Survivor (2000–…): Season 15, Episode 3 - I Lost Two Hands and Possibly a Shoulder! - full transcript

After the Reward Challenge, the kidnapped castaway bonds with the other tribe and reveals their own tribe's shortcomings. One castaway overhears crude comments from their tribe mates.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on

Survivor ...

At Fei Long, Jean-Robert slept

while everyone else worked.

>> Jean-Robert, you need to

start pulling your weight.

He's a liability for the group.

>> PROBST: And Leslie began a

downward spiral.

>> The last few days, I have

been really sick.

If I can spend some time with

God, it would be great.

>> PROBST: But at the reward

challenge, Fei Long remained


Fei Long wins!

At the challenge, a twist was


Fei Long, because you defeated

Zhan Hu, you now get to kidnap

one member of their tribe.

Who are you going to kidnap?

>> Jaime.

>> PROBST: Jaime, this is for


It says, "open in private."

Inside the bamboo tube was a

clue to the hidden immunity


>> "You must give this sealed

clue to a member of this tribe

before you rejoin your own


>> PROBST: And Jaime gave the

clue to Leslie, lifting her


>> I feel like the Lord, He

really gave me a gift.

>> PROBST: At Zhan Hu, Dave

used all his energy working

around camp.

And at the immunity challenge...

>> Pick it up, Dave!

>> PROBST: ...he had nothing


Dave is worn out.

...helping Fei Long win their

third challenge in a row.

Fei Long wins immunity!

When Zhan Hu returned to camp,

Dave knew he was in the hot


>> I apologize.

I feel like I let us down today.

>> Start the fire...

>> Let me finish.

>> The fire...

>> Let me finish.

>> PROBST: But his constant

bickering with Ashley...

>> You're the leader, and I'll

let you do what you want.

>> How many fires have you

built, sweetheart?

...put them both in jeopardy.

At tribal council, the Zhan Hu

tribe decided to give their

hardest worker another chance...

The second person voted out of

the Survivor: China...

...and got rid of Ashley.

Ashley, the tribe has spoken.

14 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?


>> Oh, gosh.


>> Eww!

Just, please don't.

>> Jean-Robert, God love him, he

like, takes up the whole bed,

and he's, like, hugging on all

the women and we're just like,

"Eww, just please don't."

I don't know what it is about


Maybe it's the silk shirt and

the no underwear.

That did it for me.

>> I need to be warm.

>> Look, will you stop

snuggling so much because

you're scaring the girls.


>> I do get kind of a creep

vibe from Jean-Robert and so

does Amanda.

Neither one of us likes him.

I'm sure he's noticed she and I

will both go to great pains to

not be next to him in the

shelter, and yet he will just

climb in there, and he's like,

"I need Amanda and Courtney by

my side.

They keep me warm."

Like I'm going to keep anyone


I weigh seven pounds.

I can't even keep myself warm.

Get off of me.

>> Call me creepy, if you want

to, but I need to be warm.

>> I don't think Jean-Robert

gets the social game of


If we ever have to go to tribal

council, at least we don't have

to worry about who it'll be

first because it'll be him.

(theme song playing)

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>> Are we going to eat the


>> Yeah, we're going to be

eating the crab.

Are you kidding me?

We're going to be eating the


>> Make a stew.

Crab stew.

>> That looks like a big crab,


>> Are you guys going to cook

the crab?

I think you should boil it

because then it will be like

crab stock and you can put rice

in it and it will be like a

whole meal.

>> You're not going to taste

crabby rice from a crab that


>> It's better than the rice

with nothing we've been eating.

>> The stock.

>> The stock.

It's about stretching with eight


>> Stretching the crab?

There's eight of us and one


>> Okay, okay, so there's only

so much flavor in one crab.

>> So, fine, James caught the

crab so he gets to eat it and

the rest of us have plain rice.

>> We don't work like that.

It's not like you grab kindling

and nobody gets to sit around

the fire.

>> The boys are just cranky.

I know from experience, my

husband, when he gets hungry,

gets really cranky, so I make

sure that man is fed, okay?

And these guys are not getting

fed, so it's like my husband

times infinity.

>> I understand that.

>> Nice crunchy and crispy right

in my mouth.

>> We only have one, so next


>> I know.

I'm just saying this is what I

would like.

>> But I want the damn crab

stock to put on the damn rice.

>> Crab stock on the rice

sounds good.

