Survivor (2000–…): Season 15, Episode 14 - A Slippery Little Sucker - full transcript

The finale will contain three tribal councils over two hours and produce one ultimate survivor.

>> JEFF PROBST: 36 days ago, in

ultramodern Shanghai, 16

Americans began the adventure of

a lifetime.

They were transported back in

time to a remote region on the

shore of the Lake of a Thousand


They were divided into two


Yellow tribe, your name is

Zhan Hu.

Red tribe, your name is Fei


The Fei Long Tribe quickly

established themselves as hard-

working and strategic.

>> We need a commander.

>> I think I can do it.

>> PROBST: And on day one, an

important alliance was formed

between Todd and Amanda.

>> I will stick with you because

you know this game.

>> You're my loyal alliance too.

>> Okay.

>> PROBST: The Zhan Hu tribe was

hopelessly disorganized, and

when they weren't goofing off,

they argued.

>> Back up off me.

>> Would you please...

>> Back up off me!

>> PROBST: Their lack of

cohesiveness seemed to affect

their performance in the


Zhan Hu getting nowhere with the


Fei Long wins immunity!

After losing the first immunity

challenge, Zhan Hu sent Chicken


>> Damn!

>> PROBST: On day four, at the

first reward challenge...

Fei Long wins!

...a new twist was revealed.

Fei Long, because you defeated

Zhan Hu, you now get to kidnap

one member of their tribe.

The kidnapped person was given a

clue to the location of a hidden

immunity idol.

>> "You must give this sealed

clue to a member of the tribe

before you rejoin your own


>> PROBST: Back at Fei Long,

Leslie got the first clue, and

she shared it with Todd.

>> I can't believe she told me.

I'm in shock.

I would never tell anybody.

>> PROBST: At Zhan Hu, the

problems continued.

>> It looks like a natural

disaster hit our camp.

>> PROBST: Zhan Hu falling


Fei Long is through!

And they lost yet again.

Fei Long wins immunity!

So Ashley was sent home.

By day nine, Leslie and Todd

still hadn't found the idol, and

when Zhan Hu finally won an

immunity challenge, Fei Long

made their first visit to tribal


Third person voted out of

Survivor: China...

...and Leslie was sent home.

Todd and James both launch and

both connect!

At the next immunity challenge,

Fei Long regained their


Fei Long wins immunity!

And Zhan Hu sent Dave home.

On day 13, the game dramatically


>> Someone's coming in.

>> Oh, no, you guys.

Something's going on.

>> PROBST: The tribes swapped

their two best players.

>> Oh, the humanity.

>> PROBST: James and Aaron went

to Zhan Hu.

Frosti and Sherea went to Fei


Thinking of the future and a

possible merge, the Zhan Hu

women came up with a plan to

weaken Fei Long.

>> If we throw these next two,

not only have we gotten rid of

the two biggest threats for

individual immunity, we will be

going into a merge with five

original Zhan Hu.

>> PROBST: Peih-Gee and Jaime

threw the immunity challenge...

Fei Long wins immunity!

...and voted off Aaron.

They planned to throw the next

challenge and vote off James.

But Todd came up with a counter-


>> If we win reward today, we

are bringing over either Aaron

or James, whoever is left,

because they're going to give us

a clue as to where that hidden

immunity idol is.

>> Bring him back, baby.

>> Come back, James.

>> Come on, James.

Come on home.

>> PROBST: Fei Long kidnapped

James, and Todd got his clue to

the hidden immunity idol.

>> I know what to do, dude.

>> PROBST: Todd found the idol

and gave it to James so he could

save himself at the next Zhan Hu

tribal council.

>> James loses immunity.

They vote for him, but he uses

the idol to get rid of Jaime.

>> PROBST: Having rejoined the

Zhan Hu Tribe, James was ready

to throw the food-eating

immunity challenge.

>> Bite it!

>> PROBST: But when he went up

against Denise....

>> I can't swallow it.

>> PROBST: ...she unexpectedly

gave up.

Zhan Hu wins immunity.

>> Perfect plan smashed.

>> PROBST: In only their second

trip to tribal council, Fei Long

voted out the former Zhan Hu

member Sherea.

The tribe has spoken.

At Zhan Hu, James found the

second hidden immunity idol,

making him virtually invincible.

>> That's funny.

I'm on Survivor with two idols.

>> PROBST: On day 20...

Drop your buffs.

You are merged.

>> Oh, my God!

>> PROBST: ...with a 6-4

advantage, the former members of

Fei Long made a pact to vote out

the former Zhan Hu.

>> We have every vote from here

on out.

>> I know.

>> We just have to keep loyal.

We can't let Jaime and Peih-Gee

and Erik break us up.

>> I don't want any dissension

amongst us until we get to the

final six, until all of them are


>> PROBST: The first target

after the merge was Jaime.

The tribe has spoken.

The former Fei Long seemed


Jean-Robert then decided to go

against the plan and tried to

oust one of his own, his former

ally James.

>> We could blindside him

tonight, because he will not

pull out the idol tonight.

>> I know, I know.

>> PROBST: But instead, Todd

convinced the alliance to send

Jean-Robert home.

>> PROBST: Jean-Robert, the

tribe has spoken.

Frosti went next.

And with seven remaining, the

Fei Long alliance of five seemed


Then Amanda tried to take over

the game.

>> If we get rid of James


Let's just get this over with,

because I'm tired of not being

in control.

I like control.

>> PROBST: And she easily

convinced everyone else to get

on board.

>> I will do what everybody

feels the most comfortable


>> PROBST: Confident in his


If anyone has a hidden immunity

idol, now would be the time to

play it.

...James chose not to play one

of his idols.


And he was voted out by the

people he trusted.

The tribe has spoken.

To Peih-Gee and Erik's surprise,

they were still in the game.

>> If I can get one or maybe

even two more people, we could

possibly cause a tie at tribal


>> PROBST: The former Zhan Hu

tried to make a play to split

the alliance of four by

targeting Todd.

>> You guys don't think I have

anything to be worried about, do


>> No.

>> PROBST: But their plan


Erik, you need to bring me your


And Erik and Peih-Gee found

themselves on the jury.

Now four are left: Courtney, the


>> I went in calling myself the

absolute biggest long shot, and

I still think I'm the longest

shot to win it, but the fact

that I've made it this far is


>> PROBST: ...Denise, the lunch


>> I can overcome anything.

I can survive anything.

And you know, this is a life-

changing experience for me.

>> PROBST: ...Amanda, the beauty


>> Everyone thinks that I've

been a quiet player.

Well, I've been quiet because

it's been part of my strategy.

>> PROBST: ...and Todd, the

flight attendant.

>> I wasn't the strongest, I

wasn't the smartest, but I was

definitely the most strategic.

>> PROBST: All four have stayed

loyal to each other from the

beginning, but who will be the

first to turn on the others?

Find out tonight as they compete

to stay in the game, and one

will outlast all the rest and

become the soul survive.

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( theme song playing )

>> I can't believe it.

>> How crazy?

>> Final four.

How fantastic is that?

>> Unbelievable.

>> Yeah.

I'm, like, in shock.

I thought I would be out in 16th


So here I am, guaranteed at

least one in four of winning.

We are final four on Survivor

freaking China.

>> A pack of four bitches.

>> Oh, my God.

>> I love us.

>> I've always sort of slipped

through the cracks to get to the

top, so hopefully I can continue

to slip through.

The four of us were, like, you

know, the bottom of the totem

pole from the beginning.

