Survivor (2000–…): Season 16, Episode 7 - Like a Wide-Eyed Kid in the Candy Store! - full transcript

After the reward challenge, one castaway is torn between staying true to their tribe or going home to their loved ones.









The new*****





I found the idol.


Do your job now,buddy.


There we go,baby!


- Help me,help me!
- Cirie is losing it.

Airai has if!

When the new malakal lost
their third challenge in a row,

Chet volunteered to be voted out,

Expat tribal council erik
received two throw-away voteses


and chet got the rest


leaving two fans, Tracy
and erik,on ozzy's tribe.

13 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

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Anybody check the eggs this morning?

I did.There wasn't any.

I bet we should cut it open right now.

It's only laid two eggs right now.

Let's kill it right now.

The chicken issue. Come ogirls.

I think tracy started
it for some reason.

I'm going to blame it on tracy.

We have three chickens that
lay three eggs almost every day.




No. It's not going to happen.

It doesn't matter. It doesn't
matter the way this game works.

It's three weeks,three chickens.

Tracy is breeding a lot
of insecurity around camp.

Of course,she's trying to play the game.

She's trying to scramble to save
her own asis,but we don't need that.

Look at this,crabs.

We have massive crabs.

There's plenty of other
food. We have to just get it.

Ozzy is in control of this tribe.

He's like the kingpin.

He tells you what you can and can't do.

He tells you when you're going to eat.

He cooks the food and then we have
to wait until ozzy says,"eat it."

It's crazy. It's just crazy.

Ozzy is going to win this thing if
we don't get him out of this game.
proudly presents

Season016 Episode07

We've been on a rain streak.

I was attacked by skeeters.

I just want to get clean.

Another day in the lap of luxury.

How do we do it? Ladies?

They complain about the rain.

But they didn't get wet
because we were in the cave.

I mean,it could be
like it was before--

Outside,under a bush,getting
pummeled by this rain.

I bet nothing can capture the true
essence of the stench in this bunk.

And how filthy we are are right now.

Deal with the funk.

Ouldn't have smelled better than before.

Just relax. We're not
going to be here forever.

This is a game called can the survivor."

I don't even see where there's a...

- Sign of hope?
- No.

Is my face just dirty?

This is just the stupidest
thing i did in my life.

Just probably just because i'm crabby.

I'm not a morning opinion.

The moods out here are you're on one day and
feeling good,and the next day it's just all crap.

Today,this morning,it's a crap day.

Could we just get a
day of sunshine,please!

Wash and dry our clothes.

Oh,my god.

Thinking of home and my
washer and dryer and food

and my daughter and my husband and...

It's going to make me cry.

It's going to make me want to be there.

Nope,still here. Damn!

Ozzy is amazing.

I honestly like ozzy.

He's an awesome guy,and i want to learn.

I want to grow.

I want to go outside the
small scope that i've lived in

and just see a lot more of the world,

And everybody thinks ozzy
is,look,the wonder kid,or whatever.

And i'm like,i can do that.

I can climb a coconut tree,too.

Some of them look like they're stable,b
then you pull it,and they'll pull right off.

When you grab the green palm
frond,give it a little test.

Erik and ozzy are like the "lion king."

The father,when he was teaching the
cub,and you can just see,like,stars.

Whenever he says ozzy's
name,like,stardust comes out of his mouth.

Erik is just like,"ozzy..."

A couple of more steps
and that you are there.


Good job,dude.

They're bonding right now.

Oh,my god.

Yes! Gouf got good nuts now.

I think if ozzy was to propose
marriage to erik right now,done deal.

Um,i want to move the boat.


It makes way more sense
to have it on that side.

It will be fast.

They asked me to help move
the boat to the back beach.

We better be able to
get back,i know that.

Before it's sundown.

Everybody knows there's no
secret i'm not a strong swimmer,

But being a team player,you think you
can get more fish on the back beach,

I'll help you row to the back beach.

When we get way out in the middle
of nowhere,and ozzy decides,

"well,the reef is right there.

Come on,we can geteally
big fish at the reef."

I'm nervous as hell.

I've never been that far out in
the ocean in a little wooden boat.

We're not that far from shore,guys.

We're not.Look.

It's right there.

I swear,this is where I come myself.

Nothing's gonna happen.

Don't worry.

Just trust me for a little bit.

There could be a giant clam out there
that will feed us for the rest of the time.

