Survivor (2000–…): Season 13, Episode 9 - Mutiny - full transcript

At the Reward Challenge, the remaining castaways are given the opportunity to leave their current tribe and join the opposing tribe.

>> JEFF PROBST: previously on


>> I'd rather be on the same

page and know what's going on.

>> PROBST: Aitu was uneasy with

their kidnapped Raro member in


>> He's going crazy right now.

>> The thing I don't like is

that that whole conversation

happened right in front of Nate.

>> PROBST: At the reward


Rebecca quickly falling behind.

...Aitu forced Nate to sit out.

>> Brad, why aren't you


>> Because I'm better at


>> PROBST: Nate watched

helplessly as his Raro tribe

fell behind and never recovered.

Aitu wins reward!

When Nate returned to Raro...

>> He knows he's one of our best


>> PROBST: ...the tribe

questioned Brad's decision not

to swim.

>> We're always choking at


>> We need you swimming,


>> The thing is, I'm creative


I do puzzles.

>> Brad pissed me off.

"I'm good at puzzles."

I don't care about that


>> PROBST: At Aitu...

>> I caught a bird.

>> PROBST: ...Ozzy's role as

provider was a mixed blessing.

>> Good job, Oz.

I underestimated him.

We should get rid of him while

we still have the control rather

than wait for a merge and

potentially have him dominate

some of the individual


>> PROBST: Go, Nate!

At the immunity challenge, Raro

made a comeback.

Raro wins immunity!

Aitu, tribal council tonight,

one of you going home.

See you at tribal.

>> That's the decision.

>> PROBST: Back at Aitu,

Jonathan targeted Flicka.

>> Maybe the choice is Flicka.

I'm trying to stay one step

ahead of the competition.

>> PROBST: While Flicka tried to

target Jonathan.

>> PROBST: But her scrambling

pestered some of the girls.

>> She was like a mosquito that

won't die.

>> PROBST: And Ozzy, who was

concerned about his own

vulnerability, agreed that

Jonathan was a threat.

>> Jonathan seems to inspire

some level of mistrust among

pretty much everybody.

I haven't seen it, but because

everyone else was suspicious of

him, I mean, it can't help but

rub off on me a little bit.

>> PROBST: In the end...

Eighth person voted out of

the Cook Islands...

...Flicka's scrambling became

her downfall, and she was voted


Jessica, the tribe has spoken.

12 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

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>> Listen, we're in a good

place, right?

We've really done well, the five

of us.

>> We need to stay tight.

>> And we'll continue to stay


We know what the next move is if

we have an elimination, right?

The most solid thing is if we go

in with six, and they have four,

and we keep Ozzy around for at

least one vote, vote somebody

off, then vote Ozzy off, and the

five of us can,, you know, go to


People are a little antsy as

we're approaching what we think

is a merge in the next couple

of days.

We have five strong now.

I assume if there's one more

immunity challenge and we lose

it, we will let go of Ozzy.

But I don't care how tight you

think your fivesome is, things

are going to change.

>> You know, anything can happen

at this point.

>> I don't want to keep this six

through the merge.

I want to get back together with

Adam and Parvati.

So I'm just ready for some

movement, get some other people

out of here.

I'm nervous because it's kind of

like the calm before the storm,

you know.

I think stuff's about to start


>> As much as everybody's

saying, "Let's stay together

with the six," it's going to get

to a point where somebody's

going to get greedy, you know

what I mean?

And it's going to get ugly.

And I don't, you know....

>> I don't want them to do it to


>> Right.

I don't want to be the one left

out to dry.

>> You and I are tight.

We're going to make this work.

Set something up with Parvati.

Let's hope we can do that.

Maybe it'll be us four

Caucasians in the final four--

me, you, Adam, Parvati-- and at

that point, we have the numbers.

And I just think we have to be

the ones to make that flop

before they do.

I am determined to not be the

guy who made the move too late,

you know?

I've trusted you all along, you

trusted me.

And it's gotten us a long way,

and it's going to get us a long

way further.

Candice and I talked a lot about

the fact that eventually we were

going to have to do some kind of


She's the one person that I'm

the tightest with.

Only two people can sit at the

final two, and I want it to be

you and me, I swear to God.

>> Jonathan's got this new plan,

but I'm not sure that Jonathan

has really any allegiance.

I think he'll do whatever he

needs to get by, so I'd like to

see Jonathan go.

>> Do you think we could merge


>> We're going to merge soon.

