Survivor (2000–…): Season 15, Episode 4 - Ride the Workhorse 'Till the Tail Falls Off - full transcript

Sherea's work ethic, or lack thereof, is beginning to bother her tribe mates. An ominous tree mail instructing both tribes to meet at Tribal Council prompts fireworks.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on


>> Oh, wow!

>> PROBST: At Zhan Hu, Dave's

tribe mates urged him to stop

working and save his strength

for the challenges.

>> I just want you to conserve

your energy because I do not

want to lose another challenge.

>> Peih-gee.

(makes kissing sound)

>> PROBST: Sherea and Jaime

taking on Amanda.

Amanda is in the water.

After losing four challenges in

a row, Sherea finally led the

Zhan Hu tribe to victory...

Zhan Hu wins their first


... giving them the right to

kidnap a member of the other


Who are you going to steal?

>> Leslie.

>> PROBST: Leslie.

At Zhan Hu, Leslie bonded with

her fellow Christians.

>> I'm misunderstood over in

my tribe.

My faith is everything.

>> PROBST: And she gave Jaime a

clue to the hidden immunity


At Fei Long, poker player

Jean-Robert continued to

bluff his tribe mates by acting

weak and tired.

>> Later on, when I am

contributing, people are

noticing, "Hey, this guy is

doing beyond his normal


>> PROBST: Go.

At the immunity challenge, Fei

Long was frustrated because

Courtney was too weak to hack


>> How are they doing this?

>> PROBST: And Sherea was the

hero again, pulling Zhan Hu to

their second straight victory.

Zhan Hu wins immunity!

With Fei Long facing their first

tribal council, Courtney

attempted to save herself by

targeting Jean-Robert.

>> I think if he goes and I

stay, then it will be different.

>> It's a very friendly tribe.

Three of them are Christian,

which is, I think, why they

picked me.

>> PROBST: But the alliance of

Aaron, Todd and Amanda grew

worried about Leslie's bond with

the other tribe.

>> I just feel Leslie is more

dangerous than Jean-Robert.

We need to take her out.

>> PROBST: At tribal council,

the alliance got their way.

Jean-Robert and Courtney were


Third person voted out of

Survivor: China.

...and Leslie was voted out.

13 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

>> Is it too early for us to

put the water on?

>> No.

>> No?

>> No, as soon as it starts to

get hot.

>> I thought there was a small

chance I could go home last

night, but I figured I'd be


I'm a professional poker player.

And my game plan is starting to

kick in.

I'm one of those guys who likes

to start out in last place.

I was the last horse.

Now, I'm just slowly edging up

on the pack, and I've kicked ass

in the challenges, and my work

ethic in the camp has improved,

and people notice that.

>> You're like sucking it up


It's, like, 6:00 in the morning.

>> Getting past last night's

vote was big, but at the next

tribal council, I'm not that

worried, either, because

Courtney is always the weak

link in every challenge.

And if she survives the next

tribal council, she's got to be

the luckiest girl in Survivor


>> I was afraid it might be hot.

>> I was trying to protect you.

>> I'm not getting mad at you,

so you don't need to get huffy.

Waking up with Jean-Robert

still here is just how I knew

it would be.

He's a cocky son of a bitch,

and he sucks so bad, there's no

getting out of that.

>> That was like a cautionary,

like, "Careful."

>> I understand, but just so

you know where I'm coming from,

I have a gut reaction, I don't

like anyone raising their voice

to me.

I don't give a crap who goes

next, as long as it's not me.

I would prefer it be

Jean-Robert because he's just so

unpleasant and he gets in my

face with no matter what I say.

He's just aggressive with me,

and I'm sick of it.

(theme song playing)

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>> Is it really wet on the


>> Oh, no.

>> It's kind of stinky.

>> This morning, we discovered

a large portion of our rice has

mold on it.

That's bad news.

So, we tried to separate out

the good stuff before it gets


>> Before you pick it up and

start mixing up that gunge over

again, we need to put it in

something else and toss the

moldy stuff.

>> What do you suggest we put

it in?

