Survivor (2000–…): Season 2, Episode 3 - Trust No One - full transcript

At Kucha, Mike has become obsessed with being a better provider for the tribe. Kimmi feels vulnerable and tries to work harder around camp. At Ogakor, the tension between Jerri and Keith continues. Marilyn thinks Tina is a "conste...

Previously on Survivor:

Michael provided fish

and took his leadership role

to new heights.

Dear God, thanks

for making me the leader
of the troops.

Mike thanks God for making him
the leader of the tribe.

I don't know
when he was anointed,

but apparently
my back was turned.

At Ogakor, Kel,

the loner, was the one
serious about fishing.

We do need to get some fish.

Our plan for getting
food is, uh...

we don't really have
a good plan, actually.

And Jerry muscled in
on Chef Keith's domain.

There's a bunch more things
we can have than rice

and I'm ready to start
making some of them.

She if she wants to cook some
tortillas for breakfast,

I think that's fantastic.

No worries, mate.

Rodger struggled

with the reward challenge.

Water is not my finest point.

Come on, Rodger!

At the immunity challenge,
Kimmi, the vegetarian,

secured a victory for Kucha by
swallowing a mangrove worm...

sending Ogakor to Tribal
Counsel were Kel was voted out.

Kel, the tribe
has spoken.

14 people are left.

Tonight, one more will go.

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Ultimately, this game
is about the million dollars,

but you need to take

small steps along the way
to get there.

And some of the small steps
along the way to get there

are eating, because none of us

are going to win the million
dollars if we don't have

protein in our bodies and we
can win the challenges.

You guys, there's more
food to be had
Oh, yeah.

that we haven't explored yet.

We still don't
have food

as a priority in this camp.

What's your chances
of catching a pig?

Pig hunting, since
we haven't seen, like,

an abundance of them, you
know, it's like there's
Or any.

one out there, you
know what I mean?

We just walk around and hope
that during day

we run into this big pig
the size of a table.

Mike wants to go out
four hours a day

and look for food
because Mike is hungry.

Nobody else is up for that.

I'm going to find
something that's alive

that we are going to kill.

I am very, very
determined to get a pig.

They got to drink sometime

and there's got to be
tracks somewhere

and I'm going to ambush one.

Hey, Jeff, where's
that spear you made?

I didn't finish it.

But if
you're going

to use it for a spear, then...

Once I see a pig, it's going
to be a, you know,

an incredible act of exertion
to try and get.

But I'm going to build a spear

with the knife on the end,

and then I'm going
to run one down,

and I'm going to get
as close as I can

and I'm just going
to kind of, you know,

figure it out from there.

This isn't about

running out looking for
a hardcore hunter.

This is about ... doing
something that's realistic.

That is not realistic.

Mike, I'm a little worried
you're going to lose that knife.

And I'm glad you brought
that to my attention,

and I will absolutely,
positively not lose this knife.

I hope he loses
our knife,

just to give a valuable reason
to go off on the bastard.

We have one knife,

and that one knife, it might
as well be food, but he

wants to go and spear a pig.

Really? Have we seen a pig?

We haven't seen a pig.
I haven't seen a pig.

Believe me, if I see a pig,
I'll want to eat it,

but to just
go spear just because

you want to come back
with one on your stick

and be, like "Rah, rah"?

I don't know.

This is a pig killer.

The spear. The spear.

The stupid spear.

"I'm going to go catch pigs."

And he takes our knife
and our rope.

That's classic Mike.
He's an idiot.

I want to see your pig.

Go get me a pig.

( chuckling )

To be honest, I didn't expect

this adventure
to be this hard.

I find myself
just craving food.

Doritos-- I want
a bag of Doritos

more than anything in the world.

We haven't had any meat
in a week now,

and the lack of protein

hasn't taken its toll yet,
but it's going to.

I think I'm going to go
check for messages.

There it is.


Great aboriginal fathers,
be kind to us.

I haven't opened it yet.

"It's time to rise to the top

"or make a big flop.

"On your shoulders

"will rest the tribe's fate.

"For the food
you've been wishing,

"you'll need gear
to go fishing,

so try not to get
crushed by the weight."

