Survivor (2000–…): Season 2, Episode 2 - Suspicion - full transcript

Both tribes are having trouble getting food. Suspicion arises when one castaway claims to have seen another eating beef jerky. Kucha looks to even the score with Ogakor in an immunity challenge that will make you cringe.

Previously on Survivor:

Two tribes were abandoned

in the middle
of the Australian outback...


We're Kucha?

...and had to make
a treacherous hike

to find their camps.

I'm a little tired.

This rice is very heavy.

But not everybody could
stomach the trek.

All of a sudden,
I just got sort of nauseous,

and I kept thinking to myself,

"I'm not going to get sick."

( retching )

At Ogakor, tensions simmered
between Keith and Jerri.

I don't even really want
to attempt to start a fire

until we get it
where we want to keep it.

I think we start the fire...
we take it where we want to.

He might very well
not even be aware

of some of the condescending

remarks he made to me,

but I'm not the kind of

person to just let it
slide off my back.

At Kucha,
there wasn't enough food

to put in their mouths...

I'm looking at bugs.

...but there was plenty

of Kimmi's mouth to go around.

We was back-to-back,
he farted in my...

It rebounded...

Kimmi will not shut up.

I just want to grab her
by the neck

and shake the ...
out of her.

Ogakor won
the immunity challenge...

The immunity idol. Kucha had
to make the long hike

to Tribal Council.

Debb was the first person
voted out.

The tribe has spoken.

15 people left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

-== [ ] ==-

I saw Mike getting up
really early.

The sun was just coming up.

Everybody was asleep,
and I woke up

and I saw Mike messing
around with the fire

and putting stuff on the pot,

and I couldn't understand
what he was doing.

And so as we were waking up,
we realized he put rice on,

and nobody said anything
about eating rice.

Nobody said they were hungry.

And he left.

He just put the rice on,
and he left.

Are you making rice?

Mike is.

Mike's making rice

I hope everybody's hungry.

I'm not hungry at all.

That was totally not cool.

No, I don't think that was good.

When it comes to food,

it has to be a group decision,
since we don't have much.

Mike was hungry.

That's why he did that.

And that is another indication

of Mike being Mike;
about himself.

Every day we've been
having breakfast

first thing in the morning,

and I got up, and I thought
I was being really helpful,

and I cleaned the pot
and I boiled the water

and I made the rice,

and I was going
to have a warm meal

for everybody
when they woke up.

Dig in, let's go.

It's like rice porridge.

It cooked too long,

and it was mashy and just nasty.

You know what?
We could use this

as the wallpaper glue
to hold everything together.

It was odd that in fact

it not only wasn't

they didn't like it.

Mike, baby, we love you,
but you're not qualified.

I think people are starting

to get a little bit edgy
without food,

and they don't realize how bad
it's going to get.

I'm a student of nutrition,

and I know what this is doing
to my body.

But these other people
have no idea.

If they did, they would be out
fishing and hunting for food.

But they don't.

I guess maybe the way
that I can convince them

of the importance of the food
is by catching a lot of it

and then feeling full one time
and seeing

what happens to their body
and how much energy they have.

Maybe that's how
I can convince them.

Maralyn, I'm going to go
out and check the trap.


Kel is like the fisherman
of the group.

He's very persistent
in that area,

and part of me thinks

it's because he feels
if he does catch a fish,

that might,
um, keep him here longer.

Good luck.

Thank you. Thank you.

There's a time to be energized,

and then there's a time
to just chill out.

So we're going
to the family whirlpool.

This will feel so good.

You'll be in ecstasy.

( indistinct chatter )

Look at us,

just hanging out
like we're on

This is great.

Our food strategy
right now is rice.

I mean, rice is our staple.

I don't see that rice
lasting us more than ten days.

We do need to get some fish
out of this river.

Our plan for getting food is,

We don't really have
a good plan, actually.

No fish.

Are we worried

if there's no fish
in the water?

I'm not worried.

There ain't no fish
in this water,

I'll tell you that.

I say stop wasting the energy
on fishing.

And I don't think there's any
fish out there.

We've got some great hooks
that were in the crate,

but I don't have
any fishing line.

And so what I've had to use
is twine,

and twine, um, is not as
great as fishing line--

it breaks, you have
to weave it together

to get through the hole.

