Survivor (2000–…): Season 2, Episode 11 - Let's Make a Deal - full transcript

Conditions are worse than ever. Starving, Barramundi is forced to make a gigantic trade for more rice. With the alliance numbers now back to 4 - 3 after Jerri was voted out, will the original Kucha alliance even things up?

Previously on Survivor:

Food was scarce,
fishing was tough.

Tina! I got a line hung up!

And they were dangerously low
on rice.

One more meal of rice
is all we have left?

At the most two.

Jerri wanted to team up
with Colby

for the reward challenge,

but the tribe insisted
on drawing names

from a hat.

she ended up with Colby anyway,

and they went on
to win the event...

and spent a day
at the Great Barrier Reef.

This is basically
the perfect honeymoon

without the sex.

Nick won

the immunity challenge.

Yeah, baby!

In a departure
from previous Tribal Councils,

Ogakor voted against
one of their own.

Jerri, Jerri, Jerri,

that knock you keep hearing on
your door, it's checkout time.

And Jerri was booted
from the tribe.

the tribe has spoken.

Seven people left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

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( bird warbling )

Last night at Tribal Council,

Jerri got voted off,

and I think that the group
definitely isolated me

from their decision
because they thought

that I was too close to Jerri.

And... I felt sad,

not only because
of Jerri leaving,

but, I think, more so
because it made me feel

like my own tribe members
didn't even trust me enough

to let me know
what was going on.

I felt really left out,
and I hated that feeling.

Hey, good morning.

I think Amber made
a tactical mistake

by staying tight with Jerri.

But she was visibly...
stunned last night

that that took place, too.

She didn't see it coming.

So she probably felt

she lost her...

her big sister comrade
last night,

and she's kind of a lone lamb

out in the midst
of the rest of us now.

And, uh...

she's a big girl, you know?

She made that decision early on,
and that's where she sits now.

There's nothing can be done
about it.

? Ding-dong, the
witch is dead... ?

( whistling melody )
( chuckling )

The mood'll probably
be better around here.

This is how much rice
we have left

to last us 14 days.

This is probably...

enough for one serving.

I got to keep this--
this is the closest

to a six-pack
I've ever had.

You know, we're in a spot now,

but it's not the end
of the world.

My gosh, the human body
can go days without food.

Where the lack of food comes in

is mentally, and you got
to stay tough mentally

to make it through
a food drought

like we have right now,
and, um,

you can sit around and say,
"What if?"

You know,
"What if we would've saved?"

Well, we didn't.
We don't have any rice.

Woulda, coulda, shoulda,
you know,

if ifs and buts
were candy and nuts,

we'd all have a merry Christmas.

And if we don't catch our food,

we won't be eating any food.

Here on out, you know,
it's gonna have to be...

everybody working together,

crickets, grubs,
whatever we can find,

in order
to have people fishing,

and that's no easy task
on its own.

You know, we're starving.

We haven't eaten
in 24 hours, and...

we had a lot to do
and no energy-- none.

Everyone here
was just in slow motion.

You know, I think everyone here
would bring back Jerri

if we had rice to come with her.

( laughs )

Oh! ( chuckles )

Got him.

Look at that.

You show me Colby doing that.

A cowboy can ride
bulls and horses,

but he can't catch grasshoppers.

Oh, look at that! Coming out.

You know what?
I had two grasshoppers

this morning, and a frog.

But the big ones, you can't even
tire those guys out, man.

They fly forever

and are very scarce,
so you can't sneak up on those.

The ones everybody's
been fishing with

is the little bitty ones,
which are pretty easy to catch.

I haven't seen any lately.

Yeah, I mean,

you expend a lot of energy

to try catching grasshoppers.

You chase them down,
I mean, you'll run sometimes

for 100 yards... not 100 yards.

You'll run sometimes
for several yards

chasing a grasshopper down,

but that grasshopper
could mean a, you know,

a 15-inch black bream,
so it's very important.

There he goes.

I think Keith probably
has the upper hand

on the whole
grasshopper wrangling.

A little more experience
under his belt.

You know, he's been
at it a while,

and he kind of
has a handle on it.

Just kind of stun them
a little bit.

I've yet to figure out
his method,

but I may have to go
to the master

so he can teach
young grasshopper

how to wrangle grasshoppers.

Excuse me.
I just caught a grasshopper.

