Survivor (2000–…): Season 16, Episode 11 - I'm Ruthless... and Have a Smile on My Face - full transcript

A Fan emerges as a real game player after devising a plan that threatens to sacrifice one of their own.

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Season 16 Episode 11

I know.

You get me one.

I can have one from over this side.

It's not so hot.

What is that,meat on your
finger hanging off like that?

Yeah.Coconut juice...

coconut oil.

James' finger wasn't really doing too good.

He's had this cut on it for a few days now.

It was kind of swollen and kind of infected.

You cannot just assume,oh,
this little cut it's okay.

So what we're living in a damp,

nasty cave with rats and bats
around us every 15 minutes.

No,this will be fine.

I understand three loops around
the island looking for your ass.

- Who are you talking to?
- You.

Where were you?

Oh,my god!

I need to do some serious damage control today.

James and amanda are pissed at me.

Furious for voting oz out.

I made by bed.

I have to lie in it.

I knew as soon as I made this move
things were going to get crazy.

Where are you going with this?

Where am i going with what?

The paranoia got to you and you made a big move.

- What.
- You'll be all right?

I couldn't win against ozzy.

I would be a fool to have kept him in the game.

What is your plan?

Who are you taking with you?

I'm just curious to know?

- To three?
- Yeah.


Yeah,i figured that.

I just wanted to say sorry
because i couldn't tell you.

No,sorry's not what you mean.

Ha-ha is what you mean.

I wanted to talk to you.

I like you.

I didn't want it to be completely awkward.

Oh,it's going to be awkward.

it's just funny.

******Always have to eat the apple.

Can't just leave the apple alone.


No,you have to chew that apple.

And you're a definite apple chewer.

I knew that from the first day I saw you.

Hopefully you make it.


Because you wouldn't give me
credit for having a plan anyways.

Why would i think that?

Because that's pretty much

how you've been acting
towards me this whole time.

- That's a lie.
- That I'm stupid.

No,i didn't say you were stupid.

I said you were selfish,not stupid.

You can lie to me,you can fool me,

you can deceive don't,
don't insult your intelligence.

dont try************

Don't come up here giving me a lot of bluff.

I just wanted to talk to you.

I just wanted to talk to you.


But her pulling that showed me
what kind of person she is.

Do I put up with people like that?

No,that's the kind kind of person she is,


and I just can't stand it.

I feel really bad that i
couldn't tell you last night.

I know,like,you feel really out of the loop,

but,like,you're not.

What is the plan?

I'm thinking-- Obviously
the girls together,right?

I'm thinking final five girls you know.

I don't want parvati to know
that I'm mad at her,

because parvati is pretty much
running the show at this point.

She has natalie and alexis around her finger,

and sir didn't even tell me
she was voting for ozzy,

so she has little cirie
wrapped around her finger.

I just hope we're all cool.


I'm coming down here because
I can tell you're not happy.

I understand,like,I really understand.

I hope you guys trust me.

No,no,we totally trust you.

It's just with ozzy and not wanting him--

we know you probably didn't
want him to go just yet.

So is it still us three to the end?

I say yeah.

I don't see why not.

Okay,all right.

I love you.

I feel so bad for you.

You look so sad.

You know,I'd like to believe

they have other plans right now
that I'm not aware of,

and it would be stupid of me to buy
what they're telling me right now.

This is where the game gets interesting.

come on in,guys!

Always smiles.

"Survivor" auction.

Welcome to the survivor auction.

You each received a wall wet $500.

Today you're going to use
that money to bid on items.

The bidding will be in $20 increments.

There is no sharing of money or items.


Shall we get started?


First item

i take 20.


- 60.
- 60 to parvati.




Going once,twice,sold to cirie.

Let me count this.

oh,I forgot.


You want to see what $120 buys you?

Hope it's good!

Hot dogs,french fries and all the fixings.

I'm so mad at you.

I can't even look at you.

It smells good.

Oh,it's a fat one!

Next item covered.


20 to alexis.


40 to erik.


60 to alexis.

I'll say 80.

80 to erik.

Going once,going twice,$80 to erik.

Before you get up,you can keep this or...

Number two.

Another one!

You can trade it for this.

I'll trade it.

- You're going to trade it.
- Yeah.

All right,come on up.

- Right here,80 bucks.
- 80.

All right,erik,this is
what you bought for 8bu0 cks.

You gave up octopus.

For a huge tray of nachos.


Damn,I want that one!

Oh,my god,guacamole.

Next item,gonna stay covered.


Sold to natalie.

It better be good.

Please,let it be good.

Fruit bat soup.

Not even interested.