Sure as hell could use
some fishing line.

Oh, my God.

I think the main thing

that's been keeping us
from getting fish

is our fishing line,

so this is a huge
reward today.

I'm worried about running out

of food and
running out of rice.

And we've been trying
to eat it sparingly, but...

You got to eat.

It's going to run out
sooner or later.

I would love to catch a fish
out there or something.

It's going to be physical,
no matter how you look at it,

but what we're trying to decide

is whether it's a group effort

or if it ends up
falling on one person,

and if we have
to choose one person, well,

it makes no sense
not to choose, uh, Colby.

He's the strongest, my God.

the strongest.

Yeah, I saw you throw
that one up real quick.

You got 20 years
on me, trust me.
You bastard.

Cowboy can handle

any challenge.

He would die before
he would fail us.

I would like to think

that, win or lose on this deal,

that my stock wouldn't
fluctuate at all,

and people can say, "Colby,
don't worry about it.

"We don't want to put any
pressure on you.

If you don't pull through,
it's no big deal."

But internally, I don't
think that's the case.

Come on in, guys.

Today we got a great challenge.

Before we get to it, though,
I want to show you the reward.

It's an outback fishing package,

complete with line,
hooks, lures and a net.

You got your nylon.
That's awesome.

Now that we know what we're

playing for,
here's the challenge.

It tests your strength,
balance and endurance.

The object is for both tribes

to get all these
buckets of water

loaded onto the shoulders

of the other tribe's
strongest member.

The one who holds the buckets
the longest

without falling
or quitting wins.

Each tribe is going to select

one person
to be the water bearer.

It should be
your strongest person.

You're also going to have
a person who is your loader.

This person's going to be
loading the buckets of water

onto the shoulders
of your water bearer.

So when you get out there,

Ogakor will take
the water from Kucha

and vice versa, and you will
load it onto your water bearer.

The rest of the people are going
to transport the water

out there, and you're going

to do so with one of the beams
across your shoulders,

a bucket full of water on either
side, and you'll make your way

across the balancing beams.

If you fall,
you got to start over.

You want as much water

in your buckets as you can
handle because your water

is going on the opposing tribe's
water bearer.

Ogakor, you've chosen Colby
to be your water bearer.

Kucha, you've chosen Michael.

Survivors ready? Go!

Oga! Oga! Oga!

Go, Kucha!

Hang on, Liz.

Get your balance.

Good job, Amber.

That a girl.
No worries.

Take your time.

Do your thing.

( cheering )

Good job, Amber.

Good job.

All right, Livvy.

Yeah, girl.

No. No. No!
( water splashing )

All right,

( shrieking )

Good job.
Good job.

( grunts )

Damn it!

All right, Elisabeth.
Way to go.

Keep it going, Kucha!

That a way,
Maralyn. Good job.

That a way, Mad Dog.

( indistinct talking )

( cheering )

Come on,

You got it, buddy.

You guys run out of buckets,
it's endurance.

We'll take good care
of you tonight, cowboy.

Don't even think
about that one.

This sucks. This sucks.

Colby and Michael,

you guys now have
all the buckets.

That means you're each holding
more than 400 pounds of water.

Whoever holds on
the longest wins.

Come on, Mike!

( screaming )

( indistinct shouting )

Bring it on!

You can take
ten more, Mike.

You're the man! Whoo-hoo!

( indistinct shouting )

We believe
in you, Mike!

He's shaking, Mike.
You're not, baby.

( indistinct shouting )

Hold on. No decision.

Great job, Mike.

Great job!

66 buckets, both these guys
took on their shoulders.

Michael's pole broke
before anybody quit,

that means there's no winner.

So now you guys
are going to do a runoff.

We're going to do
a five-minute timed race.

The tribe that gets
the most buckets

on the other tribe's water
bearer's shoulders

wins this.

Survivors, ready?


Nicely done.

That a girl.

You got four minutes.

Eight buckets Ogakor,
six buckets Kucha.

We're all even at ten.

Two minutes.

Kucha, 14. Ogakor, 12.

20 seconds.
Ogakor up by two.

Hang tough.
Hang tough!

Make it there,

Five, four, three, two,

one-- Ogakor!

