Survivor (2000–…): Season 19, Episode 11 - The First 27 Days - full transcript

In never before seen footage, one castaway reveals a guarded secret and the whole tribe suffers at the hands of Russell in the aftermath of the merge.

>> JEFF PROBST: Tonight, we'll

take a deeper look into the

adventure of a lifetime.

The castaways have endured

the mental...

...the physical, and

the emotional toll of battle.

This is the first 27 days of

Survivor: Samoa.

Survivors ready?


On the battlefield, Galu was a


Galu wins immunity!

Galu wins!

Galu wins!

While Foa Foa paid the price.

The tribe has spoken.

But a twist in the game...

>> I'm going to send my girl


>> Excuse me?

>> PROBST: ...sent Shambo to Foa

Foa's camp.

>> I'll take a group hug.

>> We'd like to adopt her.

I mean, she has just such great


>> PROBST: While Shambo spread

the love, Russell spread

nothing but chaos.

>> I'm telling you the truth.

You're telling me I'm not


You come up to me and threaten

me, you got to go.

>> PROBST: The tribe has


He tore his camp apart

to find the hidden immunity


>> In the history of Survivor,

How many people found the idol

without a clue?


>> PROBST: Then Mother Nature

pushed the castaways to their

breaking point.

>> You need to sit down?

>> PROBST: And both tribes lost

a member.

>> Russ, Russ, are you with us?

Russell, Russell, wake up, mate.

>> PROBST: Galu faced the vote

just once and went into the

merge eight strong.

>> Congratulations Foa Foa and


You are now one tribe.

>> PROBST: While the Foa Foa

four used merge to execute

Russell's plan.

>> The ones I know I can trust,

they're doing exactly like I

want them to do.

>> PROBST: And infiltrate Galu.

>> Who get grapes fed to them?

The kings do.

>> PROBST: With their backs

against the wall, Natalie

gained the trust of the Galu

women and flipped the game.

>> I don't trust Erik.

>> Erik?

>> Our Erik?

>> Yes.

>> PROBST: Seventh person voted

out of Survivor: Samoa and the

first member of our jury, Erik,

The tribe has spoken.

Foa Foa's stubborn

determination and Russell's

keen eye for hidden idols...

>> That easy.

>> PROBST: Enabled the four to

find the crack in the enemy


>> Oh, my God.

It's a samurai sword.

>> PROBST: And Galu was hit


>> I ain't finished playing

just yet.

>> PROBST: Kelly, the tribe has



Tonight's episode will reveal

new strategies, new insights,

and new scenes all involving

your favorite castaways.

>> Oh, my God.

Someone needs to stop Clearway Law.
Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.

(theme song playing)

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>> PROBST: 27 days ago, 20

castaways began the adventure

of a lifetime.

By navigating through the

waters of the South Pacific to

a remote coast on the islands

of Samoa.

Welcome to Survivor: Samoa.

With only their first

impressions to rely on, they

began the game by electing

chiefs for their two tribes.

The better-looking Lennox Lewis.

All right, Russell is the

leader of Galu.

Foa Foa, your turn.

>> Guy green jacket, red shirt.

>> PROBST: We have a leader for

Foa Foa.

It is Mick.

>> Galu!

Welcome home, guys!

(cheers and applause)

>> PROBST: Upon arriving at the

Galu camp, Russell's style of

leadership received a positive


>> Let's get it done.

>> I felt, yay, we do have a


>> PROBST: And some early

alliances were formed.

>> I will kill for you.

You're my leader so my role is

to be your protector.

Just to make life a little bit


>> that makes it a lot easier.

>> 'Cause if they go for you,

they have to go through me.

I think Russell is a fantastic

leader and I love the fact that

I'm notched right next to him.

I don't have it make any


I get to do all the dirty work.

I wouldn't have it any

other way.

If you're not the leader the

next best thing is to be the


I'm here to work for you.

That's my job.

>> Right, right.

If I have one opportunity to

protect you, then I did my job.

He's the main guy.

He's the big boss.

I'm the guy behind the guy that

you need to watch out for.

