Survivor (2000–…): Season 20, Episode 1 - Slay Everyone, Trust No One - full transcript

20 of the most loved and most notorious players from the past nineteen seasons return to the South Pacific island of Samoa, some to seek revenge while others are looking for redemption. Some physical skirmishes at the reward chall...

The South Pacific.

Thousand of islands lay scattered
across the world's most beautiful ocean.

But for centuries, man has traveled
these waters to meet in combat.

From brutal, tribal warfare to
the epic battles of World War II,

this is a place where rivals have
long traveled to settle old scores.

It is the perfect setting
for our biggest showdown yet.

Welcome to the 20th season of "Survivor."

Over the past 10 years,

"Survivor" has traveled to some of the most
desolate, dangerous, and exotic places in the world.

Over 300 people have tested themselves in the most
difficult, and groundbreaking show on television.

We have gathered 20 of
them to play one more time.

-== [ ] ==-

Jeff: These are 10 of
your favorite Heroes.

Versus 10 of the most notorious Villains.

In my world, I've always tried
to show that good will win win.

I'm a Villain.

I think Villains are smarter than Heroes

because they don't mind stabbing somebody
in the back to get where they want to get.

It's a fact.

It's a proven fact. Google it.

The Heroes are definitely people
I would rather play the game with.

The Villains are the people
I've always been against.

So this is perfect for me to be on the Heroes side and
battle it out against these punks I don't like anyway.

I've been labeled things like
"she devil in a blue bikini,"

"the Wicked Witch of the West."

"Man-eater Manthey."

That was my favorite one.

I'm back here to do what I
came to do the first time,

get to the end and make the money.

So I'm definitely coming
back to redeem myself.

This time, I slay
everyone and trust no one.

This is my chance for
redemption redemption.

I'm not in the shape I was last time,

but I still think they can hang in
there as tough as any guy next to me.

But these people are smart,

they'll get rid of me right away.

It's the smartest thing
they can do, but they won't.

They never do.

I'm almost a decade older
than I was the first time.

So to me, it's a test
to see if I still got it.

Last time I was mean,
and this time I'm meaner.

You know, I'll lie.

I don't care.

But I'll make up a good lie.

People think they know me.

They really don't know me.

I'm a gangster in an Oprah suit.

But I'm not, like, a mean gangster.

I'm a nice gangster
with a smile, you know.

Jeff: It is still the ultimate challenge.

20 people forced to work together while
battling the elements and each other.

They must learn to adapt
or they'll be voted out.

In the end, only one will remain
to claim the million-dollar prize.

39 days, 20 people, one Survivor.

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Flying in the choppers, my
heart's beating a mile a minute.

I'm sitting right next to Tom
and Cirie and all these people.

I know the game's going.

I'm finally back in the game.

Flying in on the helicopter,

you can feel something in the air.

There's an electricity.

There's a tension.

There's a level of excitement that is coursing
through everybody's veins, especially mine.

And to start off like that I think sets a
great tone for how the season is going to be.

Believe it or not, I'm a
little nervous going in.

I'm still in awe of who I'm here with.

I mean, for God's sake, Boston Rob.


I mean, you know, I've got to get my mind
straight and not let them get me too star struck.

I'm out here playing a game with them now.

I'm nervous and I'm excited.

And, you know like before
you bungee jump or something,

you get that knot in your stomach,

and it, like, makes you
want to throw up, kind of.

That's how I feel right now.

I look over and see my fellow tribe-mates with
the blue buff on getting out of the copter.

It's pretty intense, you know.

My tribe, the Hero's train,

they're hard working,
tough guys, good people.

And I was like, this is it.

I can't wait to kick some ass out here.

Here we are, we're on
our nice little blue mat,

and then here come these Villains,

and you see... you
see Boston Rob,

and he's already got the walk
and the swagger and the attitude.

And then, you know, you
see Coach, and Jerri.

I mean, they really are Villains Villains.

I'm the original Villain of "Survivor"

and I have to tell you I feel like
mother Teresa right now with these people.

It's on.

Jeff: All right, let me officially welcome you
to "Survivor 20: Heroes vs. Villains."

Yeah, baby!

Jeff: 10 years, 20 seasons,

over 300 people have played "Survivor" the greatest
adventure game in the history of television.

Russell, how does it feel to be deemed
one of the 10 most notorious of all time?

I'm still in awe that I'm here
with... with all these great players.

Finally, I can play the game with
somebody that respects the game.

Jeff: Boston Rob, you proud to be seen as
one of the 10 biggest Villains of all time?

I'm a Villain?

Well, it's all in perspective, I guess.

It's now you see it.

Jeff: Rupert, a lot of
people have played this game.

Jeff: You're still, to this
day, one of the most popular.

It's... it's been an honor since
the first time that I got to play.

And now when I found out I'm on
the Heroes' side, I'll tell you,

I love the game, and being able
to have this chance, it's an honor.

Jeff: Tom, another big Hero,
played a very solid game.

A lot of people like you.

They were happy you won, which isn't
always the case with some of our winners.

Stack up these two tribes.

You know, we kind of got maybe some positive energy
going just because we've been labeled the good guys,

but I also wouldn't assume that anybody
would stick with the game play that they had.

If it didn't work for them in a previous season
I would say they might do a 180 on this thing

and spin it around and I think
that could be from either tribe.

Jeff: Colby, in your season "Survivor: Australia"
our second season, going back 10 years ago,

you were so popular,

people were naming their children Colby.

Most of the ones I heard
about named their dogs Colby.

The kids, not bad. I'm take that.

What's the perspective
now, almost 10 years later?

It's taken my almost this long to really
get enough perspective to appreciate it,

and this is... this is my third
time back, and it is humbling.

It's the experience
and it's the adventure.

If you're not fired up at this point, riding
in on those birds, you don't have a pulse.

Jeff: JT, is it at all intimidating,
even within your own tribe,

when you look around at
who's surrounding you?

It's definitely intimidating.

I was watching these people
when I was in High School.

I was too young to apply for the show so I
couldn't do it and now I'm competing against them.

I'm still a rookie out here.

I'm probably the youngest one out here.

I feel like a young kid against
these people but I'm ready.

Jeff: Anybody out here feel
they're on the wrong tribe,

legitimately feel they're
on the wrong tribe.

Oh, yeah.

What did we do?

- Yeah, what did we do.
- What did we do that was so bad.

Jeff: So pretty much every Villain
thinks they should be on the Hero tribe.

Except Jerri Manthey, the original
Black widow, still owning her title.

I even got a Black hat for this season.

Is there a little symbolism with her
hat being Black and mine being white?

Jeff: Good versus evil?

It was not a mistake.

