Survivor (2000–…): Season 19, Episode 3 - It's Called a Russell Seed - full transcript

A clever lie turns a tribe against one of its most harmless members. Meanwhile, at the reward challenge, the chief of one tribe makes a controversial decision that lands him in the crossfire back at camp.

Previously on "survivor":

here in samoa,there are two tribdz
going in two different directions.

for the purple tribe,galu,it's
sunshine and rainbows. ?

In my belly.

they won both immunity
challenges and everyone is happy.

everyone except shambo.

the way that the rest of the
tribe does sthingz way different

than the way i do things,and
it's really frustrating.

losing has frustrated
everyone on foa foa.

everyone except russell.

i didn't come here to work.

i came here to play.

russell is the first person in "survivor" history
to find a hidden immunity idol without any clues.

he's figured out how to manipulate
the others into doing his bidding.

they can be my little puppets.

they'll run when i tell them to walk.

when i'm finished with them
throw them in the trash.

ben can put people on
edge without trying.

he got kicked out of a challenge.


first time in the history of
"survivor." take a spot here,you're done.

kept everyone up all night.


and lashed out at a visitor
from the other tribe.

if i was a girl i would
slap you is what i would do.

ghetto trash.

plain and simple.

ben's actions put a target on his back.


ben would be the right
choice to kick out.

he's crazy.

but russell wanted betsy out
because betsy didn't trust him.

why didn't you trust
me from the beginning?

you're going to look back
on this and reregret it.

at tribal council,ben got his way.

ben was spared and betsy was voted out.

17 are left,who will
be voted out tonight.

Someone needs to stop Clearway Law.
Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.

what have you been thinking?

i've been thinking ben's
got to be the next to go.

tell me that for
personal jeeps the guy's mean.

i agree with you.i want him out.

you see how he laid into her?

i mean it wasn't just an argument.

it got really personal
and i think inappropriate.

- ghetto trash.
- totally

like,that's terrible.


- at the last tribal council,
- ben was this close from saying something to yasmine

that would have made me fly over a stool and
say-- not even say but,you know,put him down.

we vote off betsy,but at this point,ben
is a mental plague on our tribe.

how you feel?

i feel good.

how do you feel about last night?

it's always brutal,but it was
the... I mean,it was the majority.

it was the plan,so....

do you have any in mind
who you would want to....


nobody here is playing the game.

nobody is playing the
game but me on my tribe.

not one's crazy.

i think we should definitely see how
today goes before we start discussing--

today is just a reward,i hope.

yeah,i don't know what today is.

this might be the worst in history.

and i might be the best.

i'm going to have them all under
control like zombies walking around.

proudly presents


Season19 Episode03



do you put a ton in or just enough
to cover the top a little bit?

if that doesn't get it started,i
don't know what the hell will.

let me just show you one time.

hold it really,really tight.

and try to push that spark in there.

- up to the try?
- yeah.

just doing that,you're just
going to destroy the flint.

we're almost out of flint because these
people don't know what they're doing.

i'm the only one that
knows how to start fire.

i think a lot of these people out here,they're
not used to being out in the woods.

kind of pansies and-- mick's
not an outdoorsy guy like myself.

i wasn't surprised he
didn't know how to do it.

i tried to show him
and give him a few tips.

it didn't really help.

it's a little easier.

not with a flint like that.

you want me to try for a sec?


without my help,these people will die.

i saved the day once again.

you got it going.


i started the fire this morning.

mick was trying to.

he was having a lot of trouble with it.

it's a lot of technique.

it's a lot of strength,not to be
chauvinistic,not to put you girls down,

you won't be able to start
the fire with the flint.

the way it's worn down,it's,like,flat.

if you just try,it's going to
be you're just going to waste it.

so i wouldn't even-- i
wouldn't even attempt to.

i'm not just saying're
hands aren't big enough.


ben is trying to tell everybody they can't
survive without ben which,hey,i applaud it.

you're trying to save yourself
but that's not how you do it.

ben,did you sleep last night?

first time in seven days.

