Survivor (2000–…): Season 15, Episode 15 - Survivor: China - The Reunion - full transcript

The 16 castaways from Survivor China reunite to discuss their journey and talk about the results of the game.

>> I really want to be here, and

I will do whatever to stay, you


This game was not just physical.

I'm trying to think

strategically as well.

There's something inside of that


If you give it to me, I can help

save your life.

Sometimes, throughout this game,

I feel like I am the only one


We are lining ourselves up as

power players.

They will get rid of us if we

don't start doing what people


I'm here to win a million


That's a lot of money.

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>> JEFF PROBST: welcome to the

Survivor: China reunion show.

We have all 16 survivors back


Let's start with our winner.

Todd, congratulations.

>> Thank you!

( cheers and applause )

Thank you!

>> PROBST: You're a guy that...

basically you've been watching

the show since you were a kid,

waiting until you were old

enough to get on the show.

So you've studied it from the


Tell me about your game plan.

Because you had this laid out

about what you were going to do.

>> I knew that the second I got

out there, that no matter what

it took, I would do everything I

possibly could to be sitting

right here.

I needed a second person who I

could trust from day one.

I needed someone smaller than


I needed to be friends with the

strong guy.

I had all of these people in my

mind that could help me get

here, and I can't believe it


( laughter )

>> PROBST: You were telling me

That also you were willing to

make relationships that you knew

you would betray, and then play

that at tribal council-- that

that was your game.

>> All I could hope for was that

people would be able to say

Survivor is a game.

And I meant it when I said I

made relations and bonds with

people, and that those were

true, but everything inside of

the game was the game.

And I meant that.

And I knew I would fight it to

the end.

And they thought so, too, I


>> PROBST: Jean-Robert, very

close vote.

That last vote goes either way

and we have a tie.

I'm going to roll a piece of

tape, remind you of a moment,

and then we're going to talk

about it.

Take a look at this.

>> If somehow you end up

screwing me over, I'm going to

hold you responsible, so you

know, and you will not win.

( laughter )

>> PROBST: So, you go in telling

him, "Look, if do you this, I

won't, and you won't."

He did it, you ended up voting

for him, and he did win.

That was the deciding vote.

When it's three votes-two with

one vote left, that's your vote.

Todd wins because of you, the

guy who said, "You will never

win if you betray me."

What changed your mind and made

you vote for Todd?

>> Well, first of all, I had a

very difficult decision, because

I made the same promise to

Amanda as well.

>> PROBST: But something changed

your mind.

>> Basically he changed my mind

at that tribal with his answers

right there.

He just... it was part of the



>> Specifically what part of his


>> Well...

( laughter )

I don't know what you're getting

at, Jeff.

>> PROBST: Jean-Robert, let me

remind you what we just saw a

minute ago, when Todd said, "The

reason I didn't vote you out,

Jean-Robert is... the reason I

voted you out is because you

were the bigger threat, not


>> Right.

You know, it's hard for me to

acknowledge that he recognized

me as a major threat.

He is right, and I...

( laughter )

>> PROBST: And that got him your


>> That got him my vote.

It really did.

I really thought that he made a

bad decision getting rid of me,

but, you know what?

That was the best move for him.

Get rid of the biggest threat.

Hey, it's kind of a compliment

in a sense.

>> PROBST: It's a compliment if

it's true.

Now the question is... let's go

to Todd.

And, Todd, give me the truth--

did you believe at that moment

that he was the biggest threat

or did you on the cuff play


>> One thing I knew about Jean-

Robert was that he's a man who

loves his ego, and letting him

know that he is a better player

than you, and better at


>> PROBST: Did you play him?

>> Kind of, yeah, I played him.

But you're a guy.

You're a great game player.

I just thought I was better than


But I love you.

>> He got me, then.

He gave a great answer, and he

deserved it.

And even when I put my vote in,

I said, "Hey, you know, if you

played me, well, you stole the


>> PROBST: Well, and it's a

compliment to you, I must say.

A lot of people that are on the

jury in this game get to a point

where they're so bitter that

they vote for the person they

hate the least.

