Survivor (2000–…): Season 17, Episode 4 - This Camp is Cursed - full transcript

Overwhelming hunger and homesickness puts one Castaway's entire alliance in jeopardy.

at the immunity challenge,former fang member,randy,the videographer.

Randy score for kota.


Kota *****

By day 12,fang had hit an all-time low.

It was like we were legless chickens racing against sleeks weleses.

Face faced with voting out a strong member and a weak one,

they acted like they had a death wish and weakened their tribe again.


And ace lost one of his closest allies.

14 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight.

Someone needs to stop Clearway Law.
Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.

The whole tribal thing is a trip.





Is she here?

She's coming.

Right now?

I'm assuming.

Tribal didn't pan out the way I expected.

Jacquie got the boot,and now i'm sort of sitting a little high and dry.

I'm still here.

I know.

You truly never know what's gonna happen at those things.


I think they were scared about me having any strength in my alliance with jacquie.

Maybe now I will be able to pull off some sort of coupe de grace once again with sugar.

She's back from exile island.

One of sugar's biggest pluses is the fact

that she has the immunity idol tucked up her sleeve,

and I've got sugar in my pocket.



- Welcome back.
- Yeah.

So that means jacquie's gone.


That sucks.

My very first thought when I saw that it was the new fang tribe was,

yeah,I get to see jacquie and ace.

But instead,I saw kelly,and that was a big surprise.

I hate tribal council.

Suction a lot out of you,huh?

Luckily it was dark so maybe I could have hidden some of my disappointment.

Was exile island cool?

It was this time.

It wased in the sugar shack.

- It's a cool place?
- Yeah,it's not bad.

So the clue was pretty hard to find huh for the idol?

I don't know,I gave up after the first time.



It's called the sugar shack now.


She's been out to exile island the longest.

She's had plenty of time to look for the idol.

And I feel in my heart she has the idol.

So I gotta get rid of her.
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Season17 Episode04


There's another down there.

There are two,three,dude.

Oh,my god!

We're eating this morning.

All right!

We have,like,four really good sized ones here.

Oh,my god!

Look how big that one is!

So many fish.


That one right there.

It will shock you if you touch him.

Oh,damn,you're right!

In addition to the gill net,

bob checked traps and he had a shocking surprise which was literally this little fish.

He is about four inches long,

and every time you pick hip up he sends a little electric charge through your hand.

I felt it through my fingers.

That's it.

That was weird.


Dude,we got five.


Huge fish.


Man,that's a nice drag.

That was a big one.

Dan,myself,and susie got picked to be in this new kota tribe.

It's wonderful.

I can't believe it.

Gill net worked unreal.


Way,way better than fang.

So I have no kplants.


Kota welcomed the three fang members very fast into the tribes,

but if they had to vote somebody out right now,they'd vote theole fang people out.

But,you know,I'll work on them.

And they say to adapt,they mean to adapt,and this crusty old man can do it.



Everybody come here,everybody come here!

Be quiet!

Right there.

Right there.

There he is.

See him?


Look how big his tusks are.

I know.

That's crazy!

They could be like right in our camp

and we wouldn't be able to see them at night time.

That's crazy.

Look at him.

He's beautiful.

He's lifting up stuff so he can throw it.

Look at him!



Good luck,guys.

Don't get killed.

- We need you.
- Have fun.

This friggin' elephant in the jungle is tearing our camp,

and it's among us all day because we hear him all day

but you can't necessarily see him all the time.

And to actually see one and put the face to the noise,it's magnificent.

Oh,my god.

Brave boys.



Oh,he's going that way.

Seeing that elephant today really made me.

Step out of the game for a second.

It just makes you appreciate the simplicity of life and the pure things,

and it makes you appreciate gabon.

come on in,guys!

How's it going kota?


kota,getting your first look at the new fang tribe.

Jacquie voted out at the last tribal council.

They got rid of jackee.

We'll talk about it later.

A lot of reactions on kota.



Definitely,especially given her effort yesterday,so pretty shocking.

fang is once again a new tribe.

Sugar has joined the fang tribe,and the numbers are now even.

All right,you guys ready to get to today's challenge.

- Yeah.
- Yes,sir.

all right,for today's challenge,each tribe will start with a large pile of fruit.

