Survivor (2000–…): Season 18, Episode 14 - I Trust You But I Trust Me More - full transcript

After one shocking vote, a seed of doubt is planted by a carefully constructed lie that, after the second vote, leaves the final two turning on each other at the final Tribal Council.

Bzil tokantins,

a hot and mercless terrain.

With the crystal waters of the rio novo providing a source of life and hidden danger.

36 days ago, 16 strangers were thrust into this unforgiving environment.

Welcome to "survivor: Tocantins.

" Your time starts now because this game is on.

Jalapao and timbira.

Jalapao wins immunity!

Went blow for blow in challenges.

Timbira wins immunity!

Right now, the momentum is like this.

Jeff: Jalapaoins immunity!

Timbira wins immunity!

But the real game was back at camp.

J.T., Stephen, and taj.

-Everybody give me their hand.
-Jeff: Formed the jalapao three.

Taj just put herself, me, and steechb in a really tight alliance.

Jeff: At an early timbira trooibl.

I love to be the leader.That's what I'm doing.

Jeff: Coach fought for control of his tribe.

It's a role that coach is used to but it's something that brendan does better.

For her to be so quick to say that i think comes more to a personality collab.

Jeff: And erinn, a perpetual outsider, struggled to stay in the game.

I have to turn girl that maybe is kind of on the outs a little bit into the opposite of that

because now i feel like I'm kind of fighting for my life a little bit.

Jeff: Timbira wins immunity!

Timbira took the lead in challenges.

After the merge, timbira was six strong against the jalapao three taj, stephen, and J.T.

Traditionally, you're outnumbered going into a merge, you're a sitting duck.

What will today bring?

Jeff: But with coach and brendan locked in a power struggle...

When it comes head to head, we'll see who really was the chosen one.

Jeff: And erinn still on the outs.

The jalapao three saw an opportunity to divide and conquer.

Erinn's vote will be huge.

Taj, myself, steechb, and erinn could easily turn the game around.

Jeff: They convinced erinn to turn on her former timba tribemates

and wipe them from the game in a devastating series of blindsides.

The tribe has spoken.

Until only coach remained.

Dragon slayer make his dragon cane.

Jeff: He was ready for a fight.

But it turned out to be his last stand.

12th person voted out and the fig member of our jury.

He received every vote except T.'S.

The tribe has spoken.

Now only four remain.

-I will lie and cheat and stab you in the back.

I didn't come out here so that my friends and family at home could really respect mE.

I came out here because i want to go home with a million bucks.

-Jeff: Stephen.
-I think my story is a little bit of a david and dlith story.

I am not a physical competitor in challenges.

I am not the guy at ease in the wild, and for me to be sitting really close

right now to a million dollars i think speaks a lot for me.

-Jeff: Taj...
-This this game I'm trying to stay under the radar,

have everyone believe I'm in this simple person.

If I have to smile in your face and stab you in the back,

I'm sorry, that's the name of the game.I'm going to do it.

-Jeff: J.T..
-I'm the hardest worker out here.

I get things done.

I fish, I work, battle it out in the physical challenges,

and i come back and start the social game.

I'm an all-around competitor in this game.It was made for me.

Find out tonight who will be the sole survivor.

Someone needs to stop Clearway Law.
Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.

All right, kids.

Final four.

Exciting stuff.

And four in one shot at a million dollars.


Say it louder.

-Final four, guys.
-High five.

We are the final four.

We just had tribal council tonight and coach went home.

Coach made me promise him that i was voting erinn, and i did.

I voted erinn tonight with coach.

It was tough to see him go, but we're down to the final four now

so everything's going as planned.I'm just starting to get a little worried about jury votes.

That was a hard vote, man.After all those nice things coach said about me,

it was not easy to vote against him.

It got you a loof jury votes.

No, way, man after they saw me betray him.

They don't know.

Right, they don't know who betrayed him.

J.T.Ended up voting with coach, I think for both personal and strategic reasons.

You know, then J.T.Comes off looking like the loyal ally,

whereas I'm the guy who backstabbed coach.

Ultimately, I think it will hurt me.

You definitely got his vote tonight, friend.

I think I probably come off as a villain and you're going to profit from it.

Either way, it's done.

I'm, obviously, very loyal to J.T.,

But I'm also loyal to myself and my own odds of winning a million dollars

so need to think about who do i want to be there with at the end?

Who I can beat at the end?
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Season 18 Episode 14

Day 37.

Day 37.

It's lard to believe that I'm still here, final four.

There's a huge feeling of accomplishment, especially for me, stephen, and taj,

the remaining three jalapao are here in the final four together.

You guys want to check if we got tree mail.


We were supposed to be gone a long time ago and to come over here outnumbered

and now be three to one, and our entire jury is timbira, i mean it's a masterpiece.

Can't discount anybody in the final four.

Our biggest threat, of course, is J.

I know.

Well, you know, if J.T.Loses immunity, dot, dot, dot.

I don't know.

-Dot, dot, dot.
-I don't think I can do that.

I couldn't do that, either.

You know, better him than me.

Tree mail!

Tree mail-- oh!

Oh, no!

-This could be ugly.
-Oh, no!

This could be ugly.

I am the last timbira standing, which means that I'm with three of the original jalapao members,

people who have been together since day one.

And they've really become like best friends out here.

Look at this thing.

What.What in the hell is that?A spider?

Oh, that's nasty.

Hope you're not arack nophobic do huge spiders make you worry?

If you get spun out with the web you could get stuck in the jury.

"Spun out "web"...

I would definitely like to win immunity today.

Otherwise, it could very well be me going home.

Jeff: Come g in,uys!

Welcome final four.Congratulations.

Guys ready to get to today's challenge?

Jeff: First things first, J.T., Take back the immunity necklace.

Once again immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge, you're going to race through a tarantula-shaped obstacle course to three different stations,

then retrieve a bag of puzzle pieces from each one.

Once you've collected all three bags, you'll use those puzzle pieces to solve a web-shaped puzzle.

First person to get it right wins immunity, guaranteed a one-in-three shot of winning this game.

Lose this challenge, are you guaranteed a one-in-three shot of going home.

Big stakes.

You guys ready to get started?

Jeff: Let's do it.

Here we go, for immunity, and a guaranteed spot in the final three, survivors ready?


J.T.And taj going up the same leg of the tarantula.

Even though there are many to choose from.

J.T.Flying through it and out the other side.

Stephen really taking his time.

Erinn taking her time.

J.T.Has his first bag.He's heading back.

J.T.Now flying back the other way.

Erinn working on her first bag.

Stephen at his first bag, taj at her first bag.

J.T.Heading out for bag number two.

That rope will take you up.

You'll lose some skin in this challenge.

J.T.At his second bag.

Nobody else even back with their first bag yet.

