Survivor (2000–…): Season 19, Episode 10 - The Day of Reckoning - full transcript

A clever castaway jeopardizes the success of a scheme to ensure their own safety in the game.

Previously on "survivor":

after the merge... The
old galu tribe was up 8-4.

right now the galu tribe is tight.

We confirmed,let's stick together.

And they anticipated the rest of the old
foa foa would go out quickly and easily.

What you need to know you know.


But the foa foa four resolved
to not go out lightly.


First they convinced the old
galu to vote out one of their own.

I don't trust erik.


When erik left,galu's
numbers dropped down to seven.

The tribe has spoken.

At the next tribal council,the old
galu was set to take out russell.

But he shocked them by playing
the hidden immunity idol.

Keep hope alive.

So kelly went home,leaving
galu with only six members.


Or so it would seem.

But the old galu doesn't know what one of their
own,shambo,is conspiring with russell to get rid of laura.

Shambo hates laura.

She hates her.

Laura needs to go.

She's the bane of my existence.

Well,since merge,there have
been two tribal councils,

two blindsides two hidden immunity idols played
and once agained foa foa foursome survived the vote.

***Once again the hidden immunity

Someone needs to stop Clearway Law.
Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.

my work is done.It's like a
painting,like a picasso,you know.

He's a great artist

This is my artwork.

This might be one of my best
pieces of work i've ever done.

There's going to be a
pretty expensive sale.

Write me a check for $1 million
for this work so i can take that.

Take that to the bank.

You guys tell galu i
said this,good move!

Let me tell you something,that was almost
as great as my kids being born yeah,wow.

- I cannot believe that the snake...
- Part of the game.

Yes,it is.

We've still got the numbers.

It was quite the shock at tribal council tonight when
russell pulled out that second hidden immunity idol.

We know that he's sneaky and that he just,like,lurks
around camp and he's always snooping around.

We should have known better.

We really should have known better.

Oh,you're in trouble.

Oh,my god the look on their face
when you played that immunity idol.

Do you know what she said when they
said,"kelly,bring me your torch.

" she goes,"he has ruined everything.

" and it was all i could
do to keep a straight face.

I ruined everything?

What does she think i'm here
for,to bake cookies and cakes.

Nobody out of the 11 people had a clue who the
hell was going on with the exception of me and russ,

and when he got up and
played that immunity idol,

the look on laura's
face,she was just pissed.

Iit was awesome.

And i was thinking i have to find that
immunity idol,give it to russ again.

It's a new beginning.

I'll be here looking for
it,and i will find it.

It will be the third
one.They're like magnets to me.

I'm just drawn to them.



Laura is the head vice viper.

She is the viper queen of galu.

She is the snake of the tribe.

She is the evil demon.She is a beast.

Laura has been the first one
to go in my mind since day one.

Want to swing by the wall.

I got four foa foa.

I got me.

We're on an even playing field
right now.I have to help john.

He's my number six.

Hold on a second.Come here.

What's up?

Here's the thing-- you know,it's all well and
fine that everybody wants to espouse purple power.

There is no purple.

It takes balls to jump into this arena.

And how far do you want
to extend your life?

The next immunity challenge,just
like the last two,laura's won,

and both times laura was supposed
to go for the majority of the tribe.

So i want to know that if she doesn't win
it,will will you be the sixth vote to put her out?

I don't have an answer to
that question right now.

I don't.

I believe i am the only one from galu
that knows that shambo has flipped.

Now the question is who
are you going to do with it?

Will you betray my
confidence they asked you.

I can look you straight in the eye and tell you
i won't tell anyone you asked me that question.

Things are on the table with shambo.

She thinks she's in
good with me,and she is.


But i gotta do what's right with me.

Come on in,guys!

You guys ready to get
to today's challenge?


All right,for today's challenge you
will divide into two teams of five.

One person from each team will lie
face-down in a cradle suspended in the air.