I'll eat it.

- You want it?
- Yeah.

James,all your.

Take a bite of that for me.

Take the skin off first.

That's the secret.

You get past the skin,you're fine.

Free food.

Peanut butter jelly sandwich.


- 40
- 60.


- 140.
- 140.

160 to alexis.


- 220,2 fourt.
- *****


260 to parvati.


2 eight tow amanda for a
peanut butter and jelly.


It's amazing the value you put
on food when you don't have it.

alright...Next item.


100 to alexis.


200 to natalie.



240 to natalie.

Going once,twice,sold.

To natalie.

$240 bought you this.

It's a bottle with a note.

Open it and read it.

You must choose one person to
go to exile island immediately,

and you take all of the
money they have left.


I've been there twice.

I don't want to go back!


Well,is the idol replanted
since it wasn't ever played?

Because ozzy was voted out while in possession
of the idol and he never played it.

That idol is dead.

A new idol has been hidden.

New clues await.


Jason going to exile island.

But this is also good for jason
if he gets the immunity idol.

I don't know why he's trippin'.

That's true.

This time maybe you'll get a real one.

All right,jason,give your money to natalie.

You can head out the same way you came in.

Boat's waiting for you.



Next item,this item comes with another layer.






Stop playing parvati.



240 to parvati.






3 eight tow natalie.

Damn it!

Going once,twice.

Sold to natalie.

Looks like jason's cash
just came in very handy.

A gigantic chocolate cake for natalie.

Now,I said this item has another layer to it.

What the schedule that?

It's a note.

Turn around and read it to the group.

Oh,not that again!

You must share this cake with
three of your tribemates.

You have 60 seconds to
each as much as you can.

don't hog the cake.

- I haven't had any food.- No way.

I'm a little agro right now,okay.

You three stay there.

You get the first taste.

Oh,my god.

Do it right!



All right,guys,come get this.

Sit down.

I'll tell you when your 60 seconds starts.

Don't eat yet.

Go back over there.

You guys ready?

60 seconds starts now.


I'll give them 20 bucks each to lick
their fingers when they're done.

You have 15 seconds left.

You better start shoving cake down.

Whatever is in your mouth you can finish.

Everything else you've got to drop.

Five seconds,four,three,two,one.

And you're done.


That's just too much chocolate.

I'm sorry.

- Erik?
- Yeah.

How much did you say you were going to pay?

20 bucks to lick my finger.

How about 40 bucks to plic your fingers.

He's serious!



Oh,that's sad.

Something's wrong with that boy.

He really has problems,poor thing.

Survivor auction is over.

Can we agree that Jason is the luckiest...

Well,I was trying to get somebody
to help me choose 'cause...

Like,i should not have support him,

but I didn't think anything else wanted to misout.

I was looking at everybody.

And nobody was giving me an answer.

If he gets that idol.

I'm going to lose it.

You shouldn't be worried unless he's
really good with clues and puzzles.

Jason's on exile.

We all want him gone.

The little bitch now has two days of
sunshine with the immunity idol.

Guaranteed,hands down,bitch will find
it,and that bitch is jason.

I say we check his bag when he comes back.



The second we see him.

Well he's already such
a threat in challenges.

He has been on the biggest lucky
streak i have ever seen of anyone.

If there was a lottery right
now he'd be winning it.

It better rain.

Like,if i want rain at all,it's tonight.


Will be "Find the idol that you seek.

Go north to a familiar location.

You must step up but look for cracks
to find your destination.

Well,doesn't seem too hard.

Go down there.

If my time out here goes similar
to my last time out here

finding the fake hidden
immunity idol,you know,

I should find it in a breeze.

Number two.

since stepping town from the
last immunity challenge,

i think things have definitely
changed for me out here.

I was a little bummed right away
when natalie chose me,

but hopefully natalie sent me
on the to exile island,

so they could find it
in the event that natalie

and i might work together in
using the hidden immunity idol.

Okay,back across the waterway there.

I believe that i can trust natalie
in the fact that,one,

she kept her word to me at last tribal
council when we vote out ozzy.

And it's in her best interest
to keep me along in this game.

There you go.


I feel pretty stupid falling for the fact
that ozzy made me a fake idol.

This is not the fake
hidden immunity idol.And...

the decision of natalie to send me to exile
island was a strategic move on her part.

I feel like for the first time in the game,

I'm actually part of a successful alliance.

Right now,I feel the most comfortable
I've felt in the entire game.

We need to start thinking a couple
of steps ahead,with Jason.


You know,we have to act
as if jason has the idol.


We need to have a plan.