Kind of important.

Oh, no.

It's like the 747
of grasshoppers.

There you go. I took
a wing and a leg off.

You did?
I was hungry.


I'm close to that.


A turtle.

I hate those turtles.

I'm going to try and keep calm.

I don't know whether to break
this rod or try and eat it.



What is in here?
There's, like,...

Money in there.
What is this?
What is this?

Wait, hold on,
let me read the clue.

"For this next challenge,
you'll have to be shrewd,

It's time to find out
the real value of food."


"If you don't believe a snack
is worth more than gold,

"Watch it going once,
going twice,

and then it will be sold."

We're going
to an auction.

We all have a certain amount
of money to auction on food.

Colby, you have money.

Check it out--


Yes, it's real money.

Colby, they could get
us some peanut butter...

But I think we'll all
be getting something.

Wow, I'm excited.

I'm excited.

You guys, we'll
get something.

( thunder rumbling )

Okay, guys, welcome
to the Survivor auction.

You each have
500 Australian dollars.

Up for bid--

a variety of food items.

If you see something
you desire, bid on it.

I'll tell you
what the bidding starts at.

The increments are $20.

First item--

$60 for four tasty Doritos

and a nice big old thing
of salsa to go with it.


60 bucks; Nick?

These are the real deal, Tina.

I know how much
you like Doritos.

I do, but that's

more than $10 a chip.


All right, going once, twice,

sold to Nick for 60 bucks.
Come on down.

Oh, my gosh!

Enjoy those babies!

20, 40, 60.


You can take it back up.

Next item--

how about a little dessert?


Big old thing of peanut butter,

four squares of chocolate.

We'll start
the bidding at...

oh, 80 bucks.
80 bucks.

80 bucks.
80 bucks.




140, Elisabeth.


That's a lot
of peanut butter.

160, Amber.

180, Elisabeth.

Going once.

200, Colby.



for peanut butter and chocolate.

Going once...
240. Tina.

NICK:( laughing )
"Sorry, I know she wants it."

You know what? 240.

I know that that's
something that I'd eat.

260, Elisabeth,
going once,


sold to Elisabeth.

Oh, my gosh, oh,
my gosh, oh, my gosh.

Bring a tear to your eye.

I would have paid
300 for that.

This is my favorite
game in the whole world.

I'm shaking.
Right on.

Go back and enjoy.
...stick it here
so it doesn't fall.

Boy, you are shaking.

I am.


( distant thunder rumbling )

Mountain Dew.

Sold to Amber for $80.


Sold to Nick--

three crackers for 120.

Sold to Keith for 180--
take a bite.

Sold to Tina--
she's on the board.

Sold to Nick
for a hundred dollars.

Six French fries,

and a big old dish
of ranch dressing to dip it in.

Sold to Amber.

Mmm! Mmm!

Iced coffee and chocolate
peanut butter energy bar.

A little bit of protein.


Amber, 100.

120, Colby.


140, Amber.

160, Colby.

180, Amber.

200, Colby.

We found something Colby wants.

220 Amber.

240, Colby.

Damn you.


260 to Amber.

280 to Colby.

Going once, twice,

sold to movie star for 280.

We're eating, baby!

Big-ticket item right there.

Plenty more where
that came from.

Mmm. On-target right there.

Thanks, Jeff.

Right on.

Anybody got any money left?

Oh, okay. Good.

Yeah, we got
a lot left.

Good, 'cause
I got a nice meal here.

Hold on, hold on.

Is that mashed potatoes
I see there?

Mashed potatoes,
bread, turkey,

a little veggie on there.

I'm thinking this is worth
a lot at this point.

Let's start at 180.

180, Amber.

200, Tina.
220 to Elisabeth.

240, Keith.

Can I get a loan?

Can you sell me
one piece of your turkey

and half of your


260 to Elisabeth.

Keith owns it at 280.

Did you give me 20?

Yeah, and I'll give you 20 more,
if you want to go 300.

And I'll sell her--
I can sell her half?

300 to Elisabeth.


That's all he has.


340, Elisabeth.

Anybody else
in on that?

One, two, three,
sold to Elisabeth.

( squealing )


Go, girl!

Come on down.

340, yours.

Mystery plate.

We'll start this at 120.

120, Amber.

140, Keith.

160, Amber.

Thinking about it,


200 to Amber.

Once, twice,
three times.

