonight,the power shifts
to the jury,nine people

that you voted out now
will decide who wins.

Their job tonight is to ask questions
that will help them get the information

they need to make a
million dollar decision.

Here's how it's
going to work--

You'll make opening statements.

They'll get their chance to
address you,and then we vote.

Shall we get started?

Opening statements.

Chelsea,you're up.

Is it okay if i stand?

I just feel like--
is that okay or no?

I feel like it just
helps out a Little bit.

- All right,go for it.
- Okay.Can we go with that?

I think everyone knows that in
"survivor" a pair is extremely important,

and if you have
someone,just one person that

You know you can trust 100%,that
you can go really far in the game.

I don't think it's any secret that Kim and i
have been a pair throughout this whole game.

Every single tribal,we would get together and
literally map out who we thought should stay,

Who we thought should go.

With that being said,my
game changed at the merge.

Jonas,you seem like someone

That's just a good person in general.

I had the hardest
time,like,writing your name down.

And that's the point in the
game where i said,Chelsea.

You're playing this game all wrong.

You have to check yourself out emotionally
or you're not going to make it in this game.

That's when i feel like i became
the hard-ass,cold-hearted Chelsea.

That's where Kim and i
played this game differently.

Maybe you're more mad at her for
writing your name just because

She had more of an emotional
connection with most of you than i did.

But i could have been shooting myself
in the foot because now that i'm here,

I'm looking at all of you,and i really don't
feel like i had that emotional connection,

Where that might be how you vote.

I know at the end of the day,

However you guys do it,i'm 100%
with you,and trust however you vote.


I love this game.

I've always seen it as a game.

Coming into it,i thought
i saw it as poker,

And you do everything you can do
to sit here at the end of this game,

So that's where my head
was walking into this.

I thought no rules.

I'm going to come in and i'm going
to play as hard as i possibly can.

That's all i know to do.

The strategized until
i was blue in the face.

And I'm proud of the way
i played it strategically.

I don't be how i could
have done it better.

Every time i cent one of you
home,that took a toll on me

and that's been really,really hard.

Bust every time i was tempted to make a decision
within this game i thought of my family back home

And the things you wanted
to provide them with

and the things you wanted to do
with the money to change their lives

And how i'd known you
all for 20 or 30 days

but how they've been pouring
themselves into me for years and years.

So i hope you all can forgive me.

I hope you all can see it as a game.

Because that's how i came into it.

I can't even say i would take it back

because my end goal was to sit
here and i'm sitting here tonight.



You know,we all come in here.

We all have different
strategies of how to do things.

So my strategy coming in is much
like my strategy in real life.

You have to have balance.

Guto the extreme one way,you're
going to have a target on your back.

I already knew i have got to scale
back when it comes to physical things.

There are some times when i surely stepped
down,and that was part of my strategy.

You guys saw me.

I never came back here with a necklace.

And had we merged,the social setting
started to become more evident.

Kim,she and other people would go ahead
and say let's vote this person off and

Although we agreed to do tthey
were more or Less the messengers.

I chose not to step up and come to you
face to face because at the end of the day,

Not only can i not separate the
game from real life,but it's also--

It also might come back
to bite me in the end.

Stepping outside this game,i teach
inner-city children in new york city,

An in one of the toughest
neighborhoods that there is.

Two weeks before i even got
to "survivor" i was laid off.

I came into this game,it's
not an option to win for me it.

It was necessary for
me to play this game.

So for me to even be sitting here
in the top three,that's a blessing.

All right,jury,now will you get your first
chance to address Sabrina,Kim,and Chelsea.

I'll give you a moment to think
about what you want to say.

All right,**** have waited a long time.

For the chance to address the three
women who voted you out of this game.

Your job tonight
is simple--

Gather information to help you
make a million dollar decision.

Let's get started.

Jonas,get us going.

So seeing that this is
sort of a serious decision,

i just want to lay the ground rules
for this question and answer session.

When i address you by name,

I want you to just say yes,master jonas.

Just kidding.

I'm totally happy for all of you.

Sabrina,i totally love you.

If it was the most popular person
getting the money,i'd vote for you.

I still might.

But out there at the challenges,

I mean,it was amazing
how badly you sucked.

You're-- some of those
challenges you're right.

You were whooped by a guy one
year shy of being a senior citizen.

I'm not going to lie,some of those
challenges i absolutely sucked.

You're 100% correct.

Chelsea,you're cute,

- Really.
- I mean,

we all agree as guys that you're
the hottest chick for the season.

not what my vote is based on.

I want to hear,like are the
hugest move that you instigated,

Not that Kim suggested,but the
boldest,game-changing move you made in the game.

It was my idea to take kat out.

Okay,so,Kim,you kicked
my ass,fair and square,

but that doesn't mean that
europe getting my vote.

I thought you played a flawless
game up until last tribal council.

You didn't take christina.

I was just,like floored.

I was like,what?

I'm just trying to wrap my head
around why you didn't take her.

Yeah,i think,honestly,i kind of
got to this place where i thought

If everybody absolutely hates
me for all the decision i made,

Then christina will beat
me if they're that angry.

