Survivor (2000–…): Season 20, Episode 6 - Banana Etiquette - full transcript

The fifteen remaining castaways find out that both tribes have to vote someone off at the next Tribal Council. In the Villains' camp, Rob and Russell continue to set their sights on each other as the next to go.

Previously on...

Eff: j.t. and boston rob go at itard.

Coach takes a hard hit.

Byay 12 it was all out war
between the roes and the villains.


James was the latest casualty.

But the biggest battle was
back at the villains camp.

Parvati was fighting for her life.

Move your arms like this.

Parvati is the most
dangerous player on our tribe.

Meanwhile,russell and rob
battled it out for petroleumsy.

It's personal with me and rob.

He thinks he's tough,may
the best man win.

Russell believed he was
in an alliance with parvati

and rob believed he was
aligned with everyone else.

Rob jumps down on the final piece!

Villains win immunity.

But when rob led the villains
to yet another victory

his battle was post-postponed.


While the heroes were
marching into another vote,

james' injury made him a liability

and candice considered voting with the
outsiders tom and coal by to take him out.

You can't lug around dead weight
and james is a lot of dead weight.

But at tribal council,she played it safe

and voted with the
majority to take out tom.

The tribe has spoken.

Making colby the odd man out
in a tribe going nowhere fast.

15 are left.Who will
be voted out tonight?

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You want a hug?

- ***
- Really.


At tribal tonight tom went
home and i voted for him

because there's no reason
to throw a vote away

and make the people that are going
to be coming home tonight mad at me.

You going to bed?

Yeah,i'm going crash.

Nobody trusts candice.

She was gunning for james.

I'm so sick of candice right now.

So candice has to go.


I wanted to talk to you.

Just sitting around
and thinking too much.

I don't want to be at your throat.I
don't want you to be at my throat.

I decided to have a conversation
with rob to make him think

that i'm not after him,which i am.

I don't care how strong he is.

I don't care who he is.

He's threatening russell,when
you do that,you go.

A lot of people are mad,though,that
you went looking for that idol

because we all said
nobody's going look for it

and if you were then
you're going to be marked.

I went looking for it.But if i
get the next clue,i'll find it

because i'll go looking for it again.

I'm just being straight with you,man.


Russell's going to find out soon
enough that he's out of his league.

I just did everything i could to
make him more paranoid as i could,

to see he runs around like a crazy man.

I'm not a rat and i'm
not gonna say who it was,

but a lot of people are mad that
you went looking for that idol.

They want your ass off.

He's not playing with
the amateurs anymore.

He's playing with the big boys now.

I'm just telling
you,watch your back,man.

Well,same thing to you,man.

Watch your back.


proudly presents

sync:°îµÂÖí /font>


Tree mail!

"when things look
desperate,never lose hope.

Never throw in the
towel,you just have to cope.

And never,ever give up,even when
you're at the end of your rope.

" doesn't say whether it's
for reward or immunity.

Tree mail was a bit vague this morning.

We don't know whether it's
reward,immunity,or both.

The biggest question to me is
what does it mean for james?

I would put a whole
lot of money on the fact

that there will be
challenges in our future

that james simply will not be
able to do because of his injury.

Come on in,guys.


Tom voted out at the
last tribal council.

Danielle,surprised at this vote?


We for sure thought james would be gone

but he must have a strong
alliance on the other side.

All right,you guys ready
to get to today's challenge?


First thing's first,sandra.

I'll take it back.

Once again,immunity
is back up for grabs.

Today it's a little different.

Today you'll be competing as
individuals against your own tribe

seeking to win individual immunity

which will keep you safe
at tonight's tribal council

because tonight both tribes
are going to tribal council.

Both tribes are voting somebody out.

This is your chance to
make sure it is not you.

So both tribes will run this challenge
separately,here's how it works.

Each person will be
attached to a long rope

that is threaded through
a series of obstacles.

You'll climb over,crawl
under,maneuver around those obstacles

as you make your way to the finish.