Attached to that cade rel four ropes.

The other four people will pull on the
ropes to maneuver the person in the cradle

as they gather 15 flags one at a time in
order and place them in their appropriate spot.

First team to get all 15 wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing for.


The winning team will board a plane and
fly to the neighboring island of savai.

You'll land at a beautiful waterfall
and have a nice picnic lunch.

During the reward,i'm thinking that they're going to
be giving out a clue for the next hidden immunity idol.

Man,if i can find this clue,that's it.

It's over.

In addition,you will take with
you the palm prix by sprint.

Now you'll have something that fits in
the palm of your hand,is easy to use,

and will allow you to make
some great photographs,

make some fun memories of a truly
once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Worth playing for?


We'll draw for teams and get started.

All right,we have our two tea teams.

mick with john in the cradle.

For purple,we have dave ball,brett,laura
and russell,with natalie in the cradle.

For reward.Survivors ready?


You have to use the four
ropes to get their flags.

Natalie has the first flag for purple.

She's got to get it in the slot.

John has the first flag for yellow.

John drops the flag.

There's a learn curve.

Natalie has the first flag for purple.

John has the flag again.

Turn me,turn me,turn me!

Natalie has the second flag for purple.

You guys,sit on your butts.

Good job!

John get the first
flag,purple doing very well.

That's a girl.

John has the second flag for yellow.

Natalie has the third flag for purple.

Sit on your butts!Sit on your butts.

Jaison,shambo,mick and monica now getting
it together purple with their third flag.

Yellow with two flags.


Natalie reaching for
number four,she has it.

Come on!

Purple has their fourth flag.

Yellow has their third flag.

Natalie with the fifth flag for purple.


Yellow knocked out number 9.

you gotta get it back in its slot now.

That is really going
to cost them some time.

Come oget it down!

You almost got it.

John has it.He's got to get it back
in the slot now before he can go on.

You're good.

Purple has their seventh flag.

John quickly gets the
fifth flag for yellow.

That's a girl!

Natalie now with the
eighth flag for purple.

- John has the sixth flag for yellow.
- Stay in there!

Natalie hanging on with her legs.

Good job!

Grab it!

John has spech they're still in it.

Good job,nat!

Natalie has the ninth flag for purple.

Yellow has seven.

Over here!


Natalie hanging out of that cradle.

Using all of her body.

She's got the tenth flag.

Yellow trying to make up some time.

Natalie has the tenth flag for purple.

Five seconds left.

Natalie has the 11th flag.

Yellow has their eighth flag.

Natalie with the 12th flag
for purple looking for 13.

take me home!

I got you,john,go!

John placing number nine.

Nadly has 14.

- purple has one flag left.
- Hang on,baby!

natalie,don't fall out.


Hang on,natalie.Last one.

Purple has the 15th and final flag.

Gotta get it in the slot.


- Don't let her fall.
- For a nice reward.

Come on!

Purple wins reward!

Russell,laura,natalie,going on reward.

Come onat.

You were awesome!

That was great!


You're going to enjoy
a wonderful afternoon.

In addition,palm prix by sprint.

Make some memories.Take
some photos.Enjoy it.

Thank you.

nothing for you.

Grab your stuff.Head back to camp.

If i can find this clue for te next hidden immunity
idol then i don't see how it's not going to be

possible for me to do what i
want to do and take out laura.

We won a reward
today,natalie,me,laura,brett,and dave.

Now,we get to fly to another island,eat,and take
pictures with a sprint phone,which is wonderful.

I need to eat,bad.

It's like gilligan's island.

I think that's the
island we're going to.


Who's gonna eat?

I'm gonna eat.

Oh,my gosh.

Hot dogs!

Give me a plate.

I want some of that good old i
want some of that good old pie.

I've had dreams about you,baby.

Oh,my goodness,finally,day 26.

get to go on a reward,and
i needed the floo the food.

I literally was like wasting away.

