Survivor (2000–…): Season 20, Episode 3 - That Girl Is Like a Virus - full transcript

One of the most powerful women in the game targets a worthy adversary and gets aggressive in her efforts to oust an immediate threat.

Previously on "Survivor":

When the two tribes first hit the
beach,they stayed true to their nature.

The heroes were heroic,and
the villains villainous.

The heroes overcame injuries

- **
- ***

to win the first challenge.

They also tirelessly worked
together to build a great camp.

Watching these guys working
together,it's good to be a he hero.


Get your evil on.

The villains did not work together
and complained about everything.


It was the perfect environment for
russell to work his black magic.

Russell made deals with anyone who
would listen and even roped in parvati.


But by day two,the
game started to change.

At the heroes' camp,

j.T.Embraced the dark side by making
conflicting deals with james and tom.


You're my guy for the end.

All right,you got me.

at the villains' camp,boston
rob behaved heroically.

He worked hard around camp and
even built a fire without flint,

and after getting sick and passing out,

he got up and led his tribe to a come-from-behind
victory at the immunity challenge.

Villains win the second
immunity challenge in a row!

After their second defeat in a row the
heroes were demoralized and james lashed out.

He was telling you to to do!

James continued his tirade.

You're trying to blame
this entire challenge on me?

And j.T.'S duplicity was revealed when he
chose not to honor his alliance with tom

by voting out tom's
closest ally,stephenie.

Stef,the tribe has spoken.

18 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight.

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There is a lot of
frustration,james,i get that.

You could have been jeptler.

That's all.

Let's do what we to
get it back on track.

I think we cleared up a lot of things.

We aired things that needed to be said.

- That's all i want to do,man.
- Right.

We've got a good fire going.

I love that.

It's nice to come home to fire.

Tribal council tonight,i
mean,just a nasty turn with--

all right,stef's going,and james gotta bring
down,you know,just nasty,brutish bullying on her.

The vibe now is everybody
comes home,puts on a happy face,

and tries to make it as pleasant
as possible to be together.

I respect you a lot,tom.

Here's the thing,man--
i'm sorry for everything.

I knew when we made that alliance that
was the first and only alliance i had.


Hey,listen,sometimes that's
the way the dice come up.

I'm a big boy.I'm okay with that.

Hey,i'm sorry,man.

- It's all good.
- I'll do my best.

I feel betrayed by j.T.,but if
he really does feel bad about it,

he might be the guy to keep me alive a little
longer and buy me some extra time if i need it.




It's hard to play nice after a scene like
that,but that's exactly what we need to do.

- Right?
- Yeah.

To be fair,the game has been ugly.

So maybe we were naive to
think we were coming back

and it was going to be marcus queensbury
rules here,and everybody fighting fair.


So we know the guys are
playing the game,and be smarter.


Be smarter.
YTET- °îµÂÖí

Season 20Episode 03

- Are you moving again?
- Yeah.

Does it stay on or roll off?

Mine just rolled right off.

i mean,at the end of the day,

i wanted to see what would develop,and
you notice din things around camp.

I mean,the clearest sign for anybody that's
going to play "survivor" in the future,

i'm going to give you the key to
figuring out who's on what team.

Watch how they sleep at night.

Whoever is sleeping next to
who-- and i'm even guilty of it--

will tell you who's aligned with who.

Because at night when you go to sleep,you don't usually
go to sleep next to the guy who you want to vote off.


I don't trust russell's
ass at all,at all.

I mean he's running around with puppy doggize
over parvati since minute we landed here.

He won't do anything without her.

He has to sleep next to her every night.

Coach and jerri are trying
to do the same thing.

That can be dangerous.

I know.I've been there.

And i know how powerful
that kind of an alliance is.

Our tribe has not been solid
since we've been together.

That's why i was kind of hoping for a rainy
day that would force us all in the shelter,

all day today,and play games and talk and do
some bonding stuff and do some empowerment stuff.

This is the coop,huh?


If we don't become a good,cohesive
team,we will continue to lose.


Oh,my gosh.

Get him out of there.

Oh,they're right there.

Just grab them.

Okay,there's one of them.

I don't even see the other one.

There he is!There he is!There he is!

Don't get him running.
Don't get him running.

He's now wanted dead or
alive so it's his choice.

He just went out that
way,that way,that way.

Siround the shelter and
let's do the same thing.

Around the back.


Good,good,good,tom,very,very good.