I think it's a tribute you come

into this game and say, "Look,

I'm live.

I don't like any of you, but I'm


Convince me I'll give it to


Todd, tell me about the strategy

of the two key people.

You mentioned it several times.

The relationship with Amanda

started on day one, I think.

>> Day one, we were Fei Long, we

got to camp, I looked at Amanda,

and we had some sort of

connection immediately.

So I pulled her aside and said,

"Look, I like you.

Without making anything

permanent, I want to know

that... I want you to know that

we can go far together in this


Day four came around, she came

back to me and she said the same


We made that alliance.

It was official.

Day six, seven, or eight came

around and I was like, "I need

this one."


Because if we as a team lose a

challenge, I'm not the weakest

link because I was not the


If I kept her around I was not

the big threat to go home.

And once we made the merge, I

was like, "People are thinking

she was kind of ornery a lot, so

why not keep her a little bit


And it worked.

>> PROBST: Tell us about what I

think a lot of people would say

was your riskiest move, and that

is giving James not one, but

two idols.

That seems like a crazy move.

>> You know, giving James the


( laughter )

>> PROBST: We'll get to you,


We're coming.

We've got a lot of questions.

>> Giving him these idols to me

was kind of securing my spot,

because I knew I needed the

strongest person on my side, and

I wanted him to know that I had

his back so I felt for sure that

I had hi... or he had mine.

And so giving him those, you

know, you can roll the dice and

hope it works out for you,

because it is a game, because

you have to have that to want to

go one step further.

And you have to take risks in

the game to be able to make it.

And I took a huge risk by giving

him that power.

>> PROBST: Amanda, maybe the

biggest move you made in the

game was getting rid of James.

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Tell me about what's

going through your mind on that.

Because that's got to be

nerve-wracking when you're at

tribal council having this...

this play in motion, hoping it


>> Yeah, it's nerve-wracking.

You're at tribal council, and

you're pretty much sweating

going, "I hope this works,

because if not, it's going to be

miserable at camp, and

everyone's..." you know.

Who knows what can happen?

He's going to kill everyone.

So it's pretty much... I was so

nervous that day, and it's

pretty much, like, a decision

that you make that can either

highly benefit your game or it

could ruin your game and

completely change it.

>> Was there a point during

tribal council where you

thought, "He's going to play it,

he's going to figure out what's


>> Oh, yeah.

I remember when you came out

before you read the votes and

you said, "Does anybody have the

hidden immunity idol?

You can play it now."

And that dramatic pause was the

most nerve-wracking part of the

game for me, because I saw James

look at his bag three or four

different times, like, almost

reaching down to get it.

And I thought, "Oh, my god, he's

going to pull it out.

He's going to pull it out.

He's going to pull it out."

And I'm actually shocked he


Like, I really thought he was

going to play it.

>> PROBST: James...

( laughter )

Now, let's just set this up.

In case people aren't...


you're awesome!

>> Thank you, baby.

>> PROBST: You've got fans, even

in spite of making the biggest

blunder in the history of this


( cheers and applause )

All right, James, let's set this


You've got two immunity idols.

You can only use it when there

are five people left in the


That's the break.

Once it's after five, they're no


There are seven people.

That's seven, six, five.

That means there are three times

you can use it.

You have two.

You're the most popular person

in the game, you're the biggest

threat, and you don't have

immunity around your neck, but

you've got two idols in your

pocket, and you don't play


That's the question everybody is


How does that happen?

>> I mean, I... I don't know.

I was trusting my alliance.

I thought, you know, we'd be


I rolled the dice, and it didn't

go through.

I mean...

>> PROBST: Do you think that

cost you a million dollars?

>> It honestly did.

I mean, you never know.

I mean, it might have been a

swimming challenge that come up

or something.

But as far as I could tell,


I pretty much was a lock to make

it to the final three.

But it was fun.

>> PROBST: We've got more with

you later.

Denise, though, getting back

into the strategy.

You have this chance, you're

with four, and you have this

chance to switch over with Peih-

Gee and Erik.

