Survivor (2000–…): Season 14, Episode 1 - Something Cruel Is About to Happen... Real Soon - full transcript

One castaway divides the group of 19 into two tribes. One tribe gets a well-stocked camp, while the other only gets the basics. In the end, the first Survivor is voted off the island.

>> JEFF PROBST: We are flying

over the stunning water of the

Fiji Islands, a place once known

for its cannibalism, uncharted

reefs, and formidable warriors.

These islands are home to

spectacular sea life and lush,

jagged terrain.

Just below are 19 strangers

that represent an extreme

cross-section of America, from a

former homeless street performer

to a Harvard-educated lawyer.

They have been given absolutely

no information.

The fear of the unknown is so

strong that one survivor quit

just moments before being set

adrift miles from shore.

Exile Island is back, with

hundreds of deadly sea snakes.

And this time, two hidden

immunity idols will complicate

the game like never before.

39 days, 19 people, one


>> When I got there, I noticed

we were, like, all 19 of us


I thought that Jeff was going to

be there and we were going to

be, like, split into tribes, and

"You go this way and you go the

other way."

But it wasn't the case.

>> In my past, where I used to

work and stuff, they called me


They called me... I guess I look

like Sylvester Stallone or


I have droopy eyes, dark hair.

For some reason James was too

hard for them to remember, so

Rocky will suffice.

>> We were just so excited to

get here, it didn't matter what

we were doing.

We were lost on a deserted

island, you know?

What would anybody do?

Go explore.

>> Oh, it's water!

>> Yeah, water!

>> Water!

>> Where?

>> Filled my canteen.

I'll tell you right now, I lost

my mind.

I didn't know what to do, I

didn't know what to say.

I was running around like a

chicken with my head cut off.

>> We look, and there's this

big, beautiful cave.

We're like, "This is a blessing.

We're like, "We're great."

>> I found a lemon tree.

>> We've got banana trees over


We've got papaya over there.

We are stoked.

>> Well, my real name is Andre.

But on this beach I go by


I came up with the name Dreamz a

long time ago.

It was more of a name of

striving and achievement.

>> I'm glad we came up here.

Now, look at this.

It's like buying a new house.

You know, you want to see

everything-- the backyard, the

front yard, living room, the

dining room.

You want to see everything

that's in your house.

And this is our house.

I'm the king of Fiji, of an

unnamed island.

>> My outdoor experience up to

this point consisted of being

maybe 20 to 40 feet off the


This is totally new for me--

sleeping outdoors, finding food.

I love coconut, but it's

granulated, already shredded in

the grocery store.


>> It is, I see.

>> But believe me, it's worth


>> Oh, okay.

>> Okay?

>> Wow!

So you're a native, huh?

>> I'm native, almost.

I am definitely trying to prove


I can see that all the other

guys are quite young, like half

my age.

Old people are usually the first

ones to get booted off, so I'm

hoping I will be the exception

here because I know the

surroundings, and I can help get

them coconut to drink.

>> Did you just open that?

Oh, thanks!

>> So what are you thinking

right now?

>> Man, I don't know.

Too many people in one place

right now.

That's what makes me a little

bit nervous.

>> Yeah.

>> What do you think?

>> I mean, there's 19 of us.

So how do you split that up into

two tribes?

>> We're like, you know, looking

around the island for a machete.

We're looking for, like, flags

for our tribe.

We don't have a pot, we don't

have water, we don't have


We don't even know our tribe

name, you know?

It's incredibly overwhelming,

because there are so many people

and none of us have a clue

what's going on.

We're looking for Jeff Probst.

We're like, "Where's Jeff?"

>> Come on, we've got visitors!

>> Bring it in!

>> Where's the box?

>> I think they got it.

>> Oh, they got it?

>> Yeah.

>> We have a box!

>> Our heroes!

>> It's got a genie in it!

>> Everybody was excited.

Maybe we can get a machete.

Maybe we can get fire.

Everybody was anticipating what

they wanted to be in that box.

>> Wait, that can't be the way

into the box.

>> Rocky!



>> Whoa!

>> The strongest guys start,

like, throwing that thing down,

hammering it, punching it.

And here comes the little

scrawny guy, Yau-Man.

And he opens the whole thing

like, you know, in ten seconds.

>> It takes a real man to do it.

>> Very simple physics.

The weakest point is to drop it

on its corner.

