Survivor (2000–…): Season 13, Episode 8 - Why Aren't You Swimming?! - full transcript

At an extremely physical Reward Challenge, one castaway collapses from exhaustion. How will that Survivor's tribe cope?

>> JEFF PROBST: previously on


>> You snapped at me twice.

>> I said you were annoying.

>> Adam and Christina had it


>> You said I annoyed you.

>> It's your personality.

>> Well, you could have said

something to me.

I never thought that's what they

thought of me.

>> PROBST: At the challenge...

Good news, bad news.

The good news is the winners

will feast.

The bad news is you'll be

feasting at tribal council.

>> Ooh!

>> PROBST: Go!

Aitu endured the physical


Jonathan and Yul taking on Nate.

...and gave Raro a beating.

Aitu wins the challenge!

Here's how it's going to work


Aitu will go to tribal council


You will vote somebody out.

You will then enjoy your feast

while listening in on Raro's

tribal council.

On Raro...

>> Would you give me a chance


>> PROBST: Christina scrambled

to save herself.

>> I had no idea.

I'm very sorry.

I'm trying to talk to some


And hopefully I won't get booted

out tonight.

>> PROBST: Back at Aitu...

>> I'm going to find a way to

defeat him.

>> PROBST: Thinking Jonathan had

the hidden immunity idol, Cao

Boi dreamed up Plan Voodoo.

>> We force the idol out.

>> I think the plan is


I know neither Jonathan nor

Candice have the hidden

immunity idol, because I have


>> PROBST: But at tribal


The sixth person voted out

of Survivor: Cook Islands...

Cao Boi's Plan Voodoo folded,

and his wildcard personality

finally caught up with him...

Cao Boi, the tribe has spoken.

...and he was voted out.

Well, the hard part's over.

Now for the fun.

Aitu enjoyed a succulent


>> People in our group plain out

said, "You're annoying."

>> PROBST: ...while listening in

on Raro's brutal honesty about


>> Unfortunately, she just found

out our true feelings.

>> PROBST: But before the vote,

another surprise was revealed.

Aitu, you will now kidnap one

member from the Raro tribe.

They will be a part of your

tribe through the next reward


Aitu, who are you going to


>> Nate.

>> PROBST: Aitu kidnapped


Seventh person voted out of the

Cook Islands...

...and Christina was voted out.

13 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

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>> I imagine this camp is nicer

than your camp.

>> You guys have more space,

I'll say.

But it seems like we've got,

like, more hibiscus and more


What a twist.

The Aitutaki guys have kidnapped

me to come over for the night.

I took it as an honor.

You know, you think I'm a good

competitor, thank you.

>> Are you a good swimmer?

Are you a good...

>> Yeah.

>> You're a good swimmer,

runner, sprinter.

>> They started, like, sweating

me out, asking me all these


Like, just feeding some nuts,

you know, not hating.

Stuff that really doesn't

matter, I think, in the game.

There are a lot of obstacles

which make it easy and it feeds

a lot of meat in those, a lot of


I'm always playing the game, so,

you know, just... I've got my

eyes open very much, eyes and

ears, to the tenth.

>> We had to get rid of Cao Boi.

Obviously, that part sucked, you


>> Yeah, I just wish I was clued

in on what was going on, because

now I kind of feel, like,


I'd rather be on the same page

and know what's going on than


Just be, you know, clued in.

The vote knocked me off my socks

for a moment.

You know everyone was

blindsiding me by saying, "No,

no, we're going with, you know,

this other plan."

And I just wasn't expecting, you

know, it to be Cao Boi at that


I just don't want it to be me

this next time, so I'm trying to

figure out where people are at.

I totally had voted for

Jonathan, but I'm trying to get

a clue on what's going to happen

next kind of thing.

>> I played my cards right.

I got me some good info right


It was like, "Oh, thanks, more


So I'm going to take my little

notepad and I'm going to go back

to my tribe and let them know

what's going on so that we can

make some moves and really

battle it out.

>> Flicka's going crazy right


She's like, "I want to be in on

the planning with you."

So we need to come up with a


>> The thing I don't like is

that she's been doing it in

front of Nate, right?

>> Like, that whole conversation

happened right in front of Nate.

And I'm like...

>> But we have to know our top


>> To vote off?

