Survivor (2000–…): Season 15, Episode 2 - My Mom Is Going to Kill Me! - full transcript

The castaways get physical as mud flies and tops are ripped off in one of the most physical and dirtiest challenges in Survivor history.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on


16 Americans began the

adventure of a lifetime in

modern Shanghai.

They traveled back in time to a

remote section of rural China.

At a Buddhist welcoming

ceremony, Leslie was faced with

a moral dilemma.

>> I'm a believer in Jesus

Christ, and in the Bible it

says "Thou shall not bow down

to any other god."

I just couldn't do it.

>> PROBST: The survivors were

split into two tribes, Zhan Hu

and Fei Long.

After a heavy storm pounded the

Zhan Hu tribe, Ashley, the

professional wrestler, was down

for the count.

>> I want to throw up, but

there's just nothing in there.

>> PROBST: Chicken was

unimpressed with his tribe.

>> You think this here's going

to hold up?

>> We have to build something,

though, so let's stop being


>> I'm giving my opinion and

nobody wants it, so I'm done


>> PROBST: Meanwhile, back at

Fei Long, Todd nominated Aaron

as tribe leader.

>> We do need someone who is

strong and smart.

>> It feels weird, but I think

I can do it.

>> I am very, very smart in

trying push the leader role

more so on to Aaron.

>> PROBST: At the first immunity


Neck and neck going into the


...Fei Long came out on top...

Fei Long wins immunity!

...sending Zhan Hu to tribal


Anybody here willing to say, "I

will be the leader of this


There's your leader.

Well, now you got two.

Dave and Peih-gee volunteered

to lead their tribe.

>> Yes!

>> PROBST: And in the end,

Ashley was spared.

First person voted out of

Survivor: China-- Chicken.

>> Damn!

>> PROBST: 15 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

>> The fire pit has to be done

properly the first time.

We can't have any more oopsies

like we did with the shelter.

The shelter is one thing.

Man, once you do a fire pit,

we just got to do it once and

do it right.

Last night at tribal council,

questions came up about


I raised my hand to say, "Heck,

I'll do it."

I didn't want to be in a

leadership role, but instead of

resisting things like that,

especially with the people in

my tribe, I think it's

actually better to embrace it.

I think pull this dead pine tree

out of the way, plopping the

bricks down right here.

>> I just kind of don't want to

sit next to the woods.

We could put where our water

collection is, and we'll just


>> Yeah.

I think that will be good.

>> Uh-uh.

>> I mean, it will really help

with the insects.

>> I want more shelter for the


Putting it right there on the


No, I don't think that's a

great idea at all.


We're moving forward.

I don't want to start

belaboring this kind of stuff

because it sucks a lot of time

and energy away from getting

stuff done.

>> Dave and I work pretty well


We both kind of do it in

different ways, but if

anything, we're not being

competitive about, like, who

can be, like, leader.

>> I'm just trying to explain

the sensibility of why I think


If someone can think of

something different...

>> No, no, you had valid

reasons for putting it over


And you know what?

For me, like, if you have

definite experience that it will

work better over there, I'll

totally go with it.

>> It seems that Dave is kind

of the leader, the top guy, and

Peih-gee is just below him.

She's kind of like the balance

of power.

>> I think we've got like a

game plan...

>> We do.

>> ...set in place.

We can figure out who's going

to do what.

But most important is knowing

what the what is, you know.

>> Dave has a lot of good

ideas, but if someone questions

it or if somebody comes up with

their own idea, there is this

sense that he's probably still

going to go with his idea.

>> If we could get our act

together and do this fast this

morning and eat before our

possible challenge this

afternoon, we'd be rocking.

>> You're wishing really hard,

Jaime, I'll tell you that right


You're wishing really hard.

>> You should wish hard.

>> Okay, fine.

>> It could get to the point

where people start getting fed

up and start talking about Dave

and how they don't necessarily

think he's a good leader


>> This is where it begins right


(theme song playing)

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>> All right, Jean-Robert's

snoring goes something like


(imitates Jean-Robert snoring)

Jean-Robert, we all know he's

like the "D" student of our


He won't do anything.