- did you poop yet?
- no.

i pooped this morning and i think it
was the biggest poop i think in my life.


as long as ben keeps his crazy rantics
going on,his ass is going to be on the line.

you want something to bite on?

i got something for you,buddy.

i've got to keep ben here a little longer
because he's good for the challenges

and he'slet strongest guy around camp.

i'm going to have to debate which
one i'm going to send home next.


exhale out slowly through the nose.

you got it.

again,all the way up.

breath in through the nose.

hold it in.

right now,we're winning.

we're feeling good.there's great morale.

we're work hard.we're all pitching
in at camp.we're all doing stuff.


so we don't have to
always be in game mode.

sp that's a huge,huge advantage
that we have over foa foa.


are you freaking kidding me?

we've got four people
doing yoga this morning?

kind of alienated from my tribe
because i'm not in the 9020010 click.

we're going to do this slow and
then we're going to put it in rhythm.

i'm not doing the warm and fuzzy.

i'm doing the rambo-shambo
provider role out here.

feet up at an angle.

do we have water?

no,do we have food?


do we have firewood?


screw yoga,man.



so what i'm figuring is she's becoming a threat to us,so one
thing i do know for a fact is she was trying to get rid of you.


gotta get rid of ben.

just don't tell her nothing.

we're going to sneak here.

we're going to tell her whoever,and
then we're going to all vote for her.

the reason i told ben about ashley
gunning for him is because right now

i think i need ben so every person that tries
to get rid of him,i'm going to get rid of them.

- ***
- nobody listens to her anyway.

just keep us between us.

- ***
- cool.

all right,man.

i'm telling you,you plant that little
seed in their head in that little brain,

and then it grows,and
it's called a russell seed.

it takes over their whole mind.

so that makes it easy for me to
manipulate every single one of them.

you know what?last night,you
stabbed me in the back.

dinothing wrong.i was playing the game.

you didn't come to me,and you
heard something about all.

because i didn't think i
needed to at that exact moment.

you know what?that's the easiest thing to come
and say,"hey,everybody is talking about you.

" i had to find out from somebody else.

- who did you find out from?
- it wasn't russell.

that's all i'm saying.and i don't trust
you so i'm not going to say anything else.


not surprising.

when people fight,i love that.

how could they not even think it was me?

you know,these people are just idiots.

it is shocking.

that these people trust me so much.

i mean,they really do.

everybody here trusts me.



- no,that's not true.
- i know.

- i can promise you that's not true.
- i know.

- but just so you know.
- i did not say that.

i didn't.

i'm not-- you know what i told him,"you
know what,i'm not going to fight with you.


" i've never been so
confused in my entire life.

yesterday ben's name got thrown around by everyone,and
apparently someone said that i was the one that brought it up.

so i do not feel safe.

i want to know who told him.


tree mail!

i love presents.

is everyone here?

there's,like,a bag.

- i know.
- i like the feel,though.

i like the feel.

the pillowcase right there.

you ready?

go ahead.

if you can't run or swim or lift or
carry,then you'd better be damn smart.

only one tribe stays home safe and
comfy while the loser shall depart.


so we got tree mail today.

it came with this nice comfy little dry sack of
clothing which most of us guessed would be swimsuits.

i'm putting this on right now!

here it is.

and it feels awesome and
dry and soft and fabulous.


i can't even tell you
how amazing this feels.

how you feeling?

ready to rock 'n' roll
man.i got my jogger bra on.

come on in,guys!

galu getting your first look
at the new foa foa tribe.

betsy voted out at the
last tribal council.

you'll also notice that my
barossi is gone from the game.

medical's decision,not
his.nonetheless,he is gone.

foa foa is now down to seven.

guys ready to get to today's challenge?


first things first.i will
take back the immunity idol.

thank you.

once again,immunity
is back up for grabs.

for today's challenge,two members of each
tribe will swim out to retrieve a crate.

the section between the four flags is a battle zone where a defender
from the other tribe will be waiting to try to slow you down.

it will get physical.

wons both swimmers get through the
zone,you're free to retrieve your crate.

once you have your crate back
to the mat,the next two go.

once you've collected all four krats,you must stack
them so there are no repeating colors on any side.

first tribe to get it right wins a lot.


if you have immunity,you
do not go to tribal council.

you cannot be voted out of this game.

in addition,the winning
tribe wins reward.

