Survivor (2000–…): Season 19, Episode 12 - Off with Their Heads! - full transcript

At the Survivor auction, one high bidder decides to go hungry in exchange for a potentially valuable advantage in the game. The Foa Foas consider a risky move in the hours before tribal that may result in the betrayal of one of th...

27 days ago two tribes of 10
castaways each began an epic battle.

The purple tribe,galu,won
almost every encounter.

Galu wins immunity!

By the time the two tribes merged,the
yellow tribe,foa foa,s down to four.

The old galu had eight,and they
planned to keep it that way.

What samoan for get
the hell off my island.

look at us.we're like savages.

But the old foa foa,losses sharpened
their ability to strategize.

Things are about to change
totally in this game.

I don't think they even tells right now.

We already have our plan down.

And the plan worked at the next two tribal
councils,two of the old galu went home.

But the old foa foa paid a price-- russell
had to play his hidden immunity idol.

Then three game-changing
events took place.

One,russell found another
hidden immunity idol.

Oh,my god!

Two,shambo agreed to vote with
the foa foa four to take out laura.

It is the destiny of laura to go home.

And,three,john agreed to switch his vote,hoping
russell would vote out a foa foa next.

Next one needs to be foa foa.Deal?

That's a deal.

At tribal council john changed his vote.

The ninth person voted out and
the third member of our jury.

And laura made it three
of the old galu in a row.


And now the entire tribe is about
to find out if the old foa foa is

as good at holding on to a
lead as they are at getting one.

Nine are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

Medusa has been dethroned.

Is that just I had steckel?

At trikele tonight,laura went home.

The vote was 5-5.

The ruse of " survivor quot; say if there is
another tie after a second round of voting,

the remaining members
would choose rocks.

One of those rocks would be of a different
color,and that person would go home.

I'm not going to go home
because of ridiculous rocks.

I gave multiple,multiple explanations,

and multiple rationale for why we should
be making different decision,and no dice.

I had a conversation with russell in which he
and I said the next person to go would be foy.

So right now I think I
have a pret good position.

What's funny is,collectively,they made the
correct move and i made the correct move.

We all want to make it to the end,but
at some point,you need to show loyalty

and integrity and respect for the
people that you made promises to.

When it whatit came down to tonight,I
still could not flop for laura.

I definitely come to see john as little
bit more of the judas of the galu tribe.

Then john has to go home.

Season 19Episode 12

Tree mail.

Oh,happy day!

You're all going to be happy about
this. You might as well give up.

You're kidding me,dude!

going once,going twice,gone.

This should be some fun.

Play is right and you just may have
a full belly by the time it's done.

Food auction!

We just got a tree mail with money,baby!

Money howard dean food, so
I'm really excited about that

because I'm literally starving so I know
definitely I'm eating off the muscle of my pod I

so today is a really good day.

Come on in,guys.

I love seeing so many smiles.

Welcome to the " survivor quot; auction.

You've each been given $500.

Bidding will be in increments of $20.

There is no sharing of money.

No sharing of food.

Auction will end without warning.If
you see something you like,bid on it.

Ready to get started?

- Yes.
- Yup!

First item,shall i
uncover it or cover it?

Uncover it.

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich.


Holy cow!

Natalie,knowing that the bidding goes
in increments of $20 jumps to $200.


She just bought herself a peanut
butter and jelly sandwich,jeff.

$200 Going once,twice.

Sold to natalie.Come on up.

All right,natalie,$200
bought you a pb & j.

Take a little bite right here.

Oh,my goodness.

Look at all this peanut butter.

Totally worth the 200.

All right,take it back.Enjoy it.

Thank you.

- Look at all the peanut butter in it!
- Good girl.

Next item will remain covered.

- 80.
- 80To jayson.

- 100.
- 100***


200 To shambo.200.

I'll go 220.

220 To dave.


240 To shambo.

Going once,twice,sold to sham shambo.

$240 For the mystery item.

What diget?

