Survivor (2000–…): Season 14, Episode 2 - Snakes Are Misunderstood... We Have an Understanding Now - full transcript

The losing Ravu tribe feels the effects of having almost nothing at their camp while the Moto tribe continues to live comfortably in their luxurious shelter.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on


On a remote island off the coast

of Fiji, 19 Americans were

marooned with no instructions.

>> We don't have a pot, we don't

have water, we don't have

anything, and none of us have a

clue what's going on.

>> Come on, we've got visitors!

>> PROBST: Then a message from

above quickly changed


>> "Welcome, survivors.

Construct the best possible

living area you can."

>> Holy cow, man!

>> All right!

>> PROBST: With an unprecedented

abundance of supplies...

>> Let's rock and roll.

>> PROBST: ...the castaways

begin to build the most

elaborate camp in Survivor


>> The kitchen's going to be

right there.

>> PROBST: Sylvia the architect

spearheaded the construction


>> Hey, I notice nobody's

working on the kitchen.

We need a crew for the kitchen

or else it won't be done until


>> I do get the sense that

Sylvia's trying to dominate.

You're going to upset the wagon

by doing that.

>> PROBST: At the immunity

challenge, Sylvia's leadership

earned her the right to divide

the tribes.

Moto, you are green.

Ravu, you are orange.

>> Yeah, baby!

>> PROBST: Then Sylvia learned

she had immunity, but would be

banished to Exile Island.

You will rejoin this game by

joining the tribe that does lose

a member.

Exile Island awaits.

The stage was set for a high-

stakes challenge.

In addition to immunity, the

winning tribe gets to stay on

the beach that all 19 of you put

blood, sweat, and tears into


Losers will go to a new beach

where you will find one pot and

one machete, and that's it.


During the challenge...

Jessica still working on the


...Jessica slowed Ravu down.

Moto has their knife!

And Moto came out ahead.

Moto wins immunity and reward!

Ravu, here's a map to your new


Not much waiting for you.

On Exile Island...

>> "Here you won't find the idol

you crave."

>> PROBST: Sylvia discovered

that the hidden idol was back at

her tribe camp.

>> Now I have to figure out a

time when I can search for it

without prying eyes.

>> We're home!

>> PROBST: And Ravu landed on a

new beach.

>> We've got a double whammy.

We have to start over, a new

shelter, but now we've got to

figure out a team member to


>> PROBST: And at tribal


First person voted out of

Survivor: Fiji, Jessica.

...the tribe singled out Jessica

as the weak link.

Jessica, the tribe has spoken.

18 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

>> The leaves have water on



>> Tree licking good.

>> This is the weirdest thing

I've ever done.

But it's good.

I think I'm going to grab a

couple of more.

>> It's like tree hugging.

>> Let's go.

>> So it's day four on the

island, and we're dehydrated.

We're so desperate for water

that we found that there's

trickle bits of water on leaves,

and so just licking the leaves

and getting as much water as

possible, we thought that would

be a good idea.

>> Oh, no!

>> Seriously, just lick some

leaves, man.

The palms are better.

>> I've never... have you ever

licked a leaf before?

>> We need to survive.

It's hard to even think when

you're dying of starvation and


Thirst before anything.

>> You missed one.

>> It's just a little bit of


>> We're all just dehydrated.

It makes you delirious.

>> Lick it.

>> So good.

>> How did you guys sleep?

>> I slept really well last


The pillows really make a


It's ridiculous.

>> We are very fortunate to be

living the way that we're


Yesterday we did win one hell of

a reward.

( scat singing )

♪ We are in an island. ♪

( scat singing )

( laughter )

>> We do have a really plush

couch, beautiful pillows that we

could sleep on.

There's two hammocks.

You know, we have silverware,


We're all more than happy.

We're all sitting around

thinking the same thing-- this

game is so vicious, it's


I just killed an ant with a


( laughing )

What a great death.

>> Yeah, man.

It's rough out here.

Belly full of salted rice, fresh

mangoes, lemonade.

>> There's some more rice in


>> Of course, we made it


The fat of the land.

( farting sound )

>> Oh, my god!