On my go,you will toss the fruit to tribe members through the hold in tw walls

while members of the other tribe use wooden clubs and attempt to whack that fruit out of the airai.

Once a piece of fruit hits the ground,you can't pick it up.

The fruit will be weighed at the end,

and the tribe that manages to collect the most fruit at the end of five minutes wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing for.


you've been out here 13 days.

Your taste buds are screaming for something new.

Today's reward will satisfy that craving.

Your own herb garden.


that you can keep living and keep replenishing.

Also got some salt and oil.

In addition,whatever fruit you catch,yours to keep.

That's pret good,too.

worth playing for.


all right,I'll give you a minute to strategize and we'll get started.

On defense wielding the club for fang,we have crystal at the front net.

Ace at the back net.

For kota,bob is at the front net.

charlie is at the back net.

Here we go.

Survivors ready?


It's gotta go through the holes,and you have to catch it.

Danny catches one right away.

He gets denied by ace.

Come on!

Oh,my god!


Throw it high!


Matty's caught something.

High trees to fake out charlie,he does.

Kennyes that.

Fang first on the board!

Corinne with the left-handed toss gets denied.

Dan has another.

Gets it rejected right back to him.

- it's a showdown.
- Out of here!

kota has to figure out how to get by ace if they're going to score.

Matty has another for fang.

Another fake on charlie,and he gets it through again,and kenny catches it again.

Fang with an early lead.

Crystal,do not let anything through.

dan has two pieces of fruit.

Ace doing a great job with that club.

This is so fun.

different story for fang.

Matty is working charlie.

Another big matty-to-kenny connection.

That combination is giving fang a big lead right now.

Dan,throw two pieces at once.

dan has two pieces of fruit.

That one connects.

A little bana doesn't weigh much.

Dan connects with randy.

Thatta boy,darng perfect.

kota starting to get the hang of it now.

Fang continues to make connections with those smaller pieces of fruit.

Dan has half a watermelon and a pineapple.

Catches the half a watermelon.

That's a lot of weight.

Matty to kenny continues to work.

Two minutes left.

Big reception by randy!

Kota making a good comeback.

Got it!

huge pineapple caught by kenny.

Wait for dan,wait for dan!

Both baskets look pretty full.

45 seconds left.

We are neck and neck.

Dan has a watermelon and a pineapple.

Annihilates nais ais.

The good news sace,nothing got through.

We're in the final seconds of this challenge.

It is very close.

You need to make those last pieces of fruit count.

10 seconds left!


That's it!

Challenge is over!

Good job,guys.

Two at a time,that was awesome.

good effort.

Very close.

We'll start with fang.

We're going to weigh to see.

Who has the most weight.

16 pounds for fang.

Not bad.

Kota,you gotta have 16 pounds and an ounce.

You're at 10.

Kota just under 15 pounds.

Come on!


this is what you have left.

By two pounds,kota wins reward.

All right,kota,now you have another big decision to make.

Which member of fang are you sending to exile island.

We might as well have the mail forwarded there,because sugar's going again.

That's all right.

I've already named it the "sugar shack."

Dan,why sending sugar again pure strategy.


No,no,because we think if she find the idol,

she'd had to play it before the merge,

and we'd like it to get back into circulation.


I know you don't need the map.

You could probably show me where it is better.


Sugar will return in time for the next immunity challenge.

Fang,got nothing for you.

Grab your stuff,head back to camp.


Come get your reward.


g the plants are okay.

We're getting water for that.

We just got back from our reward challenge

with all of our new fruits and vegetables,

and so spirits are high around here,

but I feel bad for the fang members

because I know all they're eating is rice with no flavor,

and we have tons and tons of food here.

Life is good.

The rich are definitely getting richer here at kota.

All right,so,instead of the axis of evil,we now have the evil empire,guys.

And I think we need to keep our numbers and stick together once the merge comes.

I'm going to need all seven of you guys.

We're going to have--

our first couple of votes after the merge are going to have to be unanimous.

I'm an outspoken person and I tend to want to get people's adrenaline going.

It's a game where you can light a fire under people going up against,

you know,someone you can coin the "evil empire"

absolutely gives us more motivation to go in there and win,

and not win by a little.

