Survivor (2000–…): Season 21, Episode 5 - Turf Wars - full transcript

The newly formed tribes struggle to find their footing with some castaways making new allies and others seizing the opportunity to take a leadership role.

Previously on "Survivor"...
Younger tribe wins immunity!

Younger tribe wins
immunity and reward!

The older tribe had lost two of three
challenges and struggled at camp.

That was going to work if
it didn't hit my foot.

We have no food and no
means of getting it.

But none of this phased
Marty who was practically

giddy about being the
undisputed tribe venn galley.

Those that want to play
with me, jump on board.

I'm playing this game for real.

At the younger tribe
Brenda was the mastermind.

I have people on my side
without doing anything.

And none was the cam bully.

Naonka's main target was Kelly b.
, the tribe mate with the artificial leg.

She knocked her down
and yelled at her.

I don't like you,
never have liked you.

Naonka's psycho.

Kelly b.
Never did anything to nay.


Older tribe in complete disarray.

When the older tribe lost yet
another challenge... younger

tribe wins immunity and reward!

Jimmy t.
No, nominated himself e leader.

I've been successful in the past and
I can be successful in the future.

He wanted to get rid of Dan
and holly and Jane agreed.

I think the only person
in danger might be Danny.

But Jimmy's politicking
challenged Marty's ego.

I'd like to tell Marty, you
preppy little bitch, you

wouldn't last a minute in my world.

Marty lobbied hard against Jimmy t.

There is zero tolerance for
paranoia, delusions of grandeur.

And it worked.

Jimmy t., the tribe has spoken.

Now holly and Jane
are in deep trouble.

16 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

Marty, what do you need help with?

I think we're just loading up the fire,
some kind of substantial pieces.

I had no idea that Jimmy t.

Was going tonight at tribal council.

I was shocked.

Jimmy t.'S a good guy.

He's a really good guy.

He's a good guy.

I don't think he has the easiest life.

I think he's...
You know what I'm saying?

I think he works hard.

Most of the people
that I talkee strong?

It does upset me.

I'm on the outs and I know
that something has to change.

-== [ ] ==-

Tribal council last
night was a slam dunk.

Jimmy t. Was voted off.

So you can't get cocky in this
game but I'm in control finally.

I'm in control of this tribe.

So we're good, man.

We're good for minimum two
to three more tribals.

If you can see two tribals ahead
in this game, that's pretty good.

I mean, if you can see it with the level
of certainty I have that, even better.

Can't imagine anything going wrong.

Jane, hall lay, yeah,
it's done, it's locked.

Jane and holly, they're
going to have to go.

It would take something
extraordinary off the charts

completely whacked out
to disturb my plans now.

I'm so proud to be on my young tribe.

I mean, we're the bomb.

My solid five right now is myself and
purple Kelly, bren darks chase, and sash.

We are controlling this
entire game right now.

Kelly b. And alina are the ones
that are up to get voted out.

I have it all planned in my
head, I already see the win.

We got the tarp, I have
the hidden immunity idol.

Got my hair done, got my shoes
clean, got the new fit.

I got my swag.

If I look good, I feel
good, I'm gonna do good.

Come on in, guys.

Younger tribe getting your first
look at the new older tribe.

Jimmy t. Voted out at the
last tribal council.

Marty looks rough.


You guys ready to get
to it for snowed.


All right.

Drop your buffs.

Oh, wow.

We are switching tribes.

I'm gonna cry right now.

I see a lot of shocked faces, Marty.

Hey, listen, anything's
possible in this game.

I was definitely not counting on this.

In the now.

Too early.

Jud, the look on your face
captured a moment of shock.

Oh, man, we were on such a roll.

We just wanted to keep winning and now
everything is back up in the air.

All right.

We are going to draw for new captains.

You're going to reach
in and take a rock.

Don't look.

Jud doesn't even want to draw.

And one for you, Jill.

Keeping your palms closed,
turn them face up.

Here we go, reveal.