The fish can see it, obviously,
and plus the twine floats,

so I have to tie a rock

to the twine
to make the twine sink,

which makes it even more
noticeable to the fish.

Kel's done a little
bit of fishing which just,

I mean, come on,

the guy couldn't fish
a rubber ducky out of a bathtub.

The bait choices,
the-the lines...

He's just going about it
the wrong way.

So I've been trying to fish
every day,

and I've been unsuccessful,
but I'm not going to quit.

I'm going to keep on doing it
and doing it and doing it

until I can find
a great fishing spot

or a technique that works.

Believe me, when he goes out,

I'm hoping more than anybody
that he's going

to come back with some fish
and some shrimp,

and he'll have
a big seafood buffet.

Any luck out there?

No, but there are fish
out there.

I saw quite a few.

But it's not happening.

And it's... ( laughs )

He's just, he's not a
fisherman, obviously.

He should keep his day job.

( laughs )

Oh, wow.


This is big time.

It's a reward.

There we go.

"A leap of faith is
not for the skilled.

"Just step off the edge,
try not to get killed.

Like Sundance and Butch..."

( gasps ):
We're jumping off
a cliff.

"'ll jump
from a cliff.

Count on your friends while
you're set adrift."

You guys?

We've got a big one.

Did anybody see

We get two blankets
if we win.

Oh, my gosh.

Feel it.
Two full-size blankets.

How nice it'll be
with blankets, man.

Oh, my God.

We'll definitely sleep
through the night

if we have blankets.

Everybody has to jump?

You're jumping off a
cliff, bad boy.

Can you jump
off a cliff?

Into what?
Into water.

"Step off the edge"?

that's going over something.

And we're off the edge.

Yeah, I'm psyched.

"And try not to get killed."

Today's challenge is,
I believe,

is probably going
to be jumping off a cliff

into some water.

Water is not my finest...
my uh, finest point,

so, uh, I'm a little

But, uh, I figure

if the rest of them
can do it, I can, too,

so I'm going
to give it a shot.

We got your back.
We got your back.

Rodger is the

only one that
I'm a little iffy about.

I think everybody else is going
to go over it.

But he can't swim.

He can tread water, lightly.

I just, basically,
learned to swim

right before we came out here.

Plus I'm... I really got a
little fear of heights, too.

I mean, you're talking to a guy

that wouldn't even ride the
Ferris wheel at the fairs,

'cause I just-just never did
like heights.

What's up, guys?

This is a reward challenge.

It's called "Butch Cassidy" and

you're playing
for two warm blankets.

It is the rainy season.

They're probably going
to come in handy.

The game is this:

There are two crates,
one for each tribe,

anchored out in the water below.

Your challenge:

Get your tribe's crate across
the finish line

at the old miner's camp first.

Winners keep the blankets
that are sealed inside.

One member from each tribe,
on my start,

is going to jump off this cliff,

they'll swim out and
grab on to the crate.

And then the next member
will jump off and swim out.

You can't jump until the person
in front of you

has touched the crate.

Once all the members
from the tribe have arrived,

you've got to dive down,

unhook the crate
from its anchor,

and then swim with it
down the river

through the rapids
and make your way up the beach.

First tribe to get their crate
onto the platform

at the end wins the challenge
and the blankets.

Let's go, Kucha, let's go.

( indistinct conversations )

Just run and jump
and work magic.

Survivors ready?


( excited shouting, whooping )

( screaming )

Go, Mike, go!

Go, go, go, go, go!

( indistinct shouting )

Go left, Mike, go left!

( excited shouting )

Go, Mike!
Go, Mike!

That a way, Mitchell!
Go, Mitch, go!

Come on, Mitchell! Go!

( laughter )
Oh, my God!


( excited shouting continues )

( excited shouting continues )

Good job! Go! Go! Go!

( laughter )

Go! Go! Go! Go!

Come on, Rodger!

Let's go, man!

( excited shouting continues )

Come on, Rodger. Let's go, man!

( others continue shouting )

Go, go, go, go, go!

Come on, Rodger!
Come on, Rodger!

Come on, Rodger, you can do it!

Come on, Rodger!
You can do it!

You can do it, Rodger!

Let's go.
Here we go.

( indistinct shouting )

Ready? Go.