Taj back with her first bag.Stephen back with his first bag.

Erinn now back with her first bag.

J.T.Back with his second bag.

J.T.Has one bag left, only one bag left for J.T.

There's going to be a showdown--

J.T.Heading one way, taj heading the other.

Stephen back with his second bag.

Lie down flat.Come through in a hurry.

Jeff: J.T.Going over taj.

Erinn back with her second bag.

Taj is out with her second bag.

J.T.Is through with his final bag.

J.T., Start working on the puzzle.

Stephen heading back with his final bag.

Erinn and taj both have one bag left.

J.T.Already working on that puzzle.

It is a difficult puzzle.

You'd expect nothing less on day 37.

Stephen out with his third and final bag.Start working on the puzzle, stephen.

Erinn and taj both working on that final bag.

Puzzle takes a long time.Don't give up, taj, don't give up, erinn.

This is big-time immunity.

You do not want to go to tribal council tonight without immunity.

Taj through are her third bag.

Erinn through with her third bag.

J.T.'S had a nice head start.

Stephen's had a pretty good amount of time.

Erinn is the last to get here.

There will be one piece in the center and then two pieces in the second row,

three pieces in the third row, always.

Stephen proved earlier he is a wizz with numbers.

Does that hold true for puzzles?

J.T.Getting closer.

Only five pieces left for J.T.If he has them in the right spot.

Erinn making up a lot of ground now.

Erinn was the last person to start working on her puzzle.

Taj starting to fall behind now.

Stephen still fighting to stay in this.

Right now, it is between J.T., Stephen, and erinn.

J.T.Down to one piece left but he can't find a spot for it.

He's got one in the wrong spot.

Erinn has closed the gap now.It is erinn and J.T..

Jeff: J.T., Wins immunity!

I'm so close!

All right, J.

Oh, man.

Jeff: J.T., Once again, back-to-back.

Nice job.

Jeff: Once again, J.T.Is safe at tribal council.

Tonight, erinn, stephen, taj, it's been 37 days.

That will be all it is for one of you.

Grab your stuff, head back to camp.

See you at tribal.

I had it.I got my last pieces out, ready to put them into the very, very last one.

J.T.Won immunity.Frustrating to no end.

I am sitting next to three people who have been together since day one,

and i am very aware that they could just take me out and keep taj.


-Nice job.

Work well done.

It was a close one.

Well, J.T.Won iunity today.

Any one of the jalapao members, had they won, it would have worked in our favor.

And the plan is to vote for erinn because jalapao is jalapao with thr,

and as long as we stay loyal, we can go to the final three together.

Who's getting water?

It's going to burn so bad.

Erinn, I'm sure she's vying for a spot.

She's going to try to convince them that she's worthy of being here.

But I want her to realize that she can try all day long.

The guys are loyal to me until the final three, and we've got it move on like that.

I gotta ease in before-- well actually.

Coming over and sitting down would be the same as easing in.

You know how i don't like to do it all at once.

Coming back from the challenge, all I'm thinking about is, like, what's my next move?

How am i going to plead my case?

What do I do?What do I say?

Yoipt to make it seem as though I'm scrambling.

I just want to say my piece.

I think taj has played such a good social game.

She has made really good friends with everyone, and i mean,

she definitely played a great game, aside from just, like, being very likable.


And i totally think she could win.

Erinn's really playing her game down at the water, and she made a good point.

Taj has a very good chance of winning.

Because everyone loves taj.

This is a game for a million dollars.

Right now it doesn'tte matr who's timbira, who's jalapao.

I want to make sure I've got a good shot at a million dollars.


How to we do this?

It's the last, hard vote.

Erinn, we can beat for sure in the final.

Then we're basically guaranteed the final two.




All right, good.

-We're taking each other.
-No matter what.

J.T.And i are sort of trying to figure out if we'd rather go to the final three with taj or with erinn.

If i betrayed taj, i definitely won't look good in the jury's eyes.

But how I do get to the finals and how do i win them?

That's been really guiding all of my decisions.

I think taj is getting suspicious.

If we vote off erinn tonight, then it will be taj, me, and J.T.In the next immunity challenge.

I think taj has a stronger chance than erinn would in that challenge.

And I think there's also a very good chance that taj would take J.T.To the final two.

Maybe she thinks I'm going to take this kid from rural alabama rather than the new york city boy.

So it's a really difficult decision on both strategic and i can moral and personal grounds.


Yeah, that's who we're going for, definitely?

-Who else?
-I just want to make sure.

You kant go for me.

Thank god.

You're not voting for me?

You're not voting for me?

No, no, i was making sure y'all weren't voting for me.

Tonight is a very hard trike.

Taj, myself, and stephen, we are the tightest three in this game, no doubt about it.

And so we're definitely reassuring taj that erinn's going home,

and erinn may be going home.

We're not sure what we're going to do tonight

but stephen and i are going to stick together on whatever decision we make.

Jeff: We'll now bring in the members of our jury.

Brendan, tyson, sierra, debbie, and coach, voted out at the last tribal council.

Stephen, going back to the merge it was six timbira members, three jalapao.

Here we are tonight, five of the x timbira are on the jury.

How doesed this happen?

Basically we sort of had a game plan.

We each selected a few members of timbira who we thought we might connect with

and i think that really helped us.

I think what the most important thing was we would always stick together.

Jeff: Erinn, you are the lone remaining timbira members.

All of your former tribemates make up the jury.

That's true.

I mean, I'm, like,y powd of myself, not, in, like,

a vengeful way but it speak speaks to my self-preservence,

and i definitely made decisions that have kept me here, and that is amazing to me.

Jeff: So, erinn, when you guys get back from the challenge is it scramble time for you?

One thing they have learned watching everyone go out before me,

it's is that that scrambling does not work.

Jeff: So if history holds true to form, the final timbira member,

you, will join the jury and the jalapao three will battle it out to see who goes to the end.


These three really have been working together since day one orwo of this game.

I wouldn't be surprised if they continued to do so.

Jeff: Taj, how big a risk would it be to let erinn have a shot of going to the end

when all of her former tribemates are on the jury?

Well, that might be a plus for her because we are the three jalapao members

that came in and put all of the timbira members on the jury.

They may not want to vote for one of us.

So she might get the votes just to be vindictive, so it could be pretty dangerous.

Jeff: It seems like that the safest bet, stephen,

is to have the jalapao three to go to the end,

because then at least we're all even.

I mean, there's definitely that to consider.

I also think it's an individual game and you have to consider every one in the eyes of the jury.

So you have to think, like, who do I msure up against best?

Jeff: Does that mean, then, now that coach is out this whole philosophy of take the best to the end is gone?

Look, i respected coach's philosophy, and i always wanted to be there with the best,

but, obviously, i formed real bonds with everybody here.