>> Exactly.

>> The immunity challenge that

we have left, we'll have to see

what it is.

If it's something that I can

pull off, then, I mean, that

would be a great way to go to

the final three-- with, you

know, the immunity necklace.

>> I can't believe it's day 37.

>> Yeah, no kidding.


I just want to be happy for one

day while I'm here.

>> Right.

>> We're definitely in need of

food right now, so any kind of

food and fuel at this point

would help us, help me out

immensely, and just to get us

through this final couple days.

How comfortable can you be on a

bamboo bed?

Now it's the final four, and

someone else is going to go

home, and now it's going to be a

tough fight.

But, I mean, I've proven myself

a lot.

I mean, what I've learned about

myself, I mean, I can overcome

anything, and you know, this is

a life-changing experience for


>> Tree mail!

>> What does it say?

A reward challenge or an


>> I don't know.

"One last chance to win some

fuel, great food and drinks and


Put blocks back into out Great

Wall for another chance to eat."

>> I bet it's pizza and beer.

>> Oh, my God.

I'm going to cry.

I've kind of been in a funk the

past couple days because I've

had no food.

This reward is going to be

probably the most important

reward of the game so far, just

because you know you have

immunity coming up.

You need energy.

It has to be done.

>> This will be good.

>> Food, man.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

Guys ready to get to today's

reward challenge?

>> Uh-huh.

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: For today's reward

challenge, you must tackle our

version of the Great Wall of


On my go, you'll start at the

top of the wall, climb down a

ladder, and cross a bridge.

You'll come to another bridge,

where you must use planks to

finish building the bridge

before you cross it.

At the end of the course, you'll

find a traditional Chinese yoke

and a stack of puzzle blocks.

You'll use the yoke to transport

the blocks back to the top of

the wall.

Once you have all your blocks at

the top of the wall, you can

start solving the puzzle by

filling in your section of the


First person to finish wins


Want to know what you're playing


>> Absolutely.

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: You're playing for

comfort and advantage-- comfort

in the form of the kind of food

your taste buds have been

craving for 37 days.

>> Oh!

>> I'm going to cry.


>> PROBST: Pizza, beer, soft

drinks, brownies.

>> I want the brownie real bad.

>> PROBST: You get the emotional

comfort, the kind of food that

will make you feel better.

The advantage comes in the

calories you will put into your

body heading into the next

immunity challenge.

This is a serving for one.

And I don't have to tell you,

food and strength are critical

as you get closer to that

million dollars.

I know it's worth playing for.

We'll get started.

Head over to the wall.

Here we go.

For reward, survivors ready?


Todd takes a big jump, not

wasting anything time.

First stage, you have to finish

building the bridge before you

can cross it.

It only goes together one way.

Everybody working quickly.

Todd with another piece.

Amanda working from the front


Courtney with another piece.

Todd and Amanda both getting

very close.

Denise struggling.

Amanda down to her last two


Todd down to his last two


Todd has the bridge completed.

Amanda has the bridge completed.

Todd and Amanda making quick

work of this.

Todd with his first bundle of

puzzle blocks.

He's heading over the bridges,

Amanda right behind.

Courtney and Denise still trying

to finish that bridge.

Todd through the wall.

Courtney not quitting.

It is Todd and Amanda right now.

Denise and Courtney quickly

falling out of it.

Pizza, beer, brownies, soft


Todd heading back with the rest

of his puzzle blocks.

Courtney has her bridge


Denise the only one left working

on the bridge.

Todd is back.

He has all 12 of his blocks.

Start working on the puzzle.

You are looking for the gray on

the top and the sides.

If you see color, it is not


Amanda back with the rest of her

puzzle blocks.

Courtney heading back with her

first stack of puzzle blocks.

Denise still trying to solve the


You have 12 pieces.

They only go together one way.

Todd working on his puzzle.

Courtney back with her first

stack of puzzle blocks.

Got to dump them and head back


The top and the front should be

gray, just like the color of the


Courtney heading back down as

Denise finally finishes her


She's back in it.

Todd and Amanda with a huge lead

right now.

This is not an easy puzzle to


Courtney heading back with her

second and final stack of puzzle


Denise heading back with her

first bundle of puzzle blocks.

Take your time.

Courtney has all of her puzzle


Start working on the puzzle.

Denise back with her first stack

of puzzle blocks.

Dump them and go.

Denise heading back out.

You're still in it.

Todd making progress.

It's a difficult puzzle.

Courtney close, but is she close

enough to solve it or just close

enough to be wrong?

Denise back with the rest of her

puzzle blocks.

She's now starting to work on

the puzzle.

Todd getting close.

Amanda thinks she may be on to


Amanda wins reward!

>> Oh, my God!

I can't believe I did that.

>> Good job, Amanda.

>> Oh, my God!

>> PROBST: All right, Amanda,

come on over.

>> Thank you, guys.

( applause )

You guys did really good too.

>> PROBST: Nice job.

Pizza, beer, soft drinks,


With every reward comes a


Here's yours.

This is a serving for one.

You can keep it that way and

make sure you're the one that

gets all the emotional comfort

and all the calories heading

into the next immunity

challenge, or you can invite one

or two people to join you.

Whatever decision you make will

have an impact on somebody.

>> Oh, God.

I hate this.

>> PROBST: What's going through

your head?

Is there a part of you thinking,

"It'd be cleaner to just keep

this for myself"?

>> Well, I don't want to hurt

anyone's feelings, so I feel

like if I eat alone, then, you

know, they're all on even

ground, and I'm not, like,

choosing one over another.

But then it's hard, because

Denise has chose me for a reward

before, and you know, I love

Todd and Courtney.

So I'm, like, torn, you know.

>> PROBST: Take a minute.

>> Oh, God!

>> PROBST: Day 37, final four,

million-dollar prize at the end.

How will this decision factor

into the finish?

>> I'm sorry, you guys.

Todd, I'm going to have Todd

stay with me.

>> PROBST: Todd, come on over.

You're sticking with one person.

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Denise, Courtney, got

nothing for you.

Grab your stuff.

Head back to camp.

>> Oh, it's a pizza with a


Oh, my gosh.

>> Thank you, thank you.

Thank you.

>> Sure.

Well, I thought this would give

us, like, a good opportunity to

talk, since we haven't...

>> Since we don't get to talk.

>> The reward today was pizza,

and I could take along one or

two people.

I definitely wanted to take Todd

because I wanted to see where

his head was at, because I don't

trust Todd at all.

Like, I honestly think if he

would have won today, he

wouldn't have picked me to eat.

I think he would have picked

Courtney or Denise.

>> Dig in, girl!

>> Oh, my God.

>> I can't tell you how happy I

am that you picked me.

Thank you.

>> That was, like, the hardest

decision I've ever had to make.

>> Amanda, you needed that so


>> I know.

I'm glad we have the chance to

talk, though, because I... there

are some things that happened

that I don't understand, and it

makes me, like... honestly, I

don't trust you that much, like,

from what I've heard.

>> What?

>> Yeah.

And I don't know, like, it just

makes you wonder, because you

hear all this stuff, and them

I'm like... I just have the

feeling that if anyone was to

backstab me right now, you


>> That makes me feel kind of


You know, it hurts me.

But I can tell by the way you've

been looking at me that you've

been, like, antsy about me.

But there's one girl in this

game that I've been honest to

literally since day one.

That's been you.

>> And I've been honest to you


I'm just glad we get to clear

the air now.

