Survivor (2000–…): Season 20, Episode 4 - Tonight, We Make Our Move - full transcript

The two tribes search in their own camps after receiving clues to hidden immunity idols. In the Villains' camp, Coach thinks everyone is turning against him, while the rest of the tribe becomes frustrated with Russell.
















ppp**** Facto tribe leader.

Are you the man,and it's,like,

when you're talking I'm
just hanging on every word.

I appreciate it.

Rob thinks he's the boss of the camp are

but this is my mountain and
I'm still the king of the hill.

Russell got fed up with
his tribe following rob

and staged a rebellion
by hiding the machete.

Getting rid of the machete

will cause conflict in this
camp and that's a good then.


But at the last immunity
challenge,everything changed.

The villains destroyed
the heros in a blowout.

*** You have coffee,sugar.




Coach delegates you do this,you
do that,and we'll go do this.

But you when you look,coach
is gone two miles out.

In the end,the entire tribe voted out
their oldest and most-abrasive member.

Randy,the tribe has spoken.


17 Are left,who will
be votedly out tonight.



Sandra tried to call me
out in tribal tonight,

and it was just very disheartening.

I'm human. I'm sensitive.

I'm probably more
sensitive than most people.

I just hide it behind a
lot of things that I'm done

and accomplished and behind
a lot of the maciz mow.

What did I do to serve
sandra saying that tonight?

There's never been
anybody out here like me

and there will never be anyone again.

I did***


***** I don't need it.

I'm ( bleep ) man,and I don't need
anybody to tell me or validate that.

I'm the only person out here that
will not ( bleep ) compromise.

I understand where
you're coming from,dude.

It's unbelievable,man.

Why doesn't anybody ever
say anything good about me?

Am I that bad of a person,man?

Nobody ever does,man.

I'm sensitive.

Coach,I know you're sensitive,dude.

But,dude,it's all for nothing

because of that one
sentence sandra said tonight

and it's not even true,man.

You know it,dude. I'm
working harder than anybody.

If you want to stick it
out,I'll help you through it.

Thanks for coming out here,man.

No problem,dude.

Just let me know how I can help.

if you ***

I may******

- I promise you.
- Like what?

Don't aware feathers
in your hair at tribal.

Don't tell your stories. People
don't believe your stories.

They mock you. There's
no reason to tell them.

Do your thaichi in private
where they can't see you.

i can't**

I might**

Coach pulled me aside and
said he wanted to go home

but the villains do
need coach in the game.

He's much,much stronger than the
last time he played physically,

and that's what we need right now.

I'm telling you,dude. I don't
care what anybody says. I'm done.

Proudly Presents


Sync: ¿¨»Ò





When we got back from tribal council,

coach broke down in tears and said he
didn't think the game deserved his nobility,

and he wanted to quit the game,

so I told him to stick in there and
he knew what he was getting into.

It's not like any of us
are "survivor" virgins.

- Is he okay,tyson?
- He's sad.

He talked to me last night,

and said he was really
thinking about just going home.

- Really?
- Yeah.

He cried. He was,like,sobbing.

i can't****

I can't believe that.

This morning has been a little
bit of an attitude shift.

Coach had a little
sob session with tyson,

wanted to quit the game or something.

I don't know.

That's not much of a
coach,if you ask me.

What was that all did,man?

It's just I feel like
I'm on the outside.

I want to bond with you,but i feel
like you started playing the game--

I'm going to tell you
something right now.

You're not on the outside. Ok.

Iek going to tell you that.

We're good.

Look,it's going to be
okay,for real,man. Come here.

I know you're hurting. It's all right.

I mean,I want to,like,do
stuff together. ***

Then you're going to
have to trust me,like,

literally trust me,and you're
going to be fine. All right.

But I feel like the only time you,like,

want to bond with me is when
we're getting up for the challenges

and that's cool and if
that's all you want--

I'm not going to say
anybody. You have to trust me.

It's all about this island.

Don't worry about it.
Don't sweat is,man.

Pick your ( bleep ) head up
and act like a man,for real.

- All right.
- All right.

I'm different than most
people I'm one of a kind.

The last of the
mohegans,king arthur,legend.

Nobody out here has got what i have.

Confucius says the greatest
glory a man can have

is not in never falling but
rising again every time he falls

and I fell hard last night.

You gotta be weak to be strong.

There's power in weakness.

