Survivor (2000–…): Season 14, Episode 4 - Let's Just Call Jeff on the Phone - full transcript

One castaway explodes with anger and starts throwing things around camp.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on


>> Come here.

Hurry, hurry.

>> This is going too great.

>> Yeah, it's, like, too good to

be true, man.

>> PROBST: Moto continued to

grow stronger.

>> It's not even survival, it's


>> PROBST: While Ravu became

weaker and weaker.

Until the sun came out-- then

Ravu transformed its rays into


>> Awesome!

>> We're not going to die!

>> PROBST: At the reward

challenge, Gary took a hard

fall, but Moto still came out


>> Dre scores for Moto!

>> PROBST: Giving Moto more

fishing gear and widening the

gap between the two tribes.

>> Sylvia.

>> PROBST: Sylvia was sent to

Exile Island where she received

a pivotal clue to the

whereabouts of the idol hidden

back at camp.

>> "You'll find it under the

cave's threshold if you dig


I need to figure out a time and

a place to look for the idol as

quickly as possible.

>> PROBST: At Moto...

>> He can't breathe.

>> PROBST: ...Gary was beginning

to feel ill.

>> We're going to keep a close

eye on him.

His health is more important

than the game to us.

>> PROBST: But at the immunity


Papa Smurf starting on his

second snout.

Gary pulled through when Anthony

was unable to chew a pig snout.

Moto wins immunity again!

Before tribal council...

>> Does he irk you at all, or


He seems a little on the whiny


>> PROBST: ...Anthony and Sylvia

were both on the hot seat, and

Sylvia's only hope was finding

the hidden immunity idol.

>> If I get the idol and if the

vote does go my way, I will be

able to surprise everybody.

>> PROBST: At tribal council,

Anthony questioned his position

in the tribe.

>> I often wonder if these folks

even like me.

I like to think they like me,

but, you know, sometimes you

can't tell.

>> PROBST: Mookie, what's your

thought on what Anthony said?

>> After the challenge, I was

really pissed off.

When you take a little piece of

snout this small, you can will

yourself to throw it down.

>> PROBST: But when Sylvia

failed to produce the idol, she

was voted out of the game.

Sylvia, the tribe has spoken.

16 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

>> We going to start a fire or


>> Yeah.

>> Let's just get the fire


We will talk about whatever

needs to be talked about, get it

all out.

Just all this silly stuff just

has to go.

When we came back to camp, I

wanted us all to have a powwow.

I mean, people have problems

with certain people, personality

problems, and they don't say


So that other person doesn't


So this just keeps on going and

pressure builds up and then

people explode.

We'll start talking.

>> All of us start talking?

>> Start talking, man.

>> Start talking.

What would you like to talk


>> Start talking.

>> I don't want to be involved

in bitching and moaning and


>> Certain people want to bitch

and moan, though.

>> But guy, that's all he ( no

audio ) does.

>> Reacting like that, that's


>> Reacting like what?

>> Just chill, for real.

>> You have no idea how much I'm

holding back, especially with

Anthony, you know what I mean?

Sitting around dealing with

somebody you really can't tell

him how you feel because you're

worried about his vote.

Right now I could care less

about his vote.

For some reason, Anthony, you

consistently irritate the ( no

audio ) out of me all the ( no

audio ) time.

And I think you go out of your

way to do it.

I think you go out of your way

to do it.

I think, for some reason, for

some strange reason, you play

the sympathy case once in a

while that drives me nuts.

I don't usually deal with people

like that unless it's a broad--

no offense to ladies, that's how

I talk to girls-- unless it's a

girl or it's my mother or it's

my crazy aunt.

Everybody messes up, but when

you whine about something or you

get all, like... you get all,

like, sentimental and

sensitive... you're a man.

At least, the way I was raised,

I'm a man, I've got to act like


>> I'm sorry I irk you, and I'm

sorry I irritate you.

I have no idea what I'm doing to

you that's irritating you.

I've spent a lot of my life with

very little self-esteem.

You know, I got picked on as a

kid, and I guess I developed a

whole lot of self-loathing.

>> I got along with Jessica.

I got along with Erica.

Those two people are gone, and

you're still here driving me

absolutely insane.

Both of those girls, better

players than you.

No offense.