If they vote for the person
that played the best game,

then i can sit here
with these two guys and

I'll win and it wouldn't matter.

Okay,well,we'll just
have to see what happens.

- Thank you.
- Thanks,jonas.



How are you tonight?

Kim,it comes down to the final four,and,of
course,you pick Sabrina and Chelsea.

It was a great,crucial decision.

I mean,you already made a statement to jonas
saying that you felt i was a big threat.

So take that out of the side.

Say you took me.

Say who you would take off and why?

- You're asking if i could only sit with one of them,which one would it be?
- Yes.

No,who would you take out.


And you have to answer it.

I think i would have a better
chance of winning against Sabrina

so i would take Chelsea out.

I think i have a better shot of

Winning sitting next to Sabrina.

And,Chelsea,why do you hate People?


I don't hate people at all.

At all.

I think there's a time where you have to
take your heart out and play with your head.

And that was a really hard thing for me.

Ask Kim kept reminding me because,you
know,there were times we disagreed,

And she was like,"Chelsea,take
your heart out.

Think with your head."

And if you knee me outside this game i'm
not the cold-hearted bitch,i'm really not.

Thank you.


Jay,you're up.

First off,congratulations.

No hard feelings.

You guys kicked our butts.

You should be super proud about it.

I'm stoked for you guys
to be sitting there.

Sabrina,that mentality of the
whole "i'm going to take it easy,

you know,in the challenge,"

Like,even in camp life,you
seemed to take it easy,you know,

i mean whether it was
sticks,crabs,you did squat.

So i'm really questioning,like,was
it really your strategy or what?

It was.

Sometimes in my personal life i
can be a little bit overbearing

and it doesn't allow people to shine.

So i knew coming on with a bunch of
strangers,this is my time to observe.

Let me listen a little bit more.

It's about balancing things,so
if i would try and go and

Bulldoze every
challenge,that's an extreme.

And honestly,i literally just learned
how to swim before i came out here.

So for me to go deep sea fishing or just
fishing period,wouldn't have been too wise.

Fair enough.

I respect honesty.

No further questions,your honor.


Mike,you're up.

Kim,i just want you in the best possible
way just to define to me what a blindside is.

Sending someone home who has
no idea they're going home and

Convincing them they're not
going home so they're shocked.

With that definition,do you feel
you perfected the art of blindside?

You know,i think in this game i
do think blindsides are necessary,

And i think at the point
you were still here,mike,

That was a huge vote that night because
you were the only guy left in this game that

Troy was willing to
send home over a girl.

He disliked you,he didn't trust you.

So i picked you,not wanting
to send you home at that time,

But because you were the only guy he would vote
out without thinking twice about it that night.

There's a whole jury over
here and myself that know that

You missed one key
factor,and that's blame.

You know,you took all the blame
of every single blindside you did.

You didn't pass it
off on your alliances.

You didn't pass off one person.

You took all that heat.

And that's the one
thing that you missed.

So you have all these people here and
myself than that you blindsided them.

And have to decide if you're smart
for doing that or incredibly stupid.

That's just all i want to say to you.




The first thingent to
say as a statement is

i want to thank god for giving me
these gre gaishes moments of wild,

Romantic adventure
toward the end of my life.

So thank you,god.

And then i want to thank
you ladies for keeping me,

despite all the concatenations
of this game that

Allowed my wife to actually
set foot on this island.

Had you not done that
twouldn't have happened.

And i will forever be thankful.

The third commencement,if i can get to it
without forgetting what i was going to say,

Is i want to inculcate with them
the ingrams of my brain how i felt

When i knew my wife was actually placing
foot prints upon the sands of this island

And would soon be close enough
to me that i could embrace her

and feel her heart beat against mine,

Hear the whispers of her breath
about our inalienable love

that would not have happened
if you had not kept me.

So for that,i'm very appreciative.

And i'll try to feel that moment
until we're but dust in the sand.

Or until got brings cognizance
to our atoms once again.

So i thank you for that.

That's all i have to say.

I have something to say to you.

I just want you to know that you
and your wife's romance together

has opened up my eyes to
what i want in a partner.

I feel like-- i didn't
even know that existed.

I really didn't.

I will not settle for less
because i know-- i know it's real.

Thank you,Chelsea.

Thank you.

That's it.


- Well done.
- one of a kind,one of a kind.

leif,you're up.

go ged 'em.

My hat off to you ladies.

You three really showed all of us
what it takes to be in the final three.

That's sweet.

Very sweet.

but it was really hard getting voted off,and
i'm trying to work out all my feeling right now.

That was just a really sore moment
i had with you three ladieladies

And i just want to d out how
that went down,really.Kim--

To be honest with you,leif,

I never-- i could never figure
out if i trust you or not.

You were one of the few people in this game,is
he voting with us,is he not voting with us?

Your votes did not line up with what we were
voting and i knew you had written my name down.

I thought you were going
to write it down again.

I didn't feel bad about telling
you to vote christina that night.

- You know?
- Yeah.