'Cause if you come to Russell,

you're going to mess with me


>> PROBST: At Foa Foa, Mick was

hesitant to call the shots and

his passive guidance was sourly


>> Where were you thinking of

putting it?

Where, with the...?

>> Uh, well...

>> Was it decided?

>> Ben, what do you think, man?

>> Yeah, we should just build

it, like, simple and try to

build it as sturdy as possible.

>> As soon as Jeff said we

needed to choose a leader, the

first thing that went through

my head was just let me stay

under the radar.

And so the first thing I did

was to get rid of this and just

hang it up.

Are we biting off more than we

can chew?

What do you think?

I mean, have you done this?

>> I haven't done this.

>> my approach was kind of to

be like, what, do you think

needs to be done?"

I don't want to make it a "Ask

me what to do, I'm going to

tell you."

I think that's a little bit

dangerous right now.

>> I don't know, do you think we

should do water yet, or wait

until tomorrow?

I mean, not that we...

>> He's going to...

I don't if we need, but it

wouldn't hurt, you know?

Yeah, I think...


Yeah, well...


>> The captain leader, Mick,

he's doing a very bad job.

He sucks.

He can't even talk to anybody


He's not organized.

He's not a leader.

You know, he doesn't know how

to make good decisions.

The camp's a piece of crap,

but, hey, I say good job

because I don't want to do


I didn't come here to work.

I came here to play.

We is can have something, like,

a secret alliance.

>> Okay.

>> PROBST: Russell's strategic

maneuvering was always one step

ahead of his tribe.

>> My tribe will believe

anything I tell them at any

point because they're just


You can call me the puppet


They can be my little puppets.

They'll run when I tell them to


They'll walk when I tell them

to walk.

When I'm finished with them,

I'll just throw them in the


>> PROBST: Under the cover of

night, Russell wreaked havoc on

his unsuspecting tribe.

>> I plan on making it as

miserable as possible for


>> I think if I can control how

they feel, I can control how

they think.

I'm going to do everything it

takes to win this game.

>> I would prefer to have

someone next to me because it's

so cold.

Russell, you want to come sleep

next to me?

>> Yeah.

>> Okay.

>> It's funny how any girl at

any level will cuddle with you

at night because it's freezing

out here, and it is very


If you're cuddling with them

and you're rubbing their leg or

their arm, they think, "I've

got this guy.

I got him where I want him."

You know what?

If they think they got you,

they'll keep you along for the

ride because they think, "He

really likes me.

Let's not get rid of him

because no way he's going to

vote me out."

You can have that in your back

pocket without having an

alliance with them.

By the way, I'm happily married.

>> And I have the best

boyfriend in the world.

>> You guys cuddle like you've

been married for ten years.

>> This is a game we're playing.

You're supposed to lie, cheat,

and steal.

That's how it works.

What I do out here, my ma's

going to probably be pretty

damn embarrassed.

My wife is probably going to be

pissed off.

I love my kids, my wife with

all my heart.

I wouldn't do nothing to hurt

my family.

Everything I do out here is

playing the game.

Every single thing I do is

strategic, everything.

>> PROBST: The Galu tribe

continued to better their

living quarters.

>> We can also, like, make


He's a hairdresser!

>> PROBST: And while the younger

women easily connected with each

other, Shambo was left on the


>> Wow.

You know what we're going

to need?

What we need one of you guys to

do is we need a palm frond

split up the middle.

We need a really leafy one like


>> It's definitely a social

awkwardness that she has with


She just doesn't get when she

does something that annoys

people, she just doesn't get it.

>> We can actually go collect

coconuts and mangos and bananas

and fruit.

>> She's 45 years old and you'd

think by that time you'd get

how to interact with people,

and that frustrates me because

I don't even like to--

be around her.

>> Just throw the fronds up

there as long as they overlap.

>> I've never spent a lot of

time with somebody like Shambo.

The overt aggression, and the

overt tomboyish behavior I

think puts a lot of people off,

especially when you have pretty

girls here.

Like, the hot chicks we have

around here aren't as likely to

connect with Shambo who just is

a brute.

