Survivor (2000–…): Season 18, Episode 13 - The Martyr Approach - full transcript

In the aftermath of Tribal Council, a shocking betrayal is revealed, leaving one castaway reeling. Meanwhile, another castaway takes a bizarre approach to Exile Island, which has a polarizing effect on the rest of the tribe.

Previously on survivor...

People that don't play this game even half as bold as me pisses me off.

Coach thought he was in the driver's seat.

Taj has to go next.




But debbie turned on her old ally.

It is not good for me to be attached to coach.People are tired of him.

Okay,so he's going to think we're voting on taj.

I think we need to go ahead and get coach out but it has to be every single one of us writing down.

So the jalapao three and erinn decided debbie was too dangerous it keep around.


Yeah,she goes.

Coach was clueless as he watched his longtime ally go home.

Debbie,the tribe has spoken.

Can coach regain control?

Five are left,who will be voted out tonight?


Someone needs to stop Clearway Law.
Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.

I'm in shock.

Tonight at tribal,I thought I was the one going home when I saw my name.


And then it was debbie,debbie,debbie.

- Coach.
- Yes,sir?





That's why she wrote your name down.

I can't grasp that.

I'm like the lamb led to the legislaturehouse around he.

Oh,my goodness.



I was like,wow,j.t.,erinn,and taj

and stephen mounted a counter-Attack against debbie to save me.

It would be very easy to vote me out.

You know,I know I'm a dangerous player in this game,and so I'm-- I'm just shocked.

Thanks for protecting me.


Holy cow!

So it's a lesson in this.

I think the game is still being played with truth.

I think the game is still being played with honesty.

I think this is the first time in this game

that I'm almost speechless.Almost.

Sorry to lay that one on you.*****

No I just want to talk to j.t. and stephen and just ask them when am I going?

Just tell me when I'm going?

Obviously,coach is no longer in control of this game,and I don't know what's going to happen next.

I'm sorry I'm sorry. Presents YTET-Ring

Survivor Season 18 Episode 13




I've got a question *****




I just want to be in agreement with you guys on what you want to do.


I know.

Man,may lung's feel like--

Are you all right.

You looked are youib ruined yesterday.

I feel like I scarred my lungs yesterday.


My lungs felt like I smoked 20 cigars and inhaled all of them.

For me,it's whatever you guys want.

I was talking to the guysabout exile.

I don't want to go to exile.Nobody wants to go to exile at this point.

I hope my asthma doesn't flare up.******


This asthma is kicking my ass.My back is killing me every day.

How do I handle that adversity?

You know what I think,the noble thing is we send j.t. or myself.

Lut the been-- But the cold,calculating,competitor in me

wants to send taj or erinn.

It's really up to you guys what you think.I just want to all be on the same page.

Oh,god!I mean,j.t. and I are eager to send coach to exile.

He has been so skittish about it.

He has been selling out everyone trying to get them to go to exile before him.

You know,coach has mentioned ailments,you know,a back problem,asthma burkts

it never seemed to really affect his performance.

I'm not entirely sure coach can build a fire or cook the food by himself.

I don't know.I think he's scared.

Do you want to just tell him we're sending him to exile?

Doesn't matter.

Coach,he's just so scared to go to exile.

He's such an adventurous coach he shouldn't be ready to go to exile.

I'm ready to test him and we plan to send him home at the next immunity challenge so.



Come on in,guys!

What's up,finalify?

How you doing,jeff?

You guys ready to get to today's challenge?

For today's challenge,you will race through a maze.

You must then build a pole long enough to retrieve a sandbag.

You'll swing the sandbag in an attempt to knock over three targets,

raising a flag.

First person to raise their flag wins.

One more element to this challenge--

You will run the entire challenge with your feet shackled together.

Nt to know what you're playing for?

The winner of this challenge will be taken on an overnight reward.

You will leave camp.

You will be taken to the governor's retreat.

Where you will enjoy a bed,a shower,a feast.

In addition,the winner will send one person to exile isld.

Worth playing for?

I know it is.We'll draw for spots,we'll get started.

Here we go,for reward.

Survivors ready?


J.T. in the lead.

Is he right?Everybody following j.t. except taj.

She's going her own way.

Somebody's going to be right.Sobody's going to be wrong.

Stephen hits a dead end.

Taj hits a dead end.

J.T.'s on the right course.

Coach right behind.

