Survivor (2000–…): Season 16, Episode 2 - The Sounds of Jungle Love - full transcript

The sounds of two castaways smooching through the night keeps one tribe awake.

Previously on "survivor":

10 of survivor's biggest fans were pitted against 10 favorites from seasons past.

Both tribes immediately competed for a shot at individual manhattan.Immunity.

Yau-man narrowly won the idol for the favorites

and he helped kathy find the idol for the fans.

Pick up that!

Jeff: The fans struggled on their beach and failed to build a solid shelter.

Oh,my god.


At the first immunity challenge,the favorites relied on experience,

but experience wasn't enough.

The first immunity challenge is won by the fans!

facing tribal council,the favorites were split into two alliances...

Ami,yau-man,jonathan,and myself,the four of us are a tight alliance,

but there's another foursome out here--

amanda and ozzy and parvati and james.

And both groups wanted to recruit the same player.

We need a fifth.

I say fairplay.

We need fairplay to make a strong alliance.

But fairplay made a surprising revelation to the tribe.




not ******

If i know jonny fairplay,he is going to pull something out of his hat

that none of us are going to be expecting and he is going to stir things up.

Jeff: But in the end,the entire tribe wrote down his name

and severed ties with one of the most infamous players to play the game.

Jonny faire player,the tribe has spoken.

19 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight.


I can't believe you just caught that fish with your bare hands.

I know.How awesome it that!

Yes,guys,we lost fairplay,but we did gain a fish.

maybe that's a good omen.

How awesome is it we came back and now we're eating fish?

I know.

A late-night snack.

We had tribal council tonight,and joan fairplay had asked us to vote him off,

and i kept thinking something was going to change,something was gone going to happen,

something terrible-- that I was going to be the one going home first.

But we took him seriously and honored his request.

There was just too much going on for him,

which is weird because he seemed to be holding it together.

I was not pleased when jonny pulled this because it screwed up my plans,

but you know what?

Everybody knows that if we can continue to do what we're doing,

we should be able to win.

This is good.

I'll tell you what,it is delicious.

Figure if everyone had been out here for 3033,39 days,

something like that times nine,that's basically a year's worth of experience.

We're just feeling comfort dhad we can go in there ando?g vpwpwpwwwg  [ ]
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Season 16 Episode 02


-We need water--
-All this needs to be cleared because--



It's day four,and we're in a bad place right now.

We need to fix our shelter.

We haven't had any water.

Everyone is tired.Everyone is hungry.

But at the challenge yesterday,we beat the favorites--

One immunity,and along with immunity,we won flint,and flint is fire.

So we're golden.

As soon as i light,this it's going to ignite immediately.

Like boom!

Keep G.




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How much of this do we have left?

We have to make fire!I don't care how much we have!

At some point we have to give up and--


The boys are still back there trying to start a fire.

They're all chopping away,but we've got nothing!

Number one priority for me is shelter because it's pretty much every night it rains.

So what is the problem?

I don't understand.

Why is everybody talking all the time and not working?

Oh,this would be the worst night in the history of our lives.

We've got no shelter.Nothing.



Then-- can we all get in on it and start humping it?

They're not going to help build a shelter.

They're going to go dig for wood.





I just spent a half hour trying to do fire!

All you do is...


If we-- and we have not had to go to tribal council yet,

and there's drama!

We can clean out that cave,and we can sleep clean and dry tonight.

See,they're already cleaning it out.

This is exactly what we were getting ready to do.

We were going to come and clean it out and put some palm fronds down

and it would be home tonight.

No,this is my habitat tonight.

I don't know.

I'm just so done.

Tracy,kathy,and chet,

i don't think they accomplished a single productive thing all day long.

And I just don't even want to be around them,so i told them straight up,

I was like,"i don't want you sleeping in the cave.

" I'm not going to fight with these kids,you know.

I mean,they hate us.

Come on.

Don't cry.

Tracy,chet,and myself have pretty much been shund by the other people.

And i can't fight seven against three.

It just makes you relive things in your life-- high school,whatever--

when you didn't fit in and you were kind of outcast.

It just kind of brings it all back.




Oh,they took it.

They just took it.


Tell me we're not divided.

No it is quite obvious.


We were quite disorganized in last challenge

so we're going to try to do ray little better today,

and we're hoping the fans have slept poorly

and are still way behind us on the camp curve because we're doing great.

I mean,honestly.

And we thought this one was big.


I'm starting to become...

I'm starting to become really attracted to amanda.

She is so cute.

I mean,she's beautiful,and it's like-- aarrgggh!