>> Right.

>> Because you get voted out,

and you're like, "Oh, my God,"

like, you know what I mean?

>> Amanda flat out let me know

that the past couple of days she

hasn't been trusting me, which

hurt my feelings, because I

really have been in my head

knowing that I'm going to stay

true to Amanda.

Honestly, swear on my mama's

life, if it was the final two,

it's me and you, because that's

my deal.

I'm not very cool with losing to

Denise, and I'm not very cool

with losing to Courtney.

You don't have to trust me, but,

like, that's the honest, 100%

truth from Todd.

I swear on my life.

I'm in this to the end with you.

I hope that she can trust me.

I really, really hope so,

because I need her right now.

>> Jump in?

>> I'm going to lay here and be

stinky for a little while, and

then I might jump in.

>> I'm going to jump in.

Then I'm going to come back and

lay here and be stinky.

>> It hurt my feelings a little

that Amanda didn't take me.

Pizza and beer would have been

great today.

I would have enjoyed it.

We haven't been eating too much

around here.

So any time that you get to eat

something and get stronger for

the next challenges is very


When I was a kid, I wasn't the

popular kid.

I was always on the outside.

And a lot of times during this

game, I wasn't picked.

I was picked last or I was

picked second to last or I

wasn't picked at all.

But having an alliance, being in

a group of, you know, four

people, I've been safe.

But now it's four people.

One's going home.

It's... you know, there is going

to be somebody left out.

It is so humid and hot out here.

>> Yeah.

I've sort of embraced it.

I'm just going to be in a sweat

bath for the rest of the day.

>> I thought Todd and you were

pretty tight.

It looks like Todd and Amanda

are pretty tight.

>> We'll just have to see what


>> Todd.

>> Isn't he, though?

>> You know, a lot's going

through my head right now.

It's kind of a mix of, well, can

I trust my girls that I've been

trusting for so long, or are

they going to turn on me?

But I have no choice but to just

hope, you know?

I can talk all I want, but other

than that, I have to just hope.

>> Hi, guys.

>> What's up?

>> It was good.

It's like 900,000 degrees too.

>> Exactly.

>> I love all three of you girls

so much, so no matter whose name

I have to write down tomorrow, I

have to write down one of the

three of your names, and bottom

line, it hurts.

>> You know, I just don't want

to go home yet.

>> I hear you.

I don't know.

I really am afraid that it's

going to go all girl power on me

tomorrow and I'll probably be

the one that's gone.

But, I mean, I'm in the fight to

win, just like everybody else is

going to fight to win.

>> Who do you think has the best

chance right now of winning?

>> Amanda or Courtney.

>> So, I mean, then... I mean,

there you go.

I mean, there's two people to

get rid of that at least have a

chance of getting more votes

than either one of us.

>> Uh-huh.

Believe me.

I've thought about it.

>> Todd and Denise were laying

in the shelter, and I heard them

talking, and I heard my name.

So I just kind of sat there and

listened to them talk.

>> I'm bugged by the fact that

I've built relationships with

all of you guys, and I hope it

doesn't ruin whoever's name I

have to write down.

>> Right.

>> Todd, I think, is a slippery

little sucker and always has


He does hold a lot of the cards,

and he always manages to weasel

his way into something.

So whether it's half of a pizza

or a seat in the top three,

like, you can count on Todd.

He will not look out for you.

He does not care.

He is looking out for himself.

>> Todd and Denise were, like,

talking in the shelter.

They were, like, talking about

the final four or whatever.

So I don't know if Todd is,

like, just paranoid at this

point, but he's, like, just

talking different stories to

each one of us.

>> That's why I had Todd go,

just because, like, I wanted him

to still feel like he could

trust me, you know?

Well, Todd was, like, telling

me, "No, I want you, me, and


Like, you can trust me.

I'm in this."

And I told him point blank,

"Todd, I don't trust you.

Give me some reason why me and

Courtney should trust you right

now, because honestly, I don't."

And I told him point blank I


Then he's like, "Amanda, it's

the final two, and let's get rid

of Courtney."

And I'm like, "You're telling

everyone a different story."


>> Hey, guys.

What's up?

>> Nada.


>> I know I'm feeling paranoia

to be left alone.

I see people gather off on their

own, and that bugs me.

>> I just want to, like... I

don't know, like, are we cool?

If one of the three of us wins,

she's going?

>> Yeah.

>> I'm hoping that Courtney and

Amanda are still on the same

wavelengths as me so that Denise

can be the next on the chopping

block instead of them going all

girl power on me and voting me


So paranoia on my side is quite

high, and I hate being paranoid.

I hate it.

I don't know.

I think we'd be probably the

most fantastic final three in

the entire world.

>> Hey, girlies, tree mail.

It's sealed.

Okay, you guys ready?

>> Yeah.

>> Okay.

"Congratulations, final four.

You have done what 12 of your

fellow tribesmen and women could


Today you will honor their

memories before proceeding to

your final immunity challenge.

Get into your boat and paddle

across the lake to the giant

statue of Guanyin, the Chinese

goddess of compassion and mercy.

There you will find the torches

of your fallen comrades.

As you pass them, light the

firecrackers in celebration of

their time here in China,

remembering them as each had a

part in getting you this far.

You will then proceed to your

final immunity challenge."

Every single person that's been

voted off has helped me to get


I am grateful for them.

I absolutely think that they've

all done a huge part in me

getting to the end.

It's so bittersweet.

Like, you're so sad to be

leaving people that you really

like, but there were 16 of us,

and one of us is going to be the


>> You guys ready?

>> Yeah.

>> Let's do this.

>> All right, here we go.

>> Chicken.

>> With a name like Chicken, how

can you not be cool?

( firecrackers popping )

>> Going into the game, I was

going to be myself.

I never thought about being the

person voted off, so it was


I couldn't relate to the people.

You know, I tried.

It was just I'm out of their

generation big time.

>> Ashley, I really, really wish

that we had more of a chance to

get to know each other, because

I bet we would have been good


( firecrackers popping )

>> I'm a professional wrestler.

I've done all kinds of stuff

where I had to stick it out.

But I wasn't expecting this, to

tell you the truth.

Having had this experience, I

got to do some stuff that I've

never imagined I would be doing,

just, like, being huddled up

underneath our little walkway

in, like, a monsoon


Things like that, like, that are

just crazy stories that I'll

probably tell my grandchildren,

that's some stuff I'll take home

from being here.

>> So, Leslie, we were probably

the most unlikely friends, but I

hope I made you proud.

( firecrackers popping )

>> Survivor is a hard game.

It's a game that changes you,

spiritually, emotionally,

mentally, definitely physically.

I mean, it changes every aspect

of you-- and definitely for the


And I can tell you, as miserable

as I was for nine days, I would

do it again in a heartbeat.

>> Crazy Dave.

I mean, what can you say?

The guy's fun.

( firecrackers popping )

>> My strategy going into the

game was to be indispensable

around camp and to be highly


I was really passionate about

helping people, and it was

potentially my downfall.

>> Aaron.

I miss Aaron.

I love Aaron-- so fun.

( firecrackers popping )

>> The hardest part of the game

for me was trying to wear too

many hats, trying to please too

many people.

But playing the game of Survivor

is a lot like surfing in that,

you know, put yourself in an

element that you're not really

used to.

I've gone over plenty of the

falls, and I take my share of

wipeouts, but you always keep

going back for more, and then

the next day, the challenge

comes, and you're the one who

wins it for your tribe, and

you're on that high, and you're

like, "This is the reason I

signed up for it."