If you have a yellow rock,
you're a captain, if you have a

blue rock, you are a captain.

Brenda and holly are the captains.

Take a spot right here.

All right, Brenda, you're going
to choose three people from the

older tribe to join you.

These people will be on your tribe.

To even things up, holly, you're
going to pick four members from

the younger tribe to join you.

You done?

All right, take a spot
back on your tribes.

From the older tribe, joining the
younger tribe: Jane, Jill and Marty.

From the younger tribe joining
the older tribe: Alina, benry,

chase, and naonka.

Switch tribes.

Hey, guys.

Hey, everybody.


Thank you.



How are you doing?

Here are your new buffs.

Younger tribe no more,
you are now la flor.

Older tribe no more.

You are now espada.

Put them on.

Oh, my God, they're clean!

Old versus young is done.

Medallion of power done.


It is a brand-new game.

It is la flor wearing yellow
versus espada wearing blue.

Naonka, what do you think
of your new tribe?

It's kind of hard because I'm
away from my family and we got

really close and I'm
going to misyou guys.

Marty, still early in this game.

What do you make of
this new trip tribe?

Listen, how can you argue
with winning, right?

These guys have been
winning, winning, winning.

It's going to feel good to be
with the winning tribe and I got

a sneaking suspicion that camp's
going to be kind of plush.

All right.

You guys ready to get to your
first challenge as new tribes?


It's for reward.

Here's how it works.

Two members of each tribe will
throw a ball that will roll down

a wall and bounce and change
direction along the way.

Two members of the other tribe must
work together to catch those balls.

If a ball hits the ground, the
other tribe scores a point.

That round is over, we
bring in the next pairs.

First tribe to score
three wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing?



Oh, baby!

Two chickens, one rooster.

Worth playing for?


Wring that neck on that chicken!

All right, I'll give you
a minute to strategize.

We'll get started.

Here we go.

For reward, we are playing to three.

Survivors ready?


Go espada!

Go, guys!

Benry and chase catching for espada.

Marty and sash for la flor.

You've got to catch these balls.

If you drop, the other tribe scores.

Got it, Marty!

Marty with a great grab.

Let's go, chase!

Get it!

Sash drops for la flor.

Espada scores first point!

Next group out.

Survivors ready?


It's Tyrone and alina
catching for espada.

Jud and Jill catching for la flor.

Good catch by alina.

Tyrone catches one.

Fabio and Jill working together.

Nice catches.

Great job, guys!

Holly can't get it up the
wall, costing her tribe time.

Tyrone drops for espada.

La flor scores!

We are tied 1-1.

Next pair back in.

Survivors ready?


Get it, girl, get it!

Focus, guys, focus!

Get them!

That's right!

Get them!

Marty, get that!

All right!

I got it!

Marty drops for la flor.

Espada scores and leads 2-1.

Way to be, way to be!

Next pair, survivors ready?


Espada can win it right here.

La flor would like to tie it up here.

Fabio and Jill with a strategy.

One short, one deep.

Tyrone with a good catch,
arena with a good catch.

Jill with a nice grab.

Tyrone with another one.

Got a great rally going.

Fabio, Jill, you guys got it.

Fabio with a catch.

Alina drops for espada, we are tied.


We are playing to three.

You can't ask for better than this.

First challenge as new tribes
and it's going all the way.

Survivors ready?


The winner of this point: Two
chickens, one rooster and a big

message to the other tribe.


Perfect, nay!

I got this side.

Come on, Marty!

Got it, Marty?

Oh, Marty a nice save!

Go, get it!

Marty drops for la flor.

Espada wins reward!

That was good!

That was so good!

Espada, congratulations.

Come get your reward.


All right!

Good job.

All right, la flor.

Got nothing for you.

Grab your stuff, head back to camp.

Welcome home, espada!

Good job, welcome, man!

Today e we got new
people in the tribe.

Benry, nice to meet you.