Some people have it, some people


>> I may not be doing the best

in the challenges, but if they

want me off this island, they

want me out of this game,

they're going to have to push me


Because there's no way in hell

I'm giving up.

>> Wow, I'm in Fiji.

This is gorgeous.

It's absolutely breathtaking.

And at night with the moon is


>> Which makes our thing so

perfect, you know?

>> Right.


The five musketeers.

>> From the beginning there has

been a bond between Boo, Alex,

Edgar, myself, and Stacy.

It's almost been unspoken.

All we know is that the five of

us get along and we're not

stepping on each other's toes.

We all kind of come together.

It's just amazing how things

have just, like, fallen into


>> The other team must be

kicking their asses right now.

>> That's the way the cookie


>> This water is awesome!

I just want that cloud to go


>> So Gary...

>> Mm-hmm.

>> I've done a lot of miserable

things in my life.

I mean, I did a tour of Vietnam

and we had some crap that wasn't

no fun either.

But gee whiz, this is just...

the head spinning is just... I

can't... you can't function.

>> Everybody loves Gary in the

tribe, and definitely want him

to keep competing if he feels

good enough, but I think he

should take his health first.

At his age, the amount of stress

and possibly high blood

pressure... I want him to feel

better, first of all.

>> You have so many bites, Gary.

>> Mm-hmm.

You've got thousands of them.

Gary does not look good at all,

and eventually it's going to

turn into, like, a babysitting


It's like, "Okay, you know, did

I just have a baby and didn't

realize it?"

Did you have some of that

coconut meat?

>> Mm-hmm.

>> You should have some, have


I really don't want to take care

of him.

I don't want to babysit.

So let's hope he gets better.

That's the only thing I can say.

If he doesn't get better he's

going have to go.

>> PROBST: Moto, come on in!

Ravu, come on in!

Moto getting your first look at

the new Ravu tribe.

Sylvia voted out at the last

tribal council.

>> Whoa.

>> PROBST: You guys ready to get

to today's challenge?

>> Yep.

>> Yeah, we are.

>> PROBST: For today's

challenge, both tribes will line

up side by side on a very narrow

balance beam over water.

Moving one tribe member at a

time, you must make your way

across the beam, stepping around

your tribemates as you go.

If you fall off, or if you are

knocked off, you go back to the


Once you get off the beam, onto

the finish platform, then the

next tribe member goes.

You can change your crossing

order mid challenge, but you

have to jump in the water to

do so.

First tribe to get all their

tribemates offof the beam,

on to the finish platform, win


Want to know what you're playing


>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: It's another big one.

>> Oh, man!

>> PROBST: Whole lot of fish.

>> Fish, yeah.

>> PROBST: Plenty of rice.

Spices to liven up everything

you eat.

Plus some comfort-- pillows,


That's not all.

Waiting back at camp for the

winning tribe, a king-sized bed

with sheets and pillows.

In addition, the winning tribe

will send one member from the

losing tribe to Exile Island.

Moto, you have two extra


Who are you going to sit out?

>> Cassandra and Papa Smurf.

>> PROBST: Gary and Cassandra,

sitting this one out.

Swim out.

We'll get started.

Once you guys are set, you

cannot be holding onto each


The only person you can touch is

the person that's crossing you.

The wind is starting to pick up.

Perfect time to begin this


Survivors ready?


Michelle for Ravu makes her way

around Yau-Man.

Stacy working around Lisi.

>> Oh!

>> PROBST: Both going in.

Michelle working Rita now.

Stacy and Lisi are trying to get

back up.

Big reward on the line.

Stacy tries a new approach.

And that knocks Lisi off.

There's a learning curve to this


You will figure it out as you go


Michelle making good progress.

She's halfway through.

Dreamz has a new idea.

Your hands cannot touch the


Lisi steps over Stacy.

Michelle hugging her way past


Lisi stepping over Alex.

Both going in.

Michelle easily sidesteps around

Earl, the first tribe member

across for Ravu.

>> Lisi, let's go, baby, both of

your hands on Alex.

>> PROBST: Moto going to stick

with their strategy.

Yau-Man now working around Rita.

Gingerly, but it's effective.

Lisi now going to have to

sidestep a much taller guy, and

she can't do it.

Lisi back to the start.

Yau-Man crosses for Ravu.

Ravu leads 2-0.

Moto has a very precise strategy

they're trying to work out.