Give me the money first.


- Mow me the money!
- Done.

$240 Bought you a " survivor
quot; version of spaghetti.


Sea noodles.

- To go.
- Oh,dude!

Yum!Thank you.

With a little bit of parmesan.


- To bring out the flavor.
- Good stuff.


Does it have,like,nutritional
starch value,do you know?

I don't.

I hope it does because my
body is really deprived.

Let's just say it does.

- All right,shambo.
- Thank you.


Next item.

It's so much fun to keep them covered.


Right off the bat dave ball says $300.

For a covered item.


They're playing the odds right now.


What are the chances we would
put back-to- back bad items?

Very,very strong chances.

That's what I think.

Monica at 340.

Going once,going twice.

Sold to monica for $340.

I hope this is good,jeff.

So do i.

Please,please,please,please be good.

It cost you a lot.

I hope you think it's worth it.

A whole roasted chicken.

Oh,my god!


Next item,this is a significant
advantage in the next immunity challenge.


100To john.


- 140 To natalie.
- 200.

2 00 To john.

You have a one in nine
shot in this game now.

This could make it one in eight.


Jaison in it with 260.


300 To john.

I thought when john was bidding on the items that would do
well in the challenge we needed to be in possession of the item.

Maybe it was my term to sacrifice a little
bit for the good of the former foa foa.

I can ask a question for the bid?

We both have $500,what
if we both bid 500?

- Somebody has to get to 500 first.
- ****


Sold to jaison.

Keep this sealed.

Bring it to the next immunity challenge.

You will open there.

We'll find out if it was worth it.

Nice move.

So jaison spends all his money on
one item,and that means no food.

Next item.

Oh,my word!


Mick just closed down the
bidding with one bid of $500.

Sold to mick as jaison
buries his head in his hands.

That's a
cheeseburger,fries,ketchup,mustard,cold beer.

- Enjoy.
- Thank you.

Holy cow!

Nice job,bro.

Jaison,second thoughts?

Sitting here right now and seeing
you uncover that thing,yeah,

thoughts like i want that hamburger.

I want it badly.

Next item.

A clue to the location of
the hidden immunity idol.




120 To natalie.

200 To john.

Only one thing keeps you safe in
this game and that is immunity.

2 00 To john.

Going once,going twice.

Sold to john.

Excuse me.

Russell may have the idol,un.

Anyone can.

Take it with you.Open this back at camp.

I'm not going to sit here and
go,"i'm going to let the immunity go.

" absolutely not.

Immunity is the goal.

Next item,you've been looking at it.

It's the survivor shower.


Which john has bid $100on already.

Shampoo,conditioner,clean underwear.

Clean underwear.

100 To john.120 To natalie.

120To natalie going once,twic twice.

Sold to natalie,$120.

No one wants to see old
john attack a shower.

Here's your towel.

- Enjoy your shower.
- Thank you.


my goodness.

Next item,let's uncover

One gigantic piece of apple pie.



Eight tow brett.300 To john.

Going once,going twice.

$300To john.

It has to be apple pie,my favorite.

Can't be something else.


That is what you bought.

That is yourself.You can keep that.

Before you dig into
it,I'll give you an option.

You can choose right now to keep that piece of pie
for yourself,or you can give up your piece of pie.

You will have no pie,and you can divvy
up among four people an entire pie.

my goodness!

Do you remain selfish,keep this for
yourself,or do you try to buy some good will?

What's the move?What do you guys want?

Is anyone really stoked on pie?

Yes,I'm stoked on pie.

It's your choice.It's your move,dude.

This sucks that this was my-- there's
always a choice,but I'll eat the pie.

Everyone's nice and I'm confident
that no one's going to vote me off

because they didn't get
a piece of apple pie.


John should have gave
the pie to everybody.

Just showed how stingy he was.

You're playing a game.

You're in the game.

You don't need to eat.

If it was me,I would have
gave it to my tribe,foa foa.

And shambo.

So I think it was a terrible move.