Win lie a lot.

Once we get one or two out,they're going to crumble.

The next immunity challenge is the most important of the game.

I think everyone is on the same page about that.

I think the biggest issue with dan is he is so eager to express his undying,

complete and total devotion to the new kota tribe that no one believes him.

Us seven,as long as we win the immunity challenges,and us seven stick together,

we're always going to have the numbers on them.

On the flip side,susie is the opposite of dan.

She's so quiet that it makes you think

that she's not quite as on board about stuff that we've been talking about.

We're now focus on the next 48 hours,which is--


The most important part of this game right now.

I don't have the confidence that we get to the merge and these people have got my back.

Get your chunk.

Wait,wait,where's randy?


Randy,get up here!

Go ahead!

All right.

The challenge today was fun.

Once again,kota won,and did I kick ass or what?

My plan right now is just continue to win challenges,

and not rock the boat,and I will be kota quell yellow to the end.

When kota sent me to exile,they said it was for pure qom dee's sake,

which is hilarious because I was thinking the joke's on you.

Better than last time.

Everybody else in the game is tired and starving and stinky and dirty as all get-out,

and I am living high on the hog in eden all by myself with my own lake and fruit and comfort,

and i'm a very happy camper now.

I have the idol,and I'd have to be really dumb to get next.

But I definitely am happy and fat.

is that all the rice,that little bag right there?


There's about 13 grams of rice.

We can all have two grams.

Eat your rice.

Don't tell me to do nothing.

Eat your rice.


Don't tell me what to be doing out here.

Eat your rice.

Shut your mouth!

Playing with me won't be funny for too long.

I'll tell you that much.

I've been out here just a couple of weeks,

and it's way more difficult than I ever would have expected,

not only do you gotta win these challenges to live well out here.

You know,you gotta deal with these people day in and day out,24/7.

She's so annoying.

It definitely plays tricks with your head,you know what I mean?

And it's overwhelming at times.

It's hard,and I do question,you know,what am I doing?

Is g.c.Mad or something?

I don't know,I think so.

Like he misses home?

They're cracking at the edges upon.

The seams are going.

The argument comes out of northern.

I mean,it was brilliant.

I couldn't have planned it better.

I'm like these people are just going to implode.

I was just sitting back and enjoying it,you know.

I was like oh,good,finally something is going to happen.


You know,I've kind of had enough with these people here.

I need to just get back to real life because this game is--

I feel like it's-- it's changing me and it's not for the better.

I got to figure some things out.

We've got some mail.

Doesn't look so fun.

The gravity of the situation is you really need to score.

At least prevent the other tribe or tonight you will lose one more.

I think we're inside of this.

And he rolls down the hill.

Okay,well,whatever it is.


Today the challenge,I think our chances are slim.

This tribe is floating.

This tribe is all over the place.

People are starting to become affected big time by the elements out here.

G.c.'s losing it.

Crystal's bugging out.

It's all over the place.

It's a bunch of insanity.



We were about to go to the challenge and we couldn't find g.c..

Like,everybody was looking for him because we need our team there.

And he was off on his own,you know.


Are you serious?

We have to leave without him?




Hopefully he comes back in time,but he doesn't like being told what to do.

You know,that's just how he roles.

I think we're going to have to leave without him.

Dude,this is going to suck.

Want to all scream talt?



I'm like,yeah,they're using energy to yell right now.

I agree.

I'm not giving you any form of argument.

I'm personally getting fed up with g.c..

He just throws these tantrums and it's just upsetting to me and I'm--

I'm just getting fed up with the tantrums from a grown adult.


I'm not going to the dock yelling after a grown man.


Is he not hearing?





We need you.

come on in,guys!

We'll now bring in sugar,returning from exile island.

You guys ready to get to today's challenge?


first things first.

Dan,I will take back immunity.

Once again,immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,

one member from each tribe will throw a ball down a cliff through a series of obstacles

while a blindfolded member of the other tribe will use a shield

and attempt to block that ball with the aid of a caller.

Your goal-- get your ball past the defender and into a goal scoring points for your tribe.

The goals represent different point values,five being the highest.

The tribe with the most points at the end of five rounds is safe from tribal council.

Losers,you know what that means.