( cheering )

Let's get out of here.

I don't want to hear
them scream anymore.

( women laughing )

I can't wait to get the food

you don't have to work your
butt off so to hard to get.

I mean, we have done fantastic
on a small amount of food.

You get food in us,

and we're going
to be unstoppable.

There you go.

Winning this competition means
a lot more to us

than just bringing home a bag
of fishing supplies.

These are the days
when it comes down to morale,

and the mental edge
going into this.

And we're three and one now.

The stats are pretty good
for us.

I certainly don't think

this answers everything.

We still got to catch the fish.

The fish aren't going
to jump into our camp.

At the time, I didn't think

that reward challenge
was very important

because something told me

there really wasn't a lot
of fish out here.

And it sucks that they didn't
give us the fish.

They give us the means

to catch the fish.

You had one.
I saw it.

Yes, I did. Whoa!

That is awesome.

I don't know
what part we can touch
that he won't slice us.

Okay. All right.

There you go.

I'm proud of you.

I got it off the hook.

I couldn't stop smiling.

Keith said there were no fish.

He said, "There's no fish
out there."

Him and Kel both were saying
that for days and days.


They were practically jumping in
the boats.

Chef Keith, you're
going to be proud of us.

Here we go now.

We need the fish gutted
and scaled.

When they came back with fish,

they immediately said,
"Oh, where's the chef?"

The "chef" word's
never been used before.

Check that out.

As a chef, my strategy
was to come in here

and create just spectacular
dinners and meals,

and until now,

we've had zero luck at doing
anything from the rivers

or from the flora,
for that matter.

Today is day seven, and we have
caught our first fish

so actually, that's not too bad.

It did take us a week, but hey,
it's better than two weeks.

How did I know that

once the fish is caught,

I'd be the guy filleting these?

You're doing that really well.

Especially with a dull knife.
He's doing exceptionally well.

Yeah, really.

I think right now,

everybody's pretty happy

that Keith is there
to cook the fish

that we've been catching.

I know sometimes he says things
to other people

that kind of rub them
the wrong way,

but I'm probably the one

who gets irritated with him
the most.

I'm aware of that.

Here we go.

We'll just bread those
in the flour,

crush up the salt
a little bit.

Put the salt on it

and bread it with the flour.

We just don't have oil,
but it'll be okay.

I say we don't waste
the flour.

The most tension in
the tribe seems

to be between Jerri and Keith.

With the cooking and everyone
responding well to her cooking,

( whistles ) that put them on
a level playing field there,

and so there's not really
a power struggle yet,

but it could definitely come
to that point.

Keith, we're all hovering
over you

like a bunch of greedy sharks.

Like I'm doing
a cooking class.

Even when Keith was

over filleting the fish,

I noticed there were
several eyes paying attention,

and what that tells me
is that his stock

didn't go up at all.
You know,

all he did was basically play

the role of instructor
on how to cook fish.

Ooh, it looks a little bit
like a fish fry.

Oh, it smells so good.

Yes, it does, indeedy.

I can't wait to try it.


Oh, wow!
Thank you.


Oh, yes.

That's good.
You like that?

Yeah. The fish that Keith made
was excellent.

That was like a blessing
'cause we were starving.

We were so hungry.


So his first meal
wasn't that great,

but his first meal

of fish was fantastic.

Oh, my God! It is so good!

Tonight's dinner
was definitely a success.

Is it good?

Oh, my God.

Since cooking the fish,

I think my stock's gone up
a good amount.

I think the team
has been pretty

excited about what I've been
able to do for them.

It is so good.

I've never had
such a great meal.

But you know what?

Jerri could do that, I could

even do that.

So having a chef out here

isn't as crucial
as he may think,

because we don't have
a lot to work with.

I'm usually on top
of the water.

I filled up eight jugs
this morning,

and now I refilled
up... this is the second one,

so now I've done

ten jugs of water.

Are you all right,


It's a lot of work

because you've got to boil this
crocodile creek water

before you can drink it.

You got to go down
and fill the big jug

and then go up,

boil the water,
let the water cool,

put it in the big container.

I mean, it doesn't seem like
you're contributing a lot

because it's gone, as soon
as it's there, it's gone.

