Survivor (2000–…): Season 19, Episode 1 - The Puppet Master - full transcript

Twenty castaways are left to fend for themselves among Samoa's white sand beaches, lush green valleys and towering waterfalls.

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Deep in the heart of the south
pacific lies one of the most mysterious

and isolated islands in the world,sa

a land that's steep,volcanic mountains.

Towering waterfalls,fierce rainstorms.

Rugged coastlines,virtually
untouched by civilization.

And surrounded by an ocean that's
home to a diverse marine life.

Here's where these 20 americans are
beginning the adventure of a lifetime.

Though they've not yet spoken,first
impressions are already forming.

This lady with her free flowing hair,is
probably some super outdoors woman

that will naturally step
forward as our leader.

Man,i'm a people person.

People have gravitated
to me my entire life.

It's like,"oh,my god!

This chick rocks!We love her.

" there's a guy who
looks as tough as nails.

He looks like a pit bull.

He's like-- i wouldn't want to
mess with him.That's for sure.

y plan on making it as miserable as
possible,making it hell for everybody.

To get what i want.

When i first started
being a police officer,

i believed every single person i met
but now i don't believe anybody anymore.

20 strangers forced to work together
while battling the elements and each other.

They must learn to adapt
or they'll be voted out.

In the end,only one will remain
to claim the million-dollar prize.

39 days,20 people,one survivor!

Season 19Episode 01

Welcome to "survivor: samoa".

You guys have already been
divided into two tribes,

wearing purple,you are
galu,wearing yellow,you are foa foa.

Are you now going to make
your first tribe decision.

You are going to elect a leader.***

The leaders are held in very high esteem

because they're called upon to
protect the interests of their tribe.

Whoever you elect is going
to do that for your tribe.

It's going to be based on
body language,observations.

A piece of parchment and
a pen for each of you.

Do your best to describe who looks
like they could lead your tribe.


Kind of like a deer in headlines.

Taking on a leadership role in a
game like "survivor" is a death wish.

Once you have it,you can
head back to your mat.

I do have leadership qualities.

Being in the operating room,you
have to make snap decisions.

It takes more than a note from mom to
get through med school and residency.

All right,galu,who looks like
they could lead your tribe.

Voted for the guy in the gray
shirt with the very shortcut.

- What's your name?
- Erik.

First vote is for erik.Guy in the back.

I voted for the lady
with the purple bandanna.

- What's your name.
- Shambo.

- Shambo?
- Yup.

My nickname has been shambo since '86.

i was in the united states marine
corps and rambo had the same bandanna.

Everybody was lime shannon,rambo,shambo,so
that's my game name.

Woman in front with the blond here.

Black jacket and dreads right here.

- What's your name?
- Russell.

That's one vote for russell in the back.

I voted for the guy
with the dread locks.

Two votes for russell.

Handsome many in the suit.

**Who did you vote for?

- Shambo.
- Shambo.


- ***
- Guy in the back?


That's four for russell.


that's five for russell.That will do it.

Shambo has the five votes.

Russell is the leader of ggalu.

Foa foa.

Your turn.

Red shirt jeans,chaky jacket.

- What's your name.
- Nick.

Tall guy in the back.

- Nick.
- That's two for nick.

- ***
- Girl in the owner shirt with white flowers.

- What's your name?
- Marisa.

Brought a smile to your face.

Two more nick one for marisa.

- Nick.
- The yellow shirt and vest.

- What's your name,.
- Jaison.


The guy in the khaki jacket.

That's three for nick.

The girl with the dark hair,asian.

My name is liz.

Marisa who did you vote for?

Short,strong guy with the hat.

- Short,strong guy,what's your name?
- Russell.

Woman in front.

- Gray vest,yellow button up.
- ***

The tall,nicely
dressed,yale-type black man.

We have a tie.

We have nick with three
votes,jaison with three votes.

One vote left.

Last vote hold it up.

Guy with green jacket,red shirt,nick.

That's it.

We have a leader for
foa foa.It was nick.

I really wasn't surprised i wasn't written down as a
leader but i don't see anybody else that's a country boy.

I've shot and killed and cleaned about
everything you're allowed to in mizorry

and probably a few things you're not.

So i've done all this stuff before,and i think
a lot of these people are kind of candy asses.

All right,leaders,now you're going
to make your first big decision.