First person to the finish
wins individual immunity,

is safe at tribal council.

After both tribes have
run this challenge,

the two winners-- one from each tribe--
will then square off in a showdown.

The winner of that challenge
wins for their tribe

hot dogs,fixings,soft drinks
which you will enjoy tonight

as you listen in on the
other tribe's tribal council.

So you not only win food,you get insight
into the dynamics of the other tribe.

A lot at stake.

One thing of note.

Coach,j.t.,and tyson all competed
in this challenge in their season.

J.t. and tyson went on to the
final,tyson ultimately won this challenge.

All right.We'll rock paper
scissor to see who goes first.

We'll get started.

Villains won the rock paper scissors.

They want the heroes to go first.

Fighting for individual immunity.

Survivors ready?


You've got to follow the
rope through the course.

Your body these go
wherever that rope goes.

You're going to have to throw
yourself through this course

if you want a shot at winning.

James even with a bad knee
is fighting to stay in this.

What a trooper.

Definitely affecting his
mobility but not his spirit.

Amanda now in the lead.

Candice right there in it.

There are going to be a lot of
scrapes,bumps,bruises when this is over.

James now in the lead in this challenge.

Who would have ever predicted this?


It is j.t.,candice,rupert and james.

Colby still stuck in the middle.

Hung up.

Amanda falling behind.

Candice through the first
section before anybody else!

J.t. now through the first
section.It's j.t. and candice!

Individual immunity on the line.

Only try make sure you're
safe tonight is to win this.

Amanda now in the second section.

Rupert now in the second section

candice wins individual immunity!

Candice is the only thing
stopping coal fwri going home next

and when she won immunity he
had to be thinking,you know what?

I just done me in.


Candice safe at
tonight's tribal council.

Everybody else unbelt,take
your spots on the bench,

villains,we'll get you hooked up.

Nice work.

All right,next round.

Villains now fighting
for individual immunity.

Survivors ready?


If they learned anything by
watching the heroes do it first.

Rob and tyson throwing
themselves through this challenge.

Russell squirming through
this fairly quickly.

Danielle trying to make a go of it.

Parvati's right there in it.

Sandra stuck early.

Jerri struggling to get through.

You cannot be timid in this challenge.

It will not work.

Right off the bat,it
is rob,tyson,russell.

Parvati's doing very well.

Sandra making no progress at all

coach launches himself through this.

Rob's still fighting.

Danielle trying to stay in it.

Par vat city in this.

Parvati,rull,tyson,rob and
coach leading the way right now.

Boston vob through the
first section first.

Tyson now through to the second section.

It is boston rob and tyson!

Russell now throw the second section!

Boston rob,tyson,russell
battling for individual immunity!

Boston rob is through!Boston
rob wins immunity!


Rob is safe at tonight's tribal
council for theville lance.

You will now take on
candice in a showdown.

Unhook,we'll move on to the showdown.

Here we go.For the showdown round.

We haveoston rob from the villains
taking on candice from the heroe

winner othis challenge wins
hot dogs and soft drinks

which you will enjoy tonight while listening
in on the other tribe's tribalouncil.

Rob is ready.


- Go,boston rob!
- You got it,rob!You got it.


We've added a third level to this
challenge and it is three times as high.

This is going to be aot more
difficult than the first round.

Com o,candice!

- Ll you,rob,all you
- rob with a bit of a lead but candice right on his tail.

Both rob and candice are
saf for the vote tonight.

They're fighting now
win food for their tribe.


Keep it going,rob. keep it going.

Not only do you win food,you win
the right to get a little insight

into the dynamics of the other tribe.

Awesome,rob!You look great.

Rob still with the lead.

But cance still right there.

Candice hat lost much ground.

Right on his spot.You're
right on his spot.

Come on,candice!You're right there.

Don't give up now!

You're right on him.

A lot of support from both tribes.

Great job,rob!

- Great job.
- You're doing awesome!

