Survivor (2000–…): Season 13, Episode 16 - Survivor: Cook Islands - The Reunion - full transcript

Jeff Probst and the 20 castaways from Cook Islands reunite in a town hall forum for a look back on the season.

>> Yul is brilliant.

He's like Mr. Harvard, Yale,

Stanford guy.

And he's also really, really


>> I'm asking you for both of

our sakes to become my ally


It's a little bit weird for me

because I feel like I'm kind of

like the godfather or something

arranging a hit on somebody.

I don't know if I'm entirely

comfortable with it.

>> PROBST: Welcome back to the

Survivor: Cook Islands reunion


We are live in Hollywood where

Yul has just won a million

dollars in a very close,

dramatic vote.

You know, I kind of said it

before as we read the votes, but

I've got to acknowledge both of

you guys, with all due respect

to Becky as well, for doing so


But you two dominated this game.

You deserved to be in the final


It's the first time I've ever

felt bad that somebody didn't

win, in the case of Ozzy.

I mean I'm happy for you, Yul,

but it was so evenly matched.

( applause )

It was really great.

>> He deserves it.

>> PROBST: Agreed.

Yul, let's go through some of

the keys.

Because in looking back over the

season, you did so many things

right to keep you in the power

position of the game.

You absolutely deserved it.

I didn't mean to take anything

away from it.

Going back to the first thing,

finding the idol.

In the totem pole of events,

how big was that?

>> It was huge.

I mean, there's a lot of luck

involved in playing this game.

I got sent at the right time.

And I think the key to winning

the game is, you know,

maximizing the good luck and

mitigating the bad luck.

I got sent at the right time.

I found the idol.

And I played it the way I wanted

to play it, which was not to

save my own butt one time, but

to really change the game up.

And we had that opportunity, and

really flipped things on its



>> PROBST: Another big moment

that could have destroyed you

and the rest of Aitu was the


What was your first reaction

when you saw Candice and then

Jonathan step off?

>> "We're screwed."

I thought that was it.

I mean, they had the numbers,

they had the size.

I didn't realize at the time

what an amazing challenge demon

Ozzy was.

I mean... but at that time I

thought our game was over.

And I thought it was a matter of

trying to come out with, you

know, a good ending for the four

of us.

>> PROBST: Candice, why mutiny?

It's a risky move to make in the

middle of the game, with... you

had no idea that was coming.

>> Right.

Well, like you had said, you

know, we had chance to change

our fate in the game.

And Jonathan and I had talked at

length about flipping back over


I had already talked to Nate

about working with Adam, Nate,


And so, you know, it was just a

chance of a lifetime, and I

thought we could make it, and we

could get to the end.

And it didn't work out.

But it was fun.

>> PROBST: It's really how you

have to play this game, though,

to have a shot.

You have to make big moves and

never quit making them.

Sundra, what was it?

Because at that point I remember

the four of you, the looks on

your faces as you looked over at

this other group of eight, I


You thought it was over.

What was it about this foursome

that bonded you?

Because many other people might

have just splintered and said,

"I'm out on my own now."

>> Yeah.

You know, I think it's just the

luck of having four great people

together who have a similar

objective in mind, which is, you

know, "I want to play this game.

I want to play this game with as

much integrity as I can.

And you know what?

We're going to do this, because

this is all that we have."

And I think it was just the

right people.

It could have been... if it was

one other person who had the

wrong mindset, it wouldn't have

worked the way it did, and it

wouldn't have played out as

beautifully as it did.

>> PROBST: Yul, another big key

was how you managed to lure

Jonathan back.

Take me through that.

What did you say to him?

How did you convince him?

You were always running numbers.

Out on the show, Yul was

constantly going, "We have a

33.3% chance of this happening."

( laughter )

Did you do that with Jonathan?

>> Yeah.

I think there were a couple of


I mean, I knew he's a very

rational player and he's a

really smart guy.

And I thought he could be able

to really kind of appreciate a

rational argument.

So I came up with this whole

argument where I said, "If you

don't flip over to our side,

probability-wise we'll be able

to execute a strategy by which

you'll be out in the next two


So really you have no choice."

