Survivor (2000–…): Season 20, Episode 2 - It's Getting the Best of Me - full transcript

Backstabbing and dissention run rampant in one tribe as a castaway reveals that old grudges die hard and makes a move to put a former ally on the chopping block. Meanwhile, one Villain pushes so hard to provide for the tribe that ...

Over the past 10 years, some of

"Survivor's" memorable castaways

played the game with honor and integrity.

In my world, I've always

tried to show that good will win.

While others relied on ruthless
cunning and backstabbing.

I'm the original Villainess of
"Survivor" and I have to tell

you I feel like mother Teresa
right now with these people.

In the historic, 20th season of "Survivor"
10 of the most notorious Villains

have returned to face 10 of the greatest Heroes.

Russell has the bag for the Villains!

The first challenge was a fierce battle.

The Heroes suffered two injuries.

My shoulder.

My toe is broke.

But ultimately prevailed.

Heroes win reward!

Filled with confidence, the.

Heroes worked well together and built a solid camp.

I love my tribe.

We have a good aura.

We have good energy.

But not every Hero
acted Heroically.

JT dipped to the Villains'

playbook and formed conflicting alliances.

I'm going to form alliances with everyone I can.

It's going to be a whole
different ballgame for me.

At the Villains' beach Boston
Rob is the only one who worked.

They don't want to build a shelter.

They don't want to try to get a fire going.

There's nobody here that wants to
do anything.

Unbeknownst to Rob,
Russell was very busy.

We're going to be better of a
pair that you can possibly imagine. I agree.

Up to his old tricks
making secret deals with Daniel and Pavarti.

Are Russell I definitely feel like I am making a
deal with the devil but I want the devil on my side.

And Coach was making
gallant advances towards Jerri.

Jerri and I, we have a little connection.

Survivors ready? Go!

Come on, Heroes!

At the immunity challenge,
the Heroes opened a huge lead.

Heroes look like they've been
paddling together forever!

When they got to the puzzle,
things changed.

Heroes still trying to figure
out the first piece of this puzzle.

Maybe just two different pieces.

Sugar and Amanda were
unable to work together,

allowing the Villains to pull ahead.

Villains win first immunity challenge!

At Tribal Council the Heroes
unanimously voted to make Sugar

pay for her poor performance at
the challenge.

Sugar, the tribe has spoken.

And now both tribes are facing
tough questions: Did the Heroes

make the right choice to strengthen their tribe?

As for the Villains, with
torrential sea storms on the

way, will the lack of shelter zap their strength
and kill any chance of future victories?

Paradise, my ass!

-== [ ] ==-

Man, this is worse underneath
here than it is out here.

Pouring down rain, like, five
people were ready to die.

So cold.

Everybody's crying, and I
can't take it any more.

The main thing we should be
doing is trying to make a fire

and trying to get our shelter good.

Nobody wants to step up and they
want to sit in the rain night

after night, and it's making me
physically sick, you know.

Unbelievable, man.

I am soaked through and through.

It's like, again, again,

again I'm on the buffoon tribe. Again.

I was on Mar Kasis, I was on,
on All-Stars and again now.

Don't know what I'm going to do.

This is... this is rough.

People are freaking out.

I mean, there's a lot of
complaining last night.

It's going to get worse.

I know, and it's only day four.

It's all going to come down
to what people got upstairs.


That's what Rob said.
He said, "here we go.

It's the beginning."

So here we are on day four on
at least design four, probably

design five of the shelter.

The first one was the best, and
the strongest and semi-leak-proof.

And each subsequent shelter gets
worse and worse and worse, and

now we're... we're doing it again.

It's going to come up in the
back, and it's going to come

down in the front, right, like a lean-to.

We're stopping, like, about three feet.

I think we should keep it low
like that, don't you?

I think we should just...

I think we should keep it low
and put the roof on.

Let them do what they want to do.

I don't think we should complain... Parvati.

I'm not complaining.

I'm just putting... saying an opinion. Never mind.

I got it.

Boston Rob is like the
bright, shining star, and he

gets so frustrated with these fools.

I hope he doesn't drop dead in

the next few days because we'll all die.

There's no way around it.

You don't need to make this like... reinforced.

I thought we didn't have a lot of time.

This is not good.

Oh, there's the leaves.

Well, this row and that row's

going to cover all that.