If I had it my way I would have
loved to stay with the old

tribe because I think we had
a good little machine going.

But another die 'nam sick that
you have a little pretty girls

running around and there may
be some flirtation going on.

We got some chickens.

Oh, yeah.


Sure, we got to talk about that, too.

I say we keep the chicken alive
for a little while because

that's going to produce eggs.

I don't know the rate
they produce eggs.

Sit down, take a load off,
relax, guys, we got all day.

I think we got a pretty good system.

The machete, we try to keep
the machete right there so if

anybody's looking for it and
if anybody takes it yell out

because somebody else
might be looking.

Here's another thing, when you
leave, come back with a piece of

wood that way it's organized,
you know what I mean?

Tyrone is definitely the leader
of this tribe and as soon

as we came in here he started
telling us this goes here and

you've got to do this and that.

And it's very older tribe.

We try to keep stuff
as clean as possible.

If we eat something, we try to
clean the bowl out, rinse it out.

In la flor we didn't have any
rules and I think that now you

got Tyrone right now, Tyrone...
He's trying to tell everybody what to do.

We'll do what we've been doing.

Don't change nothing, pretty much.

Don't think you a g.... Which is a gangster...
because you're not.

You two remind me of my son, our son.

And you remind me of my youngest
caught the sore I was like, okay.


Where are you from?

South Dakota.

Oh, wow.

Good hunting there.

Yeah, there's very good hunting.

This switch had been
phenomenal for me.

I feel like I relate to the kids well.

Coming back, the kids were very
resentive to me soy just hope

that I can some way or another keep them
and tell them that I'm honest to them.

I love your energy.


I know I... that's what my kids
always say, they're like "mom,

you can do thing
things with us."

You're upbeat.


I feel a connection with both
of you guys so that's good.

That's good.

I think I have a better chance
at going farther at this

point with the kids than I
do with Dan, yve and Tyrone.

So if the kids come to me with
an idea 100% I'm on board.

I don't know what you guys feel,
how did you guys go over there?

I don't feel like I've
lost anything leaving.


I feel the same way.

I didn't either because I was
with Jane and I didn't feel like

I was in with everybody else and they were...
And it came out in

the vote last night.

You lost Jane and came to us.

That's true.

So that's numbers.

There's only four of us
here with four of espada.

Let's hang together, guys, okay?



And hall f holly wants to team up with
us, we'll have the numbers to five.

I'm going to go where the numbers go.

It's pretty ironic that alina and
myself got pulled over to espada.

Alina and I's relationship
has changed a whole bunch.

So this is our home now and we
have to make do with what we have.

Happy to have y over here.


We have room for everyone.

This is so exciting.

The old switcheroo.

I was stumped on how it
worked out, actually.

I was dreading the switch
because I felt comfortable in

the original la flor tribe.

But the way it worked out
was pretty right on.

We picked up Marty, Jill, and Jane.

We're all super cool and numbers wise
la flor tribe are 5-3, it looks good.

It will be good to find out
how you guys do stuff so we

don't step on people's toes.

We had protocol for who took
care of fire and water and how

we did that stuff so..

We have to work in this camp.

No one ever sat down.

Up 5:30 A.M.

No no slackers at all.

So you guys, like, gather firewood
as a team sort of everyday or...

We're really chill, laid
back, we don't like trouble.

Well, I like these kids.

I mean, they kind of think like
me and they seem to be more

relaxed, whereas my tribe was all
about schedule, schedule, schedule.

Listen, don't listen to
those two over there.

They sit around and chat.

I would have voted Marty and
Jill if I could have got an

alliance because Marty and
Jill are tight as ticks.

One humping the other on the back.

I was guessing you guys have
had a hot at immunity idols.

I see, I haven't seen it.

It was in the fruit basket.

We got in here, we were all
excited and then naonka shoves

Kelly b. And just goes for the
clue and gets it and then walk

down here to read it.

She didn't share it with everybody?


I would have thought that would
have been kind of sin that

you would never forgive you know?

