Survivor (2000–…): Season 18, Episode 15 - Survivor: Tocantins - The Brazilian Highlands - The Reunion - full transcript

During a live reunion show the Survivors get together for the first time since being in Brazil to discuss the results of the game.

Survivor Season 18 Episode 15

Someone needs to stop Clearway Law.
Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.

Hi.That's what we like.

Glad to have you guys here.

All right.Have a seat.

Good live audience tonight.I like it.

I love you,too.

All right,jury,nice job.

Stephen,J.T.,Great job.

This is a hard game to play.

39 days in the middle of nowhere stuck with people you don't know that you may like,may not like,

in a game that is physically,emotionally,

mentally taxing 24 hours a day is no small feat.

The winner of this game deserves the million dollars.


We've got people that want J.T.

We've got people that want stephen.Let's get to it.

There are seven votes in here.Tonight you want to see your name.

This is only time if "survivor" you want to see your name on the parchment.


It takes four votes to win.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,J.T.

Second vote,the warrior,J.T.

J.T.that's three votes J.T.

Will stephen keep it going,or will it be a blowout?

The winner of survivor: Tocantins.J.T.


For only the second time in "survivor" history.

The vote was unanimous.J.T.received every vote.

An alliance J.T.started with steve own day two has just made him a millionaire.

The question is are they still friend today?

Plus,why did everybody dislike sierra so much.

Finally,coach,I offered him a lie detector test.

Let's see if he took it.

The "survivor" reunion show live from new york city coming up next.

I'm J.T.And I'm from alabama.

People's impression of me may be that I'm a hillbilly but I'm here to win and I'm going to win.



J.T.has lost a tooth.


Wins final immunity.

The challenge for me is fitting in with the people.

Who would trust with your life?

Everything says J.T.

You just can't find anything wrong with him.

What a great soul.

I know i can trust you.

You have my word.

To the final two in this game.

My mom told me,you can win this game.

If anybody can do it,you can do it.

Welcome to the survivor: Tocantins live reunion show.

We have all 16 survivors including our winner.

J.T.,Are you crying?


Who would have expected you to shed a tear.

What's going on?What's the feeling right now?

I'm very happy,obviously.

I just created one of the best friend i probably ever had,stephen,his family.

My family are cryers.*****

I'm happy.

This is probably the happenest i have been in my life.

I have to say,with with respect to everybody,you're one of the most popular guy on the show.


This week,people coming up going,hate coach,and love J.T.

oh,coach,we'll get to you.You'll get your chance.

You know what i mean hate.They love to hate rich hatch,too.

I know.

You're in good company.

You were honestly one of the most popular guys.

What's the reaction been at home for you?

Are people adoring you the same way?

Yeah,people are very hysterical.They love me.

Behind me all the way.

And I love them,too,but they are really behind me.

They've been very supportive,

and I know they're surprised right now because i didn't tell a soul about anything.

My parents didn't even know-- they thought i was fourth at best.

So this is very shocking to everybody.

And everyone's been behind me,very supportive.

Out there,i mean,we talked-- I said about how tough this game was.

What was the toughest point?

You're a guy that,you know,we got to know through the show,makes his living outdoors.

Was this easy for you?Was there a time for you when it was tough as well?

This was very hard.

One of the questions i get the most is that is it as hard as it looks?

Obviously,you don't know unless you go,but,like,day 12,

i was really questioning what am i doing here,day 11,day 12.

I was the hunriest I have ever been in my life.

You couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel.

What am I doing here-- i said that a number of times,but I had to troughen it out.

What was it about stephen,a very unlikely choice,

when you look at some of the other ople up here that you might have been drawn to just based on first impressions.

Why him?

Stephen was the one person i thought I would not align myself with.

I'll be honest with you.

He was the one guy i doubted the most,and immediately after the hike,

he carried a sack with three melons in it,and it shows me carrying one.

He carried more than his load and impressed me??

obviously,impressed everybody.

Day three or four stephen was right by my side working harder than anybody,

doing things he had never been dfr,and he has the best heart of anybody i know.


stephen,what-- what was the key to this alliance working?

