Survivor (2000–…): Season 21, Episode 6 - Worst Case Scenario - full transcript

One of the game's most prominent masterminds targets two foes and sets a plan in motion to oust one of them, along with an immunity idol, in one of the most memorable tribal councils of the season.

Previously on "survivor."

In the battle of old versus young,
the younger tribe was thriving.

Hands down, we're the bomb.

Their hierarchy was clearly
established: Brenda,

chase, naonka and sash were on top.

It's a great feeling to know
you other on the side of the

numbers and have control of this.

Alina and Kelly B.

Were at the bottom.

I don't like you.

Never have liked you.

I don't need no charity
case on the jury.

Drop your buffs.

We are switching tribes.

But a surprise switch put old
and young on both tribes.

It is la flor wearing yellow
versus espada wearing blue.

At the new la flor, the young
people were in control.

We're 5-3.

Looks good.

And they took Jane under their wing.

I like these kids!

Despite showing everyone
his hidden immunity

idol, Marty ended up at the top
of sash and Brenda's hit list.

He's coming in our home and already
setting up like he's the king.

Fabio wins it for la flor!

When the new espada tribe lost
the immunity challenge, holly

joined up with the young people.

I have a better chance at
going farther with the kids.

Even though Dan with his
bad knee was a physical

liability to the tribe, the young decided
that Tyrone was a bigger threat.

Tyrone right now, Tyrone...
At tribal council,

everyone voted against Tyrone
except for yve who wasn't told

about the youngsters' plans.

Tyrone, the tribe has spoken.

Good luck, guys.

15 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight.

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Ten days ago I was ready
to get out of here and if

one lesson I've learned out here
is quitting is an easy way out.

If you can't handle the rain,
the wind, you should have

thought of that before you came.

You signed up for something,
suck it up and finish.

So what happened?

Why do I feel like I was let out in
the dark with you and Danny so much.

Because I would have
been fine with that.



I don't know ifñr Danny and I felt that
because you had an alliance with him.


No, I didn't.

It surprises me that holly
believed that Tyrone and I were

in an alliance and that's why they
couldn't tell me because we weren't.

It's going to be tough for me, but I'm
not walking out of here without a fight.

I was kind of thinking you and
I had each other's backs a bit

because now I'm feeling
like a fish out of water.

Maybe we need to be a little bit more
open and honest with each other.

Because... well... But Danny told me
this this morning that he's done.

He said "I think I'm done."

And I said "why?"

And he said "I can't take
this weather and this hut."

I don't want to throw anybody
under the bus, but Danny doesn't

want to be here anymore.

So I'll take that information
and I'll work around that.

That's the same "Survivor."

You've got to do what you've
got to do to stay alive.

I think they are starting
to appreciate us.

You get up, the dishes are clean.

Like at home, mom clean it is dishes.

I feel like we went from being,
like, in a serious drama

before arriving here and I feel
like I just fell into, like,

"bill and Ted's
excellent adventure."

The young tribe is like 180
degrees from where we came from.

We would get up, get wood, fish
and these guys sleep all day.

I don't know.

But we've been dealt a very bad
hand by coming on to a team in

minority numbers.

I feel like the young ones
bonded and bonded really strong.

So I definitely feel like they'd get rid
of us in a heart beat if they could.

Morning, fabio.


How are you, man?

Doing well.

Even though we all are called
la flor, it's still younger

tribe and older tribe.

Well, actually it's
younger tribe plus Jane.


Look at Jane.

Jane blend in right away because
she just a natural genuine helper.

So if we go to tribal council, I
think what I want to do is have

three people vote for Marty,
three people vote for Jill.

That way you flush out the idol
and whatever happens, one of

them is going home.

Come on in, guys!

La flor getting your first
look at the new espada tribe.

Tyrone voted out at the
last tribal council.

Awesome for us.

Guys ready to get to today's
immunity challenge?

Yes, sir.

First thing's first.

Fabio, I will take it back.

Tribal immunity is not what
you're playing for today.

Individual immunity is what you seek.

Because tonight both tribes
are going tribal council.

Both tribes will vote
somebody out of this game.

There are two individual
immunity necklaces because one

person from each tribe will win immunity,
will be safe at tonight's vote.

Here's how it works.

On my go you'll race out into
an individual digging area.

You'll use a paddle to
dig up a rope ring.

Toss it over your shoulder into
into a basket on your backside

then race it back to the start.

The first person to get all
three rings wins immunity, is

safe from the vote, and moves
on to the final round where you

will compete for tribal reward.