We're at the heroes' camp.

We're a bunch of professional

and seasoned "Survivors."

We're some of the best

"Survivors" ever, the greatest.

Let Colby cut that one.

Just mark it and y'all know how big you'll need them.

Man, I love a working tribe.

I know, isn't that nice? Yes.

Even people that know what
they're doing.

Should we make coconut or what do you think?

Roasted coconut?


Yeah, popcorn.

Let's do that.


For my game, it is a very good

idea for me to get rid of Steph.

I mean, she's a sweet girl, but

in the game, I think Stephenie

would side with anyone that got
her one day further.

Brown it a little more like
that one, right?

You want it to get crispy.

It's sticking pretty bad.

You're doing popcorn
different than I ever did it, so.

Cook it dry and turn it around
in the sea salt.

See the white on the side,
that's salt? I don't know.

You're the cook.

Rupert... is starting to get a

little bit annoying.

Every time I turn around, he's
got an opinion about everything.

Like the coconut.

Isn't that good?

That's good.

When you make them little,
teeny chunks, your saliva mixes

in with them enough that you

don't taste the hull as much and it's popcorn.

I'm just sitting back and
being quiet because he could be

trying to get me out of this game.

I honestly think the guy is
playing up the good guy role out here.

And he is a good guy.

I'm not saying he's not, but
it's just... you know, it's

overkill right now.

It's day four, like, whoa.

We're going to tie each
individual one to this.


I need some more water.

The shelter sucks.

It's terrible.

And you know what I should have

done from day one, say, "listen,
you have to listen to me.

This is the way we're going to do it.

If you don't like it, that's fine.

I'll mark you down and I'll vote
"you off first."

I didn't want to be a dictator

this time around.

I wanted to be the diplomat.

Look where that got me... running
in circles.

I mean, they got me.

They got me good.

They whipped me.

And I just... it, like, hit me.

I said that's enough.

It's over. It's done.

That's it.

So no more house?

No more.
I'm done.

You get me, right?

You feel me? I understand.
It's frustrating.

Oh God, why!

Why can't we have James
and Colby and Tom and Rupert?

How did they get every, like, awesome guy

and we got Randy!

Are things going to get

better at all before they get worse?

What's Rob doing?

Why did he walk away?

I don't know.

I think everybody's kind
of having a meltdown.

Not everybody.

A lot of us are, but I'm not.


Hey, Rob?


Talk to me.


Talk to me. What's going on?

Can you just open your eyes, please?
Please, Rob, come on.

Just look at me.

Your head hurts?


What do you want me to do?

Get help.

All right. I'll be right back.


I saw the whole thing, and it
really scared me.

I mean, I don't want to see
anybody get hurt.

This is... this is where

"Survivor" gets serious because

it involves your life beyond the

game, and without Rob here, it's

going to really hurt us.

We're going to slowly spiral
down into a big pit of

negativity, which I know is
only going to get worse.

All right, we've got the

medical team here now.

We're going to see how you are.

Can you open your eyes for us?

Rob, you can hear me?


Coming up next ...

You can hear me?


I feel like... it's getting

the best of me.

Rob, you can hear me?

What's the problem?

140 over 70.

I've got some water for you, mate?

Can you lift your hand up and
poor the water in yourself?

The funny thing about being

unconscious is you don't remember anything.

I remember feeling really sick
and I thought I had to sit down,

and the next thing I remember
there was a doctor or somebody

was talking and I heard Jeff Probst talking.

In terms of giving an overall
assessment, he looks

worse than he is.

At the moment that's what we think.

There's nothing we found on
examining him that would concern us.


So you were definitely... you
were out.

I feel better, though.


You look a lot better right now.


I'm sorry.

E-why are you sorry?

It's just... I feel like...

It's getting the best of me.

And I love and respect it too much.

To not play, you know. Yeah.

I want to win this game,
dude. Watch this.

When I finally came to, I had a

moment of clarity, and that was

stop trying to be the good guy.

Because I'm trying to be so

good, I physically made myself sick.

Just do what everybody wants you

to do and be the Villain.

You want a hand getting up?

Yeah, dude.

There was no way I was going to leave.

I mean, "Survivor" is my life.

I love the game.

It's given me so much, and

there's no way I would ever quit.

