Survivor (2000–…): Season 15, Episode 13 - Hello, I'm Still a Person! - full transcript

The winner of the reward challenge gets to go to The Great Wall of China (along with two others). A series of challenges from episodes past will determine who wins immunity.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on


Tenth person voted out and the

fourth member of our jury,


...after the tribe successfully

blindsided James, Peih-Gee

realized that she might have a

shot at winning it all.

>> There must be a crack in old

tribal lines somewhere, because

Erik and I are still around.

>> PROBST: At the reward


>> What?

>> PROBST: ...a visit from

family brought the tribe to


>> I love you.

>> Can I have your socks?

>> PROBST: Paired up for the


Survivors and loved ones, ready?


...Denise and her husband found

their way to victory.

Denise and Robert win reward!

>> Whoo!

>> PROBST: And Denise chose two

former Fei Long members to join

her on the reward...

>> Thank you!

>> PROBST: ...leaving Peih-Gee

feeling betrayed.

>> I wonder why Denise picked


I'm kind of pissed that she

didn't pick me, because I took

her on a phat reward.

>> PROBST: During the reward,

Denise felt that she

strengthened her bond with Todd

and Amanda.

>> I hope that Amanda and Todd

stay with me and we go to the

final three.

>> PROBST: At the immunity



...Peih-Gee dug out a come-from-

behind victory.

Peih-Gee wins immunity!

...establishing herself as a

force to be reckoned with.

Guaranteed a spot in the final


With Peih-Gee safe, Erik was on

the chopping block, but Erik and

Peih-Gee came up with a plan to

turn the game around.

>> I'm voting for Todd.

It might be a long shot, but...

>> I'll talk to Denise.

>> PROBST: They tried to

convince Denise to join them and

vote out the mastermind.

>> I'm definitely the swing vote


For me, personally, I mean, this

is do or die.

>> PROBST: At tribal council,

Denise stayed true to her

alliance of Todd, Amanda, and


11th person voted out and the

fifth member of our jury.

Erik was voted out, leaving

Peih-Gee the only remaining Zhan

Hu member.

Five are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

>> Congratulations, final five!

>> Peih-Gee and Erik approached

me earlier, and they wanted me

to vote out Todd tonight.

Here I could have been at least

in the top three and tried to

make it at least to the jury


But I kind of decided to play it

safe, even though this could

have been one of the biggest

mistakes I've made in the game

so far.

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( theme song playing )

>> I'm probably not the most

popular one here, as you can


You have the four original Fei

Long members, and they've really

been sticking together.

It's not easy feeling like

you're the least liked, so I'm

definitely, like, an outsider,

you know, and it's hard.

Oh, my God.

You guys, rise and shine.

We have tree mail.

>> Arrows, huh?

>> "Ready, aim, take your best


Get by with a little help from

your friends.

Are you skilled or just popular?

In this challenge, it all


The next reward is within your


This one will blow your mind.

As far as incredible experiences

go, this is one of a kind."

>> Rewards right now are key.

They help you stay alive.

They help you push for the next


They make you smile.

So I'm really, really hoping I'm

skilled and popular right now.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

You guys ready to get to today's

reward challenge?

>> Oh, yeah.

>> PROBST: For today's

challenge, you will each fire

arrows from a replica of a

fourth-century Chinese repeating


Each time you or anyone else

hits your name on the target

wall, you'll score a point.

You'll each begin with five


But to make it interesting,

you'll come behind this wall and

secretly distribute your arrows

to the other survivors by

placing them in marked


Each time you give someone else

an arrow, you give them another

shot at the wall, a better

chance of winning the game.

At the end of the challenge, the

person whose name has been hit

the most often wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing


>> Uh-huh.

>> PROBST: The winner will be

flown via private jet to one of

the most spectacular manmade

wonders in the entire world, the

Great Wall of China.

>> Oh, my God!

>> PROBST: You'll enjoy a

wonderful meal on the Great

Wall, and you will spend the

night at the Great Wall.

>> Oh, my God.

>> PROBST: Worth playing for?

>> Uh, yeah.

>> PROBST: Let's get to the


First step, give away your


Amanda, come back here.

You'll find five vases.

Put the arrows in any container

you wish other than your own.

You can give all your arrows to

one person.

You can divide them up equally,

however you want.

