Survivor (2000–…): Season 21, Episode 7 - What Goes Around, Comes Around - full transcript

A public display of emotion causes one castaway to doubt the intentions of an old rival whom she suspects has been lobbying for sympathy.

Previously on"survivor.

"Drop your buffs.

We are switching tribes.

After a surprise switch,the young and
old were combined but on each tribe,

the young adopteda feisty
older mom to get the upper hand.

I love your energy.

The espada you thpicked up holly.

100% I'm on board.

And the la flor kidspicked up jane.

I'm as thick as peanut butterand
jelly with the younger la flor tribe.

That left every one else
north of 40 in the cold.

We've been dealt a very bad hand.

Then an even biggersurprise
sent both tribe sreeling.

Both tribes are going totribal council.

Both tribes will vote
somebodyout of this game.

At la flor,brenda and sash
werein complete control.

They wanted the flush outmarty's hidden
immunity idol and blind side kelly B.

If everything goes according to plan,we'll
be able to kill acouple birds with one stone.

At tribal council,sash and brenda were
sure that marty would play his idol.

If anybody has a hidden immunity idol and you
want to play it,now would be the time to do so.

But he shocked them by hold ingon to it.

Ma rty's gamble paid off becausehe
kept his idol and kelly B.Went home.

Kelly B.,the tribe has spoken.

Now marty and his ally
jill aretwo against five.

At the espada tribal council,the
youth had to decide between Yve,

whose strength could
helpthem in challenges,

or Dan who because of his bad
knee would never be a threat.

Once the votes are read
thedecision is final.

The person voted out will beasked to
leave the tribalcouncil immediately.

I'll read the votes.

Yve's strength was her undoing.

Yve,the tribe has spoken.

13 are left,who will
be votedout tonight?

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- What a day!
- 13 left.

Thank you,honey.

- Thank you.
- Welcome.

We love you,Dan.

They used to call john
gottithe teflon don

because everytime they'd try to get
him on something it could never stick.

I feel like teflon Dan.

At tribal council we discussedthe
original plan and vote Yve out tonight.

But I'm a little bit worried
about Dan's performance.

It will definitely be a hardpill to
swallow if Dan costs usthe challenges.

But we've made our decisions,we've made
our beds and we'vegot to lay it n it.

Dan's not near as much of a
threat once we get to the merge.

Right now...

What we have to do next

What is alina's out.

Alina is strong and she'svery smart.

From day one she had these eyesthat
can just see straight through you.

I never trusted her at all.

So we need to get alina out
next and that's for sure.

All right? -Can.

Can I just say wow?


Why didn't you tell us kelly B.?

Why didn't you tell us jane?

We would have gone withwhatever
you guys would havesaid.

We wanted to flush the idol was
the plan but...why any vote on me.

What were the votes on me?

What was that?

You have the idol.


You've got to have big,big kojones
to pull the move that ipulled tonight

which is that ido not
play the immunity idol.

I sensed you guys wanted toflush the idol but
something inmy gut said that that wasn't totally bull

so I kept that immunity idol inmy pocket

and I debated long andhard and something
told me hang on to it and I was right.

I also need to get to the bottomof jane.

Obviously jane voted for metonight so
that's going to haveto be dealt with.

I'm just sitting here
seethingabout jane,actually.

I've never lied to her once,I've never
misled her,I'venever voted for her.

She turned on me.

She's a desperate one and shehas been
from the beginning and she's got to go.

She's next.

She's pissing me off.

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Season 21 Episode 7


One thing I wanted to say after last night
to you is...actually,like three things.

One is I have never,ever lied to you.

Unless you tell me right now you think I've lied
about something,I'll set it straight right now.

I have never,ever once liedto you.

I've never misrepresented myself
to you in this game.Not even once.

I've never written your
name down and I have never,

ever suggested that
your name should go down.

They all told us you were going
but when I saw everything turn,

that's why I turned to you
and said "vote for brenda"

because I was like this
whole thing is going haywire.

I didn't know where it wasgoing.

