Survivor (2000–…): Season 20, Episode 5 - Knights of the Round Table - full transcript

In the Villains' camp, Russell keeps searching for their hidden immunity idol, while Rob continues his own mission to get Russell voted out.

Previously on "survivor":

on day 10 it,when the heroes discovered
a clue to the hidden immunity idol,


the entire tribe
scattered across the beach,

each person selfishly
looking for the idol alone.

Tom was the one to find it.

I have the immunity idol
but i'm still a target

because they know it's in my possession.

Conversely the villains decided it
stick together and ignore the clue,

except for russell who suched
for the idol but couldn't find it


and instead found himself
on the outs with his tribe.

if you ***

At the immunity challenge,boston rob
once again led the villains to victory.

Villains win immunity!

At the heroes camp,j.t
agreed to vote with cirie

and the majority of the
tribe to take out tom.

I want tom to go.

But at tribal council,j.t betrayed
his alliance and voted for cirie.

Jeff,i have something that
i was hoping not to use.

So when tom played the hidden
immunity idol,cirie was sent home.

Cirie,the tribe has spoken.

I would say that qualifies
as your first blindside.

16 are left,who will
be voted out tonight.


Tonight,j.t is a hero.

I really believed my days are
done on the beach,but j.t did it.

At this point,it's all about strategy.

They've made it very clear
they wanted me and tom gone.

We're not gone yet.

We don't plan on going anywhere.

i want***

i didn't**


had i made**

Cirie's game has always
been she stays loyal

until things get rough after the merge,

and the way things are going,it's
going to get rough for us.

And i hope everybody realizes i
did it for the team and not for me.

I'm a little pissed off right now.

I'm a lot pissed off right now.

Don't know about j.t as much
as i did a few hours ago.



They think i saved them. I didn't.

I got rid of cirie
while i had the chance.

And i swear,i will never,never
turn on you guys,nerve.

- Really?
- I swear,i swear.

Man,i would never. I swear.

You don't believe me?

- I swear.
- Okay.

J.t can tell me everything
he wants to tell me,

and i see right through him.

In the back of my mind,i
know that he will lie

and he makes alliances like they're,

you know,yesterday's news.

I think he's made 20 alliances already.

If he wants to play this game,game on.

Bring it on.



Flex every muscle.

And pull.

The key is making your mind to
teleyour body to flex every muscle.

I led the tribe out to the beach to do

my own special form of
meditation and movement.

Up to this side.

Move your arms like this.

It's complete body control.

It fuses everything together.

it just basically tells your mind
and your body to get on the same page.

Keep your pressure on the fist.

And they all seemed willing to go.

Everybody went except for russell.

Everybody this morning
walks out on the beach

starts doing a little coach net
circle,all that meditating crap.

While they meditate and getting
ready for the challenge--

i guess that's what
they're meditating for--

i'm looking for the
hidden immunity idol.

You know,it's a very important tool.

So i'm going to get
it. I'm gonna find it.

i been***

It was right in my face.

That's what i was afraid of.

Today,everything changes. Everything.

Rob's not in control
of this game right now.

This is my key. This
is my key right here.

And here it goes again.

Come on in,guys!

Villains getting your first
look at the new hero tribe.

Cirie voted out at the
last tribal council.

- All right,you guys ready to get to today's reward challenge?
- Yes.

For today's challenge,three
members of each tribe

will battle to retrieve balls in a pit.

They'll then toss them to your
tribemates up on a platform,

who will attempt to shoot
the balls into a basket.

Each time you get a ball in the
basket,you score a point for your tribe.

First tribe to score
two points wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing for.

- Yes.
- Oh,yeah.

The winning tribe will leave here and
be taken to a beautiful watering hole

and you will enjoy a feast of chocolate.

Chocolate bars.

Chocolate cake.

Chocolate chip cookies.

Chocolate milk.

That's the only thing i crave out here.

To make it a little more enticing,

i want to whet your appetite

with just a little taste of chocolate.