You cannot put them in your own


Okay, everybody has distributed

their arrows.

Let's see the results.

Peih-Gee, you have your

container in front of you.

Remove your arrows.

>> Thank you, Courtney.

>> PROBST: One arrow.

Todd gets a total of six arrows.


>> Two.

>> PROBST: Denise with only two


>> You know, I'm the bottom of

the totem pole.

>> PROBST: Courtney.

>> I have many arrows.

>> PROBST: Courtney with 12


You have the most chances to win

thus far.


Amanda with a total of four


The person with the least amount

of arrows will shoot first.

That'll be you, Peih-Gee.

You're up.

One arrow courtesy of Courtney.

Let's see if you can get on the


Peih-Gee misses just high.

Denise, you're next up with two


Denise trying to hit her own

name and not somebody else's.

Denise misses high.

>> It's okay, Denise.


>> PROBST: Denise with only one

more shot.

Look at that.

>> Wow.

>> PROBST: Denise nails it.

>> Very impressive.

>> PROBST: Denise on the board

with one.

Next up is Amanda, four arrows.

Amanda misses low.

>> Get the green one.

>> PROBST: Denise gets hit.

>> Yes!

>> It did hit the green one.

>> PROBST: Denise now in the

lead with two.

>> Yes.

>> Oh, my God!

>> PROBST: Denise sitting

pretty, not doing anything.

Amanda misses high.

>> Good job!

>> PROBST: Todd, you're up.

Todd has six arrows to shoot.

Todd, nice job.

Todd hits his own name.

Todd on the board with one.


>> There you go, Todd, nice one.

>> Nice job.

>> PROBST: Todd scores again

with two.

Todd has not missed yet.

>> Oh, my God!

>> PROBST: And he's hit a

different target each time.

Todd and Denise now tied with


>> Oh!

>> PROBST: As if he'd shot the

Chinese repeating crossbow his

entire life.

>> Secretly a hobby of mine.

>> PROBST: Todd now leads 4-3.


>> There you go.

>> Oh, my God.

>> PROBST: Todd cannot miss.

Todd is five for five.

Todd leads 5-3.

Todd finally misses on his sixth


Nice demonstration!

Todd in the lead, five.

Denise in second with three.

Courtney, it's all in your


>> Come on, Courtney.

>> PROBST: Courtney with 12

arrows, the most of anybody.

Courtney misses high and to the


>> That's all right.

You got plenty of arrows.

>> PROBST: Courtney connects.

>> Yeah!

>> There you go.

>> PROBST: Courtney now on the

board with one.

Courtney hits Denise, giving

Denise another point.

It is now Todd with five, Denise

with four, Courtney with one.

>> Ooh, Amanda.

>> PROBST: Courtney scores one

for Amanda.

>> This is, like, anyone's game

at this point.

>> PROBST: Just misses Denise.

Courtney hits Todd's target.

>> Yes!

>> PROBST: Todd's lead is now

six to Denise's four.

Courtney hits another Denise

target, keeping it tight now.

Another Denise hit by Courtney.

We are tied now, Denise with

six, Todd with six.

Todd gets the hit.

>> Thank you, baby doll.

>> No problem, babykins.

>> PROBST: Todd leads 7-6.

Oh, just misses a Todd.

>> Baby, please!

>> Yes!

>> PROBST: Courtney hits another

Denise target.

We are tied 7-7 between Todd and


Courtney with only one arrow


What is she going to do?

>> Go for the green.

Go for the green.

Right over there, it says



>> PROBST: Denise wins reward!

( applause )

>> Congratulations.

>> PROBST: Denise, come on over.

Private jet.

>> So exciting.

>> PROBST: Nice meal, spend the

night on the Great Wall.

Pick one person to come with


>> Courtney.

>> Yay.

>> You got me here.

>> Have fun.

>> PROBST: Denise, we could let

you two go alone, but that's not

what's happening.

>> Oh, Denise, please!

>> PROBST: Denise, you're going

to pick one more person to go

with you.

>> I'm going to be on the jury,


I took you.

I gave you Shaolin monks.

I gave you food when I knew you

were sick.

>> PROBST: All right, Denise,

you're taking one, which means

two people will not go on this


Who is the second person coming

with you?

>> I'm going to have to pick


>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: Todd, come on over.