I felt like they had turned onus so I'm not
really clear on what all their strategy was.

I think they wanted
to flush the idol out.

Two,they wanted to get rid of kelly
B.but they were worried that kelly B.

Had maybe come and talked to us and
that we woulduse kelly flip on that.

Be a foursome.
- Right.

And we had no idea,i
never,ever had a clue.

I never had a clue.

Not an iota.

Well,i want to know that because
I don't think you voted for brenda

and I think you wrotemy
name last down,so...

That's what I think happened,right?

Pretty sure,jane.

I talked to jane today.
I'dont know if I should have.

You did?

Yeah,i was like I've never
written your name down,ever.

And then I was like,"You know,I
think you wrote my name down."

And she's like,"ha ha ha ha!"

And then just walked away.

Kelly B.Going home buysmarty
and I another three days here.

I'm hoping that jane
will benext but marty

and I are really like scrambling around
from behind the 8-Ball to try and stay here.


I don't know if it's going towork.

Come on in,guys!

La flor getting your first
lookat the new espada tribe.

Yve voted out the last tribalcouncil.

Guys ready to get to
today'sreward challenge?


For today's challengeone member
of each tribe will beyour defender.

They'll stand on a perch in thewater while one at
a time members of the other tribe leapoff a platform

and attempt tothrow a ball
past the defenderinto the net.

Each time you get a ball intothe
net,you score a point foryour tribe.

First tribe to score
five pointswins reward.

Want to know what you're playingfor?


Tomorrow morning thewinning tribe
will enjoy anicaraguan farm experience.

That includes a little horsebackriding and the making
of a fresh breakfast with tortillas,eggs,cheese,

and fresh milk that youguys will
collect from the cow yourselves.

Worth playing for?
- Yes!

La flor you have oneextra
member,sitting one personout.

Can not sit out the same
personin back-To-Back challenges.

Who's it going to be?
- Jane.

Take a spot on thebench.

Everybody else,I'll give you aminute to strategize
and decidewho your defender is going tobe.

We'll get started.

Okay,we have our two defenders.

Fabio for la flor,chase forespada.

Espada won the
rock,paper,scissors.They're up first.

Here we go.Naonka taking on fabio.

Looking for the first point inthis game.

When you're ready.

Espada scores!

Espada leads 1-Zip.

You got a piece of it,fabio,you
got a piece of it,man.

Next round it's jillfor
la flor taking on chase.

Jill looking to tie it up andshe does!

We are tied 1-1.

Benry now up for espada.

Going up against fabio.

Benry could put espada ahead.

Benry scores for espada
with adouble fakeout!

That's a good
move,guys,remember that one.

Espada leads 2-1.

We are playing to five.

It's marty from la flor
going upagainst chase.

Throws hard and hitschase in
the spot no guy wantsto be hit.

No score for la flor.

Up for espada,holly.

Going up against fabio.

Nice deflection from fabio.

No score that round,espadaleads 2-1.

Next round it's purple kelly
upfor la flor taking on chase.

Purple kelly scores over chase!

We are tied 2-2!

Next round it's Dan taking onfabio.

No score for espada.

Dan,it will not count if youthrow
it from the line and thenjump.

He can't jump,either.

Next round,sash isup for la flor.

Chase back in the water forespada.

Come on,chase,you're awall.

Come on,zach!

Just misses!

No score.

Next round it is alina forespada.

Going up against fabio.

Alina launches one right overfabio!

Espada now leads 3-2.

Great job,girl.Beautiful.

It's brenda from la flortaking
on chase from espada.

Big reward on the line.

Come on,brenda!

Brenda up and overchase but just misses.

No score for la flor.

Espada leads 3-2.

Fabio back in the water.

Almost went in.

Hit the bottom and went in.

I'm gonna pee real quick.

Are you really?

Come on faB.

Fabio,what are youdoing right now?

I'm getting on the pedestal,jeff.

What were you doing?

I was using the restroom.

In the pool?

The water's so shirt dirty anyways.

Look at it.

Doesn't everybody pee in thepool.