Maybe there will be a pearl in there
i can give cirie for paddling out here.

Ozzy is about numero
uno,and that's oscar.


Oh,you're unhappy!

They'll have this little reef adventure at
my expense today,but it won't happen again.

Come on in,guys!

Airai getting your first
look at the new malakal tribe.

Chet voted out at the
last tribal council.

Guys ready to get to today's challenge?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

This is a traditional
microneegz money stone.

For years,these stones were
the currency in micronesia.

The larger the stone,the more value.

Today they're a part of your challenge.

For today's challenge,four
of you will be blindfolded.

The other two tribe members will
use verbal direction to guide you

As you push a giant monmoney
stone through the jungle course.

Along the way,you will crush
the tiles at four stations

revealing a pair of
smaller money stones.

You'll then use those eight stones
to solve a rotating cog puzzle.

First tribe to get it right wins reward.

- Want to know what you're playing for?
- Yeah.

Close your eyes and imagine you're
under a beautiful refreshing waterfall.


And you're cleaning your
body,and you're washing your hair.

that's your reward.

It is the herbal
essence great escape spa.

The winning tribe will
be taken to an island.

You'll have plenty of products.
You can wash up,get clean.

When you're finished,i a nice
little snack toound out the day.

- Worth playing for?
- Absolutely.

In addition,the winning tribe will send one
member from the losing tribe to exile island.

You will also choose somebody,again,from
your own tribe to join them.

Airai you have one extra member.

Who is going to sit this one out?

I am.

All right,natalie,take a spot over here.

Give the rest of you
a minute to strategize.

We'll get started.

All right,here we go.

For reward,survivors ready?


Come oguys,come on,come
on,come on! Keep going.

Follow my voice,follow my
voice. Keep coming straight.

Keep coming,keep coming,keep coming.

Come on,straight,straight.

To your left,to your
left. The other way!

That's right

Cirie,it's backwards,right,right,right.
Stop!Come across!

Malakal is through their first tile.

Keep going. Okay,you're at the thing.

You have to pivot left a little.

Straight,keep going!
Keep going.Straight.

You broke the stone.

Airai through the first tile.

They have their first money stone.

To your left--
no,i'm sorry,right.

To your left,to your left.

Back up.

Right,right,keep going,keep going!

Straight over it this way!

Got it,got it!

Malakal smashes their second tile.

Perfect,perfect! Straight.

Another you broke it.

Airai smashes their second tile.

Over here! Come on n-come on!

Stop! Come forward.


malakal lined up for their
third tile and they have it.

Over here!

One tile left to break before
you start working on that puzzle.

Come straight towards
me,straight toward me.

It didn't break. It
didn't break.Back it up.

Which way do we move it now?

Shut up and listen!

Pivot right,pivot right.

Come straight through,come
straight through.

Airai smashes their third tile.

Turn to your right a little more.

Straight across,right now!

Cirie not messing around.

They're straight through.
Malakal has all eight.

Start working on the puzzle.

Three people.

Okay,you're almost at the last
one guys. Keep coming straight.

Perfect. You should be able
to come straight through.

Yes n-good jock,good job.

Airai has their eighth
and final money stone.

Start working on the puzzle.



This pusle will only go together one way

that does not mean
certain pieces won't fit in

And appear to be right
and still be wrong.


It is trial and error.

I don't think you force it that way.

James hoping it's in the right spot.

This one prit here. Right here!

making much progress.

That's it,that's.

Malakal thinks they're getting closer.

We need one more. Do we got it.

We got it!

Malakal thinks they have it.

Malakal wins reward!


Thank you.

Mice big reward coming your way.

First things first,choosing somebody
from airai to go to exile island.


Jason,you're going back to exile island.

Now,malakal,you have to choose somebody
from your own tribe to go to exile island,

Which means they will
not go on the spa reward.

Can you take one for the team?


Oh,god. I'm going to exile.

All right,tracy.

Jason,get your stuff.

The boat's waiting on you.

Airai,got nothing for you. Grab
your stuff.Head back to camp.

Malakal,come get your stuff.
The boat is waiting for you.



It was so fun tow see erik.

For one,he was experiencing reward for
the first time since he's been here.

I'm so happy right now.

It was really cool.

I mean,he's like a wide-eyed
kid in a candy store.

It made me feel proud that we were able to win
and bring him in and let him experience this.

That was nice.

What is that?

I think that's our shower right there.

You want to go shower?