There's no way you can get

around that.

It's in your face 24/seven.


I just keep going.

What is it, mullet?

>> PROBST: At Foa Foa, Russell

had no intention of providing

for his tribe.

>> You know, I eat one papaya

a day.

They lucky if they get a

little bitty piece.

I'm not their daddy.

I'm not gonna bring them


They're not my babies.

We're out here to win a

million dollars.

It's right there in their face.

All they got to do is look up

and it's right there.

It's all over the place.

So I'm gonna just keep

eating, and if I find out that

somebody knows about my spot,

I'm voting them out. (chuckles)

>> What is that?

>> PROBST: But he wasn't the

only castaway dining in secret.

>> Oh, that's good. Mmm.

>> Lookit, let's eat

a little bit.

>> Mmm, this is delicious.

>> Cheers, guys.

>> Oh, my God! Cheers.

>> Nice work.

>> Yeah, baby.

>> Nice work.

>> Hell, yeah, I'm so glad.

>> Sweet, huh?

>> This is so great.

>> Yeah, the ripe ones

are beautiful.

>> It goes down and then stops.

And it feels so good.

>> Oh!


>> I'm in heaven!

>> I know.

>> No.

>> Okay, good.

>> What papaya?


>> That's what I'm talking


Let's go.

Let's do this.

(sing-songy): I'm not sharing.

>> PROBST: After winning the

first immunity challenge, Galu

took home flint.

>> A big ol' mound full of it.

>> Yeah!

>> Give it a little blow.

No, not from above.

From the side.

>> No, no, no, no, no, hush.

You guys shut up, please.

Don't blow.

Like fireworks, isn't it? Damn.

>> When we were making fire it

was pretty frustrating because

Shambo really wanted to be the

one to make fire.

The problem, is Shambo doesn't

really know how to make fire.

>> There we go, there we go,

there we go, there we go.

>> Now you blow lightly,

very lightly.

>> Just don't let that go out.

Keep it covered.

Keep it covered here.

It's all right, it's all right.

>> Man, I'm exhausted.

>> It's okay.

>> There have been several

times when I just want to go,

"What? Did your mom drop you on

your head?"

Because that is not the correct

way to do it, not even a

smart way to do it.

>> Do you, you want to hit some

flint on here?

>> I would love to take a crack

at it, but I would very much

like to be in charge for the

time I am doing it.

>> Whatever.

Now you're pissing me off.

Okay, let's not have

a conversation.

>> Cool. No problem.

>> I'm serious.

>> Where's that machete?

>> Oh, sorry.

>> Don't be sorry.

Just don't let if happen again.

>> Hey, Dave, be my hero, man.

>> Dude, what are you doing?

There is no wind.

That's why you build a fire pit.

>> Dave looks like he knows what

he's doing.

I have faith that he's gonna

make this happen, so let's

just let it happen.

>> Dave's just a complete and

utter moron.

He won't take assistance or

help from anybody for anything.

Nothing in my life has ever

operated without teamwork, so

it just hit me the wrong way,

you know.

I have to constantly remind

myself, "You're not at home,


This isn't your family."

>> There we go, there we go,

there we go.

>> I want everybody to back off.

>> Oh, yeah. It's going.

It's igniting. Oh, my gosh.

>> Wait on it.

>> Back off that.

No, it's all good.

It's all good

>> It's going.

Russell, we got this for

you, baby.

>> Shh-shh-shh!

>> Fire, you guys!

>> My awesomeness, it speaks

for itself.

I'm the provider.

I'm the fire maker.

So I am pretty much

bulletproof, I think.

>> Really?

>> I mean if it got down

down to he or I at the end

somewhere and that was the only

ammo I had against him, of

course I'd use it.

>> PROBST: On day five, the

adrenaline surged as the tribes

pushed each other to the limits.

>> You got it, Ashley!

>> PROBST: Erik with

an underhand.

Galu wins reward and immunity!

After another Foa Foa loss,

lessons from Jaison's past came

back to haunt him.

All right, Galu...

>> Before, before you move,

I want to say something.

>> PROBST: Yes.