Why not take that?

>> I thought it over.

I was like, you know, "If I

switch up and I go with Peih-Gee

and Erik, I have a chance to get

to the top."

And I then thought, "Well, if I

stay with Amanda and Todd, then

I get a second chance."

But I wasn't really sure which

way I wanted to go.

And finally I was just, "Todd,

Erik, Todd."

If Todd ends up winning the rock

or the fire challenge...

>> PROBST: Denise, though, here

is the point,

With the other three, you're in


You're at the bottom of four.

With Peih-Gee and Erik, you're

in three.

You get a shot at this million


That's the fundamental flaw that

I saw in not making the move

just from numbers.

>> Either way, I thought I would

be at the end, at the bottom.

I mean, I was... I thought Peih-

Gee would definitely win if we

went the final three with her

and me and Erik.

And I thought that Todd would

win if we went to the final

three with Todd and Amanda.

But I thought my best chance

would be to try to win the final

four immunity and take Amanda


>> PROBST: Fair enough.

Playing to win it on your own.

Peih-Gee, inside your head, how

close were you to getting Denise

to switch over?

>> Oh, I mean, the problem was

that I looked at this, and I...

I knew Denise was going to be

out at four, you know.

And so I just kept thinking,

"Why is she going to settle for

four when she could have jumped

over and at least be in the top


And I think my biggest mistake

was maybe... I kept targeting


And I think... sorry, Courtney,

I love you, but I think if I had

suggest maybe going for Courtney

she would have been more...

>> Denise, is that true?

>> I actually suggested


But Peih-Gee was so stubborn.

She was like, "It's Todd, it's

Todd, it's Todd."

And I'm like, "I can't vote

against Todd at this point."

>> PROBST: Let's just take a

quick poll.

Those of you in the jury, now

it's Peih-Gee, Erik, and Denise.

Who wins of those three?

Is it Peih-Gee, like Denise


>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: That close, Peih-Gee.

That close to a million bucks.

Todd would have been an


All right, up next, more with

James about the overwhelming

reaction he's had from people on

the street, even at the cemetery

where he's a gravedigger.

And two of the most outspoken

survivors ever, Courtney and


Plus, Sprint is awarding a

$100,000 check to the survivor

you voted most popular.

We'll be right back.

( cheers and applause )

>> I have never been anything

but my own winsome personality

since day one.

I believe that the USA

Hockey team is missing a player.

It's almost like a pageant.

"I need Amanda and Courtney by

my side.

They keep me warm."

Like I'm going to keep anyone


I weigh seven pounds.

I can't even keep myself warm.

Get off of me.

I seem to be marooned in a land

of, like, flight attendants and

Sunday school teachers.

Jean-Robert, he's become the

Susan Lucci of tribal council.

Like, his name is always up

there, but he never quite gets

voted out.

The biggest threat in the room

is the little blond.

Come on, everyone.

>> PROBST: Welcome back to the

Survivor: China live reunion


Courtney, I think you hold the

record for the most one-liners,

most zingers ever in a season.

>> Too bad that wasn't a


>> PROBST: Yeah.

Too bad.

You work, in your normal life,

in a very popular restaurant in

New York City.

What's been the reaction?

Are you getting recognized a


>> I get recognized by people

that are, like, tourists.

And little kids are the people

that recognize me the most.

Like, parents have no idea who I

am, and the kids are like,

"That's the girl from the show."

And they're like, "No, it's


But it is.

>> PROBST: What do you think it

is about kids?

>> I don't know.

I think... I mean, I guess it

really is a, like, you know,

family show.

They sit down, and I think

little kids on the show with all

grown-ups, they pick the teeny

person to relate to.

I mean, I wear pigtails and a

flowered bathing suit, and I'm

like, "Don't tell me what to do.

You can't..." like I come off

like a little brat on the show

the entire time, so probably

kids can identify with that.

>> PROBST: Do you enjoy that?

Do you like kids?

>> No, I actually hate kids.

( laughter )

>> PROBST: Courtney, you are


If nothing else, you are


Let's talk about the thing that

was probably the most common

question about you, is your

weight, the weight issue.

