Survivor (2000–…): Season 2, Episode 12 - No Longer Just a Game - full transcript

Tina and Keith are starting to worry that Colby might side with Amber at the final 4. Being up 5 to 3 over the Kucha alliance, they wonder if they should side with them again. Colby spends a night with some Outback cowboys.

Previously on Survivor:

With Jerri gone,
Amber was on her own.

She's kind of a lone lamb.

I think Amber made a tactical

mistake by staying
tight with Jerri.

The food situation
was desperate...

This is how much rice we have
left to last us 14 days.

...and the tribe
was running on empty.

I feel so weak.

I'm feeling terrible.

The rising waters
were a growing threat

to the Barramundi camp.

A storm could come and just
wash our tent right out.

It's right in line
with the riverbed.

At the immunity challenge,

Colby's dwindling strength
didn't stop him

from winning the talisman.

Yeah, baby!


Back at camp, the tribe
was offered more food.

You've got
13 days left,

and I don't think
you're going to make it.

But it came with a hefty price.

I need something of value.

I'm talking camp--

your tarps and that Texas flag.

I think it was a fair trade.

There's worse things in life
than being wet,

such as starving to death.

At tribal council,
Jerri and Alicia

as members of the jury,

and Nick was voted out.

Six remain.
Who will be the next to go?

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? ?

This game,
in the past three days,

has become drastically primal.

We are just

beings out here that need food.

The servings
are so small.

It's, like,
maybe four spoonfuls.

Yeah, it's turned
into a nightmare,

all of a sudden.

You just can't think about it.

The things that are important
have become really clear here.

You know, you shed
yourself of all excess,

and we just gave up
our shelter for food,

and that is a pretty,
pretty extreme situation.

When we got our new rice,
we decided we needed to be

very, very careful
with it this time.

The risk of losing it again

just wasn't
going to be an option.

So we measured out the rice,
cup by cup by cup by cup.

This is the least amount
of rice we've ever had.

No wonder we're all
so weak and tired.

This is all we're living on.

Anyone want some

from the pot?

That rice gave me hope
that I was not

going to have to be out here
starving to death

for the next 11 days,

which, to be honest, that's what
I thought was going to occur.

Hope factors in a huge amount

for your existence here.

I mean, you always have to hope
for the next day to come,

hope for a fish,

a nice night with no rain.

And I just keep hoping that
the next three days to come,

I'm still here
and the next three days to come

that I'm still here.

Keith, Colby and Tina
are three together.

And they see Amber,
although she's grown a lot,

they don't see
that she is a strong person.

Amber's a sweet girl,
but you can't

get by just on
flying below the radar.

She never really proved to me

that she could stand
on her own two feet.

Now, she has proved to me

that she's a tougher little girl
than I made her out to be.

The people who are in control
are basically

going to push your eject button

one time or another,
and you just hope it's not

the next time.

Rodger and Elisabeth both know
that we brought them along

this entire time with
the intent to eliminate them

before we eliminate ourselves.

And they are well aware
of the fact

that they've got to win immunity
in order to stick around.

The next challenges
are very important to me.

Reward and immunity.

I don't care how
hungry and weak I am,

there's no holding me back,
I need them.

How you feeling?


Yeah? Okay.

Today's challenge
is for reward.

It's a ropes course, and it's
designed to be confusing.

It's a jungle rope maze.

You'll have four checkpoints
along the way.

At each checkpoint,

there are several ropes
that lead either directly

or indirectly
to the next one.

You'll have two carabiners.

One carabiner needs to be

attached to your rope
at all times.

Whenever you change ropes,

you take the other
carabiner that's free,

clip to the new rope, then
unclip from the existing rope.

First person to reach
all four checkpoints,

get to the finish,
wins the reward.

The reward is a food reward
with a twist.

Yo, come on in!

( horses whinning )

As you know, in the outback...


...lots of cattle,
lots of cattle ranches.

Stockmen-- Australian cowboys--

are the guys who take care
of the cattle.

Oh, my God!

Oh, look at how beautiful.

You're going to saddle up
on a horse with these guys,

spend the night.