Jeff: Parvati, let's be clear,

while you did a great job and
were rewarded with $1 million,

you led one of the most notorious tribe
of women ever in the history of the game.

You betrayed people left and right.

You guys were responsible for
many, many blindsides. Great player?

Yes, that's why you're here. Hero?


James, from your two cent,
Parvati, Hero or Villain?


Jeff: James is bigger than me.

James is right.

I will fight him.

I'm not scared of him.

I don't care how big are you.

Jeff: Anybody here willing to say the sheer size
of James does make them take pause fair moment?



Jeff: James, anybody on the
Villain tribe intimidate you?

It's the same story every time.

The talkers are the most dangerous.

The ones who strategize are
the best ones at the game.

They, bar none, have one most of
the series, most of the seasons.

So you've learned something
in your two times out here.

Believe it or not I have.

Jeff: Going back to when you were voted
out with two idols, one in each pocket.

Yes, thanks for reminding me.

Jeff: Boston Rob, how big a
factor is size versus scrap?

I think we have a huge
advantage over them.

Our women are clearly
stronger than their women.

- And our guys can hold the best of it... I'm
being serious. - You got the gloves, Jeff.

I don't see how they're going
to be able to keep up with us.

- I love you, Colby, but, man, you got the raw end of the stick.
- I'm so glad he's here.

I'm so glad Rob's back.

So, Rob, nobody on this tribe
of Heroes intimidates you?

I didn't say that, Jeff.

I just said I think we have the advantage.

And we're not going to be busy
dealing with all the egos over there.

Jeff: All right, well, we are going
to see how you match up right now.

It's time to get to your
first reward challenge.

Here's how it works... you
will square off two on two.

On my go, both pairs will
race out to dig up one bag.

Once you have the bag, you must
race back to your finish mat.

That's where it's going to get physical.

You have four people battling for one bag.

To score a point for your tribe,

you have to be touching the bag and
your finish mat at the same time.

First tribe to score
three points wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing for?


Jeff: In addition to the
challenges being physical,

the conditions are going
to be demanding as well.

Between the heat and the rain,

if you do not stay hydrated,
you will not last long.

Fire for the winner
of the first challenge.

Having fire 10 minutes into this game gives you a huge
advantage going into that first immunity challenge.

You win that challenge, you have momentum,
you could ride that all the way to the end.

I know it's worth playing for.

I'm going to give you a minute
to strategize on your match-ups

and then we'll get started.

All right, let's get
to our first challenge.

The first match-up is going to be
Stephenie and cirie for the Heroes,

taking on Parvati and
Danielle for the Villains.

This is the lane you're going to.

Right where I am.

Just come to me.

Survivors ready?


There's one bag in this sand.

You've got to find it, and you've
got to get back to your mat.

Danielle and cirie did this challenge
in their season "exile island."

They're now opponents
in the same challenge.

Cirie has the bag.

Cirie and Parvati going at it.

It is physical quickly.

Danielle trying to steal it from cirie.

Stephenie and Danielle now have it.

Parvati now has the bag for the Villains.

Parvati takes it back from Stephenie,
but Stephenie takes Parvati down.

Cirie in on it.

Cirie now and Danielle.

Cirie is like a linebacker
in this challenge.

Parvati working Stephenie over.

Break her shoulder!

Come on, Danielle!

Come on!

Jeff: Danielle has the
bag for the Villains.

Villains score the first point.

Villains lead one-zip.

My shoulder.

Wait, wait, wait.


No, no, no.

Hold on, hold on. Hold on.

I gotta relax.

Her shoulder's out

what do you want me to do?

I'm a medical student, and when I
saw Stephenie dislocate her shoulder,

I knew she could leave the game
permanently over something like that.

Jeff: You want medical look at it?

What happens if medical looks at it?

Jeff: Stay here, stay


Jeff: Her shoulder popped out.

You can just kneel down for me.

Hold it up.

Jeff: Hole it up? Like that?


Jeff: Hang tight, okay.

Oh, okay.

Jeff: Better?

The Villains are brutal.

They dislocated my shoulder
the first challenge.

I mean, really, like?

You're already on the Villain tribe
do you have to act like a total jerk?

It's okay now.

All right, we have played our first point
of the first challenge of "Survivor: 20"

and we have our first injury.

Stephenie's shoulder had to
be popped back into place.

Next round is one man, one woman.

It's Amanda and JT
taking on Randy and Jerri.

Lane two.

Survivors ready?


Come on, Jerri!

Jeff: Looking for that bag.

Then you have to get back with it.

Everybody putting one hand in the
sand and one eye on their opponent.

Jerri's got it.

Now it's a battle to get it up.

Jerri found it, but she didn't get it up.

Amanda trying to pull Jerri out of there.

Get right on her, Mandy!

Jeff: Nobody has the bag.

JT has Randy in some kind of a hold.

That's some country right there.

All that work and the bag
is still stuck in the sand.

Jerri, behind you!

Jeff: JT trying to get it.

JT has the bag.

It's one on one.

JT eludes Randy.

We are tied, 1-1.

Here we go, next round, it is Colby
and Tom taking on Coach and Russell.

You're coming to lane nine, the last lane.

Survivors ready?

You guys got it, you got it.

Jeff: Go!

Russell digging for the Villains,
Tom and Colby digging for the Heroes.

Coach hanging back just watching watching.

Not going to let anybody get
a free sprint to the finish.

A big match-up, four strong guys.

Four fit guys.

This will not be an easy
path to get back to your mat.

Whoever gets this point
is going to earn it.

Russell has the bag for the Villains.

Tries to toss it to Coach.

Doesn't work.

Colby now has a hand
on it. This is full on.

Coach takes Colby over.

Colby's trying to push Coach off.

Coach not having it.

Goat your feet, Colby!

Jeff: Colby inching forward.

Drag him up!

Jeff: Russell now
trying to get free of Tom.

Colby ready to make a move.

Colby now dragging Coach.

Russell really being tough on Tom.

Play fair down there!

Play fair!

Colby eyeing that mat.

He's just got to make sure Coach
doesn't drag him to the other mat.

Coach now dragging Colby.

Here comes Tom and Russell.

Coach scores!

Colby getting owned by Coach.

Oh, my gosh, dude.

I can only imagine what Colby's thinking.

He's got to be like I may as
well just become a woman because

there's no point on trying to
maintain my masculinity now.

Jeff: Villains now lead 2-1.

Next round.

We are back to women taking on women.

It is Sugar and Candice for the
Heroes taking on Sandra and Courtney.

Lane five.

Survivors ready?


Heroes need to score.

All four women are digging
and watching at the same time.

Trying to find the bag while making sure somebody
else doesn't find the bag while you're looking.

Courtney had it.

Candice is holding on to it.

Courtney fighting in there.