I almost hope I'm not in the position to make that decision.

Jeff: But you are.You have a vote.

I almost feel as though as the thunder continues to crackle around us,

it's almost like you just showed up and this is your first day here and you don't even know how the game is played.

You can only vote for erinn or taj.

So when whichis it?

Ig I guess for me the vo tonight is about how to I better assure myself a place in the finals.

Jeff: J.T., You've come a long way together.Trust these other three?

Yeah,y obviously trust steven and taj more so than erinn

because I spent a lot more time with them,

and they've made promises that have been kept.

I've come to trust erinn, but not near as muchaise trust other two.

-Jeff: Taj.
-I agree.

From day one, J.T.And steechb have been by my side and i have no reason to trust them.

And erinn, i believe she's a great girl girl.And believe in here

but i haven't been around long enough to put my faith in her.

Jeff: Would you be shocked if it was you tonight?

Orblgs yeah, I would be very shocked if it was me tonight but everyone has a plan,

and everyone is trying to win a million dollars so there are no rules.

Jeff: Erinn, let's flip it.

If at the end of tonight's vote, you, the only remaining timbira member is still here,

are you gog to be shocked?


I wouldn't say shocked because anything can happen,

but i would definitely be surprised if i didn't go home tonight

Jeff: So what odds do you give yourself as we go into this vote?

I'm going to give myself a 33% chance of sticking around.

Jeff: So the real question iswill the jalapao three remain strong and vote out erinn,

or somebody about to be shocked?

Let's get to the vote.J.T., You have the necklace.I assume you're keeping it.

Yes, sir.

Jeff: Cannot vote for J.T.Everybody else is fair game.It is time to vote.

Erinn, you're up.

You've played a great game.Hope to see you on the other side.

It had to be you or me.

Jeff: I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are read, the cision is final.

Person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, taj.

Erinn.One vote taj, one vote erinn.

Taj.Two votes taj, one vote erinn.

13th person voted out and the sixth member of our jury, taj.

You need to bring me your torch.

Taj, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Congratulations.You've made it to the final three.

Tomorrow you will compete in your final immunity challenge.

Try to get a good night's sleep.

Grab your stuff, head back to camp.

Good night.

Um, it's day 37, i got blindsided by my japao members

that have been looking out for me from day one.

And for them to blindside me, it blew my mind,

so it's going to be really hard to choose who's worthy of a million dollars,

but either way, if erinn finds a way to weasel herself into the end,

she's got my vote.

Coming up next...

He's go going to fight like hell to win.

Jeff: Erinn pittses steven and J.T.Against each other.

He talked about how it would be suicide going up against you.

I have a good shot of going to the end.

If the two of them are willing to take me, it puts me in a good spot


Final three!

Final three fever.

Crazy, crazy.


Tonight at tribal council was probably the toughest yet.

I really did not want to vote taj off tonight, but we made a decision based upon

how easy it would be to win at the next challenge, and we had to get rid of taj.

Okay, so, every single tribal council since the merge has gone exactly like we planned for it to.

That is crazy.

I really felt like she knew and she was kind o continuing to go with it.

But she didn't seem upset at all.

When it happened.And she didn't seem surprised.

I'm already suffering the consequences

because erinn is the most annoying person i know in the world, and she will not shut up.

It didn't even, like, seem all that crazy to me until he said,

"tomorrow will be your final immunity challenge.

" Don't feel too bad, buddy.

It's great to be in the top three.



I mean, it's a great milestone for us, but it's sort of--

you know, it's definitely tainted by the fact that we voted out taj and that hurts,

and also just erinn is chattering away and that's annoying

and totally ignorant of any sort of emotional turmoil that J.T.And I are going through.

We're pretty awesome, guys.

Final three is, like the thing that you play for.

Right now you have to think about how you're going to get to the finals.

You can't make a strategic decision based on sort of the emotional niceness of it.

Well, it's done.


Day 38!

Oh, my god!


No, not at all.Not at all.



We have our last immunity challenge today.

I already have my decision made if i win.

I'm taking stephen with me.

It's the choice that's going to give me the best chance of winning...



I agree.

I trust me more.

I also agree.

Even if i don't win immunity today, I have a good shot at going to the end.

Neither of these guys want to go up against each other.

I mean, we're all in position where's we could definitely win this thing,

but if the two of them don't want to fight it out with each other

and they are both willing to take me, it puts me in a good spot.

He's going to fight like hell to win today.

I know, he is.

We, too, must fight like hell.

We have to win.

We don't stand a chance against each other.Right?


I'm a little afraid of winning today's immunity challenge

because then I'll have a really difficult choice ahead of me--

take J.T.Who has been my comrade in arms, my closest friend,

my ally, and my fellow strategist since the very beginning of this game.

Or take erinn with me, who i think I have a better shot against in the final two.




- ********

I just wanted to make sure we had an official agreement.

I'm sitting in a good spot to go to the final two, but i can't help be worried sick, man.

I'm worried.

There's no way she can beat both of us.

I don't think so.

You never can tell if erinn was to win this challenge i know I'm not going to the final two.

I'd like to think stephen would hold up his end of the deal just as well as i will,

but you never know.




I'm taking tout final two, stephen.

If I win.There's no doubt about it, man.

-No doubt about it.
-Me, too.

What a funny pair we are, you know?

I know.

I'm sure you can trust steve wen anything in everyday life as you could with me,

but with a million dollars in a game that you know you're here to lie to win, it's a different story.

I've got one thing in mind-- that's winning this challenge.

This is day 38.

Who would have ever thought I'd be standing here?

-I know it.
-I know.

I love that it's the three of us.

I love that it's me tw & two other people.

Yeah, me, too.

We've got tree mail?

We've got tree mail.

We can just open it here.

Follow the map across the river.

There you will find the torches of your fallen comrades.

At each torch you will collect a representative idol of those voted out before you.

At the end of your journey you will burn them and pay your respects

as they each had a part in getting to you this point.

You will then proceed to your final immunity challenge.

All right!

The rite of passage is sort of a narrative of our adventure.

Every step along the way,the people we've had to face,

the daggons we've had to slay,to coin a phrase.

Happy is the head that wears the necklace.

I think this is mostly going to be about just paying respect to the people who fell along the way.

I do think we owe it to them to kind of show that they matter to us,

that we valued them as people,and as enemy combatants on the field of "survivor" battle.


Sweet carolina.

So much trouble and such a little body.

A part of me has to be okay with the fact that I was the first voted out.

But it hurt so bad to be sent home so early,especially to be blindsided.

However,i learned that maybe i should be a little bit more patient sometimes,

and I should just sit back and allow things to just happen

and not always feel the need to try to control things.


I may have been her only friend in this game.

But,gosh darn it,I liked her a lot.