200 for the mystery plate.

Let's see what it is.

I hope it's good.

Gosh, I'll be upset.

That's a tall glass
of Herbert River water.

( other exclaiming )

( chuckling )

We read that
one right, didn't we?

Rodger, I think I have
something you might like.

You cannot tell me

you are not interested

in a cheeseburger?
Oh, God!

Oh, my God.

That one's
coming up here, son.

$200. Rodger?

240, Rodger.

260, Keith.

280, Rodger.


300, Keith.
How much
money you got?

320, Rodger.

Let me at it!

Oh, go ahead, hit the gavel.

I'm-I'm ready.

Once, twice, sold

to Kentucky Joe.

Whoo! All good things
come to those who wait.

Frugal Fannie.


Boy, that's good.

Thank you. Mmm.

The green latrine.

I'm not feeling well.

I think I'm the only
one that's feeling well.

I can't believe it
would go through you that fast.

I was feeling sick.

I thought I was going
to vomit,

to tell you truth.

I guess because I hadn't
had hardly any food.

Ohh... my belly.

And I ate the cheeseburger

and now I think I'm going
to have to make a trip

over the hill to the latrine.

I gotta use the restroom.

I think that our body
is so stripped

of any kind of nutrition--
you know,

I had turkey and
mashed potatoes and some bread--

and it's just...
it's just going


You know,
my body's trying to process it,

and it's just
not going too good.

Whereas I paid $200
for river water.

But you know what?

Somebody had to
do it, right?

And here's the deal.

You paid 200 bucks
for river water,

and yet
you and I are standing here,

everybody else
is trying to find paper bark

so they can
wipe their butts,

'cause they all have
to go to the bathroom.

And I feel good.

I'm going to go take a bath,

so the whole tent
doesn't smell like ass

by the end of the night.

Mine wasn't that bad.

Mine wasn't that bad,

but I will...
I will feel much better.

I mean, I'm sitting here
wiping my butt with leaves.

You know, you can only get
so much with leaves, I'm sure.


Boy, that felt good.

Almost as good
as eating the cheeseburger.

Time to get
in the river.

Make some ass clean.

That's what I was just
thinking about doing.

Our systems were just
in shock, in absolute shock.

Hopefully that's
it for me.

And as good as it was,
I mean, I would not take

any of that away.

I would... I would do it
all over again.

I really would.

Nothing can compare to the food.

My leaf had a hole in it, Keith.

( laughing )

( laughing continues )

( thunder rumbling, crashing )

( heavy rainfall )

The water has risen
considerably from last night,

and we're losing ground,

and we had our flag on the other
side of our tent, and...

I had to move it because
we don't know how much longer

there's going
to be beach over there.

We could have been
washed away last night?

And we're probably going

to have to move camp
today, actually.

Today or tomorrow, no doubt.

The water's risen, and it must
be flooding upstream because

it's quickly encroaching on us.

It might as well be
a minefield right now.

I mean, with the...
with the weather

how it is, a storm could come

and just wash
our tent right out.

It's right in line
with the riverbed

where it seemed
to be rushing before

and the river's already

crept up and consumed
what we had at camp.

I mean, we crossed
that river to get here.

It's almost doubled in size.

I mean, it's massive
right now, and it is

coming for us.

It just keeps on going.

Every day,

there's something new.


I'm just in shock.

We're in trouble.

We need to move this camp,
and, my gosh, if I feel

how I did yesterday,

if everyone feels

how they did yesterday,
I can't even get myself

out of first gear.

You know,
you go from being starving

and then going
to an auction and eating,

to being starving again,

and, you know, that one meal
isn't enough to sustain you.

It's not. We're still depleted.

It's just... it's going
to be a rough day,

and we don't have food yet.

For me, uh, not having food
is-is a killer.

The lack of energy
and the heat and the rain--

it's all real, and, uh,
tomorrow makes a month.

And a month is a long time
to lay on the ground.

I mean, I'm 23 years old,

I'm in pretty good
athletic shape.

My back is killing me.

You know, I've been sick twice.

My mouth is raw.

Yesterday, I felt a lot better
after I ate.

You know,
I felt I could do this

for 13 more days, but

today, I'm just, like,
oh, God,

please get me out of here
sometime soon.

Good call, coach.

Ooh, he liked the hook,
too, didn't he?

That's a nice one.

