Survivor (2000–…): Season 16, Episode 9 - I'm in Such a Hot Pickle! - full transcript

After the tribes merge, the Fans are outnumbered by the Favorites.

Previously on "survivor":

On day one,james and parvati and amanda and ozzy

joined together to form a powerful alliance.

-And later,ozzy found the hidden immunity idol.
-I found the idol.

And replaced it with a fake one which afs decoy and was discovered by jason.


I guess this is the hidden immunity idol.

Having the idol put ozzy and his alliance in control of the game.

But their control was short-lived.

Drop your buffs,we are switching tribes.

A tribe switch blurred the line between fans and favorites.

At the new airai,parvati formed a side alliance with natalie and alexis.

I hope amanda will be down for that when i get back with her.

At malakal,ami told the fans that she would join with them in voting out ozzy.

-I'm giving all my trust to you right now.
-All right.

Take care of me.

I'm really sticking my neck out there you guys.

But erik ratted her out.

-Did ami try to get me out.

At tribal council,ami desperately tried to defend her.

I want to be here.I swear,I'll give you everything i have.

In the end,they didn't believe her.

Eighth person voted out of "survivor: Fans versus favorites.

" Good luck,you guys.

10 are left.Who will be voted out tonight.


It was just,like,I couldn't believe what she said.

The thing was,she dug her own grave.--Ami.

Here you go.

Tonight at tribal council was hard.

I would have never voted for ami ever if she had just been honest with me,

and that'S...that's a key in this game.

You can't be playing all the sides like that.

If she had just stuck with me,she'd still be in this game,and erik would be gone.

Ion't understand how she didn't feel part of our group.

How the hell am I still here today.

I have no idea.

I feel like I'm in this house that keeps falling down and somehow I'm,like,

making my way through it as it's breaking apart.

Oh,my god.

This is the first time the favorites have kept a fan and voted out one of their own.

It feels insane.



This tribal council tonight set a definite precedent

on fans versus favorites in this game.

It's kind of like all bet are off.

It's kind of every man for himself at this point.

Survivor 16 Episode09





You know that we have severely pissed off half,

at least half the jury,I mean,really pissed them off.

Strangely enough I think my closest ally at this point is jason

because we're both kind of on the outs with our tribe.

We both also love this game,and i think we both annoy people.

I'm not going to lie.

I think that that kind of unites us,too.





Oh,my god.

Jason told me that he had the hidden immunity idol.

I mean,oh,my god.It's just crazy.

That puts nu a really good position.

Jason having the hidden immunity idol

means that it's a good alliance for me to have,

and hopefully,we can take it to the end.

And there is tree mail.

Malakal,clkt all of your personal and tribal possessions

that you may need to survive for the duration of this game.

And make your way to the location designate on the map immediately.

You will receive instructions when you get there.

Oh,my god.

We're leaving.

We're merging.

Yeah,i think we're merging.

-"Immediately" means right now.
-Oh,all right,all right.

A merge would be highly beneficial for me

because i would think I would have more of a shot at this game

because there's more players now on the board to choose from as opposed to malakal

which is now four,and those odds aren't very good to survive.

If you want to bring somebody in or if i want to bring somebody in,

-I'll tell you and amanda.

-I owe it to you guys 100%.
-Cool,thank you.

-And I'll be straight up with you the whole time.
-That's fine.

One thing that did come out of last night is rather than be in opposition to ozzy,

one of the most powerful players in the game,

I'm now allied with him in some kind of,like,zookeeper bond.

I'm more the monkey and he's the zookeeper now because i owe him my life now.

It makes total sense.

-Just play it straight up with somebody that you know.

Airai,make your way to the location designated on the map immediately.

Merge feast

Get the heck off this island.

**************To play the game.

It's going to get so messy right now.

This is the thing.I think no matter what...

we trust each other and have each other's back

I'm unwaveringly loyal

And i will If I could rely on the four of us.

Oi me god,i am in such a hot pickle right now.