And the other thing I told him

was... I was afraid he might

come around and try to lie to us

and, you know, end up voting

against us.

And I told him... it was a

stretch on my part, but I said

the only reason he hasn't been

voted out of his tribe so far

was because they all suspected

that he had the idol.

So if they found out that he

really didn't have the idol he'd

be booted, you know, over the

next round.

So that was my insurance to make

sure he didn't come and flip

over on us.

>> PROBST: So that's huge.

That gives you... at a point

where the numbers could have

gone either way, that gives you

the numbers.

Then, amazingly, you use

Jonathan in voting Jonathan out

as a way to potentially help you

win this game.

Adam, you were instrumental in


You come over and make a deal.

And I want to make sure I'm

clear on this.

You said to Yul that, "If you

get rid of Jonathan before me or

Parvati," that "I'll give you my

vote in the end"?

>> Exactly.

And if not I would have voted

for Ozzy.


>> PROBST: And did you keep your


>> Yep.

>> PROBST: So, yeah, Ozzy, did

you know?

Let me make sure I set this up

right, so that... in case this

isn't making sense.

The situation is Jonathan has

now betrayed both camps.

Yul is now sitting in the power

position of this game.

Adam comes in, "Guess what?

If you vote Jonathan out,

because I don't like him, let me

and Parvati stay a day longer,

I'll give you a vote at the

final tribal council."

That's a million dollar vote, as

it turns out in tonight's vote.

Did you know that was going on?

>> Well, Adam had mentioned a

little bit of that, saying that,

you know, he had promised Yul

that he was going to vote for

him because of that decision.

But I think the thing that Adam

didn't really realize at the

time it wasn't really Yul's


Us as a four had made that

decision already.

>> PROBST: That's my point.

>> Right.

>> PROBST: He benefits.

>> So I did not... I really

didn't know that Yul had

promised... you know, promised

the vote for Jonathan.

And I tried to explain to Adam

that, no, you know, that in fact

was not the case, that us as a

four had already made the


So a little too late, I guess.

>> PROBST: And another credit to

you, Yul, for doing something

that I don't think people

realized you were doing, which

was playing everybody so... in

such subtle ways.

It's a tiny little maneuver, but

seemed to pay off.

How instrumental was Becky...

when I was out there, I don't

hear a lot of what goes on in

the beach.

I saw Becky often as being a


When I was at home watching the

show, I realized she was with

you on a lot of these decisions.

>> Absolutely.

Yeah, Becky is an incredibly

strong player.

And I think even when you watch

the season you don't appreciate

all the subtle moves that she


I mean, she was an equal partner

in everything that we did.

At some point people started

calling me the puppet master.

And I was trying to convince

them I'm not the puppet master.

I mean, the way I like to work

with a group is to build


But at some point I realize they

think I'm, you know, BS-ing

about it.

So fine.

If you think I'm the puppet

master, I'll take that and use

it to my advantage.

But the truth is Becky was with

me every step of the way.

We worked together, we

collaborated together, we

strategized together.

>> PROBST: Becky, is it a little

frustrating knowing how

instrumental you were that you

will probably be remembered for

not being able to start fire

after 38 days?

( laughter )

>> We practiced.

We really, really did.

We practiced.

And I think we were both really,

really nervous.

And also being against somebody

who you're... you know, we were

friends, really close friends.

And, I mean, it wasn't shown how

we were actually sharing and

trying to help each other out.

But that was the whole reason

why I think we went so far

together, is because of that

trust, that bond.

>> PROBST: A lot of questions I

get on the streets are about you

and Yul.

Like, because you had such a

special bond.

Was it ever romantic?

Did you ever consider it being

romantic, or are we crazy?

>> I think both of us are very

focused, and when we're in this

game, the whole time we weren't

thinking outside the box.

We were thinking just about

strategy and the game.

And we knew that our best chance

of going as far as we could

would be to stay together, stay


So we didn't cross that line.

We are really good friends.

>> PROBST: Did it enter your


( laughter )

>> No.

It didn't enter my mind.