Look how fat he is.

Oh, man.

Rodger's been out fishing.

Elisabeth's been out fishing.

I've been out fishing.

Has Nick been out fishing?


He was asked to go fishing,
but he said that

he's never been before,

and he wasn't planning
on starting now.

Why, you know,

let your friends work
extra hard

because you don't want
to get up and move,

because you don't feel
like moving?

We're all sick here.

I mean,
we're all weak,

and I never thought
I'd say this,

I really never thought I would,
but I'm really

disappointed in Nick right now.

I really am.

You know,
maybe we're the dumb ones.

Maybe he is smart,
saving his energy

and sleeping all day
to win immunity.

If we're...
if Rodger and I are out there,

you know, blowing all
of our energy on fishing,

and Nick is conserving
his energy wisely,

he's gonna keep winning
immunity challenges,

and that's gonna leave a vote
to one-one of us, one...

You know, either Rodger
or myself, and that's scary.

That makes me mad.

I-I feel vulnerable

because I still remain
a-a physical threat

to win challenges.

Um, I won the last
immunity challenge.

I'm a big body,
so I take a lot to feed.

So, I'm feeling vulnerable.

Um, if I don't win
the immunity challenge,

I definitely expect to go.

I need to take the immunity
necklace back.

There you go.

Immunity back
up for grabs.

All right, the ability
to start fire quickly--

essential to survival
in the outback.

Whether it's just
to signal a passing plane,

or to create warmth,
fire skills got to be sharp.

For today's

you'll each be assigned
a fire scale.

On one end, a fire bucket.

On the other end,
a water bucket.

Your goal-- create fire
in that fire bucket,

and then by putting water
in the water bucket,

tilt the scale
to raise the fire high enough

to light a fuse at the top.

First person
to light the fuse wins immunity.

Here's the hiccup.

Your water bucket has a hole
in it,

so it's gonna be
a constant battle...

( laughter )

...running to the
river to gather water...

Oh, my gosh.

...and making sure
your fire still has flame.

( laughter )

Sound good?

It sounds good.

They're all the same.
Pick one and let's go.

So there's always a catch.

It's so funny.

( indistinct chatter )

Everybody knows
where their matches are, right?


For immunity,

survivors ready?


? ?

? ?

Two people going
for water already.

That-a-way, Rodger.

Keep cooking, Keith.

Don't be deceived.

You're making progress.

Right now, we've got
a lot of fires burning.

? ?

Ladies and gents,
they're moving.

Hey, hey, hey.

No, no, no.
Just checking balance.

Okay. Don't check.

I know you guys
are getting tired.

Good news is your fires
are doing great.

Not mine.

Except for you, Nick.

Too late to stop now.

Oh, come on, come on, come on.

You're getting there, Keith.

? There's a hole in the bucket ?

? Dear Liza. ?

Let's bring home the pot.

Come on. Come on.

Come on, baby.
Come on, baby.


No. Stay there. No!


You're close. Don't slow down.

Yeah! Whoa! Yeah!

Yeah! Whoo! Yeah!

Right here, man--
nice work.

Out of nowhere.

Comin' from behind.

Got to have something to eat
around here.

Keeps everybody's spirits up
if we got a little something.

Nutritionally, you know,

our body is going into shock.

None of us are used
to being this weak

and not knowing
really what to do about it.

Um, I know Elisabeth
is not doing well at all.

She had a very hard time
getting up this morning,

just making it out of the tent
this morning.

I'm really concerned about her.

Take a load off,
get some water.

I'm just going to
drink some water.

( sniffles )
I'm feeling terrible...
and I mean...

But I'm just, like,

shaking and weak, and...

( sniffles )

( sighs )

I'm just frustrated
with how I feel.

I couldn't even walk
up the hill to fish.

I mean...

I hate not being able
to help out and get some food.

We need to get
rice today.

I just want my
strength back.

( sniffles ):
I'm just nauseous and, like...

Oh, man.

It's hard to get started
in the morning.


We have nothing to sustain us

through the morning today.

We're praying for fish.

We have only two hooks
right now.

No luck.
Not even any bites.

Rodger got a turtle.

He pulled the hook off,

so there goes another hook.

I'm sorry I couldn't
make it out here sooner.

I just had a rough morning.

Why don't you
come back and rest,

and then... and then
we're going to go back out

in a couple hours.


