Survivor (2000–…): Season 16, Episode 10 - I Promise... - full transcript

Desperate for friends and allies, one castaway sacrifices immunity in order to stay in the game.

Previously on "survivor":

On day 22,a merge brought
the two tribes together.

Eat,drink,and emprice
your new tribe.

And five of the six remaining
favorites rekindled their alliance.

I'm on the same page with james
and parvati and ozzy and amanda.

But parvati formed a side alliance
with fans natalie,and alexis.

I've put us in an alliance
without you being there.

I'm in an alliance with
everyone on the iansld.

You now have a
decision to make.

After the merge,jason and
eliza were the clear targets.

I think we annoy people.

So when ozzy was beaten by
jason at the immunity challenge

nice work

jason gave eliza what he thought
was the iden immunity idol,

and at tribal
council,eliza played it

this is not a
hidden immunity idol.

That means ozzy found.

It jason found it on exile.

She was vote out,making her
the first member of the jury.

Nine are left,who will
be voted out tonight.


Jason,what happened?

What judge happened?

What do you mean?

Did you give her an idol?

-Who gave her an idol.
-Jason did.

That was my only
shot at the game,so...

my plan of trying to
send ozzy home failed.

I'm glad that eliza played the hidden
immunity idol instead of myself.

I would have hated to
play the idol and then

actually go home looking
like even more of a fool.


-Ozzy found it.
-It was a decoy.


I took a lesson from yau man.

Eliza whipping out that
phony hidden immunity idol,

so matter of factly and
looking at all of us like,ha!

And I'm probably like my
heart is going for a minute

I was a little
bit nervous like.

I thought ozzy had it,but just a
slim chance that she might have had.

T.Ozzy would have been gone.

The idol would
have been played.

Might not have been
such a bad thing.
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Season 16 Episode 10

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Ozzy fooled me.
He did a good job.

I felt kind of silly,but,you know,in
the end,that's not what matters.

It's how far you get in the
game,and to go up against ozzy

in the first individual
immunity challenge and win,

let me know that,you
know,ozzy's not the only god like

competitor who
can play this game.

You know,i feel like i
could fare pretty well

as long as i continue
to keep beating ozzy.

Come on in,guys!

-Guys ready to get to today's challenge?
-Yeah. Yeah.

For today's challenge,you will
divide into two teams of four.

On my "go," one person
from each team will swim out

into the water and crawl
through a multilevel net tunnel.

When you reach the platform,

you'll study a collection
of micronesian symbols,

then race back to the start.

You'll then place as
many of those symbols

as you can on your answer
board in the same positions

as they are on the platform.

Then the next person goes.

To make it a little
more complicated,

you will have extra pieces
which will not match anything.

Once your team thinks the
board is right,let me know.

If you're wrong,somebody
has to go out again.

First team to place all their
symbols correctly wins rewar.

-Want to know what you're playing for?

Yeah is there theni winng
team of four will fly to

one of the most cultural
places in mike yo nearbyia.

You'll enjoy a local
dance,a local feast,

and you'll spend the night.



and other***********

You'll return to
camp in the morning.

-Worth playing for?
-Absolutely. Yeah.

Because we have nine people
and we're dividing into

two teams of four,there
will be one extra person.

The person not chosen
will not participate in

the challenge and will
instead go to exile island.

We're going to
draw for captains.

We'll do a school yard pick.

All right,jason's a captain.

Natalie's a captain.

to see who chooses first.

-On three.

Jason won the

Jason,make your first move.

All right,come on over ozzy.

Jason choose ozzy.

-Natalie,you're up,who's up?

-Jason your pick.
-********come on**

Natalie who is
your next choice?


Parvati joins
james and natalie.

We're down it three.

-Jason your pick?
-Amanda come on over.

All right,natalie,one
choice left.

It's alexis or cirie.

The person you do not choose
is going to exile island.


Alexis joins
natly,james,and parvati.

Bye,y'all have fun.

You will return during
the next immune challenge.

all right*******

Here we go. For
reward,survivors ready? Go!

Jason and parvati out first.

Into the water,and
through the net tunnel.


Jason flying over it.