You started this at 93 pounds.

That was your starting weight.

You came off the show at 86

pounds, so you lost seven

percent of your body weight.

Anorexic, eating disorder?

What's the deal?

Answer the question.

>> Well, Jeff, this is something

I have gotten my entire life,

all through high school I was

very, like, you know, very

popular to... health teaches are

were always all over me.

You know, it's just... I come

from a small family.

You saw my dad on the show, he's

tall and thin.

My brother is in the audience,

and he's built just like me,


Hey, Brad.

That's just the way it is.

I don't really get too bent out

of shape about it.


People are going to talk.

>> PROBST: You've heard this

enough that it's...

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: And your weight now

is actually more than what it

was when the show started.

>> Yeah, Jeff, thanks.

( laughter )

>> PROBST: I guess that wasn't

the best thing to say.

>> Jeff Probst just called me


( laughter )

>> PROBST: One thing I just

wondered, did you enjoy any part

of this?

Because so many times it seemed

like you were miserable.

>> Well, I really was miserable

for most of it, but, you know,

now that it's over I'm really

proud of myself because that is

not my element, even close.

I'm a barfly.

You know, I live in the city.

I go out and... you know, I'm

not really even awake during the

day most of the time.

So this is, like, completely


And, you know, to be out doing

things like, "Now, pull this

lever and go over here and get

in the mud."

Like, it's nuts.

I'm like, "What the... how did

this happen to me?"

But, you know, I made it through

the end, and, you know, hey,


I did good.

I'm proud of myself.

>> PROBST: Good, that's good to


Jean-Robert, you come into this

game as a professional poker

player-- and I have to say, in

spite of whether or not Todd

played you, your ability to read

people was pretty clear.

Day one, you said, "Todd, I know

you're a schemer, I've got to

watch you to the end."

You were right.

I don't know if it made it in

the show or not, but a couple of

times you pointed out, "Courtney

is going to make it to the end,

and you guys aren't going to see

it coming."

So you're good at reading


But in terms of the nuances of

this game Survivor, do you think

you made some mistakes?

>> You know, perhaps I made

mistakes, but I love the way I

played the game, you know?

If I had a chance to play it

again I would have played it

exactly the way I did.

You know, sometimes, Jeff, you

go all in with aces, and a

lesser hand calls you, and you


I go home holding my head up


>> PROBST: How did this change

your game?

You got back and went right back

out on the poker circuit.

How did it influence your game

one way or the other?

>> I believe I'm playing the

best poker of my life right now.

My reads are sick, and I love


You're going to see me winning a

million dollars on the poker

tournament coming up real soon.

>> PROBST: Do you attribute that

to spending so much time...

because in Survivor you were

doing that all the time.

You were constantly having to

read whether people were telling

you the truth, bluffing, coming

from your left.

>> I think it's a combination of

taking a small hiatus away from

the game and just reviving that

passion for the game, and just

having nothing to do but study

people and figure out what goes

on in their heads and figuring

out things two moves ahead,

three moves ahead.

I really think it did improve my

game, and I and I expect big

things to come.

>> PROBST: All right.

Well, up next, two of the

season's most popular players,

James the gravedigger, and

Denise the lunch lady, they were

welcomed home in different ways.

We'll get that story.

Plus one survivor tonight is

going home with an extra

$100,000 in their pocket.

Taking us to break, our two

composers, David Vanacore and

Russ Landau.

( singing in Chinese )

>> I'm a gravedigger.

My dad handed me a shovel at 11

and told me to start working.

And that's all I've ever done.

>> I think James, he's like


I've never seen... he just


>> PROBST: James connects again!

James tosses Frosti in.

James is the last man standing.

>> James, he's a strong,

physical, mental player of this


>> PROBST: Welcome back to the

Survivor: China live reunion


James, it's been a long time

since we have had somebody as

popular as you on our show.

( cheers and applause )


( cheers and applause )

What has the reaction been like?

>> I mean, the reaction's been


I've been enjoying it.