>> I don't know, man.

Find something.

Think of something.

>> Great, you can get that.

I'm not eating mold!

>> Okay, great, you ask for


You are not running the show up

in here.

People have ideas, too.

>> Thanks for listening, Sherea.

>> Same way you do with

everybody else.

You just listen, listen, listen,


I don't think so.

You want everybody to listen

to you, but you don't listen to

nobody else, so shut... stop

talking to me, please.

>> Sherea, she just came

unglued on me.

You know, you've got some

grounds to say those kind of

things if you've done more

around camp.

I'm doing my best to be a good


So, it's frustrating.

>> Sherea!

Please do not throw those away.

>> I wish you wouldn't touch


>> Please don't do that.

I'm saving some of these shells!

>> Back up off me!

Back up off me.

Back the (no audio) up off me.

>> Why...

>> I swear to God, back up off


>> Why won't you give me some

of the shells?

>> Back up off me.

>> She won't let me keep the


>> The last day or so, Dave, I

mean, he's been digging himself

a grave further and further and


>> My God, I just asked to save

a few of these things so I can

take them back to my mom, you


>> He's just very condescending

the way he talks to people.

But nobody is going to run over

me, talk to me any kind of way.

>> I'm not so hot on Sherea

right now because she's holding

on to stuff that I'm not.

>> Uh-huh.

>> And everyone else is on

eggshells, I think, more

because of Sherea than me right


>> People right now are seeing

you as something who's just

going off all the time.

I do admit you've given a lot

of great stuff to this tribe

and we wouldn't be the tribe

that we are without you.

We just have to make sure that

if you're going to be a


Dave's put himself in a weird

position with everybody.

I mean, he does help around

camp but he's also pissing

people off.

So Crazy Dave may have just

worn out his welcome.

>> Tree mail!

Let's go!

>> Is it tonight?

>> Tribal council.

>> Tribal council?

>> What?

>> Oh, boy!

>> "Tonight, both tribes go to

tribal council, where fire

represents your life.

In the shadows of the temple,

the winners earn less strife.

This doesn't require lots of

brawn, but if you're not agile,

you'll take a beating.

Only the tribe who can stick

together tomorrow will be


>> I don't think so.

I think it's just at the tribal


>> Food!

>> Oh, my God, you guys.

We have got to win this!

>> Let's win this food, brother.

I'm thrilled about this tree

mail because they're talking

about food.

I'm a pretty big eater already,

and the last three days I've

virtually eaten nothing.

So, for me it's not just

exciting, it's, like,


I need to eat something.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys.

Zhan Hu getting your first look

at the new Fei Long tribe.

Leslie voted out the last

tribal council.

Guys ready to get to today's


>> Yeah.


>> PROBST: For today's

challenge, two tribe members at

a time will use giant chopsticks

to carry a fireball across the

course, drop it down a chute

into a wok, igniting a firework


You'll then race back to the


The next two go.

Each round, the chopsticks will

get longer and more difficult

to handle.

First tribe to get all three

fireballs into all three woks

wins reward.

Want to know what you're

playing for?

>> Yes.

>> PROBST: Tomorrow morning, a

fisherman and his family will

come to your camp and teach you

to fish.

They will bring with them

spices, vegetables, make you a


Worth playing for?

>> Yes!

>> PROBST: In addition, the

winning tribe will kidnap one

member from the losing tribe.

That person will stay with them

until the next immunity


Fei Long, because you have one

extra member, you're sitting

one person out.

Keeping in mind you cannot sit

out same person in back-to-back

challenges, who are you going

to sit out in this one?

>> We're going to sit out


>> PROBST: Courtney's going to

sit this one out.

Courtney, take a spot on the


Everybody else, I'll give you a

minute to strategize.

We'll get started.

All right, here we go.

The first two for Zhan Hu,

Peih-gee and Sherea.

For Fei Long, it's Todd and


For reward, survivors ready?


Got to light the ball and then

pick it up.

Sherea and Peih-gee working


Denise and Todd working


>> There you go.