We just have to stay apart as long as possible

because if it becomes obvious to the group,

then I'm gog have a giant target on my back.

I wonder if we'll get some sharks.

I hope so.






That's the same color i found.

I started off working out a flirting angle with james

and it was just so easy because he's just so cute,you know.

( Laughs ) What do you think,amanda,is it love?

I don't know.

I definitely think that james and parvati have something going on,

and,you know,I've always thought ozzy was really,really cute,

and it is kind of like a coupley alliance,yeah.

But we have to be careful because I don't want it to screw up my game.


I'm going to finally get some sleep.

This will work out beautiful.



Imagine that.

And it's solid.

Kathy,chet,and myself,we made a new shelter for the three of us,

and we're going to make it our home.

I like how they did that on part of your wall.


That's a crazy covering.That's awesome.

Fing we build it here and you guys have already have yours,

and we have a fire in the middle

then we can all just sit down and bury the hatchet.

Clean that out and use the back of the tree.

we'll ---------------------

No,i would like to,yes,please.

The other seven,they came over and asked me to help them build their new shelter,

so i think that I've earned a little bit of respect from them.

But right now,all i care about is getting a fire

because if i don't get some water in me,I'm going to die.

We are going to get it right now.


Keep blowing.


Get some little sticks in there.

There we go!

We made fire!

Feels so good!

Finally,we got fire.

Now we can boil water.

We actually found some plants,

so we're going to get some food in our bellies,

and it's definitely a really good feeling.


Oh,my god!

That is so good!

Whole dynamic of the tribe just completely turned around.

Everybody seems to kind of put their issues behind them,

and we're much more unified as a tribe.

And what's that right in the middle?

A ticket stub.

I go to a lot of ball games and a lot--

You have a ticket stub on your back?


That's me,baby.

Gotta love it.

I'm definitely flirting with mary,absolutely.

She's a cute girl girl and I'm having fun with her on the island.

I want to get mayor tow trust me

and if I can use my flirtatious ability to get her in my back pocket,

then I'm going to use it.

Come here.


Mikey,I think,really likes how mary looks,and has maneuvered himself pretty close to her.

That's right out of,you know,player's school 101,i think.

So,obviously,I'm going to keep my eyes on them.

But my priority right now is to keep my tribe strong,

so I think the three outsiders,tracy,chet,and kathy,

they'll be out of here as soon as possible.


I was awake quite a bit last night,

and I heard the sounds of...

jungle love,I guess.

( Laughs ) I think we'll be receiving birth announcement from amanda

and her little ozzlets they're about to have,

and parvati and james will be at the wedding as soon as this is over.

It's a little more than just alliances there with those guys,

so that's what makes it scary.



It's silly,you know.

Go get a hotel room.

I mean,you've got to take one step back and say,"there might be somebody awake.

We are sleeping together in a cave." You know.






The two couples separate don't really bother me,

but the four of them together poses a problem.

I don't know just yet how I'm going to dismantle that foursome.

But I'm going to try.





We have myself,eliza,ami,yau-man-- there's a core four--

and we needed one more for the lock,and that was cirie,

who just told me that she will work with me down the line if we decide to go that far together.

Jeff: Come on in,guys!

Getting your first look athe t new favorites tribe.

Jonny fairplay voted out at the first tribal council.

Good job,guys!Good job.

You guys ready to get to today's challenge?

First things,first.

Mary,I will take it back.

I don't want to give it.

Jeff: Immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,each tribe will select five swimmers,

three puzzle makers,and one key master.

On my "go," the first person will race out to a platform,climb to the top,

then smash a tile,releasing a key,dive down retrieve the key,

get back to shore.

Collect all five keys,then the key master will open a chest containing puzzle pieces.

The puzzle makers will then take these pieces

and assemble a puzzle map of micronesia.

The first tribe to finish wins.

Want to know what you're playing for?

Winning tribe wins immunity and is safe from tribal council,

and you're playing for reward.

Fishing gear

All right!

Jeff: As well as a bamboo fishing boat that will be waiting for you back at camp.


Jeff: There's more.

The winning tribe will also select one person from the losing tribe to go to exile island.

The bad news about exile island,you're separated from your tribe.

The good news-- hidden somewhere on exile island is a hidden immunity idol.

Find that idol,you have power in this game.

There is one other twist in this challenge

that i will tell you after this challenge is over.


It's a lot,plus immunity.

Worth playing for?


Fans,you have one extra member.You're sitting one out.

Who will it be?




I will if you want me to.

Okay,I guess i am.

Kathy will have a spot on the bench.

I'll give you guys a minute to strategize and we'll get started.

Here we go for immunity and reward.