Like,I don't want anything
bouncing off and getting one of us.

If jason doesn't win
tomorwro cool,as planned.

Right,but just in case we has the idol,

we still have to split the vote.

He just can't win.

He just can't.

Even if we can convince
him someone else needs

to win this challenge,
besides him,let's do it.

Like,whatever we need to do.

We have to get into his head or else
I don't think he is going to lose.


He won't buy anything i say to him.

Nat can say it.********

We've concocted a beautiful plan to
disarm jason's lack of trust,

make him feel comfortable make
him feel comfortable enough.

We want to blindside him with not using
his immunity,and allowing one of us to win.

Therefore,he doesn't win and he's out.

Worst-case scenario,he has to play his idol,

and he stays,but at least his idol's up and out.

You know,before the next immune

as soon as i see jason I'll be like,
dude,I saved your ass once.

I basically gave you the immunity idol.

You owe me.

And let me win this one.

That's all you have to say.

I think it's var to ozzy in the sense
we have one chance to blindside him.


At this point,jason would be an idiot
not to believe anything I say.

He thinks I'm warming up to him,
when I'm of whichi'm absolutely not.

If this goes,this will just be brilliant,

because not only will it
have happened once with ozzy,

but it will have happened twice,back to back,

girls against the guys.


Deja vu,this may feel familiar.

Don't panic,but still you'd better hurry.

If you haven't learned from the past,
you may be the next to join the jury.

- *****
- *****

it's day 30.

It's my 22nd birthday,and i really think
I need to compete well this time.

If jason wins immunity today,

i have a feeling it's either me or james on
the chopping block for tribal council.

Simply because the women
are very strong right now.

I really need to get ferocious on this.

I really need to try my best

because I feel like I could
be gone on my birthday,

and that would be terrible.

Happy birthday.

Happy birthday.

I wish we had stuff we could give you.

I know.I do,too.

- He's like,"tell me about it.
- Hey,babe.

This challenge is vital
in all the other steps

leading up to the end of
this game for the girls.

What else is in there,anything?

No key,i hope.

A key and a chain.

Locken and chain.

I don't want to do any diving.

If all goes to plan,jason will feel
comfortable enough not to play his idol,

and he will not win immunity today.

So he's done.

Worst-case scenario,james goes home tonight
in lieu of jason fwe can't get jason.

So it's either james or jason tonight.

And as evil as women can be
and diabolical and cut throat

and go for the jugular as women
are,and just suck blood,

we do want erik to have
a good birthday on day 30.

Today is his birthday.He's 22.

So he's not going home today.

Come on in,guys!

We'll now bring in jason,
returning from exile island.

- How was the island?
- Welcome back.

- Hi,guys.
- Howdie.

You guys ready to get to
today's immunity challenge?

First things first,parvati,
take back the necklace.

Once again,immubt is back up for grabS.

For today's challenge,all eight of you
will race to throw robs at tiles.

When you break your trial,you'll drop
a bundle of puzzle pieces.

The first four to break their tile will
move on to the next round

where you will dig for a key to unlock the
puzzle pieces where you put it on a wheel,

*****spin the winch,
****and lower the planks.

The first two to lower their planks
will move on to the final round.

Will you*********

You'll make your way across a series of
disks and to the finished platform.

First person to the platform wins immunity,

is guaranteed at least
one more day in this game.

Losers,tribal council,somebody going home.

Draw for spots,we'll get start

You need to let anyone but James win.

James is going home tonight

Don't ask any questions

I sent you to Exile for a reason

I'll explain to you everything when we get back to camp

Once I thought about it,I knew you sent me out there for a reason

Here we go.

This is for immunity.

The first four people to break their tile move on to the next round.

Survivors ready?


Yellow's in.

Jason's moving on.

Erik's moving on.

James is moving on.

We're looking for one more person,and this is amanda.

Amanda,james,erik,and jason moving on to the next round.

Here we go.

The first two to lower their planks and cross the black line move on to the final.

Survivors ready?Go!

You're looking for a keerk one key.

James has his key.

Erik has his key.

James and erik both have their keys.

Got to unwrapm the,then unlock those puzzle pieces.

Jason's found his key.

He's working on it.

James has his lock undone.

Amanda is still digging.

Where is it?

Erik has his lock open.

James working on the puzzle.

Has it together quickly.

Erik working on his puzzle.

Go Erik

James and erik both lowering their planks.

Two people are moving on.

Amanda still digging for that key.

Jason trying to get his puzzle together,

quickly falling out of it.

Gotta hit the table.

James,you're good!

James unclips.

James moving on.

Erik,you're good.

Erik unclips and moving on.