And it will test your leadership
skills right from the start.

I'm scared.

This leadership thing
can go south real quick.

The highest nail definitely
gets pounded down in this game.

And right now,i'm,like,sky

All right,you're now going to make
your first big decisions as leaders.

You're going to decide who's going to
participate in our opening challenge.

Nick,i want you to choose from your
tribe who you think is your best swimmer.



He looks like a swimmer.

Everybody assumes that
tall,black guy can't swim,

so i didn't think in a hundred years that
nick would choose me for the swimming.

I played water polo through college and the national
team so i'd like to claim i'm a pretty good swimmer.

Russell,who do you think
is your best swimmer?

I'm choosing the
young,brazilian-looking guy.

John,head on over.

Nick,pick the strongest
person on your tribe.

I'm choosing russell.

Russell.All right,for galu.

I'm going to choose the younger
guy with the short,cropped hechecut.


Nick,pick who you think
is your most agile person.

I'm choosing marisa.

- **
- ***

All right,russell.

I'm choosing my african
queen with braid.

All right,yasmin.Come on over.

Yasmin wearing nice heels.

All right,nick,last choice.

Pick the smartest person on this tribe.

- This is tough.I am choosing the woman on the end.
- Liz

i think nick chose me because i'm asian,

and while i certainly don't take affect to
the positive attributes of being an asian,

because they're stock market
they're supposed to be studious.

Come on over.Join your tribe.

There are also negative
attributes like sneaky,

conniving and i don't want attributing
all the negative attributes to me.

All right,russell,who do
you think is the smartest.

I'm choosing shambo!

Oh,my god!

I am smart in the way of life.

But as far as book
smart,dear,god,please,help me here.

- Come on over.
- Okay.

You guys ready to get
to the first challenge?

Here's how it's going to work.

On my "go," the designated
swimmer will swim out,

retrieve a key,and swim back.

The designated strong person will use that key to
unlock a chain,freeing up two very heavy bundles of logs.

You'll then carry those logs back to the mat where the most
agile person will use those logs to get up to a balance beam.

You must maneuver across the balance beam while
navigating another key through a rope maze.

The designated smart person will use
that key to unlock a bag of pulls pieces,

using the pieces to solve the puzzle.

First tribe to solve
the puzzle wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing for?


Fire in the form of flint.

Huge advantage to start this game.

Take your spots,we'll get started.

All right,here we go.

Survivors ready?


The first leg is a swimming race.

Wow,two sprinters through the water.

Got to swim all the way
out,retrieve the key,and get back.

Jaison starting to pull away from john.

Nick feeling very good about
his choice for a swimmer.

Jaison,he surprised me.

Afro-americans aren't known to be...

Swimmers,you know.

Come on,get it done!

Get it done!

John now at his key.

Jaison has his key
and he's heading back.

John has his key.

He's heading back.

We've got a race.

Push it!Push it!

Come on,john!

Keep going!

Jaison first back for foa foa
passes off the key to russell.

The strong guy going to work.

Gotta unlock that chain.

That is a long swim.

John shanked that swim so bad i was
ready to vote him off right there.

Come on!

Erik has the key.Erik
now getting to work.

Russell having no problem
with that first bundle of logs.

Erik trying to make up some time.

Come on,erik!

Erik now has that first bundle.

Adrenaline coarsing through that body!

Push it,baby!

You got it!You got it!You got it!

All right,get back.

He's strong but he's tired!

He's out of shape!

Russell having a little
trouble with that second one.

These are heavy bundles of logs.

Erik carrying it.

Erik down.

Russell has it.

Marisa's on the balance beam now.

Gotta make your way across the beam while
maneuvering that key through the rope maze.

Erik still working with that second log.

Step by step.

Dig it in!

Erik not giving up!

Finish it! Finish it!
Finish it! Finish it!

Erik has it!

Look how erik carried
out.He made me so proud.

He had the heart of a tiger.

Yasmin making up a
lot of ground for galu.

You got it,girl!You got it.

Marisa very close for foa foa.

Good job!

Marisa finishes.

Liz now unlocks the lock.

Don't quit.Take your time.

Liz working on the puzzle for foa foa.

Bring it to me,baby.Bring it to me.

There it is.

Yasmin has it.

Shambo now unlocking the puzzle pieces.

Cam on,shambo.

You can still take it,baby!

You're in it!You're in it.