Survivors ready?


Yauzy and jason across the lily pad.

Ozzy make trkz jason doesn'T.

Come on,jason!

You got it,baby,nice.

Jeff: Ozzy making fast work of that swim,already at the platform.

Ozzy not even hesitating,he's in the water with the key.

Jason obliterates his tile.

Ozzy has the key and he's heading back.


Jeff: Jason has the key for the fans.


Jeff: Ozzy back.

Ami heading back out for the favorites

jason back with the first key for the fans.

Alexis heading out over the lily pads

ami is on the platform.

Alexis trying to close the gap.


Ami heading back to shore with the second key for the favorites.

Alexis has her key.

Good job,lexy,come on in!

Jeff: Ami back with the second chi.


Amanda heading back out on the course.

Alexis back with the second key for the fans.

Chet now on the course,takes a big fall.

We are tied,two keys each.

Amanda at the platform,breaks a tile,

and the key is in the water.

Amanda has the third key for the favorites.

Watch it fall,chet.Watch it fall.

Jeff: Chet obliterates his tile.

Chet cannot find the key.

Amanda back with that third key for the favorites.

Parvati on the course.


It's in front of you to the right!

It's right there,chet.

You gotta go down,bro.

Parvati at the platform.

Parvati breaks her tile.

Key is in the water.

Chet,get out of the water!

Let's go!

Get out!

Come back,come back,come back!

Parvati has the fourth key for the favorites.

She's heading back.


Get out of the water!

Come on,man!

Hustle.You gotta do this.

Parvati is back.

Penner heading out,the last person to go for the favorites.

Mikey B.Heading out for the fans.

Let's go,mikey!

We've still got this.

Jonathan increasing the lead for the favorites.

Jonathan can't find his key.

Mikey B.Trying to make up some time.

Jonathan,other way,other way!

Right in front of you.

Mikey B.Back with that third key.

Let's go,erik!

Erik out on the course.

Penner has the fifth and final key for the favorites.


Erik not giving up.

You got it!

Erik knocks his tile.

Penner back with the fifth and final key for the favorites!

James starting to work on the chest.

Erik has his key.

Chest is still in the water.

Five keys,five locks.

James has two locks undone.

One key left in the water.

For the fans.

You're still in this.

Jason back out to retrieve chet's key.

James now has four locks open.

James has all five open.

Favorites start working on the puzzle.

We gotta get the pieces out.

Jeff: Eliza,cirie,yau-man,trying to figure out the key to this puzzle.

It is a map of micronesia.

Jasoinheadn g back with the fifth key for the fans.

This one goes here.

Favorites think they're getting close.

Oh,my gosh!

Here it goes.

That's it,that's it!

Jeff: Favorites win immunity!

And reward.

We did it!

Oh,my god!

Jeff: Favorites,congratulations.


Nobody going home from the favorites.

In addition,all this fishing gear and a bamboo fishing boat waiting for you back at camp.

One more thing to deal with--

you must now choose somebody from the tribe of fans to send to exile island,

and they will return to camp in the morning in time for tribal council.

Kathy,yeah,all right.

Jeff: Who's it going to be?Who are you sending to exile?

The one-- Kathy.With the hat.

Jeff: Kathy,bifr send ow your way,we'll get to the twist I told bu.

Tribe of favorites,you must now choose somebody from your own tribe to join kathy on exile island.

Two people,one idol.

Jeff: You will both spend the night together on exile.

You will both get the first clue to the location of the hidden manhattan idol.



Cirie is going to go.

Kathy and cirie,grab your stuff.

The boat's waiting.


Fans,nothing else for you except a date with me tomorrow night at tribal council.

Where one of you will be going home.

Grab your stuff.Head back to camp.







-Exile island they never got to go to.
-You never got to go.

Well,I'm here now.

I think staying here on exile island with cirie is actually a good thing.

Watching her from her season she really grew a lot.

And she's so sweet.

She's so motherly.

She's right there.

We have to move twik quickbecause we're not going to have a lot of time before it gets dark.




You gotta climb.

The part about "go to the start they're not talking the start of our own island,are they?

It can't be--

I'm thinking,let's go back.


Right now,my team is nine oppele.

There's parvati and those guys,and jonathan and those guys,

and then I'm smack dab in the middle.

So all I was thinking is I'm going to exile island,god,

please help me find the hidden immunity idol.


Clue number two,continue your quest by crossing the ocean.

You've done it before now,repeat the motion.

Right over there.


Into the forest.

We just came from over here and now we have to go over here.

And we have to do it quick because we're burning daylight,girl.

We have to go there.

Looking for the idol was absolutely-- absolute torture.