>> PROBST: Each person has one


You have to figure out how to

work together.

>> Go on the other side, Sherea.

Go parallel, parallel.

>> Go slow.

>> PROBST: Denise and Todd

making a little progress.

>> Cross under.

>> PROBST: Can't push the ball.

Got to pick it up.

Sherea and Peih-gee had it

going for a moment.

Todd and Denise doing very well.

Peih-gee and Sherea getting the

hang of it now.

>> There you go, guys!

>> PROBST: Peih-gee and Sherea

work together.

Peih-gee and Sherea gaining on

them now.

Todd and Denise very close.


They drop it just short of the


Peih-gee and Sherea very close.

>> Okay.

>> PROBST: Todd and Denise have

their first ball down the chute.

They're heading back!

Peih-gee and Sherea still

working on that first fireball.

They have it for Zhan Hu, and

they race back!

Amanda and Aaron, working

together now on that second

ball for Fei Long.

It's Jaime and Frosti now for

Zhan Hu, working on that second


The longer the chopsticks get,

the more difficult they are to


>> Up, up.

>> PROBST: Frosti having to

maneuver with the flames

hitting his hands, burning him.

They're on the wrong side of

that flame box.

Amanda and Aaron working

together, moving slowly but

making ground.

>> A little bit at a time.

>> PROBST: Jaime and Frosti

still in it.

Both tribes even with one ball.

Aaron and Amanda doing a great


Jamie and Frosti trying to gain

on them.

Aaron and Amanda have the big

task now of getting up high

enough to drop it in the chute.

Aaron and Amanda have it.

They have their second one for

Fei Long.

>> Whoo!

>> PROBST: Amy and Frosti close.

Jamie and Frosti have the

second ball for Zhan Hu.

We are dead even.

James and Jean-Robert working on

the third and final ball for Fei


>> These sticks are impossible!

>> Just focus, man.

This is not impossible.

>> I got it, I got it.

>> PROBST: It's Dave and Erik

now for Zhan Hu.

James and Jean-Robert making a

little progress.

Dave and Erik working with

those long chopsticks, much

more difficult.

>> Ah!

>> Go forward with it!

You have to move at least an

inch every time!

>> PROBST: Dave and Erik getting

a lot of advice from their


It's not helping.

James and Jean-Robert getting


Big reward on the line-- fish,

vegetables, spices.

Dave and Erik are going to have

to do something heroic.

Jean-Robert and James very


This could be it.

Jean-Robert, so close.

>> Dave, get low!

Dave, get low!

>> Go at the same time.

>> PROBST: James and Jean-Robert

so close.

Trying to hang on.

Almost had it.

Opening the door for Erik and


A few inches at a time, they

are gaining on James and


>> Lift it like this.

>> PROBST: Next fireball down

the chute wins.

This could be it for Fei Long.

And it is!


>> Yes!

>> PROBST: Fei Long wins reward!

>> Yes!

>> Oh, yeah!

>> PROBST: All right, Fei Long,



You're now going to kidnap one

member of Zhan Hu's tribe.

Who's it going to be?

>> Dave or Jaime.

It doesn't matter.

>> It's Dave.

>> PROBST: Dave, head on over.

You are going to spend time

with Fei Long.

Dave, you will remain with Fei

Long until the next immunity


All right, Dave, this is for


You know the drill.

It says, "open in private."

That means private and alone.

Zhan Hu, got nothing for you.

Grab your stuff, head back to


Good night.

>> See you, folks.

>> Bye.

>> PROBST: All right, guys, grab

your flag.

Head on back to camp.

Enjoy tomorrow.


>> Yeah!

Escargot, dawg.

>> Oh, man, I feel like I'm on

vacation right now.

It's just absolutely wonderful.

I'm going to eat well with

them today.

And given the friction between

Sherea and I, I couldn't ask

for a better time to be


Good morning, everybody.

What you eating on there?

>> You're right, you're right.

I apologize.

Some of my tribe are definitely

threatening to me, and that

means I'm going to have to be

aligned with other people.

So it is a spy mission, but

it's a spy mission for me.