Still got it,baby!

It was a neat experience
wrangling the chickens as a tribe.

That's what we need.



So in that sense the chickens getting out
was supposed to happen to help us bond.


They're not going to
kill that thing so fast.

I can't believe that thing
is just sitting there,dude.

So what's up,man?

The first vote is the
most important vote.


You have to be careful.That's what
i wanted tato talk to you about.

People want to have any
excuse not to be the vote.

What is the excuse exiews?

- Oh,russell and parvati are together.
- ***

Everybody will use an
excuse so it's not them.

Russell is walking on very thin ice.

Parvati,in my opinion,is the most
dangerous player on our tribe.

It's not that we're cool
or nothing,me and parvati.

It's because she's a
good asset to the team.

For him to be following around
parvati is no strategy at all.

It's puppy love.

She's got the charm.She's got the smile.

For some reason,when she pays
attention uyou feel like you light up.

It's not that people don't see it.

It's just that they are allured by
her charm,and they're taken by it.

They're smitten by it.It's unbelievable.

What's the deal?

Just talking.

About what?

Trying to get a feel of from russell
on what he's thinking about parvati.

Not for nothin'' but i've
seen this go down before.

You have to be careful,un,the way you're
hanging out with her and everything.

- I know.-
She might--

she might not be the strongest,and she's
got a lot of friends on the other side.

We see you marching around with her,so
you have to understand our concern.

I understand it.

- Am i right?Am i right?
- You're totally right.

It's ostracizing you,and you
gotta be cool on that,man.

I'll give you the benefit
of the doubt one time.

I mean,what else can you do?

You've got to do it.I have no choice.

That would be the end of my game.

Everybody knows coach is a big joke,so he
can go around flapg his jaws all he wants.

The thing with rob,he thinks
he's the boss of the camp.

Like,that's my daddy.

Well,i'm the daddy around here.

But i have to listen to this
fool like he's in control.

But that's what i have
to do to get to the top.

That's what i'm going to
have to do until he's gone.

He don't know who he's messing with.

Nobody knows who they're
messing with around here.

It's russell hantz.

Give me a break!



And he's like,no.

No. She'll know something's coming.

Just keep doing what
you're doing,brother.

Keep doing what you're doing.

He is after you.

He is dimented.

I didn't want your name
to even be on the block.

- It worries me because of
that-- i'm used to it,honestly.

I've dodged a few bullets.

Why do they always want to vote me out?

I don't know.

I'm just a sweet,nnlt,little

And then rob came over there and said,"give
us your word you'll get rid of her.

" i said,"dude,do you seriously
think i'm here to hook up with a girl.

" i made an alliance really
early on with russell,

so i don't know what i'm going to have to do but who
else am i going to be with right nowed abouts russell?

I don't trust anyone,and i do trust
him,even though he's kind of a lunatic.

I said we'll show you we can get rid of her and we'll
get rid of her and you can trust me then,so she's gone.

Okay,that's it.

If i'm gone,you're gone next.

- Yeah.
- You know that.


three days out,basically,95 degrees,hot
as hell,starting throwing up.

My gums remember,like,bleeding a little bit
and i started getting these big sors onmy face

and i'm like,what is this?

Is this the same story as last night?

It's not the same story.

It's starting out awfully similar.

It's not,trust me.

...i had my compass so the east-due
east and i was hoping i would make it.

Rob thinks he's running the show,and
coach thinks he's running the show,

but i'm going to take control of that.

They want to play
rough,i can play rough.

You know what ppens then?

Getting rid of the machete will
cause conflict in this camp.

Rob's going to go crazy.

The tribe's going to go crazy.

Everything's going to go haywire.

Can't find the machete,can't eat the
chickens,can't open the coconut,can't start fire.

And that's a good thing.

95 degrees,hot as hel and i was
thinking to myself,what am i going to do?

I've got no water.

This is going to be wonderful because
it's not just going to be the machete.

Boston rob likes that hat,don't he.

I think he will g nut
without his little "b" hat.

I don't even like the boston red sox.

Who want a clam,russell,par v?


I'm fine without a clam right now.


I don't want it to spoil because it's out of the
water and i don't want it to,you know,go to waste.

I don't want to eat it all,either.

Just eat a little bit
of it and throw it away.

All right.



I did find one gnt clam that was good for
five or six bites of food,but nobody cared.