>> Sherea.

I miss you a lot, and you were

one of my good friends.

( firecrackers popping )

>> Survivor gave me a great

sense of adventure in myself.

I was totally out of my element

and didn't think I really could

do it, and I did.

Now I know that I'm way stronger

than I even thought I was.

>> Oh, Jaime, love, having you

around camp was like always

having your favorite piece of

bubble gum in your mouth--


>> I had a good time out there,

believe it or not.

I would do it again in a


I'm pretty loud, I'm pretty

boisterous, and I pretty much

let people know what's going on

in my head.

I think I was blessed that I had

Erik as a friend out there,

which you don't usually feel on


A lot of people didn't

understand where I was coming

from, but Erik understood


I definitely see him as a friend

even after the game.

>> Ooh, Jean-Robert.

I think he's going to be the

player most changed after this.

>> Let us all hope that he's the

most changed after this.

( firecrackers popping )

>> I started out kind of rubbing

people the wrong way and

annoying them, but that's part

of who I am.

It's not all of who I am.

I'm very well aware of feelings

that are going on around me.

Did I come out a better person,

a stronger person?

I'd like to think so.

Perhaps I will be a better poker

player in the long run because

of this.

>> Frosti.

You're my Munchkin, and I

absolutely adore you, and I hope

that you'll forgive me and we

can still be friends.

>> My Survivor experience was


I know that I'm changed because

of it.

I think for somebody as young as

myself, this is a really big

step for me, and it's really

helped me on my own path in


>> James, a terrific athlete,

he's a great guy.

Under that big, rough exterior

was a great, big, giant teddy


( firecrackers popping )

>> The hardest part for me was

dealing with all the


I'm kind of not the most

talkative guy of the group.

So, I mean, just dealing with

all of those different

personalities, it was odd for


But... so I know now that I can

handle other people.

>> Oh, Erik, he's such a nice


Like, he was like a genuinely,

like, kind individual.

( firecrackers popping )

>> The game of Survivor has

definitely been one of the

hardest things I've ever done.

But it was so much fun.

I wouldn't trade any of it.

I'm not a risk taker in life.

I'm cautious, like, in


So I like to think that I'm


Real relationships, real bonds

are what I want to continue to


>> I have a lot of admiration

for Peih-Gee, being of tiny

stature, like myself, and she

was ten times the fighter anyone

ever thought, so...

( firecrackers popping )

>> Being Chinese and coming in

to China, I mean, I got strength

from Mother China.

I overcame huge odds, and I

managed to fight my way through

to final five, and I'm just glad

that I did myself proud here in


>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

Guys ready to get to your final

immunity challenge?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: For one of you, this

will guarantee a spot in the

final tribal council and a shot

at the million dollars.

>> PROBST: Guys ready to get to

your final immunity challenge?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: First things first.

Amanda, take back the immunity


The last time immunity is back

up for grabs.

Today's challenge will test your

ability to eliminate all

distractions and focus solely on

the task at hand.

For today's challenge, you must

balance porcelain dishes on the

end of a long, wobbly balancing


The more dishes you stack and

the longer you hold them, the

more difficult it will become to

keep them stable.

When you can no longer hold your

dishes stable, they'll fall off,

you're out of the challenge.

Last person left standing wins

immunity, is guaranteed a spot

in the final tribal council and

a shot at the million dollars.

Each station has been adjusted

for your height.

Let's get started.

First dish you're putting on is

the large plate.

Give you a chance to get used to

this arm, how it works.

Next item you're going to place

on is the large bowl.

Everybody put it on.

Three, two, one.

Set it down.

Next dish you're putting on is

the small plate.

Three, two, one.

Next dish will be the rice bowl.

That is the large, round bowl to

your left.

Everybody grab it.

All right, three, two, one.

Set it on.

Now it's going to get


Very, very hot day, no breeze.

Todd's starting to wobble just a

little bit.

The next dish you're going to

place on is the small bowl-- not

the big bowl and not the soy


Here we go.

Three, two, one, place it.

Todd's still shaking a bit.

This is an opportunity to

guarantee that you have a shot

at the million dollars.

All right, the next dish you're

going to place is another small

bowl-- same item you just placed

last time.

You're going to put a second

small bowl on.

Three, two, one, set it in.

Everybody's still doing very


You have nothing to do but dig


Todd cannot hang on.

Todd's the first person out of

the challenge.

Todd, have a seat on the bench.

Time to place another item.

This time you're going to add

the rice bowl.

Here we go.

Three, two, one, place it.

Amanda makes a strategic move

and goes the other direction.

>> Ah!

>> PROBST: Courtney's starting

to wobble.

Amanda very cool, collected.

This is it.

There are no other challenges,

no other big tasks that you have

to do.

Stay focused.

>> I don't feel good.

>> PROBST: Courtney fighting

through a lot of pain.

Keep fighting, Courtney.

You are this close to a shot at

a million bucks.

Courtney's the second person out

of the challenge.

We are now down to two.

Either Amanda or Denise is going

to win this challenge and be

guaranteed a spot at the final

tribal council, guaranteed a

chance to plead your case to the


>> All right, Amanda, what do

you think?

>> What do you mean?

>> Make a deal?

>> You don't want to give up

easily, do you?

Come on.

>> Come on.

I won't write your name down;

you don't write my name down.

>> I'm not giving up, Denise.

>> PROBST: Be careful of losing

your concentration.

It does not take much for those

dishes to fall.

>> I'll tell you, I'm going to

puke, though.

>> PROBST: Time to place another


>> Oh, crap.

>> PROBST: You're going to place

another rice bowl.

>> Are you sure, Amanda?

>> Yup.

Come on, let's battle this out,


>> PROBST: Amanda and Denise

both put the last rice bowl in

different positions.

Amanda's going to stay with


Denise is going to stay with


Amanda not interested in a deal.

Denise loses concentration.

Amanda wins the final immunity


>> Think I was going to let you

quit on me?

Come on!

>> PROBST: Amanda is going to

the final tribal council.

>> Good job.

>> Good job, girls.

Congratulations, Amanda.

>> Good job.

>> PROBST: Amanda, come on over.

>> Congratulations, Amanda.

( applause )

>> Thank you.

>> Good job, kid.

>> Thanks, guys.

>> PROBST: If there was ever a

time to have this, now is the


With this around your neck, you

are guaranteed a spot at the

final tribal council and a

chance to plead your case for a

million bucks.

Denise, Todd, Courtney, tribal

council tonight, one of you will

be voted out and will become the

final member of our jury.

If there was ever a time to pull

out all the stops, to try to

make a deal, to make something

happen, this is it.

Head on back to camp.

See you at tribal.

>> Thank you.

>> I'm so excited that I'm for

sure in the final three.

I have nothing to worry about

tonight, but I'm afraid whoever

gets voted out tonight is going

to think that it was because of

me, because I'm the free vote


So it's such a good thing, and

then it can be such a bad thing.

>> I feel really, really nervous

right now.

You know, a lot of these kids

are so much younger than I am.

I'm kind of the old lady around


So, I mean, I do feel a little

on the outsides, but I might be

able to sway Amanda.

>> You know, I mean...

>> You know?

>> You know?

>> I think Denise has played a

great game, and I think she's

been one of the most honest

players here.

So it's hard, because I want to

keep her around, but I don't,

because it's more competition to

me in the end.

I just...