>> "In this sealed tube is a

clue to a hidden immunity


You must give this sealed clue

to a member of this tribe

before you rejoin your own




I've got to chew my noodle on

who am I going to give the clue

to the hidden immunity idol to?

This could be a crucial play for

me right here in terms of who I

give this to and how it can come

back to help me later.

Let's see here, what is it you

do, Courtney?

>> No kidding, man!

I love that place!

You make me miss New York so


I want to go back.

>> Dave is a nutcase.

>> I can give you... I can give

you a little plumbers butt if

you want.

Excuse me.

>> It's annoying as hell, but

I'm going to do my best to be

nice to him right now so he can

get a good impression of our


>> 16 years old.

>> Really?

>> Yeah.

>> I think Todd's a real cool


He wants to play the game, and

I've got a pretty good hunch.

For whatever it's worth, I

believe I can trust him.

>> I do.

>> That's pretty good.

Let's sit down right here.

Here you go, bro.

Read it and hide it somewhere

up in the grass or something

like that.

>> Deal.

>> Deal.

>> Thank you, man.

>> Sweet.

>> Appreciate it.

>> Cool, man.

>> I trust Todd because I asked

a key question of him-- "Do you

believe turnabout's fair

play?"-- because the next one we

win, I can only assume we'll be

kidnapping somebody, and he'll

probably get the same thing.

So we kind of have a little bit

of a loose alliance from tribe

to tribe going on.

>> I feel very lucky right now

that Leslie not only gave me the

clue to the first one, but Dave

gave me the next two.

So I've been keeping my eyes

open, looking for something

that could be the hidden

immunity idol, because that

could be the ticket to a

million dollars.

>> You ready?

>> Yeah.

>> Want me to carry it?

>> Kissing all the girls.

>> I wonder how the other tribe

is starting to feel about him.

I was very happy they took Dave.

Glad to get him out of my hair

for a couple of days.

We haven't had any of that

conflict going on, so my mood

today is actually a lot more


It's nice not to have him


>> We need to boil water for

drinking first.

>> You guys want to do quick

firewood gathering.

>> Dave was really just a

workhorse, as far as whatever

needed to be done that nobody

else wanted to do.

And that really helped us.

And now we're going to have to

pick up that slack.

>> Without Dave, we're

scrounging around, trying to

get everything done.

I don't know, I'm getting

frustrated because I'm just

tired and I feel like some

people are trying to get away

with not helping out.

>> Sweet!

>> Frosti got it!

>> Nice!

>> Everybody has been running

around sweating, trying to do

10 million projects, and I feel

like why even waste energy on

something that is going to just

drain you.

I'm trying to conserve my

energy for the challenges.

So if they want to keep

working, that's okay with me.

I'm going to ride the workhorse

until the tails fall off,

because I'm not doing anything

until I have to.

>> Fishing boats!

>> They're coming, you guys!

>> Hi!

>> Hi!

>> Oh!

Our reward today, we had a

fisherman family come with their

boat, and they are going to cook

us a meal, and also teach some

of us how to fish.

>> They said a family.

>> This is the best reward that

we've ever had.

The fisherman came, the family


I am so grateful for them to be

here today.

Their children are so pretty.

Everybody is so nice.

>> Peppers!

>> We've got eggs!

>> Catfish!

>> They came with huge fish,


They came with oils and spices.

>> Oh, my God!

I never thought I would miss

vegetables so much in my life,

but they look absolutely


>> When I was a little kid, I

spent a few years in Taiwan,

and I learned some Mandarin

over there.

>> They can only take two out.

>> Jean-Robert is full of


He goes off and starts talking

to these people, and it was

fantastic because they were

able to communicate with each

other, and he knew what they


>> Aaron, he's going to tell

you guys what to do.

>> It's been 20 years since

I've used Mandarin, but

honestly, when that family

came, all of a sudden, just

words and everything started

coming back to me.

I didn't even know I still had


>> Denise and I went off in the

fisherman's boat, and it was

absolutely the most bizarre

thing I've ever seen.