You know,i'm used to seeing on surif
somebody brings a fish in this size,

and the entire tribe swarms him
hoping to get an ounce of meat,

and you eat what you can eat when you
can get it and you don't ask questions

because you don't knowhere
your next food is coming from.

Rand i,this thing is good.

Gotta eat.

You like it?

You want a white piece.

Of this?

- No?Sorry.
- I didn't eat it.

It makes me gag.

We're not going to waste this on you.

Don't do it.

We won't.

"survivor" in so many ways is like the real worldue
don't get ahead by being smart,clever,hardworking.

You get ahead,unfortunately,with a pretty smile and
being able to schmooze people and parvati is the queen.

This whole game is designed to mess
with everybody's nerves,and it works.

The team's only as good
as its weakest player.

And that's why we never get
anything done around camp.

Because the weakest
players just sit there

and think th they can look pretty and cute
and have everything handed to them,right.

Well,let's vote them out.

I personally can't stand it when i see people
that are loafers and people that are weak.

It's not fair.

It's just simply unjust.

And it's selfish,and it's
egotistical that ian do nothing,

sit back,feed me grapes
like a greek godde.

It's just-- the whole
thing just stinks.

You know,i think you're a great
player,and i'd like to make it to the end.

I do,too.

But if somebody's not talking to me
strategy,they're talking to somebody else.

When you come talking with somebody on
the day we're going to tribal council,

that doesn't count,you know what i mean?

Because you need a favor then.

Candice is beginning toscare me a lot.

She's much more strategicical
than i gave her credit for.

I think cirie is trustworthy
if she feels safe.

Candice may b the next one to go in my
opinion,but it's not all up to me.Not i this group.

What are your thoughts?**

it's hard to trust
anyone out here right now.

Tell me about it.




I got her.I can get rid of her.

I can tell a story when i need to.

I thk my lying ability is
probably better than it should be.

Considering i don't do it very much in
everyday life,i'm pretty good at it out here.

I'm-- i'm
nervous now.

About what?

About us.

You're nervous about me and you?

- Yeah.-

- i hear stuff.
- Tell me what you hr.

- That you don't trust
me,and-- who said that?

I don't want to say who said it.

Well,it doesn't matter hosaid
i because it's not true.

I'm thinking where did that come
from because i have never said that?

Either somebody is trying to make sure
that she and i don't trust each other,

or i'm thinking there's
something weird going on.

Did you tell cirie in any way that
i said or that i don't trust her?

- Absolutely not.
- Okay.

She'hearing around that
i said i don't trust her.

I've never heardou talk bad about cirie.

No,and i haven't.

Cirie just told me that somebody is
telling her that i said i don't trust her.

I don't have any idea
what you're talking about.

I wish you would just
chill out just for a second,

just for a little while,and
then we'd be all right.

Candice,i mean,she's a nut.

Everybody's going to play wh candice
because she's hustling a little too much.

I don't know what's wrong with the girl.

I don't even care-- we can't
focus on that stuff right now.

It's pointless to even worry about that.

I just want to get
to challenges and win.

Come on in,guys!

Villains getting your first
look at the new heroes tribe.

Stephenie voted out at
the last tribal council.

You guys ready to get
to your next challenge?


First things first.

Once again,immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today a challenge,you are
going to square off onen one,

same style,using a large,heavy bag,you will
attempt to knock your opponent into the mud.

Two rules-- you must keep both
hands on the bag at all times,

cannot use your legs as a weapon.

First tribe to score eight
wins immunity,saferom the vote,

losers go to tribal council,where
somebody will be voted out of this game.

In addition,you are once again
playing for rewar and it is a doozy.

First we have luxury item each of you brought one item
from home to remind you of the love you left behind.

In addition,you are
playing for coffee,sugar.


And a week's worth of
rice worth playing for.


Villains you are sitting out twoeople.

You must sit out two women.

Me and courtney.

Courtney and sandra sitting out.You
two take a spot on the bench.

Everybody else,i'll give you a minute to
strategize and change clothes if you'd like.

All right,tom heading out for the
hereose going up against russell.

Tom for the heroes taking on russell
for the villains in our first round.

Do it,tom.

- Do it,tom.
- Show him!

Tom did this chalnge in his season
at palau and he was sick vorce.



Knocks russell into the mud easily.

Heroes lead one-zip.

Next round,it is parvati for the llains,

***survivors ready?

Attack her,candice! Attack her.