The smallest woman in this game.

Candice now trying to get up.

Hold on!

Jeff: Candice standing up by
Courtney pulling her back down.

Come on, Courtney!

Hold on!

Jeff: Candice dragging
Courtney toward her mat.

Sandra has Sugar.

Sandra now getting involved.

Sugar trying to take
that bag from Candace.

There you go!

Sugar has it.

The bag is now free!

The bag is totally free.

Sandra undid Sugar's top.

That bag is free.

And nobody can get free to get it.

Sugar lets go of here top,
Sugar takes the bag.

Sugar gives up vanity
and scores for the Heroes.

Initially I thought maybe Sandra
shouldn't be on the Villain's tribe.

Not any more.

Sandra earned her title as Villain
to me with the bra incident and Sugar.

Jeff: We are tied, Heroes two,
Villains two, playing to three.

This is it.

For the Heroes, James and Rupert
taking on Tyson and Boston Rob.

This should be a doozy.

Come to me right here.

Lane 8.

Survivors ready?


James digging.

Tyson digging.

Rupert digging.

Boston Rob is just
sticking back and watching.

Tyson has it for the Villains,

but James ties him up before he can
even get it out of the sand. Sand.

Rob now going for the bag.

Stay back.

Rob and James going at it.

Rupert ties up Boston Rob.

It's James and Rob.

Rob tried to take James, can't do it.

James scores, Heroes win reward!

When I came out of the final heat, my toe
instead of going up and down was a "j."

It's broke.

I can feel it.

Not that one, this one.

That's stuck in now.

Are you in pain there?

That's bad.

My toe is broke, and I
felt it cracking inside.

But I'm not getting put out of this
game over a damn toe first damn day.

Jeff: So let's do an injury count.

Rupert has a broken toe,

Stephenie has a dislocated
and relocated shoulder.

Hopefully, it was worth it.

Big victory for the Heroes. Fire.

And a map to your new home.


You are definitely living up to your name.

Grab your stuff, head to your
camp, and start working on shelter.

The Villains lost.

You think that really bothers me?


Because I'm used to losing.

With a bunch of dummies.

But the difference is, this
ain't a bunch of dummies.

We will win.

And I'm looking forward to sending the Heroes to
tribal council and letting them do their Hero thing.

Look what we've got here.

is there a flint in here or not?
There is...

What the...?

That's it.

You have to make your own.

I can't believe I'm doing this again.

It's just starting to sink in.

I believe I'm going to have to
stay on my toes with these fellas.

I'm ready for it.

I'm ready for the challenge.

We should live under this
tree because it's drive.

That's what I'm thinking.

This is, like the biggest
tree right here, right?

I am.

Really bad.

They like that dragon blood.

I got way more to prove right
here than I did the last time.

If I could do it here, if
I can take it all the way,

if I can whoop these all-stars,
doesn't that mean I'm the best ever?

Clash of the titans, you
think it's Rob and who?

Who's gonna fight him for dominance?

I'm going to play
similar to the same game.

I'm going to use the mind game.

They better give it their
all and play the game.

Because I'm taking this crap serious.

That's why I'm here.

I have to work my magic on... on the
Villain side which is going to be tough.

I'm going to be straight up with you.


I want to go to the final two.

Yeah, so do I.

And I ain't gonna
say that to anybody else.

I'm an aggressive player.

I'm here to win, and, you know,
I want to make smart alliances.

The thing is if we can trust each other
and we can do this... which I trust you.

I trust you, too.

You have to trust me. You have to.

No matter what.

- Because that's the whole name of the game.
- I know, I know.

And this is where it
happens the first day.

This is when it happens.

With Russell, he's a great
person to play this game with.

He knows exactly what he's doing.

I'm going with my gut and I
think I should stick with him

until it gets to a point where
I feel like he'd turn on me.

I will stab people in the back.

I know.

I'll do whatever it
takes to get to the top,

- but what I'm telling you is I want to get to the top with you.
- Yeah.

We are going to be better of a pair
than you can even possibly imagine.

I agree.

This is what I want, I want me and
you to go to the top two, period.

That's what I really, really want.

I'm down with that.

And I can swing it.

I can swing it because if we get
to the merge, we can swing it.

That's where you could really help me.

I just always get
nervous in the beginning.

Don't. You just trust me.

I clearly know that Russell is running around talking
to everyone and telling everyone the same thing,

but we can either work with
each other or against each other,

and I do not want to work against him.

Are you kidding.

He's just an incredible force.

I want you to trust me.

Do you trust me?

I trust you.

Do you trust me?

I do.

I want to trust you.

Do I have any options?

That's not the point.

If... if you did,
'cause one day you will.

If you merge you will have options.

With Russell, I definitely feel
like I am making a deal with the devil

but I want the devil on my side.

These are all-stars,
but you know what?

Like Michael Jordan is in basketball,
like Michael Phelps is in swimming.

There's always somebody
that's above their sport,

and I'm the best player
that ever played this game.

Now guess what?

I get to prove it.


All right!

We've got a net.

Wow! We have a net?


Well, here we are, guys.

Here we are.


We're Heroes! Heroes!

Return, revenge, and redemption.

Well... all right.

Shall we take a celebratory dip?

- Yes.
- I think so.

It takes a little bit to get back into
into the rhythm of "Survivor" and go,

"all right, I remember this.

It's going to be miserable."

A little chillier than
you'd think, isn't it?

But you just don't remember what it feels like
to be stranded and know you're just at the tip

you're at the beginning of a
long journey if you're lucky.

It's got to be the best first day
challenge I've ever seen in any "Survivor."

Sugar got topless.

Stephenie dislocated her
shoulder and put it back in

and Rupert broke one toe in three places.

You know, the challenge, I think
our team showed its strength.

Unfortunately, I didn't. The
challenge was rough for me.

I don't like losing at anything,
and I got beat by Coach.

So I'm so rusty on the game,
but I'm having a good time.

We're making our first group decision.

Oh, goody!

I mean, we can just build something
really quick right now now.

The two oldest
men, can we have...

the two older men, could you
guys keep your opinions to yourself?

We're all kids, and
we don't know anything.

So... what do
you guys think?

Is it better to have more bugs in the
jungle or what it be too cold out here

or can we just build a
shelter to block the wind?

I say here.

I say front.

All for here?

Fire in the rain.

All right.

Wow, this is light.

I love my tribe.

We have a good aura. We have good energy.

You know, we all have a good work ethic.

We could start putting it up, I guess.


We know what needs to be done.

We work together.

And I feel really lucky to be on the
Heroes' side and to have the team I have.

I think we should use the big
ones maybe for the top, higher up.

Everything was going right.

We have good karma right now.

It's great.