In the final round, the winner from each
tribe will square off in a ring toss.

First person to land all three
of their rings on the target

wins a feast for their tribe.

Here's how it works: The winning
tribe will go to tribal council

first and vote somebody out.

You will then listen in on the
other tribe's tribal council

while you feast on
chicken and beef kebobs.

Worth playing?



All right.

We'll draw for spots,
we'll get started.

All right, espada lost the rock
paper scissor, they're going first.

One person will win
immunity from this tribe.

Here we go.

Survivors ready?


There are three rope rings
buried in the sand.

Once you find one, toss it over
your shoulder, land it in the

basket and take it to the start.

Dan drops his ring.

Alina gives it a shot, just misses.

Holly has her first ring
off to a quick start.

Alina lands her first one.

Yve lands her first one.

Benry lands his first one.

Holly with her second
ring and lands it.

Holly now in the lead with two!

One ring left.

Dan still struggling.

Alina drops her second one.

Benry with a nice toss!

Benry on the board
with his second one.

Chase has his first!

Dan still nowhere.

It is holly, alina, and benry each
looking for their final ring.

Alina has hers, can she land it?


Holly scores her final ring!

Holly moving on to the final!


Nicely done, holly.

Good job, holly.

Holly, safe from the vote tonight.

You'll compete with the winner
from la flor for a tribal feast.

Espada, hit your mats.

La flor, you're up.

All right, la flor now
seeking individual immunity.

Survivors ready?


One member of la flor will
take on holly in the final.

Sash has his first one.

Brenda lands her first one.

Brenda and sash both with one ring.

Fabio has his first ring.

Marty lands his first one!

Jill has her first one.

Kelly B. Has her first.

Everybody on the board except
Jane and purple Kelly.

Jane has first first, heading back.

Marty has his second.

Kelly B. Has her second.

Jill has her second.

We got a race!

It is Jill, Marty, and Kelly B.

Looking for their last rings.

Jill has her last ring.

Can she land it?


Kelly B. Now has her third.

Just misses.

Another shot.

Jill lands her final ring!

Jill wins immunity and will take
on holly in the final for a feast.


Thank you.

Thank you very much.

Jill is safe from the vote.

Jill, you will take on
holly for a tribal feast.

Let's move.

Here we go.

First to land all three rings on a
hook wins feast for their tribe.

Survivors ready?


Two freedom the original older tribe
squaring off in this challenge.

Slow it down!

Jill and holly.


Holly lands her first ring.

Jill, you've got it, take your time.

Get in the zone!


Jill lands her first ring
and the second ring.

Jill and holly both with two!

One ring left!

Jill or holly can win it right here.

Go, Jill!

Holly just misses.

(Cheers and applause).

Jill wins feast for la flor.

We're gonna eat!

All right, here's
what's going to happen.

Tonight, la flor you will go to
tribal council and vote somebody

out then listen in on espada's
tribal council and while doing

so, you will feast on
chicken and beef kebobs.

La flor, espada, see you
tonight at tribal council.

Grab your stuff, head back to camp.

Hey, we're the winners!

Just such a good feeling to
know we're gonna eat tonight.

I want to thank Brenda for
picking me to be on this team.

One, two, three la flor!

The little one, two, three, la flor!

That was totally fake.

I mean, Jill and Marty, come on.

You could see that they're
working their minds, they're

working their own little thing.

You just feel it.

But worst-case scenario happened.

Jill won individual immunity,
Marty has the hidden immunity

idol so now we're stuck.

But we will somehow vote someone
out that we don't want.

So what I was thinking... tell me
if you were thinking the same

thing... we split the votes, three votes
for Marty and three votes for Kelly B.

We tell Kelly B., though, that our
three votes are going for Jane.


Just that easy.

That easy.

Okay, cool.


Since Jill won the individual
immunity today, our whole

strategy kind of
changes at this point.

So the plan for tonight is we'll
split the vote between Marty and

Kelly B.
And hopefully flush the idol.


I'm excited about the plan
that we have in store because

Kelly B. Has never been
a part of our alliance.

She was gunning for me from the
start, plus she has a fake leg.

So I think people would give Kelly B.
A million dollars

because they feel bad for her.

And, you know, you can't afford
to have someone like that around.

So we need to split three and three?

I mean, I like Jane but I feel
like our hand was forced.

I really wanted to see Jane
around here for as long as we

could keep her but I've been on
the outs with the la flor group

so the best thing I can do is kind of
lay low and vote with everyone else.