>> Did you just hear that

comment about, "It's everyone

for themselves"?

>> I have to play Brad right


He has done questionable things,

you know?

He's Slim Shady right now,


>> That infuriates me that he

said that.

It's not an individual game yet.

>> We have to play for our team.

>> No.

>> I lost my trust with him, and

it sucks, because I like the guy

a lot.

There's still team.

There's no "I" in that team

right now for him.

And so I'll make him think,

"Yeah, dog, I got your back,


Yeah, we tight."


>> PROBST: Raro, come on in.

Aitu, come on in.

Raro getting your first look at

the new Aitu tribe.

Jessica voted out at the last

tribal council.

Okay, before we get to today's

reward challenge, we're going to

do something a little different.

I'm offering each of you the

opportunity to mutiny and join

the other tribe.

>> Man!

>> Oh, my god!

>> PROBST: You have ten seconds

to decide whether or not you

want to change things up and

maybe change your fate in this


If you want to move, step off

your mat and join the other


The clock is ticking.

Five, four, three, two.

Candice is mutinying.


Jonathan mutinies at the last


That is it.

Jonathan, Candice, you're Aitu

no more.

Join Rarotonga.

>> Hi.

>> Hi.

>> Welcome back.

>> PROBST: Candice you're now a

member of Raro, Jonathan, a

member of Raro.

So, Aitu, you just had two

members of your tribe mutiny.

Yul, you don't look happy.

>> No, I'm stunned.

I thought we had a pretty good

game plan, and I'm very


>> PROBST: Ozzy, what's your


>> It doesn't really surprise


They don't have the backbone to

stick with their tribe, then

that's fine.

I'm sure that they're going to

get their fate sooner or later.

>> PROBST: Okay, everybody ready

to get to today's reward


Two of you from each tribe will

start inside a barrel.

On my "go," the rest of the

tribe will push you through a

series of obstacles.

Along the way, you'll collect a

total of four buoys which you'll

then use to float the two people

in the barrel across the lagoon.

When you reach the center of the

lagoon, dive down and retrieve

four flags.

When you reach the other side of

the lagoon, you'll take those

four flags and attach them to a


The entire tribe will then dig

down, uncover an ax, use that ax

to chop a rope which will raise

your flags.

The first tribe to raise their

flags wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing


>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: The winning tribe

will go to a nice, relaxing


You'll have coffee, some


>> Oh!

>> PROBST: Danishes.

>> Oh, my god!

>> PROBST: And because it's

always nice to have something to

read with your morning cup of

coffee, you will have letters

from home written by your loved

ones for you.

Worth playing for?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: This is going to be

two women and two men from each


I'll give you a minute to


In the barrel for Aitu, it is

Becky and Sundra.

For Raro, Jenny and Candice.

Here we go.

Survivors ready?


Both barrels heading down, a

quick ride into the sand.

Ozzy gets the buoys for Aitu!

Adam and Nate get the buoys for


Ozzy back first.

Yul and Ozzy putting the buoys

in the barrel.

Nate and Adam back with their

buoys loading in the barrel.

Aitu off and running.

Raro right behind.

Aitu with the lead as they get

to the log roll.

You've got to roll them over

these logs.

Not going to be a comfortable


>> PROBST: Aitu still with a bit

of a lead.

Nate and Adam right behind.

Once you hit your mat, you can

get your next two buoys.

Aitu on the mat!

Raro's on the mat.

Ozzy back with the buoys for


Nate and Adam back with the

buoys for Raro.

Two new tribes battling it out.

Who made the right move?

Who made the wrong move?

Candace and Jenny suffocating

with all the buoys inside.

Got to get those buoys clipped

to the barrels so you can float

across the lagoon.

Ozzy and Yul in the water.

Raro still struggling.

They've got to get in deeper


Aitu is now floating their


Raro now in the deep enough


They can start floating, but

Aitu has a big lead at this


Aitu has reached their flag.

Ozzy's got the first flag.

Raro cannot get there.

Ozzy up with the second flag.

Raro is floating away.

Ozzy comes up with his final two


He's got all four.

Raro cannot fight the current.

Let's go!

Raro, no chance of getting back.

Aitu now on the other side.

Ozzy and Yul have been

workhorses on this challenge.

>> Get out, get out!

>> PROBST: big reward on the


Somebody going to Exile Island.

Becky's going to hang the flags.

>> Come on!

>> PROBST: Aitu has their four


Now they've got to find the ax.

They've found the ax.

Aitu wins reward!

>> Yes!