I have made an alliance with my original tribe of ozzy,james,cirie,and amanda.

And the second alliance that i got myself into is me,alexis,natalie,and amanda.

Soy feel like i have the numbers on my side,no matter what,

but I have a decision to make,you know,down the road.

-Off to the races,my ladies,off to the races.

The game has really begun,i feel like,if parvati

more of an alliance to her origin feels group,

then natalie and I will be out,and,you know,that's the game.

But I think right now we're certainly banking on the fact

that it's not really expansion favorites anymore.

Oh,my gosh.

Glad to see you.

I'm so glad to see you.

Your hair is so fresh.


This is the worst merge i could possibly imagine.

I was really expecting to see that erik was voted out

and instead it was ami who was probably my closest ally

and closest friend in this game,

so I feel really alone right now and I'm heartbroken that she's not here.

Let's eat.Let's eat.

But I'm trying to stay positive and

act like i'm having fun and try and fit in with the group.

Tribe,today is cause for celebration.

You are merged.

You will spend the night here to eat,drink,and embrace your new tribe.

you must decide on a new tribe name,paint your new tribe flag,

and decide on which of your former tribe beaches you wish to live.



Re we' All merged,and we have to decide what camp to go to.

No question,malakal,all the way.

We have everything you need.

I'm kind of mad we had to take everything down

and we're just going back,

but,i mean,I'm so glad we're going back.



I didn't know what was going on.

There was a bowl of bat in the middle of our table.

And james-- of course,james--reaches in and grabs a bat

and throws it on his plate and start choug on a bat.

I guess it's a micronesian thing I don't know.

James,it's,like wet.

You have wet bat in your hand right now.

I mean,how can you get a chance to eat a bat.

It's one of those things you have to try,and it was good.

It was like a juicy rabbit.

I'll probably eat another one.

I was thinking of a tribe name,like the name for good here is dabu.

So we can do dabu.

I like dabu.


-Our new tribe.
-Good times.With dabu.

I told everybody dabu means good in micronesian,

but really I pretty much made it up.

I love that nch thinks erik looked up micronesian.

Hell,no,i department look up micronesian.

I just wanted to name the tribe something funny.

-I like dabu.
-I like dabu,too.

Does everyone want to agree to just enjoy this and then we're back to the game.

-Take time and,boom.

I would like that.

When you merge two tribes,all of a sudden,it becomes a much more interpersonal game.

Your alliances become very fuzzy because at this point,

it's 10 individual people that you now have to survive another 17 days with

and it kind of becomes more who do you get along with.


I flipped out.

I was like,"oh,my god." I was so happy.

It was basically my doing.

I'm ready to go beyond fans versus favorites.

I'm ready to look past that whole thing and

really understand the-- the-- I mean,i like you a lot.

You know,I had are gat time with ozzy out on exile,and i am a fan,you knoW.

So I was just kind of excited to come out here and get to know him.

And I felt like it was very genuine from both sides.

I really do think you deserve to be here,

and I would rather have you here than somebody else.

-you smell good

I know alexis likes ozzy,

but me and ozzy have been doing this together for 22 days now,

and she just comes in and makes herself all comfortable,

and,yeah,it bothers me a little bit.

Home.Sweet home.

It's good to be back.

It's good to be here.

Oh,my god.The malakal beach.Heaven.

Look how scenic this is.

I feel like I'm in the land of milk and honey oaf here

because they have this huge open space where they have their day shelter,

and they have a huge cave where,like,people can hang out if it rains.

It's ridiculous how nice it is here.

A little siesta in the shade.

It's going to be a little hard getting used to seeing these new folks

just grabbing stuff and picking.

It's like people coming into your house

and picking up the remote and turning the channel.

I mean,granted,we're all one happy team now.

-So,we'll all just have to get along.

-You guys got a spear,too.
-Yeah,we've got two.


-Actually,I've been waiting all game for you to teach me.

-No,but i mean-- i'm a good diver.