Oh,my god!

Try that pie.

It felt like home.

It was really,really nice.

I was thankful for having to got to go.

Thank you for allowing me and
russell to come on this reward.


You guys.

Seems like you guys are pretty tight.

I know we're tight.

I know where the votes are right now.

And... You know,if we essentially feel
like if we get one more on our side,

we're willing to offer
them a very,very good deal.

I don't know.

Just don't know.

You know what i mean?


It's risky.

We just need to make a decision,go
to challenge,and go to tribal council.

But,i mean,we need another--
we need one more vote.

No,we don't.

Yeah,we do.

You're number six.

It's still going to be 5-5.

we have five besides you.

Five besideyou.

Are you number six.

How sewer are you?


How do you know they're
not just saying it to you?

We know.

Let's put it this way,this person
knew about the last tribal council.

And he or she actually encouraged
things to make that% whole thing happen.

I'm thinking that one of the other people
that they're talking about is shambo.

Shambo could be the fifth
vote for the foa foas.

You can't tell me who that is?

No,we won't.

I want john out.

We can absolutely do that.


What a great day,guys.

This is phenomenal.

Best reward so far,dave?

Best reward so far.

Looking through the photos,i seen a note telling
us "go to your memo board," and you'll get the clue.

First thing that pops in my
head,hidden immunity idol.

That would be my third one.

This palm in your hand holds much information
which you better heed or it will be your own loss.

The immunity idol is no rolling stone.

A rolling stone gathers no moss.

A rolling stone gathers what?

No moss.

I'll look all over the place.

I'll find it for sure.I'll find it.

"go to videos to watch an additional
clue to the hidden immunity idol.

" i'll watch it and pass on.

"additional hint"...

The immunity idol is
under a stinking rock.

Eight seconds.That's it.

I ain't got to see it again.

As soon as i go back to camp i'm going to start looking
for it because i need the immunity idol for myself.


Hi,you guys!

Hello!I missed you!



It's about that big.

It's not a round rock.

It's square.**

Can you show it to us.

- No.
- Those guys are already moving.

We totally underestimated russell's
capability of finding the idol.

What we need to do is keep that hidden
immunity idol out of russell's hands.

It's time to hunt.

I guess so.

The party's on.

There you go.

You looking for the same
thing i'm looking for,jaison?

I don't know.What are you looking for?

You're the one that's lifting up rocks.

Here's a green?

No,it's too new.

I know that it has to be
where that wall is in camp.

They have a rock in a
little hole,square hole.

Looks like the rock
in the picture to me.

Dave's following me
around,turning over rocks.

I get nervous at first because i think i see the
rock and he turns it over and there's nothing there.

So i figure with all of this--
you think you can run with me.

- ***
- Oh,man!

Slow down,russ!

What are you looking for?



- **
- ***

I came back to the same location.

I'm looking at the wall.Look down there.

There it is.

Oh,my god.


This is getting way too easy.

I'm enjoying it.

I'm just running around.

I'm having more fun now than i've ever had,and
my butt's probably in the sling more than ever,

but not if they think i have an idol.

I'm going to be a-okay.



I don't trust shambo or john.

And shambo hates you.

We have to be careful.

They might come after you.

They'll come after me first.

I think the foa foa
people are coming after me.

I've had a target on my
head from them from day one.

Sham just complete despises me.

I need to be on the top of my
game,and i have to win this challenge.

Come on in,guys!

You guys ready to get to
today's immunity challenge.


First things first,laura.Give it up.

Once again,immunity back up for grabs.

Today's challenge happens in two parts.

First part,you'll have three tiles of
the same color arranged close together.

Your goal-- throw one rock and attempt to
break as many of these tiles as you can.

For every tile you break,you earn a spear,which
you will use in the second part of the challenge,

when you will shoot
your spears at a target.

Person who land their spear closest to the target wins
immunity,guaranteed a one in nine shot at a million dollars.