Tonight's tribal council is not
going to be easy because I

have to, like, make sure
all these pieces are set.

And you never know with fabio
what he's going to do.

I mean, he's clueless so it's
going to be a little complicated.

Dude, I've not told anybody
this, not even on my own tribe,

but I am a grand master in Chez.

And have you ever heard
of guillermo vila before?

, no man, all I've heard
of is Bobby fischer.

Well, he's an Argentine grand master
and when I was a kid I beat him twice.

And when you want to talk later, man...
I'm taking orders, bro.

If you want to make the biggest
move of this game ever

in "Survivor," I've
got it all laid out.

Actually, I'm not a grand
master in which he is.

The Argentine grand master of all
time, gee guillermo vilas, s

one of the greatest tennis
players of all time but has

nothing to do with which he is.

I can pull anything out of the '70s
on these guys and they wouldn't know.

And you know what the beauty is?

You don't have to make any decisions.

When Marty says I am a grand
master in chess, I'm just think

ing, d'uh, like it does make sense, man h.
He's always

talking about it's a numbers
game and you can see him doing

all these numbers in his head
and I'm, like, sign me up.

It sounds like a good deal, you know?

You can never be too cocky, you
can never be too confident.

But if I can pull this off it
could be a whole new ball game.

Fire this baby up.

I just kept tossing and tossing and I was like...
Oh, don't worry about it.

For me to win individual
immunity is good but at the same

point the other tribe gets to
watch our tribal council, they

get to eat in front of us.

So it's not gonna be a lot of fun.

I just kept thinking about our food.

For tonight's vote, I have
individual immunity and the four

young espada members definitely
have the numbers advantage so at

this point I feel like I have
to go with the majority and the

choices tonight for who we can
vote for are Dan and yve.

So what are your thoughts on tonight?

I don't know.

I'm getting exhausted with this stuff.

What do you mean by that?

Exactly what I said.

It's very hard being
here and living here.

The food situation is bad, weather
situation is bad, everything's bad.

And I don't need the money.

I got a range recovery,
I got a Ferrari.

Why am n the world am I doing this?

When you talked to me this
morning I guess I just want to

That's not gonna happen.

Okay, you can't quit.

I feel like Dan wants to give
up but now he told me he's not

wanting to go home.

He needs to be honest because
if he doesn't want to be here,

there's people that want to be here.

What are you thinking?

I mean, I think it
should be yve that goes.

I'd much wrath Gore to
the merge with Danny.

I personally want to get rid of
yve tonight because I don't want

to take her to the merge.

She's a smart player.

She's here to play for
the million dollars.

Dan I know for a fact he's not a
threat to me whatsoever so it's

really a no-brainer tonight for
me to want to vote yve out.

Regardless, us four, if we stick together...
Four young.


I know.

We're set.

I know.

The dynamic between the four
original la flor guys is s we

say we trust each other, the only
one I really truly trust is naonka.

Benry and alina, think they
could switch like that.

Best scenario for me tonight?

It could possibly be to keep yve.

Here's what we're facing.

If we keep losing we have
to think about this.

Yve's kind of close to me so
I think she would trust me.

Dan, the only thing he could
be swayed possibly by benry to

blind side me or something.

Chase and I, we are really
confused on who we would want out.

If it was my choice, I would
choose Dan to go home because

there's no way that if we continue keeping
him in this game we're gonna win.

Dan's knees are about to crack.

He's about to start
walking on his knees.

Sooner or later he's about
to be walking on inubs.

Holly won immunity and the young tribe,
they're pretty tight so it's me or Dan.

And we've been to a lot of
tribals when Dan's name gets

written down but he's not voted out.

Maybe he's just got a little
someone sitti on his shoulder

watching out for him that I'm
hoping jumps ship and comes over

to my shoulder tonight.

I have to tell you girls, I
sure as hell don't want to go

home and I'm here committed 100%

of the time.

At this point it's still a tribe game
so obviously we need strong people.

I think it's got to be Dan.

Holly said this morning
he said "I'm done."

And I'm not here to quit halfway.

And out of the three of us when
we do American, I know all three

of them on the other side
more intimately than they do.

Which would completely
benefit you two.

So anyway, I just wanted to say that.

No, I think we were
already on the same page.

All right.

Yve came up to me and naonka
and she said "I'm value to

believe you guys because when
we get to the merge I have good

relationships with the
old espada tribe."

And I'm thinking if we get you
to the merge and you have good

relationships, what makes us think
you're not going to switch on us?