You'll have a trek through
the outback on horseback,

you'll go back to their camp...
Oh, my God.

...have some authentic
stockman grub--

what are you having...
what's for dinner tonight?

Beef stew, beans,

and bread and butter
and some cauliflower.

All the Bud Light
you can drink

to go with that?

Sounds good.
What about breakfast?

You can have bacon and eggs
and some coffee.

Oh, God!

You'll also have
a cot to sleep on.

That's a good reward.

Let's head to the game.
We'll see you guys at the end.



Let's go.

Survivors, ready?


Almost there!

Keep going, Amber.

He's wearing down.

Nice job.

( Amber groaning )

Way to go,

You're coming in
for the bronze.

That-a-way, Rodg.
Way to go, Tina.

Way to finish,

You got it, girl.

Go, girl!
All the way!

That-a-way, Chef.
Finish strong.

Colby, come here.

I want to give you
a little taste

of some of the food
you're going to have tonight.

They call this damper.

No, it's for him.

Can I give it
to them?

No. I'm sorry, you can't.

That's okay, Colby.

Oh, my God.
That's okay, Colby.

This is just
a little sample here.

Take a little bite of this.

They make this up
all the time.

Good stuff?
You can take this

on your horseback ride.

The boys are waiting
for you just up ahead.

Enjoy it.

Have fun.

Have a good time, man.
See you tomorrow.

Thanks, guys.

Tell us all about it.

Put some pork and beans
in your pocket

to bring back.

Get strong.

We'll miss
you tonight.

I'm ready. I'm excited.

( thunder rumbling )

( leaves rustltling )

( thunder booms )

The storm hit about
ten minutes into the ride.

( thunder crashing )

( speaking indistinctly )

We went right into
the face of the storm,

and that kind of startled
the horses a little bit.

( horse whinnies )

Heavy, heavy, heavy winds.

You couldn't see
anything around you.

It felt like hail,

the raindrops
were coming down so hard.

There was
so much water running,

it really looked like there
was water running uphill.

It was bad stuff.

Worse than any storm
I've ever been through.

I feel sorry for all those guys

that had to go back
to a very wet Barramundi Beach.


How fast did that come?


Oh, my gosh.

This is unbelievable.

This is, all this weather
happened in an hour.

We came across here,

and there was one puddle.

Let's hope
our riverbed

didn't get flooded
like this.

Our camp is gone.

After seeing this,

where we've got our camp
is called a dry creek bed.

I doubt it
if it's dry right now.

The thing is, I don't know
how we're going to get across.

It's going to be a good while
before we get across here.

We're talking some hours here.

We had to wait two
or three hours

till the creeks had gone down.

( thunder rumbling )

Everybody had kind
of quit talking,

but I knew what was on
everybody's mind.

Everybody was thinking

what's going to be left
back there

when we get back there.

? ?

We're okay, girls...

I think.

Don't jump to

Oh, gosh.

We have barely anything.

Oh, gosh.

When I first come down
the bank there,

I could see some blankets
hanging on the line,

I thought,
"Oh, everything's okay."

Then I walked another 20 feet
where I could see on over,

and I could see that
everything wasn't okay.

It looked like a small hurricane
or something went through there.


It's here, but barely.

I hope the rice is here.

Oh, my God!

Where was the rice can?

Oh, my God.

I don't even know
where the rice can's at!

Oh, my gosh...

I'll find it.
Don't worry about it.

The rice tin
was right over here.

The rice tin probably
washed away.

It looks like the rice
is gone, you guys.

No supper.


We were really wondering
if we'd get back here

and find our dry riverbed
not so dry, and...

despite all optimism and hope,

our entire campsite
was washed out.

Looks like a tornado
went through here.

The rice is gone,
our knives are gone...

Absolutely incredible.

Where's our

fishing tackle?

Everything that was
on that box, that table.

Yeah, we had the hooks
right up in there.

That water came through
like a flurry

and just took everything
with it.

It was just...

There was no way to describe it.

Especially when we're
out here with so little...

We lost everything.

I walked down the hill

and I saw the devastation.

And my first thought was,
you know, that's our home.