It was terrible at that
point in the the game.

All right,that's going to be it.

The " survivor quot; auction is over.

This morning,I got a clue to the
hidden immunity idol,so that's something

that can help me advance in this
game,and potentially,you know,

guarantee me passage at least
past the next tribal council.

I'm hoping,knock on wood,that
this is a pretty good clue.

"The immunity idol is no rolling stone.

At a fork in the road,you'll
see a structure of rocks.

Which are covered with
a blanket of green.

So search at the base.

You may dirty your hands.

Remember,it's hidden so it's "

I'm assuming it's buried.

I'm not seeing it right now.

I don't know if anybody's been
***it could be found already.

It's making me wonder if
the russell has the idol.

He's good at finding
idols without clues.

I'm still going to make moves
to advance myself in this game.

Better safe than sorry.

I'll keep looking.

We're going to have to have you guys for lunch
today and i just wanted to let you know,okay.

I'll talk to you in heaven
when I go to heaven,okay?


The chickens were probably my single
source of happiness the last 29 days.

We can all take a hand in it.

I can't do it.

I won't do it.

I'll start bawling because I'm
really attached to those chickens.

We'd have conversations
and I'd tell them,

"i really need you guys to lay me some eggs because all
these people want to kill " and it was like they understood.

They knew exactly what I was saying.

I think I brought them as much peace
as they brought me and it was a win-win.

Off with their heads.

That actually wasn't so bad.

Tell me when the
chickens stop screaming.

What I'm going to do is I'm
going to put the chickens out,

and I'm going to boil them in a little
bit of salt water and a lot of freb water.

Can we rotisserie at least once?

- No,absolutely not.
- Why not?

Because you'll lose 65% yield.

I'll take care of the cooking because I might
not know a lot about a lot of thingses but when .

it's time to shea shut up if you're me.

I think most people wanted to square
the chicken and put over the fire

but shambo being the chef is 1 &
all that wanted to do something crazy.

We don't even care so long
as we're eating chicken today.

I think that's the plan unless
somebody decide to veto is later.

How is the chicken coming?

About another hour and a half

Yeah,up,that is eye hard boil.

Yeah,we're not having a conversation
about the soup this time,everybody,

because I'm in no mood so just trust me.

We'll just call it a bad case of pms,but I'm
really in no mood to talk about the soup today.

I won those chickens,shambo,so I think
I should be able to say something.

Go right ahead.I'm not listening.

You boil a chicken for two
hours,it's going to be ruined.

You have no idea what you're talking about right
now and you have to just respect that on some level.


I don't think I have been more
angry in the last 29 days truthfully.

He really snapped my head off my body.

To have him walk up to me and say,
"what's going on with the chicken?

" I went red code,emergency alert.

Shannon has lost her mind.

He has absolutely no idea who
he's picking a fight with today.

It's crazy.

I think god made me really special.

In my lifetime,I've had some dreams
about situations that I'm pondering,

and sometimes it's dreams that are
just out of the blue that occur.

And they're literally
clairvoyant dreams.

I've probably had,I don't
know,of them in my lifetime.

And I think that's god's
divine intervention at work.

I don't know what makes me think that.

I really,truly believe that.

I think that's what it is.

I really do.

And I had a dream last
night we voted dave off.

Dave is the first to go.

- Set in stone.
- Set in freaking stone.

- Deal?
- Deal.

He's gone.

Shambo had a dream that
they voted off dave.

I said,"that's a sign,shambo.

That's a sign.

" so she has her dreams who she's voting
off, and then that's who it has to be.

We've got somebody unstable by shambo.

All she votes with is her emotions.

You make her mad at somebody,that's it.

She'll vote for them.

Oh,my word.

Once dave's gone,we have the numbers.I'll
run it all the way to the top.

Come on in,guys!

You guys ready to get to
today's immunity challenge?


First things first,mick.

Give it up.

Once again,immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,you will each
have a rope and a very heavy log.