>> I want to play within the

rules and I want to try to be a

sportsman, but if someone is

gonna try and elbow me, I'm

coming for 'em, and that's the

way it's gonna go down.

So, hey, I'm gonna try to

say the right thing.

Congratulations, Galu, good

job, but I'm coming for John in

the next one.

I'm coming for him.

I had a lot of emotions going

today after that thing was over.

It just brought up a lot of

stuff from the past that have

really been the motivating

factor for why I try to succeed

so much in life.

I don't know who John is, but I

know guys like this, guys who

get ahead by not playing

by the rules.

>> I just got one short, sweet:

that was a beautiful, amazing


The only thing that I'm really

disheartened about is

I'm coming for you."

Jaison, let's leave the blood

on the battlefield.

Nobody needs to get hurt.

>> Say the same thing to your

teammate over there and then

it'll all be good.

>> Okay, stop.

>> I should not have said what I

said to John, period.

My dad grew up in rural

Mississippi, got kicked off his

land by the Klan, graduated

with honors from Long Beach

State, and got a Ph.D

from Stanford.

And all the while he didn't


He didn't moan.

He just shut up and he got up

earlier the next day and he went

out and won.

And every time that

say something like that, I feel

like I let him down because

that's not what I'm supposed

to be doing, and I am more

disappointed in myself right

now than anybody else out there.

>> PROBST: Galu, back-to-back

immunity wins.

>> Whoo!

>> I just feel like I have

something to prove,

and I think that's why I came

out here.

I came out here to prove


I need to win, not just survive

or make it to the next round.

I need to win.

>> PROBST: On day nine, Shambo

had accidentally let loose one

of Galu's hard-earned chickens.

(chickens clucking, crowing)

By day 12, as the chicken

continued to elude capture... became a personal quest

for Erik.

>> Chicken.

>> Over there.

(chicken clucking)

>> Is that it?

>> At this point, I think it's

more personal with Erik and the

the chicken.

I think that he has to beat

that chicken.



(Erik grunting)

(chicken squawking)

>> Damn it!

That chicken's fast.


Advantage chicken.

At least this time, I didn't

clothesline myself.


(thunder crashing)

>> PROBST: On night 14,

huddling together through the

cold and the rain, Russell

almost spilled the beans about

his personal fortune.

>> This sucks.


I wish I had on rain clothes.

>> So, at this point, would

anything make y'all quit

right now?

I'm really a multimillionaire.

I own an oil company in

Houston, and that's how stupid

these people really are.

They think that I'm some

redneck from the South that

can't do anything.

Well, you know what?

I'm the richest man here.

>> No. What are you gonna talk

about, Russell?

>> It's obviously something if

he won't tell, but hey...

>> I know.

>> Russell seems pretty solid.

He's got that kind of Southern

charm going on, he's got kids.

You want to trust the, like,

kind of Southern family guy

thing, but maybe that's his

his shtick.

>> Does it really look like I'm

a millionaire?

I'm playing all these people

like fools.

There is a difference between

book smarts and common sense


It seems like none in my

group has any common sense, not

a one of them.

But it's definitely not gonna

catch up with me here 'cause

I'm tell nobody until the end.


>> PROBST: The next morning,

Mick still had doubts about

Russell's honesty.

>> Boo-yah!

(both laugh)

>> I knew you did, man.

I knew there was something...

>> Really?

Nice, man. Good for you.

>> Mick is a good guy.

If I tell Mick that I have

money, he's gonna think he

can trust me even more.

I mean, if I would have thought

that Mick would say anything

about what I do for a living,

then I wouldn't have told him.

I was living in a trailer check-

by-check five years ago.

>> Russell's a pretty savvy

guy, so it doesn't really

surprise me.

I think we sort of, you know,

bonded a little bit.

I told him what I really

did, too.

And so I think it was kind of a

show of trust on both sides

Because I can be judged based

on, you know, my potential

earning income as well.

You know, physicians still do

pretty well.

We're not murdering it like we

used to.

But could somebody use that

against me?


But, uh, you know, if it got

down to he or I at the end

somewhere and that was the only

ammo I had against him, of

course I'd use it.