The second clue,it tells you that the third clue is across another part of the ocean.

I got it!Come here!Come here!

It better nob the another clue.

-I swear to god--

two -----------------



I'm just seeing those two thingses,looks like legs,those two sticks.

Right here?

I'm looking in the middle of the ocean and see two things pop up.


So then we find the third clue,back across the ocean.


It says,"you'll find more to this lore.




" I've never worked so hard,walked so far in my life.







Get to the fourth clue...

back across the ocean.

Oh,my god!

By the time we found the fourth clue,I was so tired and so frustrated...

and we searched and searched and searched and searched.

I know,it's almost like,okay,you can come out now,idol.

I give up.

We can't get this close and not find it.

I know!

We need to get some coconuts and get the shelter ready.

Get ready to get some water.

I think we need a round of applause for everyone today.

Because no matter what,we come together as a team.

We and I know winand lose as a team.


That was a lot-- I give it to all of you that swam.

We lost our challenge today,so this is our first time going to tribal council.

I mean,that's a big deal,and we're all very frustrateed.

I don't care about losing the immunity.

I care about the fishing.

That box is a box of gold.

There was everything in there.

It's most likely going to be one of the three older members of the tribe going home.

Probably chet because he did very,very poorly in the challenge.

I mean,he was floundering around.

If chet's strength is what he showed today,then,come on.

There's no discussion as far as I'm concerned.

All of us know who we want to go home.

That would be chet.

But there's all these varrabs that come into play which makes it difficult.

So the guys vote chet,okay,and the girls vote tracy.

And then they're going to have their three votes versus you.

That's four to three,chet goes home.

I'm suggesting splitting our votes,four to chet and three to tracy.

Just in case kathy found the hidden immunity on exile island.

If she had it,they can give it to chet or tracy,

and then if we vote them,it bounces back to us,

and we're screwed.

If kathy gives the immunity idol it chet,us guys,

us four vote for tracy,and the girls,the three,vote for kathy.

Wait,wait,waiT.That's in the case of what?

If she gets gifz it to chet.

Now the only way we can get screwed is if kathy gave tracy the immunity,

and then it goes to a tie breaker.


Let's get the final plan right now and we don't have to talk about it game.

Mike is throwing out all of his different scenarios on

what if kathy found the immunity idol on exile island?

She already has an immunity idol from a previous challenge,

on and,and on and on,so much so that it confusing me.


My initial thought was,chet,you're out of here.

You're done.

But mikey thinks he's got it raul figured out,and I don't like that.

He's teamed up with mary,

and now he thinks he has pretty much the entire tribe voting the way he wants us to vote,

and doing whatever he wants.

But if i have anything to say about that at tribal council tomorrow night,

it will be abundantly clear that that's not the case.





Yesterday,we lost the immunity challenge,

so tonight we're all going to tribal council.

And mikey seems to think that he's running the show over here.

And I just want to put a stop to it.



Mikey and mary are very close,

and I believe that if we have one person who believes that

they are leading this tribe in a certain direction,

their strongest alliance in my mind would be the alliance to breck.

If you take away mary,that's his closest ally.

I agree with a lot of that.

Joel suggested we along with alexis work together to get rid of mary.

And it could be a good idea.

Because mikey is a really smart guy,and he knows what he's doing here.

That's pretty diabolical,but i mean,come on.

It's what the game is,bro.






Yeah,that's kathy.


Want to try to get rid of mary and break up the mike and mary?



Oh,my god,it's just a little tiny piece of beach,and that's it.

How is it out there?

Cirie is one of the nicest people i ever met in my entire life.


No,I kurd up in a fetal position.

So what's going on around here with you guys as far as tribal council?








That's all I'm telling you.Just do it.Just write it down.

I was super worried that they were all going to pick chet,

and when I come back from exile island,boy,

right away,joel steps up to me and goes,"it's mary.

" I'm like,where did mary come from?

Don't spill the beans before we vote.

You have to tell me what i can say and what i can't say.

It's like i tell my pageant girls --

answer the question and shut up.

Don't ramble.Get off the stage.

Over the last two days,it was kathy,chet,

and myself against the other seven.

And now we finally see a window of opportunity,

but i just don't know if i can trust joel.

Joel wants this million dollars,I think probably more than anybody here.

And I feel that he's going to stop at nothing to get it.

We've got a plan.

Don't talk to anybody else about it.

Joel pulled natalie aside,talked to her a little bit,

so we don't know really what they're talk about,

but we just need to be really honest with ourselves,and where the weaknesses lie.

All of us guy vote chet,and if she gives the immunity to chet,

we vote tracy.