Today's challenge,you'll see
an even fiercer warrior from me.


Read it! Read it!

Choose from this mountain of goods,some
items to help you improve your life.

Work leek a well-oiled member to
alleviate your hardship and strife.

It's the catalog!

Sears,life well spent.

we get***

- I love that.
- Yes!

What does it say? How many can we pick?

Two items.

Fishing kit.

Oh! Yes!

We kind of proved at the last challenge
that we're serious about this now,

and we're more united,and I
think it changed us as a tribe.

So if the villains walk
away with this sears stuff

I'm going to be mad because
I don't want to lose momentum.

-== [ ] ==-

Come on in,guys!

Heroes getting your first
look at the new villain tribe.

Randed voted out at
the last tribal council.

- All right,you guys ready to get to today's reward challenge?
- Yes.

For today's challenge,you
are going to race head to head

as you slide down a slippery
course to retrieve a numbered ball

that I will randomly assign each round.

Once you have the
ball,toss it in your basket.

First person to get their ball in their
basket scores a point for their tribe.

First tribe to four wins reward.

Let's get to the reward.

This morning,in your
tree mail,you received

a sears circular with a ton
of products to choose from.

Heroes,you chose a
well-equipped tackle box

and a fishing pole and the kitchen set,

everything you need to
catch food,cook food.

Villains you went
a different route--

a very full tool cip,along with a
tarp,twine,and a multifunction tool,

everything you guys need to
build,I'm guessing,a better shelter.

Villains you're sitting out
one person. It must be a woman.

Keep in mind you cannot sit the same
person at back-to-back challenges.

- I'll sit out.
- All right,parvati,take a spot on the bench.

Draw for match-ups,gets started.

All right,here we go.

First round,coach for the villains,taking
on tom westman for the heroes.

You are looking for number 14.

Survivors ready?


Both guys get a good run.

Both guys launch themselves.

A little bit of a battle.

Tom has his. Coach has his.

Coach in and out for the villains.

Tom just misses.

Coach scores for the villains!

Villains lead 1-zip.

Next round,russell for the
villains,taking on cirie for the heroes.

You're going for number nine.

Sir viefers ready?


The more speed the further you will go.

Russell not messing around.

Grabs his ball,and he is off.

Cirie having to crawl on her hands
and knees to get to the number nine.

Russell with a big advantage now.

A lot of extra time. More shots.

Cirie still not here.

Russell scores for the villains.

Villains lead 2-zip.

Next two remember,for the villains
courtney taking on candice for the heroes.

You're going for number two.

Survivors ready? Go!

Candice not messing around at all.

Courtney with a good slide.

Both women get to their balls quickly.

Candice has hers. Courtney has hers.

Gotta get the ball in the hoop now.

Candice scores for the heroes!

Villains lead 2-1.

All right,next round.


You are going to number 6.

Survivors ready? Go!

Amanda gets there first.
Amanda has her ball.

Jerri now has her ball.

Amanda shoot and misses for the heroes.

Jerri scores for the villains!

Villains lead 3-1.

Next round. Sandra taking on james.

You are going for number 5.

Villains lead it 3-1.
We're playing to four.

- Sandra scores,villains win reward.
- Come osandra!

- Survivors ready? Go!
- No pressure.

James no trouble,grabs
the ball,keeps going,

up on his feet like he's done it before.

Sandra calling her way to number five

james scores for the heroes.

Villains lead 3-2.

Next round,danielle for the villains
taking on rupert for the heroes.

Villains lead it 3-2.

We are playing to four.

If danielle scores,villains win.

You're going for number one.

Survivors ready. Go!

Danielle not messing around.
Launches herself. Has her ball first.

Rupert loses his.

Rupert playing with a broken toe.

Deenl drops her ball now.

Everybody panicking.

Big reward on the line.

Both tribes want it.

Rupert must score to
keep the heroes in it.

Come on,take your time!

Danielle can win it for the villains.

The villains can smell that reward.

Rupert scores for the
heroes,we are tied 3-3.

It's going to come
down to one last point.

Last match-up of this challenge
will be colby for the heroes,

taking on tyson for the villains.

Winner wins reward for their tribe.

You're going for number 10.

Survivors ready?


Colby has his ball. Tyson right behind.

Tyson has his ball.

Donaldson gets off the first shot.

Just misses.

Tyson just misses.

Tyson,you got it!

