Survivor (2000–…): Season 14, Episode 3 - This Isn't Survival... It's Thrival - full transcript

The Ravu tribe attempts to make fire with a pair of eyeglasses.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on


>> Water!

>> Just lick some leaves, man.

>>PROBST: Life at Ravu was


>> I never experienced

dehydration like this.

Half of us can't even stand up.

It's crazy!

We're starving here, bro.

>> Life at Moto was carefree.

>> We have a really plush couch.

We are very fortunate to be

living the way that we're


>> Boo, be careful!

>> PROBST: And Boo got careless.

>> Boo is a real hazard to

hisself, and he will hurt

hisself out of the game.

>> Sylvia.

>> Is she here?

>> PROBST: Sylvia joined Ravu

after a night on Exile Island.

>> Welcome home!

When I went up to greet her, I

was actually quite nasty.

I look over her shoulder, and

I open up her shoulder bag to

see if she found the immunity


>> Tonight, we ought to go out

and get some oysters.

>> PROBST: But her presence

brought on new frustrations.

>> I was not really excited for

Sylvia to come back.

I personally think she's a

little bossy.

>> PROBST: At the immunity


>> I'm pulling out the...

>> PROBST: Erica's certain she's


Erica spoke up, while Moto

pulled ahead.

Moto wins the challenge!


Moto took home fishing supplies,

and banished Earl, who battled

the serpents on Exile Island.

Facing Tribal Council...

>> PROBST: ...Mooky and Rocky

turned against Erica...

>> Now you want Erica, huh?

She freaked out.

>> PROBST: ...blaming her for

Ravu's loss.

>> She was screaming, she's on

people about peace and this

and that, when it wasn't even

her place to be there.

>> PROBST: At Tribal Council...

>> Sylvia is used to dictating

and telling people what to do.

>> PROBST: ...Sylvia's

personality was scrutinized.

>> You have a habit of

kind of throwing out an idea and

saying, "Let's do it," and not

actually talking with anybody.

>> PROBST: But it was Erica

whose torch was snuffed.

Erica, the tribe has spoken.

17 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

>> The two back-to-back losses

have really affected us, and

this last Tribal Council was

very brutal.

We came to a realization that

we are quite... not quite

connected together yet as a


>> First thing in the morning,

let's cut some coconuts, get

some... get hydrated, cut some


>> I would like to, if I see

big sun, if I could try and

start a fire.

>> Yeah, I'll be out there on

the beach with you, too, with

some glasses.

>> Being the biggest group of

losers that Survivor has ever

seen sucks!

It's no fun.

We can't win challenges right

now; I don't know what it is.

I don't know if they put,

like, a jinx on us or a curse,

but we just can't win right now.

Let's say we do have a challenge

tomorrow, okay?

I'm not telling you what to do.

I'm just throwing out a


Maybe... maybe, like, somebody

could just-- not even take

charge-- just one person can

talk at a time.

When everybody talks over each

other, it doesn't work.

>> Right.

>> At this point, we still have

the desire to win, but we

really need to get our act

together and have a good

strategy going in.

>> Let's put egos aside and put

tribe and winning first, and

just, you know, have...

We've got to try.

>> The more we lose, the more

difficult it is to recover.

(theme song playing)

>> This is going to dry real


>> Looks nice, huh?

>> It's pretty.

>> I like it.

>> Lisi suggested that we paint

the floor to kind of seal up the

wood to prevent the ants from

coming in.

It will look nice, but there's

a function to it.

>> It looks pretty, but it

wasn't done with the intention

for aesthetics.

I'll bet the ant lines are going

to be a lot less tonight.

>> Hurry, hurry, to the pot.

>> Very good.

>> Oh, they're perfect.

>> This is going too great.

>> Yeah. It's, like, too good to

be true, man.

>> We gotta take a poll.

>> Are we really on Survivor,

or are we dreaming?

>> We're just having a party

out here, really.

We're telling jokes, lounging

around on a hammock.

We don't have to win anything

else as far as survival.

It's not even survival.

It's "thrive-al."

>> I really wouldn't be

surprised if the people on the

other side just started dropping

like flies because they

just don't seem to be catching a

break, man.

>> Big Earl!

>> Ravu!

>> Welcome home!

>> You guys got a fire?

>> No.

The sun, we seen it today, man.