So I dropped it on its corner

twice, and the box opened up.

>> Listen up.

This is very important.

>> "Welcome survivors.

Before you do anything else, you

must find the hidden cache of

lumber and supplies.

Its location is shown on the


>> Tree mail, right here.

>> "Use the supplies to

construct the best possible

living area you can using the

blueprints provided as your


>> We've got a toilet seat on


>> What?

>> Toilet assembly.

>> "Included with this note is a

flint to start fire.

Make sure you boil your water

before drinking.

Do not waste any time."

>> Let's rock 'n' roll.

>> You know, we've got this map

and directions and instructions

that says, you know, we have to

build a shelter, kitchen, and a

toilet and a picnic table.

>> Initially, naively, I

thought, "Wow, this is awesome."

And then I thought, "Wait a

minute, this is Survivor.

This is going to mean something

very cruel is going to happen

very soon."

>> Let's go do it.

>> Excuse me, brother.

>> Okay.

Here's the fork.

Go straight this way.

>> It's got to be right there.

>> Yeah.

>> I think I found it.

>> Holy cow!

>> All right, all right!

>> Ah!

>> What we found at the top of

the hill was just all kinds of


And it was, like, shingles for

the roof of the shelter.

There was all these crazy things

that no one in their right minds

would ever imagine that we

were going to get when we got


>> Look at all the tools!

>> Nails, hammers!

>> We got a bag of rice the

first day we were here. brother.

You know, maybe a machete and

bucket to boil water-- that's

what anybody was expecting.

No way... we have a toilet seat.

I'll say it again, a toilet


>> Okay, you, you, and you carry

all that stuff down.

>> One on each shoulder.

>> Give me that toilet seat.

I've never seen where people

that come on Survivor have this

much, so I'm really nervous,

because I think a curve ball is


It's too easy.

>> The kitchen's going to be

right there, okay?

The outhouse will be over there.

There was a site plan, and being

an architect, of course, I was

given all of the maps and said,

"Here, you figure out what to


So I looked at the site plan and

realized the cave was, in fact,

the location of the shelter.

Then there would be a kitchen

and an outhouse, and it was...

it's a pretty amazing set of


So we're building.

Who's got the site plan?

>> There's our shovels, all


>> We need the shovel brigade to

start shoveling four holes.

That's our number one thing.

Who's got the shovel?

Who's got the site plan?

Who's got the tape measure?

We need a crew for the kitchen,

or else it won't be done until


>> I do get the sense that

Sylvia's trying to dominate.

You know, we're all here to do

this together, and you're going

to upset the wagon by doing


>> He's what?

All right, here's what's going

to happen-- whenever there is a

big word in a sentence, we're

all going to have a time-out and

teach James the big word, the


>> There's another big word

James... orthagonal, huh?

Learn something new every day,


( cheers )

>> All right!

>> Proud of you!

>> When we started construction,

everybody was, like, trying to,

like, you know, prove to other

people that they can handle the


But as, you know, the workload

started going on and on, and the

people started going out in

couples, you could see that some

people were talking.

>> I'm trying to talk to people

and see what's going on so I

can... you know, so I can get my

place here.

>> Okay.

>> So right now, just me, you.

>> We need a guy.

>> We do need a guy.

>> Who?

>> I don't know.

Me and Jessica have kind of

got... you know, we're talking,

getting some stuff... getting

some stuff together.

We don't really know what's

going to happen, so I think I

need to be talking to as many

people as I can.

>> No, y'all are just being


This water its too hot to drink.

>> Just drink it, man.

>> It just burned me.

I ain't going to drink it.

It burned me.

>> So you guys want to... when

you're done with the water, do

you want to help with the

bathroom, or do you want to

start with the kitchen?

I feel like it's not moving

nearly as fast as it should,

because we're still working on

the primary shelter when the

kitchens and bathroom still need

to be built.

We've got to get everything done


So put down...

>> We need to get this done,

because we're running out of


And we have to have this done.

>> The night was rough.

There we are with the shelter

half done, no roof, half a

floor, and we ended up getting


So today we need to finish our


>> Can you, you know, lead a

bunch of people to bring all the

material down?

>> It should be a two-by-four.

>> Two-by-four?


>> This is a cup.

Hold on to it.

This is the funnel.

>> Yau-Man, he's a keeper.

He figures out every little

thing that goes on.