A post to split the coconut husk on.

We need a short, pointy... I
thought I heard some clucking,

and I went around and looked in the bush,

and I see some movement
out of the corner of my eye,

and here comes a roster,
three hens, walking right out.

Guys, look at this.

Three chickens right here.


Stay right here, Tom.

I'm going to go around the other side.

Here's another one right here.

We have four chickens.

Here's another one.

We've got three people so anybody
that can catch a chicken come this way.

Go around the back, guys,
and draw them out towards us.

- Do you have the net?
- Grab that fishnet.

It will be great.

Bring it up.

Everybody who's free
should just surround them.

How about if we have four of us go, like,
one, two, and then just throw it out like this.

- You ready?
- Don't overthrow.

Yeah, baby!

It's getting away!

You gotta, man! Chicken!

Chicken dinner!

Every last one of them, wow.

I have seen my share of chickens,
and I've caught my share of them,

but never in the wild, and to actually, um,
catch them successfully, all four of them.

That's incredible.

Oh, my God. I don't believe it!

I know.

Oh, my God, you guys.

Nice work.

They are cute, aren't they?

Watching these guys
working together, I'm ecstatic.

Coming back into "Survivor" I know the
first five days are the hardest time.

I haven't hit that wall yet.

Maybe in our tribe we
won't. We found chicken.

We're going to be out of the elements.

It's going to be a Hero.

What did you guys think
of the challenge today?

Let's review.

We're glad that Rupert stubbed his toe.

One part of me wants
to have sympathy for him,

but another side of me I almost
relished the fact that they got injured.

I was like, good for them.

I definitely had mixed
emotions about losing the challenge

because whereas personally
it made a statement.

The tribe lost.

I had him the whole time.

There was not one point in that challenge where
I thought he was going to get the better of me.


well, he almost took off running
and you had to tackle him down.

We were like, "no!"

everybody thought Colby was
going to have his way with me.

The tribe was taking about it
long after I'd forgotten about it

how I'd gone out there and basically frog marched
Colby to the mat at the end so it was very fulfilling.

At the end I moved him,
moved him, moved him, mat.


I enjoyed every second of that.

Coach, what a surprise.

Honestly, I'm very surprised by Coach.

There's just something about him,
and I don't know what it is yet.

I'm definitely going to make
it a point to get to know Coach.

I know I'm stealing Coach's mantra here
but I'm going into this like a warrior.

That's really what you have to do.

How did you know that was my mantra?

I heard stuff about you.

One thing that appeals to me about
Jerri is that she's a different kind of girl,

and that interests me because
I'm a different kind of guy.

Randy, are you chuckling over there?

No, I'm laughing at Colby's face?

He actually looked a little scared.

You know what, Coach, I think that,
uh, you don't step away from love.

If it's hitting you in the face,

you grab a hold of it.

You never know, man.

You never know.

I would never get
in the way of true love.

Go for it, dude!

- Go for it.
- I agree.

- You are talking about Parvati?
- No, I'm talking about Jerri.

I have never in a million years would
think about coming out on "Survivor"

and actually being interested in somebody.

But Jerri and, I we
had a little connection.

How's it going, Coach?

- You might find love here.
- What?

Are you guys playing cupid?


You and the dragon slayer.

Oh, I see romance blooming
between Jerri and Coach.

And Jerri's in total denial, but
she totally flirts, and she's,

I think, in spite of herself, a little
bit in love with the dragon slayer.

What's the problem?

You know what, love finds you
sometimes and you don't even know it.

Well, you do know that, just by cuddling
together one night we created a whole little...

I know.

A controversial buzz that could
potentially not be... I don't know.

I just think we carry on our business.

I think if we just go about our day

and we don't have too many talks like this
unless we're walking down the beach that way.

In, right.

It sucks, because,
obviously, I want to talk to you.

I know, I know.

The girls were joking about it.

They were like, "oh, the Black widow and
the dragon slayer. What a combination."

Hey, you never know.

We might pair up and run this game.

But we need to be careful, Jerri and I, of having
the appearance of being in an unbreakable alliance.

Would you let me know
if I worry about something.

Don't worry about anything.

- OK?
- OK.

I hate feeling alone out here.

You're not alone.

It's the worst feeling in the world.

You shouldn't be worried.

You're with the dragon slayer, man.

Don't you worry about that.

We've got a good group.

That's what I'm saying.

Here's the thing, this is
between me and you right here,

it's got to be.

I'm willing to make an
alliance right now with you.


We should never lose, man.

I don't want flower power to be
running over this thing like it was.

Hey, I went through it.

I know, man.

It was terrible.

James and I, you know, we're
buddies right off the the bat.

We both worked hard.

He's eye guy's-guy.

We can talk straight up.

Everything he tells me I believe it.

Could I beat James if it was
me and him in the final two?

No, but I don't see us in the final two.

We stay strong, dude.

That's the deal.

For real.

I'm going to form an
alliance with everyone I can.

My strategy is to keep
everyone on my side, man.

Here's the thing, Candice,

keep your eye out for JT and James.

I know that James and
Amanda played together.

And you know Tom and Stephenie.

Do you know any of these players?

I don't know them, but I know that there's
people that, you know, are already aligned.

I know that you know that.

That's my concern.

The first couple of days
are always the worst out here.

Because you don't have everything settled.

You don't know everybody.

And so it's always kind of awkward.

What do you know about cirie?

You mean, like, how
she played the game?

I don't know anything about her.

I don't know her.

She and Amanda were
on the same season, right?


Are they friends?

Going into the game again,

I'm worried about people
who have a history together.

They've played on seasons before together.

And I don't really have anyone that I have
a solid history with going into the game.

Well, didn't take long
for the game to start.


We're back again.

I know.

What do you think?

I don't know yet.

What do you think?

I don't know, I'm trying...

trying to assess the situation.

Year, exactly.

We can't be off alone like this, though.

Target, target, target,

Micronesia target.

James, myself, and cirie, you know,
we played this game together before.

I played this twice with
James in China and Micronesia.

I played it once with cirie.

And cirie and I went to the end together.

We were in an alliance the whole time so
we're going to have to watch our distance

because if people think we're too chummy
it could definitely play against us.

So how you doing, my friend?

I'm glad we're on the same tribe.

Yeah, that's great.

It's like deja vu.

Hopefully we can run this thing where
we avoid tribal council in the beginning.

Yeah, but I'm trying to think
who I want to get involved with here.

- Right.
- If I first...

My closest ally is Stephenie.

We played well together
in our season in Palau.

And I was thrilled to see her back
here on this beach in my tribe.

I think Colby, JT, and
you would be my choice,

but like you said we
don't know what's going on.

I'm going to try to work with Stephenie as far as
we can but she might not be my smartest end player.