He gets up and instantly has to

lay down because he's so tired.

>> Oh, man, I'm about to pass


>> I will stick with you

because you know this game.

>> You're my one alliance, too.

You have to have one in this


You have to.

Me and Todd made an alliance

that we're going to stick it out

with each other until the end of

this because even though Todd, I

think, is very devious, I've

been watching him really

closely and I think we have a

good alliance so far, at

least until the merge.

>> At some point, should we

pull him in as number three?

>> Oh, yeah.

>> Because we need someone

strong to call our shots.

We make the plans and he speaks

them out, which puts the target

on him instead of us.

>> We decided to pull Aaron

into our group, so if anyone

has to take a rap for anything,

then it's going to be on Aaron.

>> Obviously, this is about

power players, right, and who

wants to go the furthest.

We need a three.

>> Which is us.

>> Which is us.

>> I think that would be smart.

>> Like, I will swear to you

guys with my whole life.

>> Three?

>> I will, too.

>> Okay.

>> Because that's how the game

is played.

You know, you have to.

>> The final three.

>> At that point, I mean, it's

sad to say, it's game on.

>> I trust.

>> I trust, too.

>> Amanda and I have this game

in our hands.

So we have our alliance.

We have exactly what I wanted

to come here to do.

>> You guys want to powwow?

So, a lot harder than what we

thought, huh?

Three sleepless nights,

everyone's on edge.

Everyone's angry.

We have to get into some sort

of routine.

>> Why don't we just all rest?

Now's a good time to get


>> Jean-Robert, you need to

start pulling your weight.

This is what I feel, not

whether I'm right or wrong.

You might want to talk about it.

>> I know that I'm not working

as much as I'd like to be able

to work, just because I've

slept a little bit less than

everybody, I think.

>> Jean-Robert needs to step it


What is up with this guy?

He knows he's on the chopping

block, and it's pretty obvious

around camp.

He's trying to divert it, but

we're not buying it.

>> The wheels are turning here.

Believe me, I can contribute

probably as valuable of stuff

with my mind.

But, I mean, as soon as we

start getting food and water

and everything, I think you're

going to find I'm able to

contribute a lot more.

I'm considered one of the bad

boys of poker.

And I absolutely am using a

similar strategy in this

Survivor game.

I wanted to give the perception

I was a little bit lazy, so

later when I am contributing

and putting in the work effort,

people are noticing, "Hey, this

guy is doing beyond his normal


I know that I'd like to be able

to do a lot more than I am,

but, I mean, we've got a great


Even though it looks like I'm

in big trouble right now, it's

kind of part of the plan.

I can only go up from here.

>> Our biggest priority right

now are mud bricks.

I have specific goals.

We still have some shelter

stuff to fix, but we have

enough shelter.

I think that's all right.

The priority now we have flint

is to get a fireplace going.

It's a very realistic and

achievable goal today.

I want to keep goals achievable.

>> We need seven more.

Do you think there's any

possible way to at least start

a baby fire?

If we could get a spark started

up, we could put it under

something, just keep it alive.

>> You know what?

I would rather get some of it

up and then get a fire started.

>> All I asked was to make a

little baby fire to make a

handful of rice for everybody.

Instead, we try to build an

elaborate barbecue pit.

I'm not too thrilled about it.

>> Oh, wow, I'm so sorry.

I just totally hosed both of


>> That's fine.

>> Ashley.

>> Oh, my gosh, what happened?

>> Dave drops the brick down

and splashes her.

>> Obviously he did it on


I'd like to go steal the flint,

go out there and make me a

little fire and cook some rice.

>> We got the flint last night

at tribal council, and we

haven't even attempted to make a


And we're starving.

It just seems like we take the

longest route possible to make

something happen.

I'm losing faith rapidly.

>> Nothing here has wasted


I moved half those stones

myself just now.

>> Okay.