>> Yeah!

>> Yeah!


>> PROBST: Well, it would be an

understatement to say that this

game has just taken a dramatic


Aitu, as winners, you are

sending somebody from the Raro

tribe to Exile Island.

>> Hmm...

>> PROBST: who's it going to be?

>> Candice.

>> PROBST: Candice, big signal

coming from your old tribe.

Let's go, Candice.

Raro, got nothing for you.

Grab your stuff.

Head on back to camp.

Sundra, you're crying.

>> Because, you know, I wanted

to stay true to my guys, and we

worked well together.

Feels good.

>> PROBST: Well, in this case,

it certainly paid off to stick


You have a big reward-- coffee,

tasty assortment of pastries,

love letters from home just

behind you.

Grab your stuff.

Head on over.

>> Whoo!

>> Yeah!

>> Oh, my god!

>> I love you guys!

>> Yeah, I can't believe it.

I can't believe it.

>> Me, too.

I don't know when I've felt like


When I saw the mutiny in its

completion, the numbers were


Standing there and you're

feeling so small and pitiful and

you look over to the Raro side,

and they look so big and


And when we won the challenge, I


I straight up cried.

I don't think I've ever been as

happy in my life.

>> All right, let's have a

toast, guys.

>> To Aitu.

>> To Aitu.

>> To Aitu.

>> Working together, keeping

calm, cool, collected.

>> This will take us to the end,


>> Cheers.

>> Oh, the reward was beautiful.

We had these dry robes that we

could put on.

And then laid out before us was

every kind of pastry you can

think of.

It was like a recharge, you


I feel, like, brand new.

I feel like I'm ready to do


>> Oh, my god!

>> Who is it?

>> Oh, my god!

>> That's you?

Oh, you were so cute!

>> Oh, sexy Becky.

I love it.

>> That's my son.

>> Oh, my god, he's adorable.

>> Okay, I like this one.

>> All right...

>> No, we're seeing these.

>> I'm feeling really good about

my tribe.

When you see each other's

families and see pictures of

each other growing up, I mean,

it just really hits you that

these are real people that

you're interacting with, you

know-- people that with hopes,

dreams, fears, aspirations.

>> I haven't seen my son in

three weeks, and in the letter,

he was like, "I hope you're


And he said that he was really

concerned that I'm not alone.

I have a great little boy, and

I'm realizing, "What the hell am

I doing here?"

But I always teach my son

"Winners never quit, and

quitters never win," so I can't

teach him that and come out here

and quit.

>> That's Ozzy.

>> Ozzy needs a hug.

>> Aww...

>> We are stronger than we've

ever been.

The mutiny solidified our

commitment and dedication to

each other.

I mean, we're a team to the end


>> Oh, there's nothing in here.

I've been waiting the whole time

to get back with my friends Adam

and Parvati.

So I made the decision to


You know, it's four people on

the old Aitu tribe that are

really mad at me right now.

Obviously they're going to have

it out for me.

I was surprised that Jonathan

stepped out right behind me.

He's been saying that we were

really, really close, and we've

been tight the whole time, but I

haven't really trusted Jonathan

to begin with.

Now I'm here, sitting on Exile

Island by myself, while Jonathan

is bonding, having a good time,

and I'm out of the game.

>> Wow, here I am.

>> You're back.

>> I took a step into the

unknown, guys.

I wanted to be here and meet

some of you folks.

So were you guys totally


>> I was.

>> Candice and I wanting

to come over here?

>> No.

>> No?


>> What?

>> I mean, it's a crazy thing to


And Candice and I are the last

two in here.

I don't know how tight you guys

are, but it seemed like the

right thing to do, you know.

If I've made a mistake it was in

trusting Candice too much, and

she made an impulsive move and I

followed her.

So I'm in the danger seat now.

I'm the eighth man in.

I consider myself a loyal

person, and Candice and I have

been together through the whole


You know, I saw her do it and I

said, "Okay, let's go."

My game plan is to earn their

trust, and the only way I can do

that right now is by being

totally non-threatening and

anxious to help.

And listen, I hope it doesn't

bite me in the butt, but...

>> Welcome.

>> Thank you.

>> I knew Candice was going to

come over, but my man Jonathan

rolled over too with her.

You must be smoking some good

stuff if you think you're going

to roll up into our crib and

just start stirring waters, you


Brad is going to be safe for a

vote if it has to come to that,

you know?

Because he at least stood with

us and said, "I'm not budging."

