Survivor (2000–…): Season 16, Episode 8 - A Lost Puppy Dog - full transcript

Girl Power transpires when a few of the women from one tribe devise a plan to target the strong men.



All right

The *******


******one more minute.

Then kacy

On next**************

I found the idol!

And *********

Which was

There we go,baby!

I guess********




I don't ***********



Tracy**** one,

there is ******

I think********



And tracy******home.



I hate Tribal Council.



I feel********

I feel************



I feel*************


Honestly,I didn't even think
it was a huge deal that...

that there's a leader
of the group or whatever.

I don't see myself as,like,
the leader of this tribe.

Since we all do...

our part.

It's not like there's people that slack off.



I really********

I just******opinions

and lot of********

Even though***************


Season 16 Episode 08

Keep going.


Big ass one...

Big ass one...

Get him!

Come on!

Go in there!

Nice work.

All right.

This will give a girl a heart attack.

That was fun this morning.

Ozzy's like,"did you guys get anything?

No,not really,t juseight crabs.

You guys did awesome!

We're the crab warriors.

That's crazy!


Give me some shuga.

It's just that Tribal Council
last night was kind of...


Well,don't let it get to you yet.

I just didn't see myself as
like the leader of the tribe.


Who cares about that stuff.
Don't worry about that.


I don't.

Like,last night,tracy was trying everything
in her power to get you to get voted off.

She was coming to me.She was coming to cirie.

She was,like,trying everything.

Who cares.

I stopped anything crazy from happening.



Trace sesneaky.

It's not that big of a deal,you know.

It didn't happen and it's not going
to happen,so don't worry about it.


This morning,ami ended up telling me that

she was approached by tracy
and asked to vote for me,

but she said,you know,
that she wasn't going to do that.

She's on my side.

You're not in any danger.

Like,let it go.

It's just tribal council
last night was kind of like--

I'm not leaving you.

Ami is a little too adamant about that.

As much as she says she's on my side,
I'm starting to get uneasy feelings.

I was***********

I was dreaming about pizza.********

- Lumpy on top.
- Yeah.

I just don't want another coconut.

I just don'T.

What is that*******


It's a rat.

The rats**********

It's awful.

I wish*****

Come on.*******

Scare him *******

Oh,my god!

You got him!

Oh,my god!Oh,my god!Oh,my god!Oh,
my god!Oh,my god!Oh,my god!

- James!
- What.

He got a rat!

I cannot believe you caught a rat.

Oh,poor guy.

Let's shish kebab.

There's nothing on him,though,really.

I think I'm going to feel
a little bad eating the rat.

He's a small guy.

There's not much meat on there,
but out here we're in the bush,

and it's survival of the fittest.

Year,I'm going to dig into the rat.

We'll stick a secure in him and cook him up.

Nobody has eaten a rat since
the first season of survivor.

so,It's kind of cool.

I'll be able to bring that tradition back.

Look at the tail.It's so yuk.

I bet the tail is delicious.

- Have you ever had a rat before?
- Never.

I *********


I hate this island.

The island is so nasty.

Yeah,I'm done.

I'm so done being dirty.

This is a nightmare.

I want to go home.With the lagoon.

I want to go home to malakal.

Remember ********


You can't go in that.

Peopeye wouldn't go in that.

You would die.


This is*******

On the*******

This island sucks.

There's nothing but rock.

You don't have enough beach area.

You can't go anywhere.

There's nothing.

It's pretty much a bear land.

You could live on malakal.

Over here,this is where
they bring the criminals.

I just want to go back to amanda.

I want to go back.

I want to go back to amanda and cirie and oz.

This suction.

The original malakal alliance was supposed
to be myself,moobd parvati,ozzy,and cirie.

Over here it's just parvati and I.

I'm at my wit's end.

I don't ******


- Are you nervous?
- No.

Not now.

And if we can make it back to the merge,fine.

Alexis ********

Ami ********

That would suck.

At this point,six people are left in this tribe,

so we need a very solid four
to go into the merge.