Parvati now has candice near
the edge.Parvati is now down.

- Candice has parvati on her back.
- Come on,parvati!

Candice using her parvati.

Candice has parvati on the run again.

Candice now takes parvati t.

Parvati first in the mud.

Hereose score.

Heroes lead two-zip.

Next two.

It is rupert,aggressive and
ready,taking on the dragon slayer,coach.

Survivors ready?


Rain coming down now for this battle.

Coach going to the face of rupert.

Come orupert!

Rupert has coach.***


No,no,no. Coach! Coach!

No! No karate chopping.

No!Do over.

Inadvertent or not,you used your arm.

Take that anger and point
it to the pirate,not me.

Let's go!Never mind that,finish the job.

You get to get lower and get mean!

Here we go.

Survivors ready?


Villains want to scoir.

Coach in trouble.

Coach in the mud for the villains.


Heroes lead three-zip.

Next round.

Jerri for the villains
tyke cirie for the heroes.

Survivors ready?go

Cirie goes after jerri.

She has her on the run.

Jerri down.Jerri in the mud.

Heroes score again.

Heroes lead four-zip.

All right,next two.

Heroes,j.T. Taking on tyson.

Here we go,tyson.

- Tyson!
- That's the way you do it!

Tyson clearing his mud off
in front of j.T.'S area.

Heroes lead four-zip.

Survivors ready?


J.T. Comes o hard and strong.

Tyson not backing down.

Tighton in trouble.

Tyson in the mud for the villains!

Heroes score.

Heroes lead five-zip.

Next round,danielle forthe villains
taking on amanda for the heroes.

- Come on,amanda!Come on,amanda!
- Survivors ready?


Danielle going hard against amanda.

Amanda spins around,stays alive.

Danielleushing hard.

Amanda fighting back.

Now amanda has danielle on the run.

Heroes score again!

Heroes lead 6-zip,making it look easy.

Next two.

It is colby for the hoes taking
on boston rob for the villains.

Heroes lead six-zip.We're
playing to eight.

Survivors ready?


- Come on,rob!
- Colby goes strong.

Rob slips but stays on.

Rob staying alive.

Colby fighting to get back up.

Heads are butting.

Colby has rob down now.

Rob trying to sy low.

Colby pushes rob into the
mud,heroes score again.

Here'soze seven,villains nothing.


Good luck,man.

All right,next two,james for the
heroes,taking on randy for the villains.


Heroes need one point to win
immunity and a big reward.

All right,randy,do your best,randy!

Come on.Get down in there.


Grab it,baby.

Don't talk.

Here we go.

Survivors ready?


James go after randy and with
one push,randy in the mud.

Heroes winmmunity and reward.

That was real heroesque.

Real classy.

Get your up there.

I told you,you were on
the wrong team,james.

Heroes,congratulations for the
first time,immunity is yours.


In addition to immunity,you have
coffee,sugar,rice for a week,and some luxury items.

Grab your stuff.Head back to
camp.Enjoy the night off from tribal.

Villains,trib council for you guys.

One of the 10 of you will be the
third person voted out of this game.

Should be an interesting afternoon.

Grab your stuff.Head back to
camp.I will see you at tribal.

Oh,dude.Feel your hair.

Oh,my god.

Yeah,those heroes were
waiting to wallop on us a bit.

I guess they must have all eaten steroid
sandwiches right before the challenge.

They were all crazy-eyed.

And it was almost scare
to look in their faces.

Not that it was intimidating,but
i worried for their sanity.

Everne's a mess.

Little pigpen.

You don't even have to be told
that your name isn the block.

You can just sense it.

I'm the oldest guy in e game.

M the oldest guy in this
tribe,and russell and boston rob

and probably tyson are falling for the
oldest trick in the book since caved man days

that these girls can get what they
wan if they bat their eyes and flirt.

Scrubbing is involved.


Parvati is a threat right now,even though
she may be in a minority in this tribe.

But if we overlook her because she's
got a pretty smi and a nice wiggle,

she's going to be trouble when she
meets up with her old friends james,

cirie and amanda,and we could all pay dale
for not taking care of business right now,

and by taking care of business,i mean
getting her out of here as soon as possible.


- No,i'm-- i have not made
my-- answer the question.

I have not made my bet yet.


I hardly ever even talk strategy.

The only person i talk
strategy with is rand.

Oh,coach,please,every time i see you
you're running around grabbing someone.

That is not true.