Clearly didn't isn't
strong physically.

But the problem with yve is that
yve is playing really hard.

So in my head I went, wow, that's the
perfect arguement to get rid of her.


Dan's getting tired.

He did say to me this morning
he was like "I'm done."

I think it's always most
important to keep the tribe

strong physically, but at the
same time, I think yve might do

whatever it takes to get
herself further in the game.

So she could be very dangerous.

Just need to make for sure
this is the right thing to do.

You guys got to tell me what to think.

This is getting down to the wire.

Do not follow your heart,
follow your gut.

It would be Dan because what if
we have another challenge that's

superphysical and his knees hurt?

Then what?

First chase wanted to vote for
Dan, now it sounds like chase

wants yve taken out.

Okay, that's what you
guys want to do, tell me.

Tell me right now, is that what
you guys want know do because

I'll right her name down and
I'll smile in her face.

That's outwin.


I just want to feast.


You are safe for tonight.

I'll tell you the plan.

I don't know if you could have guessed
it, but we always wanted to get Marty.

They still think I'm with them.


They've been my enemies from day one.

Well, in our plan you've
just got to vote for Marty.

Oh, I will.

I'll do whatever y'all
want me to do, honey.

I'm as thick as peanut butter
and jailly with the younger la

flor tribe so I have a little
smile on my face because I

believe what goes around comes
around because those two never

pulled me in to their alliance.

They've been conniving since day one.

So I hope it goes the way
Brenda's planned it.

So did she tell you what the plan is?


We're thinking is we've got to
flush the idol away from Marty.

So we're thinking that
we split the votes.

Three votes for Marty and
three votes for Kelly B.

Do we want to flush
the idol from Marty?

Why not?

I mean, it's dangerous to
have him hold on to it.

Marty's a smart guy, he's going
to use his idol tonight, stock?

I don't know.

He will, trust me.

If you vote for Marty...
I don't... man, I like Marty.

Sash wants me to vote for Marty.

But I want Marty to stick around.

He's a smart guy, he's let me in
on some of his secrets, you know?

So I feel like I'm kind
of in good with him.

It's just too dangerous for him
to hold on to that immunity

idol until whenever
he wants to use it.

If everything goes according to
plan, we'll be able to kill a

couple birds with one stone.

But fabio is so up in the air all
the time who knows which way

the wind is blowing this evening
so something could go wrong.

I really want to stay in the game.

Anything I can do.

I don't want to go home.

Brenda and I were thinking that
Jane is gonna go home tonight.

I mean, are you... Do you feel
comfortable with writing her name down?

Hey, man, you know what this
game's all about, you know?

As long as it's not me going
home and you guys are straight

up and honest about it, that's
the way the chips are going to

fall than I'm good with that.

I thought with fabio we could
maybe shake things up, but I

think it's probably too dicey, it's
probably safer to go with Jane tonight.

Buys us a little time.

Are we looked on Jane?

Did you talk to sash?

Yeah, that's what he said.

The vote will be determined by
what Marty does with the idol.

If he plays the idol, Kelly B.
'S going home.

If Marty doesn't play the
idol, it will be a tie.

And we'll have to make
a tough decision.

Because Marty is the
number-one enemy right now.

Because he's a huge schemer.

But on the other hand, why would
you want to keep a pissed off

Kelly B.
Who can win the whole thing?

So enemy; Kelly B.

I don't know.

Fabio didn't feel comfortable
putting his vote for Marty.

What the hell?

I don't know why everybody's talking
so much, if it's a lock, you know?

It's a very, very calculated decision
to play or not play the idol.

My gut is telling me they will vote
for Jane so I'll hang on to it.

It would only buy me one
more tribal council anyways.

But it could very well be me going home
tonight if I make the wrong decision.

Marty, obvious disparity.

Five young; Three old.

Even looking at this group, you
and Jill and Jane, you kind of

look like you don't maybe fit in.

Yeah, things changed radically.

You here in one position one day
and just like that it all changes.

So the important thing is just
this tribe is all about winning

so if you contribute towards
that and do your work around

camp I think, you know,
things hopefully go your way.

Sash, on day one of this new
tribe, what did Marty do to try

to make himself worthy?

Very first day Marty kind of
called a meeting to not only

introduce himself but he also
mentioned to us that he was

holding on the the
hidden immunity idol.

So Marty, you told everybody that
you had the hidden immunity idol?