Coach taking the smart strategy.He's just going to follow j.t.,let him lead.

Erinn going to follow coach and j.t. follow the leader.

J.T.and coach through the second section of the maze.

Erinn right in it.

Taj and stephen falling out of it.

J.T. having no trouble at all with this maze.

Coach having no trouble following him.

J.T. and coach entering the final section of the maze.

J.T. is through the maze.

Coach right behind.Now you've got to start working on that pole.

You guys help me out here.

Erinn,stephen,taj,now very far behind.

Right now this challenge is between j.t.and coach.

Come on,j.t.Coach would love to win a reward.

Damn right about that.


J.T. already working on his pole.

Coach still untying his pieces.

Taj through the maze.

Erinn through the maze.

Stephen through the maze.

Everybody's now working on their pole.

J.T.has a nice pole coming along.

Coach picking up the pace.

J.T.with a bit of a lead. has four pies of pole together.

Once you think your pole is long enough.

Reach for that sandbag.

J.T.has his pole together,and has reached for his bag.

Coach needs to pick it up.

J.T.knocks over his first target.

Nice job.

A total of three targets you have to hit.

J.t.'s knocked over his second target.

One target left for a big reward.

Coach now in on it.

Will his pole reach?

J.T.wins reward!

J.T.,come on over.

First order of business,sending one person to exile island.

They will not go on the reward.They will not go back to camp.

They will have another hot,probably wet stay away from

all of the politics of what is going on these last few days.

Exile is the one place you do not want to be.

On day 34.

Any volunteers?

Let's be noble,coach.

Let's do this.

Me and you is the only two that hasn't been there.

Thank you,J.T.

Coach how do you feel about going to exile island.

I'm going to take the monastic approach.


He's going to take the martyr approach so when he comes back he can not have eaten,

not have slept,not have had any water,miniming the experiences of some,

I feel like,and have an excuse when he doesn't win immunity when he gets back.

That's pretty harsh.

Kind of how I feel.Sorry.

Is there something about what erinn said maybe trying to put yourself in the position

so you have the worst experience at exile.

I want it to be tough on me,that's for sure.

I'm not going to minimize everybody's experience.I'm disappointed erinn would say that.

Since the beginning of the game she wanted to talk me down a little bit

and sometimes when people do that they want to vault over.

I think she wants to leave here with the toughest exile experience.

I don't want to take that away from her.


My body is about this close right now from total disaster.

I've got disks on the right side that have ruptured.

I feel like my left on is about ready to slip.

My asthma is choking me up so bad I can't breathe.

There's no excuse if I win immunity or I don't win immunity I make no excuses.

You can throw stones at me,you can,everybody else can,and I go like this,

hit me with your best shot,pat ben tar,doesn't matter to me.

All right,coach,grab your personal items.

Head out.

Coach will return in time for the next immunity challenge.

I bit you guys adieu.

Thank you,coach.

All right,j.t.,let's get to the reward.

You're going to take one person with you,

meanwhile you're going to leave two people behind.

Maybe the best reward so far.

Who you take with?

I gotta-- I gotta take the only person that took me,I guess stephen.

Thank you.

Don't hate me.

We'll be fine.

Erinn,taj,got nothing for you.

Grab your stuff,head back to camp.


He looked like he was going to go without a fight,

but erinn had to try to rub it in his face.

She just shot herself in the foot.

People are dumb in this game.They talk way too much.

It's going it hurt her and not me.


Love it.

It's a nice,sunny day.

Good,there will be no shade for coach.


J.T.won,and took stephen on reward,which is fine.

The guys can go out and have a good time.I'm not worried about it at all.

I feel very confident in my alliance with stephen and j.t.

We vowed we will go to the final three together and we will.

Well,interesting day if nothing else.


I'm feeling a little guilty.

- Why?
- About what I said.

It was not an appropriate venue to say that.

Like,it's conversation I probably should have had with him.


He's a jerk.

He's a jerk.

To say,I'm not going to eat.

Give me a break.

You're sitting here suffering from azmarx a broken disk,this d that,and you're not going to eat?

Why wouldn't you try and make yourself feel better.

I'm so ready to send his ass home.

I know,me,too,but...

You know what kills me,he's talking all this smack about being broken down

but he was fine when he was on j.t.'s hill.

If he had won the warrior would have been back.

I don't understand the man.I don't understand his motives.

I would hate,hate,hate for anything that I said today to send me home before him.