Oh,my god!

That's kind of cruel.

I'm watching my weight.

I don't need that.

Oh,my god.

Oh,gee. Oh,gee. Oh,gee. Oh,wow.

We'll take theirs.

Colby you have a look on your face like
this is annoying or somehow insulting.

I handed you the plate,and
you're like i don't want this.

I'm not annoyed with you. I'm
ready to get to the challenge.

- Free offer of chocolate--
- i don't need it. Let's go.

I got the message,we'll
go when i'm ready.

Rupert,why not eating chocola chocolate?

What kind of message are you sending?

Hopefully focus.

We don't care about the reward.

We just want to win the challenge.

We're always focused when
we come to the challenge.

That's why we keep winning.

All right,villains,you are
sitting out three people.

It has to be three women.

Sandra,courtney,and parvati
sitting out for the villains.

Heroes,you're sitting out one person.

It has to be a man.

- I'll sit out.
- I'll sit out.

Colby going to sit this
one out for the heroes.

Sit-outs take a spot on the bench.

Everybody else,give you
a minute to strat jiez.

We'll get started.

All right,in the pit for the villains,

it's danielle,tyson,and russell.

Taking on candice,james,and tom.

Up on the platform it's jerri,coach,

and rob for the villains,taking
on j.t,amanda,and rupert.

- Let's go,heroes!
- We're playing to two.

Survivors ready?


Gotta get the ball and get it back
to your tribemates on the platform.

Heroes have all three
balls right off the bat.

J.t just misses.

Rupert,nice little floater.

That a way,j.t,get close.

Come ofocus!

Russell hanging with james.

James takes a hard hit.

Big battle down below.

Danielle comes up with it.

You all right,james?

Uh-oh,something's broke.

Hold up.

Medical,come on in.

Com,baby. You're all right.

Hold up. Give him a little space.

Let the docs take a look.

Does that hurt if i do that?

Okay,i'm going to bend
it. Can you bend it for me.

it just**

Is that all right.

What are you looking for?

We're worried he might have torn
the medial collateral ligament.

In which case it looks stable at
the moment and he's not in pain.

He might have just sprained a muscle.

Now we'll get him up and
see if he can walk on it.

Put your hand up there.


Let's see what you can do.

It feels weird. Don't hurt.

All right,i'm good.

- Oh,no.
- You're not going to be able to walk on it.

He's out.

It keeps kind of popping
out on the side there.

Sit down and we'll see what we can do.

- But for this challenge-- -
for this challenge,he's out.

Okay,all right.

Another tough challenge.
Physical,just like we wanted.

But right off the bat,james got hurt.

I'm not sure what he done to his
knee,but it doesn't look good.

If james is pulled from this
game,a lot of my strategy's changed.

All right,due to james'
injury,james is out of the challenge.

Which means the heroes will be playing
with five people instead of six.

So whenever candice and tom are
matched up,you will be one person short.

We're going to start from the top.

Survivors ready?


Right off the bat,tom
gets two for the heroes.

Coach just misses for the villains.

J.t can a nice toss just
misses for the heroes.

And that scores for amanda!

Heroes score!

Switch it up.

People in the pit are now shooting.

People shoot regular now in the pit.

- Nice work!
- We will rotate every round.

Heroes win the first
point and lead 1-zip.

- Let's go,heroes,come on.
- Survivors ready?


Big battle.

J.t takes down boston rob.

That a way,j.t !

Heroes come up with two of the balls.

Tom just misses for the heroes.

Candice just misses.

Tyson just short.

Another battle between j.t and rob.

Coach and rupert.

Rob and j.t going at it.

J.t not giving up that ball.

Russell gets pulled off the platform.

Rupert comes up with it for the heroes.

Anotr miss by the villains.

Tom just misses.

Candice just misses.

Danielle,come on,don't
hold on to the ball.

Danielle just miss for the villains.

Villains have to score
here to stay in this.

Coach gets hit hd by j.

Tyson tries to lob one in,and it works.