There's a part of me that's just like,gosh,candace,

why couldn't you tolerate the egocentric,sexist crap that was coming out of coach's mouth.

Like why couldn't you play along?

But it was just too much for me.

This whole social compatibility crap,it was my downfall.


If you could pick your own dad,you would totally pick jerry to be your dad.

He was cool.

The worst time this this game for me was the day i got voted off.

Man,i was feeling so bad.

I mean,I was hurting.

I had been hurting for days and I didn't want nobody to know about it.I was hiding it.

I have been in the rbs 26 years now,and we had tough training but "survivor" by far was the toughest.


She was an excellent woman.

She was definitely a bit crazy.

She definitely provided me with one of the more humbling moments of my lifetime as well.

I don't believe I could have played this game any harder than I did.

I was able to overcome the first impression with my tribe.

The tribe did a complete flop.

I think i entertained them enough that,you know,they-- i made them laugh,

so i kind of-- I drew them in,and they saw the strength come out,

so I'm pretty proud of myself.


You probably knew him better than any guy i know.

he was **********.

I feel very honored that i am the youngest contestant ever on "survivor.

" But I think my age might have also had something to do with the game

and the fact that i got voted out fifth.

I tended to trust more people than my older tribemates would have done.

I wanted to see the good in people,and in a game like this,you really--

you have to check that at the door.

But not only did i play the game of "survivor.

" I was the first-ever teenager to play the game,and that's pretty cool.


What a beautiful girL.

A wonderful lady.

That was one of the first hard votes we had to make,stephen.

She was a tough one-- she was a tough one.

A big revelation for me,i think,is maybe i shouldn't have ridden some coattails.

I should have been making those moves myself.

I don't need protection from other people.

If I feel something,then why tonight i just do it?

I need to be more,i guess,self-assured and she that's something I learned for sure.



Captain america.

The most decent guy out here.

Medically evacuated.

That is not the way anybody wants to go.

Literally,i was just getting started.

But my body failed me.

The main lesson i learned is that just generally speaking,like,

mother nature is a pretty awesome force.

I think I'm tough enough to win this game,but i injured my knee and it took me down.


The first dragon to be slain in the forza tribe.

He was a good player,a good athlete,too.

Too true.

Just because you have been success envelope business

doesn't necessarily translate to the "survivor" experience.

You know you come into it,"i can win this thing.

" But it's a lot harder than it looks.

It's a humbling experience and i have a lot more respect for it now that I got my ass beat by it.


Your buddy,tyson.

Funny guy,really kind,really sincere guy,

an taking him out was a turning point in the game for us,i think.

I think the blindside actually for most people comes when they're the most confident,

and i was definitely overconfident.

I was like I've got this game wrapped up.

But it's usually not the strongest person that wins.

The more pathetic you look and act gets you pretty far in the game.

Those people can have the money.

I'll keep my awesome personality and fantastic good looks.


Sweet sierra.

She was surprisingly honest and just a really sweet girl.

It was great getting to know her.

I looked at my "survivor" experience as trial and tribulation.

It was highs and lows throughout the entire game for me.

I wore my heart on my sleeve.

I stayed true to who i was.

I did everything i could but give up,and I was really happy about that.

It was the hardest and most amazing thing I've ever done in my life.

And it will forever change who i am as a person.


Little debbie.

Little deb.

Debbie was easily the person that I was closest to out here.

It was the hardest vote for sure.

She was a super strong player.

Always up at the top in the immunity challenges,extremely strategic,really kind.

I mean,she was one of the bigget threats in the game.

So you had to go,debbie.

aS a middle school principal,I deal with all different kinds of people every single day.

So I really thought this game was going to be something that i would get in here,figure everybody out.

Unfortunately,I've also learned that i maybe am not great at figureing people out that i thought.

Put there are not many thinz that can be thrown at me in life anymore that I won't know i can't handle.


My most satisfying blindside to date.

Probably one of the most honest people I know,and definitely,

definitely set out to change the game.

He did change the game,you know,in his own way.

He got final five with never telling a lie and being purely honest.

And,you know,what a great storyteller,too.

-He was awesome.

Yeah I've got a lot of respect for coach.

Nichi once said there is always some mad innocence love,

but there are also some reason in madness.

And I think that even as crazy as the game was,as crazy it was that i got blindsides,

i can think of no finer way to go out than a man who has fought in battle.

I go back to the vikings and the indians and the samurai.

You look at how they died,and how did i leave?

Head held high in the end,not defeated,not broken,

and hopefully like a greek tragedy in death,i will give other people every birth of ideas.


That was without a doubt the hardest vote so far this game.

She's an incredibly strong woman,very fierce in competitions.


-Loving at camp.
-And so fun.

Taj will be a friend of mine for the rest of my life.

-No doubt.

This experience is going to stick with me for the rest of my life.

You know,i learned to do so many things.

I mean'm the fire starter now.

I can show people how to start a fire in a second.

I can fish and feed a tribe.

I can build shelters.

I can do anything right now.

But i totally underestimated and lost focus on the million dollars

as well as underestimated stephen's and J.T.'Sing to win that million dollars.

I lost focus in the game,and that cost me the game.

On the other side of rites of passage is our last immunity challenge,

and I want to fight like hell to win so I can be guaranteed a spot in the final two.

We've come a long way,guys.

Year,we have.

There's no reason i should lose this challenge.

It would take an act of congress for me to step down from kpg.

This is final immunity challenge.

The person who wins this will definitely be in the final two

and gets to controlho he or she takes with him to the final two,

and I would like to be the one making that decision

so i am really going to give it my all in ways I don't think I have in previous immunity challenges.

Because,you know,this is for a million dollars.

Jeff: Come on in,guys!

You guys ready to get to your final immunity challenge?


Jeff: J.T.

,Take back the necklace once again.

For the last time,immunity is back up for grabs.

Today's challenge is going to require concentration and coordination.

You will place a ball down a chute.

The ball will spiral downward until it drops out the bottom,where you will catch it,place it back in the chute.

Every few minutes we'll add another ball.

The balls will alternate left,then right,

making it more difficult to keep track of which chute it's going to drop out of.

If at any point any one of your balls hits the ground,you're out of the challenge.

Last person to keep all of their ballin play wins.

To make it more fun,ne o hand will be tied behind your back.

Jeff: At stake-- everything you have worked for,for 38 days.

You win this challenge,you win immunity,are you guaranteed i spot in the final two

and you will decide whosits next to at that final tribal council.

This could very well be a million-dollar challenge.

-Ready to get to it?

Jeff: Let's draw for spots and we'll get started.

Here we go,the final immunity challenge.

Everybody grab your first ball.


Drop it.

This challenge is under way.

We'll start with one ball.

Let you get the hang of it.

Those ball will alternate.

On the left side,then the right side.