Oh, they're going to go catch

the fish that we're going to

fish with.

And then they can't swallow it.

>> It was incredible!

I thought we were going to eat

the birds when they showed up,

and they had them all tied to

the boat.

But they're fishing birds.

They had them all trained.

They could swoop down, pick up

the fish.

The bird will regurgitate the

fish right out of his mouth in

the bottom of the boat.

And, I mean, he was picking up

pretty good-sized fish out


>> Be careful inside when you're

pulling this out, because there

are teeth that could cut you.

She needs a fire.


>> Dude, I'm just saying... I'm

translating what she's saying.

That's not giving orders.

>> Jean-Robert, he got up on

his high horse as he usually

do, kind of got on everybody's

nerves-- really mine.

>> I said she's asking for

a fire.

>> He was just sitting there

being Jean-Robert, but we needed


He was like the language-

barrier guy.

He came through.

I really couldn't fault him.

He did good.

>> The fisherman showed us how

to open the net, and then he

stretched it out across the

lake so when the fish come

they just swim right into the


Before, we didn't even know how

to use the net.

But now we're going to have


It's going to be great.

>> Ahoy.

>> Hi.

>> Ahoy, matey.

>> Oh, my God!

>> You guys know what "hao chi"


"Hao" is good, and "chi" is eat.

>> I've never been so happy in

my life.

>> Oh, my God, after being out

here all this time, flavor has

never tasted so good.

Oh, my God!

That's spicy!

You know, a lunch lady is not

an expert on food, because you

know what we do?

We take the chicken nuggets out

of the freezer, we put them in

the oven, we give them to the


There's nothing good about that.

But this stuff here, that was

the delicatest thing that I've

ever put in my mouth.

>> Thank you.

>> Thank you so much.

>> This reward was key for us.

It's not only that we get a

meal but it's a cultural

learning experience, and I

really do think that we're

going to be eating better, and

definitely have an advantage in

the challenges to come.

>> Bye-bye!

>> Bye-bye!


>> PROBST: Come on in, guys.

So, Dave, time to rejoin Zhan


>> Hi, guys.

Good to see you.

>> PROBST: All right, you guys

ready to get to today's


>> Yeah.

>> Let's do it.

>> PROBST: First things

first-- immunity coming back.

>> See you soon, buddy.

>> PROBST: Once again, immunity

is back up for grabs.

Here's how the challenge is

going to play out: for your own

protection, you will each be

dressed in traditional Chinese


You'll square off in our

gladiator arena.

Behind each tribe, there are

porcelain vases.

You will throw meteor hammers,

attempting to smash the other

tribe's vases while blocking

your opponent's throws with a

bamboo pole.

We'll go in rounds.

First round will be two women on

a team, then two men, then one

man, one woman.

The tribe that breaks the most

vases in those three rounds

wins immunity, safe at least

another day here in China.

Losers go to tribal council

tonight, somebody going home.

Fei Long, you have one more


You're sitting somebody out.

Cannot sit out the same people

in back-to-back challenges.

Courtney sat out the last


She'll be participating

in this.

You must sit out one man.

>> It has to be either me or


>> PROBST: Who's sitting this

one out?

>> Jean-Robert is going to sit


>> PROBST: Jean-Robert is

sitting out.

All right, we'll get started.

All right, first teams head out.

>> Go Zhan Hu!

>> Fei Long!


>> PROBST: First round is going

to be Denise and Courtney for

Fei Long taking on Peih-gee and

Sherea for Zhan Hu.

Put on your helmets.

Let's get started.

Each team will have three

throws per round.

Here we go.

Survivors ready?


>> Let's get them, guys.

Watch what they're doing.

Watch what they're doing.

>> PROBST: Denise winding up.

Denise launches first.

She's way over the top.

>> Pick up another one!

>> PROBST: Peih-gee swinging.

Peih-gee short.

You've gotta get some oomph on


Sherea winding up now.

She launches one.

Almost knocks it off.

Courtney winds up.

>> Come on, get it, baby!

>> PROBST: She's short.

