Survivor (2000–…): Season 16, Episode 1 - You Guys Are Dumber Than You Look - full transcript

For the first time in Survivor history, a tribe of idolizing ultra-Fans is surprised when they come face-to-face with a tribe of Favorites from Survivor's past.

{\a6}Jeff Probst

We are flying over the
beautiful islands of micronesia.

Crystal-clear water, magnificent coral reefs,

and one of the most stunning collections
of underwater sea life in the world.

Just below me are 10 americans

who are about to begin the
adventure of a lifetime.

They share only one thing in common-

they are all fans of "survivor."

These fans have finally gone-been given the
chance to be a contestant in their favorite game,

but they're completely unaware

that they'll be playing against some of
their favorite "survivor" from seasons past.

{\a6}Jonathan survivor-cook islands

You could be a fan of the boston red sox, man,

but you don't want to play
against the boston red sox.

You're going to gets your ass handed to you.

A played a perfect game last time.

{\a6}Jonny Fairplay survior-Pearl Islands

I consider myself the greatest player
in the history of the game.

Coming back I'm playing aggressively

{\a6}Parvati surivor-Cook Islands

and pretty much no holds barred for me.

The only reason to come
back is for the $1 million.

{\a6}Yau-Man survivor-Fiji

That's the only reason i will put up with
a lot of suffering gsd buan and smelly people.

People at home watching identify with me.

I'm like the person at home
watching on the coach- remember

{\a6}Cirie survivor-Exile Islands

I was the couch potato?

I'm on the fans' side.

{\a6}James survivor-China

I'm a fan of all these people.

For me to see yau and ozzy was crazy.

{\a6}Ozzy survivor-Cook Islands

Everybodyan wts to beat me now,

and hopefully I can tap
into that same kind of energy

and will that I had last time.

It is the ultimate game with a new twist-

10 of "survivor's" biggest fans
taking on 10 of their favorite players.

For the next 39 days,
they'll be forced to work together,

creating a new society,
while battling the elements and each other.

They must learn to adapt
or they'll be voted out of the game.

In the end, only one will remain to
claim the million-dollar prize.

39 days, 20 people, one survivor!

20 castaways


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Season 16 Episode 1

Come on in, guys!

I have always been a huge fan of "survivor."

When we first pulled in on the boat,
it was a torrential downpour.

{\a6}Jason gymnastics coach

One of my life dreams has been to come out
and try and survive in the wild,

so this is really incredible for me.

So welcome to micronesia.

{\a6}Tracy residential builder

I'm a fan, so coming to "sur
and starting of the game on the beach,

jeff, you know, seeing him there, it was surreal.

You guys want to know who you're playing against?

- Yeah!
- Yeah.

Seeing how big a fans of "survivor" you are,

it is only fitting

that you are going to compete against some of
your favorite "survivors" from seasons past!

Oh! Oh, my god!

Come on out.

Sirree from "exile islands."

This is cool for us to eat this like this, right.

Come on out!

Ozozzy, from cd cook.

A little less hair but the same ozzy.

he's too high up there right now

We know a lot about ozzy
simply in terms of the competition.

He owned almost all the challenges,

but I myself am a track and crosscountry runner.

{\a6}Erik ice cream scooper

I think I have what it takes
to compete at that level.

Come on out.

Ami from "survivor: Vanautau."

there you go ,friend
hey, baby

Come on out.

jonathan penner.

Thank you!

You want a mutiny,
step off your mat and join the other tribe.

Come on out!

Up next, eliza from "survivor:Vanuatau."

you've been trying to against me
since day 1

For the last three frooking days
you have been driving everybody freaking nuts.

Chill out.

Come on out!

from "survivor:China" james.

When I saw james come around
the corner, i got excited

because he is, up until this season,

{\a6}Joel firefighter

the biggest and strongest
that has ever played the game.

I think I can take him.

Let's bring out the next member of your tribe.

Come on out.

Parvarti, from "survivor: Cook islands."

Thank you, jeff.

I have two naked guys in the hot tub.

Let's see who else is on this tribe.
Come on out.

Yau man!

From "survivor: Fiji."

I'm about to jump out of my skin here!

The biggest round of applause so far, yau-man.