No, Lisi, you can't touch two


One at a time, one at a time.

Rita now working for Ravu.

>> You can do it!

You can do it!

>> PROBST: Lisi still trying to

be the first member across for


Rita and Anthony still working


>> Use your hands and put your

weight on him but make sure it's


>> PROBST: Lisi, one member left

to get over.

Lisi across for Moto.

It's two-one.

Anthony and Rita have been

locked in an embrace for a long


Anthony falls off, a lot of

progress lost for Ravu.

Moto's strategy is starting to


Alex over Boo.

Moto has tied at two-two.

>> Come on, come on!

>> PROBST: Mookie and Anthony,

going to have to work together.

Mookie and Anthony both fall in.

Stacy trying to figure out how

she's going to get over Edgardo.

Edgardo jumps in.

All kinds of strategy coming

into play.

>> Everyone fall in.

Everyone fall in!

Earl, stay.

Come on, come on!

>> PROBST: Ravu changing their

entire lineup.

Half the tribe jumps in to give

the stronger people a better


But Anthony can't even stay up

on the beam.

>> ( groaning )

>> ( cheers )

>> PROBST: Edgardo scores for


We are three-two, Moto now in

the lead.

Ravu now using Moto's strategy.

Mookie, you can only touch one

at a time.


Get in the water.

Liliana making it look easy.

Moto leads four-two.

Ravu still working.

Dreamz is across.

It is five-two.

Stacy across for Moto.

Boo gives a wave to the crowd.

Moto wins reward!

Ravu, once again, early lead,

lost it in the end.

Moto, still undefeated in

challenges, and a big decision

to make.

Sending one person to Exile


They will return in time for the

next immunity challenge.

Who's it going to be?

>> Yau-Man.

>> PROBST: Yau-Man going to

Exile Island, where you will

find another clue to the

whereabouts of the hidden

immunity idol.

Moto-- fish, rice, spices, and

waiting back at camp, a king-

sized bed.


Ravu, once again, got nothing

for you.

Head back to camp.

>> Yeah!

>> This is great!

>> Look at the size of this


>> Today we once again kicked

the crap out of Ravu, and in the

process, won ourselves a bed,

which I am so excited about.

>> Oh, my god.

>> We can fit five people in

here, man.

>> Not only to we have comfort

with the cushions and the

blankets, but the fish that we

got, and the seasoning, I was

like, "Oh, my gosh, I'm in


>> Here, pull these spices off.

>> Man, soy sauce!

>> Paprika.

>> I know.

>> Okay, what you all got?

>> Oregano.

>> We're just living lovely

right now.

Our morale is up now more than


>> Geez, man, we're going to eat

like kings today.

>> Oh, man!

>> Motolicious.

>> I feel sorry for the

individual members of the other

tribe, but I want us to continue


I... I don't want to let up for

a second.

>> Absolutely ridiculous!

Five in a row?

Five in a row we lose?

>> What do you want to do?

Do you want to get together and

talk about it, or...

>> Thank you!

Why don't we just go to tribal

council right now?

You want to go to tribal council

right now, we'll vote somebody


Because that's all we do every


Every other day we vote somebody


So why don't we call Jeff up

right now on the Jeff phone and

go, "Hey, Jeff, we're ready to

vote somebody off today."

I'm skinnier than homeless

people right now.

I know 15 homeless people that

are 40 pounds heavier than me.

Are you serious?

They're getting more nutrition

in their diet.

That's it right there.

That was it.

Food, pillows, a bed.

Everything we complain about

every day and we couldn't muster

it up.

Tell me why.

>> We just lost.

>> So what's the sense?

What's the sense of going, "Oh,

we'll get them next time, oh,

we'll do this next time"?


I'm not sugarcoating nothing.

>> We lost, it sucks, let's move


I mean, if you go in somewhere

thinking you're going to lose,

your chances are...

>> I'm not being negative.

I'm stating the obvious.

There's a difference.

There's a difference.

>> Who's going to get more wood?

>> I like Rocky's spirit but

it's not all about just talk.

It's about motivating.

Like, do something-- not just at

challenges but here on this


>> Argh!

>> I'm starving!

>> We have an interesting tribe.

>> I'm hungry, I'm tired, I'm

thirsty, but do I still get my

ass up and go do something?


But I'm telling you now, I can

already feel this one.

>> I already know how it's going

to go.