>> Drink in good health.

>> Good hot tea.

>> Lemon.

>> We're getting together.

All 19 of us are bonding.

I don't know if it's a good

thing or a bad thing, but it's

bonding us.

Oh, my god!

That looks beautiful!

>> We're rockin'.

I'm taking this one home.

We've been here almost two days

trying to figure out what's

going on.

I think we just keep getting to

know each other until we get to

the point where we get the next

set of instructions.

>> We have a shelter.

It has a floor and a roof.

We're going to have a kitchen.

We have an outhouse with an

actual toilet.

It's really surprising to have

so much on day two.

>> We're feeling pretty lucky

right now.

I mean, this is my Fiji vacation

right now.

I mean, we have everything that

we need.

I'm scared about what's coming.

>> All of your hard work to make

this place kind of a home for


>> Nice!

>> ( applause )

>> Everybody!


>> I can't take all the credit.

Okay, I can.

But I just want to thank all my

people for getting me coconuts

while I was working.

Back as a child, I was pretty

much homeless.

By the age of seven, I was out

of a house and just stayed in

the back of a soup kitchen.

And then go into the trash cans

and get the food.

And it... I mean, it was kind of

like what's going on right now.

The only thing you have to worry

about is when it rains or when

you can't find no more food.

I love it.

I wish I could bring my family

from home here.

>> What kind of name is Earl?

>> Dreamz?

>> What kind of name is Dreamz?

>> Who said that?

Who said that?

Back there.

Is that a Chinese person that

said that?

My thing is to be playful and

play too much, just to make sure

they notice that I'm present, to

know that my presence is there.

Were you as great as I, you

could say what you want to say.

>> You know what?

>> Is he going to be quiet at

all tonight?

>> Dreamz kind of came out of

nowhere, like, late, while we

were all trying to sleep.

He was going off on little

rants, like, every 15 to 20


>> Where all the white people


If you're white, raise your


Rock, what color are you, man?

>> I'm Italian, Irish, and


>> You're talking to him or are

you going to talk to me?

>> Just yelling about nonsense.

And I'm exhausted.

I don't know if the island is

getting to him, but he's just

getting a little irritating.

Why don't you give me two

seconds to talk, and then you

can speak and we'll be done.

>> Go ahead, talk.

>> All right, you get a little

crazy sometimes.

>> Just talk.

>> I'm talking right now.

I'm talking to you right now.

You get a little jumpy with your


You snap, you snap... I don't

care what you do with anybody

else, you snap a little bit at


All right, I'm telling you right

now, I don't want to be treated

like that.


I'm just trying to go to sleep.

I've been running around all


I don't need you to raise your

voice to me.

Because I'm not a little girl.

>> I don't yell at people.

That's not me.

>> What are you doing now?

>> I'm talking to you.

I'm talking to you.

I haven't yelled at anybody


>> You're crazy, dude.

>> And I'm not going to let

anybody belittle me.

>> What do I stand to gain by

belittling you?

What do I stand to gain?

>> I don't know.


>> Because you yelled at me!

That's why, that's why!

>> You are yelling right now.

>> Because you don't pay


I'm trying to explain it to you.

>> No, you yelled.

>> Go back to bed.

Go back to bed and hang out with

your friends.

>> Whatever, Rock.

>> I'm pretty hard on myself

when it comes to, like, letting

my emotions show.

I hate to do it.

I used to do it when I was

young, and I think I'm past that


But it's just really hard,

especially under the conditions

we're under right now.

What am I supposed to do?

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

Welcome to Survivor: Fiji.

Jessica, tell me about the first

few moments.

You hit the beach.

What happens?

>> It was wild.

It was like a big beach party.

>> PROBST: Yau-Man, I dropped a

package out of the sky.

Tell me about the reaction.

>> Someone found the canister

and decided to open it and saw

the plans.

And it's not just any shelter.

It looks like a very fancy


And we're supposed to build it.

>> PROBST: Alex, when you

started to assemble the shelter,

did anybody emerge as the

driving force on how to approach


>> I think initially we were all

pretty confused, but luckily, we

have an architect on board.


>> Who's the architect?

>> Sylvia.

>> Sylvia right here.

>> So, I mean, having an

architect on here was extremely


>> PROBST: So the first big task

is to build the shelter.

And Sylvia, this is what you do

every day.

>> I was so happy.

I couldn't believe it.