>> So if you can imagine...

>> So why don't we start the


>> Let me finish.

>> the fireplace.

>> Let me finish.

Mud bricks yea high.

I'm not stacking mud bricks

around a burning fire.

>> Mud bricks or not, you can

still try and get the fire

going before the rain starts


The rain's going to fall.

But you're the leader, and I'm

going to let you do what you


>> I want to have shelter so it

stays lit, Ashley.

How many fires have you built,


>> I'm just saying.

I'm tired.

I'm hungry.

>> Who isn't?

>> I just feel like four days

later, we don't have anything.

>> I don't want to fight with


If she wants to fight, I can

give her a fight.

The rest of the team's great.


Do you need to yell?

>> No, I'm not trying to yell.

>> But you are.

>> I said, "I'm tired, I'm

thirsty," and you said, "Well,

don't you think everyone else


Of course everybody else is.

Did I say they weren't?

Why are you trying to make me

sound like I'm just


>> Just keep going.

>> Okay, that's what he want me

to do.

>> No, I don't.

>> Okay.

>> I'm not trying to finger


I want the fire done.

You're hungry.

Ash, stop bitching.

>> I'm not bitching.

I just would like to eat today

and I think everybody else is

saying the same thing.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys.

Prepare to get dirty.

Fei Long getting your first

look at the new Zhan Hu tribe.

Chicken voted out at the first

tribal council.

All right, you guys ready to

get to today's challenge?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: All right, here's how

it's going to work: you're

going to square off, three on


I'm going to release two giant

wooden balls into this mud pit.

Your objective is to push

either one of those two balls

across your opponents' goal.

Each time you do, you score

a point for your tribe.

First tribe to score two points

wins reward.

Want to know what you're

playing for?

To go along with the fire,

fishing gear.

In addition, you will have a

fishing boat waiting for you at


There is one other twist to

this reward that will be

revealed after the challenge is


Make sense?

>> Yep.

>> Yes.

>> Fei Long, because this

challenge requires equal

numbers of men and women, you

have to sit out a man.

James doesn't even hesitate,

points at Todd.

>> I'm the smallest out of us.

>> PROBST: You all right with


>> Yep, let's do it.

>> We love you, Todd.

>> PROBST: Todd, you're going to

take a spot on the bench.

First round will be two women,

one man.

Give you a minute to

strategize, we'll get started.

Here we go.

Just like we like it on

Survivor, nice and wet.

First round, Aaron, Amanda,

Denise taking on Sherea, Erik

and Jaime.


Aaron's got a free shot.

Erik and Sherea are back on him


Now it's Amanda with a free run.

Jaime trying to stay on her.

The women doing a very good job

for Zhan Hu.

Sherea takes Denise down.

Amanda switching balls now.

Nobody defending.

Jaime making her way slowly

towards the goal.

Aaron having nothing to do with


Sherea now getting back in it.

Aaron has his arms around

Jaime and Sherea, takes them

both down in the water.

Amanda now trying to take

advantage of the situation.

Amanda has a free shot.

Sherea now trying to get Amanda


Denise puts both arms around

Jaime and pulls her out.

Aaron's got a free shot now.

Erik's going to have to defend.

Jaime pulls off Denise's shoe

and throws it.

Sherea trying pull Amanda's top

completely off.

Everybody pulling everybody's

clothes off now.

Amanda not letting it get in her


Aaron's pulled Erik off the


Amanda has a free shot at the


Fei Long scores first goal!

>> Put your top back on, Amanda!

>> PROBST: Even with no top on,

Amanda scores for Fei Long.

Next round, Jean-Robert, James

and Leslie taking on Frosti,

Ashley and Dave.

Fei Long leads 1-0.

They score one more point, they



James and Frosti going at it.

Jean-Robert with a free shot at

the ball.

Ashley getting in on it now.

James takes Frosti down.

Leslie pulling off Dave.

Jean-Robert muscling his way to

the end.

Ashley cannot stop him.