Tyson just misses
again for the villains.

Come on,colby!

Both guys very close.

What are you doing? *****

Tyson scores for the villains.

Villains win reward.

All right,heroes,I got nothing for
you,grab your stuff. Head back to camp.

Come grab your reward.


- All right!
- Hold on.

The challenge was great,and the
dragon slayer's feeling top notch.

I'm ready to rock 'n' roll
and I'm ready to move forward?

Will I change? No,will I be the
dragon slayer andleigh everybody?

Yes will I aware my heart on my sleeve?

Absolutely,enequivicably yes.

i can'***

- what's***
- it's**

I open the tools,and I
grab this seerated blade

and I notice something
in it immediately.

What the hell is that?

A little note here in this.

There you go.

I thought that it was something
that holds the blade in place.

I wasn't thinking.

I'm like,man.

I just blew it.

An immunity idol is hidden at your
camp,and you have found the clue.

Head down to the beach to a crazy
palm which juts out over the sea.

Go just beyond it and to the right and
dig around the roots of the doubletree.

So I grabbed the note.

Little did I know it was the clue
to a hidden immunity idol. Who knew?

There were never any hidden immunity
idols when I played the game.

What do you guys want to do?

We can all go find it
and then do what with it.

Get it and throw it into the ocean.




We're going to write your name
down and force you to use it.

It isn't fair for one person
to have an immunity idol.


Rob says we're finding the
hidden immunity idol all together

and we'll get rid of it,

but they're too dumb to
walk even down the beach.

This is a bunch of idiots out here.

Man,if I could find that
hidden immunity idol,

I will become powerful in this game.

We have to make a floor.

And then we can take a piece
of wood and push it out,

- so it's more of a shelter.
- Yup.

There's no way that I can get a clue for
the hidden immunity idol and not find it.

That's not going to happen.

So I'm thinking that that's
the palm over the water,

and they have two trees right
next to it,so I'm going to find it.

This has to go on top.

i'm going**


The question is,is he
really going for a walk

or is he going looking for the idol?


Go find out what russell's doing doing.


let me**


Is that him over there?

He's a stupid ass.

Russell sealed his own fate.

I mean,it sucks,but
that's what we said,right.

he's gone**


That's what we said. If you go for
it,you seal your own fate. Exactly.

Russell's a bone head.

He's like the hobit on crack.

And you know what? I dointd
trust russell's ass at all,

and the safest thing to
do with someone like that

is to just get rid of him right away.



Oh,me too.

Everybody slept pretty sound last night.


Night. Maybe a little more.

You can put a little more,maybe.

It was kind of weak,wasn't it.

What is that?

I wonder that whatthis is?

I don't know,but hurry up and open it.

Oh,an immunity idol
is hidden at your camp.

And you have found the clue.

At the end of your beach,you'll
find the right angle.


.. one tall,one fallen,and
one in the ground.

Dig under the rock 90 degrees.

Ain't one of us supposed
to find it not all of us?

For real!

This morning everything changed.

As we poured out the
coffee we found a clue

to a hidden immunity idol
somewhere on the beach.

Colby and I are on the outs with
this tribe with no way to get in

so we need this to
stay alive in this game.

There went j.t. he***


I think I'll go this way.



We searched the first
clearing,I moved to the next one,

immediately saw a leaning
tree,a fallen tree,

an upstanding tree,forming a triangle.

Everybody was going to see it,i felt,

so I had to get down
and try to get it first.

James arrived. I moved
to a different spot.

I could see that the sand was a
little loose. I knew I was on it.

So I dug quickly.

And while nobody was looking.

I found the immunity idol.

Drops it into my sock.

Now,a few more people are on the scene.

We've got candice over there.

It's getting a little crowded and I
have no idea what to do with this thing.

Tom,was acting a little
funny,and when I came up on him,

I saw him put something into his
sock,and then he went behind a tree.

So I knew he had it.

i haven't**

There's a lot of rocks under here.

tom** really.





We were getting along so good.

Now this is going to make
everybody crazy again.

Okay,I found it.

- she saw**
- She did.


to move**

the hidden immunity idol
changed the whole playing field,

and that's all we needed.
We needed an opening.

Tom and I needed an opening
to get back in this game.

Granted,neither tom nor
myself,we're not comfortable.

But we're in a little bit better of a position
than we were a couple of days ago. Ago.


Yeah,right,what a morning.