Lots of people make alliances that don't work.

I definitely think-- wow.

It's like I said in the show.

We-- we-- something about our intellects clicked.

We were always working hard.

We would come back from challenges and we would-- or from rewards,

and we would say,"let's get to work.

" For us,it was always about this is a game we're both here to win and we're going to play our hardest,

never let our guard down and work together constantly to make sure we are there at the end.

And you also mentioned to me just earlier than you have an inside that I didn't know anything about,

you kind of had an inside mole in this game.

One of the things that definitely helped us get as far as we done within

the merge tribe was coach's relationship with J.T.

Coach had this sort of image of J.T.

As this kind of warrior spirit,and he would tell J.T.Everything.

So tyson would tell his plans to coach,coach would tell J.T.,

J.T.would tell me,and our insurgency would be victorious.

Coach,you're instrumental.You're...everywhere.

I'm the gift that keeps on giving.

He owes me a million dollars.


The betrayal eye mean,let me just-- just to remind you season what J.T.Said.

J.T.Said to you,"you have my word and my life,and I have yours,right?

And then we get to that final tribal and you get asked the question,

and you say,"no,i wouldn't have taken him.

" What did that feel like in that moment to let this guy know

you would not have lived up to your statements.

It was something i wrestled with a lot.

And debbie said i value honesty.

And she seemed to be really seeking a specific answer from me.

Of course,then,you know,she asked J.T.His question

which was,"J.T.,Isn't it true that you're the greatest person that's ever existed?

" And he was,"yes,debbie,I am.

" but,you know,obviously i felt horrible to come clean,you know,with that.

But it didn't damage your friendship,J.T.

When you heard it,you did this whole,"i can't!

Were you just putting on?

Yes,i was jeff.

I was trying to pull some votes out.

It's very different for me to take steve tonight final two and for steve tone take me.

I knew people liked me,and,you know,

obviously i had never had anyone write my name down.

It's hard for someone to take me you know

brendan what happened with timbira?

At the merge,in a game about numbers,you had it made.

Did you have too many people?

I think we had too many people,and I think we had a good amount of dysfunction in our tribe

between this guy and this guy and myself.AND--

A little bit of a power struggle.

A little bit of a power struggle,and I think that was pretty clear had they came in and the fact we had six instead of four.

We had an extra person and i think erinn switched over pretty easily so we kind of set ourselves up for it.

Erinn,i have to give you credit because i say to win this game sooner or later you have to make a big move,


You can-- you have to look at it as what is the best situation for me?

How can i furtherinize this game?

I want to be here as long as possible.

Every day,i can spend out here I can get that much closer to making another move,to staying longer.

And if I can be six or if i can be four,clearly I'm going to be four.

Meaning you're on timbira,you're at the bottom.

If you jump over to jalapao you move up two spot.

Right.I'm still at the bottom,but I'm higher than I was.

That's six more days.

And look where it got you.It got you a shot of getting into the final.

Taj,did anyone ever talk about taking out J.T.Earlier?

I mean,everybody talks about how love J.T.

This is a game that in the end is kind of about popularity.

Who do you like the best.

It is,and no one ever discussed that,because going into the merge,

we-- we-- well i assumed it was us three to the end,

and we'd work on that toward the end.

And i was always telling him,

i never wanted to be the last one with the idol because I don't want to tell one of them they had to go home.

It would have been so hard for me because we had been so close for the whole entire game.

It was something i didn't want to do.

But of course not.J.T.'S name just never came up because he was so sweet.

J.T.,I have something here,back early on.


One of your teeth got knocked out,or a part of your truth.

We went and found tbrendan,i think found it-- who found it?

******I picked up,gave it to you.

I hear back from medical,"J.T.Doesn't want his tooth.

I said,"i want his tooth.

Give me his damn tooth.

I kept it this entire time.

It's right here.

Another michael,let's get a shot of that so you can just see his tooth.

You can see it?

Now I just want to ask you again before-- do you want your tooth back?

It's still completely useless to me.

My mom probably wants it,I'm sure my little sister.

We've got a lot of women,front-row women saying i want all of him.

Mom,up the truth?