>> Yeah, besides half a damn


Which you ain't even gonna get

a half a crab; you'll get a crab


>> That's cool.

I'm down with you caught it and

let's do what you want to do.

>> All right, I'm with that,


>> Damn.

>> It's frustrating with this

team because they have a slow

learning curve.

But it's hard to talk to these


They keep bumping their heads.

I'm the only one that actually

went to Barnes & Noble before

we got out here.

I'm the only one that actually

went and read a survival


>> Oh, yeah!

>> I don't eat outside.

I don't even like plastic or

paper cups.

I mean, I don't do nothing


Four hours at Barnes & Noble

and I know more than... I feel

like Crocodile Dundee out here.

>> Dave, why don't you sit and


>> I will.

>> I just want you to conserve

your energy because I do not

want to lose another challenge.

Dave doesn't seem to learn.

He knew that last challenge was

him just burning out of energy.

And he doesn't seem to get it

that he needs to rest.

>> No, I'll do the first one.

Someone can do the next one.


(kissing sound)

Peih-gee, I've heard you, thank

you, I'm checking myself



Cut me a wee bit of slack, you

know what I mean?

Peih-gee is just riding my butt

about not getting enough rest.

In order to save your energy

and to have energy for a

challenge, you must efficiently

expend some.

It is a balance.

Camp doesn't sort itself out.

If you don't sort out camp,

challenges will tank.

It's not rocket science.

>> We need to take better care

of our stuff.

>> Just stick the wok through


>> Maybe if we had two sticks it

wouldn't tip.

>> Okay, look at me.

You've got a brick in the back

and two bricks in the side.

The fire's right here, right?

>> Yeah, but the fire is

smoldering out towards the


It's not really in between the


>> Yeah, I don't know why

you're getting a brick.

We already have one.

>> Well, we've got an extra one

just in case.

I can hem and haw and waffle

about it all day long or just

put a brick on it and go.

This is my whinge for the

moment, and that's me and I'm


So if you take offense, I

apologize, but in the amount of

time it took me to get up, grab

a brick and just do it versus

the time it took to question

it, it just took so much more

time and effort.

>> The only thing that we were

saying is that if you just,

like, sat there for, like, two

more seconds, they already

had the brick right there.

>> Well, forgive me, I'm...

>> Erik, can you hand me some of

that branch?

>> Yeah, Dave's pushing a whole

lot of people and he needs to

chill out.

We were looking at him and

Ashley last night, and today of

all days should be the day when

he should just be happy that

he's here.

>> I haven't even busted my

ass, and I'm already done, you

know what I mean?

>> I know it's a game where

it's everyone for himself, but

I really do have a lot of faith

in our tribe, and you kind of

have to look out for each other

if we want to do well at


>> PROBST: Come on in, guys.

Fei Long, your first look at

the new Zhan Hu tribe.

Ashley voted out last night.

You guys ready to get to

today's challenge?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Today's challenge is

going to be another physical


Three on three.

You will start on opposite

sides of a boat.

On my go, you will engage in

hand-to-hand battle.

Your goal: throw the opposing

tribe members off the boat into

the water.

First tribe to get all the

tribe members of the other

tribe into the water scores a


We will alternate, women on

women, men on men.

First tribe to get three points

wins reward.

You want to know what you're

playing for?

>> Yes.

>> Yes.

>> Oh, yeah.

>> Yes!

>> PROBST: Comfort.


>> Yeah!

>> We've got to win!

>> PROBST: Kerosene, a lantern,

rope, pillows, blankets, and

back here a big, ugly, but

functional tarp.

>> Tarp!


>> Come on, baby!

>> PROBST: Fei Long, you have

two extra members.

You're sitting two people out,

one man, one woman.

>> All right.

>> PROBST: Who's going to sit


The little ones.

>> The munchkins.

>> PROBST: Courtney and Todd

sitting out.

Everybody else, I'll give you a

minute to strategize.

We'll get started.

Okay, our first round is women

on women.

For Zhan Hu, we have Sherea,

Peih-gee, Jaime.

For Fei Long, we have Amanda,

Leslie, Denise.

Survivors ready?



Sherea looking for a fight.

Denise making her move.

Denise has two women tied up.

Zhan Hu strikes first.

Fei Long down to two women now,

Leslie and Amanda.

Peih-gee and Leslie going at it.

Sherea and Jaime taking on


Amanda is in the water.

One woman left for Fei Long.

Leslie in.