This could be, like, my million-

dollar decision tonight.

Someone's going to get a million


Two people aren't.

So do you give them that chance

because they deserve it, or do

you pick someone that you feel

you have a better chance


>> Amanda holds all the cards

right now.

She can vote with Denise right

now and make it a tie, so right

now my one goal is to get rid of


And I'm hoping that Courtney and

Amanda are still on the same

wavelengths as me, and I hope

I'm here on day 39 still.

>> Who are you voting for?

>> Well, it all depends on

what's going on.

I mean, I would vote for Todd if

I could.

>> I'll just tell you the

position I'm in right now, just

so you're fully aware.

Me and Todd had an alliance on

day one.

>> Yeah, I understand that.

>> You know what I'm saying?

So I'm really at a crossroads,

Denise, because it's like do I

backstab somebody that I've had

an alliance with since the


You know what I'm saying?

But this kills me, because I

would rather have you sitting

next to me in final three than


I haven't even trusted him this

whole time.

>> No, I don't trust him.

Would you consider both of us

voting for Todd and having it be

a tie?

>> I have to think about it

more, but I will guarantee you I

will not vote for you tonight.

>> Okay.

>> But I cannot guarantee what

they will vote.

>> At this point in time,

anything's possible.

Anybody could be lying.

I mean, it's hard for me to tell

who lies, who doesn't.

Amanda said she had my back, so

I kind of believe her that she

said she wouldn't write my name


But on the other hand, you never

can tell.

Anything is possible, anything

can happen, and she might.

You know, I really like you,


I really think you're going to

do the right thing.

Well, I mean, when you told me

that you had my back, I really

thought you meant it too, so...

>> I did.

>> Well, now is when I need you

to prove it.

>> Right now in the game my

biggest threat is probably Todd.

Todd has made a lot of personal

connections with a lot of people

on the jury.

The jury is a younger jury, so I

think he's my biggest threat

right now.

I'm at an awful crossroads.

I've been going back and forth

in my head: Denise, Todd,

Denise, Todd.

And they both have their cons.

They both have their pros.

But still I'm still undecided.

I don't know what I'm going to


>> PROBST: We'll now bring in

the members of our jury: Jaime,

Jean-Robert, Frosti, James,

Erik, and Peih-Gee, voted out at

the last tribal council.

So let's establish something

right off the bat.

Amanda, is there any chance

you're going to give up

individual immunity tonight?

>> No way.

>> PROBST: Okay, so we know

Amanda is not going to be voted


It's going to be Denise, Todd,

or Courtney.

Todd, the four of you have been

together from the beginning.

So what are you going to base

your vote on tonight?

>> You know, tonight's vote is

probably the hardest vote,

because, like, we have been

together since day one.

And it is coming down to who you

want to pit yourself up against

in the end.

>> PROBST: Denise, is it fair to

say, "I want to get rid of the

biggest threat in this game"?

Or does the biggest threat

deserve a shot?

>> Well, Jeff, I'm going to base

my vote on how I feel right now.

Because like I said, I'm always

on the bottom of the totem pole.

There are still people that are

in alliances, and it's still

hard to break in even though are

you in.

So, I mean, I have to do what I

got to do tonight because I'm on

the outside.

>> PROBST: Courtney, do you feel

that Denise is on the outside?

Is that a known fact?

>> Um, I think that everyone's

on the outside of some group.

I mean, I spent the first half

of this game feeling that I was

completely on the outside of

everyone, and a lot of times

that's an insecurity problem

more than a reality.

I mean, it's not necessarily

true or false.

It's, you know, all perception.

>> PROBST: Todd, how important

at this point is perception?

You could feel you're on the


You could feel you're on the


You really don't know until the

votes are cast.

>> Absolutely.

I mean, the only one here

tonight that should feel fine is

Amanda, because she has that

necklace on.

And like you said, until those

votes are read, I'm going to be

sitting here playing with my

fingers, shaking my foot.

>> PROBST: So, Todd, as we sit

here right now, you're still not

sure if you're safe or not.

>> No, I really am not sure.

I want to think I am and hope I

am, but I've seen a lot happen

on this side of the game.

People thought they were sure,

and they're not.

>> PROBST: Courtney, how certain

are you that you'll be okay,

you're going to be in the final?

>> I don't think any one of the

three of us is sure about it.

I mean, you got to be pretty

stupid to think you're safe at

this point.

>> PROBST: Denise, why does it

make sense to keep you tonight?

>> Well, I don't know why

they... they shouldn't vote me


They think because I have kids

I'll have a better influence on

the jury and I'd be sympathetic

to the jury.

So they don't want to keep me

here because they think that

that might weigh on the jury's


>> PROBST: Courtney, why, from a

strategy point of view, would it

make sense to actually keep you


>> You know, everyone is not

going to be excited for me that

I somehow managed to pull


Like, you know, people are going

to be voting on if you're

strategic from the beginning, if

you're a fan of the game, if you

worked hard on all of the


You know, there's definitely

areas where I'm going to come up

a lot shorter than the other

people here.

Oh, and then there's my winning


I'm sure I've ruffled a few

feathers along the way.

>> PROBST: Amanda, was is a busy

afternoon for you?

Were you very popular?

>> When you're wearing this,

it's funny how people change as

they... when they act towards


Like, people's attitudes change

when they know that you're not

going home and you have a free

vote that someone here may need.

>> PROBST: Denise, is Amanda's

vote more powerful tonight, or

is it just another vote?

>> Well, I mean, whoever she

votes for, that could be the

power switch.

I mean, it all depends on which

way she goes.

I mean, I was talking to her

earlier, and at one point, she's

like, "I got your back."

You know, I said, "I got your


And you know, I hope she votes

with me, and I hope she doesn't

vote against me.

>> I said I had your back a

while ago.

I didn't say that today.

I said... you know what I said.

>> I know, I know, I understand.

>> Okay.

>> PROBST: Todd, you have the

best grin on your face.

>> You know, it was kind of sly

that she said you had your back,

and Amanda's face kind of

dropped like, "I never said I

had your back."

And I was like, "Oh, that's


I mean, if it was said to me,

I'd be like, "Mm."

So that's... I was kind of

reacting for Denise, I guess, in

a way.

>> PROBST: Amanda, has the final

tribal council already started?

Because Todd just took an

opportunity to make an editorial


>> I know.

It has already begun.

And you just have to put

yourself in what you think is

the best position and do your

best, and that's all you can do.

>> PROBST: All right, it is time

to vote.

Cannot vote for Amanda.

Denise, Todd, Courtney, all

three of you are fair game.

It is time to vote.

Denise, you're up.

>> Todd, I'm going to have to

vote for you because I know

you're going to vote for me


Good luck.

>> One of the greatest

competitors in this game so far.

You've been awesome to me.

Thank you.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the tribal

council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote...



One vote Todd.


Two votes Denise.

One vote Todd.

One vote left.

13th person voted out and the

seventh member of our jury,


You need to bring me your torch.

Denise, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Amanda, Todd, Courtney, you've

gone as far as you can go in

this game.

The power now shifts to the


Seven people that you had a hand

in voting out now hold your fate

in their hands.

The only power you have left is

the opportunity to persuade them

it should be you.

You have one night left in


Enjoy it.

Grab your torches.

Head back to camp.

Good night.

>> I definitely believe I would

have won this entire thing if I

had stayed in the game.

I'm just proud of what I've


I think I did a great job.

I never gave up.