Come on.

Did you get it?

I got it.
Go! Go!

Go! Go!

Good job. Pull!

Go to the right!
Go to the right!

Go to the right!
Go to the right!

Nobody gives up,
nobody gives up.

Go, Kucha!

Oh, my God.

Hang right! Hang right!

( indistinct shouting )

( panting )

( all talking and panting
at once )

Guys, get those...

Oh, the sand's so hot!

( indistinct talking )

( grunts )

Nice job, guys.
Way to go, guys.

One, two, three.

( whooping )

( panting, sighing )
Good job, guys.

I'm glad that's over.
You swam more than

you've ever swum
in your life.

Guys, open that crate up--
blankets inside.

All right!
Oh, yeah!

Okay, you guys are

on a hot streak-- two in a row.

( birds chirping )

I want to sleep one good night.

Did you sleep good last night?


Neither did I.

You know, all it takes is one

small mound in the ground

to really screw
with your body bad.

You know, we're not getting
eight hours' sleep.

We're not getting... you know,
but a handful of food a day.

But, you know, this is the game
we signed up to play.

You guys hungry?

Are you cooking?

Keith says he's a chef, but...

and it's not that
I don't believe that

he can't cook very well,
you know?

I'm not doubting his talent.

But I think it might be
that he's adding

maybe too much water
to the rice.

It's pasty.
It tastes like glue.

It just... in your mouth,
it goes ( smacking lips )

It's just horrible,
and I can't eat it.

It just...
it didn't make sense.

It didn't make sense.

Like, how could a gourmet chef
not know how to make rice?

There's a bunch more things
we can have than rice,

and I'm ready to start making
some of them.

I remembered that
with flour and water

you can create
some sort of dough.

You know what we can do
while you're doing that?

We're gonna go get
some more wood.

All right.
So we'll be back
in a little while.

Keith is very threatened
by the fact

that I made this tortilla
this morning.

That's why...

I heard them
when they went up on the hill,

and they were gathering wood,
and he was talking again

about what he's gonna to do
with the rice

and the vegetables
and this, and...

you know,
you just have to laugh.

You just have to laugh.
( giggling )

So there's so much work to do
as a team that, uh...

and it's hard, physical labor
to come up here

and grab all these big logs
and stuff and throw them down.

So if she wants to cook
some tortillas for breakfast,

I think it's fantastic.

it's a break for me, you know?

( chuckles ):
No... no worries, mate.

I felt a little bit bad
about it,

but at the same time, you know,
I felt like it was time

for somebody to come in
and take charge

and change the food situation.

Go ahead. Go ahead.

Oh, my God, it is so good.

Thank you.
Ah, you're

I love it!

I love it.
We will eat today.

Slap me five.

Jerri's gonna
take that job over,

which I hope doesn't hurt
Keith's feelings.

You know, I mean,
that's his area,

and it's kind of
a slap in the face.

Thanks, Jerri.
Today's communion.


The finest restaurant
in the world

couldn't make those that nice.

Keith has gone out of his way

to compliment me a lot now,

to, like, try and smooth
the edges.

And I see... I mean,
I see right through it.

I don't...
I don't think his compliments

are necessarily very genuine.

That is good.

I'm so glad
they put wheat in there.

You know, the morale
right now is kind of low,

but I think the tortilla

made everybody spark up,
so I'm really stoked about that.

And I got a few other tricks
to pull out of my sleeve.

I want to bring food today.

If I can keep providing food,

I absolutely am sure
I will make the merger.

If I can't,
I become vulnerable.

I've been thinking a lot
about the fact that

at Tribal Council

it came out
that I was the leader,

and I don't really want
to be seen as the leader.

So if I can get something,

I'll lay real low
on the other leadership areas

and just be the food guy.

We got fish!

It looks like you just went

to the fish market
with all that fish.

Look at that!
Who's better than you right now?

There's nobody I can think of.

When other people catch a fish,

they just catch a fish,
but when Mike catches it,

there are trumpets that blare
and angels that sing.

And, you know, everybody's got
to sit down and gather round him

and hold his hands
and watch him carve it out.

Ow. Here you go.


Dear God, You know I said
a lot of prayers today,

and You answered them

with fish for us.

And I am so happy to be able
to provide fish for the troops.