a lot of comfort.


it's a hammock!

because this challenge runs six on
six,both tribes are sitting people out.

foa foa,you're sitting out one man.


all right.russell's going
to sit out for foa foa.

galu you're sitting out four
people,two men,two women.

shambo,yaz mean for the two girls.

erik and brent for the two guys.

all right,sit-outs take your spot.

i'll give you a minute to
strategize and we'll get started.

first round,liz and natalie for foa foa.

monica and laura for galu.

defenders kelly for
galu,ashley for foa foa.

for immunity and reward.

survivors ready?


ashley takes down monica.

laura getting in on it.

liz and natalie getting
tied up from kelly.

she's got both of them.

laura is dragging ashley.

literally dragging her
out of the battle zone.

you're both free!


both of you have to be at the crate!


liz is now dragging her tribe
mate out of the battle zone.

you're free,go!

monica and laura heading back
with that first crate for galu.

natalie and liz need
to make up some time.

liz and natalie at that first crate.

monica and laura are back.

john and dave heading out on the
course,ben defending against john and dave.

both guys elude ben!

you're clear!

natalie and liz back
with that first crate.

nick and jaison taking on russell.

ben is now on russell.

jaison getting in on it.

mick gets free!

jaison is free.

john and dave heading back with that
second crate for galu and a big,big lead.

nice job,nice job!

monica and laura now back out.

ashley trying to defend again.

ashley takes down
monica hard in the water.

ashley has laura's leg.

mick and jaison back with
the second crate for foa foa.

liz and natalie back out on the course.

kelly unstoppable.

liz once again pulling
her tribe mates across.

you're free.

monica and laura heading back
with that third crate for galu.

natalie and liz at that
third crate for foa foa.

they're heading back.

galu heading out for their
fourth and final crate.

russell now deflecting against ben.

john taunts ben and he's free.

natalie and liz now back
with that third crate.

jaison and mick now heading out,looking
for their fourth and final crate.

ben has russell,takes
him down,and that's it.

mick and jaison are free.

john and dave at that fourth
crate heading back to galu.

mick and jaison have their
fourth and final crate.

they're heading back.

john and dave turning on the afterburners
now and they're running it in.

start untying the crates.

mick and jaison now running it up.

undie it.

let's go,galu!

galu already starting
to work on their puzzle.

they have a big lead after the swim.

foa foa trying to catch up.

each side of this pudzle must
have four different colors.

rotate this one.

if you have two of the same
color on any side,it is wrong.

foa foa thinks they have it.rotate it.



you've got a repeating color.

keep working.

bring up the bottom of this one.

- right here.
- green!

green over here!e

qalou thinks they have it.rotate it.

red,green,blue,puple red.

galu wins immunity and reward!

galu,for the third straight
time,immunity is yours.

once again,galu,safe
from tribal council.

nobody going home on this tribe.

in addition,huge reward.

along with that,a
decision for your leader.

russell,come on up here.

so here's the deal-- this
is what you won,comfort.

if you want,as leader,you
can trade it for this.

you have comfort or you have function.

five seconds to decide.


all right,right over here.

galu any debate for you about which
would have made more sense for the tribe?

we would have been fine in food.

we're fine.we need comfort.

we want to lay our heads down.

that's it.that's the way to go.

that's why i made the decision,jeff.

i am a function guy but they are a comfort
group right now so i have to go with the group.


there was that split
second i was like,"towels.

what do we need towels for?

there are no showers out here.

" i know the guys are
going to be all over me.

but at the end of the day,if i make
the women happy,we're going to be happy.

russell took the comfort.

danger dave here would have said,"geez,let
me think about this for zero seconds.

i'll take the function.

" but it was the chief's choice.

we were not allowed
to make the decision.

all right,russell.

you have one other decision to make now.

you're sending one person from
your tribe over to foa foa.

once again,a chance for somebody
to observe,sit in on tribal council.

- who are you going to send?
- shambo.

shambo,you're going over to the
other do you feel about that?

i'm good.

come on over here.

this is for you.

it says "open in private.

" go join foa foa.

shambo will stay with you
through tribal council.

and then return back to her own camp.

all right,galu,grab your
stuff get your reward,head out.

ashley stabbed me in the back the other
day,so ashley is gonna get the snip.