We're going to go to two because in a second.

It's time now to add a second ball.

Everybody's got two because in play now.

Make it a little more complicated.

Also becomes a question of spacing.

When do you place that ball back in the chamber?

So that they don't get too close together.

In just a moment,we're going to add a third ball.

So start getting ready for it.

It's now time to drop a third ball.

Everybody has got three because going.

This challenge is more mental than it is physical.

Who has the mental focus to last after 38 days out here?

One slip,one mental lapse,it's over.

Erinn drops a ball.

Erinn is out of this challenge.

It is steven and J.T.

Battling it out for final immunity and a guaranteed spot at the final tribal council.

All erinn can do now is watch.

And hope somebody chooses her to go with them.

Three because now for stephen and J.T.

Spacing is so critical.

When you place the ball in the chute,

gakin sure al three because are spaced as far apart as possible.

To give you enough reaction time.

Stephen with a lucky save.

Steve wen another nice save.

It's now time to place your fourth ball.

Four because going now.

Everything just ramped up.

Stay focused.

The because are flying.Steve wen another nice save.

It's a lot to keep track of.

Keep your concentration.

Don't let your mind drift.

Jeff: Stephen drops out.

J.T.Wins final immunity and a guaranteed spot in the final two.

Way to go,buddy.

Way to go,man.

Nice job.


-J.T.,You ready for this?

thanks jeff.

Jeff: The third time in a row,and maybe the most important time,J.T.

Has immunity.

You've gone as far as you can go in this game.

You will be in the final tribal council.

You will get a chance to plead your case for a million dollars.

Tonight at tribal council,you will decide whether it is erinn or stephen

that sits next to you at that final tribal.

Big decision,possibly a million-dollar decision.

You have the afternoon to figure it out.

Grab your stuff.Head back to champ.

I'm guarantee a one in two shot at a million dollars.

I have to decide who to go up next to me.

Steve stephen and I had a promise.

Promises can cheap in this game.

I'm thinking about that.

I try to keep most of mine so i have a big decision ahead of me.


good job,*****


That was hard.

When J.T.Won this immunity challenge,i just felt an enormous weight just lifted off of me.

If you go home before i go home,leave your beard alone and I'll help you fix it.

All right.

I was reay dreading the decision of do I take J.T.

To the final two,my friend,ally,you know,

the person I'm closest with in the game?

Or do I take erinn who ooum not even particularly fond of,

but who i have a very good shot of winning a million dollars against?

It would have been such a scumbag decision to go with erinn over J.T.

And having that just,like,taken away from me is so gratifying.

How you feeling?

i got a big decision to make now.

you never know about those jury votes.

You think timbira's going to vote for you.

No.I really don'T.

In my situation,every single one of them resents the fact they outlasted them.

Every single one of them.

-They all wanted me to go before they went.-ture.

The only votethat,like,really might come my way is

if taj was so pissed at you guys she didn't want to vote for you.

Definitely.she probably would.

Let's see,well there's seven people,so...

four is what we need win?

It's been a lot of talk about how it would be suicide to go up against you.

-Is that what stephen said?-yeah.

Stephen would've took you,would't he?

I think so.

He ever tell you for sure?


Stephen and i made a promise to each other if we do make it to this point in the game,

we take each other to the final two.

But I'm finding out that stephen's already told erinn the same thing.

So why he didn't keep up his end of the deal,I'll never know.

This is a game where you have to be ruthless.

And i know i can hands-down beat erinn.

stephen will have to make a damn good case for himself because...

-He's going to argue it so well,too.-I know.

Like,the man is so much more eloquent than we are.

you know,even though i feel like i should beat him...

he could go up there and talk so good...

and turn me into...

You'd be the more logical person to take.***

I think J.T.Taking stephen to the final two is a very noble thing do.

They have come a long way together in this game.

They've been together since the beginning.

And to take him would be,like,very honorable.

They can kind of fight it out to% the end,but it might just be a draw.

It's going to be a very close battle.

And what I know about J.T.

Is that he's somebody that really wants and really needs this money.

And if J.T.Wants to win a million dollars,he'll send stephen home tonight.

It's the only thing that makes sense.

has she been pressuring you?

she pleaseded her case.

-I mean--.
-She has a very good one.

and then she told me you would have took her.

That's not true.You know that.

I hope so.

If you want to talk through something,I'm willing to talk through it.

-What do you mean?-If you're just having doubts or something,you know?

I know it's a hard decision,though,anyway.

You have to think about it.

It's a guaranteed million dollars for her.

you're still gonna win a million dollars..and you'll do the right thing.

I just gotta question my decisions,you know.

I understand.That's why we work well together.

We both question our decisions.

It would make good sense for J.T.To take erinn with him to the final two.

Why take a gamble on me when he could have a lock with erinn?

When we took out taj and we took out coach we always kept in mind there's a lot of money at stake here

inspect do we want to let sentiment get in the way of money?

so i think********

but,I believe i have a good read on J.T.,

And on what his word means and when he means it.

I don't think he will betray me tonight.

I think the fact that you take me will do wonders.

I mean,i think everyone's really going to respect that.

You have to know that you're going to win this.

-i do not know i'm gonna win this.
-I've known that since

we first started our partnership.I've always known that.

I sure don't know it.

I'm a nervous man.

I know you're solid but it's,like,still scary.

i know.

i'd be scared if i were you.

My mom told me when i left,"J.T.,I know you're strong and you're smart.

You can win this game.

If anybody can do it,you can do it.

Just don't do anything stupid.

" And that keeps running through my head and she to blow

that opportunity on trust to someone I've known for only 39 days,if I lose because of that decision I made,

i think everybody would be pretty disappointed in me.

Jf: We'll now bring in the members of our jury.






And taj,voted out at the last tribal council.

Well,J.T.,You have certainly earned your way into this spot,

winning the last three individual immunity challenges.

Now you have probably the biggest decision in this game.

Who you're going to take with you to the final vote tomorrow night at tribal council.

Erinn,I'm guessing you made a case today.

What do you say to J.T.?What's your pitch?

We sat down and we talked about votes,lain and simple.

If the two of us go,you can probably count on this vote,this vote,this vote,this vote.

I might get this one and this one.

And if you take stephen,it could very likely be very close.

He might be able to beat you.

Jeff: So you pitched a case,"you can beat me.

I want to make it to the end and you will win against me.

" I i will not go down without kicking or screaming about it,

but he could very well win against me,probably has a better shot than against stephen.

Jeff: Stephen,you get some time against J.T.What's your pitch?

Well,J.T.And I have been part merdz in crime since day two in this game.

We have basically shared a brain and made every move of this game together.

And I think my pitch is more based on sort of our long-term commitments to each other,

what that would mean in the future for our enduring friendship and relationship

and just the promises we had made to each other.