Zhan Hu scores the first point.

Zhan Hu leads 1-0.

All right, men, take your spots.

Dave is stripping down.

>> Is he kidding me?

>> PROBST: It's either going

to give him an advantage or

make him very vulnerable.

For Zhan Hu, it's Frosti, Erik,

and Dave.

For Fei Long, James,

Jean-Robert, Aaron.

Zhan Hu leads 1-0.

Survivors ready?


James saying, "Come on over.

Come visit my boat."

Dave and Aaron on the gang


Dave like a little cat.

This is odd.

Dave attacks Aaron and pulls

him in.

>> Go, Dave!

>> PROBST: James tossing Frosti


Erik is now taking on James and


He's got no chance.

Jean-Robert takes him in.

James is the last man standing

for Fei Long.

We are tied 1-1.

Women on women again.

We are tied, 1-1.

It takes three to win.

Survivors ready?


Leslie on the gang plank.

Sherea on the gang plank.

Peih-gee and Amanda on the gang


We are about to engage.

Who's going to strike first?

Peih-gee goes at Amanda.

>> Go, go, go!

>> PROBST: Peih-gee and Amanda

digging in.

Sherea comes over.

Sherea has Leslie.

Denise now getting in on it.

Jaime and Sherea push Leslie in.

Sherea now has Amanda by the


Peih-gee and Denise locking up.

Jaime and Sherea have Amanda.

>> Come on, girls, you can do


>> PROBST: Jaime pushing her

head into the plank with her


>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: Amanda takes Sherea

in with her.

Amanda's out.

Sherea is out.

>> Yeah, yeah, yeah!

>> Go!

>> PROBST: Jaime and Peih-gee

push Denise in.

Zhan Hu scores and leads 2-1.

>> On!

>> PROBST: Zhan Hu leads 2-1,

playing to three.

It's men on men again.

Zhan Hu wins this round, they

win reward.

Dave, still naked.

Survivors ready?


>> Come on, you guys!

>> PROBST: Erik and Aaron

eyeing each other on the gang


Dave taunting the one guy you

don't want to taunt.

James and Dave really going at

it hard.

Jean-Robert and Frosti.

It is a melee.

It could be the last person in.

Dave is in, Frosti's in.

Jean-Robert is in.

Once again it's Erik wrapped

around the post.

Aaron and James working on him.

>> It's okay, Erik!

You got it!

>> PROBST: It is only a matter

of time now.

Aaron takes Erik in.

James is the last man standing

for Fei Long.

Fei Long scores.

We're tied 2-2.

>> Come on, girls!

>> PROBST: It comes down to the


If history repeats, Zhan Hu

will win their first challenge.

Survivors ready?


Jaime and Peih-gee making the


Jaime going after Denise.

Sherea locked up with Amanda.

Peih-gee locked up with Leslie.

This is it.

For reward!

Sherea pushing Amanda in.

Amanda hanging on.

Barely hanging on.

She's holding on to the leg of

Sherea, and that is it.

Amanda's in.

Fei Long down to two women left!

It is a big-time match-up.

Sherea using her lower body


Leslie's in the water.

Denise, the last woman from Fei

Long, fighting to stay in it.

Jaime, Peih-gee, Sherea,

working on Denise.

Sherea and Peih-gee, rolling

Denise off the plank.

Zhan Hu wins their first


Zhan Hu, congratulations.


First win.

All the comfort.

In addition, because you won

this challenge, you will now

kidnap one member of Fei Long.

They will join you and live

with you until the next

immunity challenge.

Who are you going to steal?

>> Leslie.

>> PROBST: Leslie, cross right

over here.

>> Bye, Mom.

>> PROBST: Leslie, this is for


It says, "open in private."

That's what it means.

Find a private spot.

Open it.

>> Okay.

>> PROBST: That's all you need

to know.

Fei Long, I got nothing for you.

Head back to camp.

>> Welcome home!

>> Welcome home, little pillows!

>> I'm so excited.


I was so excited to win the

reward challenge.

Not only did we get pillows and

blankets and a tarp, we also

able to kidnap Leslie to our


>> I'm really happy for you

guys, I am.

>> I appreciate that.

>> And I mean it.

>> You're genuine.

You can tell.

>> That's why we wanted you

over here.

>> That's why I'm going to

watch my mouth and keep my

drawers on just for you.

I have been anyway, but I'll be

even more so for you.

>> We're so glad you're here.