Don't worry.Please,don't worry.

Do not worry.

My strategy definitely is to go as far as I can with j.t. and stephen.

I would hate for anything I said to have changed the way stephen and j.t.view me,but

this is really the time where you do start to get really paranoid about this stuff.


This is going to be like a vacation for me.

Suntan out here,all those

wishy-Washy people at camp with no character.

Coach's foundation is built on a rock.

Ed in here,



Stay out here for a week without any food.

Make me a better,stronger person.

Those guys won't be able to get old coach wade down,I'll tell that you.

I will not have anything to eat.

It's going to be like the ancient american indian,my ancesters,

used to go out into the wilderness for 48 hours

and commune with the universe and they would become men.

Well,I'm already a man.

So this will just make me more of a man,but this is going to be an adventure.

Thank you for creating me as an individual.

I ask you to help me forgive erinn as she's back at camp thinking negative thoughts about me.

At the challenge,erinn said coach is just being a martyr.

But I just let her have it it it.

Dragon slayer make his dragon cane.

Whether it's because I'm speaking such truth that nobody can deny it

or I'm so eloquent,whatever the case,I got the last word.

And I hope she goes home next.She's certainly going to get my vote.

Coach wade's body might be failing him in many ways,

but coach wade still has what it takes.

To outlast anybody out here in this environment.


This is how I like to travel.

When I woke up this morning,I never would have imagined I'd be in a private plane.

Look at this.This is the freaking life.

This was the best reward I could have possibly asked for.

A private plane to the governor's retreat.

I just really soaked it up,that's always been a dream of mine,

have a private plane and to be able to fly on one like that.


We' getting low.

Welcome to the governor's retreat.

Oh,my gosh!

Oh,man,this is nice.This is ridiculous.

I mean,this place is just beautiful.

You can tell there were some big parties thrown at this place.

Here it is.

All right,thank you.

You're welcome.

We were taken to our room,oh my gosh,a bed,a shower.

This is what I look like!

I have a beard,all right.******

Look at my hair,man.

When we stepped into the bathroom,we looked at ourselves in the mirror,and that was a shock.

I mean,I haven't seen myself in over aonth.

Oh,my god.That's gross now.

I was like,man,I've got to get a shower to get out of here.

Oh,man,it was like heaven.

Can't get enough of this soap.

34 days.

I have not washed.****

As soon as we were clean,we left o room,and went for our feast.

You will have tonight ****

brazilian barbecue with many kinds of meat.

Eat achz you want.

Thank you so much.

See you later.

Felice navidad.

This meat is incredible.

Is there more?

We were having a meat festival.

We had steaks,we had po.

We had a grilled pineapple.

We were filling up,and basically by the time we were done with the meats,we were stuffed.



To the final two in this game.

Final two.

I mean,we got this thing,man.

There's no reason why you and I aren't in the final two.

Coach totally depends on us.

And I will take coach to the final three.



Today at the rewardhallenge erinn goes on a little bit of a rant about

how well coach doesn't want to have to perform in the next immunity challenge

and he's giving himself excuses.

There was no reason to rub salt in his room.

She can't really control what she says,which is not a great trait in a potential ally.

Aaron doing that,it kind of makes me want to keep her less.

What are we going to do for her?

It's not strategic.

You can never tell,man.

That's when people get now including realburgers.



My exile experience was no sleep,starving.

No food.

Very little water.

And it was awesome.

It was a great experience to be out here

and once again test myself and have nothing.

I've been in the amazon,the congo,the oronoco,the verian gap,

chalk another one to the list,the dunes at exile.

Yes,I'm walking slower.

Yes,my asthma is still at the forefront of things.

Yes,it's going to take me longer to get to the challenge today.

I do not feel tired.

I do not feel hungry.

I feel nothing but incredible mental focus on the task at hand.

Which I have to accomplish today and that's winning immunity.

Marcus ariluous once said,through our greatest adversities come our greatatest success.

I plan on winning immunity today.

Come on in,guys!

We'll now bring in coach,returning from exile island.

Oh,my god.Coach.

What's up,fellas.

You look beat.Come on,bring it in.


I'm feeling great.

I'm feeling great.

When coach returned from exile with his cane and he's limping

and I'm thinking this guy is such a drama queen.

He's so dramatic.

Any 37-Year-Old man who thinks he's a dragon slayer belongs in a mental institution.

They need to come get him.