>> But you got some water,


>> I'm back from Exile Island.

The first thing they asked me,

"Do you have water?"

It was like walking on the

beach to a bunch of begging


>> Was the clue really obscure?

>> The clue is interesting.

As far as the immunity idol, I

sure have no idea where it is.

I mean, I don't know how it

really works, with the clue

thing, like, I mean, you guys

probably know more than I do.

I mean, I have to give more

thought, and really survey the


It's under something that's

high, and it can be anywhere,

but I'll figure something out.

Losing-- it hurts.

Yeah, I mean, come on.

It's, like, no fire again?

We're trying to take advantage

of any of this sun or are we

just, like, dead?

>> Now we're waiting for the

point where it gets up high


>> Dear Sun, Michelle would

like you to come out and play


Please participate in my game.

Sincerely, Michelle.

>> It's coming out.

It's going to come out.

>> Yeah.

We haven't had fire, so I

decided to just go out and give

it a go while we have some sun.

The sun's moving fast, oh, geez.

Using glasses to start a fire

is absolutely possible.

I started to pray, because I

know my momma doesn't want me

to die out here.

Come on.

Burn, baby, burn.


I looked down about a minute

and a half later, and I see the

start of a fire, so I go running

back to the beach.

First person I see is Anthony,

and I hand that off to him.

I'm, like, "Start a fire with


>> Fire!

>> Fire?

>> Help.

>> Oh, here, here, here, here.

>> I got to go.

Where am I going?

>> Oh, my God.

>> There you go.

>> Give me some tinders.

>> Somebody blow, somebody blow.

Gentle, gentle.

Anything you got here, get it

going, come on.


>> Awesome.

(cheering, whooping)

>> We're not gonna die.

>> We've been struggling a long

time, and now we finally got a

shot in the ass that we needed,

so I think it's going to be a

good day.

I'd be scared to be the other

team right now because we're,

we're just so fired up, it's


>> PROBST: Moto, come on in.

Ravu, come on in.

Moto, getting your first look at

the new Ravu tribe.

Erica voted out at the last

Tribal Council.

Ravu, last time I talked to you

guys, life was not enjoyable.

Rocky, things still tough over


>> Uh, things are tough, but,

but they're getting better.

My, uh, my girl Michelle over

here started a fire today...

boiled some water; things are

looking up.

>> PROBST: You started fire?

>> Yes.

>> Michelle did, yes, we did.

>> Yes.

>> PROBST: Ravu, I got to say

you have done what very few

tribes have ever done in this

game, which is start fire on

your own.


Because you have fire, you no

longer have to earn it.

Here's your flint.


You now have your flint, same as


Hopefully, you'll be able to

keep your fire going.

All right, for today's reward

challenge, you will race head-

to-head as you slide down a

slippery course to retrieve a

numbered ball that I will

randomly assign each round.

First tribe member to toss your

ball into a basket scores a

point for their tribe.

First tribe to six wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing


>> ALL: Yeah!

>> PROBST: You will have a


First reward you might choose is

a little taste of home in the

form of your luxury items.

>> Wow.

>> PROBST: If that's not

whetting your appetite...

(gasping, murmuring) exact duplicate set of the

fishing gear that Moto won.

If you don't like either of

those, third choice: instant

gratification-- fresh fruit.

In addition, the winning tribe

will send one member from the

losing tribe to Exile Island.

This time, however, that person

will not be immune.

They will rejoin their tribe

before the next challenge.

Moto, because you have one extra

member, you're sitting somebody


>> I want to sit out.

>> PROBST: Lisi going to sit


Lisi, you'll take a spot on the

bench; everybody else,

we'll get started.

>> PROBST: For the first round,

it will be Anthony for Ravu;

Gary, Papa Smurf, for Moto.

You are going for number nine.

Survivors ready?


>> Come on, Gary!

(teams shouting)

>> PROBST: Gary trying to run,

takes a hard fall.

Anthony sliding his way across.

Gary and Anthony both tiptoeing.

Oh! Gary takes another one,


>> Go, Gary, go!

>> PROBST: Got to get it in the


>> Come on, Ravu!

>> PROBST: First one to get it

in scores a point for their


Gary scores for Moto!

Moto leads, one-zero.

Next round will be two women.

For Ravu, it is Rita taking on


For Moto, going for number


Survivors ready?