We have plenty of room for you.

>> We'll make you a nice dinner.

>> Morale-wise, this camp seems

to have a leg up.

And that's impressive

because they've already lost two


And for them to be still so

excited, that's pretty



>> Ooh!

That hurt watching that.

>> Yeah.

You know what, though, I think

we just have a lot of strong


He's like my boy.

He calls me mama.

Yeah, he's nice.

>> He's nice, but he... he

controls a lot.

>> He's controlling, but we

elected him leader.

>> Why, is he really smart or


>> He just kind of took over

when we got there.

>> We got quite a good bit of

information from Leslie, but it

was more in a kind of fun,

girls gossiping.

You can get the same results,

but you can do them in a happy,

nice way.

>> Uh-huh.

And Erik's a Christian and

Jaime's a Christian.


I'm misunderstood over in my


My faith is everything.

I'm here to love people and to

show them the love of Christ,

and I can see that they

appreciate that here.

It differs a lot over at Fei


I try not to talk about it a

lot over there.

They're very cynical over

there, and that can be really


>> The old woman is not going

to pull a rope.

She's going to be hurt.

>> Talking about Sister


>> Yeah, Sister Christian.

She ain't going to last too


And for some reason, you're all

buying that prayer stuff.

>> Come on, dude.

>> The people who pray the

most sin the most.

That's why they're praying.

Because they know they're going

to hell.


>> You got your strategy all

worked out, man?

>> You need to stay, Denise

needs to stay, and I need to

stay for a while.

>> I feel myself distancing

from Todd.

I felt kind of a bond with him

right away, but he's, like,

kind of tuned me out.

And Courtney, of course, I'm

not in with.

But I'm not worried about that

because she's going to be first

to go.

>> You think?

>> I mean, who else would be

first to go?

Denise or Courtney?

>> Courtney and I were cutting

this husk for a fire off of a

tree, and we were literally,

you know, 20 yards away from

Jean-Robert and James, in full

view, and they were talking at

the top of their lungs about

how Courtney needs to go first.

I'm thinking, "Dude, she's

right here."

>> Ooh!

Another clam.

>> Dude, who should we be

voting, Leslie or Courtney?

>> Courtney does work.

>> What do you mean she's does


What does she do?

>> She moves stuff.

>> Look at what she's moving.

She's moving, like, two twigs.

Plus, you like Courtney.

A million dollars is one

thing but if you can get a

million dollars and some ass.

Come on, James.

You know you like that little

70-pound blonde.

Come on, man.

The only thing better than a

million dollars is a million

dollars and some ass.

Come on, now.

>> The only thing better than a

million dollars is a million

dollars and a sandwich.

>> All right, you know what?

Just for you, I'm going to

look out for you.

You stick with me, we're going

to do all right.

So we'll go for Leslie.

>> Oh, my attitude towards the

two of them is going to change

around camp.

Thank you, James.

You've got to take care of

taking out the trash.

And as far as I'm concerned,

James and Jean-Robert are the


>> All right, family.

Family swim.

Todd, you need to take your

stinky ass in the water, too.

>> I don't care if it's


I don't care if it's five days

from now.

I don't care if it's nine days

from now.

Any more than that, trash gets


They got to go.

>> Yesterday, at the reward

challenge, Jeff Probst gave me

a tube.

I kind of knew what was in the

tube because, when Jaime was

kidnapped by our camp, she had

the same thing.

"You must give the sealed clue

to a member of this tribe before

you rejoin your own tribe at

the next immunity challenge."

Hey, guys.

What I was thinking was, since

Jaime gave me the clue from the

other tribe, I can return the


Is there a place I can go and


>> Yeah, definitely.

>> Like a place to...

>> You want me to go show you?

>> Yeah, would you mind?

>> I think I understand her.

I think she understands me.

And that's the best part.

I'm picking up what she's

putting down.

This is a good thing.

>> I trust Leslie more than

anyone else on the other team,

so it was really good to get

her over here.

And she gave me the clue for

the hidden immunity idol.

So altogether, it worked out

really well for me.

>> Yeah, these are closer.

The longer part.

>> "Hidden immunity idol clue

number one.

What is thought to be hidden may

sometimes be seen.

Though their eyes are not,

yours must be keen.

Hidden immunity idol clue number

two: waste no more time in

searching the ground.

Towards the heavens for what

will be found."

We have two clues, and I can't

figure out them quite yet.