If I were to get that far in
the game and were to face a jury,

I want somebody else who won the
million dollars to sit next to me.

So, you know, seeing you right away.

I will, you know, you want to make
some kind of an oath, whatever.

- You and I need each other.
- I know.

- Because we both won the money.
- They have to choose one of us.

If either one of us, no
matter how good a game we play,

- goes up against someone
who didn't win... - we lose.

- It's a good plan.
- All right.

People are expecting me to be that guy they
saw on "Tocantins" the guy who stuck by his word

and did everything he had to do.

But this game is completely different.

Everybody already seen me play.

You're my guy till the end.

You got me.

I need you, and you need me.

We need each other.


To win this game of "Survivor" you
have to have a dark side somewhere.

You have to be willing to sacrifice some of
your integrity to make it far in this game,

and I'm not looking to save my Hero name.

I'm here to do what I have
to do to win this game.

So it's going to be a whole
different ballgame for me.

Sandra, do you know how to do this?

It's not working.

I think I'm not going to do this anymore.

We got 10 people here.

They don't want to do anything for
more than, like, 10 minutes at a time.

I know.

But nobody has any energy
because we don't have any water.

Everybody's going to be dead for
this challenge if we don't get water.


We have to build a fire.

It's been six years since I've played
the game, and a lot has changed.

Like there's nobody here
that wants to do anything.

They don't want to build a shelter.

They don't want to try
to get a fire going.

It's not that they don't know what to do.

They've all played "Survivor" before.

Sandra's won the game.

So they know what they're doing,

and it's, like, ripping at my every fiber.

My wife told me have
patience. Amber, I'm trying.

You're... you're just going
to carve a gouge in there...

a little gouge.

And then I'm going to take another
piece of bamboo and rub it like this.

You know, nobody's going to
get voted out for not making fire,

and nobody's going to get
to stay trying to make fire.

So why don't we blow it off?

Do you think?

You're just going to aware yourself out.

I feel like I want to at least try it.

You know, I played this game before,

and if you don't have flint
and steel, you can't make fire.

Not by rubbing two sticks together.

This game lasts 39 days.

I think we'll get fire
by the end of 39 days.

Slow, short strokes at first.

Starting to get some smoke.

Oh, my God!

Keep going.

Real fast now.

Here we go!

Three, two, one. Do it.

It's happening.

This is happening.

Rob, you're the man
counsel down here, too.

None of us is going to do anything.

You're in charge.


I'm still the same guy I was
the first time I played this game.

That competitiveness, that
cut throatness, that's me.

At the same time,

a lot has happened with me
personally in my life in the six years

since I've played this game last.

You know, I got married. I had a kid.

I'm learning compromise and patience.

But look at these people. You know.

Not the brightest bulbs, and I'm here trying
to make the most of it, trying to make it work.

We've got fire!


I wouldn't believe it if I didn't see it.

I know, man.

I gotta tell you, I'm a little in awe
of Rob, and I'm not like that with people.

You know, he's played it twice.

He's intuitive and
ingenious and very smart.

So that's great.

He's a great guy to have on the tribe.

You are the man.

And when you're talk I'm like...
I'm literally hanging on every word.

I appreciate it, I do.

I'm like hanging on every word.

We made fire, and now Coach is going off
with Boston Rob like he's a Hero or something.

I'm romancing on my
idol, what can I say?

Rob, he thinks he's
the boss of the camp.

He thinks he's in control.

But this is my mountain and
I'm still the king of the hill.

"Survivor "is my palace.

And I'm still the thing
unless I'm dethroned.

You know what?

That ain't going to happen.

Jeff: Coming up on this special two-hour
season premiere of "Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains... "

we have to divide them.

Jeff: Survivors ready?


Come on, Heroes!

Jeff: Coach is leading the tribe of Villain
using all of that life experience in a kayak.

It's only a matter of time before
that tribe self-destructs self-destructs.

Being able to get out in the ocean,
that's where I feel most comfortable.

But my toe is broken at least two places.

And I haven't caught a darn fish yet.

It would be better off for me right now,

especially with my darn
toe, to be a worker bee.

I'm going to start a
fire. You can do this.

Just start the damn fire.

Gosh darn it.

Come on. Come on. Come on.

You can do this.

Rupert the fire maker.

He shaved half the
magnesium off the flint.

You know, still couldn't get the fire.

You don't want to say anything.

You just sit there and watch
because his ego is so humongous.

What can you say?

Smell smoke, right?

Yeah, I tell you why it can't root

You want to go ahead.

But I've been sitting here for a while, and
I... I've had some hellacious piles of magnesium.

It's okay.

It's a state of mind.

Making fires is as much a
state of mind as anything.

Got to make fire, man.

Wow, that's looking...
now we're talking.

The only thing that I'm worried
about is my darn broken toe.

If it starts coming up more and more about how much pain
I'm really in and what I really can bring to this tribe,

because I haven't done a
whole lot yet, that worries me.

Good for you guys.

You just scoot up.

Tyson and I decided we wanted to try to climb
this coconut tree to get the palm fronds off.

Jerri, give me the knife.

Is it too dangerous?

It's pretty precarious with the wind.

The wind is blowing up there.

Amber's not gonna like this

get down.

She's like, "why did
you let him do that?"

he's a father.

I was told not to do anything stupid.

You go ahead and try.

I could probably go up there and get them
but why would I risk falling and getting hurt?

Man it's higher than it looks.

But I know somebody who is so full
of themselves they'll have to do it

because they're the greatest and the best
and every day out here they get stronger.

He wants to be a Hero, but he's really
a Villain, so we'll see how this goes.

I say don't do it.

Get your ass up that tree, will you!

Boston Rob and I do
have a good time together.

I like talking to him because
he's sharp and I like that.

And he's going to challenge me,

and I think I'm going to challenge him.

I think I need somebody
who is able to sharpen me.

Iron sharpens iron.

Come on you can do it

at least he'll land in the water.

You want to make a bet? >> what.

If he makes it or not.

I'll bet you a dollar.

The person I think I'm
most like is Boston Rob.

Seeing Rob here it reminds me
of when he played the first time.

I loved him.

All right.

All right, a dollar that
he won't make it to the top?

And you're saying a dollar he will do it?

He's going to do it.

That's someone I can see myself aligning
with until it's time to cut his throat.

Sometimes you got to go retrieve
dragon eggs in the tree.

I bet on you!


I bet that you would make it.

I bet that you'd fall in the water.

Oh, he's giving up!

Oh, no!

He's giving up!

You're not a warrior!

Get up there.

Get back down, get back down.


Sandra, winner, from
Boston Bob the loser.

Boston Bob.

So I bowed out, swallowed my pride.

Not worth it.