Let's just see if
some of that stuff

may have been stuck in here.

Washed away our food,
our cooking,

our knives, everything.

Everything's just gone.

And to be honest, I was just

really, really mad.

I don't know who I was mad at
or what I was mad at.

I was just angry.

We have no food.

No, none.

We have no food.

We can't even fish.

We don't have
fishing rods.

We haven't eaten
all day.

( thunder rumbilng )

That challenge-and-reward

was tailor-made for me.

Hey, Jeff.

You look like
you were born to ride.

( laughs )

We've been having a great time.

To be able to jump on horseback

and go ride out to a camp
with a bunch of cowboys

and sit around a campfire
and eat beans and beef stew.

I mean, that's something
I would do at home.

Thank you very much.

Oh, man,

this is so good.

So how do you assess
your shot now?

Nine days tomorrow,
and you go back.

You're obviously going
to have a leg up,

because right now,

this food's going to
give you a lot of energy.

Well, physically maybe,
you have a leg up.

you're a leg down,

especially because
this is my second

reward in a row.

You know,

inevitably there's got to be
some resentment there.

And a lot of that goes
through your head, I mean,

you think of the politics,
you think,

"Well, do I pull up five feet
and let Amber win this?"


And then you...

you just say no.

You are here to win,
you're here to compete.

And it may happen.
I may get voted off

in the next couple
of Tribal Councils.

And if it does, I'm going to be
glad I ate this tonight.

I feel just about as fortunate
as I have in 33 days

to be able to not only get
a warm hot meal

but also get a warm
dry bed to sleep in.

Colby, final cheer.

I'm going to down this.

I'm gonna leave you.

Thanks, Jeff.

It's a very bittersweet time,

when you realize
what you're doing.

Virtually, what I'm doing

by enjoying coffee
and enjoying a cot

is taking that opportunity
away from somebody else.

This song's called
"Drinking Beer With Your Mates."

( guitar plays )

? So set the drinks up, barman ?

? We've only got one day ?

( guitar plays melody )

? And keep 'em comin',
pour the glass ?

? And we'll all blow our pay ?

? At night,
around our campfire ?

? It's great to listen here ?

? The stories get
a whole better ?

? When you've got
a heap of beer. ?


( song ends )

When we got back
to the camp,

we didn't really have much
to say to each other

because we were all
just devastated.

I'm going to
go further down

because that food
should float, you know?

Stuff could be caught,

dragged under here.

Well, Tina and Keith
thought of going downriver

and seeing if they can
find something

that washed up on shore.

So I just walked the riverbank

and realized that on
the other side,

our tin of food was there.

It was still sealed.

We need to cross
down here,

where the current's
not so strong

and go across the bank.

That's a little deep there.

It may be deep.

You're going to try
to cross this current?

You're crazy.

Trust me,
you can't cross that.

You'll slip.

I'd rather try that.

Hey, whoa, be careful

out in that current.

I wasn't so much worried about
him getting knocked down

off the log on into the river.

I was worried about him
falling backwards.

You want a rope or something
to put around you?

I was afraid he'd get swept
down underneath that log

and be caught on some limbs
down underneath there,

and there'd have been
no way in the world

anybody would have been able
to get him out of there.

And, Keith,
how do you think

you're going to
get it back across?

You'll never make it.

I went on downriver.

I think Keith was trying
to cross midway.

I saw that the current
was strong...

your adrenaline
gets pumping,

and you just know,
I can do anything.

Keith... oh, my God,
oh, my God, oh, my God.

Tina's across, Keith!

Keith, come back!

Oh, they're making me
so nervous.

I just don't

want to take my eyes off them.

If you can't bring it all,
just bring

one plastic bag of it
over or something.

Leave the can over there.

Throw it behind you,

and the rapids will bring it
right down to you.


there's the current.


Y'all surprised me.

I wouldn't have thought
the chance of finding that

was one in 10,000.

I don't know how
you guys saw that.

I can't believe the lid
stayed on that thing.

You guys are amazing.

You are amazing.
Hey, good job, buddy.

You make me
want to cry.

Tina, good job.

Thank you.

