Survivor (2000–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - Stranded - full transcript

16 new castaways land in the Australian Outback to begin the adventure of a lifetime. 2 tribes, Kucha and Ogakor, begin to build their camps and build relationships. But a couple of castaways are having trouble with the latter.

We're onboard a 38-squadron
Caribou DHC-4 military aircraft

on loan from
the Royal Australian Air Force.

Normally, these planes

are used to rescue people

in dangerous,
life-threatening situations.

Today, however,
we have a different mission.

These 16 Americans
are about to be abandoned.

This plane will land

in the heart of one
of the most unforgiving places

anywhere on earth--
the Australian outback.

For the next 42 days, they'll
be left to fend for themselves,

forced to work together
to create a new society

while battling
the elements and each other.

They must learn to adapt,

or they'll be voted
from the tribe.

In the end, one will remain

and will claim
the million-dollar prize.

42 days, 16 people...

one survivor.

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( retching )

As this plane touches down

on a remote strip of land
in the Australian outback,

these 16 strangers begin
the adventure of a lifetime.

They have never spoken
to each other,

and the rules state
they must remain quiet

until after the plane
has landed, dropped them off

and abandoned them.

They have been separated

into two competing tribes:
Kucha and Ogakor.

One crate of supplies
awaits each tribe,

and once the plane
has taken off,

they will have
only five minutes

to salvage whatever
they can carry.

They then face
a grueling five-mile hike

that will take them deep

into the outback
and their new homes

for the next 42 days.

All right!

The Kucha tribe,
which will always wear blue,

consists of Kimmi Kappenberg,
a bartender from Long Island;

Michael Skupin, a father

and software publisher
and distributor

from White Lake, Michigan;

Alicia Calaway, a personal
trainer from New York City;

Rodger Bingham,
a farmer and school teacher

from Crittenden, Kentucky;

Elisabeth Filarski,
a footwear designer

from Newton, Massachusetts;

Nick Brown, a Harvard law
student from San Francisco,

Debb Eaton,
a corrections officer

from Berlin, New Hampshire;

and Jeff Varner,
an Internet projects manager

from Greensboro,
North Carolina.


So cold.

Ogakor tribe,
which will always wear green,

consists of Maralyn Hershey,

a retired police officer
from Wakefield, Virginia;

Colby Donaldson,
an auto customizer

from Christoval, Texas;

Amber Brkich,
an administrative assistant

from Beaver, Pennsylvania;

Mitchell Olson,
a singer-songwriter

from Vermillion, South Dakota;

Tina Wesson,
a mother and personal nurse

from Knoxville, Tennessee;

Keith Famie, a chef
from West Bloomfield, Michigan;

Jerri Manthey, an aspiring
actress from Los Angeles;

and Kel Gleason,
an Army intelligence officer

from Fort Hood, Texas.

( cheering )

Wait, guys, there's
got a be a way to
prop it open, I think.

to the Australian Outback.

"As of right now, you are

completely cut off
from the outside world."

"These are the only
supplies you'll be given.

"Choose wisely, since
you still have a long
way to carry them.

"Fresh water
is essential to
your survival.


"all of the water
you will need

"for the next few days

"must be taken from your box

"because the river water
must be boiled,

and you may not be able
to make a fire."

We're Kucha?

Ogre Kor.


We have the map.

I guess
we're starting here.

Okay, that's north.

How much do you need?

I don't know the names yet.

In the green
hat right here.

Can you help her get
one side of this undone?

Can we pee soon?

Take every,

every, everything.

Come on, guys,
we need to go now.

Grab something,
all right?

All right, we'll get it,
we'll get it.

The tribes will split up and
head in opposite directions.

Their camps are situated
four miles apart

along the shore
of the Herbert River.

Each beach has a flag
and a canoe.

Finding these sites will be
the first unofficial challenge

for the new survivors.
Whoever's got the compass?

Okay, northeast we have to go?

It seems like
it's not,

but, okay...

That's north.
That's north
right now,

so northeast is, like,
across back that way.

That way.
We're going the wrong way.

We're going the wrong way.

When they dropped us off,

you know, everybody was
designated a certain thing

to do, and, uh,
they gave Nick the compass.

For some reason...

although the compass said
one way...

we kept going the wrong way.

Tell me something--
he's telling me

we're moving this way.