Jason is a big fan of mine,

but he probably believes that he can do it all better,

and he probably wants to prove himself to me or to the world.

And he's going to prove himself or he's not.

But going to exile,i found out,someone has taken my planted idol.

Most likely,it's jason.

To me,I think he's the only one who would have had the opportunity to look,

who hasn't been voted out.

So,i think that jason walking around with my fake hidden immunity idol is a pufl thing.

I think it's poetry in the making.

I brought the hidden immunity idol with me from airai.

So right now I'm kind of just walking around,

skopg out areas where i think,you know,i might hide it.

The sooner i can get it out of my bag,the more comfortable I'll feel.

Hopefully,you know,nobody will discover it here.

I'm just going to try to tuck it up in this rock here real nice.

So that,you know,nobody's walking by,

so that when somebody is walk by,they won't see it.

So I'm going to-- hopefully i won't forget this spot,either.

-What happened.
-With ami.

Did you ask amanda or anyone.

Yeah,she said ami was trying to vote ozzy out.


That seems so...

I don't know just weird and unlike her and i don't know.

Well,you know,regardless of what happened with her,you guys have my loyalty 100%.

You know that,right.




I mean,i guess she just thought,you know,she could sa hveerself.


-The old malakal.

I don't know.

What do you mean you don't know.

I mean,I don't know.

Just like favorites,you know.

Like what we talked about in the beginning,like all...

I know,but things have changed.

It's,like,a whole different game,you know.

Now that the two tribes have merged,it's an individual game.

Ami is gone and I feel outnumbered.I feel on the outs.

I don't feel like I have any real close allies,except for jason.

If i at least got in with the favorites it would be,

okay,i can get myself into the final six and work from there.

But if I'm not even in with them I could be next to go.

I mean,this is just-- this is a disaster.

I don't know what's going on yet.

Honestly.I'm not going to lie to you.

Okay.I appreciate that.

With the merge,it's not fans versus favorites anymore,i don't think.

I hope you'll keep me in the loop.

Of course eliza is always trying to scramble something together

because she'slw aays on the outside.

And I think it's hilarious that she's still trying to come up to me

and tell me that she's loyal and 100% true to the end.

How can anyone be so...


-I have missed you so much.
-Oh,my god.

You don't know how long I've been dying to have this conversation with yoU.

I just want to know everything that's going on.

Eliza is staring at us.

She's always staerg at us.She's over there staerg at us.

I can't have her here anymore.

I'm so sick of her.She's going.She has to.



And they're like,they're like,yeah,but,honestly,

what happened when we get back to the island,where do we stand,and i was like...

well,me and amanda are really tight,and it's pretty much unbreakable.


I've put us in an alliance without you being there.

But at least the game's revolving around us,which is od.

Go but we're in such a mess because these people are voting in the end.

-For who gets the million.
-I know.

And if we ( bleep ) them over...

Parvati pretty much screwed me over

because I don't want to be in an alliance with natalie and alexis.

I don't want to go up against alexis at the end.

She's a motivational speaker,for crying out loud.


Yeah,so,here's our pickle.And we're in it.

Now,I might as well go make an alliance with erik,jason,and eliza right now,a triple pickle.

I mean,i giggled about it to her but it's not funny.

I'm livid,and it leaves me with a lot of questions about parvati.

Tree mail.Tree mail.

If you feel you're in over your head...

And you're worried about being voted out...

The only way to guarantee you're safe is to be the last one to bail out.


It's bailing water or something.

-Maybe it's as the tide comes in.

-You start to drown.-Yeah.

I'd say that eliza and myself are definitely still on the outskirts

of any kind of alliances in the new dabu tribe,

but the hidden immunity idol is definitely my biggest bargaining chip.

but the hidden immunity idol is definitely my biggest bargaining chip.

If I can win the individual manhattan challenge, it will, you know,

allow me to give away the hidden immunity idol,

because if I have the immunity necklace,

the votes are going to be cast toward someone else like elizA.