Frosti jumps on Jean-Robert.

Keeping it wide open for James.

Frosti holding on for dear life.

Jean-Robert pulls off Frosti.

This is close to being over.

Fei Long wins!

>> We're going fishing tonight,



>> PROBST: Fei Long,


Two challenges, two wins.

Not bad.

You have the ability to make


You have the tools to catch


It should start to change your

lives a little bit.

Now to the twist.

Fei Long, because you defeated

Zhan Hu, you now get to kidnap

one member of their tribe.

That person will come and live

with you until the next

immunity challenge.

Who are you going to kidnap?

>> Jaime.

>> PROBST: All right, Jaime.

You're going to leave here now.

You'll go with Fei Long, live

at their camp.

You will return at the next

immunity challenge and rejoin

your tribe.

There's one more layer to this

twist, Jaime-- this is for you.

It says "open in private."

When you get to their beach,

find a private spot and read it.

>> Okay.

>> PROBST: Come get it.

>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: Zhan Hu, I got

nothing for you.

Get your stuff, head on back to


Fei Long, take your new tribe

member, head on back to camp.

>> I cannot believe it rained

this much.

Like, it didn't seem like it

rained this much, did it?

>> It looks like a natural

disaster hit our camp.

This is basically destroyed.

>> It's like somebody just took

all the water from every ocean

they could find and just poured

it right on top of us.

>> We actually live on the lake


>> Oh, my god.

>> At least the bricks are

above the water level.

I'm really happy I took the

time to build the pit versus

the fire first because this just

goes to show that I actually had

a fairly sound idea and I'm

glad I stuck with it and I

think it was worth the time.

Keep this piece, perhaps, right

over here.

>> This is so good.

Fei Long.

>> A fishing boat.

>> So, who's going fishing?

>> You are.

>> We are.

>> Fei Long tribe.

At the reward challenge, we

won fishing gear and a fishing


After the challenge, we picked

Jaime to kidnap because she is

a spot of sunshine in the tribe.

Taking away Jaime from Zhan Hu

completely demoralizes them.

>> Yes, we got to keep track of


>> Keep track of everything,

because in The Art of War, it

talks about stealing things

from your opponent.

>> Todd is a sharp kid and his

head is in the game.

So I want Todd on my side

because I think we work well

together as a team.

>> Nice to meet you.

>> Jean-Robert.

>> Jaime.

>> I just got put with a

different tribe.

They picked me and then Jeff

gave me this to go with it.

"Read this note but do not open

the bamboo tube.

Before making an alliance with

a neighbor, you must understand

his intentions.

In this sealed tube is a clue to

a hidden immunity idol at the

enemy camp.

You must give this sealed

clue to a member of this

tribe before you rejoin your

own tribe at the next

immunity challenge."

The note actually has a clue for

the other team and it lets them

know where the immunity idol

is, so I am allowed to pick any

member of the team I want and

give it to them.

>> Now that's a fire.

>> You know, Aaron, you're quick

to jump on my ass about


You know that.

>> I know.

We don't like each other.

>> You're not right about that.

>> You like me and I don't like


>> There you go.

>> Okay.

>> Jean-Robert and Aaron got

into a ridiculous bitch fight.

And we were all just like,

(sighs), "In front of the spy?


Are you just going to give

her a map of who doesn't like


Can we not have, like, a little

solidarity for like two seconds

while she's here.

>> Let's go around the camp and

ask who's doing a good job.

>> You know what?

>> What?

>> I didn't want to do battle

with you, but you're making me

have no choice.

>> When I go back to my team,

I'm telling them, "I don't know

why the heck we're not winning,

because when I've seen what

I've seen, we should be


>> I'm going to put four

bricks in there and then grab

some of this mud and just pour

it in there like mortar, and it

will dry and be stable.

>> So, what should I have done?

>> Break up some wood.

>> All of this has to be broken


All that should be broken down.

>> All right, let me do one

thing at a time.

I get overwhelmed.

I don't like that.

>> It's all the same thing.