That is totally not true.

That's not true.

I don't lie.

Parvati came at me real aggressive in the
water today saying are you targeting me.

I kept trying to fend off her question
and she thinks she can bat her eye lashes,

and roll down her bathing
suit and make it more skimpy.

Maybe russell will,might be tyson will.


I think i would be a poor choice to go.

I think you could use
me to your advantage.

I have been coaching
college soccer for years

and i have never had one of those women bat
their eyes at me and change their playing time.


Flirting does not control me.



I'm my own man i'm going
to make my decisions.

I do like flirting with you.

So out here with a million dollars on
the line,certainly isn't going to happen.

And anybody that lets
it happen will be a fool.

Parvati has too many friend on the other
side,and they're controlling that game over there.

Randy has no friend
anywhere,here or there.

She's dangerous.

Randy is not dangerous.

What do you think?

Amanda,come here.Are you hearing this?

I heard him.It has to be a group effort.

It can't be t or three gog--
you know what i'm saying?

It has to be the majority.And
what is the majority?

Randy is weak.Dwr would we
want to weaken our tribe.

She has a ton of friends over there.

Let's make a decision,people are coming.

Parvati is like a virus.

That girl needs to go.

She has a way of roping people in,even when
they don't want anything to do with her.

I'm going to find out how to bottle that up and use
it in my real life because it's pretty powerful stuff.

I'm safe tight.You're safe tonight.

We know the two people whose names
are there,and i don't know what to do.

I don't know where you're at.

I'm going to tell you like this.

I'm not in trouble.

- Therefore,i don't
need-- i feel the same way.

All i'm going to do
is where'severybody at?

Boom,that's it,one.

If they all want him out.

That's who il write.

If they all want her
out,that's who i'll write.

That's it.

- Let me go do this thing.
- Okay.

I'm trying to stay as long as i can.

It doesn't matter,either.It's
just a matter

he's,obviously,the weakest link.

- So--

We don't have to play that card,but
a lot of people want to,and it's--

i know,but i'm just going
to say it again because--

i think everyone has
their own strength--

vote him out tonight,they'll have to sit out
one of their strong guys in the next challenge

so that will give a fighting chance.

We don't know.

- Yeah.I'm just saying-- so
who would youhink then instead?

If you're going to say not randy
th you have to say someone else?

I don't have to say.

Why not?

I don't
know-- ***

if you' trying to get somee to vote
for someone,you have to say who.

I don't know what's going on,honestly.

Moments like that drive me up the wall.

That girl,she thinks that she can make people do
whatever she wants and people are,but i am not.

I am not.

I am at the point right now,where every time i'm
around here i just want to punch her in the face.

That's all i can think about is just
taking her down,i'll tell you what...

Jerri's annoying.

I mean,she is the biggest
fakey mcgee i ever met.

I know she's running around
behind my back talking about me.

Shs just a bitter old cougar,and
i think her days are numbers,too.

I loved it when i saw stephenie gone because
that should make it clear to you what's going on.

It should make it clear
to rob what's going on.

You guys don't see that,you're next.

I don't-- i don't have a clue what you're talking
to parvati about,and i don't even want to know.

But this is micronearbyia 2.0.
and if you guys don't see that,

i don't want to play the game
with you anymore.I really don't.

I'm not going to scramble today
like a dead man walking because--

i'm going to be scrambling.

Because if i am dead man
walking,a lot my friends are next.

And,you know,i'll see
you in lizard's lodge.

I'll buy you a beer.

There's nobody out
here that's honorable.

There's nobody out
here that's honorable.

Anymore.Except for me.

I hate to pontificate
about that,but,you know,

martin luther king says that the greatest measure of
a man is not in the way he handles times of comfort

but in the way he rises with
controversy and challenge.

There's always hope.

The last thing we have in life or in this
game is hope that the impossible happens,

that we dare to dream,that randy's
going to wake up in this camp tomorrow.

So,yes,there's still hope.

While i still have a breath and a brain
cell in my brain,i will fight for him.

Behind each of you is a torch.

Go ahead and grab one.

Dip it in and get fire.

This is part of the ritual of tribal council
because in this game,fire represents your life.

As long as you have
fire,you're still inhe game.

When your fire is gone,so are you.

Sandra,when you play a game like this with
20 people who have all played some two,

some three times,how big a
consideration is past relationships,

whether within this tribe or
people that are on the other tribe?