Come on,girl!This is
your honeymoon,girl!

Your honeyon night,ba.

Come on,girl.

Stay focused!

Rob gettg very close now.

Candice got to pick it up.

Rob with the last move.

Rob wins for the villains!

Villains will eat
tonight at tribal council.

You get the biggest hot d

so here's how it's going to work.

Viains you will go to
tribal council first

where boston rob has
immunity,cannot be voted out.

After u've completed
your tribal council,

we will serve your hot
dogs and soft drinks

as you listen in on the
heroes tribal council

where candice has
imnity,cannot be voted out.

Grab your stuff,head back to camp.

See you both at tribal council.

I canertainly see why the ibe
mightdecide i'm the weak link

so my gut te me i'lle
going home tonight.

But you never know
what your future holds

there's so much that's
truly up to those yo're

Ask boston rob sav the day!

Hot dogs!

- ***
- Ooh,i beat a girl!

I know!

Feel like a big snan
feel like a big man?

Job well done.

I went into that immunity challee thinking
i have to win this one and then rob wins!

M like,what?No!

Rob having the immunity necklace
puts him in a big posion of power.

Gather round,gathe und.


We have to makesure
they think it's russell.

Tys and boston rob pull me this
way,russell pulls me this y.

I'm photoedly middleman.

I'm smack dab in the
center of two alliancesut

we know dragon slay is a man o his word

and when he says he's
going to go this direction,

come hell or high water,that
that's who m sloting for.

I'm voting for parvati.

Get her over here,i'm over .


Beareful,man,because i'm telling you,

if you really don't have
that idol you need go get it.

I don't have it.

Wl it's been real.

You're tellinge...

I'm telling you...

If i don't find the idol...

Better to play with me than against me.

Boston rob tells me it's tter
to play with me than against me.


I believe i'm going to
get him to eathem words.

They're tryi to flush
the idol out of me.

Bob says it's going to be .I ain'ttupid.

But this is what i want to do.

I want to put tyson's name down.

I want to give you the idol tonight.

If it doesn't work,i can go home.

But i ain't that stupid.

They're trying to blind side you

i needed an a+ performance
today and it didn't happen.

James-- with a brace and
all- managed to beat me.

Not an impressive showing for me today.

I just want to say one thing,guys.

I know i'm going home
tonight,so there's no...

There's no need for any
scrambling or anything like that.

There's solutely no
hard feelings on my part.

So let's just have a good,relaxed
afteron and go on in there tonight.

I say we give them asittle information

as we can since they're
going to be sitting in.


See the pecking order and since
candice had sealed up immunity,

i'm the next one to go

i just said,list,let's enjoy our
afternoon,head to tribal council tonight.

And i meant it.

Even though we haven't had a
lot of fun since we started,

i haven't had a lot of fun,i
still love this game.You know?

So d i.

I still think ian kick yr ass.

But you're the great colby.


So if.I didn'tdo do good today.If
you turned on a win,we'd be all right

and i don't mind that as
long as you start winning.

But if it's old sleepy ass colby
it's a fat man and a cripple,

that ain't right,you
know what i'm saying?

I hear you.

Colby doesn't want to be here.

Thers no they's the colby of old.

One of the baddest competitors ever.

He has notone everything.

It has almost brought know tears.

It's like my supermanks.

All his mulls areone so it's very disappointingo
see a grown man give it up like that.

We're losing our team.

I mean,colby's a good guy.

I kw.

But even with james'
leg,my foot,colby was last.

I'm really shocked that colby hasn't
really pulled through in anything yet.

You know?But,still,james is hurt.

We've just got to decide which
one is going touit us best.

Because even the...

You know,we all had
an alliance with james.

I mean,even james knows we have to win.


James eats us out of house and home.


He's a competitor.Like,no matter what will
happen he will give it all until we win.

But if you're giving your
all and your knee blows out,

our five h to be the stngest possible
five we could hav we just have

to think...