So the first one, definitely, is


There was no question about


To really think we all have your

back after we just saw you sell

out your other tribe?

Are you dumb?

>> You're good around camp.

You're a workhorse.

>> I'm out here to do this, you


We could get voted off tomorrow.

I don't know what's going to


>> Yeah.

>> You know what I mean?

Sometimes opportunity knocks,

you've got to just walk through

the door and hope for the best.

So for me and Candice, the risky

time is the next two votes.

>> I know.

>> Listen, I don't know what's

going on over here.

>> Yeah.

>> Just so you know, she and I

wanted to come back and deal

with you and Parvati.

>> Yeah, I know.

I understand that, I understand


>> You know what I mean?

>> That's cool with me.

I'll do that.

Because we're the original

tribe, man.

Jonathan really wants myself,

him, Candice, and Parvati to be

the final four.

You know, just to have someone

there that wants that and wants

to include me is good to have

along the ride.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

We'll now bring in Candice,

returning from Exile Island.

>> Hey, guys.

>> Hey!

>> PROBST: You guys ready to get

to today's challenge?

>> Yeah.

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: All right, first

things first.

Let's take back immunity.

Once again, immunity is back up

for grabs.

For today's challenge, you will

paddle out in glass-bottom boats

searching for three underwater


When you line up the crosshairs

on your target with the

crosshairs on your boat, you'll

release a cannonball, which will

drop from the boat, hitting a

target, releasing a pair of


When you have all the buoys back

to shore, use the buoys to solve

a word puzzle.

One buoy provides a clue.

The rest of the buoys will form

the one-word answer.

First tribe to solve it

correctly wins immunity,

guaranteed a one in 11 shot at a

million bucks.

Losers go to tribal council


Somebody will be voted out.

Make sense?

>> Yes.

>> PROBST: Raro, you have four

extra members.

You cannot sit out the same

people in back-to-back

challenges, so your decision is


The people who participated

yesterday will sit out today.

Take your spots, we'll get


All right, for Raro it's

Parvati, Jonathan, Rebecca, and

Brad taking on Becky, Ozzy, Yul,

and Sundra for Aitu.

Here we go, for immunity.

Survivors ready?


You're looking for three targets

releasing three pairs of buoys.

Both tribes pushing their boats

as far as they can.

>> Get in, Yul.

>> PROBST: Aitu first to start


Raro is paddling.

Raro immediately off the course.

>> Turn, turn, left.

>> I see the first one over


I see the first one over here.

>> Okay.

>> All right, slow down, slow


>> Okay.

>> Backpedal, backpedal.

>> PROBST: Aitu trying to line

up their first target.

>> Okay, tell me whenever you're


One, two... drop it.

Do it!

>> PROBST: Aitu releases a


>> We were right on it.

>> PROBST: Just off.

>> Over here, straight!

>> PROBST: Both tribes searching

for that first set of buoys.

Raro very close to their buoys.

>> You guys ready?

>> PROBST: Brad and Parvati

trying to line it up.

>> Okay.

>> Drop, drop, drop, drop!

>> PROBST: Jonathan releases a

cannonball for Raro.

>> Backwards.

Straight back.

>> PROBST: Misses the target.

>> Backpedal a little bit, just

a little.

>> PROBST: Aitu, can they get

the crosshairs lined up?

>> Just a little bit, drop!

>> PROBST: No luck.

This challenge demands that you

work together well.

>> Brad, paddle a little bit on

your side.

>> PROBST: Raro easing into


>> Okay, a little bit more.

>> PROBST: ...gently.

>> Now.

>> Yes!

>> PROBST: Raro has the first

pair of buoys.

>> My god!

>> Nice, guys!

>> Here we go-- one, two, three,


>> PROBST: Aitu misses again.

>> Here we go.

>> It's right in front of us.

>> Here it comes, here it comes.

>> PROBST: Raro taking a shot at

their second set of buoys.

>> Wait.

>> Okay, ready?

>> Drop!

>> Yes!

>> PROBST: Raro releases their

second set of buoys.

Raro now leads two sets of buoys

to none for Aitu.

>> Right there.

>> PROBST: Aitu very close to

their buoys.

>> Should I just go for it?

>> No.

>> I think I got it.

I got it!


>> Oh, my gosh!

>> PROBST: Aitu releases their

first set of buoys.

Raro heading to their final set

of buoys...

>> Okay, wait.

All right, we're going to have

to backpedal.

>> PROBST: ...and drifting off


>> Just keep doing what we're


We're doing good.