So me and james are really going to have
to pull in two more people,you know,

in order to remain in a strong
position in this tribe.

This is how i came into this game,
to play in stages.

Like,the first stage was,clearly,before the
mix-up when it was fans versus favorites

and just to get through that,
the first couple of votes.

And then we have the mix-up.

So we have to play through this
segment to get to the merge.

I just feel like i would feel safe
if it was you and alexis,

me and james locked up at four,a block of four.


I will work with you.


I think that james we can still win immunity.

I think with james we're fine until the merge.

And then once we get to the merge,

all of the targets are going
to be on the big guys.

We're going to be able to slip under

because everyone is going to be so threatened
by the big guys trying to get them out.

Ozzy and james are probably going
to be the first to go.

I'm down.

I wouldn't see anything wrong with it
being you,me and amanda final four.

- *****
- You know.

I'm not going to win against ozzy,and
I'm not going to win against james.

There's no way.

I love them.

I love having them around but i don't
want to go up against them at the end.

I might just go ahead and pull
in alexis and natalie

and take them with me and amanda to the four.

Everyone else.

they're dead to me.

Oh,my god.

Choose one player from the malakal tribe
to sit out today's immunity challenge.

The person you choose will
be sent to exile island,

but they won't be returned to their tribe camp

before tonight's tribal council
with individual immunity.

Tonight's tribal council with individual immunity?

This individual's immunity is good
for tonight's tribal council only.

Circle their name on this parchment,
seal it in the envelope,

and present it to jeff at the challenge.

- Tracy was voted out.
- Yeah.

We just got tree mail and found out
we have an immunity challenge today,

which is kind of shocking because we just
had an immunity challenge yesterday.

We had to pick one member of the malakal
tribe to sit out of today's challenge

and to get individual immunity
at tonight's tribal council.

This is huge.

Whose name do you think they'll be circling?

Individual immunity is good for
tonight's tribal council only.

Circle their name and seal the envelope
and present it to jeff at the challenge.

Then we got this.

Like,hanging like this.

And this piece says.

life here is like a balancing act.

With the other tribe trying to knock you down.


Win this one,you're safe tonight,and
it will be your tribe who's choug down.

I think whoever wins the immunity
challenge gets to go to a feast

and the other tribe has to go to tribal council.

- Not both.Not both.
- Right,right.

So-- Who do we want to sit out?

Whoever is their best balancer.

If we go to tribal council tonight
and I don't have immunity,I'm dead.

I am hoping so much that i get some form
of immunity here and survive this tribal council.


Come on in,guys!

Airai,getting your first look
at the new malakal tribe.

Tracy voted out at the last tribal council.

- Guys ready to get to it.
- Yeah.

This morning in tree mail,
you were instructed to select one member

from the other tribe to sit out
of today's immunity challenge.

This person will not participate.

Instead,they will go to exile
island with individual immunity.

Here's what that means-- if their tribe loses
and they have to go to tribal council,

they cannot be votedly out.

That immunity is good only for
tonight's tribal council.

Only if your tribe goes to tribal council.

- Make sense?
- Yup.

- You guys both made your selections?
- Yup.

I'll come get them.

To sit out of today's challenge,
airai selected ozzy.

To sit out of the challenge,malakal
selected-- originally it was james.

They changed it to alexis.

Ami,tell me about that.

Why the change of heart?

She seems like she could balance,and
it seemed like it was about balance,

so we decided to get rid of alexis.

Alexis,ozzy,get your stuff.Boat's waiting on you.

Right down there.

All right,you guys ready to
get to today's challenge?

How about what you're playing for?

How about first you give me immunity back?

How about that?

Once again,immunity is back up for grabs.

On my "go," one tribe member at a time will
attempt to navigate an obstacle course

while members of the other tribe attempt to
knock you off by swinging heavy canvas bags.

When you reach the end,you'll grab a flag,
try to make your way back.

If you fall off at any point along the way,

you have to make your way back to the start
and the next person goes.

First tribe to collect five flags wins.

- Want to know what you're playing for?
- Definitely n-.Yeah!