- you're mick?
- yeah,hi.

we call you "mc-dreamy.

" good to have you.


i'm liz.

you are one tough beastly competitor.

come here.

i can't believe--
oh,my god,girl.

at the end of the challenge,the winning tribe got to pick
someone to come over to our tribe so russell chose shambo.

a totally different vibe than yasmin.

i mean,she's just--
we'd like to adopt her.

i mean,she's just such great energy.

she's just good people.


hi,smiley girl,how are you?


- so nice to finally talk to you.
- yeah,hi.

one of my main objectives in this game was to create
interpersonal relationships as soon as possible.

so when russell picked me to go,i was tickled
pink to head over and check out foa foa.

shambo,i'm ben.

big beverage men,what's going obeefcake?

nothing much.

those brightize smiling
at everybody all the time.

there was a lot of chittir-chat.

they shared with them and.

i feel like i have more
in common with this tribe.

they're younger.they're like 9020010
and it's absolutely mind-boggling.

i don't think it's life ear death to,say,get everybody
together in the morning and go,"okay,you guys.

this is what woo need to accomplish,and
as soon as we get it done,the day is yours.


90210 wanted to do yoga this morning.


we don't have the luxury of doing yoga.

i'm sorry,baby.

i'm not in the "survivor"
game to play yoga,okay?

of course she's here for a reason,so
she's here to find the immunity idol,

i presume,and to get information to go back to her
tribe which she claims she's not super tight with.

but you always have to
assume someone's lying,always.

you guys appreciate
me for the woman i am.



when i got the note from jeff i thought it was
hidden immunity idol clues,and i was exactly right.

if you think you need protection and would like
immunity,look here at foa foa and bark up the right tree.

clue 2: within sight of the
fire and close to the ground,

seek the root of the problem
and salvation will be found.

i am very excited.

there's a hidden immunity
idol at the foa foa camp.

my tribe is probably going to try to
vote me out sooner or later anyway.

so this totally rocks.

now shambo has the second note,but i have the
immunity idol without any letters or anything.

i just used my brilliant brain
to figure out where it was.

i'm running this whole show right now.

i'm the boss.

we have blankets!

so to be honest my natural inclination
today was to take that camping stuff.

but here's the deal-- i'm the type of man that
believes you're supposed to take care of your women.

all right?

i've got a wife and a daughter.

they're not here.

you guys are.all right?

itnow,you guys are part of my women.

i gotta take care of you,all right.

so,guys,i wanted you to know that.

- so we've got a little bit of work to
do-- we'll get the bed's that.

after we arrived back at camp with our comfort
items there was a little monologue given by russell

that i think to him he felt
obliged to justify his decision.

we're having a bed!

for crying out loud,how
comfortable are four pillows,

three beach towels and two woven
palm frond maps going to make you?

you're still going to be uncomfortable.

how are those matz?


come lay down here with me.

russell did not take the tarp
and i think that was a bad move.

i would have sack filsed everything
on the comfort list for the tarp.

because maybe it won't rain for 39 days.

maybe i'm wrong.

but the day it does rain over here,every single one of those
luxury comfort items is going to be soaked and not so comfortable.

these girls here think
this is like club med.

this is not club med.


you did so good out there.

did you.


i'm not--
i'm not shy.


i mean,it's like this.

if it's not,then i'm leaving.

so everybody can make a decision.

i'm just saying.

like i am going to put
it out there like that.

- that is my ultimatum.
- that's fine.

i'm trying to circulate it that i might
just walk away after tribal council.

i have no intention to quit whatsoever.


it's the racist comments.

i won't stand here and tolerate that.

i just won't.

natalie,if i get kicked out i'm leaving
you my sweater and my tennis shoes.

jaison is like it's either me or him.

it's either me or him?


it's ben tonight.don't worry about it.


i don't know what to think any more.

no one understands unless
their name gets brought up.

ben has some personal thing against me.

and i'm trying as much as
possible to not have me eliminated.

but it's hard.

ashley's going home.

and who else is on board with that?



so russell and liz are adamant
about voting ashley out,

but that worries me because i
am definitely loyal to jaison.