According to the compass, are we
moving in the right direction?

Absolutely, all
the way, baby.

I think we should check,
like, every...

All right, then,
that's where we're going.

Nick? Nick?

Stay in the front, Nick,
and keep us going north

to northeast, okay,

but keep us
going north...

There's a...
there's a beaten path.

What's your name again?


Let's just stop for one second
and look at the map

All right, all right.
and look at the compass.

All right.
Just to make sure,

'cause it's a long ways
to where we're going.

Even from the beginning,
I was finding, like,

people were automatically
getting on people's nerves.

Um, yeah, we were walking
through the grass,

and Kimmi was like,
"I can't stand, uh, Debb."

See, if we're going

how are we going to hit
the dry creek bed?

that's north!

That's right,
so we're not going to hit it

unless we go that way.

Debb's not even a bad person.

She means well.

It's just
she's not somebody that,

in the outside world,
that I would talk to, because...

she'd make me crazy.

When you traverse something

that I could bust my butt on,
let me know.

The hike, uh...
it was a little


Um, I was afraid,

"Good grief, what if I get so
winded that I can't keep up?"

Do you see the flag?

Wait a minute,
hang on.

You all right, Maralyn?

That trek let me know
that this was for real.

That was a long trek we had
through deep sand

with a lot of heavy equipment,
and I was packing more weight

than anyone else,
so I was really struggling.

It was a long trip,
and that was...

that fired me up,
because that is the quickest way

to find out
what people are made of.

( groans )

I'm a little tired.

This rice is very heavy.

I really want to get there soon.

We don't know
how far away we are,

so I'm going to run up this
and do a little reconnaissance,

see if we can't find out
where we're at.

I figure if it's really far,
we'll drape

some of our stuff here,
and we won't take it.

If we're not far, then we'll
buck up and get it there.

Yeah, I'm going to keep going.

We're just going
to follow the
creek bed here,

and, uh, make
sure if it looks
like it's getting

too dark, you turn back
and come get us.

Keith actually ran ahead

to go scout out
where the camp was,

'cause we were all getting
pretty tired,

and the last leg of that walk
was really difficult.

I wish the snakes would...

Never let 'em see you sweat.

( birds chirping )

I'm here.

Okay, what do you see?

I found it.

Oh, my God!
Yay! Let's go!


( laughing and chattering )

( whooping )

( cheering )


( grunts )

( talking happily )

I'm feeling really weak,

and, um, on the verge
of throwing up

just ever since I got here.

It started
with the plane flight.

In the beginning,
it was really fun,

and it was kind of cool
and groovy,

and I was enjoying the ride,
and then all of a sudden,

I just got sort of nauseous,
and I kept thinking to myself,

"I'm not going to get sick.
I'm not going to get sick.

I will not throw up."

So I sort of went
into this little zone

and breathed, and I don't
remember any of it.

Rodger carried one
of the big water jugs.

Mike had a big water jug.

Poor Elisabeth had the board
on her head,

and then I had the eight

bottled waters wrapped
around me,

so the-the four of us
kind of got separated

from the other four when we were
walking to our campground.

I mean, everything
was heavy to carry.

You can't discount
any of our equipment as easy

to carry, but some
of it was just more awkward.

And some of the crossings,
we had to go, you know,

down a sharp valley of rocks
and up again, and kind of wind

and balance across a river.

And it was frustrating, too,

but with the water jugs and,

you know,
the water canteens, and...

I mean,
that stuff is just awkward.

Oh, I see the flag.

Oh, my God!

Welcome to our home.

( laughing )

Right up there.

When we arrived,

it was just a moment
of ecstasy,

'cause it's like, "Yes!
I've worked this far

just to see this silly thing."
I mean...

And not just physically
from here,

but just mentally preparing
yourself for the whole journey,

like, all the airplane flights

from New York to California
to Australia,

from the other part of
Australia to here to there.

You know, there were just so
many things in sequence

to get you to that flag

that just being at that flag
is just an accomplishment.

( yells )

( cheering )

( thunder rumbling )

We should be up in the trees
to some degree.

There's no shelter here at all.

As soon as we got out
of the river,

I think we just...
this kind of realization.

We got a little cold,

and we realized
that we're going to...

We have to sleep somewhere,

and we just wanted to feel
a little safe and dry.