I don't know,does every body pee in the pool?
- No.

I had to concentrate.

Can't concentrate when you'vegotta pee.

Fabio is fully relieved now.

He's ready to defend against naonka.

Come on,naonka. Come on,fabio.

Naonka scores forespada!

Espada leads 4-2!

Next round it is jill from
la flor taking on chase.

Jill needs to score here for la flor.

And she does!

La flor scores.It's now 3-4.

Benry up for espada.

Going up against fabio.

Espada leads 4-3.We
are playing to five.

You score here,benry,it's over.

Benry scores for espada!

Espada wins reward!

What a shot!

I love you,dude!

All right.Espada,congratulations,tomorrow
morning nice reward.

Grab your stuff,head back tocamp.

Man,i love horse back riding,too.
- Me,too!

La flor,nice effort,got nothing for you.

Grab your stuff,head back tocamp.

{\a6}Kelly s. nursing stdudent la flor tribe

Reward was for a horse backride and breakfast
and you getto milk your own milk I guess.

I don't know i don't know if thassense.

You get to milk your own
milk and that sounds amazing.

We should have won.

And we should be going because ***

LA flor day 17

we lost the reward but itmakes you
get up and do thingsand keep going

and the word quitis
not in my vocabulary.

I mean,i go at it all day long.

I'm a farmer girl and farmergirls
have a strong heart and astrong will.

I can do a whole lot more thanmarty
and jill ever thought icould do

so I'm trying to stayin the good graces of the four tribe m
embers that I have made friends with over at the la flor team.

So,you know,they can
lounge around,that's okay.

{\a6}Jane dog trainer la flor tribe

As long as they feel I'm important.

I'm gonna go check thoes
lines over yonder,first.

Just led me know when,uh...

when you need me.

I don't care what they doright now.

I'm not going to tell them toget
off their lazy little asses.

Let them sleep.

Let them sleep,let them relax.

As long as we win
challenges,that's all I care about.

She's a master fisher womanso...i know!

Hopefully she comes
back withsomething big.

The older people who cameover from espada can
work theirbutts off,feed me all day longand,

you know,they'll help meget
stronger. So I love it.

Sash real esate broker la flor tribe

You know,i get to stay at homeall day,relax,eat the
fruitsof their labor while they goout,they work hard.

You know,i give them a lot ofcredit
but,you know,this is agame and,

you know,long run forme who stays in this game isn't a matter of
how hard you work around camp,it's about how loyal you are to me.

crossed,we'll get fish today.

God this makes me miss home right here.

We won reward and we showed
up it was unbelievable.

I grew up on a horse farm inflorida and since my
dad passedaway we stopped having horses inour barn

{\a6}Chase frorance race car
jackman la flor tribe

and that was just amazing for me.

All the emotions and everything.

You get a lot of time to reflecton stuff
that you misand ireally,really mismy dad.

Just being here,the firs treward that I get was being
ableto spend it on a horse which wasjust unbelievable

because itjust reminded me
like,god,he'sjust here,he's with me.

And it was just an unbelievable
feeling because I miss my dad.

That was awesome!

That's why we're gonna keep winning.

Welcome to our farm.

First thing we're going
to do ismilk the cow.

It's really easy but probably
you haven't tried before.


What you do is peres on the
topand then you squeeze down.

So who wants to try first?

Here goes nothing.

Let's go.Come on,Dan!

I think I was... I think
iwent on a date with her.

All right,nay,give it ashot.

See what you got,nay.

Oh,while they feel so swollen.

You can do it,nay.

Nay's not a farmer girl.

Do it with your hand.

I am not a farm person.

I don't milk animals.

I don't play with animals
nipples trying to get milk out.

{\a6}Naonka p.e teacher la flor tribe

Okay,I'm over it.

But it was okay because I couldsay
that I touched a cow'snipple.

It worked!

He who doesn't fish with me
shouldn't get all the riches.

I've been up since 5:30
working all day to catch fish.

I'm starving.

I want me a fish.

I'm gonna eat this one I just caught.