It ain't over!

Liz has had a nice head start.

Shambo is right in it.

She was worryed that she
was going to be smart enough.

Come on,come on!

Shambo making up a lot of time.

Shambo making up a ton of time for galu.

Liz very close.

Foa foa wins reward!

We won the challenge because nick
made a very good choice on all legs.

That was amazing.You owned it.

Foa foa,your reward.

Fire and a map to your new home.

Russell,at all frustrated?

No,jeff.I'm proud of this team.

I am not frustrated in the least.

Everybody loves an underdog,jeff.

That's right.

You are definitely the underdogs.Here's
your map to your new home.

Grab your stuff.Head out.

You've got a camp to build.

Pretty boy.

Maybe he couldn't swim,but
get your ass off the mat.

Stand up.


He doesn't deserve to be here.

I'm betsy.

Mike.Mike.How you doing?

What do we do now?

Does anybody have any,like,practical
real world experience?

I'm a hillbilly man.

I've done this lots of times.

The bathroom should
definitely not be up camp.

It should be away.

He's an interesting cat.

He shows up at camp and the
guy is like all eyes to me.

We need four holes equal distance apart.

12 by 12,whatever it is.

I think the leadership thing is difficult and i'm
still trying to sort out exactly how to run it.

Put the other piece of bamboo that way.

If he wants to step up and take
control of things,you know what?

Have at it,my friend.Because
he'll paint his own target.

I didn't come here to work.

I came here to play.

You got to talk about alliance as
soon as you step on this island.

So my strategy is to be able to have a secret
alliance with each one of these dumb girls.

We can have something,like,a
secret alliance.




So we can be strong from the beginning.

We can look back at this
moment right now and say,"

- we did it from the beginning,from day one.
- right

It is day one now.

I've got an alliance with
the dumb,short-haired blond.

This is what i wanted.I
wanted someone to approach me.

And the even dumber long-haired blond.

I trust you.

Do i have that same trust with you?

Yes.And the dark-hard girl..

- You have my word.
- You have mine.

I like to call it my
dumb-ass girl line.

- It's me and you.
- Okay.

I tell them exactly the same thing.

This is real.

And i believe they're just
gullible enough to believe it a.

- Align with the old lady
- ***

i'll make sure that i win this game.

My fourth alliance is with the old lady.

I know she's a lot smarter
than my dumb-ass girl alliance,

so i've got to be real
careful with that one.

Should we shake?Should we let
people see us shake or what?

That was fun,russell!

As a police officer i can usually get a
pretty good read on someone by talking to them,

looking in their
eyes,their body language.

I just have a feeling i don't trust russell
because he came to me too quick in the game.

I did make an alliance with
him,but i don't trust him.


Welcome home,guys!

Oh,my god.

So,listen to this.

Let's make our structures.

I've been elected
leader of the galu tribe.

It is a heavy,heavy liability.

Who's the one that you always want to get
when you don't know who you want to get?

Get the leader.

This is almost like
we're building a raft.

Let's think about a
raft,right,on the ground,right?

And then we're going
to raise the raft up.

Make sense?

Let's get it done.

When we first landed on the beach,i saw russell,our
tribe leader,begin to actually take charge.

It was really cool.

I felt,ya!

We do have a leader.

I just want to do some building.

You're going to make this load
bearing?The tree isn't vertical.

So it isn't compressed through the core.

Oh,my god.They're still discussing it.

My only problem right now
is we have some real strong,

male dominant personalities
that aren't hearing one another.

- Can we go higher than this?
- ***

Yes there is no limitation.

There's no reason we couldn't go up here
and two stacks like five and then five.

They got all hung up on exactly
what should be done,how when,where.

We're going to sleep
here and build a trench.

And all the drain-- all the
water that runs off the this,,

which was part of the initial rationale for
picking this spot,will be diverted around us.

In my life experience,a little
bit of planning has taught me

tonight always be so quick
to start spinning the wheels.

Everyone's in a hurry right now.

I know.We've got all day.

This isn't your typical
construction job.

You can't push your schedule,come in late,and
deliver over budget because guess what?

Your budget is coconuts.

Ting might be suited to take a five-minute break
and really think about what we're doing here.

Oh,my god,these guys are killing me.

John is very much all talk,no business.

I think he's an engineer or something.

He's-- he's
too technical.