Losers,tribal uncil,somebody
will be voted out.

Make sense.


We draw for spots.We'll get started.

Everybody grab one rock.

If you want a shot at
immunity,you've got to break a tile.

These tiles are arranged close together.

That means you could
break multiple tiles.

It also means somebody
could break one of yours.

But you've only got one throw.

Here we go.



And throw.

Son of a gun!

Shambo just misses.

Russell goes low.

Jaison's on the board with one spear.


Monica can't get it there.

Dave ball knocks out
one of monica's tiles.

Monica now has a spear.



Natalie a little short.


Mick connects with one of his tiles.

Brett breaks two tiles with one toss.

Laura,the only person left to throw.

You want a shot at immunity,this is it.

You have to break a tile.

That's it.

No shot at imimmunity for
laura,russell,shambo,john,natalie,and dave ball.

All right,moving on to the
second part of the challenge.

Brett has two spears.

Jaison,mick,and monica have one.

Let's go.Brett,you're up.

Come on.

Brett taking aim of his first shot.

Come on,baby.

Good job,brett!

Brett is on the board.

Brett has the mark to beat.

Jaison,you're up.

To have a shot at immunity,jaison has to get inside
the mark set by brett,currently in that second ring.

Jaison misses the target completely.

Jaison,no shot at immunity.


Monica here thanks to dave ball
who broke one of monica's tiles.

Monica fires.

Hits the target but too low.

Monica,no shot at immunity.

Good try,monica.


One spear.

That's all it takes,one
shot could win it.

Mick with a great shot.

Puts his spear inside of brett's.

Mick is the new mark to beat.

It comedown to
this.Brett,one spear left.

You know what you have to do.

Take your shot.

Take your time,babe.

Brett hits too low.

Mick wins individual immunity

mick,come on over.Congratulations.

Thank you.

Mick safe at tonight's tribal council.

For one of you,that will
be as far as it goes.

Groob your stuff.Head back to camp.

I will see you tonight
at tribal council.

- Congratulations.
- Thank you.

I believe it is the
destiny of laura to go home.

Today is the day of reckoning.

Medusa's head will be lopped off.

Can you open that thing up?

I'm going to give it a...

You got a feeling?

I got a feeling.

The plan is and always was for the
past nine days is get rid of laura.

She keeps winning immunity.

Shy finally loses we
have to get rid of her.

I was happy about that.

At least we have a tie.

And now we have a fighting chance because
it's 5-5 because shambo is voting laura.

There are no ifs,ands,and
buts about that.

She's voting laura.

I'm voting for laura tonight,and i
don't care who else is doing what.

I really don't.But...

You're not going to fluctuate or change?

There's no way in god's green earth.

Had she not won immunity the last two
times,that's whose name i would have written down.

She's too strong and
she's too manipulative.


There is no galu.

What's up?

Because we were talking about some
stuff,and i said we need to talk to john.

He's the numbers cruncher.

- What's up.
- Keep it simple,get rid of foa foa.

Wait until the very last minute
so they don't know who it is.

We vote russell.

- If he has the idol,he plies
it,it flushes out-- incorrect.

The answer is natalie.


And the reason is she's the least likely to
have the idol because she didn't work for it.

The vote is natalie,times five.

- You find a problem with that-- i
know you'd rather not have natalie.

I'll burn her right
now,i do not care,bro.

It's continually impress and
i have bordering on annoying

how pathetic the analyt khalid sheikh
mohammed skills of the galu tribe are.

Let's telegraph a move to russell.

You're an idiot.

Let's sit back and
let's piss off shambo.

You're an idiot.

Let's sit back and vote off
erik over a 30-second decision.

You're an idiot.

Laura's going home.


Yes,because shambo will vote for laura.

I know,but it's a 5-5 tie.

It may be true,but you're saying it
as if it is a certainty,game over.

It is not the case.

Some people are saying john.