Jeff: So,J.T.,Two very different choices--

loyalty with stephen,been together since day one.

Easy money against erinn-- that's why i came here,to win.

So how does this work itself out in your head?

There are two different approaches,and I've just got to figure out

which one is more important to me.

I do feel like i could beat erinn really easily compared to the match-up

I would have against stephen in the jury votes.

No doubt about it.

So both of them make good cases.

Which one is more important to me-- come here and win the easy million dollars

or stay with what's gotten me this far?

Jeff: So the case to be made for bringing steve sen what?

I think if i was to bring the best to the end,

out of us three I would be bringing steve tonight end.

And I think if i took stephen,i would be sticking to my word.

Jeff: So in a game that really is about outwitting everybody,

why make the moral choice to go with somebody you promised you'd bring to the end?

I've got to think about would stephen had done the same thing had he won?

Jeff: What's your gut tell w

I dot know.I'll never know.

But I'd be sticking my neck out a lot if i took steve tonight end.

Stephen is an excellent guy.

Just like I did,he made good relationships in this game.

I do feel like taking stephen is a big rick.

Can i interject?

There are also rains yes we should go to the end together

not to mention the breakfast we talked about having on day 39--.***

Jf: You gotta admit,when you weigh a million dollars% against a breakfast with your 39-day friend,

***,that's a tough one.

My point is there's more to a relationship than a million dollars.

Let me ask you this,stephen-- he doesn't pick you.

He takes erinn and he wins.

You're not friend after this?

I mean,i think we would be friends.

I don't think it would be the same kindf friendships.

The swears he has made to me,like,defy all swears--

i have absolutely lie,deceived people,and made promises that I've broken.

I might be the number one blind cider,********** i don't know,

but,i mean,********but I'm hoping.

Jeff: Erinn,you might be be off saying nothing at all.

Stephen might be making a better case for you than you could make for yourself.

-I'll shut my mouth.

Jeff: I'm just observing.

I think we're all nervous tonight.i think we *****.

I think he's more nervous than we are.

Jeff: So,J.T.,Now make the case for bringing erinn and saying,"sorry,stephen.

Loyalty went only 38 days.It doesn't go the whole way.

I'm not 100%,but i feel like I'd have a much better opportunity beating erinn in jury votes

because i do know her tribemates were trying to get rid of her on,like,day nine.

That alone tells me they would not really want to give her a million dollars compared to me.

Soy there's a huge,huge reason why I should take erinn to the final two.

Jeff: Let's get to the vote.

Here's how it's going to work-- err and I know stephen,you cannot vote for J.T.

You cannot vote for yourself.

Therefore,you will not vote.

Which means,J.T.,You're the only one voting.

If you choose right,this time tomorrow night,you're a millionaire.

It's time to vote.Make your vote,J.T.

I'll go get the vote.

Once the votes are
read,the decision is final.

The person voted out will be asked to
leave the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the vote.

14th person voted out,and the
seventh and final member of our jury,


Bring me your torch.

Erinn,the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Jeff: Well,J.T.And stephen,you've
gon as far as you can go in this game.

The power now shifts to the jury.

Tomorrow night,they will decide which of the two of you
they feel most deserving of the title of sole survivor

and the million-dollar check
that goes along with it.

You have one more night in brazil.

Enjoy it.I'll see you tomorrow
night for your final tribal council.

Good night.

I was a little bit surprised,but I
think,like,deep down,i definitely knew that.

that was the decision
that J.TWas going to make.

And I'm really proud of
myself for as far as I've come.

It's really been life changing,and I'm glad
I was able to stick around as long as I did.





I feel really great.It's day 39.

The sun's coming up.

It's a beautiful
morning,and I'm still here.

Stephen's here with me.It's just
like we planned a long time ago.

And it's kind of hard
to believe you know.

So you and i are going
to be friends for life.

I know,man.

It's hugely satisfying to
be here with J.T.At the end.

Since the beginning of the game we've been talking
about final two,and here we are,final freaking two,

day 39,and regardless of what happens.

Regardless of who ultimately wins,that's something
that,you know,can't be taken away from us.

We talked about this,like,on
day three,we said final two.

We dominated the entire game.

Physically and socially.

Tree mail.

Oh,my god!

Dude,there are eggs here!

And a bottle of bubbly.

We are going to have a
huge,freaking breakfast.

The warrior and the wizard.

Y 39.

This is awesome.

I mean,it was like a
cornucopia-- eggs,sausages,bread.

This is incredible.

So we spend the next couple
of hours doing it right.

We cooked everything straight through.

Cooked to perfection.

This is just the best meal.

I'm not worrying about strategy.

J.T.And I have been talking about day 39 together
as this symbol of our achievement together.

This was our reward for overcoming all of the obstacles
in our way,and we got to share it,just us,successful.


This stuff goes right to your head.

Well,this definitely deserves a toast.


- Day 39,final two.
- Final two.

Tastes like victory.

Not too bad.

This is the perfect ending.

First impressions,what was
your first impression of me?

You looked like you were strong but you looked very
unathletic and I thought you were really religious,

I'm going to have to
watch my mouth aroundy.

I have changed for the better.

N't judge a book by its cover,obviously,and
don't go off first impressions.

Outside the country guy and city guy,whether
it comes down to twe're a lot alike.

I thought you were just like a charmer.

Like a gre garos,charming,slick guy.

My first impression of J.T.Was
we're not going to get along.

But I was totally wrong about J.T.

He might be the good old boy from the south but he has
been the person whose mind has worked most like my own.

Anthat to me is what is surprise,despite our completely
different backgrounds,our minds seemed to work totally in sync.

Let's do it.

Stephen and myself,we
are the last two standing.

Going into the tribal council,there's no doubt about it
I'm going to have to lay all of our friendship stuff aside,

because whatever it takes to win a
million dollars,I've got to do it.

I brought along competition.

That's what I wanted and I've got it.

I've never had any doubts in
tribal council until tonight.

When i go into tribal council tonight,I have
a story to tell,and I'm going to tell it.

I'm going to argue my case.

I'm not going to go in defeated.

I'm not going to be
like,"J.T.Is awesome.

Let's all give him a round of
applause and a million bucks.

" I'm going to fight for it.

I don't know which way the jury will vote,but
i am not going to go in without a fight.

We'll now bring in the
members of our jury.

erinn,voted out at the last tribal council.


After 39 days,you have gone as
far as you can go in this game.

The power now switches to the jury.

Tonight the jury will decide which of the two of you
they think is most worthy of the title of sole survivor

and the million dollars that goes along
with it.Here's how it is going to work.

You each get a chance to make an opening
statement,plead your case of why you should win.

Journalist will get their first chance
to address you and then we will vote.

Let's get started.

Stephen,you're up,opening statement.