Jason in the water
swimming to the platform.

Go parv!

Jason studying those symbols.

Trying to remember
as many as he can.

Parvati now on the platform.

Take your time,girl!

Jason heading back.

Parvati heading back.

If you call it
and you're wrong,

somebodile has to swim out
before you make any changes.

Let's go!

Jason screaming through
this tunnel on the way back.

Parvati right on his tail.

Good job,girl!

Jason first back
to the answer board.

Parvati back to
the answer board.

Not only do you
have to remember

the symbols younaw
o s the other board.

You have to differentiate
between the fake pieces.

Parvati's done.

Alexis heading out.

Jason taking his
time on that board.

Ozzy heading out
for the orange team.

Alexis out for
the purple team.


Ozzy flying
through that tunnel.

Ozzy and alexis
studying the symbols.

Ozzy heading back for one.

Alexis still studying.

Ozzy back to the answer board.

You got this!

Alexis back for purple.

Good girl!

Ozzy putting in
a lot of pieces.

Don't worry,alexis. Just
focus. Remember those symbols.

Ozzy finishes i had term.

Erik now out on the
court kours purpose

alexis really taking her
time trying to be right.

Alexis finishes her turn.

James heading
out to the course.

Erik to the platform.

James to the platform.

Erik and james
both coming back.

Come ojames.

James finished with his turn.

Natalie now out on the course.

Erik finished with his turn.

Amanda is heading
out on the course.

Amanda is to the platform.

Natalie heading
back for purple.

Amanda studying those symbols.

It is better to
be right than fast.

Good job,nat.

-Natalie back to the answer board
-You got it,girl.

Remember the answer key and the
finished answer board have to match.

-Come on,amanda!
-Come on,amanda?

Amanda throws herself
over the that net.

Come on,nat,you've
got this. Just focus.

Amanda,switch out that
white one. Hurry,please!

Good job,nat.

-Both teams think they're close.
-Call it!

That right?

No,you're wrong.

Somebody's got to head out
and figure out what's wrong.

Take out the first one and
put the one with the light sky.

I think that's it.

Amanda comes back.

-Orange ngz they have it?

-Orange wins reward!


You're going to reward.

nothing for you.

Grab your stuff.
Head back to camp.

All right,guys,you are
going to board a plane.

Fly correctly to yap.

You'll enjoy a little
culture,a little food,

get a break away from camp.


*****you guys****


It was great to get a reward
with ozzy,erik,and amanda.

I was really excited.

Right now,we're
on our way to yap.

I'm sitting here
in the copilot seat.

Hopefully I won't have to
take over or anything,but,yeah,

i think we're all ready
here for a great adventure.

Yap is a little island
nation all by itself

in the middle of the pacific
ocean,and I've never even heard of yap,

but a lot of people haven't
heard of hickny where i grew up,

so i kind of relate
to that little country.



-Hello,and welcome to the village.

My name is francis.






Thank you,thank you.

This jungle is very primeval and
there are little stone walkways

worn away we thousands of
feet sathat have walked in them

and in the middle of the
jungle,there's a village.


Right this way.

This village
looked outf o time.

It was almost like this village had
been there for millions of years.

I was expecting a dinosaur to come
out of the woods,kind of raahh.

I can't believe the
food on this table.

Oh,my god.

One of everything.

I feel like I'm in heavin
right now pretty much.

I can't believe this.

Isn't this amazing?

this is********

Thank you.





She,that's the tree.

Oh,they're climbing it!

I've never seen anything
like this in my life.

Yeah,it's incredible.

It's absolutely incredible.



Give it,give it!

I thought it interesting that
all their women were top will.

I'm sitting there ready
to eat my foot food,

and the lunch lady
distribute have a shirt on.

,Ohmy gosh.

It was a little culturally
interesting to me.

It wasn't a big deal but
that was probably the most





and it was choreographed
beautiful le.

And I could see that the moms and
the dads were proud of their kids

who were doing it,and
it was really excitG.

In it was a very
powerful experience.

That was awesome!


I really love just
going places with erik

because he has this naive,wide
eyed sense about things.

Erik hasn't really traveled around
too many places in the world.