To have somebody.

I don't know, man.

We're the young tribe.

I guess we don't really
know what we're doing.

I don't know.

It doesn't seem to me like
this tribe has had a lot of

leadership and, frankly, at
espada I got control of that

entire tribe and not necessarily by
being a leader but by being a player.

Fabio just told me that somebody
just pushed somebody aside, ran

off with the clue to the idol
and you guys let that fly.

Come on, guys.

That would be, like,
cancer in a tribe.

We had serious issues, like...
I'm going to tell you guys

the way I played the game and
Jill will say the same, too.

I haven't had to lie to anybody,
do anything that's been back

stabbing so I want to get off on
the right foot with you guys.

I have an immunity idol.


There you go.


That's awesome.

Right on.

I thought it was really important
to show I had the idol.

I knew that Jane would probably
tell them I had it so why not

play it up front and try to
get something out of it.

We shared the clue, everybody read it.

That's why I'm surprised you guys...
Okay, oh, okay.

If one person had taken the
clue I would have tackled them.

I would have clubbed
them over the head.

I wanted to.

I think Marty is so arrogant.

He just whipped out the immunity idol.

You know, "okay, no b.
S., I have the idol."

And we're sitting there,
like, wow, so impressed!

But in our heads we're
like, are you stupid?

He's coming into our home and he's
already setting up like he's the king.


Is that a key?

He has a lot of balls.

That's the dumbest thing
he could have done.


Every time you think days can't
get worse here, they get worse.

Can't even get the heat from
the fire with these winds.

We need to get some wood in here now.

The resources around this
camp are definitely slim.

They built that shelter
right off the ocean.

We're getting a crazy wind.

They've got a high roof and there's
no shortage of rain here today.

And, you know, it doesn't look
like there's any sign of stopping.

Rain's gonna stop.

It's got to stop eventually.

That's what Noah said.

Hang in there, baby,
it's going to blow over.

This rain out here is hideous.

I just don't like the rain and I'm
just worried about, like, my head.

Because when I'm cold and I'm not
really doing too well I lose it.

This weather is the worst.

It's killing me.

I'm hurting.

Like really bad.

I don't want to quit.

You know it deep down.

Naonka seems like a high school girl.

She's irrational and crazy and
she just seems like she's on her

period all the time.

Rain is not that big of a deal here.

We're on a beach!

We're wet anyway.

I mean, who cares.

But I'm actually, like,
relishing in it.

Just keep checking out.

It's better for me if you want
to go home because that's

oneless person I have
to battle against.

If only we had a tarp.

I'm glad she chose us
but I'm, like, damn.

I know, we could be under a tarp.

I keep thinking the same thing.

We worked so hard to get it and
it was just stripped from us.

You sure you don't want
to come out by the fire.

Because it's wet and I
don't have no clothes.

You have the rest of your life
to be warm and comfortable.

I know.


Oh, I just want this to stop.

What's wrong, girl?

I'm scared.

You're scared?

Of what?

I don't want to leave.

You're not gonna do that, trust us.

You were trying to
convince her not to.

Seriously, you will regret
that the rest of your life.

Just hang in there.

I've never been so cold in my life.

Even when I was living in
Iowa I wasn't this cold.

I didn't think it was
going to be this hard.

This is a little storm right here.

It will be all right.

You want a story about a rainbow, nay?


The day that I dad died, I was
driving home, it was raining

the whole drive and...
I swear I looked in my rear-view mirror

and then the damn back of my truck...
Like in the bed of my

truck it looked like a
rainbow was right there.

And then I turned around
and I didn't see anything.

Right there was when I
knew my dad was gone.

We'll be lsht.

We'll make it through.

This ain't nothing.

Come on in, guys.

Marty, had a few days
with your new trip.

Feeling camaraderie?

It's easy to feel camaraderie when
you here in the taj mahal of camps.

So, Jane, life got a lot better
for you with the switch.