I got to go tend to the water.

I have noticed
the amount of work

that Kimmi has been doing.

And it seems
to be a whole lot more

than really just about
anybody else.

She's really worried that she's
going to be the next one

to go.

I sometimes feel vulnerable
because I don't have

a tight, tight bond
with somebody

that could be pulling
for me in my corner.

Yeah, that might be a bad thing

because I might be just, like,

"Oh, easy target,
pick Kimmi off."

All right.

This means that I boiled
everything in this jug.


Every job and task
that Kimmi takes on in this camp

can be taken over
by somebody else, for sure.


Yes, ma'am, what?

Do you have lotion?
You all good?

Yeah, I just put some
on a little while ago, thanks.

Well, there's sort
of a little battle between

Kentucky Joe and Kimmi.

Some of the people in the tribe
feel that

we will be stronger
without Kentucky Joe.

I'm going to try to
catch some fish this morning.

Make a new line.

I know in the beginning

there was talk
of voting Rodger off

and I tried really hard
to rally people not to do it

just 'cause I feel
strongly for him.

Kentucky Joe, although
he's not a strong member

of this tribe as far
as challenges are concerned,

he knows
what he's doing outside.

Back to the drawing board.

Maybe we'll catch one this time.

I always heard that the best
place to catch them

is where a stream runs
into a river.

I was out here looking
for sinkers

to make
a new fishing pole with,

and I found a little
rock out here about that tall

shaped like a heart.

He said, "Here you go.
What's that look like?

And I said, "A heart."

He said, "You take that
with you,

give it to your boyfriend
when you get back."

And he said,
"You just know I care."

And it just...
it just touched me.

Thanks a lot.

You're welcome.

Me and her, it just seemed like
we hit it off right off the bat.

You're so good.

Well, thank you.

You're a sweet
little gal, too,

I tell you what.

Your parents got
a lot to be proud
of with you.

Elisabeth said she

won't vote off Kentucky Joe,
and-and she protects him.

It matters so much
to me that he's around,

so I'm not writing
his name down. Uh-uh.

I will not spell
that man's name.

? When I'm on the
street where you live ?

? I have often walked down
this street before. ?

Hey, you, girlie-girl.


I just followed
your voice.

Was it that loud?

Maralyn, she's kind of
like our little song bird

and our little cheerleader
in our camp,

so Maralyn and I have bonded
more so

than I have with
any of the other people.

It might be our ages,

it might be that we just
kind of took up for one another.

( laughs )

...Now seriously...
Mad Dog?

Nothing hurts Mad Dog.

Tina is a fabulous woman.

She is a star.

I trust Tina the most.

Um, I do not trust Jerri.

You like crunchy
peanut butter or creamy?


Got to have crunchy.


Black coffee
or cream and sugar?

Cream and sugar.

There could be something going
on between Jerri and Colby.

I mean,
from the very first day,

she told me how cute
she thought he was.

And at first she didn't think
that he liked her.

And I was, like, "Jerri,
it's only the second day."

I'd really like it if
Colby and I got together.

He's exactly my type, plus,
he's a cowboy

and I'm such a sucker
for cowboys.

Cake or ice cream?

Oh, cake.

Oh! I dig ice cream.

( chuckles )

Oh, Jerri... Jerri and I
are getting along great.

Every day we have more fun
flirting with each other

and seeing how far
we can kind of push it.

Chocolate chip cookie
or oatmeal raisin?

Chocolate chip.

That wasn't really
a fair competition.

( laughs )

Oatmeal raisin never stood
a chance in that battle.

Oh, I think

Jerri is legitimately attracted
to Colby,

but I'm sure that strategic play
comes... is involved,

there's no question.

I always feel guilty when
somebody's giving me a massage.

It's all right, though.

I really, I don't mind,

especially after today,

what you did to your back.

I think Jerri's approach
is just a lot of...

she wants to really
feel important.

She's already got Colby
on her side,

but she gets on his side

rubbing his back and, you know,

nuzzling at night,
you know, that whole thing,

sharing the blanket,
all that kind of stuff.