So we got to work
as much as we could

on building the basis of a home.

We got enough rocks here, too!

We could build a pretty decent
shelter just using rocks!

( groans )

It's going to make it softer
to sleep on.

Want to see a what?

That means there's
snakes in there.

When we started building
the shelter,

I thought everybody
started chipping in,

because there was
the wood gatherers,

and there was the people

that were building,
and, uh, I had worked a lot of,

uh, you know,
some construction in my life,

and I-I had a reasonable sense
of, uh, of-of construction.

What we're going to have to do

is just cut little holes
in here,

and then just tie it
around the top here

about this high, so that
we can just make it right here.

Um, we need one to go
right about halfway

up along this support
right here.

It seems like

one individual
in the group is...

ordering everybody around.

And if you guys haven't
figured it out, it's Mike.

Rodger, get the level out
and see how we're doing.

You can't have one person
step in

and start ordering
everybody around,

'cause it's not going to play,
and it's not playing right now,

and not just with me,
but with others.

Push that up a little bit,
Rodger, so I can...

Push this up
a little bit.

Rodger used to build homes.

Rodger is the one who helped

to build this shelter.

He knows what he's doing.

Well, Mike comes over
and starts telling him

how to build it,

and-and Rodger was like,
"No, that isn't going to work."

...going to give us fall
this way plus both directions.

I mean, do you think

it's enough of a
pitch here to...

so the rain's going
to come off good?

( grunts softly )

We're never going
to want to leave this place.

I don't know about that.

I think we're good.

we're doing really well.

All right, so,

what makes the most sense
as far as building

where we'd want
to live?

Do we want to live
by the water, or do we

want to take a walk
up in the high ground?

Well, there's a lot
of electrical storms.

Yeah, good point.

There'll be a lot of bugs
down by the water though.

We want to,
definitely, be under

some trees, 'cause, I mean...

when the sun comes out,
it's going to be hot.

Probably the sun

is going to be out
at certain times,

so at certain times,
there's still going
to be shade,

based on the position
of the sun.

As soon as we hit the beach,

it was really kind of amazing.

Collectively, we all dispersed
to do something different.

When we got to our camp,

I was considering at that point

anything and everything
anybody was doing or saying

as a strategic move.

Colby-- his luxury item

was the Texan flag,
which was great,

because it served
as the tarp that covers...

covers us and blocks us
from the wind and the sun.

I really did bring the flag

to serve as shelter,
but, you know,

don't get me wrong.

When I wake up in the morning,

there's two things
I'm thankful for.

I'm thankful I'm alive,
and I'm thankful I'm a Texan.

It's not going to work.

We don't need
to risk ripping this

if there's a stick
that's two inches shorter.

Yeah, you don't need
to go that far, though.

No, but it's not
going to stay

is what I'm saying.

The tension
between Keith and I...

I think him and I kind of...
rubbed each other the wrong way.

Watch, right here,

Let me just show you.

Right there.
It's sticking now.

That's-that's working.

And before, it was here.

But we put it
on the grommet

for a reason--
so that the flag wouldn't rip.

You won't be able
to go through that

on a flat surface.

Keith and I didn't start off
on a very good foot,

just because of some
of the condescending remarks

he made to me, and he might
very well not even be aware

that he does it,
but I'm not the kind of person

to just let it
slide off my back.

All right, all right.

You got to share
something about yourself

that's really

or just deep?

I just got naked
in a tent

with a bunch of strangers.

That's what I
was getting ready to say.

Give us the dirt, girl.

Like boyfriend,
husband, wife.

Okay-- A) not married.

Don't believe in marriage
until I'm 35.

Okay, don't say
you're a virgin,

'cause I swear to God,

I'll tell you
what my main concern was--

where the hell am I going
to masturbate out here with...

( laughter )

You have got to
be kidding me!

Kimmi is a happy-go-lucky
person who's got...

I-I don't even know
how to describe her.

I don't know
what the right word is.

You know, nothing is taboo
with her-- nothing at all.

Listen to me!

You guys might like a skin wig,

on occasion.

Kimmi will not shut up.

You know, I'm tired at night.

I want to go to sleep,
and they're constantly talking.

And with the headache
that I have,

it just reverberates.

Kimmi cannot say a single thing
without screaming it.