Your job-- hold on to that
log for as long as you can.

Every three minutes,you'll switch hands
and move one knot lower on the rope.

This will dramatically increase the
amount of weight pulling on your arm.

When you can't hold on to the log any longer,
the log drops,you're out of the challenge.

Last person standing wins
immunity,guaranteed a one in life.


Eight shot at a million dollars.

At the auction,jaison,you spent
all of your money on one item,

and that item was a significant
advantage in today's challenge.

Go ahead and open up the
bottle and read the note.

It says at any point during
today's immunity challenge,

you may move your hand up two knots on the
rope,giving you a significant advantage.

So what that means,at any time,you
can move up two full knots,

which will significantly reduce the tension
and the amount of weight you're holding.

Time it right,it will a huge advantage.

Could be the difference
in this challenge.

Take your spots.We will get started.

All right,everybody grab a
hold with your right hand.

The first section of rope.

Each time we move down a section
of rope,you are gonna feel it.

These logs weigh as much as you do.

This challenge is on.

Every three minutes,you'll
switch to the other hand.

You will only have one hand
on this rope at any given time.

All right,everybody place your left
hand on the second position on the rope.

Get a good grip,and
release your right-hand.

Hot day to be sitting out in the
sun holding on to a heavy log.

All right,everybody put your left hand
on the fourth position on the knot.

I'm using both.

Jaison using his two spots right now.

Jaison is now only on the second
knot.Everybody else is on the fourth knot.

Jaison used that move very
early in this challenge.

See if it pays off.

all right,everybody,it is time to
move further down on the rop rope.



Now the log's going
to begin to get heavy.

Shambo trying to hold on.

Sham bow,the log and
shambo take a tumble.

Shambo,first person
out of this challenge.

You all right?

I'm good to go.

Russell,surprisingly drops out.

What happened?

I got a charley horse in
my forearm,and that was it.

All right,everybody,it's
time to make the last move.

Switch hands,three,two,one.And release.

You have no knot now to give you any
kind of leverage or any kind of grip.

Now this rope can slip through
your hands a lot more easily.

Jaison,on the other hand,does have a knot to hold on
to,and now will never feel all of the weight of this log.

Monica drops her log.

Go ahead,boys.

John's had enough.

He steps out of the challenge.

Brett cannot hold on any longer.

Brett is out of the challenge.

We are down to
four,jaison,dave,mick,and natalie.

I have to say,natalie,you've got to be
the surprise of this challenge right now.

Mick drops out of the challenge.

We are down to three.

We have two former foa
foa,one former galu.

Everybody doing a good
job of digging deep.

Keep digging.You have more in there.

You never know when
it's your turn to go.

You don't want it to be tonight.

That hand better be
bleeding when you let go.

Natalie cannot hang in there any longer.

Great effort.Natalie
out of the challenge.

And we are down to two,side by
side,caseon and dave for immunity.

Jaison has a two-knot advantage.

Dave ball is holding
on to rope with no knot.

Could easily slip through his hands.

You got it,jaison.

- Dave with a bit of a slip.
- He's slipping.

Hang on,jais.Hang on.

Dave ball cannot hold on any longer.

Jaison wins individual immunity!


When dave's hand slipped and the
plate broke it was like heaven.

I'm not sure I would have beaten
dave without that advantage.

Shambo wants him gone and the former foa foa are
trying to strike while the iron is hot with shambo.

I just want to focus and execute.

We've got to get dave tonight.

Jaison,come over.

Good job,jaison.

Finally you won!

Finally wins!

Great job,jaison!

You paced up chicken.

You passed up cheeseburger but you have something
much more valuable,safety at tonight's tribal council.

Jaison cannot be voted out.

As for the rest of you,after 30 days
out here,one of you going home tonight.

Grab your stuff.Head back to
camp.I will see you at tribal.

I am definitely in a position of power with foa
foa at my disposal to vote how I ask them to.

And they keep saying,"shannon," dave
is so gone,he doesn't even know it.