Yeah, I mean, I thought to get
off on the best start that I

could with this tribe was to
come clean and let them know

hey, listen, I have the idol,
I'm going to hang it right out

on the tree and by doing so
hopefully it bought me some good

will and showed them what kind
of game I've been playing which

has been a really, really
straight game from day one.

Brenda, on one hand, this
is a gesture of good will

"I'm going to let you
know I have it."

On the other hand he's saying
"watch out, I got it."


Definitely, I feel like it's
trying to make it look more

noble than it really is.

So Marty, now, you have
to figure out, are they

going to gun for me and try to
get me to play it or are they

going to tell me I'm safe hoping
I won't play it and get rid of

me and the idol in one fell swoop?


You don't think I've been thinking
a about this a little bit?

Just a wee bit over the past few days?

This game is also about trusting
people I've talked to as far as

"trust" gets you this this game.

I'm getting mixed vibes.

It would beer the to believe go
home with an idol in my pocket

but you have to trust your
instincts and stay true to them.

Kelly B. Marty says as far as you
can trust someone in this game.

How far can you trust
someone in this game?

I think, like he said, you have
to go with your gut instinct.

You know, people are going to
tell you what they need to so I

wouldn't trust too many people.

Speaking for Marty or for yourself?

For anyone here.

Because, you know, everyone's
got their own intentions.

And so how comfort rbl you tonight?

Terms of trusting these other people?

I feel pretty comfortable tonight.

Jane, how about you?

Do you feel like you're
part of the majority?

I mean, they might consider me
one of the weaker people as

far as strength goes.

Brenda, does Jane
have reason to worry?

No, she has to worry for Jill
and Marty voting her out.

That's the truth.

I don't understand that.

Come on, Marty.

Me and Jill are two, you guys are
five, so that's really sweet

of you to put that on me.

But what did you tell me?

She doesn't have to worry about me
and Jill so appreciate all that.

What did you tell me today?

That's not...
That's not what we're talking about.

You said what she has to worry about.

What she has to worry
about are numbers.

These two numbers here
don't add up to a lot.

Five do.

So you're wrong.

I'm just saying you're wrong.

I'm not campaigning for Jane
to be out, you guys were.

I know what you're doing.

I'm just saying la flor made the
call, I didn't make that call.

But you did say that.

If I approached you it was to
get consensus within your tribe

to make sure you guys
are in agreement.

I never offered up Jane.

Marty feeling more comfortable,
less comfortable,

same as you were when you walked in?

Probably less comfortable simply
because I took these guys

at face value and I feel there's
a lot of duplicity based on some

of the comments made here.

I never initiated a vote on Jane,
that would be moronic of me.

That conniving and back stabbing
kind of stuff that they said

they didn't like makes me feel
a little uneasy because I

misjudged a little bit in the
beginning what I was seeing.

So, yeah, more uncomfortable.

Well, based on what's been
said tonight, I couldn't

even guess who I think is going
home so end the suspense.

Jill, you have individual immunity.

I take it you're keeping that for
yourself can not vote for Jill.

Everybody else is fair game.

It's time to vote.

Jill, you're up.

Don't ever fluff off a southern woman.

I ain't no sitting duck, honey.

You're the black widow, king cobra and
black ma'am be all rolled in to one.

You might not be going home tonight
but the lines have been drawn.

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has a hidden immunity
idol and you want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

All right.

Once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

The person voted out will be
asked to leave the tribal

council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote: Marty.


Two votes Marty.


Three votes Marty.


Three votes Marty; One vote Brenda.


Two votes Brenda.

Kelly B.

Three votes Marty; Two votes
Brenda; One vote Kelly b.

Kelly B.

Three votes Marty; Two votes
Brenda; Two votes Kelly B.

One vote left.

We have a tie.

Marty has three votes, Kelly B.

Has three votes.

We have a tie.

Marty has three votes;

questionable has three votes.

Here's what's going to happen.

Marty, Kelly B.
, you will not vote.

Everybody else will vote and you're
voting for Marty or Kelly B.

Jane, come get the urn.

You're up first.

I'll go tally the votes.

I'll read the votes.

First vote: Marty.

Kelly B.

One vote Marty; One vote Kelly B.

Kelly B.

Tw v votes Kelly B.
; one vote Marty.

Kelly B.

That's three votes Kelly B.
; one vote Marty.

Sixth person voted out of
"Survivor: Nicaragua," Kelly B.

That's four, that's enough.

Need to bring me your torch.

Kelly B., the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

All right.

Here's what's going to happen.

You are now going to listen in
on the tribal council of espada

while you feast on
chicken and beef kebobs.

Go ahead and move across.