At that point,*****

The messenger giving the messages so i
knew it was going to be you to go that night

And we had such a connection.

I couldn't physically tell
you,like,you're going home.

That would have hurt
me as well,you know.

So i'll be the first one to
admit,i punked out.You know.

Someone had to go home,and it was
just,unfortunately,your time at the moment.

I just want to say
congratulations again,girls.

I'm really-- you
really showed us.



Alicia,you're up.

Kim,you and i played
this game very similar.

I was a kingpin.

I had my pawns.

Christina and tarzan.

You have your pawns,Chelsea and Sabrina.

Home girl,you know if i was sitting
next to you,you'd be bricks right now,

Because without you getting me out,i would have had
more chances of winnin winning that y than any of you.

And actually,i'm super flattered because i didn't know miss
puerto rico last here could actually be a potential threat.

Like,who thought that,you know.

Kim,you played a hell of a game.

I could strangle you.

- I love you,and good luck.
- you did,too.

Thanks alicia.

Tarzan,you're up.


Here we go.

First of all,i'm going
to say congratulations.

I know that probably sounds
strange coming from you because

You probably think i all hate your guts.

I don't.

And my real beef is with Kim,so
i'm just going to focus on you.

You did play a great game,but it doesn't mean
Sabrina didn't play a great game as well and

- Chelsea didn't either.
- Sure.

I'm just going to ask y one question.

If you answer this question correctly,you
really have a great shot of winning.

If you don't,that will show me you're
not the survivor that you think you are.

- no pressure.
- so.

There was a point in this game where
it was the decision made against me.


Tell meet moment that you
basically made the move to

Demolish my chances
of winning This game?

Taking jonas out of this Game.

That's your answer.

That's my answer.


Are you going to tell her
if she got it right or not?


The "survivor" gods have spoken.

It's like uno,dos,adios.

Kat,you're up.


Being voted out,i was
really,really upset.

All three of you hurt me.

Very,very badly.

And,Kim,girl,i am just destroyed.

- I know.
- By you.

What i kind of want to say,though,is i
have a secret and i want to tell you guys.

You know,when i was little,i went
through two open heart surgeries

when i was 12 years old.

And in order for me to have kids,i have to
have another open heart surgery in 12 years,

Which means 22,baby,so
i'll be going next year,

and i'm doing it again.

So i had to hide that from you guys because
i didn't want to show you that weakness.

But that's why i don't have
time to be angry with you three.

So i'm going to base my decision on who
i feel played the best you guys.

Take the time that you have and
live it for the best that you can,

And this decision that you're going
to make,don't base it on being angry.

I was so angry for what they
did because i want to sit there.

I want that more than anything.

And i would die to be there.

But it takes a lot more energy to be
angry about what happened in this game.

And it's a lot easier to smile
and to forgive and be happy.

So that's what i'm going to say.

I forgive you.

And that's all i have to say.


All right,jury.

Pretty healthy back and forth.

Gotta say,felt pretty
respectful from you guys,

given that you were voted
out by these three women.

You've heard a lot tonight.

Gathered a lot of information to help
you make a million dollar decision.

I'm going to give you a moment to
think about it,then we will vote.

All right,we started with
18 people in this game.

We are left with
Sabrina,Kim,and Chelsea.

And a jury who will now decide who
gets the title of sole survivor,

And the million dollar check
that goes along with it.

For the last time,it is time to vote.

Jonas,you're up.

Sabrina,even though Kim won everything,that
doesn't mena she's the best player.

Take care.Come here.

I'm so upset with you.But
I didn't vote you tonight.

**********for three day.

I would go to the votes.

I know three of you would love for
me to read those votes right now.

But you have gone to wait utill we come
back to us.I will see all of you there.


Thanks to *****

All right.Have a seat.

Have a seat.



Thank you very much.

Let's-Let's finish this season off.


one of you is about to be awarded
for 39 days very tough work

with one million dollars.

I'm frist to admit.

I'm frist to admit that I
have never played this game.

I really have no ideas
what kind of tolls it takes.

But I watched it for
25 years and 24 seasons,

and I have **** of
tremendous*** and emotional tolls

that takes survivors 39 days of this
intense psychological social **** games.

So which everyone you
win,you deserve it .

All right,here we go.

Sabrina,you want****** pass out.

I can't breathe right now.

All right.We are looking
for votes tonight.

You want to see you name.

This journal juse worth somebody
a million dollar. I read the votes.

First vote,KIM.

Sabrina. One vots KIM,one votes SABRINA.


2 votes KIM,1 votes SABRINA.


**** 2 votes KIM,2 votes SABRINA


3 votes KIM,2 votes SABRINA


That's 4 votes KIM,2 votes SABRINA.

The winner of survivor ONE WORLD is KIM.

Kim Spardlin Winner-Survivor:One World

Kim's Family

Well,it started men vs
women,but in the end,as men*****

because all******

First time in history,finally
***** consisting only women.

Here ***** dominating the game*****

This season also broadcast one of the
most controversy people that ever play

He set lines


Its survivor

One world in union alive from
NEW YORK CITY.Coming up next.