Survivor (2000–…): Season 2, Episode 10 - Honeymoon or Not? - full transcript

Conditions have only worsened in the Australian Outback. The contestants lack of catching fish has cost them to eat more rice, and they're running low. With Jerri still getting on everyone's nerves, Colby and Ogakar look to shake ...

Previously on Survivor:
the former Kucha Tribe,

by Ogakor's alliance,

fought to stay alive

by exploiting
the tribe's disdain for Jerri.

I think there's
a crack in their
tribe right now.


I think she's going to get votes

from their tribe.

Jerri won the reward challenge
and chose Amber

to share in her victory...

while back at camp,
Barramundi had

their own celebration
without them.

What's missing?

What's making it feel that way?

The Wicked Witch of the West
isn't here.

( laughing )

Keith won immunity

for the second time in a row.

( crashing )

The tribe hiked

to Tribal Council
in a torrential rainstorm...


...where the former

Kucha members learned

that Ogakor's alliance
was still strong.
The tribe has spoken.

Alicia was voted out,

becoming the first member
of the jury.

Eight are left.
Who will be the next to go?

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? ?

Last night, it was just...

tossing and turning all night.

The floor of the tent
was uncomfortable.

When the rain started coming in,
I was on the end.

Started getting some water flow
in my side of the tent,

just draining off the tarp that
we lay on, and then wake up

to see the rain like this,
our fire's out.

It's going to be a long day.

Right now my main concern

is staying dry,
'cause I don't want

to get cold.

So I'm just feeling

kind of drained
and lazy right now, so...

I'm sleeping in.

Beautiful day
in the neighborhood.

Yeah, maybe it'll clear off.

Maybe it'll only rain
half the day.

I hope our sunny days
aren't completely gone, though.

The rainy season
is upon us.

They don't call me
"fireman" for nothing.

Look at that. Look at that.

The physical work is not...
it's not light.

You got to go get wood.
You got to break it down.

You got to keep
the fire going.

( sighs )

And life in the outback
is tough,

and it's getting tougher.

It really is getting tougher
for everybody.

( Nick gargling )

What are you doing, Nick?

I swear, every time I swallow,
my th-throat just burns.

The roof of my mouth feels

like it's been burned
for the last three days.

You have large
taste buds?



I had en... like, three

or four enlarged taste buds
on my tongue,

which just is terrible.

And I'm feeling better,
but my mouth is still raw,

so I can't
even drink water normally.

It's just, like, ugh.

Sure doesn't look like
the spring water from home.

That looks dirty.

That's 'cause the
river's so muddy.

If it's been boiled,
then I'll drink it.

We're out of water.

Well, we better...

we need to definitely
boil up some water.
Just dump it.

Just dump it and
get some more.

The rain settled in here,
and it muddied our water,

and it's so cloudy that fishing
has not been good at all.

We've lost all but two
of our hooks

because we have to fish
from shore,

and there's a lot of debris
on the bottom.

Tina, would you come down here?

I'm going to have to get out
in the water.

I've got a line hung up.

You got a line hung?

Yeah, about two feet
offshore here.

The water's
just so much muddier.

Of course, I'm taking a chance
on losing my hook in here.

I do know that.

Let me poke this way,
just right in there...

Maybe tomorrow--
we got a full day--

maybe the water'll
clear up a little bit...

...and try to get
some fish in.

Something besides rice.

Because we're not having
the fish,

we're having to rely
on our rice.

We're eating a lot more rice
than... maybe we should be.

We're down to about two
or three days' supply

at the rate we're going.

We still have eight people
to feed.

Keith, you want
me to start

the rice in
ten minutes?

Yeah, if Jerri's up
for that.

Or we could do the two cups
of rice-- it doesn't matter.

Maybe go back
to the two cups.

One more meal of rice
is all we have left.

At the most.


Oh, my gosh, I knew

it was going to
be something fun.

A rope ladder.

( whispering ):
Oh, my gosh.

Oh, my gosh.

Hey, guys, you
guys are going
to dig this one.

It's going to be
a good one.

They have upped
the ante.

It came
on a rope ladder.

It says, uh, "Mental or
physical, you never can tell,

"but you'll need a partner,
so you must pair up well.

"One guy, one girl,
one reward to split.

If there's one reward to win,
then this one is it."