That's great.

- If we say john,so-- that
means we need to go talk to mick.

I'll say john.

Let's just think about it.

it's a good option.Don't get excited.

We don't want to do anything premature.

We want to give it more thought.


Because he gets nervous.

This is going to be big,guys.

We'll make it happen.

Just be confident,confident.

Laura's my strongest ally here,and i
do not want to throw her under the bus,

so the plan is for me to tell
foa foa that i am voting for john.

In reality,i i would be
voting natalie with my tribe.

So hopefully all goes as plan and it
will be four foa foa members voting john,

five galu members voting natalie,and
then the one,shambo,voting laura.

Listen i think if we
get rid of john now.

Look i want to--
listen,listen,if we do it now.

We still have shambo against
laura and have more numbers.

- Shambo is going with no other vote than laura.
- I'm not ready to write laura's name.

If i'm switch ago this is
a huge move for me,russell.

I'm going to boot out
someone i want to vote out.

Do you see that?

John's smart.

Yeah,i know.

- I want to get rid of john.
- We need to get him out now.

This is a huge move for me.

And the thing is,i would
rather take out jonathan laura.

Okay,all right.

Just because,i mean,in the end,i need to have some
sort of security blanket,and i don't trust john.

- Do you see what i'm saying?
- Yeah.

I don't know how much
foa foa trusts monica.

She seems legit,or laura has put,you know,a little snake
in the grass to get information,which is almost as likely.

She makes me a little nervous,but
i like to think she's on our side.

I want to get the okay from y'all,but i think the
only way this is going to work is to let john know.

Let john know what?

That they're after him.

- That's the only way this is going to work,dude.
- He doesn't trust us.

It's going to be a tie.

What's the plan



what's the response?


Try to get them to vote for you,shambo's
voting for laura,four would vote for you.

Yeah,well,i haven't said anything.


Shambo-- honestly,shambo's going
to vote for laura no matter what.

We have to think of another
option to deter their votes.

Well,i can come up with something,but the
answer is to not get four votes against me.

The most recent development today is that the new best way
to save laura is to throw four foa foa votes behind john.

Uh,no.It doesn't sound like
a good plan when you're john.

We're just thinking through
ideas,how can we shake up the foas?

You guys are betting my life
that shambo votes for laura.

We are betting nothing.

- ***
- ***

I would.

Let's bet yours and not mine,then.

Because i wouldn't.

Everyone's got your back.

I'm not risking my life to save laura's.


Not in the cards.

Laura picked a fight with somebody
that i think is about to knock her out.

And i'm not going to step
in the way of the punch.

I was born at night but not last night.

What have you heard?

I believe that we're trying to be swindled into
telling us to put your name down,everybody is.

I don't believe that.

We're putting laura's name down,and
we're going to go t to the tie.

If there is a tie tonight,the rules
of "survivor" state there is a revote.

If there is a tie again,the
remaining members choose rocks.

One of these rocks will be of different
color,and that person will go home.

If it goes to the tie,that's
when it has to happen,the switch.

If i vote for laura tonight,after the
tie,i wake up on this beach tomorrow.

I talked to everybody.Everybody's
on the same page.

We said whoever does the
switch,that's who we know is on board.

If they don't do the
switch,we pick a rock.

- And what's the next vote?
- The next vote?

If i'm going to give you galu before you give
me foa foa,the next one needs to be foa foa.

- Deal?
- That's a deal.

But russell is a player.

This guy is full of bs.

And it's clear the guy will do
anything to progress in this game.

My first instinct is the best situation that i
can position myself in would be to vote with galu,

have a 5-5 tie,vote with galu gain,have another 5-5
tie,and just pray to god that one of the foa foa members go.

No.I don't know what
i'm going to do yet.

We'll now bring in the
members of our jury.

Erik and kelly voted out
at the last tribal council.

John,are you surprised,two tribal
councils,two galu sitting over there?