I don't know, I think it's

something completely evident

that no one's just even paid

attention to.

I think it's probably right in

front of my face.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys.

Leslie, give me the lowdown.

How was it spending time with

Zhan Hu?

>> Oh, they were great.

We talked a lot, laughed a lot.

It was fun.

We had a good time.

>> PROBST: All right, time to

rejoin Fei Long.

>> Have fun, you guys.

Thank you.

>> PROBST: All right, you guys

ready to get to today's


>> Yes.

>> PROBST: First things first,

take back the immunity idol.

Once again, immunity is back up

for grabs.

For today's challenge, you will

designate four choppers, two

puzzle builders.

The four choppers will race one

at a time to cut through wooden

beams concealing ropes,

releasing a bundle of wooden


When you have the disks, you'll

race back to your tribe.

The next person will go.

Once you've retrieved all four

bundles, the remaining two

tribe members must then stack

those disks in the correct

order on a puzzle pole with a

very heavy stone base.

You must then drag the

completed puzzle across the

finish line.

First tribe to finish wins

immunity, safe from tribal


Losers, somebody voted out


Fei Long, you have two extra


Cannot sit out the same people

in back-to-back challenges,

which means Todd and Courtney

will participate in this


Who you sitting out?

>> We're going to sit out

Denise and Leslie.

>> PROBST: Denise and Leslie

are going to sit out.

Everybody else, I'll give you a

minute to strategy.

We'll get started.

Here we go.

For immunity, survivors ready?


Jaime first out for Zhan Hu.

Courtney first out for Fei Long.

>> Whoo!

>> Swing it in there!

>> Keep going, Courtney.

>> Concentrate!

>> All right, all right, keep

it up!

>> PROBST: Once you cut through

all seven ropes, you'll release

the bundle of disks.

>> Yeah!


>> Yeah!


>> PROBST: Jaime has her first

bundle of disks.

Peih-gee now out on the course.

>> I'm sorry, guys.

>> That's all right, sweetie,

just keep going.

>> Come on, Courtney.

You gotta do it for us.

Come on, baby.

>> PROBST: Peih-gee with only

three ropes left.

Peih-gee working on that last


There it is, chop it down.

Peih-gee has the second bundle

for Zhan Hu.

>> Damn.

>> How are they doing this?

>> Just keep going!

Don't look at them.

>> Frosti, ninja man.

>> PROBST: Frosti wasting no

time, attacking it.

Courtney still working on Fei

Long's first station.

>> Whoo!

>> PROBST: Frosti, one swing

and he has his bundle.

Zhan Hu now with three bundles.

>> Come on, Erik!

>> PROBST: Erik starts to work

on his ropes.

>> Sorry.

>> PROBST: Courtney, there is a

long puzzle to complete.

Do not give up.

Erik ripping through these


One more, there it is.

Zhan Hu has all four bundles.

They can start work on their


>> Keep chopping, keep chopping.

That's good.

Slice it, yes, like that, slice


>> PROBST: Courtney, sawing

through it now.

One chop left.

>> Big whack, big whack!

You have to saw through it.

>> That one.

>> PROBST: Courtney has her

first bundle!

>> Come on, let's go, let's go,

let's go!

>> Let's go, Amanda!

>> PROBST: Dave and Sherea not

having a lot of luck with the


It's going very slowly.

>> Eight, eight.

>> PROBST: Amanda working

through the rope quickly.

>> Yeah, baby!

>> Amanda, you go, girl!

>> PROBST: Amanda has the

second bundle for Fei Long.

Fei Long back in it now.

Aaron goes to town.

Zhan Hu having no luck on that


>> Upside down.

Can it be upside down?


>> PROBST: Aaron quickly

through five ropes, six, and


Here it comes.

Fei Long is back in this


>> All right, you all speed it

up a little bit.

>> Let's go, James!

>> PROBST: That is why you

never quit.

James has it.

Fei Long has all four bundles.

They can start work on their


>> Go, go.

>> PROBST: Zhan Hu has given up

nearly all of their lead.

>> You got it, baby!

>> PROBST: Which tribe chose

the right people to do the

right part of the challenge?

>> There you go!

>> PROBST: Todd making quick

work, working with Jean-Robert.

Zhan Hu seems to have a rhythm


>> Get that off my finger!

>> PROBST: Sherea and Dave

working together, not panicking.

>> Got it.

>> What the hell, dude?