One heck of a job.
Thank you, sir.

Thank you so much.

We're going to start a fire,

We're going to
get you warmed up.

We were very hungry.

It's the thing that
we feel most out here.

And there was nothing
that would keep me

from getting that rice can.

It's just survival
of the fittest.

And I want to eat,

plain and simple.

I want the rice.

Food's everything to us
at this stage.

Geez, we gave up our shelter
for our food.

Then we lose it in the rain?
That's not going to happen.

Hey, Keith,
do we have our matches?


They got wet.

They were there in my coat,

and the coat got wet--
they're wet.

We got the rice, no fire.

We were cold, and we were wet,
and we were thinking

at least we can light a fire

and dry off.

And we had no way
of starting the fire.

It was just devastating.

I mean, it's like nothing else
could have gone wrong.

I'd suggest to anybody
who don't have on

dry clothes needs to be doing it

before dark falls here,

cause we're all gonna be
freezing tonight.

You can look forward

to a good, warm night's
sleep, eh, Colb?

Oh, man. The cot, yeah.

Breakfast in the morning.

Bacon and eggs.

( laughter )

I'm gonna have
to pace myself

a little better
than I did tonight.

I dug in too fast tonight.

I was hungry and I dove in,

and the first plate I had

went straight through me.

I felt awful.

We were so used to eating

nothing but rice out here,
my stomach just...

it twisted and turned.

As soon as that
second or third spoonful

went in,
I knew it was gonna be trouble.

( sighs )

You couldn't help it?

It went through me, man.

I just... I couldn't help it.

It's been too long
since I've had any good food.

( rain falling )

( insects chirping )

This is Survivor, you guys.

This is the stuff

that you just didn't plan for.

You can't begin
to tell anybody back home

what you've been through.

You can't even describe this.

It's something you
can't even describe.

Survivor is definitely real.

This is no longer a game.

This is... this is...

No, this is life right now.

( insects chirping )

Unequivocally, the best
peanut butter and jelly

I've ever had in my life.

I'm stuffed already--
we hadn't even broken

into the bacon and eggs,
and I don't give a damn.

I'm gonna eat as much
as I can here,

and then I'm gonna go
sit by the fire

and eat as much
as I can over there.

I may have to stop
and use the bathroom

four times on the way
back to camp,

and it doesn't matter.


Hey, Colby, how do you
want your eggs, mate?

Didn't you say you wanted them
fairly runny?

I appreciated the opportunity
to eat incredibly.

Just the opportunity,
no matter how sick it made me

and no matter how sick
I feel now.

I had that choice--
I had the choice

to eat and eat and eat.

I'm very fortunate.

Boy, that's good, Pedro.

Bacon, eggs, perfect.

Beans are good.


( chirps )

That was the most miserable
night in my entire life.

I can now say that.

I will never have
a more miserable night.

I hope not.

We just have to...

make sure that tonight's
a little more safe

from the weather
than last night.

And building a shelter.

This is our first priority
right now.

Hey, Rodger,

the sand's actually dry
in there,

in the... in our thing.

Are we thinking of
staying down there?

Right-right there
at the top of the ridge.

Be nothing
to build a little shelter.

I had laid awake all night
thinking about the shelter.

And I definitely did not want

to put it back down there
on that sand.

There's no good place
to hide here.

It's very frustrating.

Where the heck do we build it,
you know?

In the river bed
where it's gonna flood,

or up on the high point
where we can get struck

by lightning?

If we can get the roof on it,

the first thing,
get it like we want it,

we can at least
get underneath that tonight.

( birds singing )

I think
this is the worst-case scenario

that could possibly happen--

returning to camp
and having to see

what all your tribe mates
went through the night before.

We tell each other
over and over,

"When you win a reward,
don't feel guilty."

But, inevitably, you...

you feel guilty.

And it wiped everything out,
you know,

including a good portion

of-of everybody's...
emotional steam.

Oh, my gosh.

I can't believe this.

I am so sorry

y'all had to go
through this.

( Amber mumbles )

It'll be all right.

How are you, Tina?

Did you have a good time?

I know you were
thinking about us.

I was.

I know you were.