Winning tribe,immunity.

In addition,pizza and beer delivered to your camp.

Oh,my god!Pizza.

Worth playing for?

Airai,you have one extra
member sitting somebody out.

Who is it going to be?

I'll sit out.

Parvati,take a spot on the bench.

The rest of you,
I'll give you a minute to strategize.

We'll get started.

All right,here we go.

Running the course for airai,eliza and jason,
swinging the bags,natalie and james.

For malakal,running the course,erik and amanda.

Swinging the bags,ami and cirie.

For immunity and reward
in the form of pizza and beer.

Survivors ready is there go!

Erik leaps across the stepping stones,makes
his way across the barrel,missing the bags.

James tries to hit him,just misses.

Erik and jason both across
the first part of this course.

You've got to get all the way back.

While missing the bags,james launches and
hits erik on the head but it's not enough.

Erik hanging on.Almost falls off but doesn'T.
Nice save!

Jason's across for airai with one.

Erik's across.

Eliza falls.

Amanda falls off for malakal.

Erik once again leaps across the stepping stones.

Nobody having any luck with the bags yet.

Erik working the balance beam.He eludes the bags.

Jason coming back with the second flag for airai.

You're tied 1-1.

Come oerik,you got it.

Jason having no trouble.Airai now leads 2-1.

Erik coming back with that second flag.


Erik back with the second flag
for malakal,we're tied,2-2.

Amanda hanging on.

Eliza falls off.

She's got to head back.

Amanda with a nice save.

Amanda trying to tippy toe around that barrel.

Amanda takes a hard hit and survives.

Amanda's halfway there.

Get him,get him!

Jason right behind her.We are tied,2-2.

Come oamanda!

Amanda back at the balance beam.

Bags being tossed.

Jalz aiming for amanda.Just misses.

Cirie just misses on jason.

Amanda slow going.

But no trouble for jason.

Good job,amanda!

Amanda's across.We're tied 3-3.

Erik leaps again.

Eliza's there.

Eliza's got it.

Good job,girl,good job.

We are tied 3-3,neck and neck.

Erik across the barrels across the beam,
just misses a bag from natalie.

Eliza heading back with
that fourth flag for airai.

Get her!Get her!

Eliza back with the fourth flag.

Gotta get across the stepping stones.

Airai leads 4-3.

Erik across,we're tied 4-4.

One flag left for both tribes.

Erik takes a hard hit.He's out.

Come on,amanda!

Erik smashed hard against the platform.

Amanda falls off.

Get him,ami!

Jason all the way to the other
end of the course,no trouble.

You've got to knock jason off.

Erik's going to go ainga.

It's not going to matter.

Jason with that fifth and final flag for airai.

Pizza and beer!

Airai wins immunity and reward!

Oh,my god!

Airai,for the fourth straight time,immunity.

All right!

No tribal council tonight,
nobody going home from this tribe.

Pizza and beer delivered to
your camp this afternoon.

Malakal,here's what's going to happen-- ozzy will
return to your camp before tribal council.

He cannot be voted for,which means one of
the four of you are going home tonight.

Grab your stuff.I'll see you at tribal.

Are you guys okay?

Who took that really hard fall?


Why wheredid you hit?

My chest.

- Are you okay?
- No.

- Let's see.
- That hurt like crazy.

That challenge today was rough.

I mean,that was tough without ozzy there today.

I tried my damnedest because that was my last
real attempt,i think,they could have.

But it was not happening.

It hurts.

I'm not going to lie.

That was pretty bad.

I think erik is a genuine good person.

I really wish we would have won today
because I would have loved to see erik stay,

but I don't see any way out for him right noW.

I don't see any way out for him.


Good job,team!

*******We've been talking about pizza.

Our dreams paid off.


Thank you.

I definitely say I was

I think i brought back four of the
five flags,and i had a great time.

But right now,i definitely feel scared
about my position over here.

Luckily,I hold the hidden immunity idol,
but other than that,you know,

i can't really count on any alliances,
and,you know,

I'm just going to have to compete
at 110% at every challenge

or it could be the end of the game for me.