- ****
- yeah,yeah.definitely.



i like jaison.

even though,man,he's just not
his mind's getting messed up.

- i know.
- he's getting broke down.

he really let's this stuff get to him.

i just want you
to know,russell--

i think you have a good
enough vibe from me already

that i'm a trustworthy guy,and
i'll go by my word,and i will.

and if that's my downfall,so be it.

i want to win.

i'm here to win-- give me your word you
won't vote for me and we'll let ben go next.

after ashley.

look me in the eye.

you've got my word.

all right,done and done.

i want nick to trust me,and i want him to know how important
it is that we stick together and we can make this work.

so i'm going to let him know
about the hidden immunity idol.

the immunity idol is a powerful tool,and
it is a tool to where this person would say,

wow,this guy must really trust me.


that's brilliance on your part.

my alliance with mick is solid.

so that's just another vote
for me to get ashley out.

it's simple.

i was born for this.


good job,buddy.

you want to start stripping
them?you know how to do that?

i'm going to show you
guys lickety-split.

get it like this.



and them get them like this.

and then wrap them.

and then take the ends,tie it around,tuck
it in,and you have a little poofy torch.


- all right.
- just like that.

i've been hooking it up and cooking it up at camp
today,taught them a few new tricks that they didn't know.

you know,trying to be helpful and make
good relationships with these people.

but i need to start looking
for the hidden immunity idol.

i'm going to do a little recon mission
and i'll see what we can come up with.

look at all this good firewood,liz.

holy cow!


i love shambo.

i wish she were over here.

she does so nice,and she's
bringing a real good energy to us.

oh,my word,for sure.

i can't believe no one's
doing anything at their camp.

it's amazing.

who has time to do yoga on the beach?


my sentiments exactly.

i noticed the girls are talking a little
more,and i will regret not sending ashley home

because there's no way she ain't trying
to get that all-girl thing or something.

we've got to put a squash on that
and we've got this game under control.

that's plan,dude.

i think we've got to get rid of her.


i want to get rid of ashley.


what's the problem
voting ben out tonight?

i'm on the fence with bennerate now.


what if we do a challenge?

is he a strong player?


- you don't think he's strong.
- ***

okay,let's think about the numbers.



i don't like that.

i don't really like that,either.

they will gang up on us.

don't believe they won't.

that's the whole thing.

that's what i do not like.

your only concern is the
girls voting us three on three?

i'm not worried about that.


those girls are so weak it would be suicide
if they tried to pick us off one by one.


and then.and then we'll get rid of ben.

i don't want them to have numbers.

you know,right now,it's just
not-- and i know you hate it--.

- ***
- i know,man.

i'm making my peace
at this tribal council.

that's the way it's going down.

if you guys want to have discord in the camp
because of the guy who does nothing in challenges

and provides very little at
camp then you go right ahead?

and if you leave him here it's
going to be a rough night tonight.

it's going to be a rough day tomorrow.


i want to keep ben around,but everybody's
saying how he's a poison and this and that.

so it's becoming-- i don't
want them not to trust me.

so it's like...

Shambo go over and have a seat.

shambo is just here to observe
tonight,not participate in any other way.

jaison,what was it
like having a visitor?

shambo's been with you guys
for the last day and a half.

i think shambo's amazing.

i would love to propose a trade with galu and
trade somebody for shambo,specifically,ben.

she's a positive force in camp while
he is an incredibly negative force.

so she's amazing.i love her.she's great.

ben,first you vote out marisa
because she's a negative force.

last tribal council you vote out
betsy because she's on the outside.

and who are you going to
vote out tonight and why?

i'm voting for ashley because i think
she's the weakest link in the group.

avkly,why would it make sense from a
tribe's point of view to get rid of you?


i don't think i'm the weakest one and i'm not
bringing a negative energy around the tribe either.

i don't approach people with negativity.

i react.

you come at me nice and sweet,you're
going to get nice and sweet.

you come at me with some
trash,you're going to get some trash.

here's the thing-- when
someone is in camp screaming

and yelling at other people constantly about
everything,that puts everyone in a bad mood.

who have i screamed
and yelled at,jaison.

you ideal at ashley.

you yell at marisa.

you ideal at one of our guests.