- Stop! Stop! Stop!
- I did not mean to do that!

- A you okay?
- Yeah,i'mine.

- Like i meant to do that.
- Whatever,dude,whatever.


Not bleeding.

Here we go. We'rtied 1-1

let's go,here'soze,com!

Whoever gets this point here
wins a big ocolate feast.

Suivors ready?


Big scramble for the ball.

Russell ces up with
two for the villains.

Tom comes up wh one for the heroes.

Boston rob tosses one.

And just miss.

Rupert can't hold on to it.

Danielle get it to tyson.

Tom battling f that ball.

Clears the way for candice to get it.

Boon rob,b j.t blocks it.

Boon rob blocks j.t

j.t j.t now has a shot for the heroes.

In and out.

Jerri sres for the villains
villains win reward!

all right,good,hard-fght battle
once ain in heroes versus villains,

villains come up victorious.

You're leavingrom here.

- Grab your stuff,ead out,and enjoy the afternoon.
- S!

- Chocolate,baby,
- oh,yeah!

Heroes i got noing for
you. Head back to camp.

Except for you,james. We're ing
to have medical look at that.

I hope for our sake that mes comes
back to cp because we really needhim.

To lose one of our bes
competits would be heartbreaking.


You not being able t walk

makes he worried straight
away that you've stretched it.

Basicay we wanto keep him in the game,

but i'm afraid he' done severe
enough damage to take him out.

All right,you're ing to splint h
up and see if we can walk on it.

- That's right. That'sorrect.
- That's the test?


Oh,my god!

I don't know where to start.


Good job.

Can i have a plate?

It's nice winning rewards.

We got two good things
happen at one time.

We got rid of the big boy,james,maybe.

And we get to eat chocolate.

Oh,m god!

I knew ts was going to happen.

- What?
- Chocolate headache.

I ha never eaten so much chocolate
in one sitting in my entire life.

Okay,i must agree this is a feast.

I'm like in a mix of chocolate
euphoria and sickness.

we're,like,uer the ground right no.

So in the middle of the ground
there's this huge hole in e earth,

nd it's about 40eet from the
top to the bottom of this cave.

And it's fl of cold salt wat
that com in right off the ocean.

I mean,it's like something
i've never seen before.

****and ***

We're going to look real dumb
if he's ou here playing us all.


He got it right away.

**** Guarantee it.

Whe i played "survivor" there
were no hidden immunity idols then

so this is all new to me.

I'm just trying to adjust as i go along.

T at the end of th day,we
have to flush it out.

The only way too that
is to vote for him.

Look,things are anging.


Wt? You have it?



Russell having the idol puts me
in a better position in the game.

It gives me a little stronger footing,

because right now everyone
still trying to vote me out.

They all think i'm the biggest reat.

For so rein,i'm likeome evil mastermind

who is going t screw all of thel over

so ty all want to vote me out now

so russelhaving the
idol is definitely like--

he's a great greatide.


i don't***


You're going to be
oy,and nody can know this,

b somebody has to know
with me so we can work it.

I'm going to show
coach. I'm going to say--


- yeah.
- he***

And then blindside and get rid of rob.

I'm going to have to convince coach
come to myide so we can get numbers here.

I have a powerful tool,and tt
is the hidden immunity idol.

Have the idol.

And now we have the idol.

So we geto the merg.

We have be able to get to the merge.

We can blindsi whoever we
want at any time we want.

And let me tell

on my life,that's the way i play,

to keep my nuers to
get further in the game.

Don't have any problem to ge it to you

to get further in the game with the vot.

I mean,this is crazy.

Dude,it took me three days of
digging and digging and digging.

I do want to play the
game with boston rob,

but r russell to trust me
with that is huge o his par

because i'the kind of person
that if you give me your loyalty,

it's almost impossible for
me to betray that trust.

I feel like i need to do someing
monumental le the knights.

And go like this.

And do this? You would,like,knight
me just like that.