>> I feel most comfortable if we

have a third, just because, you

know, within our five we don't

want to just blow up.

>> I mean, I think we should

stay with the same plan, but in

terms of order it would be Ozzy,

Flicka, right, followed by...

>> Who would you rather compete

in individual immunity, Sundra

or Jonathan?

>> Jonathan before Sundra?

>> Yeah.

Oh, yeah.

>> I'm going to go back.

>> Originally the order of

getting voted out was Ozzy would

be next, followed by Flicka,

followed by Sundra, and then it

would be the remaining four.

But we feel like we're starting

to get to the point where a

merge is imminent, so now

there's been talk about, well,

if we come down to it, do we

vote off Jonathan before we vote

off Sundra?

He'd be a tough person to go up

against in an individual


>> Okay, here we go.

You guys ready?

"Swim, fly, dive, think.

Either way, you are in the


Browse this catalog and just

pick two.

And they could be yours by the

time you're through."

It's a Survivor catalog!

>> Oh!

>> Page one, check this out.

>> Page one, page one.

>> A collection of oil and


Sewing kit.

>> The tree mail was awesome.

It was a catalog.

We got to choose two items that

if we win the reward today we

get to have.

>> You guys vote for what you

want to vote for, okay?

It's a democracy.

>> Peanut butter.

>> That's eight votes.

>> I think potatoes.

Do you want bread?

It's ultimately...

>> What right now?

>> What do you want?

>> I'm just being rational.

>> Peanut butter and bread.

>> I want bread, too.

>> You think about, like,

challenges next week, you

definitely need that


I had wanted a bag of potatoes

and then peanut butter, trying

to be the voice of reason.

>> Couldn't we just have bread?

>> It won't last as long, but...

>> You could make a peanut

butter sandwich.

>> You can have potatoes with

seafood next week.

>> Three against two, though.

I mean, guys, I don't know...

>> Okay, whatever.

That's fine.

Okay, so put bread.

I was trying to think the

longevity of the tribe, but I've

got to do what the majority

votes, right?

>> PROBST: Aitu, Raro, come on


All right, you guys ready to get

to today's reward challenge?

>> Yeah.

>> Yes.

>> PROBST: Here's how it works.

Each tribe will select three

swimmers and two puzzle makers.

On my "go," the first swimmer

will grab a club, swim out to a

platform, climb to the top, and

then leap off of the platform.

While in midair, you will smash

a plaster box, releasing a key.

You'll then dive down, retrieve

the key, swim back to shore.

You'll continue doing this until

you have retrieved six keys.

Each swimmer must swim out at

least one time.

And each swimmer can only

retrieve one key at a time.

The two puzzle makers will then

use those six keys to open six

locks on a chest.

Inside the chest, puzzle pieces.

First tribe to assemble a puzzle

map of the world wins reward.

Raro, here's what you picked to

play for.

Bread and peanut butter.

Aitu, here's what you picked.

Bag of potatoes and peanut


>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Okay, Aitu, you have

to sit three people out.

Who are you sitting out?

Jessica, Sundra, Nate.

So you take Nate to keep him

from competing with Raro, but

you don't trust him to compete

with your tribe.

Is that what I'm reading?

Nate, you'll rejoin your Raro

tribe after this challenge.

>> Awesome.

>> PROBST: One more part of the


In addition, the winning tribe

will choose one member from the

losing tribe to go to Exile


I'll give you a minute to figure

out who your swimmers are going

to be, and we'll get started.

>> I'd rather do puzzle.

I can do puzzles like the back

of my hand.

>> PROBST: All right, the

swimmers for Aitu-- Ozzy,

Candice, and Yul.

The swimmers for Raro-- Rebecca,

Parvati, and Adam.

For reward, survivors ready.


Ozzy and Rebecca first in the


Ozzy tosses his club.

Not going to bother swimming

with it, throws it out ahead.

Rebecca quickly falling behind.

Big lead for Aitu right off the


Ozzy smashes the box and the key


Now he's got to find it.

Rebecca still working her way

toward the platform.

Ozzy has the key and he's

swimming back.

>> Go, Ozzy!

Go, Ozzy!

>> PROBST: Rebecca can hardly

get up on the platform.

>> Ozzy!

>> PROBST: Ozzy back with the

first key.