>> PROBST: Aitu trying to get

their second set of buoys.

>> We're very close.


Okay, yes.

Yes, we're... try it.

>> PROBST: Aitu misses again.

>> Through here.

>> Hold on, hold on, hold on.

He sees it.

>> Yes!

>> PROBST: Aitu connects with

their second set of buoys.

We are now tied, two sets each.

>> I can spot the thing through


>> Shhh!

>> PROBST: Both tribes now with

one target left.

>> All right, all right, let's

get the last one, guys.

>> And go, go, go!

>> Release again, release!


We missed it.

>> PROBST: Raro misses again.

>> We're going to lose all


>> Raro just wasted a


They weren't paying attention.

>> Oh, please, Jeff.

>> PROBST: What's that?

>> I said, oh, please!

>> PROBST: Jonathan getting

frustrated by me.

Day 21.

>> We're going to drift over it.

>> PROBST: Aitu sees their


>> Yeah!

>> Yes!

>> PROBST: Aitu takes a shot and

releases their third set of


Aitu now has all three sets.

They can begin paddling back to


Raro still right on top of their

third set of buoys.

Going after another shot.

>> I got it!

>> PROBST: Aitu has all their


They're paddling back to shore.

Raro not giving up!

Got to hit that third target!

>> Now!

>> We blew it!

>> Did it drop?

>> All right, we're on the mat.

>> PROBST: Aitu back to the mat.

Got to get all their buoys back

to the big mat.

>> Let's go!

>> Jonathan, paddle forward.

Don't watch them.

Look at what we're doing.

>> All right, this says "The

most famous mutiny in history

occurred aboard this ship."

>> PROBST: Aitu working to get

this puzzle together.


Aitu wins immunity!

>> Yeah!

>> Are you kidding me?

>> Son of a...

>> PROBST: Well, Aitu, another

big win today.

Immunity, no tribal council,

nobody going home.

>> Thanks, Jeff.

>> PROBST: On the other side of

the coin, Raro, two big losses.

Tribal council tonight.

Somebody from this tribe will be

voted out of this game.

Grab your stuff, head back to


I'll see you at tribal.

>> I'm so bummed out.

>> So sorry, guys.

>> Goodness, gracious, that was


>> I saw you say that...

>> I'm a little hungry, but it


>> Well, luckily, you were only

out there one night and it

wasn't raining, right?

>> Yeah, yeah.

>> I'm happy to have Candice

back from Exile Island.

It takes a little bit of the

onus off of me being the only

new guy.

They can see who the two of us

are, and she and I have trusted

each other.

>> Not tight.

>> Not tight?

Not too tight?

>> No.

>> Okay, good.

>> Not too tight at all.

I was shocked.

He had, like, long talks with

Yul all the time.

And he only really came back and

tried to, like, solidify

something with me in the past

few days.

He's just doing whatever is best

for him and, like, working

everybody at the same time, you

know what I mean?

>> What's up?

>> Jonathan, AKA "Lord Knows

What He's Thinking Knucklehead,"

to leave his tribe, is working

very hard around here.

So right now, we're going to do

away with Brad, because we're

scared if we go to a merge, he's

going to go with Becky and Yul.

I've got to put a Denzel on

today and play Brad like it's

all good, you know, like, keep

him in the loop.

He thinks I'm out to cut up

Jonathan, so I'm going to let

him think he's safe.

( yawns )

What's up, brother?

>> What's up?

Were you sleeping?

>> Uh-huh.

>> Who?

>> Okay, that's fine.

>> Candice informed me that

Jonathan's been running his

mouth a little bit, just talking

trash, which I think is funny

because now he's kissing my butt

along with everybody else's butt

in our tribe.

So he can just kiss our butts,

and we'll go ahead and vote him

off after that.

>> I want to get rid of that


I mean, now he's kissing

everyone's butt after that.

>> I told you, man, he's a punk-


>> I know he is.

He's a punk.

But, I mean, we can't switch


I'm going to beat his ass.

>> He's a punk.

>> He's a punk.

>> My man Adam wants to take a

brick and beat Jonathan in the

head with it.

>> You know, I told you I

smelled dookie, dog.

>> Pisses me off.

>> But we've got to think smart.

Game's not over yet, so it's a

fair playing ground.

>> PROBST: Looks like it's going

to be a wet night.

So let's talk about the mutiny.

Brad, when you saw Candice step

off the mat, followed right

behind by Jonathan, what was

your initial thought?