Girls all voting tracy.

There might be a little confusion as far as our vote tonight,

but i really feel at this point i can trust alexis,

i can trust mikeI,can trust natalie.

So I don't feel like I'm going to be voted off any time soon.

I think it will be interesting checking out tribal council tonight,

you know,just like going there--

That will be fun.

If ift goes as i think it will,tonight,mary's going home.

Mikey will be completely confuseds too what happened.

And it will be me running the show over here.

But I've been doing a lot of running around.

I've been talking to a lot of people,and if these people are smart,

I could see them thinking he's too powerful,he's too manipulative,

and being very leery of me.

But either way,i think on my feet,so we'll see what happens.

Jeff: Behind each of you is a torch.

Go ahead and grab a torch,approach a flame,

dip it in and get fire

this is part of the ritual of tribal council because in this game,

fire represents your life.

As long as you have fire,you're stil in the game.

When your fire is gone,so are you.

So let's start at the beginning.

Kathy,right off the bat,one person from each tribe got an immunity idol.

How did you end up with it for your tribe?

I came in last,and yau-man pointed out that my idol was under the boat,

so i picked it up,i picked it up and went,"is this it?

The idol you have is only good tonight,

which means you can use it for yourself and stay protected,

or you can give it to somebody before we vote.

So you're clear on how that plays tonight.


Let's talk about the challenge.

Chet,this challenge for you was extremely difficult.

You were exhausted before you got halfway out to the platform.

Actually,i really wasn't exhausted.

I thought it was best to come back in and let somebody else go back out

because i felt i was wasting too mu tchime out there.

Jeff: With all due respect,that's giving yourself a little more credit than I would.

It took you forever to go back to the beach.

What did it feel like with nine other people going--

I would have liked to have done better but i didn'T.

2 didn't turn out that way.

Mikey B.

I think the most frustrating thing about chet struggling,

if you're not that good of a swimmer,why don't you make a team move and step down.

I was really irked by it,to be honest with you.

Jeff: Tracy,tell me about camp life?

It's aggravating.

We have a lot of conflicts.

The older people kind of went one way,

and the younger group went another.

And you get chafed by it and you say I'm going to whine about it

or get up and take care of myself.

Natalie,do you see people grouping together because they get along better?


I think some people have been segregated and we have two shelters

so clearly there are people who get along and people who don't get along.

Alexis,two shelters?

This doesn't sound good?

There was a certain division,and who shelters have been built.

One shelter houses tracy,chet,and kathy.

So,yeah,there's definitely some conflict there.

Chet,you have to be a little concerned tonight.

There are seven people in one shelter,and you three are sitting over there by yourself.

Sure,it looks bad that it's three again-- against seven.

It's really out of my control at this point.

People have to vote how they have to vote.

Erik,would you be concerned if you were chet?

I would be very,very concerned.

I mean,he's outside of the numbers.

He's not physically fit fit.

I would be very,very,very scared.

Jeff: Maret,ly's talk about alliances,

or friendships that might be alliances.

Sure,you can see people going in different directions and alliances forming,

but i feel pretty secure right now with my position if the to be

and with the people I choose to communicate with and be friends with.

Joel what,do you base a vote on this early in the game?

you Barely know these people.

I have a conscience,i swear,but I don't care if anybody goes home.

I mean,I barely know these people,

and I don't put it past a single one of them to vote me off tonight.

It's a game of loyalty and it's a game of deception,

and anybody can go at any time.

And you'll never know who it is.

All right,on that note let's get to the vote.

Kathy,you have your immunity idol.

Has to play tonight.

I'll keep it for myself.

Kathy's immune.You cannot vote for kathy.Everybody else is fair game.

It is time to vote.Erik,you're up.

Chet,you blew it with your bode,your brains,and your heart.

It's just not acceptable to be a teammate of mine.

I just went with the majority.

I'm sorry.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are read,the decision is final.

The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately.

If anybody has the hidden immunity idol,now would be the time to play it.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,chet.

Chet.Two votes chet.


Two votes chet,one vote tracy.


Two votes chet,one vote tracy,one vote mary.


Two votes mary.


We're tied.

Two votes tracy,two votes chet,two votes mary.


That's three votes mary,two votes chet,two votes tracy.


That's four votes mary.

Second person voted out of "survivor:Fans versus firefighter t favorites.

" Mary,based on the way the votes were distribute,five is enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Mary,the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Bye guys.

Well,based on what i heard tonight,mary never saw that coming.

Congratulations,first tribal council,first blindside.

Grab your torches,head back to camp.

Kathy,you can leave that idol behind.