>> We're trying to take you

deep into this game.

>> I resent the fact that you

guys are taking me way into it.

... you guys?

>> Okay, I appreciate that.

>> That's my pride.

The tribe of Galu is going to

take me deep into the game.

Oh, I'm so appreciative.

These people can kiss my ass.

>> PROBST: On day 19

the tribes merged on

the Galu beach.

( cheers and applause )

>> Foa Foa, they think that

they're going to strategize and

make friends.

What's Samoan for "Get the hell

off my island"?

Nobody talks to Shambo, period.


>> Let her...

>> PROBST: The original Galu

men agreed to keep the details

from their ally Shambo, but

she wasn't in the mood to be

kept in the dark.

>> What else is new?

>> Uh, I was told not to tell.

Is that going to be okay?

Are you going to be mad at me?

>> I'm not gonna be mad at you

I think it's enough.

I mean, I'm not seven, and

that's how I'm being treated.

>> How could I make you

feel better?

>> (scoffs) Give me a

direct answer.

Make your own decision, Dave,


>> Okay. I'd like to burn Shambo

right now just to get her out of

my hair, but she's too valuable

to our alliance so we're gonna

keep her around and just deal

with it, um, even though

I think she's dangerous

because she is unpredictable.

You don't know what she's gonna

do, but the boys assure me we

can control her, so I'm, like,

"All right. Time will tell."

>> It makes people worry

that you will flip out, okay?

>> That's-that's fair.

But you know what?

>> All right? They're, they're

afraid that you're gonna

flip out.

>> I haven't flipped out

I haven't done...

I've been bossy around camp.

I let the chicken go.

I lost the snorkel.

>> We're trying to take you

deep into this game.

We're concerned that you will

accidentally say something, and

I want to you relax and know

that we're taking you way

into this.

And I don't want there to be

any problems.

>> I resent the fact that you

guys are taking me way into it?

You guys?

>> Okay I appreciate that.

>> That's my pride.

>> I apologize.

You're absolutely right.

That was, that was unfair.

>> You know, I'm-I'm nobody's

ninny, or "Shambo, we're gonna

let you be number eight."

... you guys.

>> No, no, no, no.

All right, now watch out.

>> No.

>> I see your feelings, all

right, and I'm trying to help.

>> Dave was, like, "I can tell

"you that we're gonna carry

"you along in this game as long

"as we can, but we can't tell

"you what's going on because you

can't be trusted."

I'm like, "Dude, ... you.

What am I, seven?

I don't need you to bring me

along in the game.

>> Give me a hug. Come on.

>> I'm not in a huggy mood.

>> Fair enough.

All right, I gotta go

get to work.

Are we good?

>> We're good, Dave.

>> All right, mama.

>> Thanks, babe.

>> Yep, good job.

>> The tribe of Galu is going

to take me deep into the game.

Oh, I'm so appreciative.

These people can kiss my ass.

>> PROBST: The next morning as

Shambo licked her wounds, Erik

still had chicken on the brain.

>> In Rocky 2, Rocky wasn't

ready to fight Apollo and win

against Apollo until he was able

to catch that chicken.


Day 20 right now.

Halfway through.

Getting closer to the chicken.

But I don't think I can win

this game and knock Apollo

Creed out until I've caught

that chicken.

(neck cracking)

(chicken clucking)

This isn't the way to

catch this chicken.

You got to be smarter than

the chicken, not stronger than

the chicken.

I'm gonna take the

fishing net.

I'm gonna put it on four

different branches, lock them

down, lift the middle up, tie

it to a branch up top, put some

fishing line on that, and it

will be a giant, like, tent.

Put some coconuts, some trash,

some bugs as kind of like bait.

All right, you locked in?

>> Yup.

>> All right, let go.

>> Presumably, the chicken goes

under it, and all he has

to do is go stand next

to those torches, cut a

line, and the thing drops.

>> PROBST: With Erik out

crabbing, it was Shambo

to the rescue.

>> Chicken!

(chicken clucking)

(chicken squawking)

>> I got the chicken!