Yul heads out for Aitu.

Rebecca finally up on the


Yul swimming out for Aitu.

Rebecca's got to find the key.

Rebecca's heading back without a


>> Come on, Yul!

>> PROBST: Yul at the platform

for Aitu.

Rebecca really struggling in the


Yul has the second key for Aitu.

>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: Yul gaining on


He's about to lap her.

>> Brad, why aren't you


>> Because I'm better at


>> PROBST: Yul back with the

second key.

Candice heading out for Aitu.

Aitu with two keys, Raro no


>> Pull your top down, baby.

>> PROBST: Rebecca does not have

a key for Raro.

>> Your bathing suit!

>> PROBST: Got to get back to

tag out, Rebecca.

Candice now at the platform for


Rebecca exhausted.

Adam's got a lot of time to make


Adam has to find Rebecca's key

that is in the water somewhere.

>> All right, Candice, let's go,

girl, you got it!

>> PROBST: Adam looking for

Rebecca's key.

Candice now looking for her key.

Adam has the key for Raro.

Candice cannot find her key.

This is a break that Raro needs.

Parvati heading out.

>> I can't find it!

>> Come back!

>> PROBST: Candice heading back

without a key.

It's going to cost them a lot of


Aitu leads two keys to one.

>> There you go!

>> PROBST: And that knocks the

key out.

Candice exhausted.

Ozzy back in the water for Aitu.

Parvati looking for her key.

Ozzy needs to make sure

Candice's key fell out.

>> It's still in the box!

>> Use your fist!

>> PROBST: He doesn't have a


He's going to do it with his


>> All right!

>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: Parvati has the

second key for Raro.

>> That's what I'm talking


>> PROBST: Ozzy coming back with

the third key for Aitu.

>> Ozzy!

>> PROBST: Aitu now has their

third key.

Yul in the water for Aitu.

Adam back in the water for Raro.

Aitu leads three keys-two.

Yul at the platform.

Adam at the platform for Raro.

Yul cannot find his key for


Adam has the third key for Raro.

Yul has the fourth key for Aitu.

He's heading back.

Raro gaining ground.

>> Good job, Adam!

>> Go, go, go!

>> PROBST: Parvati heading out


Yul coming back.

Aitu leads four keys three.

Parvati could make up some time

for Raro.

Parvati has the fourth key for


Candice comes up with the key

right away.

Parvati back with the fourth


Adam back in the water for Raro.

Candice out of the water with

the fifth key.

>> You've got this.

>> All right!

>> PROBST: Ozzy heading out for

the sixth and final key.

Adam whacks it, and the key is

in the water.

Adam has the fifth key.

Raro making up ground!

Ozzy smashes the box.

Key is in the water.

Raro has not given up.

Adam back with the fifth key.

Parvati back in water.

Raro with one key left.

Ozzy out of the water with the

final key for Aitu.

>> All right, Ozzy!

>> Yeah, baby, yeah!

>> PROBST: Jonathan and Becky

now have six keys and six locks

to open.

Parvati breaks the box.

The key did not fall!

Becky and Jonathan have the

locks open, opening the chest.

Parvati back up for a second hit

at her box.

Jonathan and Becky not finding

it as easy as they had hoped.

Parvati has the key for Raro.

You've got to keep moving,


Becky excited-- she's figured a

piece of the puzzle out.

>> Don't give up, Parvati.

>> PROBST: Becky's figured out

two pieces.

Suddenly Aitu figuring out the


Parvati back with the final key

for Raro.

Aitu very close.

Aitu wins reward!

Nate, your time with Aitu is


You can head back to Raro.

>> Bye, Nate.

Thank you.

>> PROBST: Aitu, you are sending

one person from Raro to Exile


Who's it going to be?

>> Adam.

>> Adam.

>> Adam.

>> PROBST: No hesitation-- Adam.

You've been chosen to go to

Exile Island.

Raro, sadly, I've got nothing

for you.

Grab your stuff, head on back to


Aitu, come get your reward.

>> Candice, go get it.

>> Smooth or crunchy?

>> Smooth.

>> You guys, I'm in love with

everybody that I can see right


If anybody wants a kiss, just

come over here.

I love you.

( laughter )

>> Got to love that.