>> PROBST: So it sounds like,

Sylvia, you really stepped up to

be the leader.

Does that ring true to everybody


>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Nobody disagrees with


>> Nope.

>> PROBST: Sylvia, come on over.

You are now going to divide

these 18 people into two tribes.

You're going to alternate, one

person to the green line, one

person to the orange line.

Make your first choice, Sylvia.

>> Cassandra to the green line.

>> PROBST: Cassandra, first

member of the unnamed green


Next choice, somebody going to

the orange line.

>> Yeah, Michelle.

>> PROBST: Michelle.

Next choice?

>> Liliana.

>> PROBST: Liliana joins


Has the green top to match the

green tribe.

Next choice.

>> Erica.

>> PROBST: Erica joins Michelle.

Make your next choice.

>> Stacy, on the green.

>> PROBST: Stacy joins the green


Make your next choice.

>> Rita.

>> PROBST: Rita joins Michelle

and Erica.


>> Lisi, thank you.

>> PROBST: Lisi joins Cassandra,

Liliana and Stacy.

>> PROBST: Next choice.

>> Jessica.

>> PROBST: Jessica joins

Michelle, Erica, and Rita.


>> Dreamz to green.

>> PROBST: Dreamz joins the

green tribe.

Make your next choice.

>> Boston to orange.

>> PROBST: Boston.

Is that what you're going by,


>> I've got a bunch of

nicknames, Jeff.

>> PROBST: Give me one so I know

what to call you.

>> Rocky, Rocky.

>> PROBST: Rocky joins Michelle,

Erica, Rita, and Jessica.

>> Boo to the green.

>> PROBST: Boo joins the green


>> Earl, orange.

>> PROBST: Earl joins Michelle,

Erica, Rita, Jessica, and Rocky.

>> Big Gary to the green.

>> PROBST: Gary goes to green.

>> All right!

>> PROBST: we have a nickname

for Gary, too?

>> Wild Man to orange.

That's my nickname for him.

>> PROBST: Yau-Man joins

Michelle, Erica, Rita, Jessica,

Rocky, and Earl.

Continue on.

>> The sexy guy in the green

tank top.

>> PROBST: Alex joins the green


Make your next choice.

>> Anthony.

>> PROBST: Anthony joins the

orange tribe.


>> Big Ed to the green.

>> PROBST: Edgardo goes to the

green tribe.

Mookie goes to the orange tribe.

We have our two tribes.


You are green.

Ravu, you are orange.

Put on your buffs.

>> Whoo-hoo-hoo!

>> PROBST: Okay, Sylvia, here's

what's going to happen.

You are not on a tribe.

You are still in the game.

You're going to Exile Island.

>> Oh!

>> PROBST: Bad news, you will

have company.

Thousands of sea snakes out


>> Oh, my god.

>> Whoa.

>> PROBST: The good news is

you'll receive a clue to the

whereabouts of a hidden immunity


Secondly, because are you not on

a tribe, you are immune from the

first tribal council.

You will rejoin this game by

joining the tribe that does lose

a member.

Boat's waiting for you.

Exile Island awaits.

>> Bye, Sylvia!

Good luck.

>> Take care of yourself, woman.

>> Be safe.

Be safe.

>> PROBST: All right, let's go

to today's challenge.

For today's challenge, you are

going to race chariots across

the Fijian mud flats.

Two people will be on the


The other seven will pull you

across a quarter-mile course.

Along the way, the two people on

the chariot are responsible for

retrieving three bags of puzzle


When you reach the end of the

course, you'll grab a tribe

flag, come all the way back.

Four tribe members will then use

those puzzle pieces to solve

three puzzles.

This will give you the numbers

you need to solve a combination


You will turn it clockwise,

counter-clockwise, clockwise.

If you count correctly, you will

find a knife.

You'll take the knife, chop a

rope, dropping a tribe flag.

First tribe to drop their flag

wins the challenge.

Want to know what you're playing


>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: The most important

thing in this game, immunity.

( applause )

Winning tribe gets immunity, is

safe from the first tribal


In addition to immunity, the

winning tribe gets to stay on

the beach that all 19 of you put

blood, sweat, and tears into


>> All right, we can do this.

We can do this.

>> PROBST: And when you get

back, there will be a

housewarming gift waiting for

you-- goblets, cutlery, a couple

of hammocks, a bush shower, and

a nice, soft, comfortable couch.