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!

>> All right, you got him?

>> Don't you kill my chicken.

>> Nicely done.

>> Erik! Erik!

(chicken squawking)

>> I know. You're okay.

(chicken squawking)

(cheers and applause )

>> Oh!

>> My little noogie chicken.

That's the most comforting

feeling that I've had in

probably three weeks was to hold

that little devastated chicken

in my arm, and it needed me and

I needed it, and it was, it was

a good moment.


Hey! Meow!

You be nice!

The chicken has returned home,

and the mighty hunter Erik has,


He's validated.

>> We got the chicken!

>> You got the chicken?

>> Yeah.

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Erik returned home

to great news.

>> I'm so happy!

>> Oh...

>> Ah!


Finally, the trap I set, devised

worked like a charm, and now

that chicken that I stalked,

that in return mocked me for

ten, 12 days-- finally, back

where it belongs in that coop.

>> Yeah, I got to admit, I had

my doubts on the trap, but...

>> Dude!

>> There's two chickens in the

freaking coop again, bro.

>> PROBST: Later that night,

Russell was up to his old tricks

with his new tribe.


>> You know, it's time for me to

create the chaos.

I'm in a bind right now, so I

have to get everybody else at

each other's throat.

I decided to open the hatch so

the chickens could get out,

because when they're gone

tomorrow, all hell's gonna break


It's gonna cause chaos once


Erik was so excited.

"They got the chicken."

(Russell laughs)

He was so excited.

(Russell laughs)

Let's see how he feels when they

lose two chickens.

You know, I want to have a

little bit of fun tonight, so I

get up, and I put the idol

around my neck.

I start looking at everybody


Uh, that's what I do.

I live on the edge.

All of a sudden, I see Dave's


I say, "Oh, this is great."

I'm gonna go by Dave, talk to


You better be cocky in this

game, because if you're not,

then you're gone.

>> Oh, no.

>> You know what?

'Cause, I, uh...

My impression of Foa Foa is that

they're tired, and they're

scared, and they're holding

together now, but I don't really

care, 'cause we're gonna be able

to knock them off.

Who gives a crap.

>> I thought it was funny that

Dave was sitting there talking

to me, and the idol's sitting

right there.

All he's got to do is look at

it, but he never did.

None of them are thinking really

the game.

They're thinking, get rid of

Foa Foa.

They think they have numbers.

They think that, uh, they're

just gonna weed us out one

at a time.

It's not gonna happen.

>> PROBST: Facing Tribal Council

as a newly merged tribe, Erik's

head was suddenly on the

chopping block.

>> Everyone's on board?

>> PROBST: And Brett was the

last to know.

>> Hey Brett, Brett?

>> Uh-oh.

>> They say... They say

everybody's on board with Erik.

>> Shh!

>> I'll be completely honest,

'cause you are the people that I


>> Yes.

>> I know that...

I hon-honestly don't...

>> Yes?

>> I think we should at least

give it some time to discuss.

>> No, I think it's...

>> No. I don't... Jais...

We don't... It's...

>> Is this ... done or what?

>> Yes. Shh.

>> We can get him out next time.

Jaison... Just...

>> Here he comes.

>> Okay.

>> All right.

>> Erik is actually someone that

I see myself gonna the end of

the game with, and so for my

alliances essentially saying

they all want to vote out Erik,

when he wasn't even discussed at

all throughout the day, just

baffles me.

I don't understand why.

>> Because...

>> Because every...

>> There's...

>> All of sudden, literally,

every single person that you

trust here, besides Erik, every

single person...

>> ...but apparently, it's

already done, and you got to

get comfortable quick, because

every single person is voting

for Erik, so you've got to get

on the train, because it's

already left the station.

>> Yup.

>> And I'm the same way you


>> So he's totally not, dude.

He's banned, dude.

He's cancer.

We got to dump him now.

>> It's already done.

>> I understand.

I got 30 seconds with Dave.

>> Apparently, people have made

up their minds, but...

>> Yeah.

>> ...I have not seen reason.

>> Yeah, yeah. No, I understand.

