Survivor (2000–…): Season 17, Episode 5 - He's a Snake, But He's My Snake - full transcript

In the wake of a tough loss, an emotional outburst causes one castaway to become a target.

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deep in the heart ofafrica two tribes have beenbattling.

nobody on the fang goal!

how does that happen?

kota,the yellow tribe,has wonsix out of eight challenges andlives very well.

life is good.

the rich are definitelygetting richer here at kota.

fang the red tribe hasstruggled with everything andsquandered their food.

it's the goof troop,it'sridiculous.

ace and sugar weretight with each other

and nobodyelse and suggar has the imintidol.



when the rest of fang discoveredthe idol,

they degreed sugar andace were the next to go.

the two outsiders got atemporary reprieve

when g.c.gottired of the game and said hecouldn't go on.

he came up to me and saidhe's just done with this.

he's had enough nj the tribe sawhis weakness and voted him out.

g.c.,the tribe has spoken.

can fang turn it around?

and can ace and sugar surviveanother tribal council.

13 are left.

who will be voted out tonight?


Someone needs to stop Clearway Law.
Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.


it's just,like,positiveenergy now.

tonight was particularlyhard.

yeah,tonight was hard.

tribal council was sad.

you know,not unexpected.

g.c.had to go.

i've got sugar in my pocket andi need to arrange something that

i can save myself until merge.

i just don't know who would bemy potential benedict arnold.


good morning.

how did you sleep?

not very good.

i was,like,up all night.

it's crazy,dude.

i know what means the most tome in my life.

every night i dream about food,my dog,and my girlfriend.

every night.

this is,boy far,the hardestthing i've ever done,

but mywhole driving force out here isjaime.

she's my girlfriend.

so i'm trying to make some sortof ring-type thing.

it's just something to keepmyself reminded of her.

because of her,i want to finishthis out to the end.

i'm in a terrible position.

and feel like i've been in abad position with the momentthis game started with fang.

if somebody approaches me with alegitimate,logical,

reasonableplan that might work,for sure,i'm on board,man.

i'm jumping on board,and i'mflying with it.

come over here.

what do you think?

i'm just stressed,man.


man,i just want to make itas far as possible,you know.


obviously,i want the samething.

you know,i just...

i prefernot to be blindsided.

so what do you think weshould do?

it all just depends on howclose everyone syou know.

i mean,you want to keep kennyaround?

or crystal around,and all them?


i'm completely fine withthat.



i mean,i don't really wantsugar to go.

-you've got your kenny,i'vegot--
-that's mine.

that's cool.that's a deal.

i've got my kenny,you've gotyour sugar.

until merge,you're not goingto stab me in the back,on yourgirl.




my mother's life.

your mother's life.

on my girl,then.

all right,that's huge.

my mother is my best friend.

my girl is my everything.

i think ace and i are probablysome of the top competitors outhere physically,

and i do likehim on my side.

and i made a pact with ace thati can't break.

and i promised on my girlfriend,which is the love of my life,

she's my driving force out here,

and i'm not going to break thatpromise for a million dollars,not for $5 million.
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Sync: YTET-??.???

Season 17 Episode 05

i know i look like oliver,but,sorry.

don't drink or drink at yourown risk.

are you going to eat offthis?

we might have to sharetogether.

yup.that works.

we've been eating very well,and when we got spices and salt,

we started eating quite a bit.

but dan,is shoveling it on witha spoon,

and i realized when iserved susie and i,

i put thesame number of scoops on myplate

for susie and i to shareas dan put on for himself.

it doesn't matter if youweigh 100 pounds more than me,

you still have the same,like,portion of food.

but dan decided he deservesfourth and fifth servings offood.

so now we are going through foodat an alarming rate,and hetakes multiple servings.

i'm sick about how much food isbeing wasted on him.

matty,i want rice.

so do i.

what do you guys think?

do you think there's enough riceto get through nine days?

here's the thing,we could dotwo small batches.

or one big one later?

it's whatever you guys think,man.

is it better for digestion weget two small meals.

cooking small is not thatgood because a lot of it sticksto the sides.

i agree.

on day one,i was talkingabout how eb is not preservingthe rice and eating it raw

andspilling it all over the placeand now,

of course,we i haveshortage of rice.

we have about six days' worth.

if we don't have rice,we'redead.

we're gone.

it's hard for our tribe rightnow.

it's like we're at rock bottom.




because they went throughyour bag,i think.