If we lose tomorrow, you know

whose name's going down?

It's going to be me.

I know I have a big target on

me, and I know that I have to be

careful and patient.

But now that I've gotten a

better grasp on who James is,

I'll let him keep talking,

because really in the end it

makes him look like an ass.

If you don't like your bed, fix


Chop down some palm fronds.

I trust Anthony.

I think he's a good guy, he's a

genuine guy.

But it's getting harder to look

out for him.

But I haven't made my exact move

yet of what I'm going to do.

I'm still devising the plan.

>> "Here you won't find the idol

you crave.

It's buried under the highest

point of the big cave."

I'm not resentful at all of Moto

for sending me here.

In a way, I'm glad I get a

chance to find the immunity


Highest point through which you


So it must be at the entrance.

We may be sleeping on it.

I'm quite sure I know where the

idol is.

The problem, of course, is when

do I get the chance to dig


I need the immunity idol very

badly, so I'll see how fast I

can dig.

>> Whoa, whoa, whoa!

( laughter )

>> Liliana knows what she's

doing, and sometimes guys aren't

hip to the way chicks maneuver.

It's funny, because Liliana

tries to be so sneaky, but I'm

Latin, and knowing my people the

way that I do, I see what she's


I know in her little diabolical

Mexican mind she's trying to

come up with something, you


>> Oh, my god!

( laughter )

>> Wow!

What in the world?

>> It just seems like the whole

world is caving in here.

I don't got the energy to do


I just can't... I can't


>> How you doing, big guy?

Feeling nauseated?

>> I ain't never had nothing

like this before.

I've had malaria ages ago, and

that's nothing compared to

what's going on.

It just kind of scares you a

little bit, you know?

I just don't have...

>> Hi, Gary.

>> I'm very worried for Papa

Smurf, because I can see Papa

Smurf was real hurt.

Papa Smurf is one of the only

people I talk to, so that's kind

of worrying me.

>> All right.

>> I'm not so concerned about

whether Gary stays in the game

or not.

Quite frankly, one less person,

you know, means greater odds for

all of us.

>> Good-bye, Papa Smurf.

>> Bye, Gary!

>> Bye, Gary!

>> Today was very frustrating,

to be honest with you.

We lost Gary, and... I don't


I feel... I don't feel good

about it.

I don't feel good about today at


>> Bye, Papa Smurf!

>> Bye, Papa Smurf!

>> Love you!

>> I hope to god we don't lose

the next immunity challenge


But if we lose that immunity

challenge, we're 7-7.

In the eyes of the game, we're

tied, and then we're screwed.

>> I'm going crazy, bro.

I'm going crazy, bro.

I just want to start winning.

But all I can do is the best I

can and try to get people fired


I can lead by example.

>> We've got tree mail!

>> Are you guys ready?

>> "Some of you are feeling

trapped while others just hang


The key to winning today's event

on your teammates will be found.

Whether you're on the bottom or

if you're on the top, or if

you're..." don't, I don't want

to look at you.

>> Oh, dude.

>> "...the pressure today will

be intense.

Tonight for one this game will


>> I wasn't even watching.

>> Well, thankfully, I only got

like a half a second peek of

James naked.

Not a pretty sight.

>> Wear one of the girls'


>> Do you want my bikini top?

>> I'm trying to make everybody


I'm wearing a pink halter top

with some coconuts in it.

Feeling pretty good right now.

>> That's hilarious, man.

>> Anything to get the focus off

losing five in a row, and

hopefully just go out there and

let it loose and win a game.

>> PROBST: Ravu, come on in!

Rocky, Pink is a good color for


>> Thanks, Jeff.

I was hoping you'd enjoy it.

>> PROBST: Ravu has a great

attitude for having not won


No, that was a complement.

>> Cool.

>> PROBST: We'll now bring in

Yau-Man returning from Exile


>> Whoo!

>> I survived!

Thank you.

>> PROBST: We'll now bring in


>> PROBST: Gary, Papa Smurf, was

evacuated yesterday for medical

reasons from Moto's beach.

>> Oh, wow!

>> PROBST: The update is Gary is

officially out of the game, so

Moto has lost their first


>> Oh, no!

>> PROBST: They are now down to


Despite losing Gary, the game


I will take back immunity, Alex.

Immunity is back up for grabs.