All right, someone
just stuck their finger in my...

it was on my head.

All of a sudden,
out of the blue,

with that accent
that just talks

and talks and talks and talks...

I just want to grab her
by the neck

and shake the...
out of her, you know?

Oh, my God, I love you!

I can take my braids out!

And you had a threesome.

We were back to back.

You farted in my...
and rebounded it!

I think we're starting

to get to know each other,

and people are not accustomed
to this kind of lifestyle yet.

I'm a little accustomed
to this lifestyle,

because I do hunt
and I do fish and I do camp,

so it's not that foreign to me.

Kucha, we got food!

Oh, my God.

Right, like,
right under our noses.

Yeah, I think
you can eat 'em.

When I saw those figs,
it was a big rush.

And two or three people
came over

and helped pick the figs,

and we brought 'em back,
and, uh...

I bit into one
right off the tree.

( spitting )

( yelling )

( spitting )

What? What? What?

Don't bite into one.

Dang fruit flies.

I know.

Well, we're going
to put the...

Can we eat 'em green?

Look at that.

That's not
bugs, is it?

No, that's not bugs.

I'm looking at bugs.

Bugs are all over the place
here with this.

Mike, he opens up these figs,
and he's...

showing us these bugs,
and I'm just wanting

to eat that thing so bad
'cause I'm starving,

and these bugs are just creepy,
and flying around,

and I don't eat anyth...
you know, I-I cook my food.

If bugs don't fly out,

I'm going to eat them.

Speak for yourself, baby.

We very well might

be cold and hungry tonight,

but not if we can help it.

The fire is the most important

thing for survival.

We need to eat,
and we need to boil water.

That's all I care about.

If we put enough sand in there,
I think it's good.

Well, the problem is
we get too much sand in here...

It's dumping
on all of our tinder.

This wood's not going
to catch fire.

The tinder's going
to catch fire.

But if you keep
putting sand in there,

it puts out the tinder.

I know, it's just that

the book said you
needed friction.

Debb works very hard,

and she means well,
but she's like,

"Well, in the camping book,
it says to do it like this."

And you know what?
We could have the wrong wood.

We could have the wrong rocks,

She's making herself
an authority on something

actively on what she read,
and not on actually doing.

Had she went and practiced

this stuff at home,

I would take her opinion a lot
more, you know, seriously.

One thing we tried to do
in starting the fire

was use my Bible,
which I had brought along.

It was my luxury item.

And, uh, we tore
some pages out of it.

Uh, it wasn't the pages

that actually had
any scripture in it,

but I would've used that.

You know, if you're...
you got to do with what you got.

I don't know.

Yeah. There's a letter

from my son-in-law he wrote me.

Read it.

I don't have
my glasses.

Do you want me to read
it to you out loud...?

I don't care.

I don't have
my glasses.

"Dear Dad, best of luck.

"You have many people
who believe

"you can do anything
you put your mind to.

"Just be yourself.

"Things'll be fine in Kentucky.

"Focus on your task at hand.

"You can do this.

"It's not going to be easy,

"but a challenge such as this
shouldn't be easy.

Just try your best."

It says, "K.J.A."

And then he put
in parentheses "141,"

so I don't know if that...


That's pretty cool.

You got love notes.

That was a nice

little piece of home

when you least,
least expect it, you know.

Then it said go to page 200,
and then go to page 150,

and we went through that

about seven or eight times,
I think, till we...

till we finally came
to the end.

Can you give us the page
of the burning bush?

And it was a little sentimental
for me,

to tell you the truth,
to hear it.

I think you wrote
the book, huh?

My son is in Cub Scouts.

If I start this fire,
I will be his hero.

( laughter )

Ooh, this side got hot.

Are we far enough away from
the water to make a fire?

This is what I was going
to say, right here.

Oh, it doesn't...
I think we start the fire,

we can take it
anywhere we want to.

We pull off making the fire...

Well, I don't
even really

want to attempt to start it

until we get it
where we want to keep it.

'Cause if we move it,
it's going out.

let me keep trying on this.

If you get lucky, and
you spark that thing,

and it's ready to
go, and you try

and pick it up
and move it, and
we don't have

anywhere to put it, then...

Then I can just keep it
burning here

and a little one going,
and we can always move this.

All right, I'm going to go see
if I can find a better place.