>> Go, go!

>> Go, Rita!

>> PROBST: Rita and Cassandra

heading for number three.

Oh! Cassandra takes a hard fall

and turns it into a great slide!

Cassandra has her ball.

She knocks off Rita's.

Cassandra's trying to stay up.

Rita trying to stay up.

>> Come on, baby!

>> PROBST: Got to get it in the


Moto leads, one-zip.

Choice of rewards on the line.

Ravu scores!

Rita scores for Ravu.

We're tied, one-one.

Next round will be Boo for Moto

taking on Rocky for Ravu.

You're going for number seven.

Survivors ready?


Rocky and Boo.

Boo getting a big sprint.

Paddling right to number seven,

grabs it on his way and heads

to the basket.

Rocky takes a fall right behind.

Boo with one shot, scores for


Moto leads, two-one.

That is how you do it.

Next round will be Michelle

taking on Stacy for Moto.

You are going for number six.

Survivors ready?


(teams shouting)

Stacy really working that slide,

every bit of it.

She's got her ball and drops it

and falls.

Michelle has hers and drops it.

They're both gingerly tiptoeing.

To the shooting line.

Michelle tosses.

She's short.

Stacy just misses for Moto.

Michelle just misses for Ravu.

Stacy bounces it off the net!

Moto leads, three-one.

Next round will be Alex for

Moto taking on Mookie for Ravu.

>> Let's go, Mookie!

>> PROBST: You are going for

number ten.

Survivors ready?


It's a sprint.

Mookie launches himself.

Alex surfing across the course.

Mookie has his ball.

Alex has his and drops it and


Mookie gets off a shot, but it's


Mookie scores for Ravu!

Moto leads, three-two.

Next round will be Sylvia for

Ravu taking on Liliana from


Going for number two.

Survivors ready?


>> Come on, Liliana!

>> PROBST: Oh!

Sylvia takes a hard fall.

Liliana right on target.

She's got her ball, and she's

heading to the shooting line.

Sylvia struggling to get to her


A big lead for Liliana.

Sylvia walking very gingerly,

tiptoeing her way across this


Giving Liliana a lot of free


Sylvia still not at the

shooting line.

Liliana scores for Moto!

Moto leads, four-two.

Next round will be Earl for

Ravu taking on Edgardo for Moto.

Going for number 11.

Survivors ready?


Edgardo out of the gate quickly.

Earl catches up quickly.

Both guys now on their feet.

Edgardo's got his ball.

Earl has his.

Edgardo launches his first shot

and misses.

Earl taking his time...

and just misses for Ravu.

Edgardo scores for Moto!

Moto leads, five-two.

Next round, Yau-Man for Ravu

against Dre for Moto.

>> (laughs loudly)

>> PROBST: Moto leads, five-two.

It takes six to win.

Dre could win it right here for


Yau-Man trying to keep Ravu in


You are going for number five.

Survivors ready?


(teams shouting)

Yau-Man right in this with Dre.

Dre has his ball.

Yau-Man has his.

Yau-Man looking very light on

his feet.

Dre misses short.

Yau-Man with a nice toss, just


>> Come on, Dre!

>> PROBST: Oh!

Dre's is in and out for Moto.

Yau-Man needs to score to keep

Ravu in it.

Very close.

Moto could win it with this


Just short.

Yau-Man launches for Ravu.

>> Oh!

>> PROBST: Close again.

Dre rims it.

Ravu can stay alive.

Yau-Man just misses.

Dre scores for Moto!

Moto wins reward!

Moto, congratulations.

You continue to dominate,

undefeated in challenges thus


Which of the three rewards are

you going to take?

>> The fishing gear.

>> PROBST: Fishing gear.

Which tribe member of Ravu's

are you going to send to Exile


>> Sylvia.

>> PROBST: Sylvia.

>> I was afraid of that.

>> PROBST: Sylvia, grab your


Boat's waiting.

>> Bye, sweetie.

>> Good luck. Sorry.

>> PROBST: Moto, more riches.

Come get your reward, head back

to camp.

>> Today at challenge, I didn't

do very well, and I'm very

embarrassed by it.

This is the second time I've

been separated from my tribe in

only seven days, and they're

probably sitting around and

saying, "We should've let Sylvia

go sooner 'cause she's a real

albatross around our neck."