Ready to get to today's immunity


>> Do it.

>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: Four tribe members

will begin locked in floating


On my "go," another tribe member

will head out with the key to

unlock the first tribe member

from a cage.

Once that person is free, they

must then race across a series

of lily pads to free the second

member from a locked cage.

Once the fourth tribe member is

free from their cage, that tribe

member and the rescuer get onto

a boat where another tribe

member is waiting with a ring of


Together, you will paddle to

shore, picking up your stranded

tribemates as you go.

Once you're back to shore, you

must then form a human pyramid.

The person on top will use the

ring of keys to unlock that last

cage and free your final tribe


First tribe to get on their

finish mat wins immunity.

Make sense?

>> Yep.

>> PROBST: There is one twist to

today's challenge.

Sealed inside this bottle is a


The winning tribe will read this

note after the challenge.

Moto, you're going to have to

sit one person out.

Cannot sit out the same people

in back-to-back challenges.

Cassandra sat out last time.

Who's it going to be this time?

>> We're going to sit out Lisi.

>> PROBST: Lisi, have a spot on

the bench.

Everybody else, I'll give you a

minute to strategize and we'll

get started.

Here we go, for immunity.

Survivors ready?


Edgardo with the early lead for


>> Come on, Edgardo!

>> Come on, Rocky.

Go, Rocky.

>> Edgardo to the cage first.

>> There you go, there you go.

Rocky loses his keys, falling


Dreamz is out.

He's on the lily pads.

Dreamz crawling across the lily


Rocky has Yau-Man out.

>> Come on, Yau.

Come on.

>> PROBST: Yau-Man takes on the

lily pads.

Dreamz working on the lock

trying to get Alex free.

Alex moving on for Moto.

>> Come on, Yau.

Come on, take your time.

>> PROBST: Yau-Man falling

behind for Ravu.

Yau-Man to the platform.

He's got to get up.

>> Good boy, Yau!


>> PROBST: Moto now one full

platform ahead.

>> You got it, baby.

You got it.

>> PROBST: Yau-Man losing his

had glasses trying to work on

the lot for Rita.

>> Come on.

>> PROBST: Alex has Boo free!

>> Rita now free.

She's working on the lily pads.

Barely hanging on.

Moto with a big lead now.

>> All right, all right, all


>> Rita, push it, push it!

>> PROBST: Boo has Liliana free.

They're getting on the boat.

>> Go forward, forward, forward.


>> All right, guys paddle it!

Paddle it!

>> Dig, dig, dig.

There you go.

>> PROBST: Rita losing a lot of

time for Ravu.

>> Get in!

>> Oh, my god!

>> Alex on the boat for Moto.

>> Rita just now at the


Ravu has a lot of time to make


>> Row, row, row, row!

Ravu not quitting.

>> Dig, dig, dig!

>> PROBST: Mookie making up a

lot of time.

>> Jump in, jump in, jump in!

Dreamz now getting on the boat.

>> All right, here.

Come on.

>> Earl now free.

Ravu now in their boat.

>> Get on!

Get in the middle!

Get in the boat.

>> ( laughing )

>> Come on, Rita!

>> Dig!

Left side, dig.

>> Dig, dig, dig, dig!

>> PROBST: Ravu, keep moving.

Let's go!

Moto heading into shore.

>> Yeah!


>> Come on, Rocky!

>> PROBST: You're still in it,


Let's go!

>> PROBST: Moto starts to work

on their human pyramid.

That top person has got to


Ravu now back.

Stacy working on the last lock.

There are five keys.

Stacy having trouble with the

lock, trying key after key,

hoping one will fit.

Ravu working on their pyramid.

Ravu back in it, if Michelle

picks the right key.

Immunity plus a twist to be

revealed on the line.

Stacy has to get down and open

the cage.

Moto wins immunity!

Still undefeated!

Moto, congratulations once


>> Good job, guys!

>> PROBST: Now there's one more

element to this challenge-- the


As I said, the winning tribe

would open the bottle and read

the note.

Who wants it?

>> "You have just won immunity.

You must now decide which is

more important to you, immunity

or comfort.

To keep your immunity, you must

live at the Ravu tribe camp.

>> Of course.

>> To enjoy the food and comfort

of the Moto camp, you must give

up immunity and vote someone out


>> PROBST: So, interesting

dilemma-- which is more


You can keep your tribe strong

at eight, switch camps, go live

on Ravu's beach.