When we have tribal council he'll be free and they can take him home.

How did it go down?

I was freezing,I didn't get any sleep,

I didn't have any water,no food,no fire.

I had the best time of my life.

It was euphoric.

You guys ready to get to today's challenge?

First things first.Stephen,take back the immunity necklace.

I gotta get some water.

Once agai immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,you're going to use your arms to brace yourself between two walls

while your feet are positioned on very narrow footholds.

Every 15 minutes,you'll move to an even smaller foothold,and you'll be doing this barefoot.

When you reach the third and final foothold you will stay there for as long as you can.

When you fall off,you're out.

Last person left standing wins immunity is guaranteed a e-In-Four shot of winning this game.

Losers,tribal council,somebody going home.

Pick our spot.We'll get started.

Here we go.

All right,everybody's got their arms inside the frame.

Their feet on the first peg.

This challenge is under way.

You cannot use your butt.Your back.

Our your hips to lean again the wall to give you support.

This is where mental toughness is going to win out.


All right,we're going to get ready to move to the next smaller foothold.

I'm going to count you into this.


Take your time.Get yourself settled.

Everybody's looking good.

Coach,you think the time you spent on exile meditating

may have been conveniently prepared you for a challenge like this?

Deep downed in in the pit of every man's stomach is a feeling that

he's no longer gog to be invipsible.

So for me to go out there and to put myself in the most extreme situation that I could,

I did it because I wanted for my mind to once

and for all tell my body that you still have it.

Perfect opportunity to put that philosophy to the test in this challenge.

Because this is about mind over matter.

And it will get difficult.


all right,we're going to now move to the final foothold.


Erinn drops out before getting on the final foothold.

Erinn will take a spot on the bench.

Shot at immunity,vulnerable at tribal council tonight.

There's no time limit now.This goes until only one person's left standing.

There's no way to prepare for a challenge like this physically.

This is all in your head.

Stephen drops out.

Take a spot on the bench.

Taj digging in.

Taj cannot hang on any longer.

Taj is out of the challenge.

We are down to two.

J.T.and coach.

The listener and the talker.

The young buck,the older warrior,

battling it out for a guaranteed spot in the final four.


I wheeled out a big old steak and a six-Pack you'd step down?

Probably so,jeff.

Then you might as well step down if you don't plan on voting me out tonight.

I can't believe you don't trust me,coach.

****I trust you implicitly j.t.****

You're a man of your word.


This is just how you want it,isn't it coach,battle against the best.

You've been talking about it for 36 days.You're getting it today.


Been up there 50 minutes now.

You're going to have to fight the pain.

Your feet will recover.

No way to recover if you're voted out.

You aren't going to let me try the necklace on,are you,coach?

Nope.I don't blame you.

I have something to prove coming back from exile.


Coach steps down.

J.T.has won individual immunity.

My god,man.

Are you okay,man?

You did awesome.

Hard-Headed,get up.Come on.

Are you okay?

My back was spazing up there.

Can you stand up now,though?

You did an incredible--

Come on,stand up.

You don't have to stand up if you can't yet.

Where are you feeling it?

My back spasmed while I was up there the last 10 minutes.

I felt something go.

I tried.I couldn't do it.

Are you going to want medical to look at that?

No,nobody is going to take me out of the game.

If medical looked at my back,I wouldn't be here,so,no,please don't have them look at my back.

J.T,congratulations. safe at tonight's tribal council.

Coach,stephen,taj,erinn,one of the four of you going home after 36 long days out here.

Grab your stuff and head back to camp.I will see you in tramb.


It looked like coach had really been suffering.

He looked like exile had really been tough.

I definitely felt bad for the guy.

But coach is still the dragon slayer and a really strong competitor.

If I want to win this game,I want people I can beat in the Finals.



Nice job.

You all right,coach?




- ****
- *****





Coach was really ridiculo,he walks in like he can barely move,

and then he's standing up on these things for,like,near an honor.



He's an interesting man.



He's so full of it.

He's been walking around since we've been back,

like,you're not as broken down as you're trying to make yourself look.

And,really,like,I'm ready for him to go home.

And the other thing,too,when jeff asked him if he wanted medical to hook at him.

No,you don't want them to look at it because they're going to tell you there's nothing wrong with you.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with you.

He needed an excuse for winning.

That was a classic struggle today,man.

How much longer could you have gone?

20,30 minutes.