( all exclaiming happily )


So we're splitting the reward,

and this one's going
to be big and chunky.

A good one.

How do you guys
think we should
decide partners?

I don't know-- should we
pull 'em out of the hat?

You want to do that?

I don't think so.

You don't
want to pull

out of a hat?

No. I think we should pick.

Who would you pick?

I'd pick Colby.

Well, duh,
who wouldn't?

Well, the whole thing is,
you know,

when did this game
start being fair?

No, but I think

it is about team-manship.

Oh, I'm-I'm
the old guy here.

I know nobody wants
to be with me,

but you know...
Oh, Rodger,

that's so not true.
Sometimes you just got
to go with the flow.

How we going
to do it, Colby?

I've got all the guys' names
written on a piece of paper.

Oh, that's a good idea.
And the girls pick?


Don't open it yet,
until we all get one.

Did I get one?
Yep, you got it.

Don't look at them yet.

All right,
you can look at 'em.

Keith, you're my partner!
Nick, you're my partner.


Oh, my goodness.

That's funny.

( scattered chuckling )
That's laughable.

Ready to rock?


Ironically enough, I ended up
being Colby's partner anyway.

I think it's important
that people are

constantly reminded of the
reality of our situation.

There is nothing fair
about this.

And... you know,
it's about winning.

Jerri said, "Well...
I don't want to draw names."

Tina said, "Why not?"

She said, "Well,
I just think we
ought to pick."

She said,
"Well, who would you pick?"

She said, "Colby."

I'm sitting there going,

"Well, now, hold on, let's think

about who Colby
would pick here."

Granted, I want
to win this thing,

but I don't know
that I want

to share with her
whatever it is.

Come on in, guys.

Today's reward challenge

is the biggest one yet.

A helicopter's
going to land

at Barramundi Beach

and take you to one
of the Seven Wonders

of the World:
the Great Barrier Reef.

Oh, my gosh.

Where you'll go snorkeling
in the clear blue water,

and you'll be treated
to a great lunch.

The challenge is
an obstacle course.

You and your partner
must stay together.

There will be three heats
with two teams competing.

It's simple elimination.
If you win, you advance.

If you lose, you're out.

The winners from the first two
heats will move on to the final.

The winning team
is going to the Reef.

We've already drawn straws
to see who's going

to race first.

You've picked your partners.
Let's go.

Oh, my gosh.

This is heat number one.

Winners move on
to the final round.

Survivors ready?

Nice job, Keith
and Amber.

Take a break.

Heat number two!

Winners will take on Amber
and Keith in the finals.

Survivors ready?

Way to go, Colby
and Jerri.

Final heat-- winners get
a private helicopter ride

to the Great
Barrier Reef.

Here we go.
Survivors ready?


? ?

Are you okay, Keith?
Go, go.

( Jerri groans )

Come on, pull!

Hold on.
Ready? Ready?

( Colby grunting )


No! Colby!

( groans )
Come on, come
on, come on.

Go, go, go, go.

Hurry up!

Go on, hurry up!

Hurry up, go.

( Jerri cries out )
It's tight. It's tight.

You got it! Come on!

( yells )
You got it!

( Jerri yells )

Come on, Keith!

Come on!

( Jerri yells )

Go on.

Come on, Keith!

That a girl.

You guys are going to
the Great Barrier Reef.

Are you packing all your stuff?

Yeah, I'm going to get dressed,

'cause we don't have
any idea what time.

Colby left an hour ago.

He did not.

They wouldn't do that.
That would be so cruel.

Yeah, that totally
would be cruel.

You guys are funny.

He tried to wake you,
and you said no,

you didn't want to go.

I thought for sure
they'd be here by now.

Me, too.

( engine whining )

Did y'all eat yet?

Y'all could go
ahead and start.

Well, you may be hungry

before your trip.
You've got a long way to go.

But the helicopter is
going to be here any minute.

( helicopter blades whirring )

( big yawn )

There's got to be
a little, little bit

of animosity and jealousy from

everyone else for winning
two rewards in a row.

It bothers me a little bit

'cause I can see where that
might affect people's voting.

But on the other hand,

I really couldn't give
a flying crap at this point.

( laughing )

Your limousine.

Have fun. Y'all have...
y'all have fun.