Let's say hi to mom down here.Hold on.

woos your name,mom?



How proud of you,first of all,,are you of J.T.?

Very proud.

He kind of said in one of his interviews,my mom said,"you can win this game.

" Yes.

I believed that the whole way.

I told him for aut three years I thought he could do this.

How does it feel right now?Your son's got a lot of money.

It's good.I might not have to worry about him anymore.

Hold your hand out.

I don't want to you drop this.

That is your son,your little baby who you gave birth to and it grew into this tooth that he doesn't want.

Close it up.

Very nice to meet you.Congratulations.

all right.Up next,some were nice.

Some were nasty.We'll hear from taj and tyson.

And still to come,coach,liar or truth tell sner plus one survivor will be voted our sprint player of the year,

and get to go home with an extra $100,000.I'll be right back.

As the rain comes down to welcome us,.

Oh,my gosh!

It doesn't look like it's letting up.

Being out here for so long you almost for get what home is like and what the people you love are like?

See you back at the camp.

Did you hear the last line?

See you back at the camp!

He's my fire.He is the love of my life.

It was just like the sky just parted,the sun came out,and nothing else hurt after that.

Well back to the "survivor" live reunion show.

Taj,first of all,,i have to say,

of all the seasons you were one of the biggest surprises because when we were out there,

I would have never guessed people were going to love you like they love you.

I was wrong.

I was completely wrong.

And-- so I want to ask you-- we got??

I don't know how many of you guys know taj's past.

Throw that shot up,michael.

You were a pop star in your own right,right there in the middle.

I'm on the end.

On the end?

I'm on the end with the ugly glasses.

Which have one you are-- oh,i see.

There are two sets of ugly glasses.

What I'm getting at,is that's a glamorous life.

When you're doing that,people are taking care of you.

"Survivor" there ain't nothing.

How much of a culture shock was there for you?

I'm not an outdoorsy girl.


The biggest part was adjusting to that outdoor life.

I've never been fishing before.

I never had to light a fire before.

I'm used to a gas stove so to go out there and drink from the river,

make my own shelter and food.

It was a real shock but i got used to it real quick

and once i got on i was building fires for J.T.

,And fishing for camp.


Hold one of your arms out.

You got wear and tear on your arms.

I got wear and tear.

Hold them steady *****

I don't know if you can see,that but you have a lot of bite scars.

You were getting eaten up t there.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

They bit up my entire back and legs.*****

To be a little vain,my skin was my biggest asset,

and to go out there and get chewed up the way I did,I was just crushed.

I'm sitting in the water like,"it's time to go home.

" Relive for me,the moment when you realized when you were looking at that message

from your husband,eddie,that he said,"i will see you back at camp.

" Because i still got a little bruise from the way you grabbed me.

I was so hysterical that day.

You know,of course,looking at that video,when I saw the video I lost it.

It was completely out of my control at that point.

So when you kept asking me,"what did he say?

" I'm just like,"my baby!

" And then I'm like,"oh,my god!He's here!

And what is it about that,that love,why is it-- people say it's only 30 days.

It's not that long.

I have never been away from my family that long,

and to go 30 days without hearing from them,without e-mail,without arguing,anything.

I was just in a drought.

And i needed-- i needed my husband,i needed my sons,

and that day just couldn't come fast enough.

Michael,let's go back out here.

I'm liking going into the audience tonight because we have some people we want to talk to.

Everybody knows this guy here.

former pro bowler.

Eddie,you know,you kind of made your living??

i mean,football being your life,getting beat up for a living.

That's not what your wife did.

How proud of her are you,and were you out there seeing??

you got to see firsthand how she was really living.

Yeah,when she was gone,i had no idea what was going on.

I had no communication with her.

And when i saw her i was just elated,and to see how much ight she lost??

i saw a glow in her eyes,

something that she really needed to do and find inner strength from.

She's the rock of our filY.

When I saw her,you know,holding the camp down,that's how it is in our house.

She keeps me in check.

I don't know if people remember this episode,eddie george started fire like that.

How did you know.

Royal ranger.

I was a royal ranger back in the day.