Wow, Peih-Gee, you look

absolutely disappointed.

>> I took Denise on a great


I gave her Shaolin monks.

I took her because I knew she

was sick, and, like, I've been

friendly to her from the very

beginning, and she just doesn't


You know, and I've eaten the

least out of everybody.

I've had to fight the hardest.

And it's just... it's tough.

I'm being left out of

everything, so...

>> PROBST: Amanda, how you


>> Yeah, it's not a good

feeling, you know, but, I mean,

what can do you?

>> PROBST: Not much, because I

got nothing for you.

>> I'm sorry, guys.

>> PROBST: Denise, Todd,

Courtney, you will fly to the

Great Wall of China, have a nice

meal, spend the night.

Great reward, enjoy it, get your

stuff, head out.

>> Just me and you.

>> Yeah.

>> I'm pissed.

After the challenge, I

definitely lost my cool, you

know, said some things that I

probably shouldn't have.

It's just frustrating.

I mean, I picked Denise for a

reward, and to have her win

twice now and not pick me, it's


And then also I heard her say,

"I don't want Peih-Gee getting

any stronger."

That part makes me mad, because

it's like, hello, I'm still a


>> Everything is so much work,

as it is, and then, like, having

to do it all just sucks.

Don't screw this up, Amanda.

It's coming down to, like, the

end of the game, and three

people are having meals and

eating, and I used to be one of

those three, and now I'm not.

So it's... it's hard.

Why is it you dislike me so


>> Huh?

>> Why do you dislike me so


>> I don't dislike you, Amanda,


>> Because it's like ever since

you came here, like, you haven't

really talked to me at all, and,

like, at tribal, I feel like

you're always attacking me.

>> I mean, I'm sorry.

Like, honestly, like, I'm sorry

that, like... if it hurts your

feelings or anything like that.

It's really...

>> No, I just want to know,

because I'd like to get it...

I'd like to get it out, like...

>> Yeah, no, actually, I'm glad

that, like, we get some time to

spend together, because, like...

>> I am, too, actually.

>> Like, I, like... we really

haven't had a lot of time to

talk, and, like, I think it's

cool that we get to... you know,

get to know each other a little


>> Yeah, me, too.

>> I actually respect Amanda for

speaking her mind.

I think we had some just

miscommunication with her making

assumptions of me and me making

assumptions of her, and it's

because we hadn't had a chance

to really sit down and talk.

>> There's one.

>> Awesome.

>> Right there.

There's one.

>> Ooh, that was a huge one.

>> I know.

>> Awesome.

>> Yay, we have food.

Oh, we just found a huge Asian

pear and huge limes, so we're

really happy, because we have

food to eat.


Life doesn't suck right now.

>> Whoo-hoo!

>> You guys are awesome.

>> How cool is this?

I'm so grateful you picked me.

Peih-Gee we can't feed right now


>> No, I can't give her


And I feel bad.

She was like, "I'm not going to

vote for you now," and being all

pissed off.

You know, what am I supposed to


>> The thing is, though, is

Amanda, she understands that in

the game, she's in a good spot

with us.

Plus, what is she going to do,

align with Peih-Gee and a bush

right now?

You know what I mean?

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome on

board Survivor Airlines, flight

number 15, the three coolest

people going to the Great Wall

of China.

>> Whoo-hoo!

>> Thanks, Denise!

>> Thanks, Todd.

>> Oh, wow, look.

>> Oh, wow.

>> Oh-wee.

It just keeps going.

>> To win the challenge and

actually go to the Great Wall of

China was an incredible thing.

The views stretch off all the

way on the hills and the


And then we actually got up

there-- I mean, just amazing to

be standing someplace where 600

years ago there were soldiers

running back and forth and


And, you know, just to be

staying in the same place was


>> Thank you.

>> Thank you.

>> And our beds are right here


>> Thank you.

>> Thank you.

>> Is it fondue?

>> It smells good.

>> You dip it in.

>> I'm confused.

>> I'm super confused.

>> We had this huge table full

of food, and we all kind of

looked at it like, "What are we

supposed to do with it?

It's all raw."

And there was a big bowl thing

in front of us.

I guess we put it in here.

This little Chinese waiter guy

comes in, and he starts saying,

"Dip it and put it in..."

And we're like, "Okay."

>> Yeah, exactly.

That's sweet.