Hope-hope you... hope you get...

( indistinct mutter )

We want details.
You'll get them.

Make sure you remember
everything you see.

I will.

I can't believe he
just landed on our
beach right there.

I know.
For you guys.

So which of you two are coming
for a fly with me today?

We are.
How you doing?

Yeah, my name's Craig.

Colby. Nice to
meet you, Craig.


Jerri, how
are you doing?

Nice to meet you.

Let's head out to the machine.


Details. Take note
of everything.

I don't want

This is something
they're going to remember

for the rest of their lives.

I'll remember this
thing today, too.

Yeah, we will, too,

Watching the
helicopter go away.

Well, the kids are
gone for a day trip.

Let's eat.

Let's eat!
Let's eat.

We're getting over
level stuff now,

we'll go down and have
a look at the trees,

give you a bit of a close-up
look at the bush.

All right!


We're in the middle of nowhere.

Oh, yeah. As we'll be coming up
on the river there,

we're going to track
pretty much to the north,

over some, um,
rugged outback stuff,

so have a good look around
where you are.

Sounds great.

Oh, yeah!


I really got to get me
one of these choppers.

Nice waterfalls up ahead.


Just a change of scenery.

Just think, Jerri,

we could be back on the beach
eating rice right now.

It was meant to be, Colby.

Yeah, I'm getting excited.

We land on the beach
and I see a boat sitting there.

I'm, like, "What is going on?"

This is...

It couldn't possibly
get any better.


I don't even want to think
about anybody right now.

No. No conversation about
strategy or Survivor today.

I can handle that.

I told Jerri as soon
as we got in the boat,

I said, "Here's the deal:
No talk about the game,

no strategy, no talk
about the other survivors.

Let's just enjoy the day
for what it is: a day off...

and that's it.

Can't wait to get some
salt water in my hair.

Can't wait to get
some food in my belly.

( laughing )



( gasps )

Is that champagne?

Looks like champagne
to me.

Oh, my God!

Bottled water.

Oh, my God!

Underwater cameras.
Look at these.


Look at all this!

We get under this tent
and there is just this spread.

There's a basket full of all
different kinds of fruits,

wrapped sandwiches,
a bag of Doritos...

There's pasta salad
and sweet potatoes

and all these
different vegetables.

Look at this.
A day at the beach!

Look what
you get here--

a little brownie.
( gasps )

( screaming excitedly )

I know. Gol-ly!

Where do we start?
Where do we start?

( laughing )


I feel rather spoiled right now.

We got champagne over there.

That'd be cool.

But this one...

We don't need to have alcohol
if we're going diving.

( chuckling ):
Sure we do.

( cork pops )

We just... we feasted

for a good while,
and then realized:

"I wonder how
everybody else is doing."

But... I knew.

( murmur of conversation )

Around camp, we just
kind of did, you know,

daily chores and stuff.

Keith and I went
and got some firewood

and broke some firewood up.

Just normal taking-care-
of-our-camp stuff,

you know, and not too exciting,

but just enough to keep us busy

to make the day go by a little
bit faster with nothing to do.

Oh, no... he only
said little things

like I think he's just
really enjoying himself.

Just... you know...

Why not?

( murmuring )

Just to get out of here and see
one of the wonders of the world

would have been great,
you know.

We're in the outback,
but we're seeing, you know,

the same basic spot
over and over and over.

So, uh, to get out and see some
really clear blue water

and have a big meal,
it would've been great.

Here we are in the middle
of the Great Barrier Reef.

It was just too close
to paradise.

The setting-- it was...

it was very, very romantic,

on top of everything else.

I even looked at him
at one point and I was, like,

"This is one hell of
a first date, Colby."

( seabirds calling )

I couldn't have come out here
with a better person than Colby.

We're having a great time.

We're getting to know each other

outside of the game
and outside of that environment.

This is basically the perfect
honeymoon without the sex.

Jerri was quite giddy
on our little getaway.


She made a comment to me

about it being a honeymoon
without the sex,

and it couldn't be farther
from the truth for me.

I mean, we certainly didn't sit
around and high-five and say,

"Man, we finally get our time
alone together," you know?

That's not what
I was looking for.

I was just looking for some
down time away from the game

and that's what I got.

( surf crashing )

I do not want to leave here.

I don't, either.