Oh, for the love of Pete.

>> That's air.

It's not like a sea urchin.

>> Still!

>> We're already full.

You know, this is going to be

the first Survivor where you

actually gain weight when you


>> We have a lot to do over


A nice, long, groove.

See, that's what we need.

>> Come on!

>> It's tiring.

It's very tiring.

>> It is.

>> It's going to take a long

time to do.

Do you want to take a break?

>> Go, go, go, go, go.

>> Right now, Ravu is in pretty

bad shape.

We've got heart for days, but

heart doesn't do any good when

you're as thirsty and hungry as

we are.

We rub sticks and we rub more


Rubbing sticks is great if you

have 30 people who are all

hydrated and have energy.

When you have eight people who

are tired as hell and who have

no water in their system, it

burns you out pretty fast.

>> So since we did not get any

fire yet and weren't able to

boil water, the plan here is to

fill up as many canisters as we

can with coconut water.

With a good knife, it takes

about a minute to crack open a


With a bad knife it takes, like,

three, four, minutes.

I mean, that really takes a lot

more energy.

>> I think I can get one open in

one minute.

What's that, 30 seconds?

>> Ooh!

A little cocky, are we, buddy?

I didn't know we had a


>> Let's get the stopwatch out.

>> Trying to take your title,


>> They are completely full.

>> Are you kidding me?


>> Today, what's going on is

basically everyone's beat.

Nobody really has the energy to

chop anything open or run

around, so you, like, chop up

five coconuts, take a nap for an


I'm telling you, right now,

nobody has a clue.

We're walking around into the

rocks and the trees, guy.

Half of us can't even stand up

for more than, like, an hour and

a half, I'm telling you.

I just... you know, I've never

experienced dehydration like

this so much.

You guys want this, or what?

>> Rocky, just swallow it.

>> Yeah?

I was eating clams off the


I don't do that!

I eat clams, too.

I don't eat them off the ground.



It's crazy!

We're starving here, bro!

>> On the stick?

>> On the sign.

>> Man, you'd better get some

water into that.

>> Boo caught something in his

eye, and his eye's red.

He's got an obvious indentation

in his eye.

Just blink with your eye as I'm

pouring it in.

Try to go as long as you can.

Just blink.

Just keep it, keep it.

It's going to be bad.

It's going to be annoying.

Just keep it.

All right.

>> Look how he dropped that ax

so close to his leg.

>> Oh, my god, Boo, be careful.

>> Oops.

>> Oh, my god.

>> Oh, my god, Boo, how did it


>> Hang on.

>> I just barely finished

helping him with the eye

situation, and the next thing

you know, he takes an ax, and

literally the ax went through

the finger and right down to the


>> Quit worrying about my


>> We aren't worrying about your


>> We have other stuff we need

to do.

>> Like what?

>> I will tell y'all when I

think I need some help.

>> It's too late then, Boo.

Boo is very stubborn.

He's a real hazard to himself.

I can see it happening where we

don't have to vote nobody out

sooner or later.

For real, he has one leg, one

hand, and one eye.

He really ain't no good to us


What can we do?

We've got to think about that

kind of stuff.

That's the kind of stuff I'll be

thinking about, you know what

I'm saying?

Everybody knows it.

Everybody is predicting it.

Boo will hurt himself out of the


>> Darn it, Boo!

>> Oh, my god.

>> Had to happen to me.

>> Sylvia.

>> Is she here?

>> Yeah.

Yeah, there she is.

Come on, you guys.

>> Hey, Anthony!

What are you guys called again?

>> Ravu.

>> Ravu!

I knew it was going to be good.

Did you guys make a home?

>> Huh?

>> Did you make a home or are

you waiting for me?

>> We waited for you.

>> Oh, my god.

>> Oh, my god, it was horrible.


I was... I was hoping... I was

hoping I would be on your team.

>> Welcome home!

When Sylvia came back from Exile

Island, everybody was excited.

But when I went up to greet her,

I had only one thing in my mind,

and that was to see if she found

the immunity idol.

So when I was giving her a hug I

was actually quite nasty.