I'll come scrub your back
when you're halfway through.

Oh,my gosh.

Ami,come on!

Oh,my god!

Everyone,get naked.

My goodness.

I looked over and saw a
couple of pair of boobs,

and ozzy's head smack dab in the middle.

The only thing funnier was
erik drooling from the side.

Hey,to each his own.

If you feel free like
that,then by all means,get free.

I just wouldn't do it.


This is as perfect as i
could have ever hoped for.

It's a freaking

It came out of nowhere.

It's completely different.

You watch this show at home,and
when they show the rain,

they show it for,like,30 second.

They're not showing that you're
standing in the rain or trying to sleep

While you're being rained on for
five,six hours straight,nonstop.

We had to stand out there and james
went out in the rain and cut a clam,

And we had to sit around and eat
a raw clam because there's no fire,

And you're all just digging in it
with your hands like you're animals.

You okay if i put a little on my lemon.

It's disgusting.

And it's full of sand,and
it's full of dirt.

And the coconut you're cleaning falls
on the ground,but you don't care.

You just put it back
in because it's food.

And it's just
savagery. It's--

It's like you're caved men. You know.

Never in a million years
would i ever do this twice.

Is it scary in there?

It just rained and it rained,and
we crawled way down into the cave.

And it's miserable.

And it's awful. And it's dirty.

And you don't even know
what's dead and crawling--

We sleep in the caves with bats
and rats and crawley things.

It's hard to explain that
experience that it's just--

It's just so uncomfortable.
It's so unpleasant.

And i said it myself the other day this is
the stupidest thing i've ever done in my life.

This is the dumbest
thing i've ever done.

When i woke thup morning,i
hadn't gotten any sleep.

Again,we were in the cave.

It rained all night,and i was
looking for some kind of strength,

and i couldn't find it.

I was thinking of put
something wood on the beach,

But i don't know how high
the tide will come in.

I can have one more hug,one more?

I need one more hug to
get me through the day.

I'm just so out of it,james.

It's okay.

Everybody has their day.

You know,i was trying to
send-- it sounds so stupid--

I was trying to send,like,vibes
to my daughter,maddie.

You know,"can you hear
me? You can feel me?

I need your help.

Of i need your help to help me
through this because i can't do this.

And i couldn't-- i
couldn't feel her.

I can't feel my family.

I don't know what it is,but
i'm just downward spiraling

And i can't take another minute i can't.

I can't.

I know it's sunny,it's
beautiful,it's like ooh! But i can't.

I can't be here one more
minute. I can't take it.

And iust want you guys to be
okay and not hate me for it.

I just can't take it
one more minute,i can't.

- You have to be 100%
sure- - i'm 100% sure.

I can't. I can't do it anymore.

Not to make light of how you're
feeling,but we all feel like that today.

We're all going bananas.

And i'm not trying to make light
of what's going on in your head.

It's a tough day.

It's just a hard day.

- Let's walk in the sun a little bit.
- Come here,come here.

- Iment to go now.
- It's okay.

I want them to come and
get a boat and pick me up

And take me away because i
can't do this anymore. I can't.

- I tried so hard.
- I know,sweetie,i know.

- I tried so hard.
- I know.

Last night was a horrible night,and i think
it just took its told on-- Toll on kathy.

Kathy just really got in her head today.

Everything compiled and
built up one upon another,

and she's just severely depressed.

Iust want to go.

She just came up to us
on the beach,baulg,crying,

And told us she can't take another day
out here and she has to go. She's done.

She's quitting the game.


So,well,i got word that you wanted
to see me. You've had enough.

What's going on?

- It's 19 days you've been out here.
- I know.

Let me come over-- let
me just come over here.

I kind of,um...

Sat on the boat for a while today,and i--
i couldn't feel my family. You know.And...

I'm never leaving my baby girl or husband
again ever for this amount of time ever again.

So what is it that-- you've
had a tough time out here.

You've had-- you've had as tough as
anybody with all the time on exile.

But you weathered all that.

So you want to leave,you're leaving.

There's no-- i'm not here
to talk you into staying.

- That's for sure.
- Right.

I just want to understand it.

It was doing it everybody else.

Doing it for my husband.

Doing it for my sister who wants
to live vicariously through me.

I don't want to hurt these people.

So i want to stay to help them this is
like the first decision i've made that is,

Like,for me,you know,because i
don't want to let anybody down.

I don't want anybody to hate me.