It's hard back on Barramundi
Beach, being out there

26 days, going on a month,
and not have anything but rice,

so we're just going
to go back in

and try to be as humble
as possible about it.

If somebody pisses me off,
then I'm going to just say,

"I got to go snorkeling
on the Great Barrier Reef.

What did you
do today?" ( laughing )

Returning to Barramundi
right now is...

I'm not really
looking forward to it.

But I, at least, am
going back feeling

rejuvenated and renewed

and a little bit more
like my true self,

because, man, after 26 days
of putting on the game face

and being this tough, you know,
don't-mess-with-me chick...

I got a tender side, too.

I feel like a little bit
of that was touched today.

Well, let's see what
this noise is here.

That chopper
is definitely coming.

Yep, there it is.
Here they are.


Right coming
over the trees.

( chopper roaring )

Right there.

There they are!

Yeah. We want details.

Oh, it was awesome.

Your meal?
What was your meal?

Start out...

Bananas, apples
and oranges.


A couple of And a couple
nectarines. of nectarines.

I wish everyone could
have come with us.

Good jump start.
You got a jump start.

But since you
Yeah. couldn't,

I brought a little bit
of the reef back to you.

( laughter )

Everybody gets their
own piece of coral.


How exciting!

Wow. That's very nice
of you to do, Colby.

Oh, my gosh!

This is Rodger's.

Oh... Thank you.

Thank you so much!

Thanks. It's...

This one is Keith's, and it has

a little empty space, kind of
like the one between his ears.

( uproarious laughter )

( laughing ):
There you go.

Here's your, uh,
orange for Tennessee.

Oh, man.

Oh, Colby,
thank you!

Colby's little, um,
shell maneuver was

most definitely strategy.

For me, in a perfect world,

it would be me and him
sitting up there

in front of the jury.

I find him and myself to be the
most even on the playing field,

more than anybody else here.

And so now, because of that
little maneuver, I'm thinking...

that he's got one up
on me, for sure.

Thank you.

Colby, thank you so much.

You're welcome. I wish
y'all could have been there.

That was
so thoughtful.

This is so cool!

It's so cool!
Oh, wonder.

Back there.
That's exactly...

That's one of the seven
wonders of the world.

Yeah. Yeah. Huh.

( seabird whistling )

Hey, Keith,
can you grab the funnel?

Immunity is going to determine
who goes next time,

just like immunity determined

who... who's going tonight.

Nick comes over from Kucha,
and as Ogakor,

we're still trying to maintain
some sort of control.

We determined a long time ago

that Nick was more of a threat
than, say, Elisabeth and Rodger.

So that determines why
Nick goes before them.


That's it.

( clattering in box )

Oh, I need some water.

in the box!

Nick's a strong guy,

although Nick's pretty much
had it.

He's-he's burned out,

and he says,
"Listen, I'm rea..."

You know, I'm ready to go."

So, I don't feel real bad
about that.

I don't think we've
been alone together

in a long time,
the three of us.

That's true.

You're right.

The remaining
Kucha survivors.

This wind's blowing
right at ya.


Well, basically, Kucha's
outnumbered right now

by Ogakor, and there's
a chance, one by one,

we could go.

I know Nick feels

as if he's probably
the next to go

out of our tribe,
but if he wins immunity,

it could just as
easily be me or Rodger.

If I don't win
the immunity challenge,

I think I'm a goner.

I'll go boil water.

Well, maybe that's why.

We slave away in
the outback

as our numbers fall.

They know, they know...
They know that they got us.

They know
they got us.

Winning the immunity

is important to stay alive.

You know, you get out there,
and you try to compete

and try to win immunity

but looks like everybody
is voting

on tribal lines at this point.


Oh, wow.


"Those with good
balance are in for a treat,

"'cause now we find out...
who's sure on their feet.

"If you keep steady
and don't rock the boats,

you'll head to the Council,
safe from the votes."

Today's the immunity

It's an important day
for everybody.

The mail insinuated
that we're standing there

on some kind of a log structure,

I think it's going
to be in the water.

I'll take this again.

Mr. Consistency.

Third time's
a charm.

Put it back on its perch.

Are you predicting
another victory today?

No, I don't...

You're going to have
to share the wealth.

Luck is on my side.
All right.