Tucked my tail, went back down.

Man, you cost me.

I won.

I made a bet and I lost.

I could have probably made it
up to where it starts getting...

should-a, would-a
could-a didn't.

But it's not worth it.

Could I make it up there? Yes?

But if I fall up...
up... why risk that.

From the Hero to the zero.

From the Villain to the never was.

This game, it's a reflection of
your life and you don't even realize it.

I guess in life I always need a protector of some
sort, and especially in the game of "Survivor."

So now I'm starting to realize that I've
got these sexy young men on my tribe.

What's going on over there, Colby?

It was night two.

People are starting to fade off
and get some much-needed rest.

That's what we have to have
to stay strong and compete.

Is that a satellite or shooting star?

Sugar, she just
starts chatting up again,

and not whispering but chatting up loud.

You guys are all spooning.

I don't want to spoon.

And you can start to feel and
see everyone kind of wrestle weak.

I couldn't even roll over

without her rolling over or putting her arms around me or
them when I would just lay there still like I was in a coffin,

she'd grab my hands and put them on her.

I'm just not interested.

Do you want me to
go back to that corner?

Let's go.

Go in the corner where we were.

She chased me all around the shelter.

Wherever I'd go, two seconds
later, she'd show up there.

She's becoming a bit annoying.

Nobody really had a good
night's sleep because of her.

If you ruffle the feathers of tribe

everybody talked about
what they want to eat tonight?

We gotta boil the eggs.


You want chicken.

First challenge?

Heck, yeah.

The rooster ain't doing nothing anyway.

And he's biggest.

The other ones have a gimmick
at least they can make eggs.

We're thinking cooking a rooster,
depending on how much fish we get.

There are some parallels in how you decide which chicken to eat in
the same way you devour your enemies in the game of "Survivor."

If they're producing eggs they'll
probably stay around camp for a long time.

If they're not, they're going
to start hitting the barbecue.

Anybody want to do the
honor or should I go ahead?

You do it.

Go ahead.

Yeah, JT, he did it old school.

Oh, my God!

He just grabbed it by its neck
and spun it around until it was done.

Wow, you are so country.

My great-great grandmother did that to me one
time when I was three and scared the life about me.

He grabbed one and spun it around by its neck
and popped its head off and it ran around.

We were screaming.

We didn't know what to do.

It was traumatic.

It's funny now.

It smells good.

I can smell it already.

It's pretty good.

It is good.

You know, it's little victories
like the chick than get you fired up.

It just goes to show we
have sustainability out here.

That's a huge thing.

Thank you.

Thanks for cooking, boys.

I think the Villains can
stay positive for a short time.

But without fire, without
the small victories,

it's only a matter of time
before that tribe self-destructs.

Living large or Hero beach, James.

It's good to be a Hero.

Tree mail!

This challenge is a big one.

It's not for the stupid or weak.

You've been here before, so save
your excuses at tribal council.

Feel free to speak.

Life's tough enough on the island,

but suffering hunger and thirst,

so don't add to the humiliation by
being the one who is voted off first.

The Villains were beaten
the other day but not broken.

Today, we build ourselves up again to go out
there and to thrash the Heroes unmercifully.

Today is the difference
maker in whole game.

We're gonna win.

Hopefully we will not only defeat them
but we will beat them as well, mentally.

And turn things around for the better.


Get your evil on!

I got my evil right here.


Jeff: Come on in, guys!

So Heroes, you guys had
fire. JT, how's it going?

Were you able to get fire going?

Yeah, it's been pretty good, actually.

We're staying a lot drier than I expected.

Our roof is pretty thatched
pretty well so we kept dry.

Tom how's the food?

It's going pretty good.

We got lucky with one rooster,

three hens, had a nice breakfast today.

Jeff: Rob, what's going
on over at the Villains' camp?

It's not quite as good as the way they're
talking over there our shelter is terrible.

It's not that bad.

It's terrible.

It's really bad.

Jeff: And there in lies the difference
between Coach, who can endure anything,

and the rest of us who would
like something to lie down on.

You guys ready to get to
your first immunity challenge?

Do it.


Jeff: All right, for today's challenge,
six tribe members will race to assemble a boat.

You must then use seven planks
to keep the boat together.

You'll paddle out, grab
a torch, paddle back,

where you will remove the seven planks
and bring them back to the start.

The four remaining tribe
members must then solve a puzzle.

Once you have the puzzle completed,

you will use those planks to build a ladder to allow
you to place the puzzle in its appropriate spot.

It's then a race to the top.

First tribe to get all their

members to the top, light their
fire barrel, wins immunity.

This is what you want in this game.

If you have immunity, you are safe.

You can't be voted out.
Without it, you are vulnerable.

Losing tribe goes to tribal council where somebody will be
the first person voted out of "Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains."

One item of note... both Candis and Parvati have both
competed in their challenge in their original season.

In the Cook Islands they
were on the same tribe.

They were winners.

Today they are opponents.

See how it plays out.

I'll give you a minute to strategize
and we'll get started started.

All right, here we go.

At stake, immunity and for
the Villains, fire if they win.

Survivors ready?


Come on, Heroes!

Come on, Villains.

Get ugly!

Jeff: You need all the pieces.

You need the planks.

You need your paddles.

You need all of it.

Both tribes doing a good job of getting all their pieces
out in the water to start putting this boat together.

James carrying two by himself.

Hold that.

Let's go, guys. Hey, let's go.

We've got to put these together.

Let's go, Heroes!

Jeff: Heroes getting
it together quickly.

Villains already falling behind.

One small hole.

Jeff: Gotta get those planks in.

That's what's keeping your boat together.

Parvati, Coach, Tyson, Courtney,
Russell and Danielle struggling early.

Oh, my God.

Everything strapped.

Jeff: Heroes have their boat
together and they're heading out.

Yeah, Heroes!

Keep it up!

Jeff: Heroes with a
nice lead right off the bat.

Put it together.

Jeff: Heroes doing a good job.

Everybody working together.

These three holes close together here.

Jeff: Villains starting to panic
a little seeing that lead increase.

Let's just cruise up on it.

Jeff: Heroes are already at their fire.

JT has the torch.

Heroes are now heading back.

Villains finally have their boat together.

They're heading out.

Heroes look like they've been
paddling together forever.

Great rhythm.

Everybody working together well.

Good lead, guys!

I hate them so bad.

Jeff: Coach leading the tribe of Villains
using all of that life experience in a kayak.

Got it.

Jeff: Villains have their torch.

Parvati lights it.

Villains are now heading back.

Only on the right.

And stroke, stroke.

Let's go, come on, guys!

Run it in!

Run it in!

You now have to take that boat apart.

You need those seven planks.

Get those planks off!