Oh, yeah, honey.

Being dry was great.

Alina, opposite for you?

Did you go from good to bad?

I wouldn't say we went to
bad, but we bonded in a

different way and it's because
we were wet instead of dry.

Guys ready to get to
today's challenge?


First things first, I'll
take back immunity.

Once again, immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge, three
members of each tribe will be

strapped to a large wheel.

Three other tribe members will
spin the wheel, temporarily

causing their tribe
mates to go underwater.

While submerged, you'll try to
take in a mouthful of water that

you will then spit into a small
bowl which feeds a tube.

Once the tube fills up, a
ball will be released.

The two remaining tribe members
will use the ball to break tiles.

First tribe to break all five
tiles wins immunity, is safe

from the vote, losers go to
tribe council where the first

person will be voted out of this game.

I'll give you a minute to strategize.

We'll get started.

On the wheel for la flor we have Kelly b.
, purple Kelly and Brenda.

On the wheel for espada we
have alina, holly, and yve.

Survivors ready?


Let's go, espada.

Going underwater trying to take
in water and then spit it out.

Holly gets a little in,
Brenda gets a little in.

There's definitely a learning
curve to this challenge.

Yeah, do it, girl!

Brenda with a nice bit of water.

Yeah, yve!

Get in the the bowl!

Get in the the bowl!

Good job!

Come on, girls!

Come on, girls!

Sash, Jill, Marty
spinning for la flor.

Dan, naonka, chase
spinning for espada.

Slow down a little.

Espada really slowing down.

La flor's moving twice
as fast as espada.

Get in the there!

Good job!

Come on, ladies!


Brenda with another nice job.


Slow it down a little bit.

Espada going even slower now, trying a
different strategy and it's working.

La flor spinning fast but
they're missing their bowl.

Slow it down a little bit!

Slow us down!

Yeah, holly!

We're very close, espada
with a bit of a lead.

La flor you need more water.

Spit harder, girls!

Slow it down, la flor!

Almost there!

Almost there!


Espada getting very close.

Espada releases their ball.

Tyrone and benry now
breaking tiles for espada.

Come on!

We're done!

Get her up.

Getter up.


Come on, girls!

Purple Kelly with a nice job, Kelly b.
With a nice job.

La flor releases their ball.

Tyrone breaks the first tile espada.

Stop it.


Whoa, guys!


Okay, broke that one.

La flor breaks their first tile.

Let's go espada, we got this.

Benry, you talk, man.

We are tied 1-1.

Five tiles to break.

Immunity on the line.

Fabio connects for la flor.

Benry connects for espada.

We're tied 2-2.


Go, guys!

Go, fabio!

Fabio hits again for la flor.

Benry just misses.

La flor now leads 3-2.

There are five total.

Come on, Jane!

Jane connects for la flor.

La flor has one tile left.

One more!


Benry trying to get it
back in for espada.

Benry connects for espada!

It's four tiles la flor, three espada.

Benry breaks the fourth
tile for espada.

We are tied.

Come on, fabio.

Fabio can win it for
la flor right here.

That's it.

Just misses.

Benry, you finish it, dude.

Come on, benry!

This could do it.

Fabio wins it for la flor!



Well, espada wins first reward
but la flor wins first immunity.

La flor, congratulations.

Nobody going home from your tribe.

Grab your stuff, head back to camp.

Espada, new tribe, same result.

Tribal council once again tonight.

Grab your stuff, head back to camp.

I will see you at tribal.

I knew that we were going to lose.

I felt it.

And, you know, I'm not a quitter
and I don't want my students to

think I'm a quitter but...
I'm just getting skinnier and I'm

losing fat and I think I'm done.

I really do think I'm done.

We lost the challenge today
and I believe that espada is

cursed because how you gonna
get the pick of the litter and

you're still losing?

We're going to tribal council tonight.

It's crazy but I'm not
nervous at all about tribal.

I made it this far.

If I continue going, kudos to me.