I know that this could easily
get turned around in some way

to make me be
the leader of the tribe,

but this meal is,
from the bottom of my heart,

makes me so happy to be able
to provide for everybody here.

So... thanks for that.


Good job.

Mike thanked God for making him
the leader of the tribe.

I don't know when
he was anointed, but...

apparently, my back was turned
at that moment.

Oh, my God.

Well, get you
another bite.

No, no, no. Take one bite
and keep passing it.

Michael does like to be

in the limelight--
I don't think

there's any doubt about that.

But as long as Mike keeps
delivering the food,

though, that's gonna be

a hard one to knock off,
you know.

He really thinks
he is leader of this tribe.

I'm telling you now that
there are people in this tribe

that want to vote him off

I am very disappointed

at what happened
five minutes ago.

Jerri reported
to the rest of us

that she had seen Kel
chewing a brown substance--

what she thought was beef jerky.

And I saw him put something
in his mouth,

and it was, like,
dark brown colored,

shredded looking sort of thing.

Jerri blatantly said that
she saw something

that looked
just like beef jerky

go into his mouth, and I...
I believe her, actually.

I guarantee it was.

I saw him chewing...

I saw him chewing, too.

I mean to have your own
team member possibly be

holding food behind you

and surviving on their own
little private stash

while the rest of us are...

basically, is not a good way
to start off on the right foot

with a bunch of strangers.

Because to think that someone
in our own tribe would be,

you know, sneaking
in extra stuff,
especially food.

Well, if you're eating anything
that we aren't eating,

then that's unfair
to the rest of us.

If he had beef jerky...

I'd kill him, dead.

The pot starts to boil.

While Kel was up on the hill,
they rifled through his bag.

You know, it was like
a big feeding frenzy.

You know, "Kel's got
beef jerky," and they said,

"Look in his backpack
real quick,"

and I was standing right there,
and I did it.

And there wasn't anything
in there at all.

But still and yet,

all I was thinking about,
"If I find beef jerky in here,

it's gonna to be ugly."

He's snacking up there,
I know it.

( scattered chuckling )


Within earshot of Kel,

it was overheard,

and Kel came back down.

Hey, Kel.
How you doing?

How are you?

Hey, guys?
Did you find anything?

How are you guys doing?
Did you find anything?

Just a second,
just a second.

How are you
guys doing?

Look, while I was going
up there looking for bait

for fishing, you guys were
talking about that you thought

I was eating beef jerky.

That was a blade of grass,

and I smooshed it
up into my jaw,

and I was chewing
on that.

I was just
chewing grass.

Well, in order to put grass
in your mouth,

you have to go get grass first.

And I don't think you get grass
out of your pocket.

What kind of grass?

Green grass. Just
any kind of grass
you can pick up.

How do you know
it's not poisonous?

Uh, I mean, it looks... it looks
like normal grass, okay?

It just looks like a normal
blade of grass, so I mean...

We don't need you,
uh, sick

at these competitions.
Well, I want to just

make sure that
you guys know that.

I'm really trying to be
a part of this group.

It's really important to me
to try to assimilate.

I mean, I may not be
the most talkative one in here.

I'm a fairly quiet person...


Well, thanks for coming
and telling us.

Yeah, we appreciate
the explanation.

No problem.

We're-we're just,
you know,

when someone's
chewing something

and nobody else is and
everybody's starving.

Well, I just find it
really comical

that you would think
I would do that.

I think it's pretty comical,

I think it's comical myself.

( scattered chuckling )

And that also brings
up another point--

I was going to do this
later on tonight.

I know during
the competition,

you guys were talking about
your faces were getting scruffy,

and the girls were talking about

wanting to shave
their legs.

I've got three blades
out here.

The girls can use one blade, the
guys can use the other blade.

I have no problem with that

He suddenly, at that point,

offered his razor.

And I think that that's
the hugest sign of guilt

is to give to the people
who have just accused you

of something
that is very serious.

I will totally
take you up on that.

That's very gracious
of you, actually.

No problem.

Sorry for the awkward moment.

I will now leave
you guys in peace,

and I'll go in my boat and
try finding some kind of fish

with the bait I have.

I suggested to them all,

"Hey, what you all did
was totally inappropriate.

"It was wrong.