>> Go, go, go.

>> PROBST: Denise winding up.

She tosses her last one.

Blocked nicely by Peih-gee.

Peih-gee gives the last one to


>> Come on, Sherea!

>> PROBST: Sherea launches the

last one and scores!

Round one is over.

Zhan Hu scores one.

Zhan Hu leads 1-0.

Next round, two men for each


For Fei Long, it is Todd and


For Zhan Hu, Frosti, Dave.

Zhan Hu leads 1-0.

Here we go.

Survivors ready?


>> Go, guys!

>> PROBST: Todd and James

both pick up meteor hammers, as

do Frosti and Dave.

Gonna be a little more velocity

from the guys.

Dave launches and just misses.

Frosti winding up.

He launches and just misses.

>> Come on, guys, do it, do it.

>> PROBST: Todd and James both

launch and both connect!

Two for Fei Long, they lead 2-1.

Frosti winding up, throws

it right at James, who deflects


James winding up.

It's 2-1.

James has the last throw.

>> Yes!

>> PROBST: James connects again!

Fei Long leads 3-1.

Next two head out, the

remaining man and the remaining

woman from each tribe.

For Fei Long, it is Amanda and


For Zhan Hu, it's Jaime and


>> Go, Zhan Hu!

>> PROBST: Fei Long leads 3-1.

Zhan Hu, you have a lot of

catching up to do.

This is it.

Each side has three shots.

Here we go.

Survivors ready?


Amanda and Aaron both picking

up meteor hammers.

Jaime swinging hers.

Who is going to shoot first?

Amanda tosses, deflected by


Aaron tosses, deflected by Erik.

Jaime winding up.

Jaime launches and connects

with two!

We are tied, 3-3.

Erik goes low, deflected by


Amanda winds up.

Amanda tosses her last one and


Fei Long scores again.

Fei Long now leads 4-3.

>> Let's go!

>> PROBST: Zhan Hu has one shot


You have to break two vases to


Jaime did it before.

Can she do it again?

>> Come on, Jaime!

>> PROBST: Jaime launches.

No, Jaime and Erik can't do it.

Fei Long wins immunity!

>> Whoo!

>> Good job, guys.

Good job, guys.

>> PROBST: Fei Long,


Immunity once again.


Nobody going home from Fei Long.

Zhan Hu, tribal council tonight.

One of the six of you will be

voted out.

Grab your stuff, head back to


See you at tribal.

>> It was.

It was hard.

>> Maybe we should eat first,

let our food digest.

>> You want to dump that out so

I can get well water for that?

>> Well, I mean, considering

parasites and stuff, I'd like to

use a lot less lake water as


You know what I mean?

>> Infinitely better just using

straight well water.

In fact, I'll run and get some,

if you want.

>> I don't care.

>> I don't care, either.

>> It feels very strange to be

back here at Zhan Hu.

We lost the immunity challenge

today, and I don't want to go


But there's very strange vibes

going on.

Maybe it was just the day and a

half away from me, or, you

know, my slave-driving ability.

But, I don't know, I'm feeling

very precarious right now.

>> Today, we have to decide who

to vote off.

It's probably going to be

between Sherea and Dave.

It's a tough decision because,

Sherea, she doesn't really help

out as much as the rest of us

do on camp.

On the other hand, Dave's just

really annoying and really hard

to live with.

>> She's like, "I'm so tired.

I'm weak.

I need to save my energy for

challenges" and just kind of

got into that mode.

"Hey, everybody's cool with

me laying around and not doing

much of anything."

>> They all decided to go take

a dip in the lake.

And of course, when voices get

low, you know something's going


I am concerned that me not

doing as much around camp is

affecting everybody else's


So, I already know that my name

may be written down tonight.

People just looking at people

around camp, or people looking

at people in challenges.

You know what I'm saying?

You never know what people are


>> But we do have to make these

judgments so quick.

>> Everybody pulls their weight

in different ways.

I mean, yeah, I don't do

everything around camp, but I

get to a challenge, I'm going

to bust my ass to make sure we


Everybody busting their butts

the first few days and

everybody else is getting,

like, fatigued.