Only bite I had
was that stupid turtle.

( sniffles ):
I'm just real low.

Yeah, Jeff's here.

He's got a big thing of rice.

He has a bad
look on his face.

What's up, guys?

Is that ours?

I come today

because I'm concerned,

because yesterday
at the immunity challenge,

I saw something

that I haven't
seen before--

true lethargy,
a real lack of energy,

especially with Elisabeth
and Nick.

You've got 13 days left,

and I don't think
you're going to make it.

So it puts me
in an awkward situation,

because you had
plenty of stuff.

If rationed properly,
you had enough rice,

and you had 25 hooks.

You had a tackle box

you couldn't improve on.

So, what happened

with the rice?

I mean, why are you out?

We just weren't

careful with our rations.

There's not any
one person to blame--
we're all guilty.

We did each lose
a bag, too,

to condensation in the can.

But that's our own fault.
Come on.

I'm not saying
it's not our fault,

but you just asked
what's happened,

and that's part
of what happened.

Here's where we're at.

You know,
my role is a giver and a taker.

Nothing comes cheap.

I have enough rice

to last you
your last two weeks here.

There's so much
rice there.

But it's not coming
without a price,

so I need something back,
and I need something of value,

substantial value,

to get this rice.
The blankets.

I think blankets would
be a good tradeoff.

I'm talking serious value.

You guys are playing for...
You're laying there
shivering some night,

and those blankets
are of serious value.

You're playing
for one million dollars.

Of what we have,
what do you want?

I'm talking camp.

Camp? Our-our-our tent?

Shelter versus food.
It's one or the other.

Your tarps
and that Texas flag.

That's what I want.

You want all the
tarps and the flag?

All the tarps?

How are we going to
keep dry when it rains?

It rains every day.

Use rain jackets,
cover tops of trees.

Yeah, I mean,
shelter, though.

I mean, that's a no-brainer,
and I'm talking

about my personal item here.

I have no problem giving it up.

Let me entice you
a little more:

25 more hooks.

Oh, absolutely.

You can have the
shelter, as far as...

My vote is take
the shelter.

And if we
have energy,

we can build something.

Let's do it.

Thank you, Jeff.

Oh, my God.

Who's got the strength
to tear it down?

I hate to have
you disrupt
everything, but...

We need our food,

and we need
our strength.

Got to have a value.

Your tarps and that
big old Texas flag

to be a tarp.

Take care of that,

I will.

Good negotiation, guys.

Thank you very much.
I hope the
food gives you

the strength to rebuild...

It will. get through
the last two weeks.

Thank you.

Thanks, Rodger.

All right, I'll see
you guys tonight...

All right, Jeff.

...where we have
the unfortunate business

of dealing
with the Tribal Council.

So, eat up today.

Bye, guys.

Once we realized that,
"Oh, my God,

our shelter's gone,"

the first thing we seem
to have to do is get

a roof over our head,
'cause it really seemed

like it was going to rain
pretty hard today.

Yeah, it's going to be
pouring down rain here tonight.

Well, we need to start looking
for tree cover.

Actually, up in this thing
would probably be the best,

just 'cause there's so many
places to lay branches in here.

The only downside is if
the river comes up again.

I don't think we need
to bring the woods to us;

I think we need
to go to the woods.


So then it was trying to decide

where the shelter's
going to be.

And we had a little food
this morning, but not enough

to climb a hill and build
a shelter up in the hills,

that's for sure.

We want to come in
here with some limbs

or something and angle them down

so it'll run as much water off
as we can.

I think it was a fair trade
if we can keep the rains away,

as long as it's not
a torrential downpour.

We may get wet,

but there's worse things in life
than being wet,

such as starving to death.

Hey, Nick, can you
bring some of that brush down?

Think chopping up
this chest is good?

We're using everything that
we possibly can at this point.

Every little bit helps.

I got some more.

All right.

What do you need
most of right now?

We got grass.

I need grass and pine--
that's it.

It's looking solid already.

Maybe it won't
even rain tonight.

Maybe not.

( thunder rumbling )

Maybe so.

I feel
a couple of raindrops.

Might as well
get used to it.

These branches aren't going
to keep us totally dry.

It's going to be

more water-resistant
than waterproof.

At least we got food, brother.

Amber's a little bit nervous

about the fact
that we voted Jerri off.