And to make it 38 days out here

is a spectacular thing for a 40-

year-old woman.

>> Congratulations, girlies.

We did it.

>> Amanda.

>> What?

>> Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Please stop.

Come here.

>> What do you have to say to

me, Todd?

Do you want to call me out in

tribal again?

>> What do you mean call you


>> I'm so over this.

Like, I could not be more over


We just got back from tribal

council, and I feel horrible.

In essence, Todd made me look

bad in front of the jury.

>> This is the face that I made.

I went, "Ah," like ouch, burn,

that hurts, but it's true.

>> Yeah, exactly.

That's why I'm mad.

Because I was like, "Denise, I

did not say I had your back


And I know how that sounded, but

then you put in that comment.

>> You're right.

>> Cut me off at the knees.

>> I didn't mean it that way.

>> Well, that's how it came out.

>> I'm sorry.

>> Like, I'm not retarded.

I know what happened.

What happened was Denise was

trying to say that I told her

before tribal council that I had

her back, but I definitely don't

think I did it.

I think... I had told her before

that I had her back, but not


And it sounded bad because it

sounded like, "No, I'm in the

not going to have your back


And then Todd made a face like,

"Oh, my God, Amanda."

>> I wasn't doing it to backstab


>> No, listen to me.

You can totally go in tomorrow

and trash me as much as you


>> I'm not going to!

>> But I'm saying that's fine,

because I know it's your game.

But don't expect everything to

be, like, okay if you do stuff

like that to me, because I don't

like people like that.

>> I didn't...

>> I am honestly disappointed

with myself, because I'm in the

final three with a guy who would

stab me in the back in a second

and who has pretty much lied,

cheated his way into the finals

with my help.

So I feel like crap.

>> And I honestly mean that.

I did not mean to turn it on


>> Yeah, you did.

>> No, I didn't!

>> That's fine, whatever.

>> You don't believe me.

>> It really was an accident.

My last intention was to turn it

on to Amanda and make her look

like a bad guy.

So it was a complete slip-up.

And you know, she, I don't

think, believes me that it was

an accident, but it was.

I wish that you wanted to

celebrate, because we're in the

final three together like we


>> I have nothing to celebrate.

I don't feel like I...

I don't know.

You guys can celebrate.

I'm going to bed.

>> Day 39.

We made it.

>> ...I get to use a Q-Tip.

>> Oh, my God!

>> Peanut butter, like this.

>> Guys, I see something-- a lot

of something, you guys!

>> It's like Christmas!

>> Ah!

>> Yay!

>> Ah!

>> Looks like we'll be starting

a fire!

We'll be starting a fire!

>> Oh, my God!

Oh, my God, what's that?

>> There's chicken and eggs


>> It's pancake batter.

>> All right, this is what we're

going to do.

Carry it back.

We'll eat the pastries and some

of the fruit, and then we'll get

into the hard stuff.

>> And then we'll make fire?

>> We're cooking, Todd.


We're cooking in a jungle!

>> China's been a crazy

experience for me.

I'm glad that, you know, China

was as hard as it was.

Like, it rained.

It was so hot.

You know, it is like a building


>> Cheers to the final three,


>> Who ever would have thought?

>> No one.

>> Not me.

I'm proud of myself, and I can't

believe it.

Like, my final goal was to make

the final three, and I did.

>> Can you guys believe that we

made it this far?

>> No.

>> The three of us, really.

>> I am so happy it's you guys


>> Me too.

>> Now I'm getting sappy too.

I think I do have really good

personal relationships on the


I have never been anything but

my own winsome personality that

has been called every name in

the book since day one.

So hopefully... I mean,

hopefully that'll have some


I made it this far, and that

should get some respect from

some people.

I'm getting full.

>> I know.

>> It's the most amazing


>> Let's burn Jean-Robert's $500

Louis Vuittons.

>> Louis Vuitton.

Let's do this.

>> All right, ready, guys?

>> Yeah.

I think the biggest part of

being out here in China is out

here, I have felt more emotions

and thought more about my life

in general than I ever, ever


So I think China has almost

helped me to grow up.

This is for 38 days of suffering

in the jungles of China and to

day 39 where we're the final



I feel like, looking at the

jury, I stand an okay shot.

I backstabbed and lied to a lot

of them, but I was playing a


And whether I win a million

dollars tonight or not, I feel

like I've accomplished a lot,

and I'm so proud.

>> Honestly, I think it's

anyone's game at this point.

I think I have a 33% chance of

winning, of winning the money.

And I'm just going to go in

tonight, tell them the honest

truth about my game and how I've


I think a lot of my fear of

failure and things like that

have been minimized because of

this experience, and I'm ready

to do it now.

I'm not afraid of it.

I'm nervous for tonight, because

all of this is coming to an end.

I know I'm going to be


And... it'll be good.

I'm excited.

>> PROBST: We'll now bring in

the members of our jury.

Jaime, Jean-Robert, Frosti,

James, Erik, Peih-Gee, and

Denise, voted out at the last

tribal council.

Amanda, Todd, Courtney, welcome

to your final tribal council.

After 39 days, the power now

shifts from the three of you to

the jury.

Tonight they will decide who is

most deserving of the title of

sole survivor and the million-

dollar check that goes with it.

This is your last chance to

convince them you are the one

who is most deserving.

Here's how it's going to work.

You will each get a chance to

make an opening statement.

The jury will then get a chance

to address you.

And then we will vote.

You guys ready to get started?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Opening statements.

Amanda, you're up.

>> Okay.

Um, you know, I had a lot of

time to reflect on the

experience, the whole experience

today, and I feel very blessed

to be sitting here.

This was a hard 39 days.

And it's finally come to an end.

And I came into this game

knowing a specific strategy

that I was going to follow and

that I had to align myself with

someone right away.

So I aligned with Todd.

My strategy then changed, like,

towards the end game, so I was

with people that I had a chance

to physically compete against.

And I did.

I won the last two immunity


But there are some things I'm

not proud of that I've done.

You know, I voted for some

people that didn't think that I

was going to vote for them-- you

know, specifically James, Jean-

Robert, and Frosti.

I am sorry if I hurt your

feelings, and I really respect

playing with all of you.

So... that's all I have to say.

>> PROBST: Todd.

>> All right, guys.

I'm stoked to be here tonight,

and you know, the first thing I

want to say really is thank you

for being where you are and

helping me to get in this spot

in the game.

I know that I played a game

where I had to lie and I had to

backstab and I had to hurt

people that I cared about.

And the main thing I can ask

tonight is that you are able to

see the difference between my

strategic game and the relations

that I actually built with you,

because the relations on a

personal level-- honest, real.

The game level, the strategic

level is what I came here to do.

I knew coming in the game I was

not the most physical, but I

knew that I could be the most

strategic, and if I did that, I

could get here.

This is my dream come true.

I've lived my dream, and you

know, you guys have all been a

part of it.

And I'm happy to answer whatever

questions, hear whatever you

have to say about me.

I'm ready for it.

But I really do want to say

thank you for helping me in the


It means the world to me.

So thanks.

>> PROBST: Courtney.

>> Okay.

Hello, everyone.

Unlike the other two people

sitting here, I was not a

lifelong Survivor fan.

No strategy.

No idea what I was doing.

And every single time that I

didn't get voted out, I was

actually surprised.

So that's what sets me apart

from these two guys.

I figured out how to survive in

a game that was completely

physical in the beginning.