So it's natural for Colby
just to gravitate

and a little smoke screen
goes up

and so he doesn't
necessarily see certain things.

Or maybe he does
and I'm just not aware of it.

At this point, I'm not sure
if Jerri has ulterior motives.

Jerri is very capable
of deceiving me

or anyone else in the tribe.

And maybe she's not,
maybe I'm wrong.

But, uh, I still can't
let my guard down.

You're pretty relaxed.

If it came down to me
having to vote for Colby...

I would.

This is spear grass.

See how tall that is?
Yeah, that's definitely
spear grass.

That is spear grass.

Alicia and I,

we went for that foraging walk

together intentionally.

I've thought a lot
about the voting,

and I wanted to be able
to get away with her

and just have her think
about the future

and who would be the most

valuable to have with us
in a final four,

that we could beat.

You and I are committed
to each other

for that final four.

Because the truth

of the matter is, I feel like

you're the only one
I really trust, at this point.


Look at the size of that one.

That is a
major spider.

Jeff and I are constantly

scheming and planning
about how this thing should go.

Now, Elisabeth can't be
in the final four.

She can't be 'cause
she'll make it to the end.

Yeah. And I don't think
Nick can be either.

We talked about, you know, who
we're going to vote for now,

who we're going to vote
for next time,

who we trust,
who we don't trust.

Nick flies under the radar.

Nick flies very much
under the radar,

and Nick is a total player.

I don't trust him as far
as I can spit.

I mean, I feel Nick
would screw all of us.

Nick is very lazy.

Don't let me take the fire with
me, as I drag this through here.

He won't pick up anything,
he won't lift anything.

If you ask him to help you,

he'll act like
he doesn't hear you.

I'm sorry.

I didn't hear what you said.

That's okay.

I'm zoning out.

You know what?
He's too secure

in his position
right now.

Yep, absolutely.

He's done our kitchen,
which is lovely.

And he's built a lovely
little outdoor chair

and he's built a lovely
little patio, but only because

he doesn't want
to do anything else.

Mentally, you need to feel like

you're comfortable
where you are.

And that's why
I built the kitchen.

I mean, the kitchen serves,
you know, little purpose,

but it looks good,
it makes you feel comfortable.

It's noticeable
that you're doing work,

which makes people happy.


I kind of built you
a recliner, Rodger.

Hey, you get that done
where I can sleep in it.

I just don't see the necessity

in making benches
when we need firewood.

I think that
that's not a priority,

I think that's a luxury.

Unfortunately, we need him,

so, you know, what can we do?

He's one of
our stronger people, but...

when we get to a point where
somebody in our group has to go,

he's going to be the first.

( thunder rumbling )

When it rains,
it's a scary moment.

If the fire goes out,
everything around us is wet,

and we only have
a couple matches.

It was at the point
where it was almost out,

and there was hardly
any light coming off of it.

And no heat at all.

Do you have some of that grass?

It was really raining hard.

We were not going to let
the rain win over our fire.

It just wasn't going to happen.

( thunder )


That was a rough one.



pretty miserable.

My side of the tent
was all wet,

so I had to sleep in
wet clothes

with a wet blanket and sand,

and I can't recall sleeping
even a full hour.

Last night was a hard night.

It poured.

I mean not just a little
drizzle, it just poured.

People fight sometimes,
they put the fire out.

We were up all night trying
to keep that fire going.

I think the hardest thing for
me so far has just been trying

to catch up enough sleep
so the body's ready

to go into combat
in our challenges.

Everybody's kind of getting
a little lethargic.

The fish definitely helped,

that was a big morale booster.

But I sense we're kind of
on a downslide right now

and it kind of scares me
a little bit.

When you think about
how low you are on nutrition

and how hungry you are,

being tired just...
just quadruples it.

Getting mail is always
an exciting thing,

but I was so weak walking up
that hill to get the mail,

it was treacherous for me.

And I knew,

I knew that inside
there would be a challenge

that I may not be able to do,

and that was a depressing
thought for me.

( rattling )
We got mail.


"I think that you'll find
that your tribe's in a bind,

"between a hard place
and a rock.

"But if you work as a team,
it's not as hard as it seems.

Pull together and your win
is a lock."