Clue number three: "When night

has fallen and the tribe is

asleep, you'll find it under the

cave's threshold if you dig



The third clue is so helpful.

It said, dig right under the

tallest part of the arch of the

cave, and the immunity idol

will be there.

I'm in a... probably the most

tenuous position right now with

my tribe.

The idol is right smack-dab in

the middle of camp, so I need to

figure out a time and a place to

look for the idol as quickly as


>> SEVERAL (chanting): Moto!

Moto! Moto!


>> Oh, man, we are eating good.

>> Oh, yeah, baby!

>> We take no prisoners, not

even women and the children.

>> I loved that challenge,

seeing people slip and fall.

>> I am so happy we got this.

>> And as long as we keep the

lead, our morale stays up,

their morale goes down-- bam,

there it is right there, that

whole game, every time.

So funny when Papa Smurf

fell down.


>> That was funny.

>> When he fell down, I was,

like, "Golly!"

>> Who?

>> Papa Smurf.

>> I've busted ribs before, and

it feels like I... just like

when I broke that one, can't get

a deep breath.

Just... had some dizziness, uh,

before, where I kind of just...

and it feels like it's the same


>> We were all sitting around,

and all of a sudden, you know,

we noticed Gary wasn't doing

too well.

He took a pretty hard fall in

the challenge, so, you know, we

were just concerned.

So we got the medics to come out

here and take a look at him.

>> Is it hard for you to talk?

>> No, no.

>> Yeah... okay.

>> And that's... I don't know...

>> He was afraid.

He said he didn't want to die

in Fiji.

And that he was real afraid.

He couldn't-- he didn't know

where he was.

I know this is a passion for


A lot of people look at it as a

game, but he's older.

And I just want him to be okay.

>> Yeah.

>> See if that helps you.

>> Okay.

>> Will that be all right?

>> Yes.

>> All righty?

>> Yes.

>> The plan for now is to have

Gary just rest for a while, see

how he wakes up in the morning.

>> Thank you.

>> Take care.

>> But my thinking is if he

cannot breathe, you know,


It's best for him to just go

and get that taken care of.

>> Yeah.

>> Gary's a great guy.

I mean, we all kind of look up

to the guy, and, you know, he's

in our prayers, and we just

hope he gets better.

>> Tree mail!

Come and get it!

>> We've got mail?

>> Yep.

>> "Keeping your tribe together

won't require brawn.

This one is a true test of

will, and now it's time to get

it on."

>> A physical one.

>> No, it won't require brawn.

It's endurance.

>> Today, we're getting ready

for another challenge.

Don't know what it entails.

It's kind of hard to speculate

because, in this game, when you

think it's going one way, all

of a sudden, it goes the other.

>> Gary showing up to the next

challenge in this sort of

weakened position is going to

hurt our tribe, so if it's

going to be the case that he's

just not going to be able to

perform, then it's in his best

interest, as well as ours, to

just-- he should just call it


We're going to keep a close eye

on him, and, you know, if

anything happens, his health is

more important than the game to


>> PROBST: Come on in, guys.

We'll now bring in Sylvia,

returning from Exile Island.

First things first.

Edgardo, bring me the immunity

idol, please.

Thank you.

Once again, immunity is back up

for grabs.

For today's challenge, you will

compete head-to-head in a

food-eating competition.

Ravu very excited to have food.

>> We're hungry!

We're a lot hungrier than those

guys, there.

>> PROBST: First tribe member

to get their food down scores a

point for their tribe.

First tribe to four wins

immunity, guaranteed at least

another day out here in Fiji.

Losers, Tribal Council tonight,

somebody will be going home.

First round, Liliana for Moto

taking on Rocky from Ravu.

I can assure you, everything

you're going to eat today

Fijians eat.

First round is giant clams.

(everyone groaning)

>> PROBST: Eat it however you

can get it down.

When you're done, show me an

empty mouth.

If there's still something in

there, I'll let you know.

If you're good, I'll say you


Three, two, one, eat.

Rocky shoves it down his mouth.

Trying to swallow it.

Liliana taking her time and


That's a lot of giant clam.

No, you're not done.

A little bit in the teeth.

No, Rocky!

For Ravu.

Liliana, you still got it

hanging down.

Ravu leads one-zip.

Just so we're clear, when I say

empty mouth, it's got to be


If you got stuff hanging down,

it's not empty.