I started the game weighing 95

pounds, and I was physically

scared to be in this game in the


I had to figure out a way to

just somehow manage to make it

work for me, and I did that.

Around the time of the merge,

things changed, and I sort of

got my footing a little bit


I did win a personal immunity.

So whoever saw that coming?

Not me.

I was surprised.

I made good alliances that

worked for me.

I was always pretty up front, as

much as you can be in this


And I'm really proud of myself.

And it think that, you know,

whether or not you not you like

me personally, you have to give

a little bit of credit to the

little girl who everyone thought

would be gone in the first six

days and is still sitting here

on day 39.

>> PROBST: All right, jury, in a

minute, you're going to get your

first chance to address Amanda,

Todd, and Courtney.

I'll give you a minute to think

about what you want to say.

>> PROBST: All right, jury, it

is now your opportunity to

address Amanda, Todd, and


This is your chance to gain the

information you need to make a

million-dollar decision.

You can address one, two, or all

three of them.

James, you're up first.

>> All right, I just want to

congratulate you all.

You did what you all were

supposed to do.

You made it to the final three.

I'm not even going to be a

bitter betty.

Courtney, I just want to know

something good, so just a good

time that y'all had in the game

of Survivor?

>> I think one of the best times

I had was actually the very

first challenge that our team

did together, because when I

picked up the pole the first

time, I was like, "Sweet mother

of God, this thing weighs 50

pounds; I'm going to die."

And then when we actually won it

in the end and I stuck the thing

in, I was like, "I'm not going

to be the first person voted out

of Survivor!

Oh, my God!

This is crazy!"

>> Congratulations.

>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: James, I have a

question for you.

Why that question?

>> Well, I mean, I just wanted

to make it easier, because it

might be kind of rough in a

little while.

I'm not bitter betty.

>> PROBST: Thanks, James.

J.R., Jean-Robert, you're up.

>> Congratulations, guys.

>> Thank you.

>> Thank you.

>> But I got a dilemma.

I have a real problem here.

From day one, it hasn't been a

secret that I haven't really

felt like Courtney is

necessarily deserving of getting

to the end, but I also promised

Todd and I promised Amanda that

if you guys backstab me, you

would not be winning a million


So here I am.

( laughter )

Okay, can it be anyone besides

you three?

But it's the three of you.

Okay, now I have to make a


So I got to tell you, tonight,

my vote is live for any of you.

I'm asking you, Courtney, how

can I, in good conscience, give

you my vote tonight?

>> The game is outwit, outlast,

outplay, and I have done all

three of those things.

And you know, I won an immunity.

Like, that... did you win an


I came from the worst odds.

I was never the favorite in this


>> I agree with that.

>> There you go.

>> Thanks, that's a good answer.

By the way, I started out this

game with the strategy of being

a brutal jerk and was going to

try and come around.

The second half of my game never

got into play because I was

blindsided, which brings me to


Day 23.

I went to you, and I said,

"Amanda, I will not backstab


At that point, you said to me,

"I will not be putting your name

down on a ballet."

That's what you said to me on

day 23.

>> Uh-huh.

>> Day 24 comes around, my

name's on a ballot.

I'm asking you, when you said

that to me, were you outright

lying to me, or did you make a

commitment to me and just go

back on your word?

>> I was not lying to you.

And honestly, I did not want to

vote for you.

But too many other people did.

So honestly, it was a very, very

hard decision for me.

It's not one I'm proud of.

And I am sorry for lying to you.

>> So you lied to me.

First you're saying you broke

your word to me.

Now you're saying I lied to you.

What happened there?

>> No, I broke the word to you.

I didn't lie to you.

I did not want to put your name


>> Okay.

>> But I am telling you I was

between a rock and a hard place.

I had no choice.

>> Todd, day one, I went to you

and said, "Todd, you know what?

You're the schemer here.

I know it.

I'm on to you.

You have the knowledge, and you

have the smarts."

We had a plan to send James


The best move for all of us at

that time was to get rid of

James, okay?

In my opinion, you organizing to

blindside me-- yeah, you

blindsided me.

Okay, I'm out of the game.

But I wasn't the biggest threat.

>> You started to strategically

place ideas in people's heads,

which is what I wanted my job to


And when you had approached me

about blindsiding James, I was

like, "Oh, no, he is catching


So who then becomes the biggest

threat to me?


What do I have to do?

Turn it around on you, who is an

extremely great, strategic

player in your daily life.

I had to get rid of my biggest

strategic threat, who was you.

>> Guys, congratulations.

Well done.

( laughter )

That was a good answer.

( laughter )

>> PROBST: James, I'm confused.

What are you laughing at?

>> I mean, he shut his mouth.

( laughter )

>> PROBST: Peih-Gee, you're up.

>> All right, I want to vote for

the person that I think deserves

it the most.

Todd, you talked about having

played a really strategic game.

You say that you played it hard.

You know, I want to know that

you didn't just slide in here

because somebody decided you

were going to be easy to beat.

>> First, I didn't slide


I started working day one.

Jean-Robert called me out and

said I'm a sneaky, sly little

bastard that was going to get

through this game and he had to

watch out for.

He was right.

Second, I gathered my numbers.

I got myself Amanda.

I got myself Courtney, right?

I was like, "Good, I've got some


Pulled in Denise.

We get to the merge, we pick you

guys off, then it's a head-to

battle, but I still got my


I fought.

It's a glorious battle, art of

war, yin and yang.

I came out as a fighter.

That's just bottom line.

>> Amanda, I'm sick of you

looking at me with doe eyes, and

every time you've opened your

mouth to any one of these

people, you sound apologetic.

>> Okay.

>> Because you wanted Todd to

take the fall as the bad guy,

you know?

I want to hear what you think

you did that was better than

what Todd did.

>> Part of my strategy in this

game was making sure that I was

with people in the end that I

could physically compete


James is a physical competitor.

He had two immunity idols.

That is a guaranteed spot in the

top five.

So I said let's... you know,

"What about if we just... you

know, we have to get rid of


It's either now or never,

because he could pull out six,

and he could pull out five, and

then he's in the top four, and

then he's in the top three spot,

and then there's only places for

two of us."

>> Uh-huh.

>> So that is the most strategic

move that I made in this game.

>> So the decision to get rid of

James was your idea.

>> It was my idea.

>> All right, cool.

>> PROBST: Thanks, Peih-Gee.


>> I want to know what was the

riskiest move you made in the

game where you knew that it was

your ass if you didn't.

Amanda, let's hear from you.

>> Definitely I think my

riskiest move in this game was

the decision to get rid of

James, and I really believed

that Todd and James had

something going on.

And you know, if James got in

there, he was going to not only

take a third spot, but wreck my

alliance that I already had.

So that was definitely the

riskiest move from my strategic

play in this game.

>> I'm just trying to


>> Okay.

>> Like, voting out a guy with

two immunity idols does not

sound very risky to me.

It sounds like a no-brainer.

>> If he would have played an

idol, I would have lost my

alliance partner, and then I

would have had to start all over


So it was a very risky move.

We were all nervous at that

tribal council.

It would have changed the whole

game if something else would

have happened.

>> All right.

Well, I think I've got what I

need to know.

Thank you, guys.

>> PROBST: Thanks, Erik.

Frosti, you're up.

>> Todd, you know, I love you,

but I don't even know if I know


You lied up, down, left, and

right and all the way back

around in circles.

Why do you think that your game

play deserves a vote from


>> I think you're a great kid.