i'm 90% shire.

i told you not to leaf it there.

should i give you the idol,

andif i don't play it,you'll haveit later?

i don't know.i was going to say

if you wantto give me the idol,that's upto you.

you don't have to.that's not what i'm asking for.

if i'm not going to play it imight as well give it to you,right,

if they already know ihave it.

i was trying to hang on too 2 myidol as long as possible

but acecame and told me he thinksthey've gone through my bag andfound it.

so i gave it to ace forsafekeeping.

ace is now in possession of theidol.

he's got it in his pocket.

i'm really putting a lot offaith in ace right now.

ace is kind of a snake,but he'smy snake,

and i'm glad to havehim.

it's been a crazy couple ofdays.

it it went from me being in aposition of no power to aposition of sprumacy,

having theimmunity idol in my pocket.

i have matty's word.

i have sugar.

i feel like i put myself in avery good position coming from atribe

that i didn't have anyalliance with,

and now suddenly,you know,i've got peoplethere--

oh,my god.this is amazing.

i just turned around,andthere's an elephant swimmingthrough the water.

oh,how beautiful.

i guess that's one way to getfrom one side to the other.

jeff: come on in,guys!

kota getting your first look atthe new fang tribe.

g.c.'s gone.

g.c.voted out at thelast tribal council.

all right,you guys ready to getto today's reward challenge?

for today's challenge,each tribe will be tethered to a20-foot-long,200-pound snake.

you will start on opposite sidesof the course.

on my go,you will race aroundthe course,attempting to catchthe other tribe.

if along the way you get tiredand become a liability,

you canopt out of the challenge bysimply disconnecting from thesnake.

that will force the rest of yourtribe to pick up that extraweight.

first tribe to catch the othertribe and touch one tribe memberwins reward.

want to know what you're playingfor.


i think you're going tolike it.

oh,my god.

jeff: you can saunts,chocolate eclairs and everythingyou toad make a hot cup ofcoffee.



kota,you have one extra member.sit somebody out.

keep in mind you cannot sit outthe same person in back-to-backchallenges.

i'll sit out.

jeff: corinne is sitting out.corinne,take a spot on thebench.

i'll give you a minute tostrategize.

and we'll get started.

here we go,for reward.

survivors ready?


come on,kota!

huge reward on theline.

this challenge is going to bewon by the tribe that wants itthe most.

keep turning the corner.

they've got a few steps on us.

we're gaining on them,guys,come on.

keep this pace.keep this pace.

take it easy.

come on,kota!

i guys got this.

jeff: fang gets an early leadoff the start.

all right,downhill here.


let's go.

jeff: think about thosepastries,that hot cup of cove.

it would be nice to wake up tosome of that.

kelly barely moving.

i'm coming.

jeff: kota now gaing onfang after one lap of thiscourse.

you're going to get tired.

you're going to want to quit.

every time somebody drops out,

you put a bigger burden on therest of your tribe.

if you're going to drop,drop.

kota gaining more ground onfang.

all right,guys.

here we go.

-come on!
-we've got to speed up.

we've gotta move!

-kota continues to makeup ground.
-we're gaining on them.

fang is fading veryquickly.

drop half the people and wesprint.

go,just get off.

-sugar go,kenny go.

sugar and kenny bothdrop out,and that seems to helpfang.

they're now moving much morequickly.

go,kelly,get out of here.

just unhook.

jeff: kelly has now droppedout.

let's do this!

jeff: fang is down to threemember positive...

come on,guys.

jeff: susie drops out forkota.

fang now getting some distanceon kota now that they've lostkenny and sugar and kelly.

i'm getting tired,.

jeff: crystal is starting todrag now.

come on!

jeff: matty pushing her.


crystal just drop out if youcan't do it!


i can't take all that weight,matty.

come olet's go!

jeff: it's all on meat andace.

big opening for kota now.

yeah,you've got this!

jeff: kota with five strongguys going up against

matty andace,who are struggling.

come on the side of me!

come on the side of me,man!

come on!

jeff: matty carrying halfthat snake himself.

ace dragging the other half.

ice trying to keep his pants up!

kota closing in on a big win anda huge reward.

jeff: kota wins reward.

not even close.not even close.nice!

jeff: kota,congratulations.

this reward has enough for youto sample a little now

and stillhave plenty to take back tocamp.

you can share?

can we have one?


everyone grab one of these.

jeff: thank you,jeff.