My body comes first, you know.

>> It's really close toss-up

between Sherea's not working

and Dave's kind of making

everybody crazy.

It's just been back and forth

in my mind.

I think if it were up to me,

you know, if we could get rid

of both of them, it would be


>> PROBST: Sherea, how did the

tribe dynamic change having Dave

gone for a day?

>> We were able to go ahead

and move on and get things going

the same way we would if he was


We had some relaxing time and

some chill time, but we still

kept busy and got things done

when he was gone.

>> PROBST: Frosti, is that a

credit to Dave for establishing

maybe a work ethic that keeps

on even when he's gone?

>> It can definitely be seen as

a credit to Dave's name.

I mean, he got us going on

making sure we had water

boiling at all times.

We got food done, and even

without him there, we

accomplished a lot, so...

>> PROBST: Erik, you were

nodding your head.

>> I like Dave.

And, honestly, there's been

some disagreements, and it

frustrates me seeing other

people not kind of receiving

Dave's leadership.

You know, Dave has great

leadership qualities.

It's just his natural


>> PROBST: Dave, would it be a

bit of a relief to go back to

camp and not have to lead


>> Absolutely.

It's been quite a burden.

It's been something I didn't

want to begin with.

I just happen to have more

experience and more practical

ideas, and that's how we got

where we are today.

>> PROBST: Let's talk about camp


You've been out here 12 days


Sherea, everybody still pulling

their own weight?

>> Definitely, everybody's

doing something.

I'm stepping it up a lot more.

>> PROBST: From what to what?

>> I've been very fatigued, and,

just, my body hasn't been in it

when I'm around, you know, the

camp area, so the last few days,

I've been trying to do more.

But if we don't save our energy

for challenges, we'll never get

further ahead in the game.

>> PROBST: Dave, is camp life

more important than challenge

participation, or should you

sacrifice at camp to make sure

you have a shot at winning?

>> Saving just for challenges

is a short-term goal, because

if you are not fed, if you are

not rested and hydrated, it

will just take its toll.

>> PROBST: Peih-gee, if given

the choice between somebody

pulling their weight back at

camp or being invincible at


>> You know, honestly, I know

you want me to pick one, but

you can't.

You need to have a balance

between the two, and if you

don't, it's going to put an

undue burden on the rest of the


>> She enjoys camp life.

I live for the challenges.

She loves to be out here in

this environment.

>> I love the challenges, too.

>> I know, but I'm just

saying that's why you can say


She's always like, "Yeah, I

love it out here!

This is easy for me."

And I'm like, "This is not easy

for me," you know.

But the challenges, I live for


That's what keeps me going

every day.

>> PROBST: Once again, you guys

are in a position of trying to

adjust tribe dynamics, and

you're going to do it by

getting rid of somebody.

It is time to vote.

Erik, you're up.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the tribal

council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Dave.


One vote Dave, one vote Sherea.


Two votes Dave, one vote Sherea.


Three votes Dave, one vote


Fourth person voted out of

Survivor: China, Dave.

That's four, it's enough.

You need to bring me your


Dave, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

>> PROBST: Well, it's clear from

tonight's vote that you weren't

happy with the way things were

going at camp.

I hope that means there's a new

plan in place.

Because you're going to need


You're now two members down.

Grab your torches, head back to


Good night.

Stay tuned for scenes from our

next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on


>> I like you a lot.

>> PROBST: Jaime and Erik

explore new territory.

>> I don't know what's going to

happen with Jaime and I.

I'm a virgin.

>> PROBST: And a twist...

>> Something's going on.

>> PROBST: ...turns the game on

its head.

>> Oh, the humanity.

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>> I gave it my all, perhaps I

gave it too much.

At least I did it with

conviction and integrity.

I thought I was humble.

And I thought I listened.

I wish that some people

perhaps listened to me a little

bit more.

And I know there are pieces of

me that are worth a lot,

perhaps even priceless, you


If they can't see that, then,

well, I can't force them.