Bad news.

I've never started a fire

before from scratch,
but, you know,

I knew nightfall was coming.

We'd have no light, and we'd be
able to cook nothing, um...

and we wouldn't have a bonfire,
so it was...

it was pretty critical.

Keith is just licking
his chops.

He's wanting to cook so bad,
he can't stand it,

and so you can bet
he's going to work

on this fire thing
until we lick it.



Since Jerri and I had our
little confrontation before,

I thought, you know,
this is a great time

to get her involved
with this process,

to be a part of it somehow,

with something she brought
that was important to her.



Don't come away!


I can feel it.


Oh, my God!
Let go.

Oh, my God!


Are you guys okay?

Until we can get a fire
and boil water...

we're not going to be eating
much of anything.

I got the mail...

No way!

( cheering )

All right! Read it.
Read it to me.

Oh, my God.
All right,
what does it say?

"You expected dry weather,

"but then you slept in the rain,

"and you can't get a spark
no matter how hard you strain.

"To get your tribe's fire,

"pay heed to this note:

the winners take matches;
the losers cast the first vote."


We are getting

When, though? When?
We are definitely...

All right, we just got
our notice

for the first
immunity challenge,

and we're going
to go kick some butt,

'cause we're all together
on this,

and we're going
to go get us some fire,

and we're going to go,
uh, get us some food.

Fire means food, so that's
what we're going to go do.

We're going to go there, we're
going to fight hard and win.

Winning immunity is
the most important thing.

We need to...

beat, beat, beat
the other tribe.

We'll let them eliminate
someone on their team first.

This immunity challenge
is extremely important,

because we have to show the
other team that we're better,

you know, and plus,
we have to have fire

in order to start eating rice.

What's up, guys?

Gather up.

So, uh, anybody have
any luck with fire?

No luck.
We came close.

We got a lot of smoke.

All right, I got something
that's going to help the smoke.

Waterproof matches.

One of the things
we're playing for tonight,

right here,
a little canister full.

We're also playing

for something else
much more important

than waterproof matches.

Right here:

the immunity idol.

You want to know this guy
really well,

'cause the tribe that wins
the immunity idol

will not have to go
to Tribal Council

and vote out
one of their own members.

That brings us
to challenge number one.

You're playing for fire.

You're playing
for immunity.

There are four legs
in the race.

You'll be carrying
a lit torch.

If somebody falls
in the water at any time

and their torch goes out,
your tribe is done.

Somebody's going home

So that is key.

Here's how the game
is played.

First leg starts
at the old bridge.

You'll make your way across

using two planks
to help you bridge the gaps.

On the second leg,
you'll cross over the island,

where you'll find,
in the water,

a small torch-carrying raft.

Put your lighted torch
on the raft

and, as a tribe, swim across
to the other side of the bank.

When you get over there,

you'll find two sets
of wooden rungs.

Take them with you.

For the third leg,

you're going to get
on another raft,

and using a rope,
pull yourself across the river.

Using the rungs, climb
up the ladder, light the torch.

maybe a hot meal tonight,

security of knowing
you're going to be here a while.

Losers: cold,

somebody's going to be
the first person

voted out of the tribe.

Make sense?

Let's take our spots.
Wait for my start.

Let's go.

All right, at stake--

fire... and immunity!

Survivors, ready?


We won, we won,
we won!

Continue to move forward!
Move it forward!

Move it forward!

Go, go, go!

You can hand it.

This is a team.
This is a team.

Go, go, go, go,
let's go, let's go.

Go, go.

Help her a little.
Help her.

Go, go, go. We're even.
Go, guys, run.

Go, go, go, go, go, go.

Get the fire.

Hand on the raft.

Let's go.

Come on, come on!

We're all done,
we're all done!

Let's go, let's go.

Put your hand
on the raft, Kel.

( indistinct shouting )


Wait, his foot's caught.

Oh, my God.

Watch your step,
watch your step!

We're almost there.

Work, work, work.

Whoo! Yeah!

( cheering )


Keep on going.

Back up, back up.



We got it.

We got it.
Don't lean too far right.

Good job!

You got it!
Good job, Mitchell!

( cheering )

Damn, you're good.
Damn, we're good.

My God!

Ogakor, congratulations.

Nice work.


your reward,

right here:
waterproof matches.