My personal relations were

different than my game


And yes, I did know that I

wanted to take you in, be close

with you, make myself a buddy,

and put you on a jury.

And what I built with you as a

friend was real.

But yeah, I did do a big, huge

lie to my buddy Frosti.

I'm sorry.

>> All right.


Courtney, what's up?

How you doing?

You look great.

>> Thanks.

I dressed up for you.

>> Now, I am really interested

to hear what you have to say,

because I think of all the three

people, your game play

interested me the most.

Amanda, I assumed, was going to

lie and backstab me eventually.

Todd, I knew, was going to lie

and backstab me eventually.

But you, actually, interestingly

enough, surprised me when you

lied, backstabbed me just a

little bit.

You also flat out said to me,

unprovoked, that if my name came

up with other people, you would

tell me.

>> Um, no, everyone was in a

blind, panicked frenzy that I

wouldn't vote for you.

So all eyes were sort of on me,

and, I mean, if I pulled you

aside, you know, it might have

made you feel a little bit

better or a little bit worse,

but I don't... I mean, I don't

know that it would have changed

any outcome.

But it wasn't like I went out

and aggressively befriended you

just to take you out of the game

and then like, "Oh, good, pocket


That's just... that's not what


>> Thanks, guys.

>> PROBST: Jaime, you're up.

>> Hi, guys.

>> Hi!

>> I have a kind of fun question

where you guys get to pull each

other's dirty laundry out for

the other people.

I don't want it sugarcoated.

So, Courtney, I'm going to start

with you.

If you could start off by

telling me everything that we

would be disappointed in Todd

about knowing and what he's

done, what lies he's told, why

we shouldn't vote for him but we

should vote for you.

>> I think airing Todd's dirty

laundry is pretty redundant.

I think he wears it on his


I think every single person here

knows exactly every bad thing

that Todd's done, and that's why

you're sitting over there.

>> But what has he done?

>> Um, well, he organized voting

out Jean-Robert, and then he

organized voting out Frosti, and

then he helped Amanda with

voting out James.

I mean, there's not really


>> So he deserves the million

dollars more than you do?

Is that what you're saying?

>> I think that each one of us

has a different reason that we

are deserving, and that's...

>> Exactly, but why is he not


>> I think he might be


I think it's an equal


>> So Todd should get my

million-dollar vote?

>> If that's the way you...

>> Okay, Todd, we're going to

skip that question to Courtney

and go why doesn't Courtney

deserve the million dollars?

What has she done?

>> Courtney's voted the same as

me pretty much the whole time.

I mean, I may have made the lies

up and coordinated them.

She's voted with me, so she's

just as much of a liar as I am.

>> Except I didn't lie to you


I just went along.

>> She just went along.

That's it.

>> Not vote for her!

>> The reason why you should not

vote for Courtney...

>> Yes.

>> because she didn't want

to be here in the first place.

>> So do you think she deserves

it at all or do you think...

>> I think I deserve it more

than her.

>> Okay, great.

Now, Amanda, is there anything

about Courtney that we should

know that makes her undeserving

of a million dollars?

>> I'm just going to be honest.

I came into this and...

>> I don't want...

>> I know.

>> Okay.

>> I feel like Courtney is


When she'd come back from

rewards, she'd just complain.

And I... honestly, at the

beginning, I didn't feel like

Courtney deserved to be here

because I didn't feel like she

put her heart into anything she

did here.

And that's just honest.

>> Okay.

What about Todd?

>> Um, I feel like Todd is a

great strategic player of this

game, but I feel if he's that

good of a strategic player, why

didn't he play this game better

to where he didn't have to

deceive and lie to all these


He lied too much for me.

>> I don't know if I'd make an


>> Okay, now, Todd, this is your


>> Right.

>> You just heard what Amanda

said about you.

Do you... first of all, is what

she said legit, or was there

strategics behind you lying?

>> I mean, yeah, I told more

lies, and yeah, I made more, you

know, like, "Let's go far

togethers" than Amanda.

But I did the dirty work for the

nice girl.

>> And Courtney, do you think

she rode your coattail and the

only reason she's here is

because of you?

>> I would say that they

definitely played their game

strategically, but I played mine

more strategically.

>> Okay, that's fair enough.

>> PROBST: Thanks, Jaime.

Denise, you're up.

>> I'm glad y'all can look me in

the eye.

That's nice.

I'm just up here.

I mean, I'm a lunch lady.

I dedicate my whole life to

being honest, to being fair.

You guys all came up to me.

You all shook my hand.

You all looked me in the face.

You all said, "You're with us."

None of you wanted to be

standing up next to me.

You didn't want to go up there.

You thought I would play the kid


I believe that the jury would

have voted for me.

But because I'm standing here

and I'm not sitting over there,

someone has to give it to you


So this is what I'm going to do.

Amanda has lied, even though she

said that "I don't lie.

I'm not going to lie.

I'm an honorable person."

You have lied.

You have not only lied to me.

You've lied to Jean-Robert.

You've lied to Frosti.

You've lied to James.

Todd, he has such a deceptive

side to him that, you know, you

never know when he's telling the


You know, if you have these

things in you that you can do

that to people without even

thinking about it, without ever

batting an eye, your conscience

needs to be cleaned.

You need to turn over a new


You need to look inside yourself

as well and realize what you do

that affects a lot of people.

Courtney, you're a very honest


You're very outgoing.

You say what you mean.

You mean what you say.

I can respect that.

>> Thanks, guys.

>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: All right, jury,

you've had your say.

Amanda, Todd, Courtney, you've

had your say.

Let me give you a minute to let

it all sink in, and then we will


>> PROBST: All right, Amanda,

Todd, Courtney, you've made your

case to the jury.

The jury's had their chance to

address you.

One thing left to do, and that

is vote.

Jury, tonight, you are voting

for a winner.

You are writing down the name of

the person you think most

deserving of the title of sole

survivor and the million-dollar

check that goes with it, the

last time it is time to vote.

Jaime, you're up.

>> You did not have my vote

coming into this.

I'm very impressed with your

answers this evening, and that's

why you got my vote.

So congratulations.

>> I relate to your struggle

with being honest in this game.

I think you played the best,

well-rounded game.

So congratulations, wish you the


>> Courtney, I picked you

because you always tried to tell

me the truth and you overcame

the most odds.

Good job.


>> You just stole a million


Well played.

>> PROBST: I'll go get the


Amanda, Todd, Courtney, it's

been a long 39 days.

I know you'd like me to read

these votes tonight.

And I'm going to, because we are

live in Hollywood for the

reading of the votes!

( cheering and applause )

All right!

Thank you!

Amanda, Todd, Courtney, jury,

thank you for being a part of

what I think was a very good

season of Survivor, one of our

best, I would say.

( cheering and applause )


Now let's get to the reason you

all signed up for this adventure

in the first place, the shot at

a million dollars.

Tonight, these votes are for a


Tonight, you want to see your

name on the parchment.

I'll read the votes.

First vote...



One vote Amanda, one vote



We're tied up, one vote each.


Two votes Courtney, one vote

Todd, one vote Amanda.


We're tied again, two votes

Courtney, two votes Todd, one

vote Amanda.


That's three votes Todd, two

votes Courtney, one vote Amanda,

one vote left.

That means, Amanda, you're out

of it.

You can no longer win.

One vote left.

This vote will either force a

tie between Todd and Courtney,

or it will produce a winner.

I'll read the last vote.

Winner of Survivor: China, Todd.

( cheering and applause )

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