The doctors checked me out and

basically told me I had the flu,

maybe a little bit of case of

cry babyitis.

You it's not easy.

It's been six years.

I just have to start smacking them into shape.

Mariano's back.


You're on your own.


What's happening, man?

I got real sick.

I was worried.

I've been having these migraines, man.

And I think with the heat and

the exhaustion and everything,

it just got the best of me.

And that's it.

I should be good in 48 hours.

I was just telling... I was just

telling... Boston Rob came back.

He's not out of the game.

Everything's cool.

Even though I'm the Villain, I
still... I still worry a little

bit about stuff like that.

Besides he's strong.

He gives us a better shot to win

the challenge.

Come on in, guys!

Villains getting your first look

at the new Hero tribe.

Sugar voted out at the last

tribal council.

Guys ready to get to today's

immunity challenge?

First things first...

Take it back, Jerri.

Immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge, on my

"go," two members of each tribe

will race to roll a large,

tribe-colored crate back to your platform.

Then the next two go.

Once you've collected all six
crates, you must use them to

build a staircase that will
spell out your tribe name.

First tribe to stack their
crates correctly and get all

their tribe members to the top
wins immunity, safe from the vote.

Losers go to tribal council,
where the second person will be

voted out from this game.
In addition to immunity, are you

also playing for reward.


Tarp, rope, nails.
Should help keep you dry out here.

History on this challenge...
JT, Coach, and Tyson, all

played this challenge in their season.
You're on opposite tribes today.

See how it plays out.

Because it runs in pairs, we
need to even up the tribes.

That means, Villains, you're
sitting out two people.

Who's it going to be?


Randy and Courtney
are sitting out.

Heroes you're sitting out one person.

Who is it going to be?

I guess I'm sitting out.

You don't look happy, Rupert.

I don't know that I can run
as well with a broken toe.

Rupert sitting out
for the Heroes.

I'll give you a minute to
strategize and we'll get started.

It's going to be, like, our
last immunity challenge with the

puzzle at the end.

We have to win today, bottom line.

If we lose, we're in bad shape.

That's right, one voice. Yes.

That's right. Okay.

Here we go.

For immunity and reward.

Survivors ready?


It's JT And Cirie for the.


Danielle and Boston Rob for the.


JT and Cirie doing a good job

straight down the course.

Rob and Danielle a little off


These crates are very heavy.

Once your crate hits the

platform, the next two had head out.

Go, Heroes.

Rob and Danielle really
slowing down at the end.

Sandra and Tyson heading out now
for the Villains.

Candis and Tom increasing the

lead for the Heroes.

Come on Tom!

One more!

Go, Heroes!

Colby and Stephenie heading out

for the Heroes.

Heroes are holding on to a
one-crate lead.

Gerry and Coach heading out for
the Villains while Colby and

Stephenie head back with the
third crate for the Heroes.

Go, Heroes.

Heroes have three crates back.
Villains two.

Coach and Jerri heading back

with that third crate for the Villains.

Come on, you gotta push it again!
I am!

James and Amanda heading back with the fourth
crate for the Heroes.

There are six total.

Russell and Parvati out on the course.

James just walking that crate back.

JT and Tom heading out for
that fifth crate for the Heroes.

Rupert and Parvati trying to get back with
that fourth crate for the Villains.

Come on Parvati! Push, Parvati!

You got it, you got it!

Russell and Parvati
back with the fourth crate.

Now they're sending
out their big guns.

Once everybody has gone once, anybody can go.

Rob and Tyson have some time it
make up for the Villains.

Keep it up!

Rob and Tyson back finally with
that fifth crate for the Villains.

Russell and Coach heading out
for that sixth and final crate.

James and Colby heading back
with their sixth and final crate.


It's like a ball rolling down
that aisle!

Go! Start working on
your puzzle, Heroes.

Straight to the wall,
straight to the wall.

Yeah, Russell!
Good job, guys.

Go, Villains!
Start working on your puzzle.

You're building a staircase.

Your name will be visible along both sides.

Come on, everybody.

Quickly getting a plan together.

We need a piece with just
this part of the "h" and an "e."

The last challenge was decided by
a puzzle, and the. Villains won.

Heroes looking for some
redemption in this challenge.

Yes, yes!

This is right!

This is right, guys.

Now pull it up.