And much more important,

I think,
you're in possession...


...of the immunity idol.

( cheering )

We need to stay
positive now, okay?

Guys, tomorrow, somebody

from Kucha will be
the first person voted

out of the tribe.

You'll have that

to think
about tonight.

I know you're already
a close group.

It's going to be
a tough decision.

You guys can head
on back to camp.

Ogakor, you guys
can light this up
in celebration.

( birds singing )

Yesterday's immunity challenge
was a big letdown.

Uh, uh, not only physically,
but emotionally.

I think probably more so

As far as the Tribal Council
goes tonight, which are...

which we have to go to, uh,

I don't think any of us
are looking forward to it.

( gagging )

( indistinct chatter )

( retching )

Jeff is not well.

You need to sit down.

You're so shaky,
you're scaring me.

I'm okay.

I don't know.

I'm not betting
on me getting voted off,

but I think it's-it's down

to, like, me, Rodger or

maybe, um...

Jeff, because
he hasn't been feeling good.

My personal opinion is
the strong survive.

If you were gonna vote
for someone,

who would you be voting for
right now?


Me, too.

I really love the guy.

I like... I like...
He's a good kid.

But he's sick.
He's sick.


She wants to go,
too, by the way.


She's told me that
you wanted to go.

She sure did.


She told me that
you wanted to go.

That is a bald-faced lie.

Okay, scandalous.

She told me you
wanted to go.

I-I'm gonna probably
vote for Jeff.

And I was talking
with him today, you know,

and he doesn't even seem
that upset at the thought of it.

Yeah. He...
He's, like...

He wants a pizza and a coke.
He might have...

She said, "He's falling apart,
doesn't feel good."

I was, like,
"Yeah, okay."
Are you kidding me?

No, I'm not
kidding you.

I wouldn't tell
you that if she
didn't say it.

It's like there's a part of me

that's a little paranoid
about who's talking to who.

I see these two
standing over across, um...

Mike and Rodger standing
across the river talking.

They're not fishing.

They're not doing anything.

They're just talking, and, uh,

the wheels start turning,

and I'm just...
my eyes are going around.

I mean, it's two
different games, you know?

Me, too.

Just because we've said what
we're doing doesn't necessarily

mean it's gonna happen,
and I haven't been

with these people long enough
to know for sure how well...

I mean,
I'm not gonna trust anybody,

but there's a certain...
to a certain point, you have to.

I puked on camera.

How embarrassing.

( laughs )
You puked?

Couple times already...

Did you save it?

( laughing )

Would you stop?

( indistinct chatter )

( bird singing )

It's like going to court.

Tribal Council is going
to court.

Nobody likes to go to court,
you know,

but if you broke the law,

you got to go,
and we broke the law

by not winning,
so we... you know...

we got
to go face our punishment.

Our punishment...
is to get rid of one of our own.

The people that I think

that are in jeopardy
tonight are

potentially Jeff,
because of the health issues,

and Rodger might not be safe.

He could be

a liability in the challenges,

and especially
swimming challenges

and climbing challenges.

And it's not just Rodger.

It would be anybody
over 50 years old.

( indistinct chatter )

I mean, I-I'm looking forward

to voting somebody out,

'cause it's the game,

and I'm here to play the game.

I'm not here to make friends.

I'm not here for that.

People have got to go,

and I look forward
to walking up,

writing somebody's name
on a card and talking about 'em.

( laughs )


( laughs )

I'm getting ready to do it.

Guys, come on in.

We begin your first
Tribal Council with a ritual.

Behind each of you is a torch.

Grab a torch
and approach a flame.

Dip your torches in and...

get some fire,
put 'em back in their slots.

We do this because
fire does represent life here.

These torches
will now represent your life,

your identity at Tribal Council.

You'll bring these torches
with you to each Tribal Council,

and the good news is,
when you return

home tonight,
you will have fire.

Before we get
into this, I just want

you guys
to take a second

and look around
at where we're at.

We're on top
of a granite waterfall.

Can't think of a more
spectacular place

for the drama that's going
to go down here

every three days.

This is where you account
for your actions.

Some of those actions tonight

are going to help you.

Going to stay here
a few more days.

Some of those actions may
come back to haunt you.

One thing's for certain.

One of you guys will be

the first person voted out
of a tribe.