I'm serious. I feel like
this is a monumenl moment.

- Dude-- - and i honor
you for trusting me.

Would have never come to you and
told you if i didn't trust you.

Coach bows down to me.

He was the one kneeling
to me,and i knight him.

As the king that i am.

I knight the dragon slayer
be part of my kingdom.

E king and the dragon slayer.

wow,m,that just blows my mind,dude.

I have the dragon slayer on my side now.

Then we'll weed out little rob's group.

It's personal with me and rob.

I don't thinhe knows
who he's dealing with.

He thinkse's tough?

All right,mate best
man win. Let's do this.


I'm just so
frustrated,candice. I really am.

I'mvery frustrated myself.

I can't
beeve we--

i can't believe all that
happed today i really can't.

If he gets taken out this will be the
secondime he's been taken out with an injury.

- I know.
- So sad.

I so frustrated. You know.

A reward challenge for
chocolate,and james...

Gets hurt again.

And he can have a serious
injury. Like his knee,did you see?

It was-- t's just
a ligament,i think.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Jamesants to be here so
bad,and he looks outor me.

I'm li his little sister so
it'slike,i don't know. It's just hard.

I was trying,like,make myse think,okay,

i james doesn't comeack,what
am i going to do?

And i cat even think about it right now.

I just hope that tonight i
see hi walk down thateach.

I really do.

I don't think james is coming back.

Yes,james has been gone way too long.

If he was coming bab,they
wld have braced his kne

and they would ve sent him home.

James and i have our differences,

and i'm not rooting agait a teamma,

but in the game of "survivor,"

somebody else being hobbled in
this someway is your advantage.

I mean,that's something that could
affect him the rest of his life.


It's jam.

James is coming back?

- Oh,my god!
- He's walking.

i can't help it! I'm sorry!

- You okay?
- Yeah,i'm all right.

James is back,and i was so happy!

Welcome back,big man.

- What did they say? What happened?
- What's the verdict.

- They don't know what's wrong with it.
- really

What do you mean they don't
know what'wrong with it?

They don't know whas wrong th it.

It's not it ft good to come to the camp.

We'll see how it goes ****

i'll have to work with what
i got and make it happen.

Make some lemonade. ***

It's crazy because it don't
hurt i mean,it's anned now.

- It's not broken?
- no

N it's t life threatening.

It's just not stable,right?

There's nothing wng with
it. I just can't walk.

And in order to get an m. R. I.
What,would you haveo do,leave?

- Eah.
- Oh,away.

you just**

I don't think it's going
to be too much of a problem.

You just want to be lt alone?

- Thank you.
- You'r welcome.

If we lose theext immunity challenge,

there's no question in my
mind that james has got to go.

The shouldn't be
auestion in anybody'mind.

You can't lug around dead
weight,and james a lot ofii

Come o in,guys!

So,coach,i'm gueing there
was a lot of curiosity

as to whether or not james
was still in the game.

I'm glad,for one,that
he's still in t game

because you never want t see a
worthy competitor fall out like that.

So i'm very happy to see him.

- You guys ready to get to your next immunity challenge.
- Yup. Yes.

First things fst,sandra.

I know you don't want to give i up.

once again immunity
is back up for grabdz.

For today'shallenge,one
pers wl be your caller.

Other tribe members will
be blindfolded and ired up.

Using only verbal commands caller
must direct their other tribe members

to collect 10 ver large puzzle
pieces scattered in the field.

Once you have all your
pieces,take off your blindfolds

and the entire tribe works
together to solvethe puzzle.

First tribe to get it right wins
munity,safe once again from ibal council.

Sers,voting sebody out.

We have ople on both tribes who
ha played this challenge before.

Coy and rupert for the heroes.

For the villains,jerri,boston rob.

Villains,you're sitting two people out.

Cannot sit out the same people
in back-to-back challenges.

Whare the two sitting outhis time?

Me and danlle.

Tyson,danile,take a spot on the bench of

everybody else give you
a minute to sttegize.