I think when needs to be addressed.

I think rain is your biggest adversary.

All he's doing is running his mouth.

I'm trying to get an inventory of all the
actions we need to have completed or at least try.

I think we ought to just act
and quit freaking thinking.

Okay. Lord have mercy.

I'm tired.

I'm going to go get wet.

Yeah,yeah,let's go.

Who wants to jump in the water?

Yeah,because i'm vile.

Oh,these young kids.

I didn't want to go in the damn water.

It's crazy because i have to constantly
remind myself this is not the marine corps,

and all these people
are in their mid-20s.

So the way that the rest of the tribe does things is
going to be way different than the way that i do things.

So russell as leader,i'm
struggling with it.

He's not being assertive.

He's not leading right now.

In my opinion.He needs to open a can
of whoop-ass and lay some laws down.

That's what i would have
done.That whoosh my game plan.

I lived in new
orleans,right by the levee.

The storm was a category 5.

when it hit,it broke the
levee.I was in my house.

Me-- i have a
german sheppard.

His name is rocky.

And i tried it get out of the house,and
i realized i wasn't going to make it.

So i grabbed my
axe,because as a fireman,

one thing you learn is when you go in
something you have to be able to get out.

By the time i got upstairs,the
water was rushing in,like--

oh,my god.

I couldn't even see him.

It was muddy water.

He was gone.I can't even find him.

Oh,my god!

I never lived in new orleans.

And i'm not a fireman.

I never even had a german sheppard.

You know,i really ain't got
that close to another dog.

I had him,like,nine years.

- Really?
- I'm such an animal lover.

That was so hard for me to hear.

And,i don't know,it
just kind of gets to you.

And when i got on the roof,i
stayed there for two days.

- Really?
- Two days.

And it's crazy out.

You can break their hearts
by telling them a lie.

Russell is an interesting character because i really trusted him off the start,

but he's really been scrambling with everyone,

and he was trying to get people's sympathy

about katrina which is probably very true and his dog,

and i don't want to diminish that story,

but i just think that it was-- he was angling at stuff.

And i'm starting to feel like he's pretty slimy.

I figure i'll make it a little interesting for everybody when they wake up.

I emptied all the water out of all the canteens.

I plan on weeding out the weak right off the bat.

I'll make it as miserable as possible for everybody.

Little stuff like taking a sock and burn it in the fire.

I think if i can control how they feel,i can control how they think.

I'm really a multi-millionaire.

I own an oil company in houston.

I'm not here for the money.

I'm only here to show people how easy it is to win this game.

Another accomplishment complete.

I'm the worst one to trust out here.

I should be the first one to go.

But i'm going to do everything it takes to win this game.

There's no more water.

-None whatsoever?

Yeah,they're all empty.

Oh,you know,i haven't been drinking.

I-- somebody drank my whole canteen.


I'm looking for my socks,which i can't seem to find,gone disappeared.

Me feet are starting to hurt.

They're a little blistered and i'd really like to find some socks and to be warm.

I don't mean to be,like-- we have to hurry.

We have to fill the canteens,cook some crab up.

Will you just relax?

It's way too hot to touch.

It's not that hot.

We can start pouring.

With the coconut husk?


I'll do everything.

-No,liz,liz,you want to fill the canteen.
-It's hot.

We can blow on it.

You can blow on it and it will cool it faster.

Use a little common sense.

My strategy is working like a dream.

We have not had sleep.

Just... I slept fine.


And they're hollering at each other right now.

And i'm going to just sit back and watch them,you know,watch it happen.

I just need to keep some ser renity.

I'll leave you alone.

Right now i think i am running the whole show.

They don't even know it,but i know i am.

Come on in,guys!

How you guys doing?



Russell,how you feeling.Your tribe?

Best group of people i could ever meet.

Everybody's pulling their weight.

Everybody tough as nails.

Jeff,i've never read that book.

Things losers say.

That was good,good.

Can we start this,jeff,because i'm really to open some cans of whoop-ass.

All right,for today's immunity challenge,

six members of each tribe will race across a series of a-frames while carrying three coils of rope.

You will then use that rope to pull a heavy crate to the finish platform,

where the four remaining tribe members will disassemble the crate and use the pieces to solve a puzzle.

First tribe to finish wins immunity.

This is the immunity idol.

When you have this at your camp,you cannot go home.