These are people I've watched on tv,

and so there's that certain awe about them,
especially yau man.

{\a6}Kathy golf course vendor

I saw him come out with that little yau man hat
and the little glasses.

I love the yau man.

The next member of the favorites team

amanda and "survivor: China."

I have a really good idea.
Get rid of james tonight.

He doesn't expect it right now.

We have 10 fans, we have nine favorites.
We are one short.

Let's bring out the last member
of the "survivor" favorites team

the most infamous of all suivrvors.

johnny fairplay, who already looks intoxicated.

My grandmother is not here for a reason.

She's not around.

Love the hat. Love the hat.

So, fairplay, are you dressing like me?

You want to know what you're playing for?

I'm actually impressed.

I like to know that you have aspirations to
get out of your current place in life.

Good to see you, jeff. Always a pleasure.

I wanted to throw up when i saw johnny fairplay.

He's a pig. He's a loser pig.

I would love just one moment to kick him,

{\a6}Tracy residential builder

one moment to kick him hard in the shin.

All right, fans, your tribe name is airai.

Take a buff and put it on.

Favorites, your tribe name is malakal.
Take a buff and put it on.

I think the fans versus favors setup is
the ultimate challenge.

We have the favorites
who obviously have played this game before

{\a6}Alexis motivational speaker
airai tribe "fans"

so they're coming in here with experience,

but at the same time you have us.
And we know their game.

We know not only their strengths
but their weaknesses, too,

so i think that puts us at a huge advantage.

Just across the water on the other beach,

there are two boats, one for each tribe.

Inside the boat is a map to your new home.

One other thing-

also across the beach there are
two individual immunity idols,

one for each tribe.

The first person to find the idol
from each tribe gets the idol.

These are special idols.

You can only play it the first
time you go to tribal council.

You can go any time you want.

where the hell's the idol?

{\a6}Erik ice cream scooper
airai tribe "fans"

I worked my ass off to get
across that stretch of water.

I beat ozzy. And that's good.
That's what i wanted to do.

I needed to show him what I'm made of.

- james, you see anything?
- no

I'm thinking, you know what?

{\a6}Jonny fairplay
malakal tribe "favorites"

Take your time, jonny fairplay.
Slow and steady wins the race.

I get there, has to be in plain sight.

It's on the boat. I grab it.

Well, i grab the one from the other boat.

Yau man tackles my head into the side of the boat.


All these idols seem to like me,

{\a6}Yau-man computer engineer
malakal tribe "favorites"

and I hope that there will be other idols
on the way this season

and they will all like me.

i have no idea what's going on

Pick up that!

Thanks to yau man,

i have immunity for the very first
tribal council that we go to.

{\a6}Kathy golf course vendor
airai tribe "fans"

So, I'm pleased.

dude, you tackled me,yau-man

Trust me, yau man's not
america's hero like you think he is.

Even jonny fairplay wouldn't taleck someone's head
into the side of a boat for the immunity idol.

Yau man is not nice. He sucks.

So, as soon as that idol is
gone see you later, bucko.

he went and tackled me,you know?

{\a6}airai "fans"
day 1

Here we go!

Get out.

Hi, nice to meet you, buddy.

Chet, jason, when we first
pulled up to the beach it was really exciting.

We are the fans of "survivor."

It's all of our dreams to be out here.

{\a6}Jason gymnastics coach
airai tribe "fans"

We definitely want to kick the favorites' ass.

We have arrived. Arrived, arrived.

as in we have a ***

How about jonny fairplay.

I'm a fan.I'm not somebody that just said,
"let's go be on "survivor".

{\a6}Tracy residential builder
airai tribe "fans"

They all think they know how to do it
and how they did it is great.


Now we play the favorites
and we are out for blood.

Because we know ***

They know a lot about them but us.

Our tribe consists of big bird.

{\a6}Mikey B Aspiring writer
Airal Tribe - "Fans"

We've got the southern princess,
we've got the incredible hulk.

We have jon bon jovi in his prime,

and we have queer eye for the straight guy.

This is going to be a crew, let me tell you.
It's on!

I think we need to be an elevated floor.

Wherever we build a shelter,
we have to clear it out.