It's the one thing.

I'm showing you three different

spots to find it, that's all.

>> You don't have to be mean to


Why do you have to have such an

attitude sometimes?

>> It's not overwhelming.

I'm telling you where to find

the resources for the one thing

you're doing.

>> Okay, but you're doing it

with an attitude.

I don't know why, it just comes


>> Okay, I apologize.

>> You're always like grr, grr,


>> Apologies.

>> Can I finish my sentence?

>> After you interrupted me

when I was talking mine?

>> I'm literally just asking

you what you want me to do.

>> I do think that Dave is wrong

in the way he talks down to

Ashley, telling her what to do,

you know?

You can't boss adults around,

really, not too much, without

pissing them off.

>> Can we both right now get

this pile and this pile done?

>> But where are we going to

get it done to?

>> I said it already this

morning at least a couple times.

>> Is there any dry place in

this entire area that we


>> Think outside the box.

Critical and analytical

thinking really helps.

>> I don't need your life


I just need you to tell me what

to do.

>> Later.

>> Adios.

>> I believe that Dave's going

to shoot himself in the foot.

He's not a good leader because

he's the most irritating person

on the planet.

He's just so patronizing.

>> The last few days, I have

been really sick.

I just feel dirty.

I feel miserable.

It's just hard because I don't

have my Bible.

I know if I could read it and

just spend some time with God,

it would be great.

But I mean, he has me here for

a reason, so I'm going to keep


>> My strategy as far as the

clue goes is I'm going to give

it to whom I think is their

weakest link, just so I keep

their team weaker.

>> Don't let anybody know you

have it.

>> Okay.

>> I feel like the Lord really

gave me a gift with the clue

to the hidden immunity idol.

Wow, this is a really big deal.

"Hidden immunity idol clue

number one.

What is thought to be hidden

may sometimes be seen.

Though their eyes are not,

yours must be keen."


I feel really confident that I

can find the hidden immunity


In the clue, it said it's


And I think, you know, this is

probably something you see every

day and would never consider

that it would be a hidden

immunity idol.

>> I'm looking everywhere for

the hidden immunity idol,

looking for something that would

be obvious.

My mom used to always say, "If

it was a snake, it would have

bit you."

And I feel like that's what it's


Like, if it was a snake, it

would have bit me by now.

I think what I really want do

with this information I have is

use it to gain's someone trust,

so it has to be someone who's

witty, somebody who can think

and Todd's pretty witty.

So, I want to team up with him.

>> It said that is was obvious.

I told Todd the idol is here.

So we're going to team up and

use it together.

And I trust him.

>> Okay.

Here comes some people,


>> Morning, guys.

>> I can't believe she told me.

I'm in shock.

I would never tell anybody.

What was she thinking?

Leslie's sick, so if she goes,

I'll be the only one that knows

about it.

So my goal is to find that

thing as fast as I can, and if

Leslie gets sick and has to

leave, I'm the only one that

knows about it.


>> PROBST: Come on in, guys.

Back for more punishment.

Fei Long, come on in.

So, Jaime, tell me about your

time at Fei Long.

>> Well, they made it the best

it could be, so I appreciate it.

>> PROBST: Jaime, your time over

there is done.

Get back over to Zhan Hu.


You guys ready to get to

today's challenge?

First things first-- Amanda,

I'll take back the immunity


Once again, immunity is back up

for grabs.

For today's challenge, each

tribe will use a large Chinese

puzzle log to smash through two

tribe-colored walls.

Once you're through both walls,

you must then maneuver the log

through the maze carved into

the outside of the puzzle log.

First tribe to get their log

through the maze and ring the

gong wins immunity, safe from

tonight's tribal council.

Losers, another person will

be voted out.

Make sense?

Because this challenge runs six

on six, both tribes will be

sitting people out.

Zhan Hu, you have one extra


Who are you going to sit out?

>> Jaime will sit out.

>> PROBST: Jaime's going to sit


Fei Long, you have two extra

members, who are you going to

sit out?