>> PROBST: Okay.

There's something else I want to

share, because this was news to

me, Yul.

There's the other side of Yul

which is People magazine...

there it is.

In the "Sexiest Man" issue,

there's Yul.

So is your life changing a

little, Yul?

Are you getting dates?

>> Honestly, when I heard about

this I thought it was a

practical joke.

I was like, "No."

I mean, honestly.

But I think it's a little bit


But I appreciate it.

And I think my mom would be


I think she just wants me to get

married, and she's hoping this

will help find me a wife.

>> PROBST: Here is something

that occurred to me, and I don't

know if it did to anybody else.

But toward the end when you were

in the hot tub with Pavarti and

Ozzy, two uninhibited and naked

people, I couldn't tell if this


>> He was naked, too.

>> PROBST: Right.

But here's my question.

I couldn't tell if this was to

Yul, "This is a great moment,"

or, "This is my worst


( laughter )

Which was it?

>> I think it was more the


I wanted to get the hell out of


But I didn't want to give them

an opportunity to strategize.

So I wanted to keep my eye on


I waited until Ozzy fell asleep

that night, then I went to bed.

>> PROBST: What's the first

thing you did when you got home?

>> I got a Costco membership and

I went crazy.

>> PROBST: Buying food?

>> Buying food.

I bought so much food it

wouldn't fit in my fridge.

And I just sat there, "I guess

I've got to eat it now."

So I just chowed down.

( laughter )

>> PROBST: All right.

Well, he climbed coconut trees,

he caught fish and he swam like

one, and he was virtually

unbeatable in the challenges.

Where did this Ozzy guy come


Plus, love him or hate him,

Everybody has an opinion about

Jonathan, including Jonathan.

Ozzy and Jonathan are next on

the Survivor: Cook Islands

Reunion show.

But first, this is why the Cook

Islands are one of the most

beautiful locations we've ever

been to.

>> PROBST: Go!

Ozzy already up with the

island names and heading back.

>> Man!

>> Ozzy is amazing.

He's like half animal, half man.

>> PROBST: Go, Ozzy!

>> Part fish, part monkey.

>> Ozzy!

>> PROBST: Ozzy swimming like a

dolphin as he makes up time.

>> He's kind of like a little

jungle boy, you know, climbing

these coconut trees and getting

coconuts down, getting fish.

>> I think we should call him

Poseidon now or something.

>> Yes.

>> I mean, Ozzy, he's just Ozzy.

>> PROBST: Welcome back to the

Survivor: Cook Islands reunion


We are live.

Ozzy, "born to play" is a phrase

that we kept using even when we

were out on the island with you.

What... where did you come from?

How do you end up with all these

bizarre skills so suited

for Survivor?

>> It's... I just had a very

eclectic background.

I love books.

And one of the first books that

I remember reading was Robinson


And that just sparked an

interest in...

>> PROBST: But how did you learn

to swim like that and spear fish

and climb a coconut tree?

>> Well, it all started with

just swimming.

We had a pool in our backyard

when I lived in San Antonio,

Texas, and I just swam every


Like, I honestly feel like I was

born in the water, that I

learned how to swim before I

could walk.

I mean, it's something that I've

always loved.

And I felt more comfortable in

the water than on land.

And so that just is the

foundation for everything that

really happens in Survivor.

>> PROBST: And so you knew how

to spear fish?

You had done this

before Survivor?

>> Well, I had gone out a few

years ago with one of my buddies

on his... it was on his


He took me out spear fishing,

just showed me the ropes.

And this is in Santa Barbara,

Devereaux Point, yeah.

( laughter )

Went out there one day when

there was no waves and he showed

me how to do it.

And I just fell in love with it.

Just the survival aspect of it

just really, really spoke to me.

>> PROBST: What was the best

part for you of this time out


>> Man, the best part, honestly,

the whole damn thing.


I mean, just meeting all these

great people and just being out

there and knowing that if the

situation happened and I was

stranded on a deserted island,

which I had fantasized about

ever since I was a little kid,

and it finally came true... and

just to know that all of these

childhood hobbies finally came

to fruit, and everything that I

did as a kid and was really

interested in, I finally was

able to use.