>> PROBST: Zhan Hu has the

puzzle completed.

They've just got to drag it

across the finish line.

>> Yeah!




>> PROBST: This puzzle is very


>> Come on, girl!

>> PROBST: Zhan Hu on their way

to their first immunity win.

Zhan Hu wins immunity!


>> Oh, my god, girl!

Oh, my God!

Oh, my God!

Oh! Oh!

>> PROBST: Congratulations,

Zhan Hu.

For the first time, immunity

will be going back to camp with


>> Yes!

>> It will look good on our


>> PROBST: And for the first

time, Fei Long will be going to

tribal council tonight, where

one of the eight of you will be

voted out.

Head on back to camp.

>> Did you hurt your shoulder,


>> Yeah.

>> You did really well, baby


>> Yes, she did.

>> You didn't give up, which is


>> We almost had them at the


>> We did.

>> Losing today's challenge and

yesterday's challenge just kind

of reaffirms the fact that we

need strength.

We need brawn on our team.

So, I think common sense will

prevail and they're going to be

getting rid of one of the two

weakest women on the squad.

>> It's horrible.

They sting.

>> What's up with the other


>> I think they're all, like,

friendly over there.

It's a very friendly tribe.

Three of them are Christians

over there, which is I think

why they picked me.

Three of them are Christians.

>> Which ones?

>> Sherea and Jaime and Erik.

>> What did they think about us?

>> They didn't really know a

whole lot about you.

I told them little bits about

you guys.

I said Aaron's our leader,

whether he likes it or not.

They knew.

They could tell.

>> You put my head in the


>> No, I didn't, they knew!

>> They knew?

>> They knew!

Jaime told them.

Come on.

>> Leslie going over to Zhan

Hu, being kidnapped, major

liability for us.

You know, she doesn't, she

doesn't think, you know,

because I don't know if it's

her heart or what, just

overcomes her brain.

But really what scares me is

once the merge happens, you

know, what kind of bond is

Leslie going to be involved

with because you can't, can't

really trust her.

>> I mean, I'm trying, and the

thing is, if we had a nice camp,

I think I could put up with the

challenges and this.

But, like, our camp is


>> You mean the people?

>> Yeah.

>> So if we didn't have

Jean-Robert, how would that

change your life?

>> Jean-Robert and James have

to go.

>> We ought to bust those two


>> So you guys are going for

Jean-Robert, right?

>> Yes, I mean, I promised I


>> Okay, I'm go to leave you


I just wanted to...

>> We ought to break those two


They're causing trouble.

But, Courtney, I'm worried

about you.

>> We have to think about later

in the game.

>> She'll be a vote for us.

We need her.

Do you really think we'll lose

a lot of challenges without


It's not like we're getting rid

of James and Aaron.


>> I don't want to vote Jean-

Robert out because of the


You know, people will try and

find, you know, the tie that

binds, you know, so...

I want to be around a while.

I don't want to go to the

merger and get picked off.

>> He can easily, easily, jump

over to someone else's side...

>> I'm sure.

>> ...and pick us off one by

one to get him one step further.

>> Right, and I just feel

Leslie is more dangerous than

Jean-Robert in that jumping


So we need to take her out.

>> Right now, it would be

between Leslie and Jean-Robert,

but further down the line, I

don't want to be competing, me

up against these huge guys.

I don't want to lose my numbers

on my tribe by getting rid of

them now, but down the line, I

don't want them here because

they're going to beat me, and

that's not okay.

>> Tonight we're going to have

a vote, and the logical choice

for us to let someone go is to

let one of our two weaker

players go.

Which, obviously, is Courtney

and Leslie.

Leslie seems to be breaking

down every single day, and then

Courtney, seriously, even if

she makes it past today or, I

don't see how this girl is

going to live 30 days.

I've seen anorexic girls have

more meat on their bones than

this girl has.

To me, we're just lucky they

didn't tell us one girl and

one guy have to sit out today.

That would have been really


>> How are your hands?

>> This game is not just

physical right now.

I'm trying to think

strategically as well.

It does bug me that Leslie was

so excited to go over to the

other tribe.

And, yeah, who knows what she's

plotting with people over there.

And... I don't know.

I want to get rid of

Jean-Robert but at the same

time, as far as challenges go,

I want to keep Jean-Robert.

But who knows?

>> PROBST: Behind each of you

is a torch.

Go ahead and grab a torch.

Approach the flame.