- anybody who asks you a question
you correct them-- that's not true.

- is that true?
- that's 100% true.

amazing how you try to go
to someone you think is weak.

that's what bullies do.

you yell at every single girl.

i'm not a bully.

you're a ( bleep ) girl.

you have these temper tantrums you have
these temper tantrums after the challenges.

i'm an outlaw.

i'm a renegade!

they splashed me in the face
who are you trying to kid?

i'm not trying to kid anybody.

natalie,what's it like
being in the middle of this?

uhm,i was just kind of leaning
back just in case fists go

because i don't want
it to be me getting hid.

russell,you're a guy
that likes to get scrappy.

explain to me what's going
on between ben and jaison.

i think that it's just ben said some negative
things that might have been... Racial.

they might have been racial?okay.

and it affected the way jaison
thought about him,and that was it.

that was the end of the relationship.

jaison,you guys still
have a chance in this game.

you're down four after tonight.

but you're not out.

is there any way you
could heal this wound?

i just vo to draw a line in the
sand,and i have to say that,you know,

there is no $1 million that is worth
me sitting up here with him anymore.

i mean,i sat here and watched him
scream and the yasmin at our camp,

and over here,saying incredible things.

so is there a way to patch this rift?

i don't think so.

but i'm not going to sit in camp
and listen to this guy anymore.

i'm just not.

ben,big reaction from him.

i have said from the get-go,everybody
knows i've been very,very consistent.

i have not started one
fight,not started one.

that's not what i was talking about.

i was talking about the ghetto
trash you tried to call her.

if she's from the ghetto and
she's trashy,that's ghetto trash.

i'm sorry.

that's not racial whatsoever.

that's where you're from
and how you're acting.

that's ghetto trash trash.

if hoos really what you think ben.

- if you don't understand that-- let me make
another point,southern guy with southern ways.

do you think you should
talk to a woman that way.

if shn is disrespectful--
she's not a lady.

she wasn't a?

come on.

ladies have manners.

this girl right
here,southern,has manners.

says yes,sir,yes,ma'am.

yasmin is being a bitch
and she's not a lady.

there was nothing racial they said.

it was strictly how i saw
how she was acting towards me.

if you want to call it a racial game
and play that card,then go for tbuddy.

you should have some
sensitivity to history,

and historically when
certain comments are made

and directed toward certain
people,it is because of race.

i mean,if what you're telling me is that what
you said had absolutely no racial context,

then maybe yadz min was
right and you are ignorant.

maybe you really don't get it.

ashley,any time there's heat on
somebody else,it means it's not on you.

gotta make you feel great.

well i've known the last couple
of days he's going to vote for me,

but there's definitely other tension,so
it does leave it a little off me.

but i packed my bags.i mean,

you never know what
happened in the game.

ben is there anything you've said that you
regret and you would like to say to jaison now,"

dude,i didn't mean anything by it?

" not anything i can think of.

all's time to get to the vote,which
means,shambo,it's time for you to go.

you have certainly heard a lot tonight.

what you share with your
tribemates,up to you.

grab your stuff,head back to camp.

good night.

all right,it is time to vote.

mick,you're up.

i just really think you need to grow up.

that's all i have to say to you.

you knew it was coming.

i'll go tally the votes.

once the vote are
read,the decision is final.

the person voted out will be asked to
leave the tribal council area immediately.

i'll read the votes.

first vote,ashley.


one vote ashley,one vote ben.


two votes ben,one vote ashley.


that's three votes ben,one vote ashley.

third person voted out
of "survivor: samoa.

" ben,that's four,that's enough.

you need to bring me your torch.

thank god.

ben,the tribe has spoken.

time for you to go.

i'm not sure i have
much to offer you guys.

you've got to figure out
how to turn things around.

or i will be seeing you
back here at tribal council.

grab your torches.head
back to camp.good night.

proudly presents


Season19 Episode03

stay tuned for scenes from
our next time on survivor":.

i'm tired.

i'm hungry.

russell gets fed up with jaison.

what kind of man is that?

and at galu... Wherever the immunity idol
is on their beach is probably on our beach.

it's not so easy to find
a hidden immunity idol.









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Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.