>> Obviously, the decision's

already been made, and, you

know, there's not a lot I can

do, and so my plan now is

basically, just fly under the

radar for the time being, and I

think that that will carry me

through for a while, and then,

um, I'll need to step it up

and-and start, you know, making

a few decisions.

>> Welcome to Survivor.

>> PROBST: Reluctantly, Brett

followed his Galu alliance and

helped blindside one of their


Seventh person voted out of

Survivor: Samoa, and the first

member of our jury-- Erik.

>> The vote tonight, I think,

will shape the rest of the game

completely, and I hope that

doesn't screw up my entire game.

>> PROBST: Erik, the tribe has


>> (voice breaking): I knew at

some point I was just gonna

break down bawling.

>> Don't work yourself up into

something that's not there.

>> Laura and I did not have a

heart-to-heart conversation in

her little reach out and touch

me superficial bull...

Don't make me throw up on your


>> PROBST: By day 23, the

emotional burden of the game

took its toll on Shambo.

And home was all she could

think about.

>> I'm Irish.

I'm not supposed to be in the


>> How many of you are there?

>> Nine kids.


>> Your brother passed away,


>> My brother Terry died of

meningitis when he was about

three months old.

And then my sister Donna died of

cancer the day before her 27th


>> That's sad.

>> Well, they're better off.

>> Was she older or younger was


She was older?

>> Donna was older.

She went through radiation and

chemotherapy for a long time

and then they told her that she

was fine and there was no

traces of cancer.

She was a newlywed when the

cancer was found.

>> Oh, you're kidding.

>> She'd only been married,

like, 18 months.

And then she went in for a scan

and they said it was full-blown


>> Oh.

Oh, Shammy.

>> I knew at some point I was

just going to break down


>> She's really proud of you,


Guarantee you that one thing.

How old were you?

>> I was 23.

I was stationed in Okinawa, and

I remember my staff sergeant

saying, "Corporal Waters go

back to the barracks, you got

an emergency phone call from

the Red Cross."

And I just started bawling.

I was like God dang it.

Who died?

Because I didn't know.

>> Come on.

Where's our sunshine?

>> Laura and I did not have a

heart-to-heart conversation.

Laura invaded a private moment

that I was having on the beach

where I was really homesick.

I was missing my family, and I

started think thinking about my

sister that passed away over 20

years ago.

I was just, I was pretty much

broken down and sad, and she

wanted to play buddy-buddy

with me.

And her little "reach out and

touch me" superficial bull...

>> Be thankful that you're here.

We have 20 more days.

>> I feel like the girls out

here are out to get me.

>> Well I think you're a lot--

you're self-paranoid, too.

I think the more paranoid you

are, the worse it gets.

>> I don't think I'm paranoid,

though, Lolo, I don't.

>> I'm telling you, you are.

Don't work yourself up into

something that's not there.

>> I can't stand Laura.

I want no conversations with


You don't even like me, and you

want to sit here and pretend

like you're befriending me.

It's just, like don't make me

throw up on your face.

>> PROBST: On day 27, Russell

believed he had it all under

control, so he began to make

moves to ensure his safety

further in the game.

>> I'm in control of this game.

Everything has worked for me so


I set up my alliance so strong,

my four people, including me,

they come up to me.

They tell me everything.

And you have to be able to

outwit them, even if it's your

best alliance.

You have to be able to outwit

them, too.

They're going to turn on you,

Foa Foa.

Believe it when I say it.

I'm the one that's going to

take you.

They'll get rid of you.


Who do you think's going to be

gone first?

>> It feels really good to be

aligned with Russell.

I mean, he is the most powerful

player in this game.

He knows that whatever he votes,

I vote, too.

So really he's got two votes no

matter what, any way he wants

to play it.

It may, you know, mess me up in

the end, but I've made it this

far, so, you know, I'm just

going to trust him, and we'll go

with it, and I'm hoping that

I'll be in the final two.

>> Now, I want to you promise me

one thing I'll never ask you


>> Okay.

>> When it comes down to brass

knuckles, and it's just me and

you and somebody else, you have

to swear to me you ain't going

to think that I'm going to beat

you because I played the game

better and vote me off.