So before we get to that,
let's get a little gauge

on how the first few days were.

Debb, what about
finding the camp?

Was it a celebration,

was it fall down,
"I'm exhausted"?


It was celebration
all the way in.

Hop in the water

and then regret it afterwards

when we were freezing
and had no fire.

Yeah, let's talk
a little about that.

Fire. You've-you've been one
really trying

to get this fire going.

Yeah, I been the one trying
and getting no fire.

I mean, I've tried everything
those damn books said to do.

The bow, the-the...

this thing.

That's crazy.

Well, you'll have fire tonight
when you go home.

Yeah, yeah.
That's good to know.

It's been a little cold
a couple nights here.

Have you guys formed
any impressions

about the other tribe

in the limited time
you've seen them?

We haven't really had

a lot of contact with them,

but, uh, right now, we totally
see them as the enemy.

We haven't had a chance
to bond with them.

We haven't had a chance
to talk with them at all.

I didn't even look
at 'em when we lost.

Yesterday's event was just

a physical challenge,
and I would've put money on us

any day to win that challenge,
but they went through,

and then we had problems.

Rodger, leadership

come up?

Did anybody emerge as a leader?

Uh, yes.

I would say
probably, uh, Mike has.

Uh, uh, as far as
building the hut,

I think we both probably
shared in on that,

'cause my knowledge on that
is pretty extensive

in-in that I teach a carpentry
class, and, uh...

But overall, I'd say he's
probably taken the lead,

and-and that's fine,

'cause he's a very
knowledgeable person.

We all...
we all get along great.

Tonight is, uh, really
a hard deal for us.

Uh, personally, I-I thought

that the first vote off
would be easy,

because you would probably have
somebody that would be slacking,

but we just
haven't had that.

I mean, every one of these
people have worked

and worked hard,
and that's-that's

what makes tonight's
vote so hard.

All right,
it's time to vote.

Here's how
it's going to work.

One by one, you guys will go
across the bridge

to the voting confessional.

You'll write down
in big clear letters

the name of the person
you're voting for,

hold it up,
speak your peace--

why you're voting

the way
you're voting--

then fold it up,
put it in the voting container,

come back and have a seat.

Make sense?

We'll start here with you, Debb.

You're up.

I love this guy dearly,
but I came here deciding

that I was going to vote on
the strongest surviving.

Jeff's been the sickest
of all of us,

and he's still not over it,

so I'm going to vote for Jeff,
and I hate to do it.

I love him.

No real reason, actually.

She's as hard a worker

as anybody
out there,

and, uh...

somebody had to go.

I'm voting for Debb because...

she's a great worker
and everything,

but she does feel isolated.

You know, when we're together
all in the tent at night,

she just chooses...

to be independent, and...

she's just
a strong-willed person.

It's not a bad thing.

It's just not what I need.

I'll go tally the votes.

I need to remind you that
once the votes are tallied,

the decision is final.

The person will be
asked to leave

the Tribal Council area

You'll do so across
this bridge here.

Take the bridge up,
over the rocks,

down to a confessional

where you can speak
as long as you want

about your time here
in the outback.

I'll read the votes.

First vote...





Four votes for Debb,
one vote for Jeff.

First person voted out
of the tribe...

is Debb.

No point in revealing

the other two votes.

You need
to bring your torch.

Do good.

Kick ass.

Over here, Debb.

The tribe has spoken.

It's time for you to go.

Good-bye, Debb.

You survived your first
Tribal Council.

Grab your torches.

You'll have fire.

Head back to camp.
I'll see you tomorrow.

Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode.

Next time on Survivor:

Kel is accused
of smuggling food.

Jerri blatantly said
that she saw something

that looked just
like beef jerky.

It was a blade of grass,

and I was chewing on that.

It was nowhere near any grass.

Kimmi struggles with
the immunity challenge.

You got cow brain there.

I can't eat a brain.

You're good.

I wouldn't have minded getting
voted off if I had fell...

fallen during a competition,
if I was lazy,

if I wasn't a team player,
but when I come here,

and I give all of that,
and I still get voted off,

I bet you if Jeff had read
every one of those votes,

it would have been seven to
one, and that's-that's a shame.

I still thought a lot of it
boiled down to mental toughness

and physical ability,
and none of that even mattered.