>> My initial thought was, "Wow,

that is one gutsy girl."

I mean, here she has four people

now vying against her.

>> PROBST: Jenny, is there a

part of you thinking, "Well, you

know what, that's okay"?

They're at the bottom of the

totem pole.

They need to know that.

>> Even though they're on the

bottom of the totem pole we have

an advantage compared to the


And if we merge, we're just

going to pick them off like


I've been hanging around Nate

too long.

>> PROBST: Candice, are you okay

with the fact that this tribe

comes to tribal council, where

somebody is going to be voted

out, and there's joking and


>> I think that's the great

thing about this tribe, and it's

one of the reasons I stepped out

on the mat.

I felt like this tribe has a

good time.

>> PROBST: So you're telling me,

Candice, that you stepped off

that mat because you could just

sense that Raro was just a lot

more fun?

>> I didn't say that was the

only reason.

That's one of the reasons.

I mean, they win when it counts.

>> PROBST: Jonathan, are you a

little bit concerned that "I

could be an easy guy to get rid


Because they didn't invite you


You were given the opportunity

to just join them.

>> Of course I'm concerned, you


I was the last guy off the mat.

Maybe it was a second later.

But yes, you know, somebody's

going to go home tonight, and

I'd be silly if I didn't think

it could be me.

>> PROBST: Nate, what's your

take on this unit right now as a

tribe, or as a family, whatever

you want to call it?

>> My six I had yesterday before

mutiny, I was all good with.

The other two coming in, Candice

and Jonathan, they seem very

nice, so, you know, we're still

adapting to them.

I can't really give you a fair,

honest answer about them because

I'm still reading them.

>> PROBST: What would be the

concern about Candice?

>> Oh, the girls may find her as

a threat because she's pretty

lethal-- the only female who has

ever been to exile, and, you

know, she comes up with her head

high from it, too.

And, like, she's a very strong


The girl came to play.

>> PROBST: What would be your

concern about Jonathan coming


>> Maybe he has a tendency to be

too much of a leader, and we

don't dig that over here.

We find out you're leading

around here, we'll cut you up,

you know?

>> PROBST: Jonathan, hearing

Nate say that, is it a fair


>> You know, yes, I'm an odd man

out at this point, and I do want

to fit in.

You know, in the last 24 hours,

I think I've at least tried to

certainly not step on anybody's

toes and tried to, you know,


>> PROBST: Brad, did you sense

any tension in this tribe?

>> I like Jonathan.

I like Candice from the six

hours that I know of.

I've got no qualms with them.

The only thing is, they're

stepping in late in the ball

game, and that's what I can see

as a huge deterrent for them

being successful within this


And that's it.

That's the bottom line.

>> PROBST: Do you trust these

people in this tribe now?

>> No.

>> PROBST: Wow.

You don't trust this big, happy


>> Do I trust the entire tribe?

Absolutely not.

I'm sorry.

It's been 21 days, and trust is

a big word to me, Jeff, and no,

I don't trust everyone on this


>> PROBST: Okay.

If somebody has the hidden

immunity idol, and it turns out

that you do need to play it, you

would present it to me after the


The person with the next highest

number of votes would go home.

It is time to vote.

Candice, you're up.

>> Obviously, this is nothing

personal, but I'm hoping I'm not

the only one to vote for you.

Good luck.

>> I think you're a good guy, a

good leader, and a good father,

but you're coming in way too

late in the game.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the tribal

council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Jonathan.



That's two votes Brad, one vote



Three votes Brad, one vote



That's four votes Brad, one vote


The ninth person voted out, and

the first member of our jury,


Brad, that's five, that's


Unless you have the hidden

immunity idol, you need to bring

me your torch.

>> See you, guys.

>> PROBST: Brad, the tribe has


Time for you to go.

Well, I can tell by the looks on

your faces you're a little

surprised to see that the jury

started with tonight's vote.

This game is full of surprises.

Grab your torches.

Head back to camp.

Good night.

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>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> PROBST: next time on


>> I trust you completely.

>> PROBST: ...Adam and Candice

finally reconnect.

>> You and I are going to the


>> Candice I'm a bit leery about

because we don't want Adam to


>> PROBST: In a never-before-

seen twist...

This bottle contains significant


...turns its game on its head.

>> My experience overall has

been the best-worst experience

of my entire life.

I didn't know I was going.

I didn't know what was brewing.

It's kind of a sigh of relief

for me.

At the same time, parting is


Anything is possible in this


And making jury just proves that