As one man sharpens another,******

our ancestors hope and pray for someone worthy in palth to defeat them

and I think that definitely played out today by between j.t.and myself.

I was honored by the defeat and they I went down.

Steve sen leaning towards erinn.


I know erinn is going to vote for you.

You may get two vote.But stephen and I,erinn,she's gone.

J.T.reassures me,tells me,hey,everything's cool man.


The comment she made the other day was just unforgivable.

It's her time to go.********

I mean sending me to exile,supposedly,mentally,I'm supposed to be dune

so she's trying to kick me while I'm down.

That's all she's doing.

A lot of my bravado is because I'm trying to tell myself I'm still kind of the man.

Come on down.



So you want to send erinn home tonight?

I was really pissed off.

When she went to exile we were all patting her on the back.

We weren't trying to kick her.*****

I thought it was so tasteless and classless.

J.T.and I sat down with coach and assured her warrior alliance was good.

******* going to vote for erinn because he feels like he promises coach he would.

I don't know what I'm going to do.It's really tricky right now.

She tried to call me out in the very beginning,

and I was like those are the kind of people that get their ass voted out.

Right.Because no one trusts them.

Brendan did it.

Tyson arted getting sketchy.

You're totally cool with that?

I'm just asking.There aren't going to be surprising tonight,right?

I'm done with the surprises at tribal,man.

The warrior alliance is still going strong.

I surrounded myself with strong players,and to this day,it has not backfired on me.

It looks like through all the blindsides,

coach wade will be the last tribe member left of what used to be timbira.

I am the last of the mohegans.

We'll now bring in the members of our jury.

Brendan,tyson,sierra,and debbie,

voted out at the last tribal council.

Coach let's start with your stay on exile island.

When j.t. picked you to go to exile,you made your big thing,I'm going to do this the hard way.

Erinn,you didn't like that.

I didn't.

He's weak and he's this and he's that and then to go off

and not eat or drink for three days,that just really rubbed me the wrong way,

and it just minimized the entire experience that the rest of us were having.

Was there a part of you that had just come off one of the roughest days on exile,

feeling li you're going to upstage me with your dramatic exile.

Oh,god,yeah.The time I spent out there sucked.

It was the worst thing I've ever done.I never want to do it again.

And you're standing there going,"oh,I totally want to do that.

that sounds awesome.

Like,that sucks.

Coach,you respect what erinn's saying?

I think everybody here that's been to exile had a much tougher time than me.

But I had past experiences with which to draw on.

Which made it easier for me,and,you know,a lot of times,

men drop what they think is a pebble,but when they see a bolder dropping and crashing,

an overwhelming sense of judgment,

I certainly wasn't trying to minimize her experience or anybody else's for that matter.

There's really nothing else to say.

Mark twain-- Better for people to think you're a fool than

open your mouth and rememove all doubt.I've already done that.

I don't have any place to go right now.

Erinn,you feel pretty secure about your alliance?

I never feel secure,ever.

Do you think the person going home tonight may know it's coming or is this going to be a shock?

For the most part,someone will be surprised,yes.

Coach,you think it's going to be a surprise tonight?


Based on what?

Women have great intuition.

So you're saying it's already been said tonight if we listened.


All right,it is time to get to the vote.

One more thing.


I wrote a poem for everybody to hear.

With friend and foe we march to the battle plan

some to seek success others to seek fame

we play with honor for the love of this game and with armor or without,

we will toil in vain so that some day,someone,

somewhere will remember our name.

Can't think of a better way to lead us into the vote.

J.T.,you keeping that idol?


You cannot vote for j.t.Everybody else is fair game.

It is time to vote.J.T.,you're up.

Dragon slayer.

You've been like the cat that had nine lives in this game.

Good job staying in the game this long,kid.

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has the hidden immunity idol and you want to play it,

tonight is the last night you can do so.

Okay,once the votes are read,the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,coach.

Erinn,one vote coach,one vote erinn.

Erinn,two votes erinn,one vote coach.

Coach,we're tied.

Two votes coach,two votes erinn one vote left.

12th person voted out andhe fifth member of our jury,coach.

You need to bring me your torch.

It was an honor,guys.

Thank you.

Coach.The tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Well,it's clear based on the number of blindsides at tribal council,

this is going to be a really fun finish.

Grab your torches,head back to camp.

Good night. Presents

Survivor Season 18 Episode 13

Someone needs to stop Clearway Law.
Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.