>> Courtney and Leslie.

>> PROBST: Courtney and


Everybody else, I'll give you a

minute to strategize and we'll

get started.

Here we go.

For immunity, survivors ready.


Both tribes with good


Fei Long working together well.

Fei Long is through first.

Zhan Hu go.

Both tribes through.

Fei Long with a bit of a lead.

>> We got four.

>> Hold on, hold on.

Ready, one, two, three!

>> PROBST: Fei Long has a good


Working together well.

Zhan Hu wearing out.

Dave can barely move that log


Frosti bringing up the rear.

Fei Long doing great work on

their wall.

You're through!

Fei Long is through.

>> Keep it up, guys.

>> PROBST: That log is throwing

Dave around.

Zhan Hu wearing out.

>> Dave, switch with me.

>> Pick it up, Dave.

>> PROBST: Frosti switching with


Dave, get a hold of the log.

Get it.

You're still in it!

Fei Long working together as a


>> Get it up there, get it up


>> Listen to Aaron.

Listen to Aaron.

>> PROBST: You guys need dig


Let's go.

There you go.

You're through.

Zhan Hu's through.

>> Come on, guys!

You guys better run.

>> PROBST: Fei Long already


Zhan Hu now catching up.

It only goes through one way.

>> Keep going around.

>> PROBST: Fei Long with a bit

of a lead.

Zhan Hu trying to catch up.

Fei Long reaches a dead end.

They got to back it up now.

>> Forward, back, back, back.

>> PROBST: Zhan Hu now in the


>> Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up.

>> PROBST: Fei Long taking their


Nobody panicking on Fei Long.

>> It's a dead end here.

>> PROBST: Zhan Hu reaches a

dead end.

>> Left.

>> There, go back.

>> PROBST: Fei Long in the lead


Keep moving, Zhan Hu, keep


Zhan Hu falling behind.

Fei Long is very close.

Fei Long is through.

Fei Long wins immunity!

All right.

Fei Long, once again, immunity

is yours.


Nobody going home from Fei Long.

Zhan Hu, all I got for you is

another date with me tonight at

tribal council, where one of the

seven of you will be voted out

of this game.

You have the afternoon to

figure out who it's going to be.

Head on back to camp.

See you at tribal.

Fei Long, head on out, guys.

Nice work.

>> I feel really bad because,

you know, we blew it today, and

I feel like I let the tribe


Can I say something really



I apologize.

I feel like I let us down today

because I lost my footing and I

lost my rhythm, trying to get

my rhythm back, I lost my power.

>> Dave, you tried, but you

know what...

>> I'm sorry.

And Frosti, thank you so much

for stepping up and seeing what

was happening and switching

with me.

I take full responsibility for

the challenge today.

At the same time, the last six

days haven't been about one


It's been about day in and day

out in camp and how you

contribute and what your

attitude's like.

I'm fairly confident how things

are going to go this evening.

You know, you reap what you sew.

Nothing's carved in stone yet,

but I'm pretty confident I'm

not going home.

>> I know that Dave is voting

for me at tonight's tribal


At this point, I see my options

are this: I can either confront

everybody, act like a crazy

woman and say (inaudible)

and make myself look like an

idiot, or I could keep my head

together, go to tribal council

and tell everyone, like, "Look,

Dave is a crazy person."

>> I feel like if there's such

conflict with Dave and Ashley,

you know, if people are

targeting Ashley for that

reason, I guess it also makes

Dave a target.

If you had to pick between

those two, you might think

Dave, but I still see him as


Remove one of them and the

other one can stay around.

See what I'm saying?

It's probably dead even

between Ashley and Dave.

It puts me in a hard place

because Ashley is my friend,

but then Dave's such hard worker

and he knows what he's doing out


So I'm not really sure what's

going to happen tonight.

>> PROBST: So, last time we

were here, we did a little

tribe therapy, and it appeared

that you had at least one

leader, maybe two.

Frosti, how is that leadership

working out?