Oh, man.

Guys, I just...

I can't believe
what happened.

When I walked up this morning...

wasn't it?

It's-it's sickening,
you're right.

Everyone's going
through the ringer right now.

And out of all

six of us,
I've been the luckiest.

This immunity challenge is such
a double-edged sword for me.

I'm worried
about saving my own butt,

but a bigger part
of me is worried about

winning another challenge
and how that's gonna effect

the way I'm viewed.

You look worn out.

We are.

Quite a day yesterday.

We'll be okay.

We've made it
up until now.

We only have
nine days left.

We're gonna make it.

Well, tonight
we have a Tribal Council.

I'll take back

the immunity talisman.

This is

becoming very important
at this stage of the game.

Now, let's get
to today's immunity challenge.

You'll each have three plates
and a slingshot as a weapon.

For ammo,
Australian macadamia nuts.

Your goal-- break the other
tribe member's plates

before they break yours.

When all your plates are broken,
you're out of the game.

The last person left standing
with a plate intact

wins immunity,
and you make the final five.

Take your spot at a weapon.

Wait for my start.

you each have three plates.

Last person
with a plate intact wins.

Survivors, ready... aim...


Ooh...! Hey.
Sorry, bro.

What's up with that?
It's the
pretty blue.

I love that color.
You want to play
like that, huh?

Aim... fire.

First one down.

The chef is cooked.

Ooh, that hurt.

Aim... fire.

Elisabeth and Amber.

Sorry, Amber. You...

This-This is one straight away.

Amber, Elisabeth, Keith
all have one plate out.

Aim... fire.



a gunslinger.

Amber, down to one plate.

Ready... aim... fire.



It was the closest one to me.

Aim... fire.

Sorry, bro.
It's all right.

Keith got even.

Rodger has no plates out.

Shh. Shh, don't...

You don't have
to tell them all that.

Aim... fire.


Boy, that meal did you
some good.

Hey, I don't know what it was.

Eyesight is sharp.

Everybody has a plate out.
Amber has two.

Aim... fire.



you're out of the game.

Who took out Amber?
I did.

It's nothing personal.
I'm paying attention.

Ready... aim... fire.


Keith down to one plate.

you're down to one plate.


aim... fire.


Oh, Tina, wow.

Sorry, sister.

You get Colby
over there,

and I'll get Colby over here.
That's fine.

Well, now, come on, guys.


His place...


Colby down to one plate.

Aim... fire.


Keith's out of the game.

Take a seat next to Amber.

Ready... aim... fire.

Tina out of the game.

See ya, Tina.
Colby, you've

taken a lot of people
out of this game.

What's wrong
with this picture, Colby?
All the Ogakor.

What is wrong
with this?
Uh-huh, uh-huh.

I'm jumping ship.

Here we go, guys.

Ready... aim...


You're gone, Rodg.

Rodger is out of the game.

Here's where
we're at.


two plates perfectly intact.

Colby down
to one already nicked.

Another winger
will take it out.

Elisabeth, you got
a lot of pressure

on you, girl.

Which one are you going for,

There's three plates up there.





Oh, boy.
You're down

to one plate each.

Take your time
in your shots.

This is for immunity.



Elisabeth's out
of the game. Colby.

This is becoming
a regular thing.

Thank you.


Well, good luck
with your camp.

You'll have fire
after tonight's Tribal Council.

Okay, guys, I'll
see you tonight.

Going to Tribal Council
is not a fun thing.

I mean,
you have no real good reason

for picking
to vote somebody off

other than
you're trying to get to the end.

It's sad to see

another person go out
of your group.

You know, that's less people,

less comfort,
less conversations.

I never, ever look forward to
going to Tribal Council, never.

I hate it.

This group has really

endured a lot and persevered
through some really

torrential natural problems.

Tribal Council
becomes really tough.

I think this is gonna be

one of the toughest ones
I've had to go to.

We now bring in the jury--
Alicia, Jerri and Nick.

I'll just remind you,

the jury's not to be addressed.

They won't be addressing you,

just gathering information.

So when you last
left here, I said,

"I wish for you dry weather
and no rain."