I looked over her shoulder and

opened up her shoulder bag and

did a little quick search, and I

didn't find anything.

>> Oh, my god!

>> That was my first thought in

mind-- "When I'm hugging her,

I'm going to feel her up and see

if the idol is there."

>> I made fire for the first

time in my life.

There's no flint here?

>> No, we had no fire here.

>> We've got nothing.

>> We don't have water.

>> So when I got here and they

told me they had no fire and no

water at all, you know, you're

just kind of like, "We're stuck

in a really bad situation."

So how many canteens do we have

filled yet?

>> None.

>> We're just starting the



Isn't that awesome?

>> Here.

I'll try it, Erica.

Okay, so...

>> You need to give it a good


Here, over the... so you drip...

>> Hey, it ain't working for me,


>> Harder.

Just hit hard.

>> I am!

I feel like at this point I'm a

bit extraneous.

I'm a bit like... because I

missed the whole day with them,

and they've got the whole rhythm

going, so I feel like I'm coming

in and trying to help, but I'm


>> Oh, man.

>> ... you know, part of the

core right now.

If the sun gets intense for long

enough, you might get something


It looks like your left hand

could use a little support.

Could you?


>> Michelle.

>> Yeah.

>> I was not really excited for

Sylvia to come back.

I already didn't have great

feelings about her personality.

I personally think she's a

little bossy, and just likes to

push people around.

>> How about fishing along the


>> We can try it.

>> You know, if this is low

tide, we ought to go out and get

some oysters.

>> In many ways, Sylvia's the


She kind of does rub people the

wrong way.

I mean, it's not so much that

she's a bad person.

It's just that she's... for lack

of a better word, she's bossy.

>> Yep.

If I throw the machete, are you

going to catch it?

>> There you go.

>> Being on Survivor is pretty

much a little bit easier than

being homeless.

Hey, watch out!

Look, I'm going to bring down a

family of them.

>> Oh, that was a good one,


You got six out of that.

>> When I was first homeless, I

was about seven years old

because my momma started doing


>> I wouldn't step on that one

for too much security.

>> Our momma was a crackhead.

And my brothers and sisters and

I decided all we got is each

other and ourselves.

And so we used to just get the

food out of the trash can that

people throw away.

It's very similar, having to go

out and get food, having to find


And when you find food you ain't

going to be greedy and eat it

yourself because you're hungry,

because you know everybody else

is hungry, too.

>> That's beautiful.

That's a beautiful thing.

>> There's so much more, there

are so many more.

The more trees we find, the more

we run wild.

I know my teammates don't know

what it's like to suffer.

When I first got here, I was

like, "What are these people

doing here?"

I don't think they know what

it's like to struggle.

I think this is the most

struggle some people had that's

here, which is not really even a

struggle to me.

This is easier than being

homeless on the street.

I know people are going to be


People sitting at home, they're

going to be jealous, because

we've got more food here than

they have in their refrigerator.

>> Oh, wow.

That would be sad.

>> Yeah, that would be really


>> This is more food that I've

got in my refrigerator.

>> I have a weight of

responsibility to last in this

game, because I do want to help

my family.

I'm in an amazing spot in my

life right now.

I'm going to help my family when

I get back.

>> Ahoy!

I am beyond starving.

I'm looking for anything, any

tree of life, anything.

>> Look on the ground, man.

>> Hey, this is something.

Are those nuts?

>> Mango, bro.

>> Yeah, it's a mango.

This is definitely the beginning


Can't eat them.

I'm going to go up here a little

bit more and see.

We went all the way up to the

top, around, nothing.

I went all the way up that way.

There's no other fruit here.


>> Oh, my god.


There are so many of them.


>> Oh, my god!

>> Pineapples.

This is ready.

>> Pineapple!

>> We're running around hungry

and stupid for the past few


We've been looking over there.

>> Amazing!

>> Beautiful!

>> We've been trekking the whole

island, climbing mountains and

stuff, and right in front of us

has been, like, hundreds of

pineapples, sitting there.

>> Oh, my god!

>> Erica, you're the hero.

>> Oh, my god!