Ropes-- maybe tug of war?


"Bind" in here, which means
maybe something's bound

with ropes.
Maybe we're all
going to be tied up

or something.
"Rock and a hard place,"

probably going to have
to do with rocks.

Gosh... I'm a little weak
for climbing rocks.

It's not the time
to be weak, brother.

I know.

I'm dragging.

This is the most tired
I've been.

Personally, I'm a little
worried about myself.

I know I'm not going to be
as strong going into this one

as I have been in the past.

Come on down, guys.

Welcome to your toughest
challenge yet on Survivor.

Let me get that immunity idol.

Today's challenge
is very simple in concept

and very tough in execution.

It's an obstacle course.

You're going to start by
racing through a log chute,

then you'll go down a steep
sand slide into the river.

On the other side, you'll go
through a series of obstacles.

Then, finally, you're going
to sprint across the sand

to the finish line.

It's going to require a lot of
physical endurance, flexibility,

and teamwork,
because here's the twist:

you're going to go
tethered as a team.

( laughter, groaning )

You're only as fast
as your slowest member.


If somewhere along the way

a tribe member can't go
any longer,

you can carry them,
but they have to finish.

The first tribe to get all their
members across the finish line

wins immunity.

Here we go, guys.

Survivors ready!


Go, go, go, go, go!
Good, good, good, good!

Good, good...

Come on, back there.

Come on, come on,
come on, come on.

Good, good, good.

Look out, look out,
look out.

Go, go, go!

Go, go, go!

( yelling )

Get on your belly.

Come on.

Hang on, hang on, hang on.
Come on, come on, come on!

Wait, wait, wait...

Go, go, go!

Go, go!

We got it! We got it!

Don't pull, don't pull.

You gotta slow up
a little.

Go, go!

Dig deep, dig deep,
dig deep!

Go, pick it up, pick it up!

Come on, come on.

Go... go...

Come on!

Wait, wait.

( indistinct shouts )

Come on! Come on!

( indistinct shouting )

Stand up, Rodg,
come on now!

( woman yells )

Side by side.

Stand up, Rodg, stand up!

( yelling )

We got 'em, we're way ahead.

Stay on your feet.

Let go of my hand.

Stay on your feet.
You're pulling me back.

Come on!


Get up, get up,
get up!

Get on your feet!
Get on your feet!

Pick it up!
Get on your feet!

Go, go, go!

( yelling )

Go, go, go!

Pick up your feet!

Come on!

Stay on your feet.

Stay on your
feet, guys.

Come on!

Come on, pick it up!

Right here's the finish!

Come on, Rodger!

( yelling )


Come on! Ah!

Last member across!

Last member across!

Touch the table.

Touch the table.


( cheering )


( panting )

Good job!

Good job, guys.
Oh, my God!

Good job, Kucha!

We did it.

Oh, my God...

We did it!


( whooping )


( trilling )

( gasping, muttering )

You digged deep.
You did it, Pops.

I can't breathe.

Give him space.

Kucha, this is yours.

You want this, Jeff?
Oh, my God!

( whooping, cheering )


you guys know what
I'm here to tell you.

Tribal Council, one of you guys
will be going home.

You guys always said,
when it comes to teamwork

and heart, Kucha's got it.

Kucha's got it.

Our last immunity
challenge was a real tough one.

Mad Dog Maralyn, you know,
she had a difficult time.

Had we voted for
Maralyn last week, and not Kel,

I can almost guarantee you we'd
have immunity right now.

She's ready.

She'll be
very understanding.

We're going to need Keith.

The mood in the camp
is a sad mood,

but it's also a very
strategic mood.

Everybody's thinking,
"Who's thinking what?"

There's been five
of us:

myself, Colby,

Mitchell, Amber and Tina,

who've kind of
decided to all vote the same.

My vote's not going
towards Maralyn.

We've had a lot of physical
challenges up till now,

but I'm sure

some of them are going
to be mental,

and I think Maralyn

could prove to be an asset.

Why should we lose her?

For what, 'cause she fell
a few times,

'cause she's
older? Why?

What kind of team is that?

She works her ass off.

She's the first one up
every morning with me--

you, me and her.