give me one withstrawberries.

crystal,what hurts more,losing or seeing this temptingarray of food in front of you

and knowing you can't have it?

losing over and over.

it's starting to hurt.

jeff: something dwrur notused to.


rchlth all right,kota,who areyou going to send from fang toexile island.


jeff: sugar,for the fourthtime,you'll be sent to exileisland.

sugar,you will return in timefor the next immunity challenge.

fang,got nothing for you.grab your stuff.head back to camp.

i love winning challenges.

more importantly than winningchallenges,

i absolutely lovewatching them lose.

jeff: kota,congratulations.

come get your reward.

randy to me,he's just-- he'sa troll.

he's a troll under the bridgethat's just mean and angry withthe world.

i don't play like that.

do not disrespect me like that.

i have a feeling if there's amerge,

that old fang and newfang won't get along.

no pun intended,but sweet.

today a challenge showed kotais a strong,unified team.

i'm so happy to see that.

when it works like a charm inthe challenges,there's just nobetter feeling.

i think we need a table tosit down and have breakfast at.

has anyone thought about howwe want to split it up?

charlie had a great idea.

split it up,and each individualperson can eat their share whenthey want.

there are seven crowe saunts.

if someone doesn't want akrirks innabon.

the old kota members like me,marcus,

and charlie are alreadylike how are we going to dividethis.

so we tried to make it as fairas possible.

this should just be gravy.

what do you mean gravy?

extra.go with the original plan whichis cook dinner and,

you know,this is just-- .


that will give us one moremeal on the back.


that's a good idea.

i don't want to be hungrycome midnight.

dan,he has annoyed eb.

he's even annoyed me a littlebit.

this is so good.

i can't stop.

it feels so good when it hits mylips.

my best move might be to justkind of slowly distance myselffrom dan

as i bring myselfcloser to the original kota.

those pastries are good.

-good for it.
-if i take one bite,i onlyhave one and a half left.

it's a reward.there's no ration.

don't do that.

i knew that they wereprobably going to send me backto exile.

this is lame.why-- why--

why do i get to comeback here and...

eat fruit andeverybody is starving at mytribe,

and they're running outof food,and they don't haveanything but rice.

and i'm feeling really guilty.

i just feel bad knowing theyalready have the idol.

i actually gave ice the idol incase he needs it before tribal.

but we'll see if that happens.

i wouldn't mind getting somemore of the fruit.

this is my opinion.

today it's super mellow out.

tomorrow we're going to have abig day,

and it's probably goingto be super hot.

so we might as well geteverything done today,

get allthe canteens filled.

i don't know why you'restressing over it.

i'm not stressing.

yes,you are.

fang lost another challenge.

we needed that food because i'm,like,withering away,

and weonly have,like,three scoops ofrice.

crystal's reaction was huge.

she just,like,broke down intears.

personally i just think herpersonality suck.


i know.

like,seriously,just likesucks.

it's like a damper on the team.

like,you don't need to cry,right?

well,it's just a differentsort of cry than sugar's cry ismore-- measure.

emotional,i'm happy to behere.

crystal's cry is about oh,i'mbreaking down.


don't view my tears attoday's challenge as a sign ofweakness.

because it's far from that.

you and kelly view me as weaknow because i was crying?

not weak.

where did they go,up thehill or tree mail.


i hopethey don't put me in thesame category as g.c.,

someonewho wants to give up.

as soon as i came back to camp,i snapped out of my funk.

kelly hasn't had two words tosay to me and now she's going tofeel the wrath of crystal.

hey,how did you get here?

same way you got here.


are you feeling better?

yeah,y'all have already hadthe comforts of food.

you guys have had fish.

i've had a pinch of a freakingsardine.

you know what i'm saying?

but,like i tell you and like itell everybody else in my tribe,

don't mistake my tears as a signof weakness,

because at somepoint we all get depressed.

it's just that mine come outthrough my eyes,you know.

i mean,i think i can stillbattle with the best of them

andjust don't mistake it as a signof weakness,because it's not.

i'm fine now.

i definitely think crystalcrying in front of the kotatribe

and our tribe is a sign ofweakness.

you can take it each way.

she can explain it to us but shecan't explain it to the kotatribe.

for me it was the danish.

it just suction.

especially when you lose everytime.


a giant turtle.

a giant turtle.

not giant,but big enough.

hold on.

let me give you my shirt orsomething.

untie me and bring the boataround.

your hands are too important.hold on.

listen to me.i don't
want you to lose yourhand.

it doesn't matter.

we've got a turtle!

i was really excited because itwas
like winning a rewardchallenge,

except we did itourselves,so it
had that extrabit of joy to it.