Good job on that challenge.
You were great.Good job.

Jason and eliza pretty much tore up
that course and we won.

I think they both kind of know they'rone the
outs so they both gave it their all

at this challenge,and they saved each other.

And I am so happy.

I don't think I'll be having
rat for dinner tonighT.

Pita party!Pizza.

Oh,my god!

- Pass the beer over!
- Oh,yeah!We've got pizza!

Thank you!

Well,our pizza delivery boat pulled up,

and we had four pitas

and we also got a little basket with garlic
bread and a bucket of beer and ice.

We're just-- we're in heaven right now.

Can't stop smiling.

I want that one.

I'm so happy.

Oh,my god.I don't-- i can't do that,I'm sorry.


No,don't pull.Give me that.

Maybe there's an opener in here.

- Oh,thank you.
- Cheers.

Cheers.How amazing is this?

Today was a great day.

So we're right here.

The fourth clue basically says that.

It's back on this island?

Well,I'm not sure.

I spent hours searching this part of the beach,

- but the fourth clue says
- Go back to the beginning.

It's under a rock.

I'm back at exile with alexis and I have
the hidden immunity idol all right

but I'm here and so I want to find out
if someone else found the immunity idol,

the fake one,that is.

I feel like we're digging for buried treasure.

Maybe this other little rout cropping over here.


This is over your head.

See,that's what i was thinking,
a tree or something like that.

Someone's taken the bait!


Someone has taken my fake hidden immunity idol.

I don't know who.

But it's gone.

It's not here.

Who's it gonna be?

Who is gonna be tricked by yaudz -- ozzy?


Why can't we win?

I never lost so many times in my life.

It's time*****.

But at the same time,.*******

He's competitive,man.

I still remember when he dropped
me on my freaking head.

Like,he's different in challenges than he is here.

- Oh,definitely.
- You know what I'm saying?

I want to stay in this game very badly.

I've seen so many seasons of this show.

It's killing me right now that I'm this
close to maybe making the next level,

making the next set of alliances that can
lead me to the end of this game.

I feel like I'm on my last legs,though.

I mean,all the fans are dead in this tribe.

All the favorites have the control
but I'm trying to work with what I have,

and I'm pretty desperate right now.

I got********

How billion do you guys trust ami?

How well do you guys trust ami?

I don't know,why?

Because she's been trying to get something
together with airai since probably joel left.

And when chet was here,she wanted to
go with us to vote one of you guys.

And then when it was just tracy,me,and her,

she tried to sway one of you guys,
and that didn't happen.

So tracy left.

She's told me about different
alliances that you guys have had.

She said she was part of yau-man's alliance,
and she said she had nowhere to go

and that's why she came to me and chet and tracy.

I really don't want to hurt her.
I like ami a lot.

I like ami a lot.

She's such a good person.

- But this isn't about people anymore.
- Right.

This is about the game.

And I want you guys to know,
if you decide ami,I'll be in with that.


It's ********

You don't know who to trust here.

You have erik fighting for his life
who will say anything right now,

who will sell his soul to the devil to stay.

And then you have ami who is proven time
and time again that she can't be trusted --

that i can't trust her.

I'm trying to save my neck here.

So that's why.

i do.whatever.

That's all i have.

Take it,leave it,lies,whatever but
that's everything that I've heard.

See,the problem is,i don't trust ami,
but I don't trust erik,either.

So my dilemma is who do I trust the least?

Are you *******

Trying to.

I *********.so...

I don't********


I would*********

So i was walking down the beach

and I came back to camp and there's
erik just spilling the beans,

just going out about every single thing
that's gone down since the swap.

I don't feel like I've done
anything to hurt you,have you?

I've stuck by you 100%.And always will.


- He's trying everything in his mind
- No,I understand.I know.

- And I don't blame him.
- No,neither do i.

If i vote either,erik or ami it's going
to be risky either way.

Erik probably still has his alliance with
the fans,and if they could get eliza,

that could be a problem.

But it's the same thing with ami.