Swear on Mick.

You're going to start thinking.

That's a lot of money.

Your brain's going to start


>> It's... You know what?

It's not worth the money to me

to lose my integrity out here.

If I give you my word, I give

you my word, and that's the

bottom line.

>> All right.

You know, it all comes to a head

sooner or later.

>> For sure, I agree.

>> I would think my best partner

out here would be Natalie.

You see, Natalie is my ticket to

get rid of both Jaison and Mick.

So she can go pretty far in this

game with me, maybe all the way

to the final two.

'Cause who better to take?

There's no way she can beat me

in votes.

She followed and did everything

I told her to do.

She wouldn't even know how to


She might even say, "Oh, he's


Give it all to him."

You know, she's so sweet, I love


>> PROBST: With Kelly voted out,

the original Galu members were

grasping at anything to stop

their freefall.

>> I just wish there was a way

that Kelly were here so we could

keep Galu together.

>> Well, it's not reality.

>> I know. I know, I know.

>> That's not where we find


>> The game freaking changes.

>> Well, the game changes every

day, but...

>> Yeah.

>> Sit down, Mon.

>> I feel like from my best

position right now, the best

thing is to just wait it out and

stick with Galu.

You know what I'm saying?

>> Is there a Galu since Erik

got blindsided, to you,

personally, in the real freaking

world to be true?

>> I just don't know that I can

trust anybody from Foa Foa...

>> Listen to me.

>> Uh-huh.

>> Don't lower your brows like I

just attacked you.

Drop the bull about Galu

loyalty, 'cause there is none.

It's Puff the Magic Freaking

Dragon, okay?

>> But why, Shambo?

>> That's a pipe dream.

>> Why?

Why does it have to be that way?

>> Because you guys chose to

vote for Galu before Foa Foa,

and it broke.

>> But it was different.

>> It's...

>> He was turning his back...

>> It always is.

>> ...on Galu.

>> It always is because it's

Survivor, yes?

>> That was different, though.

>> It doesn't matter who it was

or why it was.

>> Right.

>> Purple is broken.

Erik helped us win every single

solitary challenge that we won.

He was...

>> Because it helped himself.

He was fake purple.

>> Then Kelly's fake purple for

having a knife in my back.

And why was there conversations

had, lead by Laura, to get rid

of Shambo?

That's fake purple.

So don't talk to me about fake


Purple is fake.

There is no fake, there is no


It's Survivor.

>> Yeah.

(thunder rumbling)

>> PROBST: That night in Tribal

Council, the remaining Foa Foa

tribe and Shambo declared


Ninth person voted out and the

third member of our jury, Laura.

>> Oh, my gosh.

The day of reckoning has come.

Laura is gone.

Now, it's an individual game.

And I'm not sure what's going

to happen.

>> PROBST: Nine castaways are


>> I'm here to win the million

dollars for myself.

>> PROBST: As the stakes get


I hope you think it was worth


>> ALL: Oh!

>> PROBST: ...which alliances

will hold true?

>> Russell is Russell, so we got

to watch out.

>> Why would you do something

stupid like that?

>> I did not... I didn't do


>> PROBST: What sacrifices will

the castaways be forced to make?

>> If this goes bad, I mean, I

owe you big time.

>> PROBST: Can old Galu reunite

its force?

>> The writing's on the wall.

>> PROBST: And can anyone stop


>> I'm going to write a book on

how to win Survivor.

>> PROBST: Join us next week as

the adventure continues.

>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on

Survivor-- Russell and John

make a move.

>> PROBST: So everybody needs an


This is a significant advantage

in the next immunity challenge.

And Shambo thinks she has a

psychic vision.

>> I dreamed some really crazy


I think that's God's divine

intervention at work.

I had a dream last night we

voted Dave off.

>> ♪ It's the eye of the tiger

It's the thrill of the fight

♪ Rising up to the challenge

Of our rival

♪ It's the last known survivor

At the end of the night

♪ Da-da, da, da-da, da

Da-da, da... ♪