- Okay, so, like, okay, you're a homosexual.
- Okay.

You prefer gay.
I don't even know the right word to use.

You're cool so far. Go ahead.

I don't get offended so don't worry.

- Is gay okay.
- Sure.

It doesn't mean you want to be a girl, right?

Oh, no, no, heavens no.

I knew chet was the homosexual right away.

You could just tell he is.

- No no
- I don't have a problem with it.

I have never been friends with a homosexual.

I think I worked with somebody in the 1980s

bartending that was gay, but that's been about it.

I hope you can be my first gay man friend.

And i absolutely will.

Because I never had a gay man friend.

- I bet you have and you just don't know.
- Maybe.

Kathy definitely - she just
kind of puts her foot in her mouth some time.

{\a6}Alexis Motivational Speaker
Airal Tribe - "Fans"

I've never seen them up close.

I've never seen them up close.


She made- she made a comment about tracy's boobs.

Oh, my god!

It's a good thing she got the Immunity Idol.

The second the crazy lady found the immunity idol,
i think everyone was a little worried

because I think we all kind of felt as a consensus
that she was going to be its first one to go.

I'm sure i got off on the wrong foot.

I guess sometimes it pays to keep your mouth shut,
but i can't help myself.

{\a6}Malakal - "Favorites" Day1

So, here.
Let's build a shelter before it rains again.

The fact that we, the favorites,
have played this game before,

I think that is our biggest advantage.

{\a6}Ozzy Photographer
Malakal Tribe - "Favorites"

It's an expectation that we've got to live up to.

Can we just make a pact right now
that we're just going to kick their asses?

- Of course.
- We should do our shelter as fast as possible.

Just out in the open?

Do we have people who know how to build a shelter?

Let's build a real shelter

pretty crazy, fans versus favorites.

We always knew jonny fairplay was a favorite.

{\a6}Jonny Faireplay
Malakal Tribe - "Favorites"

Honestly, I think that's the smartest place
but I'm not fighting anybody on anything.

The first time around
I was just a single guy on the prowl.

This go-around i have a girlfriend at home.
She's seven months pregnant.

Need to bring home some money for her.

Let's get to work.

I just got a message in a
bottle saying my grandmaed, so...

Not falling for that one again.

Are you kidding me?

- Look at how fast he is.
- I know, it's insane.

I definitely appreciate the hard work
that goes on around this camp.

It's so much nicer to have
everybody pulling the rope

{\a6}James Gravedigger
Malakal Tribe - "Favorites"

and getting everything together,
helping each other and stuff.

I almost wanted to give somebody a hug
because it was really nice.

Nice, ozzy!

This is so much more pleasant
than day one of last time.

I know, right.

We all know what we're doing already,

so, i mean, the favorites should definitely have
the advantage over the fans.

We're pretty much ready for faum fronds, right?


I think we have a good group.
I hope we win.

I think so, too.

Everyone is already, like, bonding together.

I have to win this time. It's my second time.

{\a6}Parvati Charity Organizer
Malakal Tribe - "Favorites"

I'm not coming back here
to starve and be miserable.

Do you want to get more fronds?

I was a flirt on "cook islands" and that was it.

There was no other dimension to me at all,
I don't think.

- Do you want a piggyback?
- Yeah.

like, outwardly, I'm still going to be flirty,

but I'm playing smart it this time.

I want to make the right alliances with people
I know i can trust.

Look at that crab.

and this time there's only
one guy to flirt with, really.

It's the big guy, james.

No, don'T.

It had, like, a pincer on the bottom.

Parvati is definitely attractive.
There is something about her.

These one of those
sex kitten-type girls and I like it.

I would be- I'll be totally honest with you.

If you saw my season, you can know that

when i say I'm going to stick
to something and do it...

Yeah. I- you know what, it's so funny

that you're here because you're,
like, one of my favorite players.

I don't know, I think that's really cool.

I'd say I have pretty keen powers of observation,

{\a6}Eliza Law School Student
Malakal Tribe - "Favorites"

and from what i can tell, amanda and ozzy
have this rapport with eaching already.

I think that's so awesome.

And ever since we got here,

parvati hasn't been able to take
her hands orize off of james.