Come on in,guys!

- Rrt,you guys ready to get to today's immunity challenge?
- Let's do it.

First things first,j.t.,give it up.

Once again,immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,one person
will be strappedded in a giant ball.

That person must then guide
two other tribe members

who will be blindfolded
as they push the ball

down a long,winding
course to a table maze.

The person inside the ball must
then guide four other tribe members,

also blindfolded,as
they maneuver the ball

through the table maze
to the finish hole.

First tribe to finish wins
imimmunity,lives to see another day.

Losers go to tribal council.

Somebody will be voted out.

This entire season we've
been doing classic challenges

from " ***

this challenge is it
classic for another reason.

This is the only challenge in the
history of "survivor" to not be completed.

It was stopped last season
due to a medical emergency.

So although russell
has run this challenge,

one of these two tribes
will get the honor

and distinction of being
the first tribe to win it.

Villains,you're sitting out
two people in this challenge.

Who's sitting out.

Courtney and sandra.

Courtney and sandra
sitting this one out.

Heroes,you're sitting out one
person,who's it going to be?


Cirie sitting out for the heroes.

*** Take a spot on the bench,

give you a minute to
strategize,we'll get started.

All right,stepping up and
leading for the villains is rob.

Tom calling the shots for the heroes.

Here we go,for immunity.

Survivors ready?


Doing good,doing good.

Heroes off to a good start.

Keep doing what you're doing.

Tom is guiding rupert and james.

You're ahead of them.

Boston rob is guiding coach and tyson.



We're neck and neck.

Tyson,now,tyson now.

Villains in the lead.

Move it now,move it
now,we're wide open,wide open.

Rob takes a big hit on that tree.


Take the turn,hard left!

Keep going. There you go,that's good.

That's good.

A little toward rupert.

A little faster. ***

They're a little ahead of us.

Coach's side,coach's side.

Villains very close.

Take off your blind
folds,coach and tyson.

Put him in a position where he can see
and then you can start calling shots.

Rob is guiding
parvati,russell,danielle,and jerri.

- Heroes are now here.
- I'm in.

Take off your blind
folds,get him oriented.

Get me straight. and amanda
down to the left a little bit.

Tom guiding
colby,candice,j.t.,and amanda.

A little more,a little
more,a little more.

Danielle,slowly lift it up.

Russell down.

If they're right,the
villains have a bit of a lead.

I want danielle and russell
to come up at the same time.

Now,good,don't move,don't move.

Colby and candice towards my voice
now,towards the guys,towards the guys.


Hard left,hard,yes! Great!

There's a little gate here. So
this is going to be the tricky part.

We can't ge let it go through.

Parvati up,russell,up,up,up.

Good,good. Don't move.

Rob with a big move for the villains.

We want to go hard towards the ladies.

Hard towards the ladies.

Yes! Great! Perfect!

Tom with a nice move for the heroes.

Russell again,slowly up.

Parvati up.

Okay,don't move,don't move,don't move!

Very close now for the villains.

Keep going. Amanda down,j.t. up.

Heroes close.

Jerri down,jerri down.

Down towards amanda.

No,jerri,up,up,up. We got it.

Villains win immunity!

Oh,my god!

Good job,rob.

Good team work. Good team work.

All right,rob,you stepped up in
a very gutsy position as caller.

Paid off. Immunity. For the villains.

heroes,you have the afternoon
to figure out who's going home.

Grab your stuff. Head back to camp.

I will see you at tribal.

We're going back to tribal council.

And getting rid of colby or tom
tonight would be the smart thing to do.

They have been on the outs with
our tribe since maybe day three.

And for my game,I need some
of these strong people gone.

heroes day 11


I'm sorry,guys.

No,you had the hardest damn job of all.

- I just couldn't get
- the timing right. I apologize.

The challenge was a heartbreaker.

Colby and I are low man on the
totem pole within the tribe,

and the last thing I need is to be
marching off to tribal council tonight.

I have the immunity
idol,but I'm still a target

because they know it's in my possession.

So my game right now is biding my
time and looking for the little cracks

in their alliance that we
can use to save our necks.


- We have to break up the colby/tom thing,period.
- Right.

If we split the votes 3-3,on tom
and dolby,and tom plays the idol,

colby goes home because he's
the one with the next most.

If tom doesn't play the idol,that would
force a tie between the two of them.