James and erik moving on to the final.

Here we go.

It is james and erik for immunity.

Survivors ready?Go!

Gotta make your way across using your planks.

Very different strategies.

James trying to go sideways,

trying to keep his balance,and it doesn't work.

James is in.

Gotta go back to the start.

James loses his plank,has to get back,losing a lot of time.

James tried a strategy that did not work.

Erik doing somhietng similar going from the sides,

but he's using his knees.

James trying a new strategy.

Struggling to hang on.

Erik not panicking at all,taking his time keeping that lead.

Immubt and a one-in-seven shot for the winner of this challenge.

Erik doing a good job,slow and easy.

James is in the role of having to move quickly,

trying to make up ground,take some risks.

He's gaining on erik.

Erik now going back to riskier moves.

Instead of one plank at a time,he's skipping.

James making up some ground again.

James is back in it.

Erik getting very close.

Erik to the platform.

Now he has to make his way across the disks.

James to the platform.

James has got to get across the disk.

First to the pole.

Erik wins immunity!

Happy birthday!

Erik,come on up.

A round of applause.


Erik,safe tonight at tribal council.

For the rest of you,somebody is going home tonight.

Grab your stuff,head back to camp.I'll see you in trival

Birthday boy.

Hey,erik,it's your birthday.

One out of eight.

I keep telling you.

You won on your birthday!

I was telling them,what are the odds,honestly?

That's awesome.I'm proud of you.

- That was a tough one,too.
- I thought so.

So far,part A.of the plan is perfect.

I looked at parvati,and you were like,"run,erik!

I was so nervous.I was hyperventilating.I was like...

When erik made it,i jumped up like... i didn't scream,though.

The fact that it came down to err and I can james in the end,

and we needed erik to win in order for the plan to work out,

and then erik did win,i was ekstadtic.

I think all the girls were jumping up and down and screaming silently inside their heads.

The plan is in place.

The plan is in place.

It's like the black widow brigade.

Like,all the girls are coming together,

and we're spinning the guys around as much as we can,

just spinning them and spinning them until they don't know which way is up,

and then we're devouring them one at a time.

Are you going to go look for-- crab? What are you going to do?

I'm going to go look for crabs in a little bit,too.

It's raining.

They're in the out when it rains.

And bring back some salt water.

- You want to take that bucket?
- Yeah.


I'll look in the nets,too.

Wait a minute where's his stuff at?

He didn't go anywhere but right here,right?

He went down there.

I mean,he came straight up here.

Where is his stuff at?

I don't know.

Where is the bag?

The bag is over there,too.Hurry up,nat.

It's in here.

Oh,my god.

It's in here.

That's it.

I knew he had it.

Because he was,like,"i know you sent me for strategy purposes.

He won't play it tonight.

He won't play it tonight.

I told him I would go into everything.

A little bit later.He said,you sent me for a reason,huh?

I was like,"yeah.

I was able to have a conversation with jason at the challenge,literally 30 seconds.

I hopefully got my point across,in one,swift motion.

So I think we're good.

It would be perfect,it would be brilliant for jason to go out just like ozzy--

blindsided,no idea that--

what's hitting him in the face,I would love it.

I sent you for a reason

You don't even have to answer me, whether you have it or not.

I mean,you got it and that's how it is and that's how...

I intended for it to be,because the thing is, it's like...

And,yeah,we can use it however--

because i wanted to say to you personally,

i didn't get a chance to yesterday,you know,

but thank you for keeping your word,and it means a lot to me.

And you have mine in this game from now on.

Cool,cool,thank you.

- So,yeah.
- Yeah.

Um,um,the thing is,here's-- here's the thing.

James is going home tonight.

Is that what you're thinking?

That week great.

And I have to let you know,i did find it.

And-- yeah,like that.

Did you see me ask jeff,"so is the immunity idol back out?

And he said,"by the way,da-da-da.

And you were like this,and i said,"jason.

I know.

It was smart.

It was very smart of you to send me.

I'm hoping natalie is telling me the truth that we're voting for james tonight.

She kept her word to me at last tribal council when we voted out ozzy,

and,you know,I'm going to have to trust her this tribal council as well.

After what you guys did for me last time,

my word is as good as your word,

You know,i think I'm pretty evil.

I think I can be pretty evil.

What I am now is I'm definitely in "i will get you" mode.

I'm in game mode.

And now I'm actually having a lot more fun.

I'm getting to be more of myself.

Which is proving to be.

pretty ruthless,and pretty stone-cold bitch,and pretty cut throat.

And I have a smile on my face.

Sorry about that.