That's good.

>> Mm.

>> It turned into a big

jambalaya pot of, like, stuff,

and I was surprised at how quick

I got full.

It was like that that my body

was like, "You're done."

At least Peih-Gee will hopefully

be weak.

>> She will also be filled with

hatred that will spur her to


>> Exactly.

>> It was sort of a strategic

thing to have Denise bring Todd

instead of Amanda to this,

because Amanda is a lot less

likely to stir up trouble back

at camp than Todd would be.

An angry Todd is a bad Todd.

>> Do you see how many there


>> Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God!

We strung out the net yesterday,

and we didn't know if we were

going to catch anything because

we've had nothing in our nets

for, like, a week.

So we start pulling up the net,

me and Peih-Gee, and there's,

like, tons of fish.

It feels fabulous.

>> Delightful seafood risotto

with a little red wine reduction

and rice wine.

Pour it in, girl.


>> Oops, I used it all the sake.

Oh, my God!

>> Is it delicious?

>> Uh-huh.

This is good.

>> It's totally good.

>> Oh, my God.

>> There's, like, seriously,

like, enough rice for, like, two

days though.

>> Up until this point, I had

nothing on Amanda, and I have a

lot more insight on her, and

I've actually gotten more

information on the dynamics of

their old group.

>> I am open for things.

I have been the whole time.

>> That's too funny that, like,

we've been on, like, the same


>> I know.

>> At this point in the game, it

looks maybe she really isn't

dead set on going with Todd and

Courtney yet.

It gives me a little bit of


>> Ooh, what's this?

>> Oh, my God!

>> Oh, my God, thank you!

>> Oh, my gosh.

>> It's so good!

>> I'm the happiest boy alive

right now.

I just want to bring up a

question, like, and I don't know

how to think about it, but,

like, say Peih-Gee did win

immunity again.

>> Oh, lord.

>> Would we want a fight between

the four of us, or would we want

to take off our love, Amanda?

>> I don't know.

What do you want to do?

>> I don't know.

>> I think all of us are going

to say, "I don't want to go


But I think, you know, people's

answers would probably change if

she was sitting here.

>> I mean, I know I'm tight with


I have been for a long time.

But I'm trying to think, too,

like, can we beat her?

>> Do we beat her?

>> We're the meanies!

I mean, good lord, me and Todd

are like the devil incarnate in

this game.

They hate us.

>> In this four person alliance,

I kind of feel scared, because

Todd's backstabbed a lot of


He's been making alliances with

everybody and not telling

anybody and doing shifty things.

>> We know we're catty.

We might as well just go to the

end together, right?

>> Yes.

>> This is a critical time right


Someone is going to be left out

of our group, and I don't want

it to be me.

>> Is anybody home?

Where are they?

>> When we got back to camp,

Peih-Gee and Amanda weren't

there, and we were like, "Um,

where are you guys?

Like, where did everybody go?"

And I was concerned because they

were pissed when we left.

>> Are we getting extreme

Survivor paranoia right now?

>> Oh, yeah, look.

>> Oh, yeah, look.

>> Hi, girls!

>> Hi!

>> Hey, guys!

>> Yeah.

>> Amazing, huh?

>> The Great Wall was so neat.

>> But it's a cultural


>> It was a big, huge table, and

there was sliced chicken and

sliced pork...

>> Yeah, yeah.

>> Raw.

>> ...that was raw that we had

to put in the soup to eat.

There was a dipping sauce.

>> Which made all of us, like,

upset stomachs.

>> It made our stomachs go


We had to dip it, like, oil.

We didn't know what to do.

>> We had no idea.

>> They come back from the Great

Wall, and they were complaining.

The food, nobody explained to

them how to eat it, and they

didn't like the food.

It's like, "Come on!"

>> Hey, at least you got to eat,


>> That's true.

>> Todd and Courtney still find

things to complain about when

they win a reward?

It just blows my mind.

Some people are so ungrateful,

and honestly, it made me mad.

>> I'm kind of upset with Todd

and Courtney.

They didn't bring anything back

for me and Peih-Gee.

They know I haven't eaten very


So Denise is showing a little

more compassion to my situation

than Todd, and it's definitely

going noticed.

>> Absolutely.

>> Okay, that sounds good.

>> All right.


You ready?

"What doesn't kill you makes you


This time it means much more.