So he's really just experiencing
all this stuff for the first time.

And the innocence that he
has,and the way he really,like,

takes things
in,like,wholeheartedly,it's wonderful.


Damn it!







The men were chewing the betel
nut,which is kind of tobaccoish.

I was kind of hanging
out with them a lot.

They were law enforcementing
at me when i did stupid stuff.

But the betel nut relaxed me.

Maybe a little bit too much.


That night,after much betel
nut and micronesian beer,

i thought,okay,time
to call it a night.

And then all of a
sudden i had to rush up,

and i pretty much tossed my
cookies on the edge of the camp.

Damn that betel nut!


beer and betel nut,not
a good combination.

What was remarkable about that
was despite the throwing up,

i really don't
regret anything.

It was all worth it,and
i enjoyed it thoroughly.


I'm going to go eat some more.

It started the most scariest
thunder i've ever heard in my life,

just rained all nhtig.

The fire's out.

Pretty cold without the fire.

Just not a good night.

Not a good night at all.

With nothing to gain by
being on exile island,

there's no idol to be found.

Because ozzy has it.

Ozzy's a huge competitor,

and then to have the
idol on top of that.

That increased his
target,like,10 fold.

Maybe I'll just have to
work on getting rid of ozzy?









i mean*******





Hi. How was it?

Tell us about it,jason.

Was it the land
of milk and honey?

Pretty much.

Hey,there he is.

You all look hung over.

There was so much food.

They had a pig.

They had lobsters.

They had these crabs.

They had

They had these crazy
banana pancakes.

Four or five different
kinds of chicken.

One with teracky,one

One was barb cued.

That's good.





He's like,everyone else is down
saying how good was food.Is.

And he was like,"it
was so delicious!"

Please,give me every
mouth watering detail.

Parvati's tripping.

She's really close with
those girls,isn't she?


Since she's been back since
the swap,we're not as close.


I worry about parvati.

She's put herself into
an alliance with natalie

and alexis and I
don't know these girls.

I don't trust them,and
ozzy has to be careful

because he is such a threat,and
they know he has the idol.

And who's to say who's
to flip,who's not to flip.

You know,i probably won't
be around much longer

unless i continue to win every
single individual immunity challenge.

That's why ozzy is getting ready
to beat the out of whatever it is.


I want to be ready,too.

It will be life
or death for me.

Come on in,guys!

We'll now bring in cirie
returning from exile island.

All right,you guys ready to get
to today's immunity challenge?

First things first.Jason,

I'll take back the
immunity necklace.

Once again,immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,you're
going to step up on a log.

You're going to raise
your hand above your head.

Your hand will be tethered
to a bucket filled with water.

When your hand drops,the
bucket tips,you get wet,

you're out of the challenge.

Last person left
standing wins immunity,

is guaranteed a one in eight
shot at winning the million bucks.

We'll get started.

All right,everybody
is tethered in.

This challenge
is officially on.


No way!

There's food,I'm out.

You guys have been out here
a long time without sugar.

Big bowl of candy.

If you want to get down
and give up immunity.

-Gummy worms!
-Gummy worms.

Let's go together.

Can we split it,jeff?

If you both go down
together,you split it.


Cirie and erik out of the
challenge for a bowl of candy.

-Oh,my god! You guys.
-Oh,my god!


What in the nickelodeon
is going on around here?

I'm sorry,you guys.

Must go to the happy place.


What is it?

If it's a steak,i
quit,but if it's not.


You didn't even
wait for him to ask.

Alexis got so excited,no,no.

I hadn't even
said what it was.

-She doesn't get it?
-No chance.

You got excited. You're out.


You can mope and be mad.

Just so we're clear.

If you want this chocolate chip cookie
and milk,you need to let me know.


Natalie,did you lose
your concentration?

I feel like I'm
going to pass out.

-Natalie is now out of the challenge.

Sit down.

That would suck.

Lose your concentration
for that long,

you're out of the challenge.

Nobody interested in the
chocolate chip cooky and milk?

All right.

Four people left.

Parvati,ozzy,jason,and amanda.


-Next item to try and tempt you down.
-It's not that good.