What do you want to do about tonight?

I have,like,searched every avenue.

I'm telling you,I don't know what to do.

I honestly have no idea.

You know what?

If everything works out like they think it's gonna work out...

It's gonna be Jason

But they're dead set on...

sending you home.

If it's not him,they're writing your name down.

Who is?


Yeah,but I'm gonna write Parvati's name down so it don't matter

- Are you?
- Yeah.

That's what I'm saying,maybe you could,too.

You think?

I really don't think you're going tonight

There's no way that dummy is gonna...

not play his idol.

I don't think he'll play it

If he don't, that'll be tragic

That would be awesome.


Are you really unbelievably fourth grade uncomfortable

with any guy that remotely makes a move.

I'm not the cool girl at all.

I'm a man eater.

Man eater!

I'd love to blindside jason,because it would be 2-0,ladies,

just at the jugular,flossing my teeth with his jugular.

By the way,it's a win-win.

Either jason goes home or jason stays

and unearthing the idol or it's james going home.

Either way,it's still the five girls down to two guys.

Picking them off one by one.

We'll now bring in the members of the jury.

So last tribal council,you not only vote out one of the strongest fizzical

threats of this game but you voted out one of the biggest providers.

Parvati,does this group feel like we don't need providers anymore?

I think we all felt okay on our own for providing for ourselves for a while.

Every person is kind of providing.

James,seeing that they don't need providers anymore,

another big physical threat in this game is you.

Yeah,it don't look that good for james right now.

The social butterflies have done their work,and,yeah,

I'm definitely on the chopping block.

How frustrating would it be to be voted out tonight,

james,after everything you've ne in keeping this tribe afloat?

It was all about trying to*******

you knew***** parvati wanted to make herself in a better position,

so she did what she had to do and got rid of ozzy.

And now I'm pretty much next,you know,and it's very frustrating.

I mean,i could try to politic,but I really do suck at that.

I mean,what can you do?

Erik,looking at physical threats,obviously,you're a physical threat.

It's got to feel great to have immunity.

I couldn't agree more with that.

I mean,i felt like I was in the same position as james

if i didn't win,then I was going home.

And if everybody feels like they can provide for themselves,

that's one more reason why you don't need erik around.

The other significant thing about the last vote

is that you're still here,jason.

Has your social standing in this game truly changed

as a result of stepping down off that immunity challenge?

Yeah.Every little difference i make around camp is changing my social standing in this game.

But I was sent away to exile,where I was gone for two days.

So,you know,it's difficult to say where I stand in the tribe right now.

You say you're not sure because you were sent to exile island.

Two sides to that coin.

It could be a sentence to go there.

It could be an opportunity.

It was an opportunity for me to look for the idol,

but at this point in the game,

i wanted to stay with my tribemates and really,

you know,show them that I can make these differences.

So,you know,I'll have to see how it plays out.

Natalie,is it possible to change your standing from the game that quickly?


It's constantly changing.


All right,let's get to the vote.

Erik,you have the immunity necklace.

Unless you want to do something crazy and give it to somebody else.

I'm not crazy.I think I'm going to keep it.

Erik is safe tonight.You cannot vote for erik.

Everybody else is fair game.

It's time to vote.

Amanda you're up.

James,you played a good game.

Unfortunately,parvati got you in the end.

You couldn't just frollic naked and enjoy the heavens.

I'll go tally the vote.

Anybody has the hidden immunity idol,

and you want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

Okay,oncehe t votes are read,the decision is final.

The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,james.


One vote james,one vote jason.


Two vote james,one vote jason.


Two vote james,one vote jason,one vote parvati.


That's three vote james,one vote jason,one vote parvati.


That's two votes jason,three votes james,one vote parvati.


That's three votes jason,three votes james,one vote parvati.

One vote left.

11th person voted out of "survivor: Fans vs.Favorites"
and the third member of our jury jason.

That's four.

That's enough pup need to bring me your torch.

Jason,the tribe has spoken.

It's time for you to go.

Well,after back-to-back blindsides,

anybody who still feels safe is a fool.

James,on your way out,i want medical to look at your finger.

Everybody else,grab your torches.

Head back to camp.Good night.

Season 16 Episode 11

Next time on "survivor":.

It's very important i get this thing fixed as soon as possible.

A new idol has been hidden.

The first clue awaits you at exile island.

I was definitely played today by natalie and the rest of the girls.

They did the same thing in voting out ozzy.

I should have been a little more wary of what they were telling me.

What they did tonight will definitely come back to haunt them

as I'm sitting up there on the jury

I just wish I would have been a little bit smarter and play*** when I had the chance