She could grab eliza and go with jason,natalie,

and alexis and cause problems.

So I don't know.

Just with all the skittishness and all the--

Well,you guys,i was the last one,period,

to even be,like,talked to
about being with you guys.

You guys never even asked me.

We thought you were with eliza--

- *******
- I know,why would we then?

Since them,you guys have never
come together and really said,

okay,ami,we want you to be really a part
of this and totally into this,like,

we're watching your back,no matter what.

I want to stick with you guys the whole way
and feel like I'm part of you guys.


But nobody has really said,hey,aim,
we want to fight with you.

- Well,we want to fight with you.
- Okay,thanks.

We don't know erik like we know ami.

We know we can't trust ami,

and it's almost better with the def iil you
know rather than the devil you don't know.

I feel like we should have
a group hug or something.


I owe********

We just had a really good talk.

That's what I wanted,yeah.

That's not what you wanted.

- That's not what i wanted,but.
- Right.


and I******


of them now.

- And so you
- Well opening that up to them.

- Yeah.
- Thank you.

Thank you.

No problem.

Things are looking pretty bad,
and I still think they're looking pretty bad.

I don't want to give up.

I don't want to admit defeat,
but it's so hard to keep going.

We'll also have to see what ozzy has to
say when he comes back from exile.

I definitely want to talk to
ozzy about the future.

I definitely want to ask him about
how he feels with his alliance

and how he feels about taking me with him?

How'd it go?

We lost.

- No way!Are you serious?
- Yeah.

I tried my best and...

amanda tried her best,but we lost.

I wanted*********


and I ********


How well******

I came back kpr exile,
and as soon as i jumped off the boat,

there was erik looking like a lost puppy dog.

He came right up to me and said,

I know it's a long shot,but I've got
to tell you something about ami.

Ami was trying to do something
with me,tracy,and chet.

And had it was down to tracey and me,

she was trying to sway either
cirie or amanda to do whatever.

- So you're being totally honest that
- Yes.


- Did ami try and get me out?
- Yes


I'm going to write down ami tonight.
I just want you to know that.


And I would like you to help me as a
fellow competitor to stay in this game.


The way i play this game,as soon as someone
makes a move against me,that's it.

I'm going to do whatever i can
to get them out fast i can.

And that's what ami did.

Erik,on the other hand,given the
opportunity,he will prove trustworthy,

and I'm willing to take that exphans that risk.

What do you******

I know******

He gave*******

That makes sense,but.

- but i still think that ami
- We can't trust ami at all.

- Well
- You know what I found out from erik?

Ami was trong tyi get me out.

Ami's a lying little snot.

Who can we trust more,though?


I don't think so.

You think ami--

At least we know what ami is
capable of and what she's here--

how she's here to play.

Erik is more dangerous than he appears.

So is ami.

I don't know.

Four times in a row.

Cirie,you're clearly the
inferior tribe at this point.

It's horrible.

We just can't figure out why we keep losing.

And it sucks around camp for moral for us.

Erik,interesting situation you're in right now.

Because the last three people
voted off have been fans.

There's only one fan left.

I know.

I understand that the fans have
been going,one after another,

and I understand that I could be the one tonight.

I mean,i feel hopeless.

A week ago,i was happy,and to have
it go this way,it baffles me.

Ozzy,looks to me like it's favorites
versus fans still,in a lot of ways.

Yeah,alliances were made to people
that you feel the most trust,

and that's how we came to be
a tribe in the beginning.

The favorites.

But all of a sudden,the game gets in the way,

and the favorites that mifl they're at
the bottom of the pecking order --

might feel they're at the bottom of the
pecking order start playing the fans,

start playing both sides of the spectrum,

and that's when it starts
getting a little bit funky.

And I'm starting to realize that certain
things are not what they seem.

Ami,you're tearing up.

Well,i obviously know ozzy is
talking about me right now.

Why would you think that?

Because i know erik has been all day long saying

how I've been playing both sides and all of that.

To be honest,the day that the fans
arrived,ami said,"i need some help.

You guys are numbers.