I think I deserve it.

But if I'm going to cook this
sucker,I've got to go hide in the woods.

I don't know how safe that is
atthe moment,but I'm going to try.

they're going to be
wondering where I'm at.

Never cook add catfish likethis,but I'm starving and i think
out of all the fish that I've caught I deserve this one.

And I'm not going to take himback
to camp and argue with anybody.

You know,they sat me out on thelast
challenge and they lost the food reward.

Well,that's my food reward.

(Laughs)for all my hard work.

This is the first thing I've done behind
anybody's back other than vote for marty.

But I'm going to dig into
thisthing right now and see

if it isdone and I
don't care if it'sblack.

Bone a teet!

Fresh cheese made on the farm.



When I saw the food that
wasprepared on the table--

- This iswhat I've been waiting for
- Noteating for 16 days and seeing food,I actually started to shake.

Watermelon I just love it.

This can't be happening.

Alina and chase,you
bothcalled our camp home.

It's home.

We take for granted sittingdown
and having a meal together,

we've been together for how many days and the six of
us sittingdown and being so appreciative of a meal,

it was... it becamevery
emotional for a lot of us.


after 17 days of not eating and not
being with family or anything I mean...

we're kicking
ass,y'all,we're doing this.

I'm glad you feel me
on this emotion thing

I mean,I don't even know what's
happening.I'm not emotional.

Alina's so grimy,she's
sogrimy and so sneaky.

I think she got emotionalbecause she's trying to keep
herself in a game but I can puton a show like alina.

I have been playing a role,wehave
been getting close,you know?

This is all part of my plan.

Next thing you know you're goingto
be walking away and your espada.

Come on in,guys!

All right,first things first,iwill take
back the individualimmunity necklaces.

Thank you.

Individual immunity no more.

Once again tribal immunity
isback up for grabs.

Let's get to today's challenge.

Standing at the top of a tower,

two members of each tribe willroll
cannon balls down a long,steep chute

while four othermembers will use
ropes in anattempt to aim the chute

tryingto break one of
the othertribe's tiles.

First tribe to break all
five ofthe other tribe's tiles

winsimmunity and is safe in thisgame.

Losers goes go to tribal council

where the eighth person
will bevoted out of the game.

La flor,you have one extraperson,

cannot sit out the sameperson
in back-To-Backchallenges

and jane sat out thelast challenge.

Who's it going to be?

I'm going to sit out,jeff.

Sash gonna sit out.
Take a spot on the bench.

Everybody else i'll give you aminute
to strategy and we'll getstarted.

Up top for espada benry andalina.

On the ropes for espada
chase,holly,naonka and dan.

Up top for la flor:
brenda andpurple kelly.

On the ropes,jill,marty,jane,fabio.

Here we go.

All right,pull it up.

Watch out. Hold on.

- Lower it down.
- Chase and holly,a littlelower.

Takes some work tomove
these ropes around.

Marty,up please.


Nay and dan pull a little more.

Right there. Right there.

There are threelevels you can
shoot from inthis challenge.

- All right.
- Do this one.

Smad has it lined up.

Where's benry going to drop
the ball? He's moving down.

Benry with one of
those smallcannon balls.

There are two sizes.

Ball is enroute. Just short.

Kelly lets it go.

And it connects!

La flor takes an early lead1-Zip.

Nay,like toot! Boom!

Jill and marty pull
more,please. Pull more.

That looks super good.

I think a big one might hitthat.

Alina ready withespada's second shot.

- Yes!
- It connects!

Just misses. We are tied 1-1.

Naonka and dan give a
nicelittle pull. A nice one.

Let's go for that other big boy.

- Marty and jill pull.
- ***

Keep pulling. Okay,stop.

It's like two feet lower thanit was.

It's two feet lower than thatlast shot.

- I think we should go up a littlebit.
- Okay.

All right,i think that mightbe perfect.

Espada ready.

Benry lets it loose.

And he connects!

Purple kelly lets itfly.

Just misses,espada leads 2-1.

