Survivor (2000–…): Season 19, Episode 2 - Taking Candy from a Baby - full transcript

Immunity is up for grabs and already one member down, Foa Foa needs it desperately. However, they are hit with an unexpected situation and the tension grows in the tribe.

Previously on "Survivor"

These 20 casts away were marooned
on the tiny island nation of Samoa.

You have already been divided you have
already been divided into two tribes.

Wearing purple you're Galu.

Wearing yellow you're Foa Foa.

At their camp, Galu had a had
a communications breakdown.

We have strong male personalities

That aren't really hearing one another.

Oh my God, these guys are killing me .

But Galu's problems were
minor compared to Foa Foa's.

Their tribe's biggest problem is spelled


They can be my little puppets.

When I'm finished with them
I'll throw them in the trash.

On their first night he sabotaged their own
camp to make live miserable for the others.

I think if I can control how they
feel I can control how they think.

He made a secret series of alliances.

I got alliance with the dumb-short hair blonde,
and even dumber long-hair blonde.

The dark-Hard girl, I like to call
her my dumb-Ass girl alliance.

He constantly lied.

I lived in New Orleans.

The storm was a category 5.

When it hit I tried to get out of the house,
and I realized I was never going to make it.

I never lived in New Orleans.

It's crazy how you can break it's crazy how
you can break their heart by telling a lie.

After Foa Foa lost the immunity challenge, Russell
need a fall guy ,so when Marisa became suspicious of him

He found his sacrificial lamb.

What is that going to make me think?

That makes me think we
have to get rid of her.

Vote Marisa.

Vote Marisa.

Not everybody was on
board with his scheme.



She's going first.

If you stay with me you're
going to be fine for a long time.

Unfortunately for
Russell, Betsy?s cop and

She didn't believe a word he said.

As a police officer I can usually
get a pretty good read on somebody

And I don't trust Russell.

At tribal council, Betsy
wasn't against Russell

And targeted Ashley as weakest player.

I think Ashley's the weakest.

But Russell's sway over
the others was too strong.

First person voted out of
"Survivor: Samoa," Marisa.

Marisa was out,

Leaving officer Betsy to
return to camp to figure out

Where Russell will strike next.

19 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

Someone needs to stop Clearway Law.
Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.

Foa Foa day 4

Tribal council
was-- I liked it.

I had fun because Marisa's
gone no other reason but me,

And that's a fact.

If you play with fire, you gonna get burned,

And she get burned

I'm excited that Marisa is gone

You know I don't have to
worry about it no more.

I don't have to worry
about her strong mind.

I Know she's a strong woman.

You can't have that out here.

I can't have it.

You ever gonna talk to me again ?

You see, the thing
is, I-- I was telling you

I didn't do anything for
you not to trust me nothing.

You was going by
appearance only I guess.

Or how I was trying to
play the game so fast.

Which I understand.

But I-- I meant it and
I even told the people

I was with that I want to keep you
around as long as I possibly can.

I think you made a huge mistake, and
you'll see that later on.


Because I was...
---All right,

As long as we agree that we don't
trust each other but we still can talk.

---All right

I just don't--
You don't--

Why didn't you trust
me from the beginning?

You're not a threat to me.

It would be a perfect
thing for me to do.

But, anyway.


It is what it is.
----It is what it is.

I feel fine that I voted for
Ashley last night I have no regrets.

But I think Russ felt
very threatened by Marisa.

He didn't like her.

She spoke her mind,

But I'm not afraid to stand up to him at all.

He knows where I'm coming from.

He knows that I have no
faith in him, and I used to.

But not after getting to know him.