Good job.

Good work.

You almost beat me.

Huno knot.That was incredible.

You beat me fair and square,bro.

- That was awesome.
- You,too,good job.

Dave made a few comments to shambo about
the chicken and how to cook it and stuff.

She was furious.

When she gets sort of angry at
somebody, that's who she wants voted off.

Butta this point we kind of count on
shambo's votes,so it's going to be dave.

- ****
- Thank you.

I'm bummed I lost,but I did.

- It was nice,dan.
- You and me finally won something,back to back.

Look at that.


- ***
- ***

Clearly,galu is running scared.


The next vote I can get them to
vote off someone from foa foa foa.

- You already said you were cool with that.
- Right.

So I think we just lay low,we hang out.

Right now,just I guess we're
thinking mick right now.

I mean,I think so.

It might be the best option both ways.

And then we continue to move on and move on and move on and
move on through this game and progress further and further.


And if something crazy happens because you have ears
here and I have ears there--year,I'll let you know.

If we are-- if we do find ourselves outgunned,we
can see it coming,plate idol and then we're done.

- ****
- You have it.

I'm 100% sure.

Where-- where--
where did you look?

Tell me what the clue was
and I'll give you a hint.

What do you mean?

Give me what the clue was and
I'll tell you where the idol is.

At first we're thinking get rid of dave.

It was in the wall
because it didn't roll off.

Sufficiency sitting inside.


In the meantime,probably the best
move would be to get rid of john.

He's a threat strategically,and I
told him I had the immunity idol.


And gigood for me if anyone has
it,because I thought about the numbers.

I knew he knew I had it.

" I didn't want want to sit
there and say no,I don't.***

Now I have to get rid of john.


These poor people need to close
their ears when I start talking

because when I tell you something and
I made a mistake i gotta get rid of you.

It was my mistake,but,sorry,john,you
gotta go home for it.

Sounds good to me,man.

- As long as we stick together- -you're
not going to burn me want next vote.

I'm not going to burn you the next vote.

We stick together the whole way.

So we're fine.

All right,cool.

I can save you tonight.It would be you.

It would be me?

- Definitely.
- I had a feeling.

Now,it's going to be shambo,and
the whole foa foa tribe.

That's who the vote is.


I think the best way to do
this is get rid of john tonight.

And there's no reason I
would be lying about this

because why would I come to you saying i want to get
rid of him when your name is in the sling right now.

Is monica close to john?

You can tell her without her
going to john and saying anything?

I could probably say something to her.

All right.

Yeah,yeah,well,you know what,after he
flipped on laura,it's a matter of time.

Nobody trusts him any more.

It will be you,if it's not john.

I want to you stay in the game.

All right.

I almost won it today,huh?

That was pretty impressive.

All right.

I don't want them to see
me talking to you too much.

All right.All right,brother,all right.

Had you if a choice to get rid of anybody
in this game right now,who would it be?


He is dangerous.Most
dangerous person here.

With him gone,we could run it down.

It would be cake.

Dave is way too scared right
now to not make this deal.

Way too scared.

We just talked for about 30 minutes.

Did you?

what do you think,man.

We try john.

I think we give it to john.

What happens next week with dave gone?

What is shambo going to do?

We don't know.I don't trust them.

- I don't trust them at all.
- ***

All right,so you really believe
this.This is going to happen.

- Okay,all right.
- For sure.John.


and i started talking.

He's like,"who would you get rid of if
you could get rid of " clearly I said john.

He's like,"we can do that,i "



- It would be us
four--the next round.

I know we can get him.

But next round's going to be a 4
- tie.

Because shambo is going
to leave us in two seconds.


Taking it for granted.

You're telling me you
really agree with this?

This may be one of our own
shots to get rid of john?


Nothing is for sure but it seems
like we do have the numbers.

You get rid of john and you piss off shambo
and she's going to go to the other side

and then we're going
to have to draw rocks.

I believe russell can settle shambo.