I have some skills.I grew up in philadelphia,but i know how to start a fire.

If iad to do it,i can do it.

Next season,eddie george.

Well,everything needs a balance,

and to offset the loveliness that was taj,

there was the delightful nasty that is tyson.Take a look.


I'm probably not the stereotypeal mormon.

He's naked!

I think people appreciate that.

You can look me in my sweet blue eyes and I'll tell youweet nothings and you'll believe all of them.

Ladies want my phone number,ask.

Tyson,what has been the reaction from the mormon community

to one of their more outspoken mormons I've ever met?

You know,the people that come up to me in public love me.

But I know there are people that in their hearts probably don't hold that

much love for me.

But you know great men are either loved or hated-- jesus of nazerus,joseph smith,even.

You know,I'm not saying that I'm comparable to those guys,

but-- it's not only the wicked ones that are reacted to in that way.

It may just take time to understand your place.

You hate me at first,then you grow to love me then you can't live without me.

We've heard the spiel.

Sierra,the first impression from the get-go,

these guys wanted you long and it never really left.

It's been a long time that someone was universally despised

in a way i didn't understand.

What was it-- was that a shock to you to see how many people were-- tyson was on,

coach was on,debbie at one point was on you?

Yeah,it was really hard.

It was really hard to start out and get voted out and then go back and make the right choices.

I knew that behind the cameras and by myself i was making all the right choices,

and i was-- i was honest.

And i was-- i was forthright to everyone.

And I felt that I was a good person.

But it doesn't take a good person to win this game.

So I guess maybe if i went for my morals rather than...

maybe i would have won.

Did you learn anything from this about yourself?


I learned that-- I've been a dependent person on other people my whole entire life,

and i have learned to depend on other people in order to satisfy who i am as a person,

and the moment they all betrayed me and turned on me,

i found myself,and I'm so proud of myself

because i stuck it out six days with ruthlessness,

and i fought to the death,fought to the death,

and I slayed the dragon!I slayed the dragon!

Sierra took down the dragon.

All right.

Well,up next,he was one of the most colorful,memorable,

controversial characters in the history of our show,the dragon slayer.

Coach is next!

Who is this jack ass?

I am the last of the mohegans the renaissance man adventureure.

I've been through a hurricane,captured by the indian tribe,

had a run-in with a crocodile.

Sounds almost too good to be true.

None of us have done this in our lives.

I have.

I want to change this game.

I consider myself a renaissance man adventureure.

Iron sharpens iron,baby.

I know who i am,unshakable,unbreakable,invincib like a sword.

Dragon slayer.
Coach wins immunity!

I feel brilliant!

Thank you for creating me as an individual.

I am the last of the mohegans.

This is about me now.

Victory is mine.

////////LIVE NEW YORK CITY////

It's been a while since we've had anybody as colorful as you,and controversial.

Like i said the only other thing i was hearing on the street other than,

I reckon the minute you were voted off a lot of people missed you.

I know I did.Taj is already rolling the eyes.

- I did not!
- It's like tribal council.

What has been the reaction from people you don't know on the streets,strangers?

Yeah,i mean,most people are like,"wow,we watched the season because of you.

" I think in the back of their minds they might be thinking i hate you.

But they've been pretty cool.

What's been the reaction from people who know you?

Is this,"yeah,that's coach.
That's the dragon slayer.

Sounds great."

All right!

It's really been kind of like-- they understand that eccentric side of me.

They understand that creative side of me,and also putting my stamp on the game.

I put my stamp on tribal omy outfit,on the feathers.

So i just like to make my mark wherever i go.

There must be some eye rolling where I go.

I like it make my mark-- exile.
That's heroic,epic.

What can i say.

What is-- okay,when you told one of the biggest stories ever...

I don't even have to say what it is.

You're down the amazon,I'm setting a record,

and i git captured by an indigenous tribe,

they tie me to a stake and they're going to dismember me.

Finish the record.

When you told that story,could you feel the energy that night?

Did you think,"yes,th're glad I'm telling this?

Did you think,"they're in the buying it."

It doesn't matter.When you speak the truth--

you have to tell it no matter what.