Fifth person will be voted out of this game and they will come from your tribe.

We'll get started.

All right,here we go!

The defender for fang is ace.

The caller is sugar.

The defender for kota is dan.

The caller is randy.

First two throwers,come up.

Charlie and matty.

Grab your ball and head up.

Your goal is to launch this ball past the defender.

Defender's job,stop it from going in the goal.

Dan and randy,you are stopping the red ball.

Ace and sugar,stopping the yellow ball.


Dan,15 yards right.


kota scores two.

Let it go!


fang scores five.

Good job!

bit of a learning curve down there.

Don't get discouraged.

Sugar are you going to come lead me back or am I just going to stand here.

fang takes a big lead,5-2.

the next two tlorz head up.

Susie throwing for kota,g.c.

For fang.


20 right,right.




Forward a little!


it blows right past ace.

dan stops his.


kota scores two more points!

You did that perfectly,perfectly.

ace embarrassed.

I can't see anything.

You have to talk.

I know.

What's happening?

Nothing's happening right now.

no,not right this second,I can hear that.

What's happening with the course.


with that,kota closes the gap.

They're now down by one,5-4.

Next tw tlorz.

It's marcus throwing for kota kelly throwing for fang.


Dan 20 right,dan 20 right,dan 20 right.



the balls cross each other,and dan stopdz his own ball.

Fang scores two more points.

All right kelly!

All right,kel.

dan stopped his own tribe's ball.

We're doing good,ace,good job,buddy.

poor communication for kota.

Just tell me to get out of the way.

that mistake cost kota.

Next two throwers,it's corinne for kota,crystal for fang.


15 right,15 right.



kota slips right past ace.

are you okay?

dan catches fang.

Kota's is going to fall in.

It does!

Kota scores two.

Fang's lead down to a single point.

What happened?

Shield in the face.

ace took a shield into the face.

All right,here we go.

Next two throwers.

Here's where we stand.

This is the fifth and final round.

Fang has seven.

Kota has six.

One throw left.

It's bob for kota.

Kenny for fang.

This challenge is coming down to a single throw.

I'm on it.


20 right,20 right,20 right!

Right there!

Right there!

You got it!

dan stops fang.


randy pulls a fast one on ace,and that will do it!

Kota scores.

Kota wins immunity.

Nice work.

Great job randy.

Where are you?


kota,once again immunity is yours.

And,fang,once again,a date with me at tribal council.

This will be the fifth tribal council.

You've been my guest at four of them.

All right,guys.

Grab your stuff.

Head back to camp.

Good job,you guys.

We lost another immunity challenge today.

This is going to be our fourth time visiting tribal council tonight,

and nobody's looking forward to it.

This camp is cursed.


I've noticed.






I want to get back on my grind and focus on what's going to make me happy,man.


It's all good.

Just trust me.

You ask to leave this game,man,and people pounce on that.




That's bull.

I don't want to hear that.

I don't want to hear it.

Does he think we're going to be like,"please stay,please stay."

If you want to go,go.

I'm not kissing ass for "oh,please stay."

What do we do now?

If that's what he wants,that's what he wants.

I'm voting for g.c.,habdz down.

We elected him leader,he quit at that.

He quit at the challenges,and now he wants to quit the game.

To meas he's a loser.

I have no respect for people like that that just want to quit.


Being out here starving is a mind game in itself.


So that's where I stand.





He's going home tonight.



We're voting out g.c..

I trust you.

You're paying attention.



Letting them stroi themselves is very pleasurable to watch.

Not this time,but at a certain point,I might call upon you to use the idol.

You haven't told kbrb have you?

no,nobody knows.


Have you hid the idol?

Yeah,it's in my bag.

But nobody thinks I have it.

Nobody is going in there.






What's that?



Let me see.

It can't be that small.

You're not looking!

Keep a lookout.

Otherwise we'll get in trouble.

She has it.

I knew she had it.

I knew she had it-- That's why she's so confident.


I feel like tonight's the only night to blindside her.


Tonight is the only night to blindside her.


That's the-- she is the most dangerous person right now in this game.

So now,we all know that sugar has the hidden immunity idol,

and it really changes things because nobody really wants to keep g.c.Here longer,

but right now,erb's scared of that idol.