We'lget started.

All right,the caller for
the llain tribe i jerri.

Callinfor the heroes,james.

James,i'm guessing that's
because of the limited mobility.

You could say that.

Not a role we're used
to seeing james in.

Here we go. For
immunity,survivorses ready go!

J.t,go straight.

J.t bangs into aarrel.

Colby and tom bang into a barrel.


Stop! Pert,stop!

Stop,coa! Reach right in
front of you. That's a piece.

- Where are you,j.t ?
- There. I'm trying to pick this piece up.

Rob,that is the wro pie.

You want the oneehind you.

Come here,amanda.

Amanda now find her rit partner.

J.t and amanda with tir first piece.

Russell and parvati have
a piece for the villains.

Rob and courtney he their rst piece.


Rupert,step over to
your right! There you go.

Colby and tom have another uz
puzzle piece for the heroes.


Both calle doing a good
job right off the bat.

You're good!

Bh tribes have threpieces back.

J.t,stop! No!

The piece on your left.

Rob,the pie on your right.

,not that one. To your right.

Not that way,not that way. Js,no!

J.t behind you.

James,is th the right piec jas.

Rupert you t it.

Russell,that is our piece.

I don't want to trip.

Two more pieces for the
villains. That's five.

Heroes still at three.

Head back out. All right,rob.

Rupert and candice back
with another puzzle piece.

Tom and colby back with
the heroes' fih piece.

Rob and courtney he another
piece for the villains.

Villns now wit six pieces.

The heroes with five.

James! James!

Stop! Everybody sh up and stop!

To your left,j.t the you go.

Rupert back up one step.

Back up,ba up,back up.

Villains now with their
seventh puzzle piece.

J.t and amanda with
theixth ece for the heroes.


Jf: villains now th eight puzzle pieces.

Tom and colby withnother puzzle
piece for the heroes. Their seventh.

Rupert and candice with the
eighth piece for the heroes.

Were tied up!

Each tribe haswo puzzle pieces left.

Back up,straight back!

- Put it down.
- These pieces are heavy.

Walk strght,tom. Walk straight.

Jf: james trying to get rupert and
candice to find their last piece.

- Wal strait!
- Heroes now with nine pieces.

Villains now with their ninth piece.

Both tribes ve one puzzle piece left.

Forward,forward! Turn around!

Stop,pert,stop! Right there.

Coach stop! Coach,turn clockwise.

Everybody else,go strght.

- Candice,tu around. That's it.
- Here,here.

Rupt and candice have
found it for the heroes.

Go ahead. Walk it,walk it!
Bring it back,bring it back.

Walkt back!

Theillains are now
behind in the challenge.

Walk it back! Right in front of you!

Ci that'sur piece!

Coach and sandra hav the last
puzzle ece for the villains.

Walk it back!

Take off your blindfolds!

Heroes now with a big lea
on asmbling this puzzle.

This the bottom with the sand.

- I'm ngled in the weeds.
- We're goo we're good.

How about this right there.

That's n right. That's not trite,that's
not right. That's not right.

Coach and sandra moving as fast they can

with that final puzzle
piece for the villains.

Heroes taking advantage of
the time james gave them.

Jam,i t it.

Villainare back with their final pie.

Blindfolds off! Start
workg on the puzzle.

Vill vans had great succe with
challenges involving puzzles.

How about this right there?

No,no,needs a tree. Take it off.

Come on,uys! Move it!

J.t,this o?

This goes on the corner.

That's the one i said
went on the corner.

Hey,guys,come on. Work a a team.

They told me no.

Tt's it.

Vlains making up a lot
of time on their puzzles.

That goes like that,coach,100%.

Heroes do not want to go
back to tribal council.

They are down two members
in this game already.


- No,you guys,listen!
- Stop,stop,stop!

- Calm down,calm down.
- Sorry,sorry.

Now the villains are very close.

Now the heroes are in trouble.

That's rit,that's right!

Rob up on top calling the shot.