Today's immunity challenge

is going to test your balance,
not your strength.

In fact, one of the keys

is figuring out how to use your
opponent's strength against them

to knock them off balance.

There'll be three rounds.

Each round's
a different challenge.

It's single elimination.
Lose, you're out.

Win, you move on.

First round, you'll climb up
onto the towers,

one against another,
and using a rope,

you're going to try and knock
your opponent off balance

into the water.

It's not a tug of war.

You can pull on the rope,

or if you want, just let it go.

Next round,
you have a shaky beam.

So, it's all about using your
legs and redistributing weight

to get them forward
or backwards.

For the last round,

the finalists will square off
on a pair of unsteady platforms.

Wow. Cool.

As always, Tribal
Council tonight,

immunity at stake,
certainly for one person.

Big, big stakes tonight.

Now, to be fair,

you guys have already
randomly drawn names

to decide who will compete
against one another

in the first round.

All right, let's do it.

Keith, Rodger, you're up.

Survivors ready!


I love ya, but you got to go.


Dog, you.

Sneaky little
devil, ain't ya?

( laughter )

( women screaming )

( applause and cheering )


Rodger, moving on
to the next round.


Nick, Jerri,
grab your rope.

Do we have to put our
wrist in this thing?


Put it around
your neck.

( laughs )

Survivors, ready?



Did you see
his foot come up?



Moving on to round two.

Survivors ready?



Better be careful.

You know how
he treats women.


That was a quick one.

That was quick.

Colby's moving on.

Colby, you're cruel.

( laughs )

Survivors ready?


Amber is an aggressive
little kitten.

( women shrieking )

( all exclaim )

Amber, moving on!

Good job.

Okay, round two.

Once again, you've randomly
chosen the names

of your opponents.

Here we go.

Winner moves on to the finals
and a shot at immunity.

Survivors ready?


Oh, oh, get it, Rodg!
Get it, Rodg.

Go, Rodger!

Come on, Rodg.

Kick it, Rodg.
Kick it, Rodg.

Uh-oh. Uh-oh.

( all scream )


Yeah, yeah!

Colby, moving on!

Survivors ready?


Whoo! Shake those

They look like they're doing
some sort of strange dance.

I can't quite do that
like you can.

Oh. Oh, oh.



Nick, moving on

to the final round!

This is it!

For immunity.

The only thing that can
guarantee your security

at tonight's Tribal Council.

Survivors ready?


Ooh. Ooh!

Yeah, baby!

( applause and cheering )

Nick wins immunity!

Way to go, Nick.

Barramundi, see you tonight

at Tribal Council.


Good job, buddy!

I hope I didn't seal
your fate.


I didn't seal
your fate.

Well, you know...

Could have been
either one of us here.

That's just the way
the old ball bounces.


It's weird,

but I think
they all just know,

so they've come
to accept it.

So, I think
it's totally...

The main thing that's changing

now that Nick has won
today's immunity

is that we were all going

to vote him off tonight.

So, it was discussed

on the walk back to camp

who we would be voting
for instead.

It was decided by the ex-Ogakor
tribe that, um,

Elisabeth would
be the next one to go.

It made me scared
a little.

I was, like...

Yeah, yeah.

Could be me or you.

It could be.

The Tribal Council's
definitely never a place

where I want to go.
I hate going every single time.

It's voting somebody off.

It doesn't matter

if you've been
with that person the whole

entire time
or only a couple days.

It's still really hard to do.

I definitely want to talk to,
you know, Jerri and Colby

and Tina and Keith tonight
to see if our original plan's

still in effect.

The plan was kind of just get
rid of Kucha one by one by one.

You guys are
pretty much in control,

you know that
'cause of your numbers.

And, I mean, I...

My next vote
would be for Jerri, anyway.

I think that she just brings
people down,

and I don't like
how she is to even people
on her own tribe.

Her allegiance
is only to herself.

But we have to vote
you or Rodger off.


Because that's
the safe thing to do.


It's hard. It's hard
to talk about,

you know, because you
and Rodger just have more

of that heart and soul
that we want.

Me and Colby and Keith

usually get together
and talk about the order.

We all agree or disagree
on things.

But there is one
other alternative.

That we can eliminate Jerri.

I mean... we are...
We're stuck with her...