I mean, I get it from kids and

older guys a lot.

( laughter )

They come up to me, pat on the

back, and everything.

>> PROBST: Really?

Just kids and older guys?

>> Come on!

>> Women, too.

I mean, yes, I have improved in

that area as well.

You know, it's been nice.

I've been enjoying it.

>> PROBST: What do people say to


Why do they like you?

>> They say because I pretty

much have no filter and I'll say

anything, or that I'm kind of

relatable and I'm real.

I don't know.

It's just cute.

>> He's a stud.

>> PROBST: Amanda says because

he's a stud.

Let's pop this People magazine

photo up there, speaking of


"Sexy Man of the Week."

( cheers and applause )

Well, here's what I want to

know-- wait a second.

Let's put up the childhood...

we've got a photo of you when

you were a little kid.

Who knew?

Who knew?

What's the craziest thing that's


What's the weirdest situation

where somebody's come up and

said, "Hey, you're James from


A couple of weeks ago at a

funeral, and, you know, I'm

doing my thing.

I'm waiting for... usually I

wait for...

>> PROBST: What is your thing?

You're at a funeral.

What does that mean?

>> I set up... I dig graves.

I set up the tent, I set up the

chairs, you know, I set

everything up.

They usually bring the deceased

in and do their whole ceremony

and then they leave.

Well, this time while I was

waiting, I was waiting for them

to leave, they had a lady, two

ladies waiting, and they just

stayed there.

Usually they need help with

stuff, either with flowers, or,

you know, maybe needing just

help with something.

So I walked up to them and I was

like, you know, "Do you need


And they were like, "It's him,

it's him."

( laughter )

And I was like, "Yes, it's me."

"It's the Survivor guy."

And they was all happy.

And I'm like, "Yes, ma'am, how

are you doing?"

I shook their hands and took a

couple of pictures.

( laughter )

>> PROBST: Was it nice for you

to be able to turn what could be

a really sad moment... maybe

this is helping them grieve.

Did you feel that?

>> That was part of the thing.

It really did make me feel good,

because, like, it took their

mind of everything that was

going on.

It was the mom and sister, it

turns out, and they were happy.

They were just happy to see me,

it made them feel good, so

hopefully it helped them deal

with the grieving process, which

is always nice.

>> PROBST: Right on.

( cheers and applause )

Well, Denise, Denise, you had a

very different welcome home.

We just saw in the show where

you say in trying to plead your

case, you know, "This is it for


I'm going back home.

I'm going back to being the

lunch lady, making seven dollars

an hour."

Only when you got home, that

isn't even what happened.

>> No.

I want back, and I talked to the

food service director, and they

didn't give me my job back.

So I ended up having to go...

I'm a janitor now.

I clean the toilets, I wash the

floors in the bathroom.

I vacuum the kids' rugs.

Yeah, it's... I miss dinner with

my family.

I haven't been to a field hockey

game yet.

You know, I'm missing out a lot

more than I originally had

planned on doing.

>> PROBST: And the reason I

think you said to me was that

it's actually because you're too

recognizable, you're a


>> Yeah, the original reason was

they said it would be too


The kids all come in, and

everybody in the school comes up

to me, and everybody's like,

"Hey, how you doing?"

All the third-graders, they walk

by me in the afternoon, they're

like, "Hey, Denise, hey, Denise

hey, Denise."

125 of them walk by and every

one of them says hi to me.

So, I mean, I still... it's


I mean, I miss my job.

You know, if anybody out there

is looking for a lunch lady, the

day shift, you know, give me a


>> PROBST: I want to ask you

about something that I was....

and this involves you, Courtney.

You know, the comment about, "I

don't want to give this woman a

million dollars because you suck

at life."

What... is that... do you regret

that comment?

>> Yeah.

I say a lot of things without

thinking about it.

>> PROBST: Well, here's your


>> I've already apologized for


>> Absolutely.

There's no hard feelings.

It's all just a game, you know?

I love Courtney, I love Todd, I

love Amanda, I love all these


>> PROBST: Okay, well, if

everybody loves everybody, I'm

going to move on.