I told you about the hidden immunity idol.

-If I win...

I'd give it to you.

So think about that.

Okay, I'll think about it.

Jason pulls me aside and it's like,

"oh, by the way, if i can win the individual immunity challenge,

the hidden immunity idol, I'll give it to you."

Who would have guessed?

I made an alibs with the right person who was sent to exile one too many times.

So, I'm in good spirts today.

Then whoever jason and i vote for,

even if everyone else votes for me, will go home.

I definitely say ozzy.

Oh, yeah.

I think that would be agreed.

I know, oh, my god.

Come on in, guys!

Alexis, you came up with a new tribe name?

Yeah, dabu is our name.It is micronesian for good.

It was erik's suggestion, and it was awesome.

It fit perfectly.

All right, you guys ready to get it your first individual immunity challenge.


First things first.Whose got the idol?

Tribal immunity is no more.

This is now what you covet, individual immunity.

This now becomes the single most important thing in this game.

Have this around your neck, you are safe in this game.

Without it, you are most definitely vulnerable.

Today's challenge is going to test your ability to remain calm

when everything else in your body urges you to do otherwise.

You're each going to take a spot in the water underneath a grated steel barrier.

As the tide rises, the water will rise.

As the water rises, your breathing space will decrease

until you have nowhere left to breathe.

Your head must stay completely under the grate at all times.

The person who stays in this challenge the longest, wins immunity,

is guaranteed a one in nine shot at a million bucks.

I'll give you a minute to strategize.

We'll get started.

-All right, here we go.
-Let's rock 'n' roll.

For individual immunity survivors ready?


This challenge is on.

The fish is biting me.

Cirie, has the panic set in yet?

Not quite yet.Not quite yet.

Give me five minutes.

Help me.

Now it's going to start to get interesting.

That water level starts to creep up.

Starts covering your ears.

You can't hear anymore.

It's going to mean trouble for people who panic.

Amanda is the first out.

Head popped up behind the grate.

You can take a spot on the pontoon, amanda.

What happened, amanda?

You just weren't paying attention?

No, i was, like dozing and i thought I had more space above me than I did.

The water continues to rise.

It's starting to work its way up your face.

Now it's getting close to the eyes.

Your brain is going to tell you to bail.

And get out of this.

Just mind over matter.

Remind yourself you can always take one last deep breath.

Parvati has had enough.She opts out.

Alexis opts out right behind parvati.

Amanda, parvati, and alexis the first three out.

Cirie has had enough.

Can't take it any longer.

Cirie is out of the challenge.

Getting very close now.

Natalie can't take it any longer.

After lasting nearly 50 minutes.

Natalie is out of this challenge.

We are down to five.

Eliza now completely underwater.

Eliza pops up.

Eliza is now out of the challenge.

Erik can't take it any longer.

We are now down to three-- james jason, and ozzy.

Three different strategies on how to breathe going on.

That water is above the grate now.

You have to have your nose and mouth through that grate or you will be underwater.

Amazing, all three of these guys still in it.

-Man,that's crazy.

This is going to be a true test of who wants immunity the most.

This is, like, painful.

It's painful to watch.

James can't do it any longer.James is out.

We are now down to jason and ozzy.

Come on, oz.

Ozzy really struggling, but he is back up.

Ozzy comesP.

Jason wins first individual immunity!

Jason, congrats.Come on over.

Nice work.

individual immunity.

Safe at tribal council tonight.

For the other nine of you, not the case.

Somebody going home.

You have the afternoon to figure out who it's going to be.

See you at tribal.


Thank you.

I know, awesome, good job.

It was exciting getting to beat ozzy.

My favorite player in the game, you know,

watching him dominate in so many challenges,

-and then-- Beating him.

Knowing if you weren't there, he would have won that one.

Today's immunity challenge i was able to win.

In fact, i think I actually dominated the whole challenge.

When I came up, and saw the look of failure on yaulz's face,

it was pretty delightful.