- You guys,i knew it. It has to be lower.
- It has to be lower.

Chase and holly dropa little.

Oh,you all right?

Are you making it lower?

- Yeah,about six inches,eightinches.
- Do it more.

Go down the level with
thebig ball,trust me.

I think we should pull up alittle bit.

Fabio,come on! Last
time i listened to you.

Alina ready forespada.

She's moved don to the secondlevel.


Going for a closertarget
and she connects.

- Let's go,brenda!
- Brenda hoping toscore for la flor.

Just misses.

Espada now leads 3-1.

We need to go back to
thatfirst one we tried

because wesee where the first one hit.

- We got little balls.
- I know...

we got little balls.

Are we good? Can you tell us?

It was right on it was justtoo short

so we're going to
getmore momentum up here.

Benry moving down tothe second
level for espada'snext shot.

- Come on,benry!
- Come on,ben!

Benry releases and itconnects!

- Come on,guys!
- Let's go,guys.

Brenda ready for laflor,she
releases and justmiss.

Oh,my god.

Espada now leads 4-1.

There are five tiles to break.

I need nay and dan to pull.

Pull up. Right there.

You've got to both
talk aboutit up there.

We are. We are both
talking about it uphere.

- Feeling that,baby.
- Yeah?

Yeah?Let it go.

Espada could win withit with this.

- Just short.
- ***

La flor still alive.

La flor needs to score
here. Trailing 4-1.

I'm going to let it go.

Down on the thirdlevel with
the bigger ball andit worked.

La flor scores!

La flor now has two,espada at4.

- You want to go with the bigone
- Let's try a big one.

Go grab a big one.

How does it look from thereif
i launch a big one from here?

Does it look good?

Espada going tochange balls,going
with thebigger cannon ball.

Lot of strategy.

The aim is perfect,guys,butwe're

When i went down
there,though,it was supershort.

It's getting hard down here.

Espada could win itwith this toss.

- And they do!
- Yeah,baby!

Espada wins immunity.

I should be a pirate!


- I really felt like we hadthat.
- Me,too.


Back-To-Back wins,alina.
Got to feel good.

It feels absolutely amazing.

Nobody going homefrom espada.
Grab your stuff,head back tocamp.

Enjoy the night off.

La flor,tribalcouncil tonight.

The eight person will
be votedout of this game.

You have the afternoon to
figureout who that's going to be.

Grab your stuff,head back
tocamp. See you at tribal.

losing immunity mean
we go totribal council

and the waythings are shaping up

it looks like the remaining la
flor members want marty or i go

andbeing that he has immunity idol

la flor***

- ***
- ****

who do you want to gotonight?

We've got to split...

we'vegot to put three
on marty,twoon jill,

make marty play theidol,

- jill and whoever they votefor tie...
- which would mean a tie.

And then we'll allvote jill out.

Okay jane needs hersatisfaction
of voting formarty,i think.

Jane,are you going to votefor marty?

I'm sorry,i was the
uglyduckling over there.

You're a prized possessionover here.

I'm a firm believer.

What goes around comes around.

Marty and jill have treated
melike i don't exist from day one,

going all the way back
to theespada tribe.

I mean,i really felt like
theugly duckling over there

and iknow i gained the respect
ofbrenda,purple kelly,fabio andsash.

So at tribal council
i hopemarty goes home.

It's still icing on the
cake ifjill goes home.

i want the cake and i want toeat
it,too,and i want both ofthem gone.

Why don't i do this?

Why don't i go up to marty andtell him

it's going to be threevotes
for you,two votes forjill

which means you have
toplay your idol tonight

- or iguarantee you...
- you won't go home.

Jill will go home and give methe idol

so that we have it andit doesn't
fall into the wrongperson's hands.

Right now,the game plan isput three
of our votes on martyand two on jill

and tell marty,like,bro,you
gotta play theidol now.

So he does and then it will be a tie
between jill and whoeve rmarty and jill vote.

And then on the revote
jillwould end up going home.

- What are you thinking?
- I think we should reallyconsider this.