A second chance to prove

yourself may get you to the

final four."

It's a repeat of previous

challenges mixed together.

>> Yeah.

>> Peih-Gee is probably most

under the gun today to win

immunity, but so is Todd.

I don't trust a thing he says.

If he can backstab everyone in

this game to get himself an inch

further, he would.

So if he doesn't win next

immunity challenge, I may have

to think about getting rid of


>> PROBST: Guys ready to get to

today's immunity challenge?

First things first.

Peih-Gee, take it back.

Once again, immunity is back up

for grabs.

For today's challenge, you will

get a chance to revisit some of

the challenges from the past 36


It will take place in four


For the first round, each of you

will throw three stars at a


The four highest scorers move on

to the next round, where you

must eat one balut.

The first three to get the balut

down move on to the next round,

where you must bounce a ball on

a drum through a series of

obstacles and into a finish bin.

The first two to finish move on

to the final round.

For the final round, you will

use a sword to release wooden


>> Oh, no!

>> PROBST: You'll use the disks

to complete a puzzle.

First one to finish wins

immunity, is guaranteed a spot

in the final four.

Losers, tribal council tonight,

somebody will be going home.

We'll draw for spots, and we'll

get started.

All right, first round.

Peih-Gee, you're up first.

Three stars, trying to score as

many points as you can.

Peih-Gee connects on her first


Two points Peih-Gee.

Peih-Gee short.

Peih-Gee misses again.

Peih-Gee scores two.

Denise, you're up.

You need two or more.

Denise short and low.

You need to get on that board.

That'll work.

Denise with a three.

And another three.

Denise with six points.

Peih-Gee with two points.

Amanda's up.

Amanda's short.

Not strong enough on that one.

One shot left for Amanda, and

she connects with a three.

Amanda on the board with three.

Denise with six.

Peih-Gee with two.

Courtney's up next.

Courtney with a nice shot.

Courtney on the board with two.

Just misses the three.

Courtney low.

Courtney scores two.

She's tied at the bottom with


Four highest scorers move on.

Todd has to score two or more to

stay in this.

Todd scores one on his first


Oh, it sticks in the one and

falls out.

Todd one throw left.

You have one point.

You need at least one point on

this throw.

Todd doesn't get it.

Todd does not move on.

Everybody else moving on to the

next round.

Here we go, first three to get

the balut down move on to the

next round.

Survivors ready?

Three, two, one, eat.

Denise is the only one who tried

this, and she could not get it


Peih-Gee eating quickly.

Courtney shoves half of it in

her mouth.

Do not think about what you're


Think about something else and

shove it down.

Peih-Gee, you don't see any

problem with this, do you?

>> It's so good.

>> Good, Courtney.

Chew it, chew it, chew it.

Hurry up.

>> PROBST: Denise, are you just


>> Yeah.

I can't.

I tried.

>> PROBST: Yeah.

>> Chew, chew, chew, chew.

>> PROBST: Amanda's good.

She's moving on.

Peih-Gee's good.

She's moving on.

There's one spot left.

It is between Courtney and


Denise, after 36 days and a one-

in-four shot, you're not even


>> I put it in my mouth, and I

puked it up again, Jeff.

I really wish I could.

>> PROBST: A million-dollar

balut in front of you.

It is Courtney moving on.

Denise take a spot on the bench.

We're moving up.

All right, for this round, you

must bounce the ball on the

drum, over a series of


First two to bounce a ball into

their finish bin move on to the

final round.

Survivors ready?


Got to keep the ball bouncing,

cannot carry it.

Peih-Gee past the first

obstacle, into the second


Peih-Gee loses it, got to head

back to the start.

Courtney, got to go back to the


Amanda now into the second


>> You're doing great.

>> Take your time, Courtney.

>> PROBST: Amanda very close to

being into the final section.

Got to get over the bamboo.

And she does.

Amanda very close.

Amanda is in the bin.

Amanda's moving on.

One more person moving on.

Peih-Gee keeping it alive.

Courtney keeping it alive.

Peih-Gee into the final section.

Peih-Gee moving on!

Amanda and Peih-Gee in the


All right, the final round.

You must use your sword,

chopping through rope to release

eight wooden disks.

You must then use the disks to

complete a puzzle.