She is definitely going to have
him wrapped around her fing e

so I think there definitely would be romance bubbling
between both parvati and james and amanda and ozzy.

That makes all four of them very dangerous.

- Good night.
- Good night, favorites.

Palm fronds.

{\a6}Airal - "Fans"
Night 1

- ******
- Do we need anything more?

- Let's put the fronds on the ground, too.
- That's a good idea.

Here comes another one.

Tonight is night number one,

{\a6}Jason Gymnastics Coach
Airal Tribe - "Fans"

and we kind of took a little too long
to find a location to build our shelter,

and it didn't come along as planned.

I feel the breeze picking up.

Oh, my God.

Tonight's the first night here, and the downpour-

it came and it was hard and it didn't stop.

I hope by morning i feel a whole lot better
because rite rite now this sucks.

{\a6}Malakal Tribe - "Favorites"
Day 2

I'm sleepy.

I know you are.

- I think that-
- This would be awesome.

We would be a really good group.

Yeah, why don't we stick together starting now.

Starting now?

- We're not supposed to scheme until tomorrow.
- Come on, everyone else-

- I love it.
- Hands in, I'll do it. I'll do it.

- I'll do it.
- All right.

- I love you guys.
- I love you guys!

This is it.

Ami, yau-man, jonathan, and myself,
the four of us are a tight alliance.

But the problem is,

it seems like there's another foursome out here,

and that is amanda and ozzy and parvati and james.

We're very concerned about that foursome.

And we were worried they would
try to pull in fairplay and sirree.

We need a fifth.

I say fairplay.

- Wait a minute!
- Yeah.

We have turn on him before he turns on us.

I don't trust him.

- We'er voting Eliza out.
- Okay. So who else do we have?

- Us three.
- Yeah.

We can get james and amanda for sure.

One, two, three, four, five.

We are a little wary of ealize

{\a6}Ozzy Photographer
Malakal Tribe - "Favorites"

adjust hearing about the way
she played the game in vanauatau.

She's shifty, crafty.
Some of us feel like we can't trust her.

I'm easy, man. Trust me.

I'm a little nervous

because fairplay has his
villain persona to live up to,

so maybe he will just betray everyone he can.
I don't know.

But at this point,
we need fairplay to make a strong alliance.

- So we were productive.
- Yes.

I'm sure you did.

Jonny fairplay is sitting back right now
being friends with everybody.

I'm a very likable person.
I'm a very nice person.

I just have the ability to lie very easily,
which comes in handy here.

Hey, hey.

James, amanda, ozzy, and parvati are an alliance.

- Absolutely.
- Absolutely.

They want Eliza gone first.

- They want what?
- Eliza gone.

But we need to get rid of Ozzy.

Ozzy or parvati. It doesn't matter to me.

- I say parvati first.
- I say parvati, too.

With parvati still in, she can manipulate crap
in the way ozzy could never-

I think we should take parvati out first.

{\a6}Jonathan Writer/producer
Malakal Tribe - "Favorites"

I think parvati is a much bigger threat
as a social player than ozzy is.

Fairplay pretends he's with them

- and I act like everything is perfect.
- I'll play the game.


Fairm say gem to have on your alliance.

He needs us much more than we need him.

Keep him around as long as possible.

Hell, I'd take fairplay to the end if i could.

- Do they think you are with them?
- Yeah.

I think it's insane that there are nine other of
your favorite "survivors" of all time

And they all believe what I said.

If you don't watch the show before?

{\a6}Malakal Tribe - "Favorites"
Day 3



I can******

I'm trying to focus the sun on to this-

quote, unquote-dry coconut husk

with a drop of water on my glasses
to act as a magnifying glass.

It's a very nice magnifying glass.

The sun is almost vertical enough
that this should work.

It worked in fiji.

- It's so warm.
- I know. It's unbelievably warm.

It's like pee water.

- It's burning
- Yeah, yau-man.

We need wood.

- Oh, my god!
- Oh, my god, they started it.

Good job, dude.

Yau-man got our fire started miraculously.
We're all very excited.

We have fire. We've been eating.
We've been drinking.

We're all well rested, well hydrated

and we're ready to kick some butt.