Once again, Boston

Rob is leading his tribe through
the puzzle portion of this challenge.

It's not right.

I know.

This is the bottom!

Pick it up.

JT leading the Heroes.

Flip it back one time.


The Villains are
getting closer and closer.


Heroes' lead has been evaporated.

Come on.

You gotta work. You gotta work.

Come on, we gotta hustle,
guys. Come on, guys.

This is not it. This is it.

This one?

Where's... lift block!

Villains trying to make a big
move now, trying to lift that crate up.

Watch out, watch out!

Without crushing each other.

Heroes slow and steady but
making a lot of moves.

It's Russell and Coach lifting.

Rob pushing.
Heroes still working.

Both tribes are in this.

Roll it!

Villains in a very
precarious position but they have it up.

Good team work.
Cea: can't do that again.

Good job, Rob.

We need an "r."

Where is the "r?"
The "r" is here.

This isn't right.

Come on, you guys!

You guys gotta move!

This is it, JT

I said that in the beginning.

Villains are very close.

Here we go!

Just get it up!

That's not... is that right?
That's not right, that's not right.

Get it back down.
Get it where it was.

Guys move this over here
toward me. What?

It's not right.
It's not right.

We all need to listen. One voice.

Heroes now starting to get frustrated.

What are we doing?

Straight up.

Villains have one piece left but it's
got to come all the way to the top.

Somebody push this towards me.

Spin it what way towards Tom.

No, no, this is not right.

Shut up!

Heroes talking trash
to each other.

Not a good sign.

Drop it!
We got it!

We got it!

Villains think they have it.

Get to the top, Villains.

Villains win the second immunity
challenge in a row!

Let's go home and just collapse, dude.

You gotta have one voice, y'all.

He was telling you all what to do.

We were listening.

No, you were not.

He was telling you what to do.

Everybody's mouth wants to talk.

One voice.

James, I don't care who you are,
I don't care where you're

at, you just don't talk to people like that.

The problem is I can't say

anything because Rupert already has
it out for me, for whatever reason.

Maybe I threaten his popularity,

I don't know. So I'm just trying
to say as little as possible.

congratulations once again.

Two challenges, two victories.

Good job, guys.

Villains grab your
tarp, rope, nails.

Head on back to camp.

Good job, guys.

Peace out.

Heroes, going to be
an interesting afternoon as for

the second time in a row, you
guys will lose somebody at tribal council.

Grab your stuff.
Head back to camp.

I will see you at tribal.

Stephenie has been only
person in "Survivor" history to

lose every person in her tribe
to where she's the only one left.

You know, she's, obviously, the problem.

There's no other source of
Kryptonite in here to suck all

the super Heroes' powers but her.

It's like, wow, you need to go home.

The challenge really sucked today.

The last time we failed on the
puzzle, no one really stepped up.

And this time I said, "hey, I've
done this challenge before.

"I'll be the man to run the puzzle."

But there were a few people
who had to say, "no, please,

please, listen to me."

It would have been a lot easier
if people had been listening

instead of telling me what to do.

Look I stepped up to the puzzle.

We didn't win.

I take responsibility.

Nobody was listening.
Nobody was listening.

Boston Rob is great at puzzles.

He ideal and screamed at his team.

He told them to shut up.

They all listened to him, and he won.

I could have told... I could
have told everybody to shut up,

too, and I didn't.

I just wanted everybody to be quiet and pay attention
to what that guy had to say. It's important.

We have to check our egos at
the door and follow who we

designate to be the best job for
the challenge. One voice.

That's all I ask for is one damn voice.

Then I get defensive people.

And then I get people telling
everybody they're one.

I don't want to hear that.

One voice next time.

That's the only way we get to
the top.

We shut up and listen to the guy
that's done the challenge.

If you're defensive, you're wrong.

There are going to be other challenges
like this, and we need to focus.

Because I ain't never lost this
much in my life.

That's all I'm saying.

This is ridiculous.

You need to suck it up.

That panicked scream and
anguish cry of James when he got

back to the hut, you know, all right, great.

You've been a winner your whole life?

I doubt it.

I'd love to tell him what a
winner is and what a loser and

where he fits into that... that equation.

And once again, I've got to hold
my tongue and not respond to

that, that kills me out here.

We have a tarp!

OMG, The most exciting moment.

It matches my outfit.