And I didn't think I would

actually do that.


>> PROBST: Did you miss this

when you left it?

>> Honestly, I think I fell into

a deep depression when I got

back, and just... everything...

the concrete jungle kind of got

to me a little bit.

And being out there and being in

the ... being at humanity's

roots, you know, it was an

amazing experience.

Because it's getting back to a

primal nature that a lot of us

have totally disconnected from.

And we're here and we're

surrounded by lights, cameras,

and we don't have an idea of

where we came from, you know?

And not more than a few thousand

years ago we were all doing the

survivor thing.


>> PROBST: One other question,

because I think you touched a

lot of people when you shared

the story with your dad.

Do you know... is your dad

watching tonight?

Have you been in touch with him?

>> Honestly I don't know.

But my father is here.

( applause )

>> PROBST: We need to clear that

up, be clear on that.

Your father that... the person

you consider your father.

>> Yeah.

He raised me, you know?

And I love him.

( applause )

>> PROBST: Well, as memorable as

Ozzy was for his honesty and

obviously his physical

domination, Jonathan was equally

memorable, but for very

different reasons.

>> Oh, my favorite!

I'm here to win a million... a

million dollars.

It's you, me, Becky and that's


I thought you and I had a tight


Do we not trust each other?

I mean, what am I going to say,

I promise?

What's that worth to you?

I'm the wandering Jew without a


Either I'll have betrayed the

Raro people and I'm a complete


I consider myself a loyal person

...or I didn't jump over to the

Aitu people, and I'm a complete


>> Well, Jonathan, you're a rat

because you betrayed everybody

in this game.

>> That's bollocks, and you know


( belching )

( laughter )

>> PROBST: Jonathan, this is a

debate with people I run into.

Were you a villain or were you

just a good player?

Do you think you were a villain?

>> No.

I mean, I think I was

antagonistic to other people,

and obviously I rubbed them the

wrong way.

But it was a game.

You know, you can't have a

villain in a ga... there's no

villain in Monopoly, you know?

( laughter )

I mean, honestly, no, we're all

playing the game.

There's no villain in a poker

tournament, you know?

So I was playing to win a

million bucks.

We all were.

I was a lot more overt about it,

and I think I wore my agenda on

my sleeve.

>> PROBST: What was the family


Because you took a lot of hits,

and you're probably watching

with this the wife and your


>> Well, I warned them that I

was going to be called some

fantastic names.

( laughter )

You know, and they're like,

"What do you mean, Dad?"

And I'm like, "Oh, cancer and

rat and weasel, you know."

So that sucked.

But so I warned them.

And I basically said you get

called names, so what?

We don't call people names.

You know, when you get called

names, you pick yourself up, you

get bullied.

And the truth is that it was in

the context of a game.

I know that the people who

called me names wouldn't do that

outside the context of the game.

They were trying to progress

their game, too.

And I don't hold that against


Some of them went further than


Some of them didn't go further

than me.

But, you know, we were all

playing a game out there.

>> PROBST: Did this change you?

Physically you lost a lot of

weight, and you've kept it off.

Did it change you in other ways?

>> Yes.

I feel much more appreciative of

the life that I have, of my

family, of people who would not

say things to me, and who love

me just for who I am, exactly

who I am as a complex person.

And that makes me extremely glad

that I did this.

( applause )

>> PROBST: Very nicely said.

Jenny, you and Rebecca got to be

a little frustrated because you

guys were both voted off before

Jonathan, who is the guy that

then comes back and betrays all

the people that voted you out.

Worst nightmare for you, Jenny,

seeing that bottle that Parvati

read saying you're going to vote


>> Are you kidding?


It was not fun, according to

Parvati's words.

You know, I regret not saying

anything at tribal, because I

think that if I just stopped you

and said, "Jeff, can I just say

one thing, please, in case it's

going to be me..."

>> PROBST: You might have been

able to plead your case?

>> Yeah.

And I would plead my case and

convince them that I was going

to be the better choice.