>> No way!

>> Oh, sweet!

>> Oh, my god!

>> We've got pineapple power for

the challenge tomorrow.

>> This is huge.

This is... now I'll be ready.

I'll be ready.

Wow, a miracle.

And she just stumbled on to it.

Me and Erica, we're getting

married now.

She just saved my life.

And I appreciate that.

That's a good woman.

>> I just want to smile.

I just want to smile.

>> Yo!

>> Hey!

>> What is that thing?

>> Tree mail?

>> Bring it here.

>> Is that fire?

>> We got mail.

>> No.

No fire, stupid.

He goes, "Fire?"

Yeah, I got fire right here,


"Run, paddle, pull, think.

This one's anybody's game.

Teamwork and the will to win..."

>> We've got the will!

We've got the will!

>> That's right.

..."helps with food and saves

your flame."

>> Key word, "flame," baby.

We've got fire.

>> We've got flint.

We've got heart.

>> I am not going to have any

problems kicking butt today.

It's definitely all about

payback today.

I mean, we helped build that


We wasted all of our fresh

energy on making that camp home.

So today is the day that we can

get back at them and we can make

them suffer a little bit.

>> Ow!

>> I want to win for many


I'm the most vulnerable member

of the tribe right now, having

been an outsider, and I've

realized for a couple of days

now, of course, that the

immunity idol is here at camp.

But I haven't had the strength,

the energy, or really

opportunity to go look for it.

So there is no option for me to


Because I know the consequences.

>> I hope y'all feel that

nervousness coming on.

It's time.

It's go-home day.

It's go-home day for somebody.

Somebody got to go home today.

And we don't plan on it being


It's go-home day, and we want to

stay on go-home day.

>> Y'all doing it, I'm going it.

It's definitely game on, and

we're pumped.

We're pumped in more ways than

they can imagine.

Our tribe has a distinct


It's a huge advantage where

we've been fed, we've been

happy, we've been cracking up

laughing, we've been sleeping


We're going to be calm.

We're going to be steady.

They're going to be nervous.

We don't want to lose, but we

know in our minds we're not

starting from the bottom


>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

Moto, getting your first look at

the new Ravu tribe.

Jessica voted out at the first

tribal council.

Sylvia has taken her spot.

First order of business.

Sylvia, your buff.

You're now official.

>> Finally.

>> PROBST: All right, first

things first.

Take back immunity.

Immunity, back up for grabs.

For today's challenge, each

tribe will paddle in a canoe out

and around your tribe flag.

On your way back, you must

collect four supply crates.

Each time you paddle over a

crate, one tribe member will

attach a long rope to the crate.

Once you're back to shore,

you'll pull the crates in and

carry them to your tribe mat.

When you have all four crates on

your mat, you'll untie them to

find six puzzle pole pieces and

a flag.

The first tribe to correctly

assemble their puzzle pole with

their flag and raise it wins the


Want to know what you're playing


>> Yes.

>> PROBST: A lot of fishing


>> Nice.

>> Oh, man.

>> PROBST: Ravu, because you

still do not have fire, you're

still playing for fire in the

form of flint.

>> Let's get it, baby.

>> PROBST: Talk about making a


It would be nice to have some

water, wouldn't it?

>> Yes, it would.

>> PROBST: And the most

important thing in this game,


In addition, the winning tribe

will choose one member from the

losing tribe to go to Exile


There is a lot at stake, winner

take all.

Worth playing for?

>> Yes.

>> PROBST: Give you a minute to

strategize, we'll get started.

Here we go.

Ravu looking for some revenge.

Moto looking to put them deeper

in the hole.

For reward and immunity,

survivors ready?


Got to go out past your flag and

then head back!

>> Row!



Dig deep, you guys!

>> All right, you guys, reverse

it, reverse it.

>> Start backpedaling.

>> Go backwards.

>> PROBST: Ravu makes the turn.

Moto makes the turn.

Both tribes dead even as they

pass their flag heading back.

Rain starting to come down.

Ravu right on line.

>> Say when, say when.

>> PROBST: Michelle clips in for


>> Push!