Dude,I don't have time for quitters,

but the idol,that's,like,more intense.


let's talk about the wear and tear so far.

Ace,are you starting to notice the impact of being out here for 15 days now?

A little bit.

I can see it when,you know,people are running out of belt loops,and,you know,

things that were tight before are suddenly falling off.

So,yeah,you can notice it,really.

g.c.,the belt loop's got to be referring to you.

Yeah,it's definitely hard.

Not eating.

You know,the type of food that you're used to eating.

It definitely takes a toll on you physically and mentally.

But more than the material things,you start to think what's more important to you.

Is it staying oit here and starving

and dealing with personalities and losing challenges and--

it's definitely hard when you just think about,

you know,how much you could just love to be with your family and your friends,

you know,and-- and how often you take it for granted.

sugar,have you heard g.c.Talking about home?

I've only spent this afternoon with everybody,

so I really-- I know that he's feeling like he wants to go soon.

- And...
- like he wants to go soon?

Like go home?


So,g.c.,you've talked about going home.

I-- you know,I haven't had the easiest life,man.

And I've suffered all growing up and just being out here,it's like.

I'm kind of done suffering,you know what I mean?

I realize what's important to me.

but I definitely feel like,you know,it's-- it's hard.

and right on cue,sugar you're crying.

Well,I think we all feel this way.

We all Miss home and everything.

We are all being nasty,sometimes.

Like,it's weird turning on people,

and I don't think any of us like that too much.



Probably hardest on our psyche than physically.

matty,tough to hear a tribemate talking about wanting to go home

because it's going to affect all of you in one way

or another if you're out here long enough.

You know what?

There's just just-- there's no quitting.

You can't give yourself that option.

Even though you're hurting right now,that's the answer.

You cannot give yourself that option.

sugar,let's talk about your experience out here.

You've spent more time on exile than you have at the kota or the fang camp.

How concerned are you that I'm clearly somebody

that might be going home because I don't even know anybody?


I kind of feel like it could be me.

I am the one that knows the least about these people and they know the least about me.

So it could just as easily be me tonight,so I brought my bag.

kenny,is it a little frustrating that sugar keeps getting sent to exile?

There's something extremely valuable out there.

Yeah,I'm sure it comes to everybody's mind

that maybe she found it,but nobody knows,unless she's told people.

But it is very frustrating.

so what kind of strategy,sugar,goes through your mind,

whether you have the idol or not.

Do I let them know I have the idol?

Do I convince them I don't have the idol.

Nobody really asked me if I had the idol,actually.

does that strike you as odd?

no,considering you're allowed to go through people's bags,

so,no,it doesn't surprise me.

you think your bag has been gone throughor you don't know?

I don't know.

do you keep your bag with you?


I keep it out where anybody can go through it,if you wantf they want.

crystal,crazy to leave your bag out,or crazy smart?

Crazy to leave your bag out.

sugar,do you really,truly not care if people know you have the idol?

Maybe there's a sense of power in knowing that,you know,

somebody has the idol,

and maybe you don't want to vote against them because they might use it to vote you out.

all right,it is time to vote.

Sugar,you're up.

I'm only voting for you because you want to go home

and i'll really sorry because I think you're a really cool person.

My vote is for kelly because I had to vote for somebody.

I'll go tally the votes.

if anybody has the hidden immunity idol and you want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

Okay,once the votes are read.

The decision is final.

The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,g.c..

G.c.,two votes g.c..


Two votes g.c.,one vote kelly.


Three votes g.c..

Fifth person voted out of gabon," g.c.

That's four.

That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

G.c.,the tribe has spoken.

you dpis have endured a rot in your first 15 days.

One thing is for certain,

you are going to have to dig deep if you're going to last in this game.

Grab your torches and head back to camp.

Good night.

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Next time on survivor...

I just don't know who would be my potential benedict arnold.


I made a pact with ace.

- Deal?
- Deal.



This is going to be the start of a great run for me.

I have complete supremmacy.

Drive one.*******

I just gave up.

Call it what you want.

The backstabbing and the lying,that's the part I really didn't agree with.

I never expected it to be this hard.

The vote for kelly was the throway vote.

She was the one who I connected with the least.