If comfort is more important,

you can stay living where you


You give immunity to Ravu, you

go to tribal council and vote

somebody out, and suddenly we

are even, 7-7.

So all of a sudden, Gary's

departure looming very large for

this tribe.

I'll give you a minute to talk

it over.

>> Who wants to keep the camp?

Raise your hand.

We're going to tribal council


>> Jeff, we're keeping our

comfort and going to tribal


>> PROBST: All right, Boo, go

ahead and give immunity to Ravu.

Ravu, for once, you won't be

going to tribal council.

Moto, you'll be going back to

your camp with all the comforts.

I'll see you at tribal.

Grab your stuff, head on back to


>> We won the challenge, and we

had the option of giving up our

home or vote somebody off.

So unfortunately, we're going to

vote somebody off.

And it's even uglier being that

Gary left yesterday, so it's

kind of like we're losing two


>> All right, let's sit down and

talk for a second.

This is what I feel is very

important to me.

I'm going... I'm not going to

sugarcoat nothing.

I think we are a tribe, right?

We're honest, right?

Are we snakes?

Anybody here a snake?

Not yet.

We ain't snakes yet.

And let's not turn into snakes


So with that being said and out

of the way, there's two people

we can afford to lose now.

I ain't pointing no fingers.

It's Cassandra and Lisi.

We can only afford to lose them,


Am I right?

If I'm not right, if anybody


>> It depends on how you look


>> I think that's are the only

two people you can afford to


>> I'll be sincere.

I'm not going to vote for Lisi.

I like Lisi.

Cassandra, I'm going to be

straight with you.

Probably my vote tonight will be

against you.

>> Here's the thing, Dreamz.

I don't think you can ignore the

interpersonal relationships that

have been built, not because

it's a friendship, but it's also

in thinking long-term, that bond

may help you in the future.

>> We're not individuals yet.

We're still a group.

>> Dreamz started freaking out.

I think he shoots from the hip a

lot, and he's a bit naive.

Because he has no clue what's

going on.

He thinks we're all part of this

solid team, that we do things

together in stride.

And it's not entirely untrue,

it's just that the team consists

of five people-- myself, Alex,

Ed, Lisi, and Boo.

>> If anybody else got something

to say, please.

So is that what we're going to


>> Well we've got to decide

something now before we start,

"Come with me to the water

fountain real quick.

Come with me to..." you know

what I'm saying?

That's when we turn to snakes

and start biting each other.

We don't have to eat each other


We don't have to do that yet.

Let's not do it yet.

>> I don't know, I don't know.

>> I just want things to go down

fair so we don't have to see the

snake so early.

>> Uh-huh.

>> Like, it's not that we don't

like you and we don't think

you're a good person, because I

think you rock.

>> No, I understand.

>> The thing is, it would be a

backward step for me to go

against what they're doing.

I'm going to try to stay in this

game longer.

>> Yeah.

All I'll say is just, you know,

hang in there.

It could be me going home this

evening after tribal council.

But I don't want to be the first

voted out of my tribe.

I didn't want to be the first

voted out of the game.

So I'm holding on.

>> I think Dreamz is better for

us, so we need to keep Dreamz.

>> We need to keep Dreamz, okay?

>> I vote Liliana, too.

>> Let's do it.

She's going to be like...

As far as I'm concerned, Liliana

is the weakest link.

Because our biggest concern is

to get to the top five, and

she's the one person that could

threaten it.

She could try to manipulate


She could say all sorts of

things that could start tearing

us apart.

>> If we take out Liliana...

Cassandra is bad at everything.

She sucks at everything.

>> It's not... we're not going

to be hurting.

I swear to you.

>> The most logical thing is to

keep Liliana, vote out Cassandra

until we have a numbers

advantage again.

Right now we're 7-7.

Why on god's green earth would

you vote out a woman who is as

strong, almost as any of the


That to me seems absurd.

>> One of them has got to go.

>> I'm voting Liliana.

>> Me, too.

>> I'm very frustrated.

I feel like this is illogical.

I want to do what's best for our

five-person alliance and for the

team in general.

Liliana is a good person.

She's worked hard at these


She deserves to stay.

Cassandra should go.

>> PROBST: Behind each of you is

a torch.