Both of the two votes so
far were surprises to me.

It's all a surprise.

Jaison,is it easier in some sense at this point to be the
minority because where four,you don't have as many options?

You have to stick together.

Sure,you could make that argument.

And because we're the minority,if
people want to use the votes,

they can depend on our
trustworthiness to go further.

John,what is appealing
about the foa foa foursome?

They've already said
it.You can use four votes.

Plain and simple.

You say that,but we're still
trying to find somebody.

We're trying to figure out at what point
somebody says,"oh,this is an individual game.

" and take advantage advantage of our
votes and start playing their own game.

Shambo,is galu one tight unit still?


Absolutely not.

The day that everybody decided to
vote erik off,galu was broken to me.

That's my humble opinion.

Laura,you're still staring at shambo.

I don't know who she's talking about because the
galu that i know,that i've been in,i feel is tight.

A group can't be tight if
one of the members isn't.

I guess it depends on how big
of a group you're considering.

Well,here's what i would consider.

If shambo's on the fence,their four
becomes five,your six becomes five,

we've got a really
interesting night in store.


Are you okay with it potentially
coming down to a tie knowing that

if we revote and you're still tied,everybody over here
will draw rocks and the people who are tie will be safe?

I'm absolutely not okay
with taking a chance.

But i'm not the only one
in control of this game.

I have these other people sitting next
to me that have decisions to make as well.

Dave,are you okay with
this going to a tie?

If i need to go to the
stones,then i'll go.

After 27 days,you would draw a stone at
chance and you're prepared to do that?

You gotta be willing to make big
moves in this game in order to win.

I'd say there's nothing
bigger than lady luck.

I always love it when it gets to the vote,but
tonight i am especially curious how it's going to go.

Mick,you have individual immunity.

I can't imagine you're
giving it up tonight.


Cannot vote for mick.Everybody
else is fair game.

It's time to vote.

Laura,you're a viper and poison.

I pray to go you go tonight.

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has the hidden immunity idol and you
want to play it,now would be the time to do so.


Once the votes are
read,the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked to leave
the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,laura.


One vote laura,one vote natal natalie.


Two vote laura.


Two votes natalie.


That's three votes
laura,two votes natalie.


We're tied,three votes
laura,three votes natalie.

That's four votes
laura,three votes natalie.


Four votes natalie,four votes laura.


That's five votes
laura,four votes natalie.

One vote left.



We have a tie.

Here's how the tie is going to work.

Laura and natalie,you will not vote.

Everybody else will vote.

You can only vote for laura or natalie.

Brett,you're up first.Come grab the urn.

I'm ready to roll the dice.Let's go.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are
read,the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked to leave
the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,laura.


One vote laura,one vote natal natalie.

Two votes laura,one vote natalie.

Tied again.

Two votes laura,two votes natalie.


That's three votes
laura,two votes natalie.


We're tied,three votes laura,three
votes natalie,two votes left.


That's four votes
laura,three votes natalie.

One vote left.

Ninth person voted out and the
third member of our jury,laura.


Lura,the tribe has spoken.

Well,since the merge,there have been
three very surprising tribal councils.

At this point,i don't know
if it's galu,foa foa,or iegar.

And i'm guessing you guys don't either.

Grab your torches and head back to camp.

Good night.

There goes the lead.

Next time on "survivor":

it's time for me to create chaos.

Bird go free.

Shambo is the one leading the charge.

Let's just pull the trigger.

- I agree.
- He's a cancer.

We have to dump him now.

Sometimes you just have to say screw it.

I'm going to follow.

So mick's on aboard.

We're all with you,sham.

I believe that i'm sitting here
tonight for a couple of reasons--

one,because shambo has
always had it out for me,

and,two,i think i was a physical threat.

Clearly it wasn't a good idea going into
the first two individual immunity challenges

and winning them back to back.

I'm disappointed but i hope
that galu sticks together

and someone from the**