But I don't care, I
really want to go home.

I'm over it.

I want to eat before tribal.

But what do we have to eat?

Are we eating chicken tonight?

I want to eat one of those mothers.

What do you do break the
neck or cut its head off?

We're thinking we need to break it.

We're gonna break this chicken's neck.

That's consensus?

Are we going with that?

I mean, if that's what
y'all want to do.

I disagree with it.

You do?

Because I think we're cutting
down our egg production.

One egg a day, though.

That's just my take on it.

It seems like everybody wanted to
eat the chicken except for Tyrone.

You know, sometimes it it
hard to go against Tyrone.

Tyrone is a little intimidating
but I think we need to start

standing up to Tyrone.

I'm thinking keep it.

We can vote on it, that's all.

I'm down to killing and eat one today.


Kill it.

If I had it my way I say we keep
the chicken but we're going

to kill one for immediate
gratification and after that

we're going to be hungry again.

But I'm not going against it and
just say "no, that ain't happening."

It wouldn't be smart to
rock the boat right now.


Are you serious?

I noticed as we were cleaning
the chicken and as we were

boiling the chicken Tyrone, he
stayed in the background because

it wasn't his way.

Instead of pitching in.

But as soon as it was time to eat
the chicken he was right there.

Oh does that look good.

That looks pretty delicious.

Just have everybody take some.

What do you guys think?

Let's have at it, I guess.

Just be conscious of your neighbor.


We had plenty of food for
everybody and everybody took a

mediocre regular size portion.

Meanwhile you have Tyrone in the
corner just feasting and it was

very blatantly obvious that he
had gotten more chicken than the

rest of the tribe so he's becoming
more and more obnoxious by the day.

But look out for your neighbor.

Look out for your neighbor.

Tyrone's... granted, he's a
very physical player and he

could benefit us in some
challenges in one way or another

but he's not the easiest guy to
be on the same tribe with so I

think that cutting him loose tonight would
absolutely bring us closer together.

But it worries me a bit.

Naonka is hanging on by a thread.

She's struggling.

She almost threw the red flag last
night and she's not doing too well.

I don't know if she's all
there mentally right now.

What's the sentiment on your side?

Nay's not in this mentally.

For someone who obviously knows
that she's, like, on the

chopping block, she's not
really politicking a lot.

So she might be kind of,
like, looking forward to it.

As of now that's what we're thinking
because we want to keep the tribe strong.

I want to keep the tribe strong.

Everyone at camp is aware naonka
has had a rough couple days.

It's not going to be a big deal.

We're going to have to send nay home.

We should be happy we have holly.

Myself, chase, benry and holly,
we're definitely in control of

this game so we have to do decide
who goes home, Tyrone or naonka.

I mean, I'm just going to have to see
what everybody else wants to do.


Been together with this
new tribe three days.

Tell me about the dynamics.

How's everybody getting along?

Um... coming together it was nice
at the beginning, obviously.

But the fact of the matter is
the old la flor tribe, we lived

the way we lived, we had the
way we did things so there's a

little bit of turf wars now that
we're on espada's turf we kind

of have to go with their rules.

Benry, tell me about leadership.

You've got four people from the young
tribe, four people from the older tribe.


Tyrone seems to be the
boss man around espada.

He's got an assertive personality, a loud
voice and what he says usually goes.




What comes with being the
leader of this tribe.

It's a huge responsibility
because people look to you for

answers, insight and
wisdom so to speak.

Do you feel qualified?

Yeah, I definitely feel qualified
to be a leader of this tribe.

Are you happy being the leader?

Yeah, I embrace the position.

Basically when I lead I
take input from others.

I don't make unilateral
decisions so it's interesting

that alina said there were turf wars.

Maybe we can address them
because I want it to be as

smooth as it can be for
all parties involved.

Well, now's a good
time to address them.

Alina, you want to share with Tyrone
what turf wars you're referring to.

Just when we came into camp
it was really like a speech.