I don't want anybody to
think that i'm quitting.

This adventure means different
things to different people.

It represents different
things to different people.

You certainly have given it your best.


And all's going to be okay.

- Ready to get out of here?
- I am.

Let's get your stuff.


- I'm sorry,guys.
- Don't apologize.

I'm sorry.

You know,kathy's been through a lot,and most
of it is she lost most of her motivation,

So what's the point of
going through the suffering.

It was nice to get to know
you these last couple of days.

She just said she's had
enough and she's quitting.

Which is sad,but it's up to her.

You can't fault her. You
can't be upset with her.

Hope she has a good trip,and
i'm sure i'll see her again.

So the airai is down to six.

In spite of winning challenges.

Game continues.

See you soon.


Kathy leaving,it's sad,but at
the same time,life goes on here,

And there's a reality to the
fact that the sun is going down,

And we haven't had water in three days,

And we haven't had a cooked
meal because we haven't had fire.

So "survivor" continues
for the rest of us.

I think you got a dose
of who oscar really is.

With the boat ride

i'm starting to see that.

He's kind of arrogant.

You think?

Kind of bothering me.

Amanda got to see how there's
a selfish,arrogant part to ozzy.

It's so sad. Very sad.

And if i got that out
of the trip,then,okay,

I can suck it up because there was a benefit to
it,letting her see,you know ozzy is about ozzy.

I don't know,like,i've
been trying to figure out

If people really think ozzy is the best
thing in the world Or if they're just playing.

Did you hear erik?

"oh,my god,if he wasn't here we'd die."

It's like,"shut up,erik."

How can we vote erik,though?
How many of us is it?

Because ozzy is not going to vote erik.

He's kind of in love
with erik right now.

They climbed that coconut tree.

He just worships the
ground that he walks on.

He'll never get rid of erik.

I think it's the best move to make.

To get rid of erik?


Ozzy's not going to do it.

We just have to let him think
he's in complete control.

You know what i'm saying?

Come on in,guys.

Malakal,getting your first
look at the new airai tribe.

Kathy has left the game.

- Kathy?
- What?

We'll bring jason and
tracy in from exile.

I'll explain what happened.


let me kitchen everybody
up on what's going on.

Yesterday,kathy sent word that
she wanted out of the game.

I went over to airai's camp.

She said,i've had enough. I need to go."

We packed up her belongings. She quit.

Both tribes at six.

- All right,you guys ready to get to today's immunity challenge?
- Yeah.

First things first,give it up,eliza.

Once again,immunity
is back up for grabs.

On my "go," one member of each tribe
will race across a floating bridge

carrying one end of a piece of rope.

When you reach the platform,you'll
clip the rope into large puzzle piece,

And then hang on as the rest of
the tribe will crank a giant Winch

holding you and the
puzzle piece back to shore.

Once you have collected
all five puzzle pieces,

Two tribe members will unfold the bundle

And use the pieces to form a puzzle
in the form of a perfect square.

- Make sense?
- Yeah.

I'll give you a chance to
strategize and we'll get started.

Eliza and ozzy first off.

Here we go for
immunity,survivors ready? Go!

Come on,ozzy!

You got it eliza!

Come on,ozzy!


Ozzy first to the puzzle
piece. Eliza right there.



Help it off!Help it off!

Airai taking a long time to get going.

Ozzy's back with the puzzle piece.

Next person going!

Ozzy's going to go again.

Airai lost a lot of
time right off the bat.

Next person.

Jason now for airai.

Come on,jason!

Come on,ozzy!

Ozzy at the second
bundle of puzzle pieces.

Ozzy with a big lead for malakal.

Jason struggling.

Erik! Go next.

Erik on the course.

Malakal has three bundles left.


Jason now getting a ride back
with airai's second bundle.

Erik struggling on the bridge.

Airai now making up some time.

Erik reaches the platform.

Parvati on the course.

- Come on,parv!
- You got it,girl!

We are tied,two bundles each.

Parvati struggling on the bridge.

Good job,parv! Keep it up,girl!

Erik back with the third
puzzle piece for malakal.

Only two puzzle pieces left.

- You got it,girl.
- Almost there!

Ozzy having no trouble on this bridge.

Parvati reaches the
end. She's clipped in.

Parvati now being dragged in.

Ozzy reaches the end
of the platform quickly.

There you go!

Ozzy like he's on a boogie board.

Ozzy's going to go again.

Malakal with their fourth puzzle piece.