Going into tonight, I was
pretty sure that there was

consensus on the tribe that we
were, you know, going to keep

the young people together and so
to be singled out for whatever

reason I just never got a vibe
that I did something wrong.

I'm surprised by the decision tonight.

We'll now bring in espada
for their tribal council.

La flor just finished
their tribal council.

They voted out Kelly B.

They're now going to enjoy a meal
while they listen in on your tribal.

La flor, start eating.

Chase, hard to watch that?

It's very hard to watch that.

Naonka, you're not even looking.

I can't look.

I don't want to hurt myself
by looking over there.

How is it, fabio?

(Mouth full)

So good, man, so good.

You would ask him, huh?

Holly, tough to sit here
having to vote somebody out

while watching another tribe feast?

It's very hard.

I'd have rather given up my
individual immunity for the

tribe to be sitting
over there tonight.

Dan, you can hear the ice cubes
plunking in the glasses.

If it's not a Martini,
it doesn't bother me.


What does bother you?


If things bothered me,
I wouldn't be here.

Getting voted out of this game,
will that bother you if it happens?

That would bother me, yes.

So, yve, why would he say
nothing bothers you?

That was the answer he gave you
but when you hear him around

camp constantly complaining
about the rain, the cold,

everyday, something is agitating
him to the brink of almost not

wanting to stay.

Dan, have you wanted
to quit this game?


I mean, there are times
when I do complain.

You know, I'm out there in the
middle of the night with the

fire, that's not enjoyable.

So sure I say things.


But it's just consistent and we
need more positive energy and

commitment 100% of the time.

Benry, is it a fair statement to say
that Dan is a liability at challenges?

Yeah, I mean, it's fair to say.

There are definitely some of us
on this tribe that are a little

more physical and doing
well in these challenges.

But I wouldn't say he's
incompetent by any means.

Dan, is it fair to say when it comes to
challenges you're a bit of a liabili??

I would say certain challenges.

But I'm still out there.

I'm doing whatever I have to do.

Yve, what's wrong with that logic?

"I'll give you what I have.

Sometimes I can't give
you what you need."

I give what I have 100% of the time as
well but ionon't feel I'm a liability.

Do you think Daniel's a liability?

I do.

I mean, I love the guy, I do.

Really sounds it.

That's a heck of a way of
saying you love somebody.

Do you feel animosity from yve?


And I think that she feels tonight
might not be a good night for her.

Fair statement, yve.

Fair statement.

Fair statement.

I do.

I feel like myd he's
on the chopping block.

Dan, tell me why they
should get rid of yve.

Well, I guess you could
hear in the yve's voice.

She's pretty arrogant.


What about me is arrogant?

I don't talk about my ferraris and
my six cars and my three homes.

I do.

I know.

But what about me is arrogant?

It's just your overall...
Just your overall attitude.

Alina, is it fair statement
to say that it appears

to be Dan or yve that's going home?

Yeah, it's been going around
camp all day, do we want to keep

somebody who may be a liability
for us but isn't going to be

somebody who's a supercompetitor
or do we want to keep somebody

who is plangng really hard and just
makes more competition for you?

All right.

It is time to get to the vote,
which means la flor it's time

for you guys to go.

Good luck, man.

All right, holly, you
have individual immunity.

I assume you're keeping
that for yourself.


You can not vote for hoholly.

Everybody else is fair game.

It is time to vote.

Dan, you're up.

What can I say, Dan?

Looks like it's either me or you
and I'd much rather it be you.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

The person voted out will be
asked to leave the tribal

council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, yve.


One vote yve; One vote Dan.


That's two votes yve; One vote Dan.


That's three votes yve, one vote Dan.

Seventh person voted out of
"Survivor: Nicaragua": Yve.

That's four.

That's enough.

You need for...
To bring me your torch.

Yve, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Well, based on tonight's vote, it
would seem this is one unified tribe.

Based on what I heard, not so sure.

Grab your torches, head back to camp.

Good night.

Next time on "Survivor."

Why don't I go up to Marty and
tell him "give me to idol."

Sash reveals a crafty side.

You hand the idol over.

Jane reveals a sneaky de.

I want me a fish and I don't
nt to take him back to camp.

Bone a teet.

And fabio reveals too
much information.

What are you doing right now?

I'm using the restroom.

In the pool?

It's frustrating to be out
of this game at this point.

Disappointed in myself.

It's not what I came here to do.

Did I intend to win?

That was my goal but I certainly
didn't have any anticipation of

going out so early in the game.