-Three chocolate glazed donuts.
-I'll take it!

Ozzy opts out of the challenge
for three chocolate donuts.

We're down to three
parvati,jason,and amanda.



I'm done,jeff. I have to pee.

-What's that?
-I think I'm done.

I have to go to the bathroom.

Amanda's had enough.

You've had
enough,pull the cord.

Good job.

Amanda off for a bathroom
break in the jungle,

and with that,we are down
to two,parvati and jason.


All right,you've
got a full plate,

three chocolate chip cookies,four
donuts,big,tall jar of candy.

Peanut butter,two chocolate
bars,milk,two beers,and a huge pizza.

If parvati steps down
or jason steps down,

you and them will
share all of this.

Oh! Oh,my god!

Jason! You can make friends.

If he took one for the team,we
could all very likely say,

you know what,we're going
to spare him for tonight?

Are you saying the group
is prepared to tell jason

they won't vote him out
tonight if he'll step down.

I'd need a guarantee,you
know,that I'm not going home.

-Who do you want a guarantee from?


I won't vote you


I will guarantee.

I will guarantee that
i won't vote you out.


I'll guarantee.

So parvati's the third.

I guarantee i won't
vote you out,jason.

I guarantee.

-Alexis,you won't write his name down either?

I guarantee.

I'll guaranteE.

I guarantee,too.

You guarantee.

You just got a guarantee
from every person here.

-The question sjason,do you trust them?
-Yup. I don't know.

I'll have to think
about that for a moment.

You could turn this
into something good.

Well,either I'm making the biggest
mistake of the game right now,

or,you know,it could keep me out
here for a little while longer.

Oh,my god!

Parvati wins
individual immunity.

High 5.

Good job!


Individual immunity.

You were the only person save
at tribal council tonight.

For the other eight of
you,somebody just made a deal

that's going to cost them
their spot in this game.

Go and sit up on the bench.

I'll bring you your food.



-Could you have stayed up there longer?


I spent six and a half
hours busting my butt

trying to win that
immunity necklace,

and to just step
down for some food

and people's guarantee that
they're going to keep me around,

you know,I'm taking
a chance here.

It could be my biggest mistake
in the game of survivor,or,

you know,it could
be my saving grace.

I want to thank you guys for
make that happen at the end.

Thank you so much.

... Guarantees like that?


He should have known better.

Here he comes.

I think one of the
dumbest,most naive moves in

"survivor" history
just got played out.

We all guaranteed that we
weren't going to vote for him,

but jason fell for one of
the oldest tricks in the book,

and he's going to go home.

I don't know what the
hell he was thinking.

I think six hours up
there made his delirious.

He just wanted a friend.

I think I think so.

Damn fool.

-This game is outwit,outplay.

he just got outwitted.


I mean,unless you can
think of a better plan mp.

Otherwise he could still
go on immunity rampage.

I'm pretty sure cirie's down.

All right,I'm down.

We all guaranteed jason that we
wouldn't vote him out tonight.

But I think ozzy wants
to vote him out anyway,

which makes this the perfect time
to get rid of ozzy and the idol.

Because he'll
never see it coming.

I think this will be
a prime opportunity

to get rid of ozzy.

Now,don't tell amanda
no matter what you do.

Or james

or erik.

Ozzy is leek a huge,huge
threat in this game.

So,if jason,parvati,natalie,alexis,and
myself will vote ozzy,

ozzy's gone,idol's
gone,clean slate.

Here comes amanda.


Everyone's voting
for jason,right.

Why do you think i
crossed my fingers.

So did I.

All right.

I'm gonna goee s
if there's a fire.

I'm just going to
stand here for a minute.

I think fiwent to the
final five with ozzy,

ozzy would win this game.

And I haven't been
here miserable,

going through all this
crap to not win this game.

Seriously,good job,parvati.

We'd have to be idiots not
to vote him out tonight.

On the other hand,I made
an alliance with ozzy,

and he protected me in
this game a bunch of times.

And amanda has been my best friend
since the beginning of the game.

And james has been
my guy since day one,

so,god,like,what do i do?

He still wants
to vote you out.


Just play stupid.
Don't say anything.

Nothing to no one.