>> Well, Dave's really stepped


He was already giving some

leadership-type demands, and

he's really trying to do


At times, I fear he may attempt

too much.

>> It's a hard habit to kick.

>> PROBST: Ashley, you were

rolling your eyes.

>> Well, Dave and I kind of

butt heads sort of.

Our personalities just don't

mesh well.

But I respect him as a leader,

and when I have questions, I'll

ask them, even if I'm not

supposed to.

>> PROBST: And Dave, that rubs

you the wrong way?

>> It doesn't rub me the wrong

way at all.

Everyone is totally welcome to

ask questions.

If you're unclear on something,

then please do ask.

Because all I want to do is get

camp life fully squared away.

>> I don't expect Dave to say,

"Well, yeah, that's the way it's


That's what he does-- he goes

off on rants and patronizes and

talks down to you and treats

you like a child.

>> PROBST: Ashley, do you think

this is just about you, or do

you notice it with other people,

as well?

>> I notice that other people

have a problem with it as well.

Dave talks in circles a lot,

and he always wants to be the


The way he handles that

leadership, it's just, for me,

it's intolerable.

>> I'm incredibly rusty at

leadership, too.

This is a brand new boat for


It's been a long time.

>> PROBST: Jaime, is there a

chance Dave's trying to prove

too much versus lead the tribe?

>> I think Dave is definitely

over the top trying to prove


I mean, you wake up and there's

already wood coming and it's

just, like, whoa, you know, slow

down for a second.

>> PROBST: Jaime, what does

this tribe need to do?

>> I personally think most of

us all get along.

These two just clash heads, and

I think sometimes the way you

phrase your demands, it might

intimidate people.

>> I've also asked everyone

here to check me if I have.

>> See, already, defense mode.

>> I'm out of line, please

check me because I need it.

>> For me, I know we have work

to do, but I haven't enjoyed

almost a single moment since

I've been here.

I barely know any of these


I know Ashley, I know Jaime.

I'm dying to know Erik a little

better, but the other three, I

couldn't even tell you their

last names.

>> We're always working our

butts off.

>> That's my... did you not hear

what came out of my mouth?

Did you not hear what came out

of my mouth?

Never once have we sat down as

a tribe to talk about, well

what do we want to do as a


How are we going to make this

come together?

How are we going to win?

Perfect example, again, Ashley,

every time she says something,

you have a comment back.

>> And now look what happened.

Now I'm on the chopping block.

>> PROBST: Ashley, what's the

criteria for your vote tonight?

>> I'm voting for Dave.

>> I expect more than one vote


>> PROBST: Dave, how would the

tribe be better if it's Ashley

that's voted out tonight?

>> There will be a heck of a

lot less eggshells to walk

around on.

I only have conflict with


>> PROBST: Well, once again

we've had another good session

of tribe therapy.

It's time to vote.

Erik, you're up.

>> In a different setting and

circumstance, you might be

having (inaudible).

I wish you the best of luck.

>> I'm voting for Derek


Oh, I mean Dave.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the tribal

council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Ashley.


One vote Ashley, one vote Dave.


Two votes Ashley, one vote Dave.


Three votes Ashley, one vote


Second person voted out of

Survivor: China, Ashley.

That's four, that's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

>> I'll see you soon.

>> PROBST: Ashley, the tribe has


Time to go.

Grab your torches.

Head back the camp.

Good night.

>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on


Dave loses patience with Zhan


>> It's not rocket science.

>> PROBST: At Fei Long...

>> Courtney, of course, is going

to be first to go.

>> PROBST: ...Todd and Courtney

hear more than they bargain for.

>> Dude, she's right here.

>> PROBST: ...and the game gets

even more brutal.


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>> I think I got voted out

because of a personal conflict

with our leader, and Dave is

going to show them the reason

that he shouldn't be in

control, and I guarantee you

that I'll see him on the flip

side way sooner than he


Dave, if I had one word to

describe him, he'd be "tool."

Because that is the perfect word

for him, he's a tool.