Go ahead and grab a torch and

approach the flame.

Dip it in, get fire.

This is part of the ritual of

tribal council, because in this

game, fire represents life.

As long as you have fire, you're

still in the game.

When your fire is gone, so are


Boo, tell me about the loss of


What was the reaction when he

had to leave?

>> Everyone, even the other

tribe, loved Gary.

He was sick for three days, and

he stayed tough for our tribe.

We miss him, and we can't wait

to see him again.

>> PROBST: Dreamz, let's talk

about friendship.

Are you starting to bond with

certain people maybe more than


>> Pretty much Papa Smurf and


But I'm not going to lie to you.

The rest of them, if I talk they

just get silent or they don't

talk back.

>> PROBST: Edgardo, can you

understand what Dreamz is


>> I really don't know where

he's coming from.

I think we all, you know, treat

each other the same way.

You know, I treat Liliana the

same way I treat Dreamz or Boo.

But if he feels that way, I'm

going to make sure he doesn't

feel that way anymore.

>> PROBST: Let's talk about

today's challenge.

Lisi, in spite of the fact that

you won, you have to come to

tribal council.

So what happens at camp?

>> As a matter of fact, Dreamz

goes on a soliloquy about how,

you know, some people should be

voted off, the weakest ones...

>> Jeff...

>> Cassandra and Lisi.

So he's talking about being

indivisible, but he's pointing



>> PROBST: So, Dreamz, you come

back to camp and you decide,

"Let's just have a powwow and

I'm going tell you how it is."

>> Well, not like that, Jeff.

Don't make me sound like a


>> PROBST: I'm asking!

>> All right.

I was just saying, "Stop me if

I'm wrong, if y'all think I'm

wrong at any point in time."

Nobody stopped me, Jeff.

They let me go on a shaquila, or

whatever she called it.

>> PROBST: Soliloquy.

>> She let me go on a soliloquy,

or whatever they call it.

I didn't want to eat each other

yet, you know what I'm saying?

I didn't want people to go off

into little groups and start

talking about people.

>> PROBST: So Alex, you didn't

lose, but you're here.

You don't want to vote somebody

out, but you have to.

What do you base it on?

>> I think you base it on what's

going to be best for the tribe

moving forward, and we're going

to just move on and do whatever

it takes to make sure that Ravu

doesn't have another opportunity

to have one of our members voted


>> PROBST: Liliana, what do you

bring to this tribe?

>> I feel that I bring strength,

and I try to get with the guys

and say, "Let's go fishing or

hunting or climbing."

So helping the guys out is not a

problem for me.

That's just the way I am at

home, and I'm here being the

same person.

>> PROBST: Cassandra.

>> I definitely want to

compliment Liliana.

She's exemplary for the female


She's just amazing.

I just look for her to go very

far in the game.

Love you.

>> Love you, too.

>> PROBST: All right, it is time

to vote.

Alex, you're up.

>> I'm going to really miss you.

You're such a great person.

I really did see the strength in


>> The alliance is five, not


>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the tribal

council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Liliana.


One vote Liliana, one vote Lisi.


That's one vote each for

Liliana, Lisi, and Cassandra.


Two votes Liliana.


That's three votes Liliana, one

vote Lisi, one vote Cassandra.

Fourth person voted out of

Survivor: Fiji, Liliana.

>> Wow.

>> PROBST: That's four.

That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

>> I'm so shocked.

So shocked.

If they didn't get me out now, I

was going to beat them.

>> PROBST: Liliana, the tribe

has spoken.

>> PROBST: Well, I think

Liliana's expression said it


This game definitely being

played within the Moto tribe.

Grab your torches.

Head back to camp.

Good night.

>> PROBST: stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on


>> Those two are two sour


>> PROBST: Moto begins to


>> PROBST: The hunt for the idol

is on.

>> I got a chance to dig.

I don't know for how long.

>> Laugh it up.

>> Why don't me and you go up

there right now?

>> We could.

>> Let's do that then.

Keep running your mouth.

Bring it.

>> PROBST: And the gloves come


>> Well, I'm definitely 100%


To me, it's ridiculous to get

rid of one of your stronger

people in the beginning.

I just wish I could have stayed

in longer, because I definitely

would have kicked some butt.

Wow, there are some good liars,

great liars.

I think the weak link stayed

behind and not... the strong

one's leaving today.