We have to think who's
the overall best competitor

given the circumstances right
now that's what we have to do.

Can you run?


Ou're going to have to sho them.

How is going to help he?

I'm serious.

And you can't steal any mo
bananas when we come to camp.

Steal any more bananas.

You're taking banas
when we come to camp.

Everybody eats bananas.

James,you take three of them.

I'm just telling you what's going on.

James just has to prove that he's okay.

They're also mad about
it because james tends to

take a lot of bananas
because he's a big guy.

Like,he's hungry,obviously,but you know,

you're out here with no
food,is a big deal to people.

Everydy eats bananas.

Ii b when you get a banana,you get
one for everyone else.It's etiquette.

- Really?
- Yes.

I mean,i understand,whatever.

I want to know exactly
what you can do because

if you show th you're
fine,then you're fine.

They want you here.Everyone
wants you here.

But if there's a chance
that yore not okay...

Yeah,there might be.

But i don't know.

I'm tired of the talking.

What's up?

******James wan assurances.

Oh,god.Are you serious?

Who am i racing?

If you're racing me,you already won.

We're about to havegl a race.

Reg is okay.

Who do we keep?

James,ho is fighting
to stay in the game?

Colby,who is ready to walk out.

So i'm running in thi thing.

I can't run by myself!

I wanto prove to'all that i'l right.

Straight up.

I don't want to see james go.

James is 100 ally on my side.

Colby is not.

I'm just going sa "ready,go.

" james is a fighter,coal sbi not.

James is power.


Colby is not.


Damn it!

You got me!


James is not the kind of person
that's going toay "you know what?

I don't think i can go anymore.

" you'll nevernow it until the man
niece a stretcher that he was hurt.

You still would have beat me.

We have to see the big picture here,



i just**********



M tell you,three us vote for
parvati,three of us vote for russell.

The three of them are going to
put somebody up probably you.

I'm telling you,if we
vote three and three

and there's a tie then there's a revote.

That meansither one of
those two two are going home.

If he plays the idol she's going home.

If he gives they are
idol he's going home.

Do you understand?We can'tose.

You can'lose that way.

This other way,it's too risky.

I'm just thinking to myself,you know,

tyson's one of my allies and if
it were me that didn't win immunity

they'd be coming after me and
i know they're coming after him

and i was just think ofay so that
russell doesn't get the bert of us

if he does have the idol.

Parvati first
option,russell second opon.

Basically i threw out an
insurance policy,you will.

There's no way they can back door us
with the idol and we'll all be safe.

As long as split our votes
one of them two goes home.

That's it.

I think the vote'soing to be
pretty straightforward tonight.

voting for russell.

Courtney,coach,and jerri
are voti for parvati.

Don't sweat it.

I'm telling you.

It's not rocket science,but i
don't have immunity d any time

i don't have immunity i
feel a little uneasygl.


I'm going to do it.It's
breaking my heart.

And i just wanted to tell you i'll do
what i have to do to stay in the game.

There's nothing i can do to hel her.

So i'm going toe for parvati
and then that will be it.

She'll go home.

If there's any way victim
tried to save her,i would have.

But i've been thinking i've got
to play this game for myself.

When russell came and told me
he wanted to vote out parvati

i thought it was an excellent
opportunit maybe swap my vote to parvati.

I mean,i want her out.

Don't like doing it but i've got to.

I hope there's not a revote but
i just want to get it over with

and get some hot dog in my mouth.

The smartest thing for them
to dis make it a three-way tie.

That would force the idol.

Then they can play however they
want to play on the second vote.

That would be a genius move.

I don't know if they'reobt smart.

I don't know if it would be the
right thing giving parvati the idol.

It's just...

This is a really tough decision here.

Way worse than last time.

It is really bad.

Jerri,going all the
way back to season two,

what is onsignificant
way "suor" has chged?

It's like you get out
here and it's game on.

Like,trying to create alliances that
sort of thing right from the get-go

and it seems like the typical rvival
things now are not as important.