>> PROBST: Stacy clips in for


>> Don't stop!

Don't stop!

>> Row!

>> PROBST: Ravu with a bit of a


Ravu clipped into their second


>> Go!

>> Push, push!

>> Stop, stop, stop!

>> Get it out of the boat!

>> PROBST: Moto's rope is


They're losing time.

Ravu getting a big break.

>> Hurry!

Come on!

>> PROBST: Moto has their second


Michelle clips in for Ravu,

extending the lead.

>> Backpedal here.



>> You guys, keep it going.

>> PROBST: Michelle has clipped

in the fourth and final crate

for Ravu.

They're heading back to shore.

>> Let's go!

>> Stacy clips in with the third

crate for Moto

>> Untangle that rope.

Come on, let's go!

>> PROBST: Moto clipping into

their fourth crate.

They're heading to shore.

It's going to come down to

strength now.

>> Go, go, go.

>> PROBST: Which tribe can get

their crates in more quickly?

Ravu working together very well.

Still with the lead.

Ravu, got to get that fourth

crate up there.

Keep moving!

Go, start untying!

Ravu untying their crates.

Moto back with their third


The guys trying to get that

fourth crate back quickly.

Go, Moto!

Start untying!

>> Let's go!

Put it together now!

>> PROBST: Which tribe works

together well here will win this


>> I have the bottom piece.

>> It's not fitting.

>> That was it!

>> PROBST: Erica certain she's


Nobody's listening.

>> Everybody calm down.

>> PROBST: Moto very close.

>> That's it, turn it.

Put it in, put it in!

>> PROBST: Moto thinks they have


>> Go, go, go!

>> Everybody!

>> One, two, three!

>> PROBST: Moto wins the


>> PROBST: Moto, once again,

you're safe from tribal council,

and you'll be taking back a lot

of fishing gear.

Ravu, more bad news for you.

Somebody's going to be going to

Exile Island.

The only saving grace is that

whoever Moto chooses will be

safe from tribal council


Moto, give me your decision.

>> It's Earl.

>> PROBST: Okay, Earl.

Boat's waiting for you.

You will get another clue to the

whereabouts of a hidden immunity


Watch out for the sea snakes.

>> I'll eat them.

>> PROBST: Ravu, tonight you

lose another member to tribal


You have the afternoon to figure

out who that's going to be.

Grab your stuff, head on back to


>> "Here you won't find the idol

you crave.

Search back at your camp if you

hope to be saved."

Clue number two:

"To search with success you must

become centered under the

highest point upon which you

have entered."

Back at the camp where I just



To find out that the idol was

back at camp was very shocking.

But it doesn't really matter

that Sylvia has that first clue,

because as of tonight, she most

likely will be gone.

Exile is an upgrade from how we

were living.

For one, I have fire.

But at the same time, I'm not

involved on what's going on at

the camp.

There's a freaking snake.

The highly poisonous sea snake.

Can't take that chance.

Can't take that chance.

That same one.

It's like Saving Private Ryan.

If you let that one go, it might

come back and get you later.

Sorry, buddy.

I really don't like killing


Snakes are misunderstood.

But we have an understanding


>> That one was a tough loss,


Just wait till the challenges

when there aren't no puzzles.

We'll kill everybody, you know

what I mean?

>> I love you.

>> It's the puzzles that kick

our ass every time, bro, every


>> Here we are, we bust our

asses today, and what do we got?



You know, we can't even win with

the sun.

And now we've got to go to

tribal council again.

And that's just frustrating.

I'm just mad.

I'm mad and a whole lot tired,

and it's only day six.

It's only day six!

I just want some freaking water,

that's all.

>> I'd say Erica panicked today.

You know, she was kind of grumpy

and screaming, which is all

right, because we always... you

know, lot of us are.

But not at the challenges, you


She's screaming, she's yelling

at people about pieces, this and

that, when it wasn't even her

place to be there.

>> Mookie's probably going to be

my partner in crime, you know.

We pretty much made an alliance,

and that way we can manipulate

everybody and just get it done.

I know it sounds bad, bro, but

what am I going to do?

What am I going to do?