Nobody had any right
to go into Kel's bag."

I said, "Don't you think

that it would be in the best
interest of the team

to be big enough
to apologize to him?"

Without real proof,

it would be very big of us
to apologize.


They said, "No. No."

( laughing )

I think-I think Maralyn
was kind of upset at us.


Gee whiz.

Four days, things are heating up
at our encampment.

It's on a bone.

Oh, boy.

"Want to try a new dish?
Take care what you wish.

"The next challenge
may go too far.

"Just say 'Rub-A-Dub-Dub,
thank God for the grub.'

Close your eyes, plug your nose
and swallow hard."

We're eating.
We're eating bugs.

We're eating
something crazy.

We got this one.

We're eating bugs.

We're eating something.

We should've just been
really hungry this morning.

Food is food, right?

What kind of bug?

It's a worm.

It's grub.

It's grub.
No, it's not a worm.

You guys want
to hear it?

You guys ready to hear this?
It's on a bone.

Our immunity challenge
came to us

and it's something
about "rub-a-dub-dub,

we're eating a grub"
or something.

( exaggerated retch )

Let me go last.

I'm a vegetarian,

which means I don't eat
land-dwelling animals.

I'm not going to compromise my,
you know, situation, um, now.

I'm not eating amphibian.

I'm not eating reptile.

I'm not eating mammal.

I'm not eating fowl.

Kimmi's not going
to compromise her morals.

But coming into a game
like this,

you can't come in with
a whole list of things

you're not going to do
and you're not going to eat

because you're not
helping your tribe,

you're not helping
your team morale.

Yeah, God.

If Rodger can jump off a cliff

and swim that long distance

and down the rapids
with never having swum before,

I think Kimmi should be able
to reach down

and be able to do this.

( sighs ):
Oh, my God.

You know what,
I can't do it,

and I'm disappointing six
people that are rooting for me.

Now, you know,

I have no excuse for-for not
being, um, voted off the island.

I could be gone,
just like that.

I'll take the immunity idol.

It's back up for grabs.

I'll explain the game.

I know you guys are hungry,
so we've put together

one of the finest samplings
of true Aboriginal food,

what they call bush tucker.

As you guys know,
the Aboriginals

have lived out here
for thousands of years,

literally by eating everything.

Nothing goes to waste.

Here's how it's going to work.

One member from each tribe
will come up.

I'll spin the wheel,
and you'll eat what's on here.

Also on the wheel,

some treats that might go down
a little easier.

If you're lucky, maybe you'll
get the fruit or the candy bar.

Since Kucha is short one member,

one of your members
will have to eat twice.

So whoever you select to go
first, will also eat last.

Now if you pass, and you don't
eat or you can't finish,

you lose a point.

At the end of one round,

whoever has the most points
get the immunity idol.

Losers lose another member at
tomorrow night's Tribal Council.

Going down and coming back up
doesn't count.

It's got to stay down.

And the way you know
is you show me your mouth.

I look in, I don't see anything,
I'll say "good to go."

This is mangrove worm.

It lives in little
mangrove trees.

It usually burrows a small hole
in its infancy stage,

and then as it grows,

the hole gets deeper
and deeper and deeper,

sort of like a termite.

What are you taking out?

I'm ready.

You're taking out your teeth.

( scattered chuckling )

Mad Dog has just
taken out her teeth.

Work your magic, Mad Dog.

Oh, my God.

Here we go, guys.

Three, two, one.

You're on.

Go, Maralyn!

Let's see.


( choking )

Come on, Maralyn.

You can do it.
You can do it.

It's an oyster.
It's an oyster.

Got a bucket
if you need it, Maralyn.

You got it.

You got it.

( coughing )

It's all right.

( huffing )


( whooping )


Next two.

( yells )


You got cow brain there.

The good news
is it's pretty fresh.

It should have
a nice taste to it.

You guys ready for this?

Come on, Keith.

Three, two, one.
We're on.

I can't.

I can't eat a brain.

Can we have some to take back
to camp with us?

Yeah, Keith!

You are the man.

You the man, dude!

I can't do it.

Taking a pass, Kimmi?

It's a mammal.

I can't do it.


Okay. Let's see your mouth.

You're good.

Ogakor is one up.

Yo, Keith!

Next two.