Rob,what's another element
that's different now

that we didn't have back in season four?

Hidden immunity idols.

That puts a whole
other twist in the game.

I mean,you can use it
to protect yourself,

to protect somebody else.

You don't know whether
somebody has it or not.

We all know who has it.

Russell,if you don't have
it and you didn't find it,

you'll best look for it.

Point blank.

So,russell,there's at
least one person in here

who's certaiyou have it and if you
don't,that makes it tough for you.

Not really.I mean,if you
ain't got it,you can't play it

so it don't make it too tough for me.

Tyson,you think it's
better if you doave the idol

or it's something you really
want nothing tdo with it.

Well,i guess it can help
you in some instances

but when the numbers
are this bg still it's...

It's not going to be that beneficial.

Arvati,as a tribe,you
guys have done very well.

But still,there has to be things about

each person on this tribe that
you're a little suspect of,shad about.

What's the take on tyson?

Tyson's a threat because
he's really charming

and he's funny and he also has
connections with coach,with j.t.

on the other side,he's tight
with rob,he's tight with sandra.

Son's a huge threat.

Sandra,what's the big n aboutarvati?

Well,we keep going back to the fact
that sheas connections onhe other side.

Courtney,what's the ke on rob?

There s to be a polarizing affect.

People either like him or
they're really bugged by him.

Yoknow,just at the center of
controversy a lot of times.

All right,well,there's at least a
couple of people clearly on theot seat

and what appears to be a
fair amount of uncertainty

about which way this
vote is going to go.

Let's get to rob has the
immunity necklace around his neck.


Cannot vote for rob.

Everybody else is fairame.

It's time to vote.

Danielle,you're up.

Welcome to the big leags.

You're so dam charming and
that's what makes you dangers.

That and friends on the other side.


You need to get the
ocean and wash your ass.

I can't stand you andan't
wait for you to go home.

I'll goaledly votes.

If anybody does have the hidden
immunity idol and you want to play it,

w would be the time to do so.

if anybody does have the hidden
immunity idol and you want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

I think i'm going to take
the target off of my back.

No,not this way.

You know,coach,you always say
loyal,honesty,and trust is the best thing.

No matter how this comes out
toght,i'm going to stick to that.


Are you serious?


Thank you.

I guess i'm playing it.

Such a gentleman.

Jf: the rules of "survivor" state that
if a hidden immunity idol is played

then any votes cast against
tha person will nocount

and the person with the next highest
number of votes will be vote out.

This is,indeed,a hien immunity ido any
votes cast for parva will not count.

This is a bold move by russell.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,russell.


O votes russell.


Does not count.


Does not count.


Does not count.

We're still two votes ruell.


Does not count.


That's two votes russell,one vote tyson.

Ob tyson.

We're tied.

Two votes russell,two
votes tyson,one vote left.

Sixth person voted out of
"survivor" "heroes versus villains.

" tyson.

- ****
- Oh,my god.

Tyson,the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Well,that was definitely
a crazy tribal council.

In a moment,we're going to bring
in the heroesor the tribal council

which u will get to listen in on while
enjoying hot dogs and soft drinks.

I'll give you a moment to move
your torch,we'll get started.

Oh,an,i hav nobodyto blame but myself.

I was a victim of my own stidity.

Russell probably gained a little bit
of respect and a little bit of power

by his risky move today ving the
idol to parvatias kind of a shocker.

It ended upbeing my demise.

I wish i would have
stuck to the split vote,

i would have come out victorious
and russell would have gone home.

At you gonna do?

I'm still pretty awesome.

Heroes gettin your first
look at the new villain tribe.

Tyson voted out of
tonight's tribal council.

All right,heroes,as you know,part
of the reward of today's challenge,

the villains earned the right to s
in and listen in o your tribal council

and enjoy hot dogs and soft drinks.

You guys can remove the
covers and get started.


Don't drop the buns.