- that is neat.
- you know how tocook that,right?

that's good size.

kill it and then crack
theshell,break it out,

and cut itin cubes and boil it.

go for it.

i'm excited about it.i think
it's going to tastegood.

have you ever had gumbo turtlesoup
here in the jungles ofafrica.

how cool that?it's going
to be delish iknow it.

that is so good.this is good.

i can't complain.

right now our kota tribe
isprobably at our highest high.

the fact that we caught a
turtlehas knocked us up 10 notches.

fang better watch out.

i love it.

come on in,guys.

we'll now bring in
sugar,returning from exile island.


all right,you guys ready
toget to today's challenge?

- yup.
- first things first.

you're hiding it back there,charlie.

once again,immunity is back upfor grabs.

for today's challenge,eep
tribewill divide into three pairs.

each pair will be
tetheredtogether by rope.

on my go,the first pair
willcrawl under a cargo net,

raceinto the jungle,and
navigate anobstacle

and retrieve twosections of
a flag pole,thenrace back.

then the next pair goes.

each leg of the challenge addsanother
obstacle,making it moredifficult.

first tribe to collect all
threepairs of flag pole pieces

andassemble it correctly winsimmunity.

safe at least one more day inthis game.

council,somebodygoing home.

make sense.

- yup.
- kota,you have oneextra member.

you're going to have to sitsomebody
out.who is it going to be?

- susie,you're going to sit thisone out.
- yup.

take a spot on the bench of ebelse,

i'll give you a minute topair
up and we'll get started.

here woo go,for immunity.

survivors ready?


bob and randy for kota
andicleyand sugar even fang.


kelly and sugar gettingthrough
the course quickly.

randy traging it for kota.

fang looking strong.

sugar against bob on the ropes.

who's going to have
the mostnimble fingers,

get that firstflag sections?

bob has their flag pole sectionsdown.

sugar has hers down!

gotta unclip and get back.

randy and bob heading out.

icley and sugar right behind.

let's go, got it!

bob and randy are backthrough
the crawl-through first.

come on!come on!

jeff: let's go,girls!what are you doing?

fang slowing down.

come on,you got it!

bob and randy with a bit
of aleave for kota now.

come on,come on!

gotta get back to themat
before the next pair can go.


icley and sugar are losing
atremendous amount of time forfang.

kelly is dragging.

all right!

charlie and corinnethrough
the crawl-through.

ace and crystal out
on thecourse for fang.

come on,baby.

jeff: kota now at the secondobstacle.

fang finishing up the first.

let's go.

jeff: carlly and corinne
makequick work of it.

crystal and ace trying to catchup.

come on.

let's go.

come on!

jeff: corinne winning
throughthe knotts for kota.

get out of the way.

jeff: corinne has the secondset
of flag pole piecesreleased.

ace trying to pick it up forfang.

ace has them undone.

gotta unclip.

oh,that is hurt!

jeff: charlie and corinnewith
a decent lead for kota.

come on!

all right,guys!

20 yards.

charlie and corinne
movingthrough the crawl.

ace and crystal have made
up alot of time for fang.

fang gaining on kota.

that lead is evaporating now.

corand i know charlie are back.

the final two for's dan and marcus.


the final two for fang.

matty and kenny.

matty throwing himself.

matty and kenny quickly
throughthe crawl-through.

come on!

you okay?come on.

dan and marcus at the
secondobstacle for kota.

matty and kenny right on theirtail.

dan and marcus now at the thirdobstacle.

matty and kenny right there.

they're going to pass kota
now,climbing over the obstacle.

matty and kenny have
overtakenmarcus and dan.

fang now in the lead.

matty and kenny unbelievable inthis leg.

kenny has the pieces
to the flagpole down.

dan has them down.

matty and kenny heading backwith the
final two pieces tothat flag pole.

dan and marcus right behind.

they're going on ton of thechallenge.

fang through first.

coat's right behind.

come on!come on!

jeff: fang still with thelead on kota.

we are neck and neck.

matty and kenny made up a lot oftime.

gotta get back to the mat.

then you can start work
workingon the flag pole.

get back,kenny,you gotta getback!