Because I think after that merge

I'm sure maybe Yul would try to

convince me to go with them, and

I wouldn't have flipped.

>> PROBST: A lesson for you

future survivors-- speak up at

tribal council.

Okay, he made headaches go away

and red dots appear.

He offended people with his

ethnic jokes.

And he was a true original.

Cao Boi is next.

Plus, we started the season by

dividing the tribes based on


Was it a good idea or not?

We will ask the people who lived


And playing us to the break is


He was first off, but so

enthusiastic, he wrote a song

about Survivor.

He is sitting in with our

favorite Survivor composers

David and Russell and the

Survivor house band.

Take it.

>> ♪ Well it's time

to say farewell

to all your family and friends

♪ Are you ready for the game

to begin

♪ You start to wonder

if you stand a chance to win

Survivor! ♪

Come on, everybody, sing!

♪ Survivor. ♪

Come on, everybody, clap your


♪ Survivor. ♪

>> PROBST: Cao Boi had his own


>> I've never been accepted by

the Asian community.

I belong in a hippie community.


There, you'll feel better now.

Your headache will be gone in a

few minutes.

>> I did have a headache.

I don't have a headache anymore.

But I do have a red dot on my


>> What do you call a Vietnamese

with three dogs?

>> We get it, but a lot of

people won't get it.

>> Typically in life I'm either

hated or I'm loved.

I am often misunderstood, but a

lot of people will come to

understand that I mean well.

>> PROBST: Welcome back to the

live Survivor: Cook Islands

reunion show.

Yul has just won a check for a

million dollars.

Cao Boi, it's kind of the same

question I asked Ozzy.

Where do you come from?

You too are this crazy mixture

of elements.

>> You know what, Jeff?

I've been thinking so hard on


People ask me, "What are you,

what have you learned from


All my live I've bucked the


And I've been chastised, I've

been beaten down, I've been told

that "You are doing things


You've got to do it this way.

You've got to do it this way.

You've got to walk here, go A

and B and C and D."

No, I've been living it my way.

And guess what?

I'm here.

This is the culmination of my

life experience.

>> PROBST: I asked you on the

show if you were typically

understood or misunderstood.

Do people tend to just not get

you at first?

>> Well, they don't think I

speak English.

At first, "Do you understand


And if I just look at them, they

say it louder.

( laughter )

>> PROBST: You made comment to

me out there about young people

and your philosophy of traveling

around the world and the country

that you don't think kids today

are patient enough.

>> Things are just quicker.

It's a quicker pace.

I mean, I'm from old school.

I double check and triple count


Kids nowadays, they look at

something they grab it a lot


They can process information a

lot quicker.

And I believe that that actually

create a lot of impatience.

So it's a good way to balance

the old way and new way if you

can do that.

Some people now, they can manage

to do both.

They will be a lot more

successful than having one or

the other.

>> PROBST: Another thing Cao Boi

will always be memorable for are

your Asian jokes inside the tent

at night, to which the other

people in your tribe are going,

"Cao Boi, what are you saying?"

I always felt like you were

trying to say "Don't take things

so seriously."

But Yul, the question of whether

we should have done this or

not... we started the season

dividing you based on ethnicity.

Do you think it was a good idea


Because you had some trepidation

in the beginning.

>> Honestly, when I first heard

about it, the first thing I

thought to myself was, "I've

made a huge mistake, being on a

reality show that might

potentially play up racial

stereotypes and caricatures."

I've got to say, though, I'm

really happy and proud of what

we were able to accomplish on

the show.

I think hopefully we might have

shown that ultimately it's not

your ethnic background that

dictates who you are and who

your friends are, but really...

you know, we ended up with a

multicultural coalition that got

to the end.

And the fact that we bonded

together was really based on

individual identities and our

values, not so much our cultural


So I'm hoping that in some small

way we might have shown that,

you know, it's not the color of

your skin that determines who

you are, but it's your inside

self, who you are.

>> PROBST: Nate.

( applause )

Now, Nate, Nate, Nate, on the

other end, I read something in

an interview where you and

Stephannie and Rebecca, it

sounded like, were getting into

it, because you didn't represent

your group or take care of your

ethnic group from the beginning.