Next round is Sylvia for Ravu

taking on Dreamz for Moto.

>> Sylvia, you're hungry.

>> PROBST: Octopus.

You will each eat one octopus



Three, two, one, eat.

Those are big tentacles.

Dreamz's chewing that like a

piece of beef jerky.

Sylvia's torn hers all apart

into bite-size.

>> Attagirl!

Let's go!

>> PROBST: We are very close

once again.

Sylvia getting a lot of hers


Very close.

Got to show me a completely

empty mouth.

Who can swallow fastest?

Sylvia got a little nub on


Don't lose it.

Dre has it for Moto!

We are tied one-one.

Next round is Lisi taking on


Peanut worms.

Moto leads two-one.

You're playing to five.

Three, two, one, eat.

>> Go!

>> PROBST: Mookie digging in,

chewing on those peanut worms.

Lisi off to a slower start.

>> Yeah!

Chew it up!

Chew it up!

>> PROBST: Mookie not messing


Lisi is in trouble.

Not looking good for Moto on

this one.

>> Come on, Mook.

Come on!

>> You're good.

One more, baby, one more!

>> PROBST: Mookie taunting

Lisi, trying to get her to


Trying to get her to throw up.

Mookie very close for Ravu.

>> Show me the money, Mook!

Show me the money, Mook.

>> PROBST: Mookie has it for


Ravu leads two-one.

>> Was it nasty?

>> It was nasty.

>> PROBST: You didn't like the


>> Well, no, not at all.

I mean, that-- that might have

just have stopped our goodwill

towards them.

Goodwill and sportsmanship is

to be humble.

>> You guys taunt, too, bro.

It's not one-sided brother.

>> We don't taunt, and we still

wish all the best of luck.

>> I wish you the best of

luck too, but it's all fair in

love and war, baby.

Chill out; relax.

You blow off two people and

then tell me how you feel, bro.

>> PROBST: Ready to keep going?

>> Yeah.

>> Please.

>> PROBST: It's going to be

Earl for Ravu taking on Alex

for Moto.

Sea cucumber.

>> Easy, bro.

>> Got it.

>> PROBST: Three, two, one, go.

Earl can't even hold on to his,

he's so excited to eat.

>> All right, Alex, come on.

Come on!

>> Come on, Alex!

Come on, Alex!

>> PROBST: Alex working on his

second piece of sea cucumber.

Earl still working on his first.

>> Come on, Earl!

You're behind, baby!

Come on.

>> PROBST: Alex now on his

third and final piece of sea


>> Swallow it!

Swallow it!

>> PROBST: Earl, it's mind over


>> Come on!

>> Come on, Earl.

Come on, come on, baby.

>> PROBST: Does he have it?

Alex has it for Moto!

We are tied two-two.

>> No water... no water...

>> It wouldn't go down?

>> Yeah-- no water.

>> PROBST: Next round is

Michelle for Ravu taking on

Edgardo for Moto.

Fish eyes.

>> Nice, Michelle.

>> PROBST: Three, two, one.


Edgardo just swallowing, not

even messing around.

Michelle quickly falling behind.

>> Come on, Michelle!

Come on, Michelle!

Come on, Michelle!

>> Go, Michelle.

>> PROBST: Edgardo has it for


Moto leads three-two.

>> Yes!

>> That's okay, Michelle.

That's all right, baby.

>> PROBST: This could be the

last round.

It's going to be Papa Smurf

for Moto, taking on Anthony for


A lot on the line.

Gary, you could win immunity

again for Moto.

Anthony, fate is in your hands.

You have to win or you guys are

going to Tribal Council tonight.

Let's see how you do with pig


Still a little hair on the


>> Come on, baby!

>> Bacon, baby, bacon.

>> PROBST: Three, two, one, eat.

>> Come on, Papa!

>> Papa Smurf!

>> Papa.

>> Let's go, Anthony!

>> PROBST: Gary like he's

done it every day of his life.

Hammering that snout down.

Anthony struggling to get it


>> Hey, you don't got to chew

all of it.

You don't got to chew all of it.

Just swallow, baby.

>> We're behind, baby, come on!

Chew fast!

>> PROBST: Papa Smurf starting

on his second snout.

>> Come on, Papa Smurf.

>> PROBST: Anthony has really

slowed down his chewing.