gotta untie all six pieces firstthen
you start working onassembling it.

this is where team work is
goingto win or lose this challenge.

kota working together very well.

get out of the way!

jeff: ace not wanting helpfrom anyone.

coming so close and
fang nowfalling behind.

ace trying to muscle it in.

all the pieces will interlock.

you don't need to forceanything.

kota quickly working together
onassembling their flag pole.

ace still struggling
to makesense of this.

jeff: kota wins immunity onceagain!

good job,guys!


jeff: kota,once againimmunity is yours.

kota,not much to say.

you continue to dominate in thisgame.

enjoy it.grab your
stuff.head back to camp.


jeff: and fang,once
again,tribal council.

all yours.

and if you continue to
play likeindividuals,

you'll be thereevery time.

tonight,one of the six of yougoing home.

you have the afternoon to figureout who it's
going to be.grab your stuff.head back to camp.

ice is a tyrant and a bullyand a lot
of people see ace as astrong competitor

but he's beenin our tribe for
three or fourchallenges now

and we haven't
- **********


the challenge waschallenging.

there were a couple of
peoplethat died right at the end.

i was expecting more fromicleyand
she really sort of peteredout.

she goes,it strengthens theteam,and i
think she's justirritating and really dumb.

icle's going home tonight.

it would be stupid not to sendher.

don't get mad at me when isay
this,but,if we-- if wemerge at nine.

- yeah.
- and we go into the last threeand it's going to be you,

sugar,and me,she can play
the idol,and i can leave,dude.

i think we should flush the idoltonight.

you and i and her,that's
toomuch of a risk.

why can't we play it tonight?

look at me.

- she can't play the idol,terrorist me.if it's us three
- trust me.


matty wanted to get the idol
outand i wanted to convey him

thathe doesn't have to worry
aboutthat to that extent.

although i don't want to
tellhim i have the idol,i do.

man,don't worry about the idol.

i promise you i'll take care ofit.

- all right.kelly.
- kelly.

the alliance is sound.

i would hope to trust matty.

sugar i pretty much trustcompletely.

i don't see any reason why
kennywouldn't go with what it is

and i think it makes
sense to gowith kelly.


why not?

because it's not going towork

why do you trust ace?who said di.

you went to talk to him inthe
woods.what did you ask him?


what did he say?

he said kelly.


i said i guess,that
sounds goodto me,dude.

i really want ace out ofhere.

you can't vote ace off.we
have to win immunity.

- have we won one yet sincehe's been here.
- no.

i don't know what's
goingthrough meat's head.

he's running and telling acegand
ace ain't telling himanything.

let's just start with this.


i'm still very leery of ace andsugar
because they are in analliance,

and kenny,myself,andmatty,we have to be
leery ofeverything that's going onaround us.

something suptonight.

- matty
- no,no.

- he's just rideing the fence.
- right now the safest best isto write down kelly.

ace is writing down kelly.

- matty is writing down kelly.
- matty is writing down kelly.

right now i'm really torn.i
really want ace out of here.

do we trust ace oracley?

i don't trust ace.

i don't trust ace.

crystal knows somethingsupand
she does not trust matty.

crystal is on to something.

you know what crystal told me?

she said,yeah,i'm worriedabout
matty because he'sflipping.

and i said we stick together.

all we have to know is kellygoes next.

that's all we have to know rightnow.

or blind side ace.

i made a promise that i can'tbreak.

but you can't trust somebodylike that.


he swore on his mother.

you have to think it over,matty,you
just can't takeanybody's word.

in order for you and
me to makethe merge,

we have to blindsideace and that's
a guaranteedmerge for you and me.

i don't trust ace at the at all.

sugar guilty with ace no matterwhat.

i had to talk to sugar
on aone-on-one base.

this game you see people
who arehonest and sweet,

and they gettheir heads
chopped off bypeople like-- ace.


so i figured,you know,maybe
wecould stick together.


- **********yeah,he has it.

- i know.
- oh,my god.

i know,huh.

are you crazy?

i was so shocked today whensugar told me
that she gave thehidden immunity idol to ace.

and i was like,"wait,what?

since you gave the idol to
acethat just shows that you he is--

he didn't ask for it.i gave it to him.

you just gave it to him onyour own will.

he didn't talk me out of
it,but i know ace say sneak.

year,he's very sleazy.

i just wanted to let you knowthey
took the idol out of yourbag--

i mean out of your jacketso you
don't think anybody elsehas it.

i don't think i need to playit,right?