First person to get it right,

guaranteed spot in the final


For immunity, survivors ready?


Amanda not messing around at

all, now working on her second


Peih-Gee's through the first


Peih-Gee working on the second


Amanda has two ropes chopped.

Peih-Gee chops through her

second rope.

They're both on the third rope.

Amanda working it.

One rope left for Amanda.

Peih-Gee through her third rope.

Amanda's through all four ropes,

moving the disks up.

Peih-Gee's now through all four


She's moving on to the puzzle


Got to get all your disks back

to the platform before you can


>> Line them all up.

Yeah, yeah, go!

>> PROBST: Amanda getting some

encouragement from Denise.

Peih-Gee getting no love.

First person to solve this

puzzle is going to the final


Loser going to tribal council,

one in four shot at being voted


Amanda has two pieces complete

on the puzzle.

Peih-Gee still working on her


Amanda working on that third


Does she have the right one?

She does.

Amanda with three pieces


Peih-Gee completes her first


There are eight pieces total to

this puzzle.

Peih-Gee with her second piece.

Got to catch up!

Amanda has four pieces.

She's halfway finished.

Peih-Gee with her third piece.

Amanda with her fifth piece.

Only three left.

Amanda not sure if she has the

right piece or not.

Puzzle only goes together one


Peih-Gee with her fourth piece.

Amanda giving Peih-Gee a chance

to get back in this.

Amanda has her sixth piece.

Amanda down to two pieces left.

Peih-Gee with her fifth piece.

Amanda with her seventh piece.

This is it.

Amanda wins immunity, going to

the final four!

>> I won immunity, you guys!

>> Good job.

>> I never thought...

>> PROBST: Amanda, come on over.

You are guaranteed a spot in the

final four-- not going anywhere.

Peih-Gee, Todd, Courtney,

Denise, after 36 days, somebody

going home tonight.

See you at tribal.

Grab your stuff.

Head on back to camp.

>> Thank you.

>> Oh, my God.

That was tough.

I came so close to winning

immunity again.

So it's just a sharp

disappointment, because I'm next

on the chopping block almost for


But I think there's a chance

that I can turn this around for

me, and I think Amanda is my

best hope right now for a


>> You did such a great job,


>> Thank you.

>> I'm so proud of you.

>> Thanks.

I was really excited to win

immunity today because I just

wanted a for-sure final four


And so I'm stoked.

And this is kind of a neat thing

for me because I have a little

bit of power right now, having

the immunity.

>> That's it?

>> That's it.

>> You guys went to town

yesterday, didn't you?

We had more than that.

>> Todd made this comment, "Oh,

my God, you guys ate so much


We have no rice left."

And I just kind of looked at him

like, "I don't even want to hear


It took everything I had not to,

like, flip out.

>> Exactly.

>> And we have to both watch

each other's back.

>> Yeah, absolutely.

I agree with that.

>> I have been dancing around

the idea of getting rid of Todd

for a while now, because he's a


He's a strategist, you know?

Like, he could go behind my back

at any point in this game and

take me out.

Me and Peih-Gee have definitely

bonded on a personal level, so

I'm beginning to think maybe

I'll have a better chance to get

in the final three right now

with Denise and Peih-Gee.

>> I fought so hard to be here,

and I've played, like, what I

think is, like, a pretty, like,

honorable game.

>> I know you have.

>> And, like, Todd has been

backstabbing people and lying to

people and playing everybody,

like, left and right.

>> Peih-Gee is on the outsides

right now, and everybody's

trying to vote her off.

So she's trying to get rid of

Todd, and I don't blame her.

But Todd's made a lot of enemies

on the jury, and I think I have

a chance of winning against Todd

if I keep him in the finals.

So I'm still torn.

>> I like you so much.

Like, our day together changed

my whole view of you, and I

don't want to vote you out.

>> I don't either.

>> I hope you guys knock off


It'd be, like, three girls.

I mean, I don't know what you

guys are planning, but I'd like

to see that happen.

>> Yeah.

>> Uh-uh.

>> I think she's probably at

that stage where she realizes

that she doesn't have any hope.


Yeah, watch me get blindsided


I had a little bit of paranoia

when I saw my name read twice at

the last tribal council, but I

still feel kind of comfortable.

It's just really, really, really

worked out for me that my

alliance was the right one.