{\a6}Airal-"Fans" Day 1

Man, I hope we have treemail.

I hope we have something.

We had nothing yet.

I'd eat rat guts right now.

We have tree mail.

Yes! Hey, guys, we've got tree mail!

- Hey, we got tree mail.
- Tree mail!

- It's a puzzle.
- Yeah, i love puzzles.

16 seasons later you all should know the deal.

Outwit, outplay, outlast.

Don't waste time reinventing the wheel.

I think everybody is, you know,
biting at the bit just to get in the jam game.

And I think the favorites
are chuckling at us right now

saying that we are going to be a piece of cake,

that they're going to walk all over us.

It means don't be stupid.

It means don't be too smart.
Don't outthink yourself.

They're not looking at us as competitors.
But that's good.

Even better, underdog, we'll take that role.

Come on in, guys!

Deja vu.

so, here we are, our first challenge.

Eliza, you guys have played this game before.

did you see the advantage that you have now in getting a shelter up quickly.

Jeff, have no idea how much
of an advantage we have.

Not only do we have a shelter.
We have fire. We have food.

We all have full bellies.

We are so excited and so pumped for
this challenge and ready to kick some butt.

We're doing three courses for every meal.
It's ridiculous.

I'm getting fat.
I have gained weight since i got here.

- Joel, are you buying all this?
- No.

You guys are dumber than you look.

But, hey, you know, if it is, good for them.

They can get fat and happy,
and we can win the- win the challenges.

Here's how it works- on my "go,"

you must race to assemble four wheels
and place them on your cart.

You must then push your cart
through a series of obstacles.

When you reach the sand pit
you must dig up a bundle of planks.

You'll use the planks to
fill in gaps in the bridge.

Push your cart over your
bridge to the finish platform.

Where you must then take
the wheels off of your cart

and use them to complete a turnstile.

Finally, you'll use the
turnstile to raise a fire wok

lighting the top of the platform.

First tribe to finish wins.

- You wanna know what you're playing for?
- Yes!


When you have immunity in your possession,
you cannot be voted out.

In addition, the winning tribe
gets fire in the form of flint.

All right, give you a minute to strategize.

Come on, guys, right here. Right here.

Kick this some fan ass!

Here we go, the first challenge
of fans versus favorites.

Survivors ready?


Go, go, go, go!

Have to assemble the four wheels,
then put them on your cart.

Come on, come on!

I got it. I got it.

Come on, guys, quickly, quickly!

Take your time.

Guys, guys! We got it.

Fans have their four wheels.

Behind you, behind you, amanda!

Favorites having no luck
putting their four wheels together.

Come on, guys. It's okay.
Take your time! Calm down.

- Look at it! Look at it!
- All right, take your time.

Let's go!

Come on, guys! We've got this.

The fans are off.

- Favorites still working.
- Relax.

Falling behind.

Fans extending their lead.

Come on!

We can still do it, you guys. We can still do it.

Fans working through the obstacle.

Jason, joel, tearing it up.

Here comes the cart,

rolling over their tribe.

- I got it.
- Go!


Fans are through the obstacle.

Go, go, go!

Favorites have their cart.

They are back in this!

- Come on, guys.
- An absolute wipeout for the favorites.

Are you okay?

This challenge is falling apart for the favorites.

Fans still with a good-sized lead.
They are now digging up the planks.

Favorites trying to get back on course
after a big wipeout.

- These wheels aren't turning.
- Come on, guys. We can do this.

- Dog to your right a little bit!
- Watch out for the tree!

Favorites starting to make up some ground.

Fans have their planks out on the sand,
gotta untie them.

Here come the favorites. They're back in it!

Dig! Dig! Dig!

Erik giving a little greeting to the favorites,

trying to distract him while
his tribe continues to work with the planks.

Fans are very much in control, taking their time.

- Another one!
- Building their bridge.

You got this, james! James, you got this!
Go, guys, go!

Good job, guys.

Fans first over the bridge!

Favorites have their planks! They're back in This!

- Plank.
- plank, plank.

- Come on, let's go! Let's go!
- Come on!

Favorites are now building their bridge.

Fans already have their bridge completed.

Get out of the way! Get out of the way!