I mean,it's obviously hard
to talk,you know,against J.T.

Now and compare myself to him since
we have been through so much together,

but if you are making this decision
based on who is the better woodsman or

who had the best and most charming southern
drawl,you could have made this decision day one

and spared everyone a lot
of struggle and hunger.

And we since the very early days just sort
of shared a brain when it came to strategy.

We'd talk through everything,decide everything
together,and I think that's why we did so well

because we were able to work together
but I kind of want to focus maybe on not

what we brought into the game but
what we've taken out of the game.

And,you know,I came into the game
extremely uncomfortable in my own skin.

You know,i had never been camping before,so
i think my road has been a lot harder,

and that transformation has made me
more comfortable,more self-reliant,

and I think a better person,and I owe a
the lo of that,also,to just all of you,

and,you know,as a testament to the struggles
that we've all sort of faced to get here,

and the journey we've all had together.

I hope you vote for me tonight.

Jeff: J.T.

It's going to be hard
to follow up on that.

I'm only not an english major
like my buddy stephen here.

I'm actually the first person in my family that
ever graduated college but I don't want a pity vote.

I wonder very hard to get where I'm at.

I did everything I possibly could to
provide for everybody at every chance I got.

And to do that and accept it and
never get a vote in this game not once,

you know,is a huge
accomplishment for me.

And to make friends with you guys.

I mean,it was very hard
to vote you guys out.

The people we voted off were the
people we thought would vote us off.

And had we not gotten rid of you
you would be sitting over here today

and I would be sitting over
there,no doubt about it.

I had an easy opportunity to bring
erinn who i felt like-- no offense--

I felt like i could beat up here easier.

Everybody loves steechb.

I do,too.

I feel like he deserved
to be here beside me.

I do feel like he
outwitted,outplayed,outlasted me?

I don't think so.

But that's in your hands now.

That's about all.

Jeff: Thanks,stephen.Thanks,J.T.

Jury in a moment you'll get your first
chance to address stephen and J.T.

Give you a minute to think
about what you want to say.

Jeff: All right,jury,it's now your
first chance to address steven and J.T.,

Hoping to gather a little information
to help you make a very big decision--

who deserves to win this game,who
deserves the million dollars.

Brendan,let's get started.

You're up first.

Congratulations to you guys both.

It's been fun watching
you both play the game.

My first question is for stephen.

You spent so much of your first argument
talking about your growth within the me.

For me I look at all the din sporting events
and all the different games that we've all seen,

and in not one game is who works hardest or who
grows the most the reason that you win the game.

Can you think of anything?

I mean,the game of survivor
actually might be one of them.

You know,there's that

So there is that outwit component.

I obviously had to focus
more on that than outplayed.

So should you be handicapped?

No,but I'm saying for me to last
this long has been a real struggle.

J.T.Is an amazing outdoors man
picame in with none of these skills

and i still persevered and will be
leaving the game with many of them.

J.T.,When you think about the
idea of growth when deciding

who should actually go home with a
million dollars,do you think it's relevant?

Growth is irrelevant.

That's something you
can carry home with you.

That's something that's good for you
personally,but,obviously,you know,

if you go to a football game and just because
it was harder for you to catch the ball

and catch it doesn't make it better
than the person who knew how to catch.

I feel like i outplayed steven and stephen
hid in the shadows in some of the challenges.

I had to say,dude,you can do it.

Can i have a rebuttal?

Sure,I love it.

Hiding in the shadows
is a legitimate strategy.

We all know that.

I think a guy who puts his neck on the line should earn a
little more respect than someone who floats under the radar.

Cool,thank you.

Jeff: Erinn.

You're up.

Stephen,I have seen you play
three very specific alliances--

the jalapao three,the exile
alliance,the warrior alliance.

But almost every one in every one
of those alliances is on the jury.

So should i just vote for J.T.?

Look,you know,obviously this
game involves a lot of,you know,

creating a lot of dynamic structures

and then working within those structure
tos to advance yourself as best you can.

Zigging when you have to zig,zagging when
you have to zag to get yourself further.

I think i did that real well.

If you respect that aggressive
style of play,I hope you vote for me.

And if you don't,I
understand if you don'T.

Okay.J.T.,There's been a lot of talk
about taking the strength to the end.

You can be really honestnd
tell me why stephen is the best?

I felt like stephen was the best because at
the time he was the most honest person with me.

No matter what we done,he was always there,and
i feel like jalapao was definitely the best,

and when we moved over,coach said
who is the next strongest person?

And I said out of everybody
in jalapao,steechb is the best.

I could have left him out there,but I
brought him along in the power alliance.

Out of the power alliance i thought was the best i
thought it would be me and steechb,no tout about it.

Jeff: Thanks.

Deb,you're up.


I want to start by telling
you that I haven't decided.

As to who is going to have
my vote for a million dollars.

J.T.,One of the things that is
most important to me is honesty.

I immediately was drawn to you.

I was like this is a
grate guy,great,pure heart.

As game progressed,all of of a sudden,i
thought,man,i misjudged this guy.

S my first instinct right?

Or is lying and deception your M.O.,

And you just let me think that
you're somebody else in the beginning?

Debbie,I'll be honest with you-- when I come into this game
my mother told me do not believe what everybody tells you.

You're going to have
to lie to win this game.

A million dollars on the line.

I mean,you done the same thing
I did at the end of the game.

You didn't go tell coach,"hey,I'm
fixing to vote you out.

" I had to do that in order to get here.

Okay,I appreciate that.

I appreciate that.

Stephen,my question is,if yesterday you
had the immunity necklace on that J.T.Had,

would J.T.Be the one sitting
next to you right now?

I want an honest
answer to this question.

All right,I'll tell you honestly,I want to speak
honestly in answer to every question tonight.

I-- I
don't know.

- And I never made that
decision-- That's not good,stop.

- I like you,stephen
- Okay.

I do,but I don't wt "i don't know.

" I've got to decide if I'm voting
for you,for a million dollars.

You do know who would be sitting next to
you,and i,quite frankly,feel like I might,too.

I need a clear answer from
you,stephen,and i need you to be honest.

That's what I'm basing
my vote on is honesty.

I think it would be erinn.

I-- i hope I would
have taken J.T.

My fear siwould have chosen
erinn if it had come down to it.

Thank you.

Okay,I appreciate that.

Good luck to both of you.

I'll listen the rest of the
evening,and my vote's still out there.

- Thank you.
- Thanks,deb.

Coach,you're up.

Last two remnants of the power alliance.

Makes me a little bit proud to see
the warrior and the wizar up here.

A lot of unanswered questions.

You know,i had a lot of
philosophyes coming into this game.

One is as iron sharpens iron
so one man sharpens another.

So keep that in mind,and
we'll start with you,J.T.