Parv's with us.

Okay,and that's
five out of nine.And

no matter what,that

Ozzy was kind of the one
in charge,and if he's out,

it's really going
to shake things up,

but it has to really
be kept on the D.L.

Because if ozzy get any sniff
of it,he'll use his idol.

And that would not be good.

Do we have to worry about
parvati,natalie,and alexis?

I don't know.

She's shooting
for the girl power.

-You have a bad feeling?

-Have you talked to her about it?

James is worried
about parvati.

And this would be a good
molt for someone to try

and possibly flush the
idol out,butta this point,

I'm pretty confident
in my align alliance.

I mean,this is the
reason we're favorites.

We played this game before.

We know once we decide something
we just have to go with it.

It's worked out so
far,but we'll see.

At the last moment i might
just stuff my idol in my bag

and see what happens at tribal

and i might end up
playing it just to be safe.

We'll now bring in your jury.

Eliza voted out at the
last trook. Tribal council.

All right,cirie,tell
me about exile island.

Did you spend any time looking
for the hidden immunity idol.?

I mean,i only had two,maybe three
hours of no rain the whole two days.

So knowing that ozzy already
had it,why even bother?

Parvati,is that just
a known fact that

-everyone believes,which is ozzy has the idol?

-Ozzy,does that put a target on your back?
-I mean,of course.

I mean,the idol is a
huge thing in this game.

Let's talk about
today's challenge.

One of the craziest things
I've ever seen go down.

Jason,you made a
very risky move.

You know,the odds of
me continuing to win

the immunity challenges
are very slim.

So i had to give
something else a shot,

and it's really just
about crossing my fingers

and hoping these people are
going to stick to their word,

and i can only
hope for the best.

So,james,you guys made a deal
with the devil,in a sense.

You either stick to that deal
and vote one of yourself out

or you renege on that
deal and vote the guy out

you said you
wouldn't vote out.

Either way,the person who
gets snuffed goes to the jury.

Now they're frustrated.

You know,just because you have
gotten on everybody's nerves

don't mean a donut is
going to make you better.

You can't expect to appease
everybody over a donut.

So if you tempt somebody
with a donut,and they say,

"oh,yeah,sure," they might
have just wanted a damn donut.

So,sir,just because the
group gave ther word to jason

doesn't mean the group
will keep their word.

Sounds like that
whatthey said,jeff.

Parvati be you're
sitting pretty tonight.

You have immunity.

What do you think of the deal?

I think it was a crazy deal
but I can kind of understand

why he made the deal,and
if it works out for him,

that's great for him.

But if he made this deal and
he gets voted out tonight,

that's a huge
risk that he took.

Ozzy fit's true that you
have the hidden immunity idol,

does that give you a certain
amount of comfort tonight

in an uneasy situation?

A certain amount of comfort.

Even then,it's a risk
that i would have to take

after all the votes
have been cast,

and at that point I've got
to sort of read the group.

But,yeah,i do have a
little bit of comfort.

Well,based on what
I'm hearing tonight,

either everybody's going
to go back on their word

and jason is going to go home or
somebody is going to get a big surprise.

Let's get to.

Parvati you have the
individuality immunity necklace.

-I'll keep it.

You can't vote for parvati.

Everybody else is fair
game. Ozzy,you're up.

My vote for tonight is ozzy.

Hopefully you'll be going
home tonight instead of me.


I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has the iden immunity
idol and they want to play it,

now would be the
time to do so.


Once the votes are
ready,the decision is fine.

The person voted out will be asked to
latest tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,jason.

Jason. Two votes jason.


Two votes jason,one vote ozzy.


Three votes jason.
One vote ozzy.


That's four votes
jason,one vote ozzy.


Four votes
jason,two votes ozzy.


That's four votes
jason,three votes ozzy.


We're tied.

Four votes
jason,four votes ozzy.

One vote left.

Tenth person voted out of
"survivor:Fans versus favorites"

and the second member
of our jury,ozzy.

You need to bring
me your torch.


Ozzy,the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Well,that was a
very big blindside.

And that makes things
very unpredictable.

Grab your torches.
Head back to camp.

Good night.