Ask marty for the idol.

Tell him you're safe,give usthe idol,

we'll vote out jilland
then we vote him out.

The... then the only
problem i see with that

is that jill will have absolutely
noallegiance or confidence in us.

It's going to happen eitherway.

You think shell ever,ever,evertrust us?

We just voted out marty!

- That's what i'm saying.
- Or we vote out here.

Either one they don't trust
usand they will not trust us.

They're not that dumb,sash.

Tonight either marty or
jill isgoing to go home.

That's the plan.

Sash and i are both stuck
onwhat's the right thing to do

andwe're wondering what if
we couldbe like super mean,

ask martyfor the idol
and vote his assout.

I never thought it would
besuch a tough day,dude.

So what they're saying is

they'll split the vote 3-2tonight.

- Three votes for you;
- ***

two votesfor jill in hopes
that the idolis flushed.

And then it would go to a tieand then
in a tiebreaker jillwould go home.


The other option tostrengthen
us,you hand the idolover

and i look you in the eyeman
to man and shake your hand

that you're not going hometonight.

Right. Yeah,but i...would you do that?

I'd just go home next time.

If this happens,if you giveit to me,

i'll look you in theeye
and shake your hand again.

If we lose the next immunitychallenge,i'll
give you backthe idol.

Jill's going home regardless.

I can't vote for her.


- I hope your people understandthat.
- No,no.

You... you'll vote for
jane,brenda,whoever you want.

I think it makes

you know,i can'ttell you
what to do with yourown idol.

Right now i feel absolutelypowerless

in every way,shape,or form.

If i keep the idol i have
to usethe idol tonight so...

i givesash the idol and maybe
i gohome tonight maybe i don't.

I've got to give the idol tosomebody

so i'm either giving itto jeff
tonight or i'm giving itto sash.


- The immunity idol is yours.
- Thank you,brother.

We here in this together,okay?

It's in your hands.

I'd rather give it to sash

because maybe if he lives up tohis word

i would maybe live onemore cycle.

One more cycle could
potentiallyget me to the merge

then thingsare wide open.

Well,it turns out i don'teven
have to dig for idols,

alli have to do is ask for them.

People will literally hand me anidol

just because i may or maynot keep
them in the game alittle longer.

Marty made a big mistake.

That's probably his
biggestmistake in the game.

So fabio,back-To-Back
losses,reward andimmunity.

Does espada have momentum?

Yeah. I think their spirits are up.

I think they have momentum.

I think they're a strong tribe.

I think we're also strong.

I think tomorrow or
the nextreward challenge

i think it willstill
be an even playing field

but,yeah,they're feeling goodright now.

Jane,last tribalcouncil was crazy.

People being surprised,doublecrosses.

What was the vibe before
thistribal con still.

Some of us got together andtalked.

The ones of us that have
meshedtogether really good

and we madea decision.

Is it obvious,jane,who doesn't
mesh together? Who's on the outside?


And do they knowthey're on the outside?

I think so. Uh-Huh.

Marty,do you feelthat?

There's a sense of being in withthe
group and being outside ofthe group?

Yeah,clearly. I mean,we came
in as a minorityinto this tribe

and some of usdid more
of a flip-Flop than

some of us just tried toincorporate
ourselves where wefelt we fit in.

- Who flip-Flopd? - I
think jane's a flipper.

She'll go wherever the
windblows in terms of

making surethat she saves her own skin

andwe tried to remain strong andtried
to fit in with whoever wecould.

- "We" meaning you andjill.
- Yeah.

Jane,fair criticism?

Well,when we became
yellow,i became yellow.

And that's the way i look at it.

Brenda,could youfeel that from jane?

Totally. From day one.

She just... she's just verygenuine.

She never really tried
to makean alliance,

it just became anatural friendship.

Jill,do you feel theseparation?


From the minute we got to camp

clearly it's an old/youngdivision
that still exists.

So it's a little frustrating
tobe put in that situation

butit's my obligation to
play outof it if i can.