Tonight,the losing tribe goes to tribal council.

Tonight,somebody will be the first person voted out of this game.

All right,everybody pick your spots.

We'll get started.

For immunity.

Survivors ready?


Galu over in one fell swoop.

Galu off to a huge lead.

Foa foa quickly behind.

Yasmin trying to get over for galu.

Russell now coming down to help.

You gotta climb!You gotta climb!

Foa foa now working together to get over.

Galu has all their members over the second a-frame.

Galu now working together,building a human pyramid.

Great strategy!

Foa foa is over the second a-frame.

Grab that rope!

This last a-frame much more difficult because there's no momentum.

Galu is up and galu is over.

Some skin coming off on that one.

Foa foa still working.

Mitch using his entire body to support jaison.

Come on,galu,let's go!

Foa foa is over.

Come on foa foa!You got this,guys.

Both tribes now stretching out that rope.

You've got to tie all three ropes to the heavy crate.

Galu still in the lead.


Come on,guys!


Foa foa is back in it.

It's a tug-of-war now.

You got it!You got it!

Russell grinding it out.

Galu working well together.

Very heavy krats.



Puzzle makers start working for galu.

Let's go!


Puzzle makers start working for foa foa.

Galu getting a quick,early start on putting some puzzle together.

All right,guys,what we need to do is we need to find writing on the top only.


Everybody grab a piece and find your match.


Foa foa making some progress.

Galu absolutely nowhere on this puzzle.

It's like they just started.

Okay,come on.

We get it now. We have it.We have it.

Here's a "v.

" looks like they have something going now.

Got it,got it!

Come on,guys!We have it!

No it's foa foa who seems lost.

That's not it.

Galu making a big move now on their puzzle.

They think they have it.

Are they right?

Shambo thinks they're close.

Foa foa falling further and further behind.

Galu wins immunity!

Galu,galu,galu is in the house!



Immunity,safe tonight at tribal council.

Monica,i will give you this,fire.

Foa foa,i got nothing for you except a date for me tonight at tribal council

where one of you will be the first person voted out of this game.

Grab your stuff.Head back to camp.

See you at tribal.

Everybody listen.

That's only like the first quarter in a seven-game series.


It's a long way to go.

Today at the challenge,we lost,and that sucks.

I don't know whose fault it was.

I feel like,you know,we all contributed.

I need to go in.

-You gotta make a decision now for real.
-We gotta go in.

I don't know i think we have a lot to think about

but i don't want to be the one to bring it up because then i'm going to have a target on my back.

I think right now it's a matter of strength.

I do,too.

I think the weakest should go.

So what do you think?

Well,weakest-wise,i think it's ashley,just based purely on physical strength.

Yeah.I second ashley.

I'm 62.

i'm the oldest one out here and,you know,i do not want to be the first one out,you know.

So i'm talking to a few people and saying that i think right now we should work on strength.


I'm going based on strength.


There's going to be hard challenges ahead of us,

so i think we should vote off the weakest,and i am not the physically weakest.


where do you stand?

You still got to stay tight with me.

Okay,but-- but you've been,like,talking to everybody.

I know.

So i don't know why you've been doing that.

And it makes me a little wary.

It makes me wary,yeah,because i've seen you talking individually,like,to everyone.

I'm just not sure-- you think if i'm talking individually,it doesn't mean i'm trying to be strategizing with them.

I'd rather keep it pretty low key.

I mean,what have you been talking about?

Everything.We're out here on "survivor,"

talking about having a good time.

Talking to some of them about what they think and who they think the weakest...

How do you come to me and threaten me and telling me you're feeling uncomfortable.

Are you kidding me?

Marisa is the dumbest player i've ever seen.

It's a game,you know.


I'm running the show here.

You come up to me and threaten me you gotta go,and she's gone.

She just completely threatened me saying,"you're not making me comfortable.

" i said-- why is she telling me this right now?

What is that going to make me think?

It makes me think i gotta get rid of her.

Want me to tell you who's going first?




You think so?

I know so.

She's going first.

If you stay with me,then you're going to be fine for a long time.

Vote marisa.


All right.

My tribe will believe anything i tell them at any point because they're just stupid.

I'm starting to make her nervous.

Why would you say that?

All right,good,because i can't stand that bitch.

Nick's the leader of the tribe but i'm the one in charge the camp.

You can call me the puppet masters.