So evil.

Wasn't our idea.

Rupert,you haven't taken
your eyes off that food,

even while i'm asking yo the question.

No,i already had a
couple of them dogs down.

At least it's raining on y'all's parade.

Rupert,sitting this close to
the entire tribe of villains,

it's kind of a reflection of
where we're at in this game.

This tri is dwindling,they're
still full-- so to spe.

Literally and physically,they are.

You know,the line between hero
andville slan so blurred right now,

he villains are showing the heroes
how this game is supposed to be played.

James,let's talk about
today's challenge.

There's a bi sortof
question suounding you.

Was there any talk
about "you did great,man,

i'm so glad wek" or w
there even a question?

There were questions.

I had to race j.t. and i lost.

- Whoa,you raced sglat
- i really want the best for the tribe

and i don't want to obligatenybody
to keep me over there.

So i'm like th,let's go
get it,let's have a race.

Well,i sucked and the
dude from alabama beat me.

Amanda,to be fair,i
think a lot of people

would lose in a foot raceto j.t. .

It's something to consider because
if we have a challenge tomorrow

that's running i mean,it's
on everyone's mind.

Colby,the last few tribal councils you've
been on the outside of the conversations

you've been in disaeement with e vote

and you said sooner
or later it will be me.

What will do you do in a game
like this?Can you scramable?

I went back to camp and s.a.t. down
and had a conversation with james

about how bad we both want to be in this
game because we're the two guys in question.

Did you get the feeling from james

that he definitely
wanted to be in this gam

absoluty and he asked me the same thing.

So,james,you weren't sure.

This is pretty much onef theaddest
survivors ever growing up.

I'm not that old i've been
watching this show forer.

I get here,he got smmed
by the dragon slayer.

Today he got beat by a cripple
and fat tuesday on an obstacle.

It's like finding out
superman isn a big girdle.

You see the muscles and get up close

and it's nothing but a fat suit
honestly,doou want to be here?

If not,i'll stay here.I like it here.

Some of us are doers and
some of us are sayers.

I'm more of a doer.

They told me today there's such
a thing as a banana etiquette.


F you go get a banana,you have
to ask everybody in ur vicinity

if they would like a banana.

Which is great but in my
world if your ass is is hungry,

you go get a banana.

Colby,what's it like to hear james say

it's like seeing superman
is wearing a fat suit.

I mean,earing that's certainly
not as bad as living it.

You know,that's the worst.

I mean,it's a reality.It's a reality.

Up to this point i have not performed
as well as i would have hoped to.

A right,it's time to get to the vote

which means villainsinish
which wt's in your mouth,

grab your torches,head back to camp.

Oh,my god,there's bread up the.

All right,andice,you have
to indivial immunity cklace.

Keeping it.

Cannot vote for candice.Everybody
else is fair game.

It's time to vote.Rupert,you're up.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are
read,the decision is final.

The person voted out will be dodd
leave the tribal council immediely.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,colby.

James.One vote colb one vote jame james.

O votes james; one vote colby.

James.That's three votes
james,one vote colby.

Seventh person voted out of
heroes versus villains,james.

That's four.At's enough.You
need toring your torch.

- ***
- ***Bye,babe.

James,the tribe has spoken.

Have a shot for us.

Oh,i'm going to be good and
drunk in the next five minutes.

Well,from the sounds
of tight's tribal couil,

an alliance w bken and
hopefully a tribe was unified.

Grab your torches,head
back to camp.Good night.

proudly presents

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Next week,an all new
"survivor" returns to thursday.

Without hiidol,nothing can save
russell from the wrath of rob.

He's dangerous.

Neighbor gives away immunity
and leaves himself blank,

t's like a suicide bomber.

You can't stop someone like
that they don't care about

their own fate in the
game,that's a wild card.

He'll do anything.


The whole group has pacified colby.

And actually being on t.v.
and having the team together,

hofully they'll do better
but it's a game,it was fun.

I just happene