Jeff: Once you can get those
planks off, take them and get up there.

Heroes have their planks.

They're heading up to the puzzle.

Good job, guys!

Good job! Good job!

Jeff: Gotta get your planks here
before you can start on your puzzle.

Heroes now with an early lead.

Working on this puzzle.

Villains, you need to pick it up.

Stroke! Stroke!

Take your time. Don't panic.

Jeff: This is a four-layer puzzle.

In our 20th season of "Survivor," you can expect
difficult challenges and difficult puzzles.

Get out, get out.

Jeff: Villains are back.

Get those seven planks and get back here.

Come on, guys.

Wait, wait, that's not right.

Got it.

Jeff: Villains heading
back with their seven planks.

Come on, come on, come on!

Jeff: Start!

Villains now working on their puzzle.

Villains hoping to make up some time.

Rob, Sandra, Randy, Jerri working
on the puzzle for the Villains.

There it is. That's it, that's it.

Jeff: It's Amanda, Cirie, Sugar,
and Rupert working for the Heroes.

The question is, did you pick the
right four to put the puzzle together?

Something has to go down here.

Come on, guys.

You got it.

Jeff: Rob and Sandra doing
a great job on the puzzle.

I don't think

something's not right.

Something has to go here.

Jeff: Amanda and cirie start to panic.

Rupert now getting in it for the
Heroes, trying to get something going.

Heroes have had a big lead
and it is all but gone.

Jeff: Sandra and Rob
working together very well.

You guys are doing a good job.

That goes there

Jeff: Sandra feeling very confident.

Heroes not confident at all.

Sugar watching it fall apart. And
the Heroes are back to the start.

All the pieces out,
they are starting over.

Villains are now in the
lead in this challenge.

Only five pieces left. Are they right?

Heroes still trying to figure out
the first piece of this puzzle.

Maybe there are two different
pieces that fit into the same thing.

Sugar now getting involved.

Y'all calm down and
just let two people do it

Jeff: Villains getting very close.

Do they have it?

They do!

Villains have their puzzle completed.

Villains have their puzzle put together.

Now they have to put the seven planks
in the right spot to build a ladder.

Heroes you need to keep it going going.

Wait, wait, wait.

Jeff: Villains with
a big come-from-behind.

Villains have their ladder built.

Got to put the puzzle in.

Watch your hands.

Jeff: It's in.

Everybody to the top.

Go, go, go!

Jeff: It started at
as blowout for the Heroes.

It is ending as a
blowout for the Villains.

Light it up, light it up, light it up!

Jeff: Villains win
first immunity challenge!


Jeff: Villains, congratulations.

Immunity keeps you safe
from tribal council.

Fire will hopefully
get your camp in order.

Yes! >> yeah! >> yes!

Jeff: Sugar, three days into this
game, right on cue, you're crying.


Jeff: All right, Heroes.

Tribal council tonight.

One of the 10 of you will be the first person
voted out of "Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains."

Grab your stuff. Head back to camp.

I will see you at tribal.

Villains, congratulations.

Grab your stuff. Head back to camp.

Sugar is having some sort of
emotional breakdown on day three,

she's not fit to be out
here another 36 days.

Losing her, we're going to miss...

Yeah, I don't think
we're going to miss much.


All right!

Good job.

Good work.

Now we have a relaxing afternoon.

Nobody has to go cut anybody's throat.

We just have a nice night.

It was exciting to win
the immunity challenge.

We had to do it because we didn't want one of our
people to be the first to leave "Heroes vs. Villains."

Now we're trying to figure out who
they're going to send home and why.

Well, Tom and Stephenie are together.

They were together from before.

James has to be with cirie and
Amanda and what's the other one?

I don't know if cirie
and Amanda are together

when push comes to shove and
nobody wants to go home first,

it's about who you've
been with and who you know.


What I like about it
is they all shook up now.

Now they are divided.

They have to divide them.

The Heroes got their asses handed to them.

And, you know what, we were having a
good time just sitting back loving it.

Oh, I'm happy!

Keep going, keep going.

It strengthens our tribe and
it weakens the Heroes' tribe.

We looked like a
team a little bit today.

Like eight out of 10, eight I%...

a solid b-plus.

They have to stab somebody in the back.

They're over there being Villains.

That's what they're doing.

This is not good.

Nobody in a million years would have guessed
we are going to tribal council on day three.

Hopefully this loss does nothing to our momentum
other than show us that we're vulnerable.

They might be a little more sneaky and a little more game
play and a little more puzzle oriented, and that's fine.

Well, they wanted it pretty bad.

They needed it.

And we were a little cocky.

We walked in there like the Heroes.

You know, there's big
S's on all of our chests.

This Heroes vs. Villians
is going to be a tough one.

When we thought we had it in
the bag, they showed us we don't.

You guys want some coconuts?

Go see what trike looks like.

Wasn't that interested.

Neither was I.

I think Amanda should just go.



That's fine with me.

As long as it's not me.

Fricking awesome with me if... is concerned

When... we lost, I
felt really, really awful.

I helped us lose, I guess,
because I was on the puzzle,

and I felt bad because we
had such a good lead before.

I just of the disappointed
in myself and scared.

I don't want to talk to anybody.

Me, either.

I'm so depressed right now.

These are all people, some of them have all
played together before, and they're really good.

And I think that Amanda and James are together
so we have to break that up, if at all possible.

Sugar thinks it's Amanda.

I don't agree with her on that.

We got to go Sugar first.

They're sitting fishing?? back right? No

I think Sugar.

I think everyone's thinking Sugar.


They want to do, um, Sugar tonight.

Ye, that's what I figured.

Sugar's going, right?

I guess.

Looks like Sugar.

Is that done?




What are you thinking?

I'm thinking that you have a follower and you have
one of the smartest strategic players in the game.

Why are we taking out the follower
instead of the strategic player.

Cirie has run this game a few times, so...

I really believe that
when you identify a threat,

you take them out as soon as possible.

You don't wait.

People did that on my season,

and they waited too long.

And then they didn't get the
opportunity to get rid of me.

So I don't want to have those
regrets that those people had.

I have no
problem... problem...

just a thought. Just a thought.

I'm down with that.

Cirie is just a brilliant
strategist in the game.

She's proven that, so I'm just
a little nervous to give her a

so I told you three
my concerns about cirie.

Cirie, I worry about her the most.


Cirie's tricky.

So who are we voting for?

That's what I'm...


They're voting for Sugar.

Who's voting for sugar?

The other group.

Do we need to break
up Tom and Stephenie?

I agree.

Why waste a vote.

And you're not going to
be able to get him later.

Who are we voting?

Tom or Stephenie.

You have to make a decision
which one before we go back

because we're not going
to be able to talk again.