Give me the short skinny on


>> Well, basically we all were

divided by race.

I love all my Hiki tribe, Sekou,

Sundra, everyone.

But I was called a race traitor.

I don't know why.

Because I think some felt I was

obligated to stick with my

racial background regardless.

I was playing a game where

regardless of your color, skin,

you have to help me survive.

It doesn't matter if you're my

background, what have you.

We're playing a game.

Everyone knows how hard it is.

Regardless of, you know, color,

what have you, you have to do

what is best for your team.

And so I had to turn on girls

that I loved and my racial


So, yeah, I got comments of

"race traitor."

>> PROBST: Stephannie, what was


>> Well, I just felt that, you

know, I was comfortable in the


I thought that I had Hiki love

for Nate.

And I trusted him.

I thought we had very good, very

closer relationship.

>> PROBST: But did you trust him

because you're from the same

ethnic group?

>> Absolutely.


I expected him to have my back.

>> PROBST: Rebecca... sorry to

interrupt you, Stephannie.

Rebecca, did you team the same


>> I trusted Nate more so

because of who he is and our

relationship that we had.

It had nothing to do with the

fact that we're both black.

I expected him to come to me

when I was under the radar

because we were tight.

That was my issue.

And it had no... it didn't

matter what race or nationality

you are.

If we're close, I expected you

to look out for me let me know

something was going on.

That's all.

>> PROBST: Brad, wrap this up

for me.

Do you think in general... is

there a pressure to represent

your group when do you something

like this and divide people and

say, "This is your group, your

group, your group"?

>> Yeah, there's a huge

pressure, especially when it

comes to representing the Asian


I think lot of times in media,

men are portrayed as, like,

these waspy, you know, thin sort

of nerdy, bookwormish guys.

And I think Yul and I did

fantastic job of breaking the

mold and breaking the stereotype

that lot of America have today.


>> PROBST: All right.

Up next, we're going to be

giving away the keys to a brand

new 2008 Mercury Mariner.

Plus Candice and Adam.

Was it strategy or romance?

We'll find out right after this.

>> PROBST: Welcome back to the

Survivor: Cook Islands live

reunion show from CBS in


Candice, was it strategy, was it

romance from the beginning with

you and Adam?

>> From the beginning, it was


I mean, I didn't come out here

to get into some romantic


But, you know, as things went

along, and I knew I could trust

Adam and that he could trust

me... and, you know, we

developed a bond and a


And it was... you know, there

was a little romance.


>> PROBST: Adam, what's the

status today?

>> You know, Candice is a great

girl and...

( laughter )

You know, I couldn't have done

this whole experience without

her, because I really did trust


And we did have that connection

on the island, and it was great,

and, I mean, it was real.

But, you know, we have separate

lives now.

You know, she's on the East

Coast, I'm on the West Coast.

So I think we're more just like

friends now.

>> PROBST: Nate and Parvati, the

other couple that when I was out

there, was a little more... it

seemed a little more to me than

we actually saw on the show.

Nate, was there... were there

feelings for Parvati?

>> Parvati was... hi, Parvati.

( laughter )

Look at her.

I mean, look at her.

I can't even say anything.

She was warm, you know?

>> PROBST: Nate, yes or no?

I feel like we're at tribal


>> Yes.

>> PROBST: Yes, there were some


>> Yes, definitely.

>> PROBST: Parvati.

Strategy for you?

Was there some... you seemed to

be enjoying Nate's company out


>> I love Nate.

I think Nate really helped me

get through the game.

At the low points when Raro kept

losing and losing, and I was

getting so frustrated, Nate

would always make me laugh and

he always picked me up.

And it really helped me out


So yeah, I mean, I depended on


>> PROBST: By the way, we

labeled you as a boxer on the


And people are... Parvati, what

kind of boxing do you do?

I don't even know.

>> It's called model boxing.

But it's real boxing.

I mean, we train in the gym,

like, five days a week and, I

mean, we're running, we're


I'm sparring with guys and girls


We're taking head shots.

You know, it's legitimate


It's really quite difficult.