Mitchell does all right,

but he struggles.

And, you know, he doesn't do
a lot of work.

When was the last time you've
seen him go up the hill

and get wood?

Mitchell's the weakest
of our strength

of getting a lot of
heavy work done.

When it comes
to the challenges...

Maralyn, I think,

is stronger than he is
in the challenges.

And all we need is
just the four of us.

No pressure.

Thanks, Keith.

I could be

cutting my own throat
doing this,

but at least with Colby,
we can discuss it,

probably disagree upon it
and it'll stay with us.

Keith's wanting to put you

you on the chopping block

And he's got Maralyn with him
and he came to me and Tina.

Strategies are starting
to develop more

and go in different

and the more we learn
about each other,

the more you start to
second-guess what you've done.

Keith is trying to
pull around a swing vote

to try to get me out.

Why would we want to kick off

our fun Maralyn

and then keep the pessimist
and the backstabber?

You guys ready?

At this point,

Keith and Mitchell
and Maralyn

are neck-and-neck for
Tribal Council tonight.

So let's talk
about the fact

that you guys have been

nine days?


You're in
the honeymoon stage.

It hasn't even
begun yet.

So I just want to talk about
a couple of big topics: trust.

Colby, is there
anybody here

that you don't trust,

that you wouldn't trust?
Sure. Sure.

Tell me about that.

Well, I think that's
part of the game.

It's way too early
to tell exactly

who you can trust, I think.

What about you, Mitchell?

You trust everybody
here for 42 days?

Uh I think the
motto is "trust no one."

I have a lot of faith
in a good number

of these people,
but I couldn't give 100%

of my trust.

What about you, Mad Dog?

Are these all your buddies?


Yes, and Jeff,
I trust with my heart.


who here would
you say

you're closest to so far?

Um... I've been very

in my ability to bond

with Amber

and Mitchell

and Colby,

in particular.

I think friendship does

enter into it
at some point,

but it's very important

to keep that separate
from the game.

It's two totally
different things,

and that's where
it gets tricky.

Keith, who have you
bonded with?

Uh, several individuals.

You know, and I guess I equate
the bonding

different than friendship.

I think it's more of
a camaraderie for me

than it is an
actual friendship.


I'm conjoined
with Tina.


( laughs )

She is a constellation.


the cowboy.


Oh, the poor cowboy

has dragged me around

so many times.

I'd do it again.

I appreciate it, Cowboy.
You hear that, he'd do it again.

I'd do it again.

Colby, are you sad
at all tonight?

Yeah, yeah, I am.

Because any way
the vote goes on this,

the seven of us
are really tight,

so the inevitable
is here.

We're broken up
after tonight,

and that's tough.

No matter which way it goes.

It's time to vote.

Mad Dog, you're up first.

Mitchell, it just seems

like you're tired.

This is probably one
of the most difficult things

for me to do right now.

It's purely strategic.

It's nothing personal.

I am going to miss
you dearly.

Mad Dog, I love you,

I value your friendship

more than anything.

This vote has everything to do
with a promise I made.

It has nothing to do with you.

I hope you'll understand.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are tallied,
the decision is final,

and the person will be
asked to leave

the Tribal Council area

I'll read the votes.

The first vote...




Mad Dog.

Three votes,
Mad Dog.

And a very sad Mad Dog.

You need to bring me
your torch, Mad Dog.

Mad Dog,

the tribe has spoken.

It's time
for you to go.


Well, I don't think
I have to ask

how you guys are
feeling tonight.

I think the last vote
probably says it all.

Grab your torches,

head back to camp.

Stay tuned for scenes
from next time,

and Maralyn's
final words.

Next time on Survivor:

Will Keith and Tina wage war

against Jerri?

I didn't come out here
to be pushed around

by a bartender
wanna-be actress.

And at Kucha, has Michael's

blood lust gone too far?

Oh, my God, oh, my
God, oh, my God...

We've reached a new level.

If I go out, I'm
going out full.

( wry laughter )

I cannot thank you
enough for selecting me,

and this experience has
meant so much to me.

At 52, I could feel myself
really coming alive.

Oh, hell, I'm tired.

Did this all really happen?

Did I... did I do this?