Winning the challenge today
was awesome, not only because we

avoid tribal but also because we
got a tarp.

Hats off to Boston Rob.

Who loves you, baby?

I got something for you.

Boston Rob worked his ass off
in the challenge today.

No question about it. I respect that.

It's the elusive giant clam.

Do you want to touch it?

I don't know. I'm afraid.

Come on.

You can touch my clam.

Nice work, Rob.

Boston Rob thinks that he's in charge.

I'm starting to think this just
ain't working out.

I didn't know his personality
was that strong.

But you know what?

This is where I'm in charge.

I am King Russell.
From Samoa.


I got a chicken, baby.

We can make chicken soup.

We got a chicken.

They trying to catch fish.

You gotta catch real food.

Her teams don't ever win.

Think about it.

She's made it to the end by herself.

She was the only person left on the entire tribe.

You mean to tell me, that's good luck?

Obviously, not.

Something just ain't right,
and it got to be her.

If they get rid of me over Amanda
and we've already lost two?

You're in a bad spot, my friend.

I know it.

This is the only girl who's
made it to the end as one person.

She's nullified her whole tribe
until she was the last one left. Yup.

It got to be her.

This is a lot different than
our first.

Everyone was okay with Sugar going home.

She was not a part of any solid

So now, we're looking at a whole
different ballgame because after

tonight, I'm in one alliance in
this game.

I can either go with James,

Rupert, and Amanda and bring
sire and Candace along.

Or I can go with Colby, Tom, and Stephenie,
and bring Candace and Cirie along.

So one thing I do know, we're
going to piss a few people off.

We should have won that, Rupe. It's okay.

It's as much my fault as any for

not pushin harder to be in challenge.

Rupert's over there talking to JT Now.


Yeah, they're all...

They're all... we're the three
on the outs.

It's all on the line today.

We know what we're up against.

And I'm not... I don't have any

false illusions of loyalty from

from JT At this point.

This is the way it's going to

be... the order's going to be Stephenie, me, you.

We have to convince Candace and

Cirie that the order's going to

be Stephenie, Cirie, Candace.

If I can get Cirie and Candace
to switch over with our

three-some, send Amanda home,
then we're controlling this game.

So, the plan is to get rid of the
weakest first, so that would

help us if we got rid of Amanda.

The problem with that plan is we
don't know if JT Is with us or not.

So if Tom, Colby, and myself can
pull in Cirie and Candace, maybe

I am safe and we're going to get our five
strong and come out of this all right tonight.

But I can guarantee that you're next. Right.

I can promise you that.

Either you or Cirie, if we have
to go to another tribal council,

and then whoever's left.

And I think we've got a better
deal for you.

This vote today is crucial
because the line will be drawn

in the sand, and you'll be on
one side or the other.

And I feel like I'm on the
bottom of either alliance.

So I'm, like, which way do I go?

Which way is it worse? I don't know.

I'm really not in a good position
anyway, you know what I mean?

I think you're in the position.

I think you're the swing vote tonight.

Everybody wants me to vote,
you know, one way tonight.

But... what about me down the road, you know? Right.

I mean, I really got to think
what's best for me. Yup.

So one assurance you would have,
they all go home before you ever go home.

You're not going to get that deal on their side. Yup.

I'm not even going to ask you
what you're going to do.

You and Cirie are going to have to decide
if this is a move that makes sense to you.

Tom, Colby, Stephenie, are
writing Amanda's name down.

I'm trusting me gut on this, and
I think you should trust your

gut on this, too and see where
it takes you.

All right, so what's the deal?

Tell me everything.

What's going on?
I just want to do what's be best.

Ultimately best for the
long run, for now.

The problem with this decision is once this
decision is made, all the cards are out.

I know you guys are all
tight, and I don't know, like,

any of you guys from before, and
all that stuff...

See, that's the problem.

I don't know why everybody
thinks we're so tight.

Yeah, me and Amanda made it to the end,
but Amanda chose Parvati over me.

Amanda cost me a million dollars.
So it's not like that.

I need somebody that I can trust.

So do I.

And I don't really have
anything else going for me.


So, I mean...

I think we have some common

So who goes first?

I don't know.

Honestly, as long as it's not
us, it don't much matter to me.

JT, the group of
misfit Villains, taking the.