>> I think we got it.

>> PROBST: Losers will go to a

new beach where you will find

one pot and one machete, and

that's it.

In addition, losers are going to

tribal council tonight.

Somebody will be the first

person voted out.

Give you a minute to strategize

and we'll get started.

On the chariot for Ravu,

Michelle, Jessica.

On the chariot for Moto, Lisi,


Survivors ready?


>> Pull, pull!

>> Little further, little

further, little further.

>> PROBST: Stacy working on the

knots, Jessica working on the

knots for Ravu.

Stacy whipping through those


>> Go, Stacy!

>> PROBST: Jessica slowing down

a little for Ravu.

>> Go, go, go!

>> PROBST: Jessica still working

on the pieces.

>> Okay, I'm almost done.

>> Come on, Jessica!

>> PROBST: Moto at the second


Ravu has their first bag.

They're off.

Stacy working on those pieces.

>> Keep going, keep going, keep


Michelle now working for Ravu,

trying to make up some time.

>> Go, baby girl.

Come on.

Let's go.

>> PROBST: Moto has their second

bag of pieces.

They're heading out.

Moto reaches their third bag.

Ravu has their second bag.

They're still in it.

>> Go, go, go, go!

Come on, push!


>> Go, go, go, go!

>> Slow down!

>> PROBST: Stacy working on that

third and final bag.

She has it.

Moto heading for their flag.

Michelle trying to pick up some

ground for Ravu.

She's doing it.

They're making up time.

>> Push!


>> PROBST: Moto has their flag

and they're heading back.

Ravu has their flag.

They're heading back.

>> Come on!

Push, push, push!

>> Hustle!



>> They're catching up.

Come on, guys.

>> Let's go, guys!

We're there!

We're so there!

>> Stop!

>> Go!

>> PROBST: Moto stumbles.

Ravu now in the lead.

>> Push!


>> Go, go!

>> Come on, guys!

We can't lose!

We've got this!

You guys, we're almost there.

You're doing so good.

>> PROBST: Earl leading his


Dreamz slowing down.

>> We've still got the puzzle.

Let's keep forcing.

>> PROBST: Moto losing some


>> Come on, push!

>> Come on, you guys, you're

doing great!

>> PROBST: Ravu first back to

the puzzle table.

Four people solving the puzzle.

Moto has got to touch.


Four people, start solving the


You have three puzzles.

Each puzzle will give you a


You will need that number to

find the knife.

>> Take your time.

Don't panic, don't panic.

>> PROBST: Ravu has their first

puzzle solved.

>> You guys are geniuses.

Come on.

>> PROBST: Immunity and a huge

reward on the line.

Moto working on their second

puzzle, making up a lot of


>> Let's go, folks.

>> PROBST: Moto has two puzzles


Ravu, you need to pick it up.

>> Come on, come on, come on.

Pick it up, pick it up, pick it


>> PROBST: Moto working on their

third puzzle.

Ravu still struggling with their


>> You guys got it.

You guys got it.

>> PROBST: Ravu has their second


They're now working on their

third puzzle.

>> I need the rest of an S.

>> All right, do it!

>> PROBST: Moto has all three

puzzles completed.

They need to solve the

combination and find the knife.

Ravu, you are still in it.

>> You are so still in it.

Come on!

>> PROBST: Jessica struggling to

figure it out.

>> One, two, three, four...

>> PROBST: Moto very close.

Moto thinks they have it.

Moto wins immunity and reward!

All right, Moto,



Nobody going home tonight.

Equally exciting, you are going

back to a beach that's all

waiting for you, already


You've got fire and you've got

some really nice housewarming


Ravu, here's a map to your new


Not much waiting for you-- a pot

and a machete.

Tonight, tribal council with me.

One of the nine of you is going


Head to your new camp.

I'll see you tonight.

>> Whoo!

>> We're going to enjoy this

reward, baby!

>> Oh, my god, I'm so excited.

>> We've got a couch!

>> Having that first win is such

a huge thing for morale.

We come back to our shelter, and

we've got this great couch.

And I almost shed a tear, I was

so happy.

>> Oh, thank you, lord!

>> All right!

>> All right!


>> We got hammocks.

>> Shower!

>> We've got a beer mug.

>> Dreamz.

>> Oh, cool.

>> Give me that one, baby.

>> It feels so spectacular.