Keith, I'm sorry,
but we're talking

about a lot of
money at stake.

No, I understand that.
I understand that, man.

We have an opportunity
staring us right in the face,

and it's guaranteed.

Want to get rid
of Jerri collectively?

Keith, listen to what
you just said.

Why would we allow
that possibility

to even come
to fruition

when we've got
an opportunity
right now

to keep things going exactly
the way they are,

and then get rid of
Jerri as soon as we can?

And, boy,
do I want to.

Man, I had to
put up with her
all day yesterday.

You know, it's, uh...

I can't imagine getting rid
of Elisabeth over her, but...

I know, and, uh...

It's just... It's-It's...

My gut tells me...
It's the right move.

I understand.

I mean, it makes sense.



Hey, now.
Here we go.

We're off like
a herd of turtles.

( indistinct talking )

Now I'll bring in
the first member of our jury.

The jury is not
to be addressed.

No comments, reference
to the jury.

The jury will not
speak to you.

The jury is merely here
to gather information

that they will use in deciding

which one of the final
two gets the million dollars.

Each Tribal Council,
as you guys are voted off,

you will become
a part of the jury,

and the power will
shift to that side.

Nick, on a scale of one to ten,

how important
was immunity for you today?

Oh, this is a ten.

If, um, if I hadn't
won immunity today,

I fully expected
to get voted off.

Based on?

Based on the way
voting has been going, uh,

based on my place in the tribe.

Uh, I fully expected
if I lost today to, uh,

be sitting on, in the jury
the next time around, so...

Jerri, as you look
at the jury, you got

one member
over there.

You guys,
right now,

have a one-in-eight shot
at a million bucks.

Have you surprised yourself with
the way you've acted out here?

Honestly, I had no idea

that this was going
to be as tough as it is.

And I have woken up
in the morning

and gone through an entire day
wondering who I am.

Things come
out of my mouth

in frustration
and out of hunger

and just stress that,
after they come out,

I want
to suck them back in and...

'cause it's not something
that I would normally say,

or, or act.

So, yeah, I've surprised myself

in a lot of ways.

due to the numbers,

you're having
to sort of go their way.

Worried at all?

Strong competitor,

you're going to be tough

if you get
to the final two.

You're probably
a target

at some point.

That definitely goes
through my mind.

You know, you come here,

and basically,
anyone is a target,

but when you're in a minority,

you know, of numbers,

the reality sets in

a little more harshly.

You're always
vulnerable here.

Nothing is guaranteed
and you can't

assume anything,

because that's the most
dangerous, dangerous thing

you can possibly do here,

in the outback,
in this game, is assume.

Assume you're safe,
assume you're right.

You're not.

And, so I come here prepared...
for the worst.

So, let's vote.

Elisabeth, you're first.

Elisabeth, this is going
to be the hardest vote yet,

and the hardest vote
for the rest of the game,

but the only reason why
I am making it is because

I made a word
with my original tribe,

and I want to stick to my word.

Most days,
she gets up in a good mood,

but, oh, baby, look out if
she gets up in a bad mood.

I've never in my life met anyone

more likable and more lovable.

Because you are
such a likable person,

it is a definite threat.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are tallied,
the decision is final.

The person voted out
of the tribe will be asked

to leave the Tribal
Council area immediately.

First vote...





Two votes Elisabeth,
two votes Jerri.

Three votes Jerri.

Four votes Jerri,
two votes Elisabeth.

Five votes Jerri.
That's enough.

You need to bring
me your torch.

Checkmate. You guys got me.

( chuckles )

Good game.

Jerri, the tribe
has spoken.

It's time
for you to go.

Based on that vote,

maybe the game has changed,
and a new tribe

finally has been born.

Barramundi is alive
and kicking.

You guys can head back to camp.

Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode

and hear what Jerri has to say.

Next time on Survivor:

The tribe wakes up and realizes
that Jerri is really gone...


Her own tribe voted against her.

...but the survivors
are too hungry to celebrate.

I'm just, like,

shaking and weak.

They are offered more food,

but at what price?

You know, it's funny,
because I absolutely knew

this was coming.

It must have been my remark
about how this game isn't fair.

I'm pretty sure that's
what set everyone off.

I've had a great time,
and I'm still up

for sitting around
with everybody

having a beer and laughing
about this whole thing.