Then the rest of us would vote
four on one and two on the other.

Let me just get this
straight. Thai breaker.

And they can't vote at all.

And they can't vote at all. ****

- So we're good. So either way we're good.
- Right.

We're going to tribal council tonight,

and we kind of have a
plan of what we want to do.

Tom has the idol,and we need
to be extra careful right now.

But as long as we're
all on the same page,

yeah,theoretically,it should work out.


I'd like to see candice go myself.

What about the idol,though?

He has a lot of power.

Yeah,but he's not going to hurt us.

He just scares me because tom is smart.

I'm just telling you I trust him
a hell of a lot more than candice.

I would love to have tom and his
idol in an alliance with me. ***

Coally and tom are straight
guys,look you in the eye,

shake your hand,tell you how they
feel and you can take it to the bank.

I'd rather have somebody like
that to count on than candice,

the scrambling,the running around
she's done in the past couple of days.

I don't trust her as
far as i can throw her.

I'm trying to figure out what makes
sense to you and you and james.

And colby and I as partners
definitely makes more sense.

I think you have two guys
who are going to be honest

and two guys who are going to
compete better than cirie and candice.

My concern is that because there is the
immunity idol eye wish there wasn't one--

and I'm trying to figure out
how to get that stain off of me.

Why don't you just give me your word

the immunity idol is not
going to be used against us.

No,no,I swear to god we'll
play that thing as a committee.

If there was no idol I would
feel much better about this.

The idol would scare me.

I could give it to you if one of
you wants it and then it's your idol.

With tom having the immunity idol

he's either a great threat
or somebody to work with.

I am a little leery,tom
voted for me at tribal council

but he was ready to give us the idol

and there is a part of him
that I do think is honest.



We were just talking about that.

I don't really trust candice.



She's two scattered brain.

I just want to win. I
want the strongest team.

That's what I want,too.

I totally trust you,tom.

I've been trying to ingraishate
myself with the powers that be

and I had something to
bring to the table. ***

I suppose a new alliance was born

but I don't believe or trust
anybody in this game so we'll see.



we were***


I just want to be here. I'll
even give it to you guys.

So everyone wants to
take candice out tonight.

That is the dumbest thing.

Did he give it to you?

- No.
- Oh,man.

These are the same people that
wanted you gone desperately.

- I know.
- Desperately.

And now you're going to
save them? This is so stupid.

Tom and colby and they're a
much bigger threat than she is.

Can you beat them?

Oh,my god!

Amanda,I love her to death,but she
is not the sharpest tool in the shed.

My alliance,they're so wishy-washy.

These people,like panic
and do crazy stuff.

She told me the plan was changing.

Unbelievable! Unbelievable!

why all**

If she was so untrustworthy,

your girl right here
wouldn't be standing here now.

With this one at least we
can keep her under control.

No,we haven't made
the final decision yet.

** Come on.

Tom is very charismatic.

He's very athletic.

He's already won this game once before.

Why keep someone like that in the game?

It makes no sense it's crazy.

Cirie is right.

I'm telling you,things
aren't looking good right now.


Cirie is talking them out of it.

At this point,you need
to get your idol out

because I ain't got
any control any more.

Cirie is the mastermind
behind this whole deal.

I thought we had this
thing solid this afternoon,

amanda,after she talked to
cirie,she broke and the deal was off.

Cirie's the puppetmaster,and
she's got her arm jammed up there,

so it could be the end of us.


well,we got three votes.

They're going to vote
three for me,three for you.

If you flip your vote,the
three of us vote cirie.

I play the idol.

Cirie goes home,not him.

There you go.


I've got to make a big
decision air,very big decision.

I've seen cirie operate.

I know how she plays.

And it won't be long before
she gets rid of someone like me.

I think we do 3-3 to keep candice
in and keep our six strong.

- Yes?
- All right.

And we're not going
to discuss it no more.

My gut is telling me to go with the flow

and write colby's name down
and don't piss everybody off,

and my heart says I'm going to keep the
good guys in the game and get rid of cirie,

but you listen to your
heart,and you get hurt out here.

So it's all up to me.

I know where everybody
over here is voting,excepte.

So last time you guys
were at tribal council,

you vote out steph,

which seemed a little surprising seeing

that you've lost three out
of four immunity challenges.

So,tom,where is the philosophy of the
tribe in terms of voting people out?

Stephenie was on the wrong side
of the numbers formed on day one.