Not only did we get immunity,

not only did we go back to the

place we helped put together.

We came back with a kick-ass


All right, to us, guys!

>> To Moto!

>> Ironically enough, Sylvia,

she helped build this place, and

now she's sleeping with the


>> When I found out I was being

exiled to Exile Island, Jeff was

very clear that it was good and

there was bad.

The bad was that I would be here

by myself with a bunch of sea


Jeff had wander me about these

sea snakes and I thought he was

trying to pull my chain, you


But it's for real.

I see them still.

I see them.

Oh, boy.

The good was that I got the


And there would be a clue giving

me some kind of hint about where

the immunity idol was hidden.

Wow, pretty spectacular.

>> "Here you won't find the idol

you crave.

Search back at your camp if you

hope to be saved."


I've been given this opportunity

of a clue.

But the clue said, "Sorry, it's

not here.

It's back at camp."

So now I have to figure out a

time and a place where I can

search for it without prying


That's going to be a challenge

in itself.

>> We're home.

>> Losing the challenge today

felt horrible.

All the work we put into the

shelter, you know, learning the

island, just everything, you

know, you get accustomed to,

it's gone.

>> We have a cave right there.

>> Awesome.

This is awesome!

This place is so nice!

>> Is it amazing?

>> I'm glad we lost.

( laughter )

Keep their stupid shower.

>> Yeah, that cave is gorgeous.

The hardest part for me was not

being able to go back to that

shelter that we built.

But, I mean, everybody else

seems like they're okay.

It's like, "Whatever.

Oh, we lost it, but we're over

here on this great island."

I mean, they're enjoying the

blankets and pillows and the


We have to start all over.

I'm pissed off, and I can't

believe nobody else is.

We worked hard on building that

shelter, kitchen.

We worked hard.

And that hurt the most.

>> Right now, we're back at

square one, because we have


And at the same time, we've got

to figure out a team member to


>> Yeah.

>> Don't get sad.

>> Oh, I'm not sad.

>> All right, I'm just telling


We've got to figure out.

Me... maybe me, you, and Jess,

we'll figure it out, yeah?

>> Mm-hmm.

>> All right.

>> Me, Jessica, and Rocky are

really tight.

We can swing the whole thing.

>> And Michelle... Michelle,

she's a little ninja guy.

She hangs from things, she jumps

around, she's really physically

fit, and that's what we need

right now.

>> I'm not getting rid of


I call her Monkey.

>> Like I said, I...

>> We need strong people.

Rita has to go because Erica is


>> Erica is no joke.

>> Yeah, she's, like... she's

the real deal.


>> Okay?

>> Yeah.

>> All right?

All right, and what a tangled

web we weave.

It just sucks, Jess, because I

don't want to get rid of


>> I know.

I feel bad, too.

>> I don't want to get rid of

anybody, but it's the game,


What are you going to do?

>> We just have to stick


>> We will.

I just feel so safe with Rocky.

I feel good now that I know it's

not me, because I was working on

that puzzle.

We lost on the puzzle.

>> We're thinking Jessica.

>> Who?

>> Jessica.

>> She's dispensable.

Her third puzzle was hers.

>> I mean, I hear you that


But could the third one have

been harder?

Was it harder?

>> They were all same.

>> They were all kind of the


>> Yeah.

>> That's a valid point.

>> It's over here, right?

>> I will.

>> That way I know, all right?

>> I will, because me, you and

Erica are going to stick


>> Yeah.

>> I will tell you.

>> We were all kind of pointing

at Jessica.

We all adore her.

It's nothing personality-wise.

I get along super good with her.

So I'm kind of hurting to have

to do that.

>> My concern is to really keep

all the strong guys.

>> I would say Rita's stronger

than Jessica.

She is.

>> I have, too.

>> Just don't think on a

personal level.

Just think the next challenge.

>> Dude, this is business.

>> They just came to a

conclusion that Jessica has to

be voted out.

I... I won't write Jessica's

name down.

I'm not going to do it.

>> Who?

How do you know that?

And how did that come about?

>> I don't know how it came


I just know it.

>> Just tell me who you heard it




Well, I'm not putting her name


I won't put her name down.

>> Me neither.

>> Tribal council tonight will

be interesting.

Everybody's nervous, and you

still wonder in the back of your

mind-- like, it might be you.

Always keep your guard up.