This is part of the ritual of

tribal council because in this

game, fire represents your life.

As long as you have fire,

you're still in the game.

When your fire is gone, so are


That will be the case for one

of you tonight.

So, let's talk about the


You guys started off very


Three wins in a row.

Then, back-to-back losses.

Zhan Hu knows they can beat

this tribe.

Jean-Robert, a little concerned?

>> Very concerned.

You know, you look at our

group, and, yeah, we might have

two of the three biggest guys

in the whole thing, but we also

have two of the weakest girls,

and that's just, that's just a

matter of fact.

>> PROBST: Who are the two weak?

Obviously, you're going to be

pointing to Courtney because

she's the smallest.

>> Courtney and Leslie is who I

am referring to.

>> This is fun to live with.

>> This is the reality of the


This is our team.

So we should be very careful

who we sit out so we're left

with a more balanced team each


>> PROBST: Courtney, that can't

feel good to hear.

>> For the past nine days, it's

like how can we possibly get

Courtney and Todd and Leslie

to not play.

And I'm like a little Chihuahua

trying to run a horse race so


Everything is like mud

wrestling, or like winging

people off a boat.

They're like, "Crap, we have

to put her in.

Where will she do the least


And I'm like, "I don't give a


I'm just sick of being spoken

of, like, "Where will you do

the least damage in this


>> That's not what we were


>> That's how it comes across

day after day.

>> It's not that I perceive

Leslie as weak or Courtney as


To be honest...

>> PROBST: Jean-Robert, that is

exactly what you said.

>> Okay, the weaker of this


It's the reality of the


I'm not going to sugarcoat it.

When it comes to the three

strongest girls, it is clearly

Denise, Amanda and then who?

We're playing for a million

dollars here.

We're not babies in a


Feelings are going to get hurt

or they're not going to get


I'm not known for holding my

thoughts back.

I'm going to say exactly what I

think but I'm keeping it real.

>> Can I say something?

I spent a night with Zhan Hu.

And I saw not a strong physical

tribe but a strong heart.

They're united.

They do things together.

They have fun.

You know, we may have all the

brawn in the world, but if we

don't have heart, we're not

going to make it.

Those people won that challenge

because of this, not because of


>> PROBST: Jean-Robert, you at

all concerned it might be you


>> Well, of course I'm

concerned it could be me.

To be honest with you, Jeff,

the heat's been on since day


And somehow, the last few days,

I've shown a little bit more,

and I've pretty much kicked

some butt in the challenges.

So tonight, my chances are a

little bit fair, but I'm still

in jeopardy.

I would say I'm definitely one

of the two or three people

that's in jeopardy in this tribe

and I'm really hoping to make it

through tonight.

>> PROBST: All right, it is

time to vote.

Aaron, you're up.

>> Sorry, mother hen.

All your chicks in China are

grown up.

>> I'm voting for you because,

when you snore at nighttime, it

sounds like someone is choking

a walrus.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the tribal

council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Jean-Robert.


One vote Leslie.


Two votes Jean-Robert.

Sister Christian.

That's Leslie.

We're tied, two votes Jean-

Robert, two votes Leslie.


That's three votes Leslie, two

votes Jean-Robert.


That's Leslie.

That's four votes Leslie, two

votes Jean-Robert.

Third person voted out of

Survivor: China, Leslie.

That's five.

That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Leslie, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

>> Okay.

>> PROBST: Well, it seems like

the big themes from tonight's

tribal council are this tribe

needs to have a little more

fun, and this tribe needs to do

a better job of utilizing each

person's unique strength.

Grab your torches, head back

to camp.

Good night.

Stay tuned for scenes from our

next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on


>> Don't touch that.

Don't touch that.

>> PROBST: Fei Long,

things heat up between Courtney

and Jean-Robert.

>> If Courtney survives the

next tribal council, she's got

to be the luckiest girl in

Survivor history.

>> PROBST: At Zhan Hu, Sherea

blows her cool.

>> Don't walk up on me again.

>> PROBST: And both tribes get

a lesson in the art of war.

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>> I am so proud of myself.

I had this dream.

I chased the dream, and I would

have liked to have been here

longer, of course, but I always

knew going into this game that

I would be here as long as God

wanted me to be here.

Apparently, He's ready for me

to go home.

I don't understand why they

vote me out, but I really hope

that my tribe made the right


It had to have been a tough one

for them.

But I had a great time.

I would do it again in a