And a wipeout into the tree.

Favorites now taking on their bridge.
They're still in it.

Line is up

line it up- line it up! Go, go!

Push, push, push!

Favorites still trying to
make their way over the bridge.

One person at each place.

Fans quickly get the wheels off their cart
and they're working on the turnstile.


Favorites are now down the
bridge and making their way!

Fans working together very well.

Turn them around.

Pull the cart up!

Gotta finish the turnstyle.

Using the pieces of the wheels.

Fans getting closer.

Favorites now quickly trying
to work on their puzzle.


Fans have their turnstyle complete.

They gotta raise the wok
to the top of the platform.

Favorites trying to get into this.

The first immunity challenge

is won by the fans!

Fans, congratulations.

immunity. Nobody going home tonight.

And fire in the form of flint.

Favorites, you know this drill.

Date with me tonight at tribal council.

Where one of the favorites will
have the distinction as being the first person

voted out of "fans versus favorites."

Grab your stuff. Head back to camp.

See you tonight at tribal.

Malakal-"Favorites" Day 3

That sucked.

We tried hard, lost, no shame in losing.

These fans are so excited, so enthusiastic.

I mean, they're playing
"survivor." It's their dream.

And they just had more loss out there.

The loss, it's going to humble us

and make us ready to kick iss in the next one.

I may not swim as well as ozzy,

but i think i did pretty good today.

Yeah, you did.

We're going to tribal council and

gosh, i do not have a plan at all.

{\a6}Cirie Nurse Malakal Tribe-"favorites"

I have no idea what I'm going to do right now.

I don't really trust any of these people.

I don't care. I'll get rid of anybody,
as long as it's not me.

- What am i good at?
- Yeah.

I think I'm good for morale, entertainment value.
That's about it.

right now, I could go either way

and totally change the game
in two different directions.

Two groups I'm playing are the four of
yau-man, ealize ajonathan, ami.

we all know what we're doing tonight right?

- parvati right?
- Yup.

And then you have the alliance of ozzy,
james, parvati and amanda.

They're after eliza. So we'll see.

People don't understand, like,
what crazy thing are you going to do?

The crazy thing is, i don't do anything.

I just want to see my girlfriend.
That's it.

- You must miss her, then.
- Yeah.

She's seven months pregnant,
and like, I don't know anything.

I think about my girlfriend and my upcoming
little girl every single second out here,

and i want to win this game for them.

I can't stop thinking that maybe
there's something wrong with my little girl.

I'll tell you what, a million dollars is great.

But having a healthy little girl

that's the biggest prize I could win right now.

i want to see my girl.

and go home

i'm kind of already over this, so...

i'm actually leaning toward asking you guys, "Let it be me."

Shut up. You'll ruin our whole plan.

Maybe you should, though.

- It would throw Eliza off the scent.
- What's that?

It would throw Eliza off the scent.


I don't know, it might be just too crazy,

but i came up with this little plan

to distract jonathan, eliza, yau-man,
and ami into voting for fairplay,

and we're all voting for eliza,

just because I don't want eliza turning around
and trying to, you know, snake me.

I mean, having a kid is a pretty powerful thing.

- Yeah.
- You know.

I'm just emotionally not here. So, I'm sorry.

- Yeah.
- I'm just-

I can'T... you know.

Is there any way that i can
talk you into staying in?


I'm sorry.

Yeah, it sucks.

Fairplay say loose cannon.

Fairplay said to me that he wanted to go home.

{\a6}Ami nanny

He just puts you on your serious stance guard
because you don't know ever what he means.

He does not want to be here.

Or is he just saying that
so we all vote for him and he is with them.

We've just got to be careful
because he could pull a fast one.

I just have to make sure he
doesn't do anything crazy.

I'm a little worried that fairplay

is going to come together with
james, ozzy, amanda, and parvati.

All I know is tonight, trike is going to be crazy,

because if i know jonny fairplay,
he is going to stir things up.

I'm ready.

Let's battle! Tribal council!

Behind each of you is a torch.

Go ahead and grab a torch, approach a flame.

This is part of the ritual of tribal council
because in this game, fire represents your life.

As long as you have that fire, you're in the game.

When your fire is gone, so are you.