You never know when people are

trying to trick you.

It's a lot of actors here, a lot

of poker faces.

This is my poker face.

>> PROBST: Go ahead and grab a


Approach the flame.

Dip it in, get fire.

This is part of the ritual of

tribal council.

As long as you have fire, you're

still in the game.

When your fire is gone, so are


Take a seat.

Michelle, how frustrating is it

right now to know that there are

nine people sleeping peacefully

in a shelter you helped build?

>> It was a frustrating thought

at first, but I think it's okay


We actually really like our new


>> PROBST: I can't wait to hear

how you've turned this in your


Erica, what's so great about

the new island that you don't

miss the old one?

>> We have an abundance of


>> PROBST: 36 days left.

You better have a lot of


>> I mean, it's not a fantasy


The reality is, we don't have


And without the fire, we don't

have water.

You know, and I'm glad everybody

has themselves together, and

we're going to make it work.

But it's going to take hard


And it starts immediately.

>> PROBST: James, how big of an

advantage is it for the other

tribe to not only have shelter,

but to have fire, to have water?

>> I think they have a huge

advantage right now, but I think

this group's got something


I think we're going to rise

above and hopefully knock them

off their perch the next time we

go against them in the


>> PROBST: So now you've got to

vote somebody out.

You haven't had much time really

to even assess why you would

keep somebody or why you would

get rid of somebody.

So Erica, what do you use for

the criteria?

>> I think we're going to fall

behind if we lose another


We know everybody has something

good to offer, but somebody has

to go.

>> PROBST: Yau-Man, you've got

to be a little concerned, with

all due respect, simply due to


>> Yes, I feel very vulnerable,

because I'm not... physically

not the strongest one.

And in order to win the next

challenge, I want to keep all

the strong guys.

And if everybody thinks like

that, I think I'm going to be a

target, and I hope they don't.

>> PROBST: Mookie, will this

tribe be better after tonight's


>> It's hard to say.

I think my vote's based upon

whether that person can be

replaced by Sylvia.

Does she or he contribute enough

or more than Sylvia would?

>> PROBST: Rocky, do you think

the person voted out tonight

will be surprised?

>> Yeah.

I think so.

I think so.

I think so.

Because I know if I'm voted off,

I'm surprised.

I'm sure if anybody here,

surprise, too.

So yeah, I bet there will be a

big surprise coming up real


>> PROBST: Rita, if it's you

tonight, do you understand why

they would get rid of you?

>> I would be very surprised.

Because I think that I am

contributing for us to get


But I would understand.

>> PROBST: Mookie, if it's you,

would you understand?

>> No, I would not understand.

>> PROBST: Jessica, would you


>> No.

I mean, if I had been laying on

the beach, you know, getting

some sun and just relaxing, then

maybe, yes, but no.

>> PROBST: Okay, it is time to


Michelle, you're up.

>> I'm sorry.

This wasn't my idea.

>> Sorry.

Nothing personal here.

This is strictly mercenary.

I'm trying to stay alive to

fight another day.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


Once the vote are read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the tribal

council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Mookie.




That's one vote each for Jessica

Mookie, Rita, and Yau Man.


Two vote Jessica.

Three votes Jessica.

First person voted out of

Survivor: Fiji, Jessica.

That's four, that's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Jessica, the tribe has spoken.

>> PROBST: Well, nearly half the

tribe got at least one vote.

Going to be a lot of people

wondering what they did to earn

a vote and what they can do

tomorrow to make sure it doesn't

happen again.

Because you do not have fire,

you will not be taking your

torches back with you.

Grab your stuff.

Head back to camp.

Good night.

>> PROBST: stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time

on Survivor:

>> Water.

Just lick some leafs, man.

>> Ravu gets weaker.

>> I'm starving, I'm thirsty.

>> Earl gets primal.

>> Sorry there, buddy-- I can't

take that chance.

>> Boo, be careful.

>> PROBST: And Boo's luck...

>> I need some medical.

I get injured a lot.

>> PROBST: ...runs out.

>> Boo will hurt himself out of

the game.

>> I guess if you're going to

get back-stabbed, it's good to

get it done in the beginning

when you don't know people that


I was absolutely shocked.

I felt like I worked really


So I don't know where I went


I feel honored to have been able

to play a game that not many

people get to play.

My torch may have been snuffed

here, but I'm sure it's being

lit somewhere else.