( laughter )

>> PROBST: Let's get some

updates in here.

J.P, what's life like after

Survivor for you?

What's going on?

>> Well, shortly after

Survivor I got contacted by the

Janice Dickinson modeling

agency, and I'll be... that will

be appearing January tenth on


( cheers and applause )

>> PROBST: Hello, J.P.

Christina, what's the reaction

from your fellow cops to you

being on the show?

Did they respect you more or


>> Initially there was the

joking, you know, like anywhere,

because we're like brothers.

And then afterwards that one

scene with the wrestling match,

they were, you know, very

respectful, and were very proud

of me at that point.

But overall I guess it was a

great time, and everyone enjoyed

it at work also, you know?

They watched it while they were

at briefing.

And it was fun for them also.

>> PROBST: Cecelia, you weren't

on the show as long as some of

the other people.

Do you still get... does this

still resonate as an experience?

>> Definitely.

I mean, even... I know Sekou

could speak to that.

Even being there two days, it

changes you.

When you peel off all the

layers, family, work, friends,

it's who you are at the core

that comes out in that


And it really is a life-

changing, amazing experience I'm

very happy to have been part of.

>> PROBST: Flicka.


>> I love you guys!

>> PROBST: You know, the hair is

so much a part of your look.

Now, after being on a show like

this I'm sure people recognize

you for the hair.

Does that become something that

now you are, in a way, stuck

with, that you have to keep this

look, because "This is my look"?

>> I don't think I'm stuck at


I love my style.

And I just keep on workin' it.

People just come up to me, and I

feel so blessed.

They let their kids come up, and

they approach me and tell me how

much they love me.

And I just have had nothing but


And I'm so appreciative to be

able to have this whole

experience with all these

people, you know?

And my hair is just... it's just

good, I think.

>> PROBST: And Billy, I'd be

remiss if I didn't point out the

obvious, that Candice is now

available again.

( laughter and applause )

I've just got to ask you, Billy.

I've just got to ask you.

We're running out of time in


But not to make light of it.

You had genuine feelings.

>> I did.

But a lot had to do with the

situation I was in.

Not just with physically.

But also, you know, it was a lot

like, "I don't need you guys, I

found something else."

It was a lot of, like trying to

just get back and finding


So there was a lot of that.

But, you know, you are in the

heat of the moment.

And how many of us haven't stuck

our foot in our mouth at some

point in our lives?

I just happened to do it on

national TV, that's all.

>> PROBST: Kudos to you, Billy.

( applause )

All right.

Well, we have something else

exciting to do now.

This season we've been doing a

thing online to vote for the

survivor who played the most

clever game.

The winner gets a 2008 Mercury


Got a little video of that

running now right out here on

our red carpet.

Once again this vote was

extremely close.

And it came down to, of course,

Yul and Ozzy.

And we'll tell you this, that

there were a lot of votes cast.

And it was consistent throughout

the voting.

The difference was less than 1%

in the votes.

This time the winner was Ozzy.


( cheers and applause )

We'll take a break.

When we come back we'll show you

where Survivor is headed to


>> PROBST: Welcome back to

Survivor: Cook Islands live

reunion show.

Well, as this season comes to a

close a new season of Survivor

is just around the corner.

Here is a sneak peek.

Coming in the new year,

Survivor turns the tables on

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of luxury while the other is

left with virtually nothing.

For the first time there will be

19 new survivors.

This diverse cast with

lifestyles ranging from a

Harvard-educated lawyer to

once-homeless street performer

will be forced to battle each

other more fiercely than ever


Crawling with thousands of

deadly sea snakes, Exile Island

will be more treacherous than


This time two hidden immunity

idols and a twist will

drastically complicate the game.

And one of the most

controversial decisions ever

made by a survivor will have

America talking.

Who will outwit, outplay and

outlast all the others?

Join us next time for the

premiere of Survivor: Fiji.

Tomorrow morning on The Early

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The Web site is on the screen


Add if you think you really have

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Thanks for hanging in there with

us for 13 seasons.

We will see you in Fiji.

Good night.

( applause )

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