I actually debated with myself.

I'm like,come on,i have 100 stories

i could tell instead of this one,but there was something nag

about telling that story.

Well,okay,now,i offered you a lie detector test.

- Yes.
- And you said no.

- Yes.
- I wonder why?

Because i always proved him a liar!

Well,i was going to ask you about the story down there.

So why did you say no it that?

Well,what would that have proven?

I mean,some would say a lie detector test would prove if you're telling a lie or not.

Here's the thing.

You guys have handled my reputation for the last three months.

And in thisas,i did want to handle it myself.

Now,we've all been blindsided up here at one time or another.

You,my friend,my worthy adversary,have never been blinded sided.

I did take that lie detector test from john groban,one of the authorities in hollywood.

I have the sealed envelope here in my pocket.

- now,in particular--.
- Coach,coach.

- It's sealed.
- I love this.

I'm reminding you,we have only a certain amount of time.

- Get to.
- You can be verbose.I love this.

Would you like me to open it or would you like to?

No i will this says,

"confidential report."

I will say it looks like it was printed on something that you could have in your office,


no,it does.It has the guy's nameere,conducted by john growingan and associates.

There's a phone number.
I'll be calling him after the show.

count on this.

I also have a videotape of this in case anybody else wants to see it in hollywood.

Wow,this is exactly what I was hoping would happen and you did it.

- I know.
- Now,

you did it in the safety of not any of us knowing,but you took the test.

What are the odds-- mike,get a big shot of the house.

What are the odds right now by sound that

coach is going to be proven to be telling the truth?

All right.


Question one,did you play the game "survivor" with utmost honor and integrity?Yes.

Question number two,on your trip--

on your trip down the amazon what??

were you captured by natives?


Coach,I am impressed.

Nobody-- nobody-- what's the deal?
You guys-- do you guys believe this test?

all right,mixed--

mixed feelings on whether or not that was true.

I-- a lie detector test seems to be valid to me.

- I believed you the whole time.
- I knew you did.

I knew you did.

Debbie,i have a quick question for you.

Going back to school,being a middle school principal.


When you have all these kid and you're plaeg a game that is ethical and moral,

were you worried?

What has been the reaction?

The reaction's been amazing and positive,and honestly,

this game is outwit,outlast,outplay and you have to lie in "survivor.

Of everybody has understood that really.

It's been amazin the kids have been great.

Everybody.They loved seeing me looking filthy and gross.


It was an amazing experien for all.

xxxx love it.

I have to be honest.
I'm still back on coach.

Who did you bring with you?

I brought my coaching staff.

I brought the author of my book.

Coach of the coach,brad jordan,and a special lady friend.

A lady friend-- another what's lady friend's name?

- Melinda.
- Melinda,stand up real quick.

Come on question.


Simple answer,is the coach-- lie detector test??

is the coach we saw on the show,is that-- is that the guy you know?

Unfortunately,you only saw coach and not ben wade,who i know and love.

So there is another side to him.

Dragon slayer doesn't make it into the bedroom or does?

No,actually,i slay the dragon.

You slay the dragon.

All right.

Up next,one of these 16 survivors is going to win $100 courtesy of sprint

simply for being popular.

But first,taking us to the break,our "survivor" composeors

dr. Rus landou and david vanacor.

All right,we are back on the "survivor: Tocantins" live reunion show.

Since thursday,viewers have been texting and voting

online for the sprint player of the season.

In other words,they've been voting for the survivor,

which one of you guys they like the most.

The votes are in.One of you is about to go home with an extra $100,000.

I have three names.

The top three are


And in one of the biggest surprises,



The winner,however,is not sierra.

The winner is J.T.

Big night for J.T.

That's $1.1 million.

All right...

let's do some updates with some of the people we haven't talked to.Joe,

everybody hated to see you go home with the injury.How's the leg?

You know,jeff,thanks for asking.
I haven't been asked that yet at all.

- It's great.
- yeah?

It's back to normal.

- So you're fine.
- Doing fine.

Hard to come out of the show,though.

It's horrible man.

My cracks every time I talk about it.

Sydney,what's going on with the modeling career?