>> Come on Anthony!

>> TEAM (chanting): Papa Smurf!

>> PROBST: Gary puts down the

the last bite.

Anthony still struggling with

that first bite.

>> TEAM: Papa Smurf! Papa Smurf!

Papa Smurf!

>> PROBST: Moto wins immunity


Moto remains undefeated so far

in this game.

Ravu, still winless, more bad

news, Tribal Council tonight.

Another member of your tribe

going home.

Grab your bags, head back to


See you at Tribal.

(squawking, chittering)

>> (yells)

We lost again.

>> That was a tough challenge.


>> Four times in a row is hard.

What are you gonna do?

>> I just want to let you guys

know I was absolutely mortified

yesterday by my performance,


I just wanted to say I'm really

sorry that I let the team down

on that one challenge.

>> If, at the moment, that was

the best you can do, then...

>> Okay, thanks for letting me

get it off my chest.

(indistinct chatter)

I don't know if the tribe is

still connected to me.

I certainly still feel connected

to the tribe.

But I was gone for almost 24

hours, and... I've been a target

since first day.

Because I'm definitely the

oldest woman, and the least

amount of strength, probably the

least amount of skills.

It is absolutely essential that

I find the idol before Tribal

Council, or else I will be the

next one voted off.

>> She's trying a bit too hard.

>> I'm right there with you.

I'm just trying to keep my butt

in the game.

I'm trying not to scramble

around too much.

I think that Sylvia's getting

voted out tonight.

Probably the most interesting

complication that can happen

during Tribal Council will be if

Sylvia actually has the idol.

And if she breaks it out, it's

gonna change up some...


Because whoever she picks...

goes home.

>> So, let's run over what we're

gonna do tonight, huh?

>> Um...

>> Sylvia's... Basically, the

majority, uh, is gonna vote for

Sylvia on this one, all right?

>> Okay. Mm-hmm.

>> And then, to back it up, just

in case she does have the idol--

'cause, you know, she's playing

off like she doesn't, but not a

big deal-- we'll put Anthony's

name in there, too, 'cause we...

>> So we have a backup.

>> Yeah. Cool?

>> Sounds like a plan.

>> Ready, break?

Ready, break. All right.

>> James approached me and said

that the plan was that Sylvia

was gonna be voted out unless

she had the immunity idol, and,

then, in which case, we would be

voting, uh, Anthony out.

>> Does he irk you at all, or



He just seems like a... like

a... like a... a little on the

whiny side, you know?

>> Well, like, he's so


>> Yeah.

>> I don't want to vote out

either Sylvia or Anthony.

We've made our voting decisions,

supposedly, to try to make the

tribe stronger, but the

reality is that it hasn't.

So I'm gonna do something that's

not "with the tribe."

>> Anthony, he's... he's the

most, you know...

I don't know what's going on in

his mind.

And especially today, when

someone puts a gun to your head,

"Finish this in a minute."

I don't care if you have no

water in your mouth, you're

going to finish it.

He was still on the same little

bit, and then he's, like,

complaining about it.

>> That bothered you, huh?

>> This bit!

Anthony just... I was not happy

at all with his performance in

the challenge.

He's just not that strong, and I

think it's just the effort that

he put forward that just really

irritated me.

So, uh...

>> Mm-hmm?

>> Where's Anthony?

>> Not around.

>> So you're good with that,


>> Mm-hmm, yeah.

>> Okay.

>> I'm good.

I'm not sure how it's going to

go tonight.

I mean, I hear, supposedly, that

majority is going to vote for

Anthony, but I'm not feeling

really absolutely certain.

I am pretty sure I know where

the idol is.

From the three clues that have

been given out so far, it seems

to me that it's going to be at

the threshold of the tallest

point of the cave.

So I still have a little bit of

time before Tribal Council, and

I'm going to dig right now and

try to get that idol as my

insurance policy.

If I get the idol now, and if

the vote does go my way, I will

be able to surprise everybody.

>> PROBST: Let's start with a

quick poll, one word answers.

What is the state of the tribe?


>> Tired.

>> PROBST: Yau-Man.

>> Not very happy.

>> PROBST: Michelle.

>> Hungry.

>> PROBST: Rocky.

>> Tired.

>> PROBST: Mookie.

>> Bad.