Heroes to the cleaners.

It's pretty embarrassing.

I stepped up today and didn't

come through so I feel bad about that.

No one was listening.

And I notice on the Villains

Boston Rob telling everyone to
shut up, and maybe I should have done that.

James, you were as
frustrated as I've seen you in

playing this game three times.

There should have only been
one voice talking, and there wasn't.

And I'm trying to make sure
everybody is being quiet, and

there was a certain individual who voiced out
their opinion that they were being quiet.

So who was that?


"I said, everybody shut up."

"Oh, I'm not talking."

That was after the challenge was over. Yes.

You looked at me and said,
"hey, y'all."

Darling, your name is not y'all.

I'll be damned if there's
anybody named y'all in here.

You're trying to blame the
entire challenge on me.

Baby, it's not about you, no matter how much
you want to be and how much

you want crave it to be you, it's not you.

I asked the question, and the
person who usually tries to

cover their back, they're
the one that has to.

You've been on the tribe where
you lost your entire team.

It was very romantic that you survived
all your teammates on your tribe...

James, this isn't about me.

I thought you said it wasn't
about me let's get this rolling.

James, you just attacked her and expect
her to sit here and not defend herself.

You just total Probst that there was one
person who cost us the challenge today.

Now you're getting back
to her past season.

Just let it be, bro.

The two of you all, how about that one?

Is that good enough.

Make it the three of them all. Okay?

Alliances have been made. Divisions have been cast in the tribe.

You repeating things and just
bullying people until they back...

I'm not bullying people.

- You were bullying stephenie.
- I was not.

Jeff asked who you were speaking
about and you said her name.

That does mean her.

That doesn't mean y'all.

That means Stephenie.

If you walk up to somebody
and say I wasn't doing nothing,

usually they're doing something.

Maybe in your world, James.

I don't know.
I don't live in your world.

Anyway... this is unbelievable.

Colby, this has to be
terribly alarming.

We're on day six.

I had no idea it would shift
from that team mentality to the

self-preservation this early.

Stephenie, how
concerned are you about past

relationships in this game?

Worried that it could work
against that you played with Tom?

Oh, yeah. Absolutely.
I mean, yeah, we're friends.

But, I played against him and

merged with him, and he cut my
throat in the end.

Cirie, you, Amanda,
and James all played together.

What do you do to deflect that?

Like Stephenie said, she played with Tom,
and Tom cut her throat in the end.

The same thing kind of happened
with me and Amanda at the very end.

Amanda chose Parvati over me.

So if you think that's the route
I would want to take again,

obviously, you don't know me.

Amanda, how concerned are you that your past
relationship are going to come back to haunt you?

Legitimately concerned.

Because, you know, I've been
hearing my name bounced around,

and it's alarming.

You know, you get really nervous.

And you just hope you make the
right choices and the right

alliances and that's all you can

All right, it is time to vote.

Rupert, you're up.

It's the plan.
You're the weakest.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are read, the
decision is final.

The person voted out will be asked to leave
the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Stef.

One vote Steph, one vote Amanda.

Steph. That's two votes Steph, one vote

Amanda. We're tied.
Two votes Steph, two votes Amanda.

Steph. That's three votes Steph, two
votes Amanda.

Amanda. Tied again.

Three votes Steph, three votes Amanda.

That's four votes Steph, three votes Amanda.

Second person voted out of
"Heroes vs. Villains,"

Stephenie. That's five. That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Steph, the tribe has spoken.

Some advice, next time y'all lose a challenge, a
little less cursing off your tribe might help.

Keep your mouth shut.

Come on.

It's been a pleasure.

I think tonight's
tribal council speaks for itself.

Grab your torches.
Head back to camp. Good night.

Jeff: Stay tuned for scenes from our next episode.
Next time on "Survivor":

Told you you are on the wrong team, James.

A Hero spiralout of control.

James got to bring down the
nasty, brutish, bullying.

I just want to win, y'all.

It's an ugly situation.

You could have been gentler.

major resync and corrections by dny238

I am upset that I'm out of the game.

Take comfort in knowing that

they definitely made the wrong

move by getting rid of me.

These people don't even

genuinely try to get to know each other.

There was a division since day one.

I just definately wanted to
stick around for alot longer

a lot of people were
really threatend by me

I don't think there was anything
else I could have done.