" Yeah,I could have gone with
those guys the first vote.

Could have,it would have been easy.

We had the numbers to do it.

And I didn'T.

It's just now that finally
i feel like I'm part of the tribe,

you're telling me that,

whatever I don't trust her,
i don't believe her.

How have we ever made you feel you're
not part of we've always been together.

We've always had the plan to try
to be as strong as possible.

I haven't always felt I'm part of the tribe.

You go off and make decisions
that you don't ask me about.


The first few times you made the
decisions,you didn't include me.

You made the decisions.

I just want to know were you gunning for
me with tracey and erik or were you not?

There is no way I would have ever voted
for you with tracy and erik,ever.

I was giving them hope and letting
them have a good,peaceful camp,

and there is no way I would have ever
voted for you,ever,ozzy.

The only way I would vote for you is
to win the million dollars,period.

Cirie,take me through the dilemma.

It's easy to keep with what you've been doing

and get rid of the next fan and we
still have four favorites together.

Now aim sein question.

How do you mack a decision on which way
to go because it's a huge vote?

I think all the favorites have
a mutual respect for each other,

and,you know,it's like the home team.

You don't want the visitors to come
in and win the game.

I think you just have to
go with your gut feeling,

what you believe and what
you're not going to believe.

Amanda,take me through the part of
that that wants to believe ami.

Maybe ami is telling the truth.

I think ami is,honestly,a really good person.

We've gotten close.

We've been a tribe for 20-some days now,
and I want to believe what she's saying.

Ozzy,give me your take on whose happening here.

God,i really want to trust ami.

I really do.

And I feel like I have for the most part,
for the whole entire game.

It just kills me that he says he wants to.

I can't believe that he doesn'T.

Clearly,tonight's vote is about
one simple quality-- trust.

Erik,why should they believe your story?

I have no other option.

I feel like I'm backed up against the wall,

is and i said,you know what?

The truth is fine.

And I i have to tell it in hopes
they would see that and say,

yeah,aim senot trustworthy or aim sea
threat to the tribe's well-being

or to us as individuals after the merge.

That's all I have.

That's all i have to give is that.

Ami,why should this tribe believe your story?

I'm going to set aside all the past of where
I've voted and what I've done and all that.

They know where I'm coming from.

The biggest thing is my heart is in this.

I want to fight for this tribe.

I want to stick together.

I don't want to go out now.

We have stoch more that we can conquer together.

I want to fight as hard as
i can in every challenge.

I've looked you in the eyes,
and you know you can trust me.

I know you know it.

I know you know it without words.

And I know you do,too.

Erik is a really good guy.

He's doing the best he can.

I have everything invested in this.

I want to keep parvati in.

I want to keep james in.

I even want to keep eliza in.

I want to be here.

I swear I'll give you everything I have.

It's time to get to the vote.

Ozzy has immunity for
tonight's tribal council only

because he did not participate in the challenge.

Everybody else is fair game.

It is time to vote.


U I don't even know what to say erik.

You're a good guy.

Ami,you're an awesome,awesome woman.

I'm sorry it had to come to this.

What can I say?

This game's hell.

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has the hidden immunity idol
and you want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

Okay,once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked to leave
the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,ami.

Erik.One vote ami,one vote erik.

Ami.Two votes ami,one vote erik.

Eighth person voted out of "survivor:
Fans vs.Favorites," ami.

That's three.That's enough.
You need to bring me your torch.

You're gonna have so much fun.

You guys better start winning.


The tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Good luu,yockguys.

Well,tonight's vote seems
to speak to the idea that

sometimes you've got to listen
to your gut and act on it.

Clearly,that is what you guys did tonight.

Grab your torches,head back to camp.

Good night.

Next time on "survivor":

- You are merged!
- We merged!

I'm ready to go beyond fans versus favorites.

Alex has to go.

I think a bit of jealousy is coming into play.

Oh,my god!

It's not the idol.

Tts idol.

It's not the idol.

Why do you say that.

- Because that can't be the idol.
- Why not?

Because it's just a stick.