After leaving her out there hanging the
same way galu did,exactly the same way?

Well now bring in the
members of our jury.

Erik,kelly,and laura,voted
out at the last tribal council.

Jaison,you bypassed all the food
at the auction for one thing,

an advantage in the immunity
challenge,and look at you tonight.

Thank god.

Some people may say you only won
it because you had the advantage,

but that doesn't mean anything to me.

As long as I got a victory.

Dave,do you think that was the
difference in the challenge?

Honestly,it looked like it was close.

I wanted it real bad.

But in the end,my hand slipped .

How concerned are you that kind of physical
display could get you voted out tonight?

It might have put a target on my back but I
just wanted to play my guts out and do my best.

Shambo,after 30 days together,is it easier or
more difficult to get along with people out here?

There has been so many ups ups and downs
within the last 30 days,but today was peaceful.

It wasn't about game play so much.

And it was genuine.

To me,today was strategic
only,completely strategic.


- Shambo,did you say,"
- yeah.

That shocks you?


shambo,how is it possible you are shocked to learn
that people were scrambling to stay in the game!

My vote is being based on me
advancing in the game,number one.

Number two,I do not want somebody that
did not warrant getting a million dollars.

That's imperative to me in this game.

Dave,shambo was pretty clear.

Where do you think you sit in her eyes?

I've done my best to be as honest
and kind as I can with shambo.

You know,just be a good
sport about everything.

John,shambo wants somebody
who deserves to be there.

Could that be you?

You know,I don't think she thinks I am lacking
in effort or a certainworthiness of continuing on.

Mick,last three tribal
councils,all blindsides.

You think somebody will
be surprised tonight?

You know arct this point,i don't
so how you would be surprised.

If you look back here,it all looks
like we're getting on planes tomorrow.

- Meaning everybody brought their stuff.
- Everybody brought their stuff.

Everybody has to come in
here ready to go home tonight.

Russell,you think whoever is
going home will be shocked?

I think they'll be surprised.

I do.

Shambo,based on how it's gone the last three times,you
think somebody is going to be shocked tonight?

I don't think they're
going to be shocked at all.

So you think they know they're going?

I believe so.

Dave,think it's going to be a
shocking vote tonight for somebody?

If this vote tonight goes the way I'm
expecting it to go,i will be shocked.

John,what's your take on tonight's vote?

I think that of the two potential
names,you've asked both of them questions,

and they both said they wouldn't be
shocked,so I think the answer would be no.

All right,it's time to get to the vote.

Jaison,you earned that immunity.

I assume you're keeping it.


All right other you
cannot vote for jaison.

Everybody else is fair game.

Let's see if the blindsides continue.

It is time to vote.

Monica,you're up.

Dave,thanks for the chickens.

They were great friends.

John,I'm voting for you because it
might get my closer to a million bucks.


I'm go tally the votes.

If anybody has the hidden immunity idol and you
want to play it,now would be the time to do so.


Once the votes are
ready,the decision is final.

The person voted out will be asked to
leave the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,mick.


One vote mick,one vote dave.


One vote john.


Two votes john.


That's three votes john,one
vote mick,one vote dave.


That's four votes john.

One vote mick,one vote dave.


Tenth person voted out and the
fourth member of our jury,john.

That's five.That's enough.You
need to bring me your torch.


John,the tribe has spoken.



Well,I gotta tell you,based
on how you've been playing,

I can't wait to see what's
going to happen next.

Grab your torches.Head
back to camp.Good night.

Next time on " survivor quot


It's like little kid sees a snake,

and the snake's like,hey,come play
with me I'm not going to bite you.

And the kid are playing with
the snake and he bites them.

They say what happened,you said
you weren't going to bite me?

He's like I'm a snake.

I think tonight's vote was
another decision made by galu.

That is a substandard decision.

They're scrambling.

They're doing anything they
can to live to see tomorrow.

The former galu twieb is
intellectually outmatched.

I'm happy they performed,you
know, well and made it in the***