Like this is how this goes.

We've been surviving, too.

So you felt a little like a child?

A little bit like a child.

Jeff, I just want to interject,
I'm not sure how they

did it at la flor but all I was
trying to do was introduce them.

It wasn't like I was
laying down the law.

That wasn't my intent.

I guess maybe that's the
generation gap, you know.

I don't know.

Alina, what's been the
toughest day out here so far?

I think it's the
nights that are tough.

Especially last two nights.

They were really rainy.

Everybody was drenched
and it was cold.

I think that's the toughest
part to get through.

Naonka, what has been the
darkest storm for you?

Oh, my gosh.

Ultimately it was last night.

I was freezing.

I was shaking.

I never thought that it was going
to be this difficult for me.

Compare it.

What's the most difficult thing
you've done in life up until now.

Getting a divorce at 26, 27.

That's been the hardest thing for me.

And what was difficult about that?

Blaming myself, that I was probably
the one that messed it up.

And that was tough.

And I couldn't shield myself
from that particular storm.

Here I have a support system
and I have a safety net.

And I didn't have that when I
was going through the divorce.

That's got to blow your mind a bit.

These are strangers competing
against you for a million

dollars and you receive more
love from them than you did in

your most personal relationship.

I sure did.

And it was tough for me to open
up and tell them but they had a

lot of encouraging words.

So it sounds like this
was a monumental night.

You're comparing it to the
worst time in your life.

I almost was ready to give up.

Meaning you were wanting to quit.

I wanted to quit.

I wanted to quit because
it got that tough.

It was not 24 hours in that day,
it was 26 but it felt like 48.

I was at my breaking point yesterday.

Benry, when you see naonka
clearly struggling, there

has to be a nurturing part of
you wanting to comfort her as a

competitor, see ya.

What do you mean, exactly?

I don't believe you don't know.

We're here at tribal council.

Nobody wants to be voted.

There's a woman saying "I'll go, no chance
my name gets written down tonight."

Yve, you know what I'm talking about?

I think I do.

You think you do?

Well, I do.

When I see nay start breaking
down mentally, in my head I

don't see longevity there and
I start questioning it, I do.

Why are you here if you're
starting to break down?

Am I going to align with you and a
week or two I just see it again?

I want longevity with these people
and it did make me question.

Naonka, while you were
breaking down, were you

conscious enough of the game
around you to think, man, this

is not good right now?

Well, everything gets
tricky at tribal council.

Maybe there's some people
that are zipping their lip.

Maybe some people are just keeping
it 100, which is keeping it real.

So I really don't know.

There's a lot of smart people at
this team so they know when to

shut up and when to talk.

Well, somebody's quest to outlast all
the rest is about to come to an end.

It is time to vote.

Alina, you're up.

This is a grown folks game and
as you say, you're keeping

it 100, I'm going to keep it 100.

Peace out.

It's time to dethrone
the king of espada.

Benry's here, baby.

My bad.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are red,
the decision is final.

The person voted out to be will
be to leave the tribal council

area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, naonka.

Tie rope.

Two votes Tyrone, one vote naonka.


We're tied, two votes
Tyrone, two votes naonka.



Four votes Tyrone, two votes naonka.

Fifth person voted out of
"Survivor: Nicaragua," Tyrone.

That's five, that's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Tyrone, the tribe has spoken.

Good luck, guys.

Well, there was a lot of talk tonight
about communicating and nurturing.

Tyrone felt neither.

Your first blind side.


Head grab your torch
and head back to camp.

Good night.

Next time on "Survivor," Dan wants
a bus ticket back to New York.

I think I may pack it in.

Marty breaks out his secret weapon.

I am a grand master in chess.

It does make sense, man.

And look out, here
comes another twist.

Tribal immunity is not what
you're playing for today.

My plan for this tribe by being
the leader was initially

to stay as strong as we could.

We operated on a Democratic
basis, basically, where

everybody had some input and
what happened was when la flor