>> Oh, the sweet taste of peanut


I mean, I haven't tasted peanut

butter that tasted so good in my


>> Peanut butter kisses for


>> I hope that we continue to

grow as a tribe and, you know,

maybe work some things out, and

who knows?

Things just change constantly in

this game, and you never really

know what's going to happen.

>> Right?

>> My team really could have

used me today.

They really could have used me.

For me, it's frustrating because

I couldn't do anything.

I couldn't compete.

I'm a good swimmer.

>> The only reason I sat out

because I really felt like we

needed... we kept choking at


>> We needed you swimming,


>> The thing is, we always choke

at the very end.

And I feel like... I mean,

puzzles... I can... I'm creative


I do puzzles.

Like, I get puzzles.

I look at something and I can...

>> I think...

>> But you're right, we did need

a strong...

>> We needed another guy


For Brad to take the back seat

today and want to be puzzle boy

when we have a swimming

challenge, pissed me off.

I don't know what his deal was.

Maybe he didn't want to get wet.

Maybe he was cold.

Maybe he's a Nancy boy.

I do not know what he was

thinking, but he did not get his

ass up and swim.

We needed him there.

I don't care about no stupid


"I'm good at puzzles.

I'm real..." I don't care about

that nonsense.

>> He know he's one of our best


He knows that.

He's like, "What's best for the


How hard is it to do a puzzle?

>> That really pissed, me off

because Rebecca was cashed.

I don't know why he insisted on

the puzzle.

I want to punch him in the


I'm so angry right now.

I'm like... God, that was

miserable today.

>> Now we've got a storm coming

from Lord knows what.

It's cold.

And I got to come out here and

fish and go back and get wood,

and the girls are burned out, so

I want them to rest.

It's like, thanks for the lovely

way to come home, you know?

>> I'm not happy to be back at

Exile Island.

I am starting to doubt my tribe.

Challenge after challenge, they

just don't come through.

You know, it's hard to soar

like an eagle when you're

surround by turkeys.

>> It hurts to be out here.

The actual rain with the wind,

it kills you.

I was pretty much just in a

fetal position.

I hoped that it would go away.

>> I caught a bird.

>> Wow.

>> What do you guys want to do

with it?

>> Kill it quick, if you're

going to eat it.

It's suffering.

>> It's not suffering.

I'm holding it firmly.

>> You could let it go and it

could go away.

>> Eat it.

>> We should probably eat it.

>> That's why you caught it--

eat it.

>> Yul?

>> Eat it.

>> Yul, get up.

>> I went to go to the bathroom

and it was in the bushes


And I just crept up on it.

>> It's about as big as a


All right, I'll pluck it.

>> Good job, man.

Good job, Yul.

Good job, Oz.

>> Good morning!

>> Well, then...

>> All right, good.

Let's... let's respect it and

eat it and enjoy it and get

nourishment from it.


>> Ozzy is amazing.

He's like half animal, half man,

you know, part fish, part monkey

part the lord knows what.

>> Will you make me a tree fort?

He's so high up there right now.

>> He's kind of like the little

jungle boy, you know, climbing

these coconut trees and getting

coconuts down, getting fish.

>> Almost the colors of the


>> I mean, coming up with this


I mean, Ozzy...

( sighs )

...he's just Ozzy.

>> The guy is surprising.

I mean, I underestimated him.

He provides a lot of food, but,

you know, at the same time,

ultimately, we feel that we

should get rid of him while we

still have the control rather

than wait for a merge and

potentially have him dominate

some of the individual


>> So what do you think is going

to happen?

>> I have to get my butt in



>> We need a plan.

>> What kind of plan?

>> I need to just know what's


What's going to...

>> I don't know.

I don't...

>> What happens, though, like,

say, okay, we did have to go to

tribal council and we did have

to vote someone out?

>> I don't know.

What do you guys think?

>> Well, the biggest issue, the

number one issue, is none of us

trust Jonathan.

He's just always... the gears

are always turning with him, and

it kind of makes us uneasy.

>> I think that we could

honestly make the strongest

alliance, because you two are

the strongest girls, and I

don't... I don't...

>> Three doesn't make anything.

>> Yeah, but we... I think we

could work it.

>> I don't think... I don't

think... it doesn't work out

when you say it like that, but

if there's two other people,

like Yul and Becky that were

also... or if it was us and


But I just want you to know if

you want to, I mean, you can

trust me.