All right, come up here so I can

talk to you.

Come on.

Come on.

So we're switching it out, bro.

>> Oh, we're switching it out?

>> Yeah.

So Erica is going to go now, and

if and when the next time we

lose, Sylvia goes next.

>> Wouldn't you rather get rid

of Sylvia now?

>> No, no, because Erica is the


Sylvia is not.

>> Yeah, but we've got to get...

we need the strength is the


>> To be honest with you, I love

her to death, but I can't always

read her.

I don't always know where she's

coming from.

>> So you'd rather have Sylvia


>> No, Sylvia is next.

>> But we need to take out


>> Oh, no.

>> She broke down today.

She... when we had those poles

in, when it didn't work, we

should have taken it out, she's

like, "No, do it again."

>> Mookie said "We're going to

vote Erica off."

I said, "Whoa!"

>> Things change real quick.

>> Yeah, they do.

>> Gee, I thought my days were

numbered here.


If you have laundry, just bring

it to us.

And the one thing I learned, if

nothing else, is when you're in

a situation like this, a

survival situation, rule number

one-- you keep your head.

She was panicking and screaming

in my ear.

>> Explain to him, because he's

upset about it, and I don't

blame him.

>> She was completely in a


You have to stay calm as a team.

When one person's yelling and

screaming, we're all distracted.

>> It's nothing personal, bro.

>> It's just performance.

>> I know it's not personal.

I know it's not personal.

>> I'm telling you.

>> Do you want to keep losing or


It's up to you.

>> Dude, do I look like I want

to keep losing?

>> I'm just asking you, bro.

>> Do you want to ask me that

question again?

>> Do you want to keep losing?

Don't get all mad at me,


>> I'm not getting mad at you.

>> You're bickering with me for

no reason.

>> I'm not bickering with you.

Dude, I'm not bickering.

>> Okay.

>> You're upset, guy.

>> I'm upset at the whole


>> Who would you rather it be?

>> I'm upset about the whole

situation, man.

This sucks.

>> You know, Erica lost her top.

She completely blew her stack at

the challenge today.

And because she panicked,

everybody saw it.

And those who didn't trust her a

lot now just want her gone,

which in many ways I think is a

mistake for the tribe.

I don't think it's smart.

I don't think it's smart.

>> No, I don't think so, either,

but then....

>> Right, it's the majority.

>> It's the majority.

>> Okay, well...

>> They've got the votes.

They've got the votes.

>> They have enough already?

>> Yeah.

>> Well, if they have enough

already, let me put Sylvia, so I

can be like, "I'm voting you

because I don't like you."

>> Okay, then that's cool.

Then I'll vote for Sylvia, too.

I'm playing the game.

So is everybody else.

You just have to play with what

cards you're dealt.

And right now I've got a really

funky hand.

Getting rid of Sylvia in a lot

of ways would probably be good,

you know, mental health for all

of us.

We were all fine before she

showed up.

We were actually all pretty

tight before she showed up.

>> Here's my question.

How did you feel before she got

here and after she got here?

>> It was just kind of weird

when she got here.

>> That's what I mean.

How did you feel before?

>> I was cool.

>> I thought before we were...

>> We were all good with who we

had, you know?

>> I mean, I feel like we have

the right combination between

the girls and the guys that we

have to make it through.

>> Well, if we keep it together

and if you and I keep together,

then we'll be good.

So we'll do it, and we'll...

>> Okay.

>> We get all the bad luck for

losing, huh?

>> Any more?

>> If we landed in Bizarro World

and we end up with a split vote

of four for Erica and four for

Sylvia, I think a couple of

people's heads would explode.

That would be a whole lot of

people who have been lying to a

whole lot of other people who

are already lying to a whole lot

of other people.

Gives me cramps in my brain to

think about.

I'm just hoping that we're not

in Bizarro World, and everybody

keeps up with what they're

planning to do, because, you

know, in this game, you can't

take anything at face value.

>> PROBST: Mookie, back-to-back

losses in winner-take-all


How big of a hole is this tribe

in right now?

>> We're in a deep hole.

We still have no fire, which

means no water.