Marty,last tribalcouncil there
was a lot of talkabout the idol,

the fact thatyou had
it,would you play it ornot.

Did that come up again today?

Oh,sure. And you could argue that
maybeit was the stupidest move

not toplay it at the last tribalcouncil

or you could argue thatit
was the gutsiest move.

I went with my gut instincts
anddecided to hold on to it.

But tonight is the first time ifeel like

i may have made amistake this evening.

I'm at a disadvantage now.

So do you do something,trustsomebody
and transfer the powerof the idol

and maybe if thingswork
out and you take a risk

itbuys you a little
more time inthis game

which,it's a crazygame,you
never know what canhappen.

Brenda,worried aboutwhere the idol is?

Do you know physically where itis?

I don't know physically whereit is.

- I think sash has it.
- Jeff,the idol is in mypocket.

I didn't know it was in hispocket.

So marty,whathappened with the idol.

In talking to sash we agreedthat
i would transfer the idolto him.

So you gave your idolto smash.

I did. It could go down as one of
thestupidest moves ever or maybenot.

Fabio,reasonable ofmarty
to be a little concerned

that he might have just made ablonder?

I think it's very reasonablebecause
we could easily vote himout tonight.

But either way we have the
idolso i think we come out on top.

Brenda,it'sinteresting that to
be owe says"we have the idol.

"I think it's okay to say "we"because
that is how much wetrust sash.

Sash,of course youthink
this makes perfect sense

because you're the one
with itin your pocket.

- Just out of curiosity,now thatyou have it
- ***

- in your possession for the group,
- ***

you want to giveit to
brenda to hold on to?

If that's what we decide as agroup
then maybe back at camp imight do that.

At this moment i don't
think itserves a purpose.

But if there's a time when
ilose trust in them... i'm sorry.

If there's a time when
they losetrust in me

then i'll have toturn it over

or i'll have thebiggest target
on my back ofthis entire tribe.

Gotta ask,sash,yousaid it,i
just heard it. Proudian slip?

If there comes a time
when youlose trust in them

and you havethat idol in your pocket.

That's not what i meant
tosay but that's what i said.

Fabio,are youfamiliar
with the psychologistfreud?

I'm a little bit familiarwith
freudian psychology.

It might have been 90
3-Bg9 ofthe subconscious

coming up aboveand coming up.

Brenda,that's gonnalinger
in your brain for awhile.

Yeah. I mean,it was a slip.

Jane,how big amistake
could it be for marty

togive up that idol to
sash beforetribal council.

Well,any time you watch thisgame

you you give up the idol
itcomes back to haunt you.

Okay,it is time tovote. Jane,you're up.

This game ain't over yet.

I'll go tally thevotes.

If anybody has thehidden immunity
idol and youwant to play it,

now would bethe time to do so.

All right. Once the votes
are read,thedecision is final.

Perm person voted out will beasked to
leave the tribalcouncil area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,jane.

Jane. Two votes jane.

Jill. Two votes jane,one vote jill.

Marty. Two votes jane; one
vote jill;one vote marty.

Jill. That's two votes jane;
two votesjill; one vote marty.

Marty. We're tied.

Jane has two votes; jill has
twovotes; marty has two votes.

One vote left.

Eighth person voted out
of"survivor: nicaragua",




Jill,the tribe hasspoken.

Time for you to go.

Well,it's clear fromthe vote

that this group ismaking
decisions based onloyalty.

The question is how long
canthat loyalty last?

Grab your torches,head
back tocamp. Good night.

Proudly Presents

Sync: ?ž??? ????


Next time on"survivor".

Fabio found some treemail!

The merge bringseveryone together.

If that chest is alone
i'mtaking stuff out of it.

So naonka worksovertime
to tear everyone apart.

I was pretty frustrated

whenwe realized all
these things aremissing.

It doesn't make any sense!

I'm really grateful for theopportunity
to meet a lot offantastic people.

Marty,good luck to you,my
kidsneed someone to root for now

so i hope you go all the way to theend

and i just want to say howmuch
this has made me appreciate