Honesty and integrity-- early
on it's easy to keep that.

Late in the game,when it counts
is what I want to hear examples.

And the second part of that,is
being the noble warrior,

putting others in front of yourself while
being frorns ferocious on the battle field.

Give me examples of honesty late in the game
when it counts and also being that noble warrior.

Coach,there was times
during the end of the game

when i couldn't tell you
everything that was going on,

but when i made a promise to you,lib the one
I made after the last challenge we had,i said,

"i promise you I'm voting for erinn.

" I knew you were going home tonight but
there was no way i was voting for you,

coach because I would have
felt comfortable taking you

because i knew you would have
taken me to the final two.

I thought stephen would,but
i just found out otherwise.

I said i would take the strongest that was left to the
end,and I could have took the easy million dollars with erinn.

I risked a million dollars in order to keep my word to you
and keep my word to stephen,bringing the strongest to the end.

Maybe it's a fool that
mixes morals with millions.

As far as being a warrior,i battle everything i done
100%,no matter what,and i never give up on anything i do.

Okay,I'm going to move to stephen,same
question,honor and integrity,and being a warrior.

All right,I think that-- in terms of honor
and integrity,this may sound perverse,

but i voted for every single one of you.

I never took the weasel way out.

And J.T.Knew you were getting-

- I'm not going to make
that-- I told you that.

I want to say i did vote
for every one of you,

because i felt like if I was going to try to take
you out,i was going to bear the moral burden of that.

So whenever there was a vote i slumth
wanted to write the person's name down.

In terms of being a noble warrior,I have yet
to say anything negative about J.T.Tonight.

And I think that's a strong statement.


Jeff: Thanks,coach.


You're up.

Congratulations to both of you.

I had a question for stephen tonight,and
he pretty much already addressed all of it.

So I don't have any
further questions for you.

I've heard enough.

I still think you're
a sweetheart,stephen.

And for J.T.,My question to you is what
does taking the strongest really mean to you

because you're standing with one of
the weakest players i have ever seen?

When you had the choice to take taj with
you,you took another weak player,erinn.

So actually,you took the
two weakest players with you.

How do you admire that and
want to sit next to that?

Actually,i really feel like
stephen is a strong competitor.

He won the individual immunity necklace and
almost beat me in the final immunity challenge,

and of the strongest players that was left in the
final four,I do believe stephen of the strongest left.

Your choosing stephen was the right
thing but you lost a lot of my respect

because you could have been
sitting here tonight with tyson.

You could have been sitting here tonight
with brendan or debbie,and that vote,

if you would have won,you would have been a stronger
man because you were sitting next to a strong competitor.

That just may be your downfall and the reason
why you might not get a million dollars tonight.




Good job,guys.

You both have talked about sharing
the brain on all the strategy.

Actually,stephen said J.T.Was an
asset to him getting to the final.

J.T.Was stephen an asset for you in
getting to the final as well and why?

I think stephen did help me as
far as keeping each other in check.

But could I do it without him?

I feel like I could have made this adventure without
him,but I don't think it would have been near as easy.

Stephen,you want to reply to that?

I think J.T.And my
partnership was unique.

I'm sorry that he devals it like that.

It hurt me a lot.

I mean,to say that,"oh,yeah,it could be you,it could
be someone else,when we worked so well together.

Obviously,I don't think that's true.

I don't think that's
true for either of us.

I don't think it's true for him.And
I don't think it's true for me.

You think you would be sitting here had
someone else won immunity last night?

That's a complicated question right?

Who is it?

I think erinn would have taken
me.I think taj would have taken me.



Are we done on that?

- Yeah.
- Okay.Thanks,boys.

Jeff: Thanks,tyson.


Finish us off.



Extremely disappointed.

It's not so much that
I'm on the jury right now.

It's just the way i went to the jury.

I just felt it was so unnecessary.

But that's the nature of the game.

So my first question I guess would be to J.T.You
found it so hard to put coach's name down on the paper

you don't want to lie to him,but it seemed like
it was effortless to put my name down on the paper.

Did you not think that it
would be hard to lie to me?

Taj,there was nothing effortless
about putting your name down.

The hardest vote i made in
this game was voting you out.

Taj,I stuck my neck out for you this
whole game as well as you for me.

We've been like brother and sister.

It was almost harder
than my vote last night.

And,stephen,i saw things in you that i just-- i
didn't even recognize on the last two or three days.

Especially you,because you,from,like,day
one,was in my back pocket.

We were tight.At least I thought.

Was it so important to blindside me to get
me out because was i that much of a threat?

All right,i guess,the truth s

j.T.Had been talking about
taking you out next for a while.

I had wanted to keep
you around until three.

And part of that was because it would be
a great statement for the jalapao three.

To end up,you know,facing
this entire timbira jury.

But J.T.Was concerned that you were
a tougher physical competitor to beat.

I got nervous that you wouldn't take
me,and sort of gave in on the point.

So that's I didn't ended
up agreeing to vote you out.

Taj,I'd like to add,he just made it sound
like it was just my idea to take you out.

That's not true.

That's not true at all.

And I'll tell him that
any day of the week.

He just made himself sound like,you
know,he was the one protecting.

That's not how it went down.

Well,to be fair then,if--
let's air our laundry.

There have been other times when J.T.

Wanted to take you out,and
I talked him out of it.

The first was in jalapao.

Because you had given us
possession of the idol.

J.T.Thought we could eliminate
you and safely have the idol--

You told me,"I've got the idol.

She won't have the idol
if we vote her out now.

" You said,that is
not what happened--

You know what.That's
neither here nor there.

That's fine.

There were times I saved you,and
J.T.Wanted to take you out.

Is this the same guy i brought with me?

You-- come on,now,you have
been slandering me all night.

This is the first time i
ever took a shot at you.

- Mine have been all--
That is true as well.

This is--
come on,now.

Our friendship means more
to me than winning does.

You would have brought erinn.

I never made that decision in my heart.

You can believe
me or-- sorry.

I just feel like a fool,man.

Oh,come on,now.Look,whatever.All right.

Jeff: Jury,some great questions.

Some very revealing answers.

You now hopefully have enough information
to make a million-dollar decision.

I'm going to give you a moment
to think about that very big vote.

All right,jury,you have had your
chance to address stephen and J.T.

Now it is time to make a very big vote.

Tonight you are voting for a winner.

The name you write down is the name of the person you
think is most deserving of the title of soul ser vifr

and the million-dollar check
that goes along with it.

For the last time,it is time to vote.

Brendan,you're up.

Nice job.

I am a woman of my word.

You should try to be a man the same way.

Jeff: For the last
time,I'll go tally the votes.

Thank you all for a
great season of "survivor.

" I will see you back in new york
city for the reading of the votes.

Someone needs to stop Clearway Law.
Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.