She felt like she might be

the next one that we go after.

That way,
Amber won't know anything.

That's a smart move.

It could be
potentially deadly

for all three of us.

Can you help me carry this?

She and Elisabeth
have been bonding quite well.

She could very easily go over
to the guys from Kucha and say,

"Hey, look, I know
they're going after me next.

I want to jump on
with you guys."

If I were Amber,
I'd feel threatened.

I mean, if everyone
can make Jerri go away,

she can just as easily go away.

But by voting Jerri off,
Ogakor diluted

their power a bit.

It didn't seem
to be the smartest

strategic thing to do.

Okay, guys.

Amber, take yours.

And, now,
I think they are worried

about Amber approaching us.

Amber is kind of a pivot

in the whole
Barramundi scenario.

Bon app?tit.

That is good rice.

It's so nice
to have rice again.

I could approach
the Kucha people and go

against Colby, Tina and Keith,
and it would be four

against three, and we could
just pick them off one by one.

But how do I know that I can
100% trust the Kucha members,

that they're not just playing

with my mind and just
pretending to agree with me?

I guess I don't know if I
can trust Ogakor people, too.

They could be playing

with my mind too,
but I have to play the game.

And the game's getting harder
and harder as the days go on.

We need to be
heading out.

I guess we're ready.

Let's go.

You're not bringing
anything, Keith?

We'll now bring in our jury--

Alicia and Jerri.

I'll remind you

that the jury's
not to be addressed.

They won't address you.

They're merely here
to gather information

to help them determine

who's going
to get the million dollars

and the title of Survivor.

Okay, first things first.

What was the reaction
after I left

with all your tarps
and your Texas flag

but you guys
had food?

Tina, did you feel
the negotiation was fair?

I definitely feel
like it was fair.

That was something
that we could rebuild.

And even though

you took it away from us,

it's not like
it couldn't be replaced.

And so,
to be quite honest,

I was grateful
that that's what you chose.

Nick, obviously, you came
into this a very fit guy.

Are you surprised
at the toll

it's taken on your body?

I'm definitely surprised.

I mean, I stood up today,

and I felt like I was
really going to pass out.

I was waving back and forth
and felt bad.

And the last
three days

have been so incredibly tough.

Direct question, Colby.

Anybody here

not pulling
their weight?


I don't think so.

I think it's...

everybody's been pulling
their weight.

Amber, how have you grown
as a person,

being out here 28 days now?

I am a lot more open
than I ever thought I would be,

and I'm willing to try
new things and do new things.

And I'm
a much riskier person now.

It might have taken
a really hard experience

to learn that
about myself,

but I think
it's definitely worth it.

I want you guys
to just take a second

and look
at Alicia and Jerri.

the power base

from this side

to that side.

In the end,
it comes down to politics.

How can you possibly
vote somebody out

and get their vote
at the end?

I just want to remind you
of that as we go vote.

Elisabeth, you're up.

My vote is for Keith tonight,

because, unlike everybody else,

he didn't feel the need
to bring his backpack,

and, uh, that's
just flat-out arrogance.

You seem like

a really great guy,

but you said you were tired
of playing the game,

and that you weren't
having fun anymore.

So, here's your ticket, buddy.

I'll go tally the votes.

I'll read the votes.

The first vote...





Two votes, Amber.


Two votes, Nick,
two votes, Amber,

one vote, Keith.

That's three votes, Nick.

Last vote...


You need to bring me
your torch.

You guys play tough.

See you, buddy.
Bye, Nick.

Hang in there;
hang in there.

I hope it doesn't rain tonight.

Nick, the tribe has spoken.

Bye, Nick.

For the rest
of you guys,

I wish for you dry,
hot weather with no rain.

You can head back to camp.

I'll see you tomorrow.

Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode,

and hear what Nick has to say.

Next time on Survivor:

This game,
in the past three days,

has become drastically primal.

Has Barramundi
been pushed to the brink,

or is their greatest challenge
yet to come?

Oh, my God.

Our camp is called
a dry creek bed.

I doubt if it's dry right now.

It's been a great adventure,

had some great times
and some big lows.

The last few days have
been really rough on me,

and it's taught me a lot
about not only my strengths

but more importantly,
my weaknesses.

I kind of feel invincible
at times,

and Survivor has been
a big reality check for me.

It's been a ride;
it's definitely been a ride.