And if I do end up leaving, if

some strategy works out and I

get voted off, then what are you

guys going to eat?

I think I'm a more valuable

player than Jonathan at this


He can't provide for people.

So if they get rid of me, where

is that going to leave them?

It's going to start getting to

that point where food is going

to become an issue for


I might be more of a threat, but

the people that do stick with

me, they're going to be able to

enjoy a ride.

>> PROBST: come on in, guys!

We'll now bring in Adam,

returning from Exile Island.

>> How's everyone doing?

Give me a hug.

Come on.

Good to see you.

>> How you doing?

>> PROBST: Adam, I think it's

safe to say you had the worst

night anybody's ever had on


>> It was extremely rough there,


>> PROBST: Tell me about the


We all felt it.

>> It was tough.

I mean, it was raining pretty


It was hitting me on the back,

it was stinging me.

You know, I was just shivering

all night.

I was in pain.

It was rough.

>> PROBST: You guys ready to get

to today's immunity challenge?

>> Yes.

>> PROBST: First things first,


Take back immunity.

Once again, immunity is back up

for grabs.

For today's challenge, each

tribe will race to arrange a

series of logs from shortest to

tallest as you build a staircase

to the top of the tower.

Three tribe members will sail

down a zipline into the water,

retrieve a bag of puzzle pieces,

swim back to shore.

Then the next person goes.

The three remaining tribe

members will use those pieces to

solve a puzzle.

The first tribe to solve their

puzzle correctly wins immunity,

guaranteed a one in 12 shot at a

million dollars.

Losers, tribal council tonight,

somebody will be voted out.

Aitu, because you have one extra

member, you're sitting somebody


You cannot sit out the same

people in back-to-back


Sundra and Jessica sat out the

last challenge.

Who is it going to be this time?

>> I am.

>> PROBST: Jonathan, take a spot

over here.

>> Good luck, guys.

>> PROBST: I'll give you a few

minutes to strategize, and we'll

get started.

Here we go, for immunity.

Survivors ready?


Logs are heavy.

Some people carrying, others


Everybody working.

Building a staircase from

shortest to tallest.

Got to figure out the order.

Ozzy and Yul think they have the

tallest log.

>> This one's taller.

>> Why don't you pick it up and

put it next to it?

>> PROBST: Women doing a lot of

the work for Raro.

They're building it from the

bottom up while the guys debate

which is the longest log.

The key is that you put these in

the right order.

You're just making more work.

>> That's it!

>> PROBST: Aitu getting the hang

of it now.

>> That's great.

>> PROBST: The quicker you get

this built, the quicker you get

to the top.

>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: Ozzy puts in the last


Aitu has it.

>> Go, guys!

That's it!

>> PROBST: Once all six to the

top, go!

Yul first down the zipline for


>> Hang on!

>> Help me out.

Help me out.

>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: Yul in the water.

Raro has it!

Raro up the staircase.

Yul has the bag and he's

swimming back.

Got to get up here, Nate.


Brad, first down the zipline.

Brad into the water.

Brad has his bag.

He's swimming back.

Aitu with a bit of a lead.

>> That throwing is excellent.

>> Let's go, Brad!

>> PROBST: Yul back for Aitu.

Once he's on the mat, go,


Candice down the zipline for


Going as fast as she can.

Candice goes deep on the

zipline, drops herself right at

the bag.

Brad's got to get back to the


Parvati ready to go.

>> Go as far as you can.

>> PROBST: Go!

>> Swing your body.


>> PROBST: Parvati getting some


She's in a full tuck.

Parvati in the water now.

Parvati has a bag for Raro.

She's swimming back.

Candice swimming back for Aitu.

Aitu still with the lead.

Ozzy ready to go.

Once she hits the mat, go, Ozzy!

Ozzy swinging.

In a monkey pose.

Parvati swimming back.

Let's go, Parvati!

What are you doing walking?

Raro losing more time on the

swimming leg again.

Ozzy swimming like a dolphin as

he makes up time.

>> Come on Pavarti!

Push it Pavarti, push it!

You got it!

>> PROBST: Parvati is back.

Go, Nate.

Nate down the zipline.

Nate imitating Ozzy.

Nate in the water.

He's got the final bag of puzzle

pieces for Raro.