Rob jumps down on the final pie.

Villains win immunity!

Oh,my god!

Nobody going home,y'a.


villains have now won four
out of fiv immunity challenges.

Another good effort by the
heroes,but the same result.

Another trip to tribe. Grab
your stuff. Head bk to camp.

I will see you at tbal tonit.

Villains,enjoy the
nigh off. Ngratulations.


I got them to where we needed
to go. I was in the lead.

Me iured has already
proven to be bette than tom.

He really hasn't done

anything bu cause
confusion athe puzzle area.

I mean,what's his excuses?



So,it's been established that
thecan beat us in puzzles puzzles.

I think that's fairly wel established?

W just c't pull it
together on the puzzles.

Or baskets shooting.

Or except pretty much anything
except sumo wrestling pretty much.

- Ow the conniving starts.
- Yup.

What you think?


Is that consensus?

I think j.t will go along with it,oo.

We' not cnging,are we?

- Tom.
- Good.

No matter what's wrong with james' leg?

James' leg,he's still stronger than tom.



I feel like this is the dumbest move.

He can run!

I mean,are we being stupid?

If that's the criteria,then
you should havput me out.

Feel like that's,like,really risky move.


Let's just think about it.

We'll decide together we've got
the afternoon to think about it.

We need to think about it.

- Yup.
- Yup.

How you feeling,m?

- Dude,i'm good.
- ***


- Make sure?
- Yeah,i just don't want to go.

- I know you're good.

Logically,i should vote out james tonht.

But i i were to try
anything snaky again,

around rupert,james,and amanda,

that would put myself in a bad spot.

Candice is pushing hard for james.

We're going totally on
streth,candice' tt is the weakest.

Vote candice' butt out.

- Yup.
- I still say tom.

But i would vote for candice now,too.

I say tom first,thenandice candice.

*** Okay,right?

I don't know.

It's justore logal to
do,to vote james out.

That's the way the cookie crumbles,you
know what i mean. James is the one iured.

I know.

We're in control right now,you
and i,because we c go either way.

I hope j.t is good.

J.t cannot cross us.

This is so stup.

Because j.t dn't vote with
us last tribal council,

but i real depending
on his vote tonight.

Because if heoesn't vote with us,

that means he's voting
with tom,colby,and candice.

Agait james.

It makes perfect sen
to get rid of james.

To me,there's
no logic in--

in voting to keep james
and getting rid of you.

You don't even have to plead your story.

I'm happy to hear that from both of you.

If we want to winthis is
the bestove foro us make.

I've got ather noose around my neck,

and until the votes me up and
you read yourame four times,

you're still alive in this game.

I ed j.t and candice t see the
logic in stickingwith colby and i.

And eliminating james tonight.

I'm pretty sure cance is with us,and
i'm hoping that j.t se the light.


'm voting the same as you do do.

Which one do you want,tom or candice?

i say***

- Okay?
- Okay.

- And you me.
- I'm withou.



Uhm,j.t is the one. He's the swing.

Where's j.t on all this?

J.t says he's with us.


J.t lookede in the the eye and
swore he would write tom's name down.

What'the word?

I guess i'm going to write james.

I think tight james should be the one.

It kes all lical sense to get rid james.

We're going to another tribal council,

and most evebody's
looking to j.t foa vote.

And the reasoninar is
because j.t is so wishy washy.

J.t filip flops at every
opportunity that he has,y know,

because he's clearly just
playing e hand thatuits him today.

- I swear.
- I don't know what he's telling everybody else,

but if he's making deals
with everyone in this posse,

i can guarantee you,that
will ce back to bite

let's start by going back
to the reward challenge.

James,what happened?

I don't know really
what happened. It popped.

I thought it was okay
and i tried to stand up.

It dsn't
hurt. It just--

rht now it's not listening.

Rupert this is an usual situation,

o have somebody that'still in
the game but they're immobilized.

My niece couldeat james
in a race right now.

No,she couldn't.

I watched you walking today.