So being able to dominate ozzy and then hopefully

being able to send him home later tonight

will be one of the highlights of the game for me.

-Are you kidding?


I'm always, like-- feel like I'm always out of the loop.

You're definitely in the loop.

Eliza's getting voted out.

Eliza has been my biggest rival, I think, since the beginning of this game.

She's been running around trying to get me voted out personally since day one.

I mean, everyone on this tribe is voting for her tonight, as far as I know.

I wouldn't have trusted her

but if she would have tried to work with me on the other side.

it would have been easier.

But she was trying to get me out the whole time,

and then she comes up to me and tries to be loyal.

I'm like.too little, too late lady.


I'm pretty sure they're voting for me, so.

I've got you covered.

Don't worry.

So, we're voting ozzy?


So.i have to have the idol.

Where is it?


-You hid it?

-Are you going to get it?

-Don't worry, baby.

Okay.I'm trusting you.

I'll go get it right now.

It will literally be the biggest blindside in history.

I can't wait to send ozzy's cocky ass home tonight.

He's going to be like "what!

" This might make me more hated than fairplay.

Oh, my god!

I'm so glad you won today.

I could have been down there another 10 minutes.

Where's the coolest place you ever surfed?

Australia was really good.

What are ozzy and alexis talking about?

I don't know.

All of a sudden, it comes in and, boom, hammers me

and brings me back on the inside.

Alexis is dangerous, very, very, very, very dangerous.

Uh-huh.And she needs to go.

I'm cool with that.

-I mean-- First.
-She needs to go now.

I don't think i know ozzy as well as I think i know him.

I keep trying to tell you, missy, he's playing.

-Well, I'm playing, too.
-I know.

Amanda seems to believe we should probably get rid of alexis,

and I think a small bit of jealousy is coming into play

because of the relationship that ozzy has with alexis.

Will he vote her?

Yeah.I don't-- i think so.

As long as it's not me, then I'll vote alexis.

So if you hear my name floating around,just tell me.

Be honest with me about whatever.

Me, too,Me, too. no matter what.

I haven't heard your name floating around yet.

Have you heard mine?

It's in my bag.

In the back.Behind your thing.

This isn't it.

This isn't it.

This is so stupid.

This is just a napkin.

Oh, my god.This isn't it.


Come here.

What are you doing?What are you trying to pull?

I'm going home anyhow.

-It's not the idol.
-It is the idol.

-It's not the idol.
-Yes, it is.

Ozzy must have put it in there.

He must have the real thing.

-What is it?
-It's plastic.

I know, it has a face on it.

Ozzy put it in there and made a face on it.

-No, he didn'T.
-It's not the idol.

Why are y souaying that?

Because that can't be the idol.

Why not?

Because it's just a sick.

I think that that's not the idol.

Then that's a bummer.

Should I try and play it?

Yeah, of course.

Alexis, one of the things that happens

when you merge is it's the first time everybody's together,

all at once, gives you the opportunity to start assessing skills.

How much time have you spent looking at people

that are now new to you thinking this is how they're playing?

I think there are three main points that the-- that define strength in this game.

You know, are they a stronger sobl player?

Are they a stronger physical player?

Are they a stronger mental player?

So I think the merge is the first opportunity

where you get to see your entire competition

versus the competition within your own tribe.

Cirie, alexis brings up three different types of skills.

What skills do you see that alexis has?

So far, I'd say alexis has all three.

Socially around camp, physically during the challenges,

and she's mentally strong.

So I think she's, like, a triple threat, sorry.

That's okay.

Alexis, is that a little worrisome to be outed as a "triple threat?

" I don't think at this point in the game.

I mean, there0 1's people left out of 20,

so i think there are several people here left who maintain a "triple threat.

" I don't think you make it this far

if you're not mentally, physically, socially competitive.

You talk about your skill list.

Tell me about alexis's skills?

I think eliza played an incredible physical and mental game.