>> Here comes the puzzle!


>> PROBST: Up the ladder!

>> Come on, Nate.

You're making great time, Nate!

Come on, Nate!

>> You guys are doing great.

Go, Yully!

>> PROBST: Yul back with two

bags of puzzle pieces.

Everybody's got to be up.

Start on the puzzle.

>> Yes!

>> PROBST: Aitu working on the


Nate coming back for Raro.

>> Be ready!

>> PROBST: Got to climb up the

rope ladder.

>> Go, go, go, go, go!

>> PROBST: Raro back with the

first bag.

Here's the second bag.

Nate coming up with the third


Start working on the puzzle.

>> No, this has to be right


>> PROBST: Aitu getting it


Becky, Sundra, Jessica working

well together.

Raro making good progress


>> Santa Maria, okay.

>> PROBST: Adam, Jenny, Rebecca,

working well on the puzzle.

We're neck and neck on the


It's going to come down to the

puzzle-building portion of this


Immunity on the line.

Raro getting very close.

>> Here, here!




>> PROBST: Raro wins immunity!

>> PROBST: Raro,


No tribal council tonight,

nobody going home.

Aitu, not good news for you.

Tribal council tonight.

One of you going home.

You have the afternoon to figure

out who that's going to be.

Grab your stuff, head back to

camp, see you at tribal.

>> You know, it's a tough break.

I mean, what are we going to do?

It's not like they handed us our

asses, you know what I mean?

It's not like the way we beat

them the other day where it was

just ridiculous.

It was just one of those things.

>> Challenge sucked.

We lost.

I feel bummed out that someone

has to go home.

And if it ends up being me that

goes home, that's how it


But I don't think it's going to

be me.

I think it's going to be

somebody else.

>> So have you thought about who

you would want to vote out if we

end up having to?

>> I don't know.

>> Honestly?

>> No, I don't know.

It's just one of those things

where Jonathan is the biggest

threat for all of us.

>> There's been a debate between

Jessica, Jonathan, and Ozzy who

we should send home first.

You know, Ozzy does bring home a

lot of food, and he does perform

really well in the challenges

for us.

Jessica drives people crazy just

with, you know, the constant


And Jonathan, I think, is kind

of on the cusp in our alliance,

just because from the very

beginning people said they don't

trust him, they're not sure,

blah, blah, blah.

>> She's trying to be

everybody's friend right now,

and I think Jessica is just

covering her ass.

She was like a mosquito that

won't die.

>> Ozzy, he's awesome in

challenges, and I think today,

also, was a very important

indicator, the fact that

Jonathan sat out today.

You know, obviously, we lost,

but at the same time, in, like,

the big picture, we didn't,

like, really need him, per se.

So I thought that was also

brought up by Ozzy, saying that,

you know, if we can all vote

against him in the sense of...

you know, if none of us trust

him, why is he still here?

>> That was the roughest it's

been out there.



>> I don't know if you're

feeling the funky vibe in camp,

but we are trying to get the

hell out.

>> Oh, god.

I felt bad.

You know, I mean, it's... it's

the decision, you know?

Do we think it's going to go one

or two more challenges before

the merge?

In which case it might make

sense to keep Ozzy around.

I mean, he really does do well

in the challenges.

You know, there's just no

denying it.

And so maybe... maybe the choice

is Flicka, and we'll just take

our chances in the individuals,

you know?

For all my overthinking, yes, it

my bite me in the butt.

People already think that I'm

thinking too much, playing too

much, or whatever.

I'm trying to choose my battles


I'm trying to stay one step

ahead of the competition.

I may trip because I'm running

too far, too fast ahead.

All the girls agree that voting

her off first is better.

I can only play the game as best

I can, make sense to me.

And my feeling always is, if

I've thought of it, somebody

else has thought of it.

>> I know that Jonathan for some

reason seems to inspire some

level of mistrust among pretty

much everybody.

If you talk to anybody,

including other people in our

alliance, they feel like he's a


He's here to play hard, and

people don't fully trust him.

And for me, I haven't seen it,

but because everyone else is

suspicious of him, I mean, it

can't help but rub off on me a

little bit.

>> Well, you guys, for what it

is, I thank you for being up

front and honest with everything


As much as it's worth, you know,

even though it's coming down and

nobody really knows what they

want to do, or whatever.