She was with the wrong group.

So she was sacrificed.

So,colby,if this game is
already about alliances,

is it inevitable that great
people are going to go home early

merely because they're on
the wong side of the numbers?

It's unfortunate,but that looks
to be what's going to take place.

,where is the wisdom in having
alliances this early that

cause you to vote out somebody strong

merely because they're on
the wrong side of the numbers?

It's way too early to vote out people

that you could use to
beat the other tribe.

It's way too early for that.

But,unfortunately,all of
these people here are good.

And they all have reasons
why they should be here.

So then what do you base the vote on?

It's pretty

you gotta have people that's
not going to get scared.

They're going to stick sowhat
they promised you to begin with.

Rupert,how about you?

What are you basing your vote on?

Trying to figure out how
the heck we can bond together

in these challenges and win.


I made alliances alliances that
and promises that I want to keep.

It sounds you're saying
with that long pause

is not sure it will be the best vote,

but I will be keeping my word.

That is exactly what I am saying.

I am keeping my word.

I am going to stand up to what I said.

What part of that makes sense?

Keeping your word in a game
called out wit,out play,outlast.

Keeping your word because
I'm an honorable man

and I want people to see me that way?

I'm looking at a tribe,you all
are keeping your word,great,

and all it's doing is giving you
more time with me at tribal council.

And sitting here at tribal
council sucks and I know--

- You're a part of the reason,
- I know I am.

based on that philosophy,rupert.

That's the most honest
and illuminating answer

we've had in any of
our tribals together.

So,cirie,how worried are you
tonight that you might be going home?

I'm always worried. Always.

Tom,do you believe cirie is worried
that she's going home tonight?

I believe that sir senot worried
that she's going home tonight.

Colby,are you concerned
you're going home?

Without question.

It's going to take a bold
move to save me tonight.

James,how you voting tonight?

We need to win. I want gifts.

I want that food. I
want to hold the idol.

I want to do all that
good stuff. You know?

- Are you going to base your vote on that tonight.
- Yes.

- What you just said you wanted.
- Yes,sir.

I want everybody to stop all
this crazy stuff and to win.

What's the crazy stuff?

The whole social thing.

The social thing is a distraction.

James don't do this stuff.

James it's a necessity

if your name is the one on
the top of the list to go home.

- ***
- I greap,it's not fun but it's necessary

when you're the one faced
with leaving,you know.

,how concerned are you
that you're going home?

I don't feel like I'm
going home tonight.

And a lot of people are going
to hate me for saying it,

but if i didn't trust the
people I put my trust in tonight,

I probably would already be gone,

and i trust these people I'm
in an alliance with tonight.

Well,there's a lot of
talk tonight about trust

and an equal amount
of painter dissension.

So I'm really curious to
see how the vote plays out.

It is time to vote. Rupert,you're up.

I think you're a great gierk

but hopefully it's
you and not me tonight.

**** You're way too good

at wrapping some of these weak
minds around your little finger.

Time to tally the votes.

Once the votes is
read,the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked to leave
the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.


I have something that
I was hoping not to use

until this team was able to
use it against the villains,

but evident in camp today was
I needed it to save myself.


I'd like to play the immunity idol.

Thank you.

The rules of "survivor" state

if somebody plays the
hidden immunity idol

any votes cast against
them will not count.


This is,indeed,a hidden immunity idol.
Any votes cast for tom will not count.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, tom. Does not count.

Tom. Does not count.

Tom. Does not count.

Nobody still has any votes.

Colby. That's one vote colby.

Colby. Two votes colby.

Cirie. Two votes colby, one vote cirie.

Cirie. Two votes colby,
two votes cirie cirie.

One vote left.

Fourth person voted out of villains,"

cirie. You need to bring me your torch.

Cirie, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Well, I would say that qualified
as your first blindside.

Should make for a very
interesting next few days.

Grab your torches. Head
back to camp. Good night.

Proudly Presents


Sync: ¿¨»Ò


Next time on "survivor":

*** Everyone except for russell.

Russell hunts for the immunity
idol while rob hunts russell.


Candice makes a game-changing move.

I want to work with tom and colby.

And as the competition gets more
fierce, another casted away goes down.

Hold up, let the docs take a look.

I too much or stepped on toes,

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back and play j.t.'s game.

I'm playing this game
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So I couldn't do it.

I don't blame them at all