Jonny fairplay, you guys have all played this game.

Everybody here should come in fair well
versed in terms of what is required.

How did it go when you got to camp?

Cake. I mean, food is a lot easier here.

We've made an amazing shelter.

So I think our only problem was
I'm guessing over-confidence.

Eliza, let's talk about past reputations.

How big a factor are reputations
coming into this game?

It's definitely a factor.

I mean, whether or not somebody says,
"I'm just going to get to know you for you,"

it doesn't matter.
That will be in the back of your head.

They'll remember the things
you dthe moves you made,

how you interacted with peopleh

and t at will probably play a
factor in the way people vote.

Jon fairplay probably nobody in this game
has a bigger reputation than you.

I agree.

Can that be an advantage?

Honestly, I think everyone here was kind ofur
sprised with the real jonny fairplay, i guess

and I can easily say i feel all of them trust me.

But at the same time,
my head is kind of screwed up right now.

I have a little baby on the way.

And honestly, all i think about
is my little baby pipe eokay.

That's all that goes through my head.

I'm like, am i being a crappy dad by being here?

- But you're not a father yet.
- Yeah, I'm this close.

I mean, i had no idea that
i was going to think like this once i got here.

I mean, I don't have a kid.
I'm about to have one, and guess what?

It changes you.
It changes your head and you go crazy.

So you want to go home

or you had a bad afternoon
and you're trying to recover?

The last time i learned to be
jonny fairplay and be an ass.

This time if i learn to be a good dad, so be it.

My head is screwy right now.

Why are you smiling, yau-man?

Well, because, my first thought is
what's the scheme?

It's a very strange thing
to say just out of the blue.

Ozzy, is this just simply a
case of fairplay can't hack it,

it's much harder than he remembered,
and he wanted to go home?

Jeff, i'm honestly tell you,
no, I don't think so.

You can say what you want, jeff.

I don't need to put on a little show for you.

Like, I'm screwy right now.

You know, emotions are going crazy in my head,
and that's it.

And it wasn't supposed to be this difficult.

Jonathan, fairplay has a reputation
of pulling scams and lying.

Just to be clear, what is he doing?

I think he's asking us to vote for him.

I think, you know, somebody has to go home.
Somebody wants to go home.

And, um, he's going to go home.

- So it's a quit?
- This is not a quit.

Forgive me skepticism,

but last time you cried over a dead grandma
who conveniently was at home watching on tv.

I understand.

Yes or no answer- is this a quit?Eliza?


This is not a quit?

There is still a possibility in my mind
that fairplay is not going home tonight.

I mean, I don't think there's one person
who didn't bring their stuff with them.

So we're still voting.

Oh, we are voting.

All right, yau-man, you have the immunity idol.
It is only good tonight.

- You can use it for yourself-
- No, I'm keeping it.

You cannot vote for yau-man.
Everybodies, including mr. Fairplay, is fair game.

It's time to vote. Aim eerk you're up.


Jonny i gotta vote for you. You asked me to.

I wish you the best of luck, and

Jonny, you need any advice how to raise a baby
to be a happy and well-adjusted child,

i will be very happy to give you some advice.
Thank you.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are read, the decision is.Inal f

the person voted out will be asked to
leave the tribal council area immediately.

First vote,


Fairplay. Two votes fairplay.

That's three votes fairplay.

Fairplay. Four votes fairplay.

Fairplay. That's five votes fairplay.

First person voted out of
"survivor: Fans versus favorite jonny fairplay.

That's six, that's enough.
You need to grab your torch.

Jonny fairplay,

the tribe has spoken.

- You have to go.
- Can I get a hug?

You be nice to those guys!

Bye, guys.

Well, i never would have predicted that.

Good news,
is because you've been to tribal council,

you get fire in the form Flint.

Yau-man you can leave the idol behind.
It's of no use anymore.

grab your torches Head back to camp.

Good night.

Ptoudly Presents


Season 16 Episode 1

next time on survivor

Why is everyone talking all
the time and not working?

The franz in turmoil.

Emotionally, it's not good for me to be here.

The rules have changed at exile island.

Two people, one idol.

And two castaways have a night to remember.

Go get a hotel room.