>> PROBST: I'm watching a group

of people that are

disintegrating, emotionally,

before my eyes.

Mookie, what needs to happen

with this tribe?

The game is slipping through

your fingers.

>> We need to come through in a


Uh, I think the more we lose,

the idea the rich get richer,

the poor get poorer, comes

to seep into our minds, and,

uh, it's starting to mess with

us, definitely.

>> PROBST: Sylvia, you struggled

in the reward challenge.

>> I did.

I mean, I was just mortified for

disappointing the tribe, for not

getting that one more basket in.

The second thing was a little

bit of self-performance here:

why are you not able to do the

clutch move when you need to do


>> PROBST: Anthony, today, you

squared off against Gary-- Papa


The head-to-head between you two

guys was over before it started.

>> I was just trying to swallow,

and I had no spit to swallow.

You know, I was out here in the

tropics chewing pig snout and

enjoying it.

I just couldn't swallow it.

>> PROBST: Rocky, trust.

Does it start to become even

more difficult, when you lose

time after time after time,

to trust people?

>> I think it becomes more


You have to trust that there is

a possibility that one day you

are going to snap out of this

and you're going to start


If you lose that, you might as

well just not even show up to

the game.

>> PROBST: Anthony, Mookie


>> I think Mookie is pretty


I'm generally the person who,

for the most part, gives people

the benefit of the doubt.

>> PROBST: The problem with that

is, by the time you figure out

you can't trust him, it could be

as you're walking out of here.

>> You know, I often wonder

if the... if these folks even

like me.

I think... I like to think they

like me, but you know, sometimes

you can't tell.

>> PROBST: Mookie, what's your

thought on what Anthony said?

>> To be honest, after the

challenge, I was really pissed


And one person that just brought

me over the top was Anthony.

I understand that it's hard to

swallow, but when you take a

little piece of snout this

small, you can will yourself to

throw it down.

>> PROBST: Anthony, he's not

only saying you didn't have

enough effort today, he's

questioning your will to win.

>> I have the will to win.

I have the will to be here.

I have the will to keep going

through this game.

I'm out there in the same stuff

with you, dude.

I guess I pissed you off.

Okay, fine.

But, you know, you want to

question my will...

>> I don't... I don't want to

make it personal.

The thing is...

>> Well, you know, it's gonna

be personal.

>> Not everyone was able to put

it down.

>> Well, apparently I'm the only

one who put you over the top.

>> PROBST: One last topic to

talk about: hidden immunity


Earl's been out there once,

Sylvia twice.

What was the mood back at camp

today, Rocky, knowing she had

three clues?

Were you trying to figure out if

she had the idol or not?

>> Of course we are.

She could be holding it in her

back pocket right now.

I don't know.

>> PROBST: Okay, if somebody

does indeed have the hidden

immunity idol and you want to

play it, you would play it after

the votes have been cast, before

I read them.

It is time to vote.

Mookie, you're up.

>> It's not your will.

It's your attitude.

>> I just got to know if you

have the idol or not.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


>> PROBST: If you have the

hidden immunity idol and you

want to play it, now is the time

to do so.

Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the Tribal

Council area immediately.

First vote, Sylvia.



Two votes Sylvia, one vote


Anthony-- two votes Anthony.

Sylvia-- three votes Sylvia.


We're tied: three votes

Anthony, three votes Sylvia.


That's one vote Earl, three

votes Anthony, three votes

Sylvia, one vote left.

Third person voted out of

Survivor: Fiji... Sylvia.

You need to bring me your torch.

Sylvia, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

>> Good luck.

>> PROBST: Well, one good thing

that came out of tonight's

Tribal Council: a little


Maybe it will make a difference.

Grab your torches.

Go back to camp.

>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on


>> I just can't... I can't


>> PROBST: Gary breaks down.

>> His head spinning is just

getting worse.

>> If he doesn't get better,

he's going to have to go.

>> PROBST: Liliana makes a move

on the guys.


And Anthony takes a beating.

>> You get all sentimental and


>> There's no way in hell I'm

gonna give it up.

>> So I've been had, and, um,

I'm not too happy about it.

Um, I actually really, really

liked the entire group of both

tribes because we had three days

to get to know everybody, and

I'm not that angry or resentful

right now.

I'm just looking forward to

seeing them all after they've

clawed each other's eyes out

later on.