They can be my little puppets.

They'll run when i tell them to run.

They'll walk when i tell them to walk.

When i'm finished with them,just throw them in the trash.

I wouldn't trust russ.

Why do you say that?

Oh,i just wouldn't.

Tell me why.Give me a reason.

Oh,i don't know why.

A woman's intuition.

Behind each of you is a torch.

Go ahead and grab a torch,approach the flame,dip it in,and get fire.

In this game,fire represents your life.

As long as you have fire,are you still in the game.

When your fire's gone,so are you.

Unfortunately,for one of you,that will be the case tonight.

How's that feel,ashley,hearing that,that one of the 10 of you is going home in just a few minutes.

You know,it's really sad,but that's just the way the game works.

You know,it's whatever.

It is what it is.

"it is what it is.

" russell,why not just vote her out now if it's not that big a deal?

Let's just get out of here.

I don't know how to answer that question.

I think tonight we all realize this is a dog-eat-dog game and we're all wearing milk bone underwear.

The honeymoon is over and we have to get serious,so.

Ashley,regretting that comment at all?

No,it's a game.

You have to vote people out.

I think we all did our best today,and,unfortunately,they beat us.

I disagree.

I thought they were lucky with the puzzle.


With the puzzle,yeah.

Borassi,we'd still be there.

You guys were nowhere close.

Liz,you were designated "the smart person.

" was that luck today?


I don't think it was luck on their part.

I think that we could have been a little bit more unified.

We're only as strong as our weakest link.

Betsy,who do you think is the weak link?

Uhm... I think ashley's the weakest.


I find it very entertaining that she thinks i'm the weakest link when i am,like,cardio-wise,physically fit.

I work out tons at home.

I mean,i was climbing those walls today.

That should have shown that i'm fit and i don't understand how i'm the weakest link at all.

I don't-- i don't understand that.

Marisa,who would you say it is?

There are different levels of weakness,jeff.

So i'm-- i'm not the weakest link-- the weakest link is not--

i mean,i'm just saying-- that's not what he asked you.

He said who do you think it is?

Who do you think the weakest link is?

Assert yourself and answer the question.

It's nothat hard.

See,they don't like each other.

That's quite clear.

I like ben.

I like everybody,but marisa.

You vote forward marisa to be the leader.

And she could be the leader.

She has a very strong mind.

She knows what she's talking about.

She knows how to say it.

Clearly,marisa must have told you what to do at one point.

She at one point told me she's starting to worry about me.

I'm walking around with everybody in the tribe.


It doesn't mean i'm making an alliance with everybody on the tribe or trying to stab you in the back.

She just came right at me.

So...Well,he did say to me,honesty is the most important thing in this game.

So if i felt worried about him,i wanted to be honest with him and share that with him.

Well,as soon as she came at me,tells me she doesn't trust me-- i didn't say i didn't trust you.

Immediately i can't trust her.

I said i was worried about you.

That's not how i took it.

She was concerned for your welfare,russell.

Obviously,in this game,you're not safe,no matter what.

I would hate to go home right now,but if i did,something to put a mark on my back,

well,then that was really dumb of me,and i need to fix it.

And i can guarantee you,it won't happen again.

Okay,it is time to vote.

Betsy,you're up.

If you play with fire,you'll get burned.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are read the decision is final.

The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,marisa.




That's two votes marisa,two votes ashley.



We're tied,three votes marisa,three votes ashley.



Five votes marisa,three votes ashley.

First person voted out of som,marisa.

That's six.That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Marisa,the tribe has spoken.

Well,i know you don't need me to tell you how bad things are on this tribe.

Hopefully tonight's vote solved some of the dysfunction.

Otherwise,you're going to be seeing a lot of me at tribal council.

Grab your torches.Head back to camp.

Good night.

Next time on "survivor" an epic battle...

Fuels bad blood between the tribes.

That's ignorant.

Why would a dude tackle me.


Out of the challenge!

And russell goes on the war path.

She's full of crap.

She's going to pay for that statement,i promise you.

Tonight's really difficult for me to swallow.

I trusted russell initially,but it was a mistake to say something to him

because he makes trouble,and so he made it around me,and i'm really sad to be going home.

I don't hold any animosity towards anyone

and i'm grateful to have had the experience,however short it may have been.

Someone needs to stop Clearway Law.
Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.