That's mud whelk.

It's that shellfish
you find seaside.

Three, two, one.
We're on.

Oh, that's nice.


That's it.
Just swallow it.

You've got to savor it.

Kind of crunchy, huh, Jerri?


Let's get that thing down, Nick.

Yeah, yeah.

No, no, no, hold it,
hold it, hold it.

Hold it.

I'll give you five seconds.


three, two, one.
Come on, Jerri.

Look at that.

All right!

( screams happily )
All right!

( yells happily )

Next two.
Kel and Elisabeth.

You got the apple.


Yeah! Yeah!

Oh, my God.

You want a bite?

Next two.

Whatever it is,
you got it.


That is witchety grub larva.

This will become a moth.

It's in its early stages.

Ogakor you got a lead.

Three, two, one.

Come on, Mitchell.

Yummy, yummy.


Go, Mitchell!
Go, Mitchell!

( laughing and cheering )

Way to go, all right!

Here we go.

You can do it, Amber.

( groans ):
Ah! You suck.

The pinchers, you can break off.

Everything else, you're eating.

Three, two, one.

Go, baby.

Eat it little by little,
if you have to.

( all talking at once )

There you go.
All right.

Potato chips.

Ranch potato chips.

( all talking at once )

Ranch potatoes.

You got it.

Okay, you got it.
Swallow, swallow.


don't think about

what's going through
your head right now.

It's a mental picture.

Look at the candy bar.
Look at the candy bar.

All right!

( cheering )


Good job.

Here we go, guys.

Big bucks, big bucks.
No whammies.

Ooh, get past that.

( cheering )


It's a candy bar.

Life is working for you guys.

Go ahead, man.
You enjoy it.

We're with you in spirit.

Last two.

Tina, Michael, you're up again.

Here's where we're at.

Kimmi passed.

Therefore, Kucha is down
one point.

Tina, if you swallow
this last one,

your team wins immunity.

But if you don't and Michael
swallows his, we have a tie.

This is it, for immunity.

Perfect. Yeah.

You got tripe,
a cow's stomach lining.

Oh, Tina,
that's the best one.

That's a steak.

That's a sirloin.

Three, two, one.
We're on.

Prime rib, baby.
Prime rib.

Prime rib,

prime rib.

It's chewier
than you would expect.

It's prime rib.

( indistinct talking )

It's okay, Tina.


Yeah, baby!
You're good,
Tina, you're good.

( gags )
You're getting

Slimy cow lining.
Let's go, girl.

( gags )
Nutritious lining.

Slimy cow lining.

Cover your mouth.

You got a bucket,
you got a bucket.

It came up.
It came up.

( retching )

It's all right.

No thing, no big thing.

Oh! Sorry, guys.

( cheering )

All right, guys,
here's how the tiebreaker

is going to work.

Ogakor, you select
a member from Kucha.

Kucha, you select your member
from Ogakor.

Tina's up.

Tina's up.

Right here,


your challenge

is going to be to take
a whole mangrove worm.

This is all you, girl.

The first person to
completely swallow it,

show me
their mouth,

that it's empty, wins.

( all talking at once )

( chanting ):
I can eat a worm.

I can eat a worm.

Three, two, one, go.

the whole thing.

Pick it up.

She dropped it.

Eat it, eat it.

You got it.

( all talking at once )

( cheering )

Kimmi, come here.

Immunity for Kucha.

( cheering )

I'll definitely
feel bad

about having to vote
somebody off.

There's some humiliation

with being the first
one voted off.

You know, it's a bittersweet

Actually, it's a bitter

There is no sweetness to it.

We have to eliminate a person
within our group.

It could be me.

I mean,
it really could be me.

For all I know, I could be
the individual going.

Keith is, um, he's
a bit bossy.

He's very condescending,

and he's definitely...
close to going.

If you were looking to
paint a bull's-eye on someone,

obviously Keith has struck
a nerve in a few people.

But also Jerri.

She's certainly, um,

a very strong girl
and very set in her ways.


Sometimes a little
unforgiving in certain areas.

No, no, no, no.
We're going to talk right now.

So that kind of makes
her a point of friction

to some people.

Some things that, uh,
that she's done

have really made me...
me bristle.

( laughing )

At this point I'm going

to vote for Jerri.