Parvati back with the third
puzzle piece for airai.

Natalie heading out on the course.

Malakal leads 4-3.

You got it,nat!

Come on,ozzy!

Ozzy heads out for that fifth and
final puzzle piece for malakal.

Natalie losing a lot of time for airai.

Ozzy's coming back with
that fifth and final piece.

Natalie's at the
platform and clipped in.

Hold on!

Malakal pulling him back.

Ozzy really working
it like it's a board.

Malakal has all five pieces. Go!

- Two puzzle makers.
- Go,go,go!

Amanda and cirie start working
on the puzzle for malakal.

Eliza heads out for that fifth
and final puzzle piece per airai.

Malakal already working on
that puzzle with a big lead.

This puzzle will form a perfect square.


Eliza clips in to the fifth
puzzle piece for airai.

The quicker you get started,the
faster you will finish.

Eliza back with the final piece!


Jason and eliza going
to work on the puzzle.

Amanda and cirie working
on the puzzle for malakal.

Immunity on the line.

You guys are doing great!

These pieces are heavy,going
to be hard to move.

Jason and eliza still untying.

It's okay,guys,get them untied.

We have them untied. We
just need to get them out.

Malakal with a big lead already
starting to work on this puzzle.

Eliza and jason have all
five of their pieces untied.

They're starting to work on the puzzle.

Right there. Push that one over,amanda!

Amanda and cirie now
starting to struggle a bit.

Jason and eliza have a different strategy,spreading
all the piss out,looking for patterns.

Help her pull this one!
Help her pull this one!

Cirie and amanda really slowing down.

Eliza and jason starting
to make progress.

There you go.

Turn it,turn it! Right here,right here.

That one might be the center.

Sirry and amanda taking their time.

Eliza and jason trying to shove
one last piece in. It will fit?

Is it right?

Airai wins immunity!

Airai,category-- congratulations,immunity
is yours once again.

For the third straight time,airai
wins immunity,safe from tribal council.

Malakal,tribal council tonight.

Where one of you is going home.

Grab your stuff. See thru.

Airai,head out. Nice job.

Hey,oz,i'm sor sorry about the puzzle.

I feel like crap about it.

It was so easy.

That's all right.

None of us are going home.

Yeah,but which one of them?

We need to keep erik.

So then who do we choose?

I think it just makes more sense...

Ozzy is wanting erik to stay because he's
got a good relationship going with erik,

But i just feel like i
can work more with tracy.

She's more into the game,and being third
or fourth among stirry,ozzy,And amanda

is something that's
definitely always on my mind.

Could i betray him if
it comes down to that?

Sometimes you have to pull the
dirty cards it stay in the game.

Let me tell you what's has gone.

The girls want to get rid of erik.

Ozzy wants to get rid of you.

- It was his idea to send you to exile.
- I know.

And,so if we can get ozzy to vote for
you and us three girls to vote for,

Uh,erik,then you,me,and erik can vote
for ozzy and get ozzy out of here.

The plan that tracey
and i talked about is

talk amanda and cirie into voting for
erik, Which they want to do anyway.

Tell them that i'll vote with them.

Go for that. We all three
say we're voting for erik.

Ozzy doesn't know and
doesn't want to vote for erik

And he'll vote for tracy thinking
we're all going to vote for tracy.

Well,underneath all of
that,tracy,erik,And i

are going to vote for ozzy,and
just take ozzy out at the knees.


I'm writing Ozzy's name down.

I'm writing Ozzy's name down.

You are?

You're next after me.
If you think you are.

In order to pull off voting
out ozzy at this point,

We have to either pull
in cirie and amanda.

If this doesn't work
out,i have to vote tracy.

If i voted ozzy with
tracy,they would flip out

and i would be so
done,whatever came next.

Well,i know ozzy wants me.

But i'd like to stay.

And you gotta think right
now what you're going to do.

Would you rather go up against me or
would you rather go up against ozziy?

Would you rather go up against erik
or would you rather go up against me?

I'm willing to vote erik

as long as you two say that that's good.

So you're voting
erik,right,because of--

Well,yeah. Are you?

Do you think that's the best decision?

I'm just nervous about what ozzy might have
planned on the other side with erik and those girls.

If i was definitely set on
wanting erik out tonight,

He'd be gone tonight. I guarantee you.

But i don't know at this point if i
will be able to turn on ozzy or not.