Obviously, my rain dance

didn't work out too well.

there are two seasons

in the outback--
dry season, the wet season.

This landscape
has changed

from brown to green
since we've been here.

Yet you guys

put your camp in the mouth
of a dry river bed.

Whose idea was it
to put it there?

Uh... It was not my idea.

I was wanting to go up
on the hill and build,

but when the two tribes
merged at that time,

we took a consensus,

and mostly the-the females

thought the sand would sleep
better. I sure do wish

we had went with mi-mine,
and then there was

another one or two that felt
like we should've went up

on the hill, too, but we did
all pull together today.

I mean, everybody
pitched in and, uh, uh...

we're gonna,
we're gonna be all right.

how much more

difficult is this
than what you expected?

I can say this.

Every single day,

especially within
the past four days,

each one has gotten

more challenging and difficult,

and I have gone from playing
this game challenge-to-challenge

to playing it day-to-day,

and now I just play it...

After experiencing

what we experienced last night,

it's hard to put
the game into-into focus.

No one person could've stayed
warm by themself last night.

It took every person together.


You seem
to be playing

the political game--

which it is still very

but in as friendly
a manner as you can.

Was that a plan
all along?

For me,
that was exactly my plan,

and I would
rather spend the last

couple of weeks with people
who get along, are team players

and, you know, want to see
each other do well, and

to me, that
just means more.

Let me follow that up, then.

Is it fair to say
that out of the 16,

the six most deserving

are still here?

Um... I don't know
if I could say

that the six most deserving,
but I can say

that the six that are
remaining are... you know,

these people are all
deserving, every one of them.

Well, you guys
have obviously bonded

as Barramundi, a new tribe.

but I'd be remiss if I didn't
point out the fact

there's still four Ogakor
members and two Kucha.

Rodger, you've been

pretty secure
every time

you've come
to Tribal Council.

Still feeling
that secure tonight?

Oh, no. The only way
I would feel secure

is if I was wearing
this necklace

that Colby's wearing, and, uh...

you never know what's gonna
happen when you come here,

and I do think that eventually
the Kucha tribe will be

an extinct tribe, somewhere,
somewhere down the line.

Well, Colby's on a run,

that's for sure.
Certainly is.

You're the only
person who can't

be voted for tonight,
yet you still get a vote.

Good place to be.

Let's vote.

You're up.

this is my toughest vote yet.

It has to be done.

It's nothing personal.

Really a sweet girl.

Very tough decision
for me to make.

Rodger. Just, uh...

sticking with the batting order.

Rodger, I just want to
thank you for all the comfort

that you've brought into camp.

It was like having a dad around.

I'm going to hate to see you go.

I'm going to miss you a lot.

You're a really
tough competitor,

and at this stage
of the game, it's...

You're hard to beat.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are tallied,
the decision is final.

The person voted out
of the tribe will be

asked to leave the Tribal
Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote.





Two votes Amber,
two votes Rodger.

Three votes Amber.

Last vote.


You need to bring
me your torch.

I'll miss you guys.

Stay strong.

Amber, the tribe
has spoken.

It's time
for you to go.

Well, based on tonight's vote,
I guess it's very clear,

the old tribal lines
of Kucha and Ogakor are gone.

Take your new fire,
head back to camp

and try to get
a good night's sleep.

Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode

and hear what Amber has to say.

Next time on Survivor...

A reward challenge
brings messages from home.

I've got chills
right now.
I can't even contain myself.

Is that a little tear
in your eye?

"We miss you and we're
very proud of you."

But it's not one happy
family back at camp.

Keith is cooking
way too much rice.

He said the brown rice
yields less.

No, I said you have
to use more water.

The guy's a bozo.

My game with Keith is done.
It's over.

I don't hold anything
against anybody.

You guys were the best
five people I could have

spent my last couple
of nights with.

I'm actually kind of relieved.

Those last couple of nights
were really, really rough.

I'm very proud of myself
to make it this far,

and I'm gonna be thinking
about you guys a lot.

You're gonna be
in my prayers and thoughts.

I will never, ever, ever, regret
anything that's happened here.