( laughter )

I've got to ask you, Denise,

about the hair.

( laughter )

Because it's an interesting


And I know from talking to you

why you have it.

And I think it's time you share

with... because it makes the

mullet make perfect sense.

>> Well, you know, I mean, I

worked in the kitchen.

You have to have short hair

because, you know, you have to

have a hairnet and everything.

But, you know, I still want to

be a woman.

I still want to make my husband

happy, and make him think that,

you know, I am a girl, and I do

love him.

( applause )

>> PROBST: You can't beat that


We had another love affair

blooming on the show, from what

I hear, Jaime.

So let me ask if this is true.

What we saw on the show was a

little bit of flirting, it

looked like, between you and


But it didn't really develop

into a lot more on the show.

>> No, I was scared.

These people don't like when you

have friends.

So I was like, "They keep saying

I'm dating him.

Oh, no!"

>> PROBST: So you didn't want

people to know you liked him

because you were afraid they

would see you guys as two votes

now together.

>> Exactly.

And everyone would be like,

"Y'all are cute.

Y'all two like each other."

And I was like, "Uh-uh.


I really did, but I was like,


>> PROBST: So what happened?

You get home and did you guys


>> We both flew back into

Spartanburg and then actually

went to eat with our families.

>> Because you live in the same


>> We live... well, no.

Our parents live 20 miles from

each other, so we went back to

our parents' houses, and we went

and hung out with each other's

families, and shopping and

started hanging out.

>> Jaime are, you dating?

>> Yes, we're dating.

>> PROBST: You are dating.

( cheers and applause )

>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: So, Erik, on the


( laughter )

It's very clear that are you a


>> Right.

>> The only thing better than a

million dollars is a million

dollars and some....

( laughter )

>> PROBST: So it begs the

question, Erik, dating Jaime,

are you still a virgin?

( laughter )

>> Of course!

>> PROBST: Of course.

>> Mom's watching.

>> PROBST: All right.

Well, which one of these 16

survivors is going to go home

with an extra 100K?

Find out when we return.

We will be right back.

More show coming up.

>> PROBST: Welcome back to the

Survivor: China live reunion


Somebody is about to get a

$100,000 bonus.

But first I want to check in

with a couple of other people.


>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: One question.

>> Yes.

>> PROBST: Taking off your

clothes at a challenge, going

after James and Aaron, all

these... what were you thinking?

>> It was my only strategy left.

This guy's huge.

This is Superman right here, as

he's been called earlier, and I

needed every possible advantage

I could.

I figured someone running at

this boy with his tackle and

whatnot jiggling around at you

in your sneakers could scare

anybody off, unless you're a

Greco-Roman from a couple of

millennia ago or something.

>> PROBST: All right, so you had

a reason behind it.

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Not sure it made


But okay.

>> Some say I don't.


>> PROBST: Ashley, wrestler with

the WWE.

What's been the reaction from

your fans?

>> They're okay with it.

You know, I got voted off second

and I was really bummed out

about it.

And I was so scared to come back

home and face this, because I

thought they were going to be

very disappointed with me.

But everybody's been really

cool, really supportive.

And they're just waiting for me

to get back in the ring, get

back in the action.

>> PROBST: So they're fans of


They don't care how you did

on Survivor.

>> Yeah, they're stoked that I'm

coming back to the WWE.

>> PROBST: Aaron, the question I

have for you is, you know, you

were positioned in this game to

potentially go a long way.

It seemed like you had good

alliances going.

A twist comes along

as Survivor will do, and you're

out of the game.

What's it like to be at home and

to watch not being near as much

a part of the show as you wanted

to be?

>> Yeah, you know what?

It was a golden road, you know?

My original alliance is in the

final three, you know, and that

was what it was, you know?

And it was like twist of the

game, and what could have been,

but you know what?

They all deserve to be up there.

And it was tough to watch, but

it was awesome.

It was still cool to see.

>> PROBST: Leslie, do you

think... is something you're so

passionate about, religion, your

faith, do you think that is

ultimately what cost you having

a shot in this game, is that you

were ostracized because people

just didn't want to have to deal

with the morality?