There's a lot of things
we take into consideration.

One,who's won before.

Who's been out here three times.

Who has friend on another tribe.

For instance,with
parvati,we're thinking,okay,

cirie's over there,james is
over there,amanda's over there.

Like,how far do we wantthem to go
and then once we merge are,we screwed.

Parvati,you're shaking your head.

Yeah,everyone's nervous about
me flipping if a merge comes.

All i can say is that i want
to stick true to this tribe.

But,you know,it's word,and in this
game your word doesn't mean that much.

It's really your actions that matter.

Russell,what kind of
weight do you give that?

I think it is a huge advantage that somebody
might know three or four people on the other tribe.

It's a huge advantage.

Jerri,do you think tonight's vote should
be based on performances at challenges?

I think the physical side of
this is verymportant for us.

This is our first loss,and we
don't want to lose any more.

But i kn myself i'm still taking into account all the
other factors,relationships and all that sort of thing.

So for you past relationships,whether within
your own tribe or the other tribe is a big factor?

I think it should be a
big factor for everyone.

Sandra,is there a leader on this tribe?

Well,it all depends on what we're doing.

If we're building the shelter
we start listening to him.

And when it gets too
much,we go off on our own.

And then coach wl delegate,"you
do this,and i'll do this,

and you go do that," but then when
you look coach is gone two miles out.

Sandra,you only mentioned me in that,

and i don't know if it's a jibe
at me,but that's a bunch of bull.

I collected firewood for three
hours,thank you very much.

Nobody's out there
collecting firewood like i am.

I've been working hard around camp
and i resent you for saying that.

As a matter oin fact,why do yoe have
the worst shelter in "survivor" history?

It's like herding cat.

It's not the worse shelter i
"survivor" i was in one of those.

I can august argue that i was
also one of those contenders.

I want to say to sandra,if you think i'm
not pulling my weigh in the challenges?


- No,no,no-- that's what
you made it sound like.

You made it sound like i'm an ass o
wants to sit there and be a leader.

And we ain't got a mashifty.

We haven't had a machete all day.

What do you mean you have no machete?

It grew legs and walked off.

We have a couple of chickens,though.

Parvati,you guys are literally
laughing aut how bad it is at camp.

We're kind of a tribe
full of misfits,jeff.

We're the villains.

Russell,what do you make
of this tribe you're on?

It's definitely different.

The do-dos i played with lt time can't
hold a cand toll any one of these players.

So it's fun but it's a lot harder because
you have everybody playing the game.

But that's what i like and that's what
i want to see and that's what respect.

Rob,given how well you guys are done
overall at the challenges so far,

i'm a little surprised at the lack
of cohesiveness within the group.

Do you think just coming to tribal council alone
wil impact that when you guys go back to camp?

No.I don't think so.

I think when we have a challenge,we
know what we have to do,

and we figure out a way very
quickly on how to accomplish it.

At camp,it's a difrent story.

There's nobody to tell us,"you
need to make your shelter tter,

" or "you need to collect firewood.

" there's not that sense of urgency.

So i don't think it wil change.

All right,it is time to vote.

Russell,you're up.

It was you or plea tonight.

I wasn't going to go
down without a fight.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are
read,the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked to
leave the tribal council area immediatel

i'll read the votes.

First vote,randy.

Rob,one vote rob.

Randy.O votes randy,one vote rob.

Randy.That's three
votes randy,one vote rob.

Randy,four votes randy,one vote rob.


That's five votes randy,one vote rob.

Third person voted out of
"survivor: hers vs.Villains,"

randy,that's six,that's enough.

You need to bring me yr torch.

Randy,the tribe has spoken.

Well,even though we're only
eight days into the game,

if you don't get your camp life
together,it will catch up to you,

a you will be coming back to
tribal and more people will be going

YTET- °îµÂÖí

Season 20Episode 03

Next time on "survivor":
coach melts down.


Nobody says anything good about me.

I think i'll go this way.

The heroe tribe splinters apart
while looking for the immunity idol.

This is not a group effort.

It's every man f himself.

And the clock is ticking on russell.

Russell is a bonehead.

It's time for him to go home.

It was definitely a mistake for
this tribe not to vote out parvati.

But i knew parvati
wasn't going to go home,

so i decided to shoot a bullet
bob's way,send a little message.

Whether anybody gets
that message,i don't know.

I hope it comes back and haunts
each and every one of them.

I never felt a p that's really good.