With this brace,yes,it's
a little bit harder

but couldn't beat me in a race,man. ***

James still has some strength in there.

You kn,i want to believe that
james is going to be okay.

J.t,you can certainly understand why

if you're jamesou want t
put your best foot forward

and say don't get
ridof me balls of this.

Yeah,i understand
exactly what he's saying.

There'no way i would ever say
vote me out due to an injury.

I wouldn't care if i had a
cast and my leg was broke.

Hat's the lel of concern,though
his spirit may be there,

physically may not be able to
perform like he needs to be able to?

It's a huge concern.

A very high level of concern.

We have to win. Oubacks against
the wall. We cannot le anymore.

James what,do you think happened today?

You got them there
ahead of the other group.

What happened ring the puzzle?

We started awch right in the beginning

and after that everybody went
haywire and did their own thing.

Over here,everody went willy-lly
trying to solve the puzz each side.

- You keep looking this way.
- eah.

- Who are you lookin at?
- Them two.

- tom and ...
- Candice.

He's mad because we're thinking about

whether it makes sense to ceem
him with the bum knee or not--

baby,you're justustling
with t next thing.

I'm tired of arguing wh
you all. I'm over y'all.

Just whatever.

Jeff,all this pretense about
whether it's his physical condition

and rupert saying we
think he's goingo be okay.

It's nsense.

He's not being kept for
any physical ability.

He's beingept because of a loyal vote.

It looks like tom is pointing the blame,

b he tried to vote me
out and i don't think

i'm a weak player in
thisame so it's vice versa.

So t,fingers being pointed
at y as one of the people

who won't shut up and just do.

I don't think during the allenges. ****

When he's tking about shutting
up and doing what you're told,

that's his voting strategy.

Somebody tells him,shut up
and vote the way i tell you.


If he's quiet during the challenge,

it'probably because he
doesn't know what's going on.

J.t,is tt a fair comment,

james saying t just needs to
shut u it's causing us to lose.

Wouldn't say is the reason we lose,no.

I don't think it right
to point blame nobody.


Tom,last tribal council you
played t hidden imnity idol.

Clearly you felt you were
in trouble,nd you were.

You got votes.

Concerned against it's you?

Absolutely,yes. It's me tonight
unless a coupl of good people

vote for the team and for
our strength and for our unity

and not for the numbers

you know,if somebody here thinks
that james with a busted knee

is going to do more in
the competitions than i am,

i n't think they're being sincere.

I think they're just voting
to keep theirumbers together.

If you all really think that guy can
outperform me,vote for me. Put me out.

I want y'all to win.

If y'alleally think you
can win with him,go ahead.

We're still going to be cool.

Ll,james laid it out pretty clearly.

Its time toote. Colb you're up.

James,all mass,no class.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are read
the decisi is final.

The person voted out will be asked to
leave the tribal council area immediately.

I' read the vote

first vote t.

Tom. Two vote tom.


James. At's two votes tom,two ves james.

Tom. At's three votes
tom,two vote james.

Fiftperson voted outf "survivor:
heroes vs. Villains," tom.

That's four. That'snough. You
need to bring m your torch.

Be safe out there,guy.

Tom,the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Well,it's clear wh tonight's vote,

even with a bad leg,james is sti
more valuable to this tribe than t.

That decision will
certainly be put to the test.

Very soon. Grab you torches.
Head bacto camp. Good night.

In two weeks anall-new
"survivor" on wednesday.

Boston rob becomes russell's
judge,jury,and executioner.

He's not playing with
the amateurs anymore.

Ut russell has other ideas.

I don't car how strong he is.

I don't care whoe is.

He threatens russell hantz,he goes.

- Watch yr back,man.
- Same foryou,man.

Bitterly disappointed to be
here,and not still numberhe game.

I wish i was fighting it out to
the bitter end with these people

but i got on the wrong
side of the numbers early

and despite my best contentions
justcouldn't get that turnedround.

I don't think james is up to snuff

and i hope they'll