It's been good.

I haven't gotten too many shows with survivor,

but clients are inviting me back because they've seen me on the show so it was good.

And you weren't too scarred up.

No,i only had a couple on my legs and arms,but not too bad.

Spencer,youngest guy ever on the show,and one of the biggest fans.

Did you have fun?

You were off way earlier than you wanted to be,but did you have fun out there?

Of course.I had fun on the truck coming in ping the intro stuff.

That was a dream for me.

I'm going to skip you,sandy,and cam back to you.

Jerry,do you hear from the guys you-- you were in the service for a long time.

Did you hear from your buddies either saying,"way to go.

- " Or,"what happened?"
- What happened.

I thank god for allowing us to go out and

take everybody out in this harsh environment.

I mean,it was dangerous out there,and bring us all back safely.

So that was a big attribute there,just to get us all back safely.

But the guys do rag me all the time about it.

Candace,i just saw you in a commercial.

Is that what do you-- I didn't know--

- I do a lot,jeff.
- Yeah?

Yes,I do.

Thank you.Yeah.I just did a commercial.but um...

But yeah,i work in modeling and acting as well as consulting and

you know,sometimes law.

So life is going okay since "survivor.

" Life is awesome.

Carolina,a lot of times--

it would be sandy,the older person who would somehow get the boot.

To have a young woman,attractive,is it-- it's unusual.

Can you still enjoy the game?

You can still enjoy watching the show when you were only out there for three days?

I mean,it suction getting voted out first.

I should have kept my mouth shut.

However,"survivor" was a gift.

And you know i made it out of so many people that love this game so much,

so "survivor" was a gift that changed my life.

And i love all these people sitting here,

and I'm so proud of jalapao making it all the way.

So i love these people.
I have no regrets.

All right,and fally,taking us to the break,

sandy,just something crazy.

What's something crazy that's happened to you.

I'll take out of my vocabulary that

you never get a second chance to make a first impression.I did.

And I was glad that i got that chance.

You really did.
Both you and sierra did.

I went for the idol,though,and I said no,forget them.

And I'm not going to build them anything.

And they just voted me out and i was going to look for something to keep me in the game.

Sandy,you look good all dolled up.

Thank you.

It has been nine years and 18 seasons of "survivor," and we are not finished.

The question is where are we headed?

Find out when we come back.

Welcome back to "survivor: Tocantins" live reunion show.

Before we show you where we're going next,J.T.

,When i asked your mom,i said,"your son's got a lot of money.

" She said,"maybe I won't have to worry about him anymore.

"Is there something you will do with the cash?

Hopefully to make more money.

I'm not sure yet.

I'm going to look forward with working with stephen down the road I'm sure.

A partnership?

I feel like i never could have done it without season.

I feel--

I mean,we're not obligated.

We're not back in tribal.
I don't even want to hear this again.

Survivor 19 is just around the corner.

Where are we head next?
Take a look.

This fall,survivor ramps up for an incredible 19th season.

Deep in the exotic waters of the south pacific.

18 strangers will be abandoned on the rugged islands of samoa.

A tropical paradise know,

straight from robert lewis stephenson's legdary tale "treasure island.

" This majestic land of towering waterfalls...

mysterious rain forist,

and a fierce warrior culture...

will be the casted aways' home for 39 days.

Forced to work together,they must learn to adapt or they'll be voted out.

In the end,only one will remain ctolaim the million-dollar prize

and the title of soul survivor.

"Survivor: Samoa" this fall.

I have to say on behalf of everybody who makes "survivor,

we really do appreciate the loyalty of you guys.

If you want to own a pis of "survivor"

all you have to go to do is go to the web site being shown on your screen.

You can own anything you have seen on the season.

You can own J.T.'S torch,

you could own something from cove,I'm sure,

or you could own this necklace that will remain a mystery.

If you think you have what it tabs to be on this show--

put together a videotape,

and all we want is you,

you don't have to be coach if you're not coach.That is it.

Thank you very much for your loyalty

and we will see you next time for more "survivor: Samoa."

Season 18 Reunion

Someone needs to stop Clearway Law.
Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.