And the reason why I'm going to
vote for Jerri

is because I've already
told Maralyn

that I was going
to do that,

and I'm not going
to break my word.

And Maralyn told me she was
going to vote for Jerri, too.

And I trust Maralyn.

I think Kel is a liar
and a cheat.

And as much as I don't want

to believe that
to be the truth,

he would probably be the first
one I would want to vote off.

I'm ready to go.

I think the name of the game

is trust no one.

I don't think you could trust

your own grandparents out here.

I mean, I think I would vote
them right off just 'cause

they've been married
for 50 years.

That's a good alliance.

This game is all about
deceit, deception

and how to play using
your mind to win.

All right, guys, we
begin Tribal Council

with a ritual.

I would like you to go ahead

and grab a torch...

and approach the flame.

Dip your torches in,

and once they're lit,

you can put them
back in their slot.

We do this because

fire does represent life.

These torches will now

represent your life, your
identity at Tribal Council.

I haven't had a chance

to talk to you guys
at Tribal Council yet,

so just a few questions
before we get to the vote.

You have fire.

You have
a professional chef.

You guys should be

eating very well.

You know what, until
we start really sourcing

great products to work with,

our creative juices are
semi-limited and stuff.

But we realized earlier we had

and Jerri is
a phenomenal cook,

so she steps in
and she's
made tortillas.

We've had those
for breakfast
every morning.

When we're done, we have Jerri's
tortillas shop opening up.

Why are you cooking

if he's the chef?

( Jerri sighs )

I knew you were going
to go there.

The rice was
a little pasty

the first couple of nights,
and it got to the point

where none of
us wanted to eat it,

and that's when I felt
I needed to step in

because we were losing strength.

Our morale was down.

I mean, when you don't want
to even eat,

that's a really bad

of bad things to come.

So I just took it upon myself.

Colby, what was your
reaction to Keith's food?

Oh, I had no problem
with it.

Rice is rice, man.

I'd go along
with that.

Jeff... if it-if
it goes down

and doesn't
come back up,

it's a good meal.


That's what we found
out yesterday.

( Amber and Jerri groaning )

Tina, what's been
your lowest low?

Probably throwing up
that intestines that I ate

and feeling like
I let my team down.

So let me ask you

the question that is
most on my mind:

Do you feel like you
need to say,

"I know I screwed up,
but guys, here's why

you should keep me"?
Absolutely not.

I feel like I-I'm the one who
screwed up,

I should be the one to go.

Having said that,
it is time to vote.

Jerri, you're first.

Nothing against you, Jerri,
but I already promised Tina

and Maralyn that I would
not vote against them,

and I would vote
for you.

I made this on day one, and I
don't break my promises.

Sorry about that, Jerri.

As much as we could
use your strength

in our challenges,

we're a little sick and tired
of some of your games.

The only comfort I have in
voting this way

is the fact that you brought
this on all by yourself.

I'm sorry.


Kel, if you were lying
in the Simpson Desert,

dying of thirst,

every single one of us would
give you a drink of water.

Good luck to you.

Once the votes are tallied,
the decision is final.

The person will be asked to
leave the Tribal Council area

along this bridge.

The first vote...




That's three votes
for Kel,

one for Jerri.

Four votes Kel.

The first person voted out
of the Ogakor tribe...


Kel, I need you
to bring me your torch.

Kel, the tribe has spoken.

Go get 'em.

It's time
for you to go.

Well, you survived Tribal
Council number one.

You have a long walk home.

Go ahead
and grab your torches

and head back to camp.
See you tomorrow.

Stay tuned for scenes from
our next episode.

Next time on Survivor:

Jerri makes her move on Colby.

He's a cowboy,

and I'm such
a sucker for cowboys.

Just two school kids
on the playground

having fun.

At Kucha, Michael is obsessed

with making a kill...

This is a pig killer.

...causing tempers to flare.

That stupid spear.
That's classic Mike.

He's an idiot.

( laughing )

I knew right from day one
that it was going to be hard

for me to fit in.

I'm a military guy,

and the people I was
working with

are very unique, special type
of people.

It was going to be very hard
for me

to fit into that mixture.

I tried, I really did.

But I don't think
in a couple of days

I could have overcome
our differences.

Good luck.

You're all winners to me.