The word on the street is
Sugar is supposed to go tonight.

Why Sugar?

Sugar, yes, she's annoying which is even
a better reason for me to keep her around

because as long as there's somebody
annoying and somebody Liz strong than I am,

then that takes the target off of me.

So if we could get one of the stronger players out
like Tom or Stephenie, that would be better for me.

So I'd rather not have Sugar go tonight.

My concern is if we don't knock
one of them out, like Stephenie,

who... we're going to lose
challenges without Stephenie?


She's a really strong swimmer.

And can't...
and Sugar is not?

I don't think so

I'm just...
you know.

There is an advantage of keeping
Stephenie right now and getting rid of Sugar,

physically, like, for the challenges.

But strategically, Stephenie
has got game and she has to go.

You think Stephenie?

The smartest... the smartest
move right now would be Stephenie.

I mean, think about it.

We want to make moves that's gonna guarantee
you... us, you know, getting further in the game.

It's so hard.

You want to keep your team strong but strategically
you want to put yourself in a good position.

Either you do it for challenges or you get rid of
someone for strategic reasons or you just don't like them.

Cirie and I are here for blood, okay.

We are here to win this thing.

Jeff: Behind each of you is a torch.

Go ahead and grab a torch.

Approach your flame,
dip it in, and get fire.

This is part of the ritual of
tribal council because in this game,

as you know, fire represents your life.

As long as you have fire,
you're still in the game.

When your fire is gone, so are you.

That will be the case
for one of you tonight.

First, let me just welcome to you tribal.

We're 40 feet in the air
in the middle of the jungle.

No roof.

If it rains, we will get wet.

As I'm sure will happen
once or twice out here.

I just want to look at some of the
reasons you might vote somebody off.

Tom, how big a factor do you
think prior relationships,

you and Stephenie, Amanda and cirie,

people that have played together before that others
might look at and think they've got to be friends.

They've got to be in an alliance.

They know each other.

I think we all worried
about that coming into it.

I think it's pushed to the side.

We realize you have to give everybody
a clean slate and take it from there.

I'm not too worried about
previous relationships.

Jeff: Sugar, you
haven't played with anybody.

Do you buy what Tom is saying.

It's fine, it's a clean slate.

I don't care if they
knew somebody else before.

I thought that was a really good
speech but I do think that is a factor,

people who have played together and people who knew
each other and people who hang out, or whatever.

Jeff: What about past success.

Amanda, you've played twice, and
you've made it to the end both times.

Do you find yourself already trying to deflect
some of the attention that might be on you?

You know, one thing that I did in both my seasons
to get to the end was to make loyal alliances.

So I think in a way it's
a positive thing for me.

And, yeah, I haven't won.

Like, obviously, we
all know I'm I'm...

that was the best tribal
council question you answered.

You answered that really correctly.

I'm surprised.

You said it out loud.

Jeff: You're surprised and I'm excited.

It took me a while, but
I'm getting the hang of it.

So, yeah, it's both.

I mean, there's people in
this game that have won.

I mean, come on, you know.

Jeff: Cirie, you're the woman that stayed
at home and watched "Survivor" on the couch

and now here you are for the third time,
yet another reason to get rid of somebody.

She's grown into a bona
fide threat to win the game.

How do you defend that
first tribal council?

Well, like you said, Jeff,
everybody here is a threat.

If they weren't threatening,
they wouldn't be here.

Jeff: Stef, that's really what we're
getting at, at this first tribal council.

There's a reason to get rid
of every single person up here.

Well, I think, as far as
trying to make a decision tonight,

it's the first one, and
that's the hardest, I think.

But we don't want to come back here.

What I'm doing is I'm going to go with who I
think is the weakest for the team right now.

And will help us... the strongest
help us continue to win.

Jeff: Let's talk
about today's challenge.

James, first half of the challenge
you guys smoked them by a long ways.

Then we got to the puzzle.

Amanda, Sugar, cirie, Rupert. Disaster.

Nobody was focusing.

Everybody had their own opinion.

It was like everybody wanted
to solve the puzzle differently.

But hopefully, they'll focus next time
because this just can't happen no more.

Jeff: Cirie, if it's you
tonight is it fair to take it

because you were one of the
people that blew it on the puzzle?

I don't think one challenge should determine
your worth in the long run of this game.

It could be Tom and Stephenie, and
they could have lost the puzzle.

Jeff: Sugar, you were one of the
four people that blew it on the puzzle.

I know.

Jeff: There's no debate about that.

Would it be fair to say vote Sugar out?

That's why I was crying.

Jeff: Because you're afraid
that might be the reason.

Jeff: Would that be criteria
enough for you to get rid of somebody?

No, not me.

I wouldn't vote somebody out just because they
were part of a team that didn't win the challenge.

Jeff: Candice, you
gotta vote somebody out.

Does it make it easier for to you say well
I could just simply blame it on the puzzle?

I think the people who stepped
up to do the puzzle were pretty brave

so I think we should appreciate
that they stepped up to do that

and start voting people out for that because
otherwise nobody is ever going to do the puzzle.

Jeff: Tom, do you vote tonight based
on long-term game or short-term game?

I think people are
developing their relationships,

and kind of everyone is always
looking towards the end game,

but that's not what we're working on now.

We're working on staying
strong with your best people

and let's not come back here any more and we
don't have to worry about who we're voting out.

Jeff: Candice, a lot of
these people know each other.

Is the first tribal council maybe an opportunity to take
one person out of the equation and really change things up?

I think the first tribal council
is an opportunity to do anything.

We've got 10 people here, and there's
a lot of different ideas going around.

So, yes or no.

Jeff: All right, well, clearly,

there's a legitimate reason to
vote every single person out.

The only thing left to do is find
out who that person is going to be.

It is time to vote.

Candice, you're up.

Jeff: I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

The person voted out will be asked to
leave the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Sugar.

Sugar. Two votes Sugar.

Sugar. That's three votes Sugar.

Sugar. That's four votes Sugar.

Amanda. Four votes Sugar, one vote Amanda.

That's five votes Sugar, one vote Amanda.

First person voted out of
"Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains."



Well, you all better win.

Jeff: Sugar, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.


Jeff: All right first person
voted out of this game, a Hero.

After you get back to camp and get your fire going,
should be one thing on your mind... getting even.

Grab your torches. Head back
to camp. Try to stay dry.

Sync Corrected dny238

Jeff: Next time on "Survivor":

Rob? Rob.

You can open your eyes for us?

Jeff: Rob, can you hear me?

Sync Corrected dny238

it's not a great feeling to
be the first person voted off.

I was crying today because I'm dramatic and
I felt like I lost the game for everybody.

And I think they did probably make
the right decision in voting me out