Peih-Gee was coming off as a

fighter, and that's why she has

to go so badly.

If she somehow convinces those

other girls to vote me off, I

will be pissed off if I go

home-- like, livid.

But big ups to them for figuring

a way to get rid of me.

>> PROBST: We'll now bring in

the members of our jury: Jaime,

Jean-Robert, Frosti, James, and

Erik, voted out at the last

tribal council.

Denise, let's talk about winning

the reward challenge.

You get to bring two people with

you and, on the other hand,

leave two people behind.

>> Definitely a dilemma.

I mean, what a tough decision.

I... you know, I was turmoil in

my brain.

I knew I had to pick Courtney.

She hasn't been eating.

She hasn't gone on a lot of the


And I picked Todd to go with me

as well.

>> PROBST: Courtney, tell me

about the reward.

>> Um, the food proved to be a

little confusing for the three

of us.

Like, you know, I consider

myself a pretty adventurous

eater, but you know, when your

body wants things that it

recognizes, it's kind of


So it would have been nice to be

like, "Pizza and beer, whoo!"

You know, like, "Yay, party!"

But I'm negative Nancy, so

that's just... that's me.

I would have wanted pizza.

>> PROBST: Peih-Gee, what's up?

You're shaking your head.

>> It's just... for me, it just

gets really frustrating, because

I am one of those positive

people, and I've been fighting

hard every day, and to hear

somebody say, "Well, I kind of

tend to be negative about

things, and I kind of haven't

really cared about the game, I'm

only here because other people

have let me stay in it," it's

just really frustrating, and it

hurts me.

Like, it does.

>> PROBST: Amanda, this is

really the first chance you've

had to bond with Peih-Gee.

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Did it give you a

different perspective on her?

>> Oh, it definitely did.

I got to learn a lot about Peih-

Gee, and I really respect, like,

how she's made it this far, and

she's still strong and fighting,

and I really respect her for


So it was nice.

>> PROBST: Courtney, does it

matter to you if somebody's

deserving or not, or are you

playing strictly to be with

people that you can beat?

>> How can you look at anyone

who sat outside for 36 days and

put up with all this insanity

and say you don't deserve to be


>> PROBST: Peih-Gee, after

tonight's vote, will the four

people left be the four most


>> For me, most deserving means

somebody who fought hard every

single chance they had, you

know, really came out here and

challenged themselves.

I think somebody who managed to

get to this same position and

did it honorably, I think they

deserve it more than somebody

who got to the same position and

did it by cheating, lying,

backstabbing, all of that.

>> PROBST: Todd, where do you

stand on that?

If you could take somebody that

was a shoe-in you would beat or

another person who might be a

tougher competitor but

definitely deserved that chance

at a million dollars, which way

would you go?

>> Honestly, I think I've pissed

the most people off, and that's

kind of key.

I don't know how many of them

won't vote for me just because

they actually hate my guts.

So when it's a million dollars

on the line, you got to look at

yourself and say, "Who am I

going to beat, you know, in the

finals?"-- not "Who played a

fantastic game that can probably

kick my ass?"

>> PROBST: All right, Amanda,

you have immunity.

You always have the option to

give it to somebody else.

>> I'll keep it.

>> PROBST: You cannot vote for


Everybody else is fair game.

It is time to vote.

Todd, you're up.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the tribal

council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Peih-Gee.


One vote Peih-Gee, one vote



Two votes Peih-Gee, one vote


12th person voted out and the

sixth member of our jury, Peih-


That's three.

That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

>> Bye.

>> PROBST: Peih-Gee, the tribe

has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Well, you have only three days

left, but still a lot to contend

with-- challenges, strategy, and

ultimately, the jury.

Should make for a fun finish.

Grab your torches.

Head back to camp.

Good night.

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>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on


>> If anyone would backstab me

right now, you would.

>> PROBST: ...will Amanda

blindside Todd?

>> Paranoia on my side is quite


>> PROBST: Who will be the first

to turn on the other?

>> I just don't want to go home


>> PROBST: Join us for the two-

hour season finale and find out

who will be the sole survivor.

>> I'm glad that I played to my


I pushed myself physically,

mentally, strategically, and

ultimately, everybody was scared

to death to go against me in

final three.

So I'm not going to be a

millionaire, but I still feel

like I walked away way richer

than I was before I came into

this game.