I don't know for sure who is

voting with me for Jonathan.

I would like to say Ozzy is.

I would like it say the girls

are, and Yul, too.

But I think they're just kind of

like, "I don't know what to do,"

because, you know, any of us can


>> PROBST: Jonathan, when we

started this game 18 days ago,

you were divided into groups

based on ethnicity.

Look at this group tonight.

At least one member from all

four of the original ethnic

groups, and yet I don't have any

sense that that plays any part

in this tribe.

Surprise you?

>> No.

I think it's the game

of Survivor.

We're all here to play it.

You divided us into four equal


We made the connections that we


We were merged into two other


And all those connections have

either held or gone away based

on personality, not ethnicity.

>> PROBST: Sundra, is it true

that there's just a natural way

you tend to bond with certain

people and maybe not bond with


>> Absolutely.

You can't plan who you're going

to bond with.

It's nothing calculated or

planned, and there are certain

people, their personalities,

you're just not going to gel.

You can force it, but it's going

to be more work than with

somebody who you just find a

natural chemistry with.

And for those you may not get

along as well with, you try to

find a common ground, you know,

whatever it may be.

>> PROBST: Jessica, let's talk

about who gets along with whom.

>> Just in general, we all get

along with each other.

But, I mean, we all have, like,

friendships, you know, that we

hang out a lot.

I like to go out fishing with

Ozzy and, you know, the girls do

the things in camp.

You know, Jonathan and Yul, they

like to go out clamming.

We all kind of picked our roles

a little bit, but we switched

things up a lot, too.

So I think all of us are capable

of mixing and matching and

having fun.

>> PROBST: Yul, from a strictly

strategic point of view, every

time I've asked Jessica a

question it's been the most

delightful answer with

absolutely nothing said about

how it would impact the game.

>> It's nice to have someone

like that because they're not

going to be a threat.

They're not going to be someone

who's going to be undermining

you, outscheming you, out to get

you or stab you in the back.

So, you know, they're someone

who you can take at face value.

And as long as you can form a

bond with them, they're not

to be someone you're going to

have to watch out for in the


>> PROBST: Ozzy, it's been

brought up a lot that you're a


Is there a point in the game

where you provide too much,

where you become a threat?

>> God, I hope not.

I hope I can make everyone fat.

I've never been in a position of

being the hunter, and that's

kind of nice to know that I hold

that little bit of

responsibility in my hand.

And, you know, if that ends up

being my demise, then that's

probably the best way that I

could see to go out in this


>> PROBST: Okay, if somebody

does have the hidden immunity

idol, and it turns out you need

to play it, you would present it

to me after the vote.

You would then be immune, and

the person with the next highest

number of votes would be sent


It is time to vote.

Ozzy, you're up.

>> I really admire your spirit,

and I think with another group

of people you would have felt

more comfortable.

Good luck.

>> I didn't trust you before,

and I'm not going to start now.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


Once the vote are read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the tribal

council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Jonathan.


One vote Jessica, one vote



Two votes Jessica, one vote



That's three votes Jessica, one

vote Jonathan.

Eighth person voted out of the

Cook Islands, Jessica.

That's four.

That's enough.

Unless you have the hidden

immunity idol, you need to bring

me your torch.

Jessica, the tribe has spoken.

>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: Time for you to go.

Well, after 18 days, we have two

tribes, each with six members.

And the big question centers

around momentum.

You think you have it.

I guarantee you Raro thinks they

have it.

Time will tell.

Grab your torches, head back to


Good night.

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>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> PROBST: next time

on Survivor:

>> It's every man for himself.

>> PROBST: Brad loses Raro's


>> Did just you hear the comment

about it's everyone for himself?

I don't know what's going on

with Brad.

I lost my trust with him.

>> PROBST: But a surprise twist

could change everything.

You have ten seconds to decide

whether or not you want to

change your fate in this game.

>> Oh, my god!

>> It's been an adventure of a

lifetime, and I couldn't have

asked for anything more.

I guess I wasn't playing the

game as hard as I should have,

but it's really hard for me to

change who I am when I just want

to be myself.

Ozzy, good luck.

I'll be rooting for you,


And memories have been made that

I will never forget, and I'm so

thankful for those experiences.