If i go against ozzy,then i can pretty
much kiss that relationship good-bye.

I mean,there are so many people
that you have to vote out.

You're going to hurt someone's
feel-ings in this game.

It's inevitable.

Who's it gonna be,lazies?

Don't look at me!

If cirie and amanda don't vote with me,

There's a whole other
path that could be taken.

I'm kind of going both
ways in my head still.

Am i going to take ozzy out,or am i
going to stick with these people that

I've known from the beginning
and vote out one of the fans?

Tonight's decision is
a very big decision.

It could change the
game in a serious way.

Let's get straight to it.

This tribe is,obviously,in trouble.

You've lost three straight
immunity challenges.

The only reason you're even halfway
in it is because of odd circumstances.

Penner having to be medically
pulled out of the game.

And kathy deciding to quit.

Tracy,who is leading this tribe?


Ozzy is leading this tribe.

I mean,ozzy was the first one
that looked at me and said,,,

You need to go to exile
island for the tribe."

Ozzy tells us who is going to compete,

When you're going to eat,and
what you're going to eat.

Ozzy,you had a big reaction which
tracy said you're the leader.

It's ridiculous.

If i'm the leader of this
tribe,i haven't known about it.

I do what needs to get
done at certain times,

But i really don't feel like
i'm the leader of the tribe.

And i definitely don't feel like
i'm deciding who eats what when.

That doesn't make any sense
and doesn't jibe with me at all.

Cirie,somebody has to be leading
the tribe to one degree or another.

In a way i kind of see
where trace secoming from.

I'm not saying ozzy is
the leader of the tribe,

But just about 90% of
everything that we do,

everyone checks with ozzy first.

Erik,do you see what everybody's
talking about,the dynamics right now?

There's a conflict going on.

There's a conflictn this tribe
and,i mean,i understand ozzy's point.

Nobody wants to be the leader,but
things need to get done.

Things need to happen,and he's
doing so much for this tribe.

If he was gone,we would fall
apart faster than we are right now.

Ami,there are two different approaches
this tribe could take right now.

Short-term thinking,which
is we need to win challenges.

Long-term thinking is,i need to start getting
rid of people who could beat me in this game.

Take me down that line.

Well,you always have to be looking
out for which one of these people

Is going to be the biggest threat to me

And when's the best
time to get rid of them.

And you have to play your cards
when it makes the most sense.

Ozzy,when you hear ami talking about
getting rid of the people more threatening,

make you a little concerned?

Oh,yeah it does.

I'm not that naive t think
that people don't want me gone

even if they need me to win challenges.

I'm still going to give it my all,

And i'm still going to be loyal to the people
that i've said i'm going to be loyal to.

Nothing's going to change that.

So if i'm a threat and
people want to get rid of me,

You know,that's one strategy.

But the other strategy is they can be with
me and we can try to go to the end together.

Racy,why keep you tonight?

I think i'd be a better tribe member
than somebody's that's going to

demolish you if you go to the merge.

And i think that's that needs to be a
thought all these people need to think about.

I would be less of a threat
than ozzy to ami,to amanda,

To cirie than ozzy.

It's just as simple as thap.

It's plaque and white. There's no gray.

All right,let's get to it.

It is time to vote.

Amanda,you're up.

You said you were
honest,and that's bull.

This is because you wanted me out.

Good player. No hard feelings.

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has the hidden immunity idol and
you want to play it,now wouldn't time to do so.

Okay. Once the votes are
read,the decision is final.

The fortune voted out will be asked to
leave the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,tracy.

Ozzy. One vote traisy,one vote ozzy.


Two votes tracy,one vote ozzy.


That's three votes tracy,one vote ozzy.

Seventh person voted out of requested
survivor: fans versus favorites," tracy.

That's four,that's enough. You
need to bring me your torch.

Tracy,the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Billion,tonight's vote was
big for one simple reason--

You gotta start winning some challenges.

Hopefully you made the right choice.

Grab your torches. Head back to camp.

Good night.

Next time on"survivor":

Ami and cirie go on the war path.

On airai, parvati makes new friends

You and alexis, me
and amanda final four.

And the injuries continue to pile up.

Erik takes a hard hit. He's out!
proudly presents

Going up against the
favorites was quite difficult.

Ozzy's a wonderful player in this game.He
is manipulative and he is strategic.

He will definitely take
the rest of the tribe down.

They need to get rid of him A.S.A.P.
Or else they don't stand a chance.