I don't think she played as well a social game.

You say "played.

" Pardon me?

You said past tense as if I've already been vote out.

-Okay, I'm sorry.
-It's okay.

Eliza, do you agree with that?

Are you strong and weak as she says?

Alexis' assessment was probably right on.

I think that my social game potentially has been lacking.

But I think that a lot of people here are playing a very short-sighted game,

and not really look down the line.

So they're overestimating their own social game, I think.

So, ozzy, there are two sides of this social skill.

There's the side that's threatening because the person is very good socially.

The other side is the person is so bad socially that maybe you keep them around.

Yeah, you take someone who nobody likes to the end, and you win.

That's the way to win "survivor.

" There's no book to win "survivor.

" That's the schedule.

Get the one that everybody hates and keep them along, yeah.

Eliza you can't miss your eyes when they roll.

Do you think you're liked?

-No, not really.
-She's liked.

I'm not really liked.

Well, eliza, you've been running around back

and forth trying to vote me out from day one

and then coming back to me yesterday telling me you will be 100% loyal to me,

****are you kidding me?

-That's not true.

Everyone is saying we would stick together, we would stick together.

What were you trying to do to me the first day?

-I was not trying to do anything to you.

I just can't sit here and be quiet anymore, because it's just-- it's just too much for me.

Eliza, welcome to tribal council.

No free rides.

I mean, i definitely got myself into-- into this mess.

But, everyone is here to win $1 million.

I mean, people have come awfully close and lost because they went up against the best.

You know, so it's, like, are you really going to make the same mistake again?

I mean bring people people lont don't like to the finals with you

and have a shot, plain and simple.

All right, it is time to get to the vote.

Jason, you have the individual immunity necklace.

If at any time you want to assign it to someone else,

whether at the beach or here at tribal council, you can do that.

You know, I feel like i have no alliances at the new dabu tribe.

I don't think anyone had a conversation with me the entire afternoon.

So jason is clearly not going to give up the necklace.

You cannot vote for jason.

Everybody else is fair game.

It is time to vote.

Amanda, you're up.

I hope something miraculous happens with the stick and you're voted out, not me.

It was your bad luck to pick the wrong girl to mess with.

Ho l youpeearn from your mistakes the second time around.

Tonight my vote is for ozzy.

Hopefully what i gave eliza is the real hidden immunity idol.

I can't wait to see the look on your face if it is you.

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has the hidden immunity idol and you want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

The rules of "survivor" state that if a hidden immunity idol is played,

then any votes cast against that person do not count.

And the person with the next he was number of votes would be voted out.

This is not a hidden immunity idol.

That means ozzy has it.

Jason found it on exile.

Ozzy has the real one.

Sorry, i couldn't tell you guys, but.

But it was worth a shot.

Come on!That took hours to make.

Okay, once the votes are read, the decision is final.

The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, eliza.

Ozzy.One vote eliza, one vote ozzy.

Ozzy.Two votes ozzy, one vote eliza.

Eliza.We're tied, two votes eliza, two votes ozzy.


That's three votes eliza, two votes ozzy.

Eliza, four votes eliza.

Eliza.That's five votes eliza.

Two votes ozzy.

Ninth person voted out and the first member of our jury, eliza.

That's six.That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Eliza, the tribe has spoken.

Well, it would seem this fans versus favorite competition might, indeed, be over,

and we're left with a group of nine individuals,

all with an equal shot at winning this game.

Grab your torches.Head back to camp.

Good night.

Drama Name Season 16 Episode 09


Next time on "survivor":


Ozzy with a big lead.

This will be a prime opportunity

to get rid of the idol and Ozzy.

This game is outwit, outplay.

Outlast, yeah.

Well, i think i did everything I could do in this game.

I think I went out with a bang, played a fake hidden immunity idol.

I can't reall byelieve that jason thought that stick was the real hidden immunity idol,

but i had to play it anyhow, out ozzy for having the real one

and hopefully now people can do so ***