>> No, I don't think so.

I think my mouth got me in


I mean, honestly.

You know, I... as I said in the

show, I'm not a religious


I have a relationship with Jesus

Christ, and it's very personal

to me.

And I'm very passionate about


But I'm also a human being who

just enjoys a challenge.

I've been trying out for

Survivor forever.

I finally got my dream.

It stinks I didn't last that


But you know what?

I think it's really awesome that

they voted me off because I was

too well liked by both tribes.

So, whatever.

>> PROBST: Healthy attitude,

that will always work.

Sherea, you came into this, I

felt a bit like a fish out of


You're in your high heels and


You have to be... or let me ask

you, were you surprised at how

well you adapted?

You dominated at challenges when

you were in the game.

>> I was very surprised.

I didn't come in thinking that I

was going to be physically one

of the strongest.

But I think that once I decided

I wasn't going to do much around

camp, I knew that in the

challenge I had to perform.

So once I tried...

( cheers )

>> PROBST: Frosti, how long you

been doing parkour?

>> I've been doing it for, like,

six years.

Both my parents teach martial


And so I had, like, a


Now I was wishing there was just

obstacle courses in China.

Apparently nobody made the call

that I'm here to jump up


Instead I got this on my head,

like, every day.

Boom, boom, boom!

>> PROBST: And, Chicken, I've

got to ask, overall experience,

being first off, worth it?

>> Yes.

If I didn't win the money, I'd

want to go first.

( cheers and applause )

>> PROBST: Love the hat.

Okay, well, since Thursday,

viewers have been texting in

their votes for the Sprint Speed

Player of the Season.

In other words, they've been

voting for the survivor they

like the most.

The votes are in.

One of you is about to win

$100,000 courtesy of Sprint.

And I must say, not a bad payday

for just being popular.

So I have, in no particular

order, the three most popular,

who got the most votes.


( cheers and applause )


( cheers and applause )

And Peih-Gee.

( cheers and applause )

And the person whose bank

account just got fatter...

Is James.

( cheers and applause )

And I have one more...

David, let's bring it down just

a little bit.

I have one more last-minute...

this is very much a live show.

And our boss and the creator of

this show, Mark Burnett, was

backstage listening to Denise's


Denise... and I'm not kidding.

Just now on the break, he said,

"Let Denise know that Mark

Burnett is going to give Denise

$50,000 to help get your life

the way you want it."

( cheers and applause )

All right, as Survivor: China

wraps up, we're ready to take

you on another adventure.

Find out where Survivor is going

next, and this time there's a


We'll be right back.

>> PROBST: Welcome back.

Well, as we wrap up our 15th

season, I would just like to

thank our loyal viewers for once

again making Survivor the most-

watched show Thursday nights at


And because of your loyalty, we

get to do it again.

And this time, we're doing

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Take a look.

For 15 seasons, Survivor has

taken millions of viewers to

remote locations all over the


Many fans have watched from day

one and have always wanted to


>> I love Survivor.

>> I feel at this point this is

exactly what I'm supposed to be


>> I've been watching Survivor

since the beginning.

>> My family has watched it

religiously since day one.

>> Unbelievable.

>> I'm so excited.

>> I've watched every episode.

>> I'm ready to go.

I felt ready to do this.

>> PROBST: Now a select few will

get their chance at the

adventure of a lifetime.

What they don't know is they'll

be playing against the ultimate

competitors-- favorite castaways

from the past.

Who will these competitors be?

Will the former survivors be

able to put aside their past

conflicts and come together as a

tribe, or will the superfans

outwit, outplay, and outlast the


Tune in this February and find

out on Survivor: Micronesia,

Fans Versus Favorites.

Who will be among the favorites?

Well, I can tell you this-- at

least one of these 16 will be

returning next season.

Tomorrow morning, Todd will

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And if you want to own a piece

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Finally if you really want to be

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As always, we appreciate your

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We will see you next season for

Survivor: Fans Versus


Good night.

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