- no.
- you're sure i'm good?

- yeah.
- okay,cool.

- all right.
- all right.

i told sugar always keep
theidol with you,you know.

in case something happens.

i just made sure that it's outof
ace's hands and back insugar's hands.

the deal with sugar and
theidol is she has it,

and i thinkit's quite possible sugar
thingsi've used ace to the extent ican.

i'm not worried in relation
tomy own regard at the moment.

i'm going in confident.that could
be the worst thingpossible opinion.

jeff: so,out of
10challenges,you have won two.

matty,what is the mood of thistribe?



there's something in our water.

there's something in our rice.

but i think we have a curse.

jeff: kelly,what's
your takeon this tribe?

we just can't come,like,asa
team,and just,like,worktogether.

jeff: i think kelly hit it onthe head.

what i saw today at thechallenge was a
group of peopleworking as individuals.

jeff,when it came to
puttingthe flag pole together,

ihonestly felt like ace wanted tobe
the person to put it alltogether.

"we have to try this.we
have to try this.

i'm like we can all piece thistogether.

ace durk think you wereall effective the we you
working at the end trying to put thatflag together?

no,we didn't come togetheras a group.

and i think i can apportiondefinitely a larger
percentageof the blame for how it wenttogether at thent.

crystal,would it befair
to give ace a vote,

simplybecause you thought you
knew howto do it,and you didn't.


surprise you,ace?

nothing surprises me
attribal council,honestly.

crystal,you've beenupset
at a lot of challenges.

tears have come out often.

do you think it's
starting tohave an impact.


some of my tribe mates
tend totake it as weakness,

and willvery well use
it against metonight.

kelly,you're noddingyour head.

i never said she was
weak,but when somebody cries,

it'slike,why are you crying?clearly
something is,like,you're just not stable.

you don't know where my
tearscome from.we're losing.

we're not eating.

we're not winning.

and if you don't understand thatyou won't
last too much longerin the game yourself.

and you took me crying one
timeas a sign of weakness.

- ***
- ***

well,i didn't say what thatyou were
weak,so you can takewhat you want.

next question,please.

jeff: kelly didn't say youwere
weak.kelly said you were unstable.

that was worse.

she didn't explain to us whyshe was
crying.ied is her afterwards if she wasokay--

you don't have to's understood.

and sometimes you don't have tohave
things written in black andwhite.

i'm not crying over doggonedanishes.

it gets frustrating,kelly,itreally does.

we've been down since game one.

you don't understand because
youcame from a winning situation.

i'm not banging her down.

i saw her cry.

i'm not the only one talkingabout
it,ace talked about it--

- before you try
- throwingpeople under the bus for noapparent reason

the only thing isaid about crystal was
iunderstood because it'sfrustrating losing

over and overagain so
it drives you up thewall.

jeff: kelly,the whole timeace was talking
you had a lookon your face like not true.

he is double talking and i'mso
annoyed i don't know how tosay it.

honestly,kelly,i would beimpressed if you
understood whati was saying half the time.

he always has to have thelast word.

it's disgusting.

jeff: matty,you seem one
ofthe few guys tonight

who mighthave reason to
actually not beworried.

there's no sort of semblanceor
logic in this tribe,though.

jeff: that must be maddeningwhen
you get to the vote.

there are so many people,tonight,it
feels like,that areon the chopping block.

it could be any one of us.

it really could be any
singleone of us tonight.

jeff: well,it sounds likeit's going to
be an is time to vote.

ace,you're up.

my dear,this has been a longtime coming.

hopefully,it happens tonight.

- forget you.
- go home.

jeff: i'll go tally thevotes.

if anybody has the hiddenimmunity
idol and you want toplay it,

now would be the timeto do so.

okay.once the votes are
read,thedecision is final.

the person voted out will beasked to
leave the tribalcouncil are immediately.

i'll read the votes.

first vote,kelly.


one vote kelly,one votecrystal.

kelly.two votes kelly,one votecrystal.

kelly.that's three votes
kelly,onevote crystal.

sixth person voted out ofgabon.

"kelly,that's four.that's enough.

you need to bring me your torch.

kelly,the tribe has spoken.

time for you to go.

jeff: well,tonight was
thefirst tribal council

that i sawsome true passion.

maybe that's what's beenmissing.

time will tell.grab your
torches.head back to camp.

good night.

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