We're running out of coconuts.

We're tired.

We're in a hole.

We need to win.

>> PROBST: Anthony, what do you

think went wrong in today's


>> I think there was too many

people trying to help out in

things where they should have

backed off and let the original

people who we thought were going

to take care of it take care of


>> PROBST: What I saw today,

Erica, was you at one point

screaming, "It goes like this!

It goes like this!"

Can that be an interference?

>> A lot of people tried a lot

of different pieces, and I was

really trying to help out, give

some input.

I'm passionate about my team.

I'm passionate about winning.

And I feel like putting my input

in wasn't such a bad thing, and

all I asked them to do was to go

back and try it again.

>> PROBST: Sylvia, you divide

these tribes, then you leave.

You come back.

Did you feel welcomed?

>> Actually, I felt kind of like

an outsider.

They had the challenge itself,

and then going back to camp,

putting it together, and then

having to come here, and that's

a lot of bonding.

So by the time I showed up, I

felt I was on the outside.

>> PROBST: Rocky, what was your

reaction to Sylvia coming back

and joining the tribe?

>> Sylvia is used to leading.

She's used to, you know,

dictating and telling people

what to do.

But whatever she tries to put

across, she's doing it in a

positive way.

>> PROBST: Anthony, is what

Rocky said true?

Is Sylvia more of a leader?

>> Bless you, Sylvia.

You have a wonderful habit of

kind of throwing out an idea and

saying, "Let's do it," and not

actually talking with anybody

about doing it.

>> PROBST: So, again, Sylvia,

people are saying you're

somewhat of a leader.

Is this surprising to you?

>> A little, because I came in


So I could not be the leader

just walking in off Exile Island

and say, "Okay, everybody, clear

the way.

I'm leader."

But I can offer ideas.

An idea that's been gurgling in

my head, which I haven't brought

up to everybody, but tomorrow

when we're fresh, when we wake

up, is to assign a leader.

>> PROBST: So Yau-Man, last

tribal council it was "Let's get

rid of the weakest member, make

our tribe stronger."

What's the criteria this time

for voting somebody out?

>> The criteria this time I

think is to have a more cohesive

tribe, to form a tribe where we

get along better and be open to

discussion and get rid of

someone who is too vocal or too

stubborn, who is too arrogant

about things.

>> PROBST: Okay, before we get

to the vote, here are the rules

about the hidden immunity idol.

It is good through the final


If you decide to play it, you

will do so after the votes have

been cast, but before I read


You can also give it to someone

else at that point.

If the person who uses the idol

does in fact have the highest

number of votes, then the person

with the next highest number of

votes would be sent home.

Okay, it is time to vote.

Erica, you're up.

>> I just can't read you


And quite frankly you're the

biggest threat right now.

Sorry, baby.

>> I'm voting for you because

you've been a little bit pushy

for me.

I'm sorry.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


>> PROBST: If anyone has the

idol and wants to play it, now

is the time to do so.


Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the tribal

council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Erica.



Two vote Erica, one vote Sylvia.


Two votes Sylvia, two votes



That's three votes Erica.


Four votes Erica, two votes


Second person voted out of

Survivor: Fiji.

Erica, the tribe has spoken.

It's time for you to go.

Not much to say.

This tribe has to find a way to


Once again, you will be going

back to camp without fire.

Grab your stuff.

Head on out.

Good night.

>> PROBST: stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time

on Survivor:

Sylvia digs for immunity.

>> I'm pretty sure I know where

the idol is.

>> Whoa!

>> PROBST: Ravu sparks a flame.

>> We're not going to die!

>> We finally got the shot in

the ass we needed.

>> PROBST: And a Moto member is

in trouble.

>> He can't breathe.

He was afraid.

He said he didn't want to die in


>> I was very, very shocked by

the vote tonight.

It kind of hurts to get

blindsided like that.

I don't think it was a smart

move to vote off somebody who

was strong.

When the next challenge comes

around, I hope you guys win, but

if you don't, I want you to

think about voting me off and

think about who you kept.

And if you go home empty-handed

maybe you should think about the

decision that you made.