Survivor (2000–…): Season 13, Episode 10 - People That You Like Want to See You Suffer - full transcript

A sealed message in a bottle leads one tribe to an unexpected twist.

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>> JEFF PROBST: previously on


>> It's every man for himself.

>> PROBST: Brad's comments made

Raro suspicious.

>> I don't know what's going on

with Brad.

I lost my trust with him.

>> PROBST: While at Aitu...

>> As much as everybody is

saying, "Let's stay together

with the six," it's going to get


>> Candice and Jonathan

conspired to turn against their

alliance at the first sign of a


>> I am determined to not be the

guy who made the move too late.

>> PROBST: At the reward


I'm offering each of you the

opportunity to mutiny and join

the other tribe.

>> Oh, my god.

>> PROBST: If you want to move,

step off your mat and join the

other tribe.

Three, two...

Candice is mutinying.


Jonathan mutinies at the last


Candice and Jonathan betrayed

Aitu, leaving them with only

four members.


But in a dramatic twist, the

underdog Aitu tribe claimed


Aitu wins reward!

...and sent a message to Candice

by banishing her to Exile


>> Aitu.

>> Cheers.

>> PROBST: The reward brought

the Aitu four closer together.

>> The mutiny solidified our

commitment to each other.

We're a team to the end now.

>> PROBST: At Raro...

>> Took a step into the unknown,


>> PROBST: ...Jonathan tried to

fit in with his new tribe, but

quickly became the outsider.

>> To really think we all have

your back after we saw you sell

out your other tribe?

Are you dumb?

>> PROBST: Go, go, go!

At the immunity challenge, the

Aitu four sank Raro in another

upset win.

Aitu wins immunity!

On the other side of the coin...

Raro, tribal council tonight.

Before tribal council, Jonathan

tried to prove his worth by

working hard.

And Candice reconnected with

Adam and tried to distance

herself from Jonathan.

>> PROBST: But at tribal


Brad, do you trust these people

in this tribe now?

>> Absolutely not.

>> PROBST: ...Brad dug his own


The ninth person voted out, and

the first member of our jury.

Brad, the tribe has spoken.

11 are left, and the jury has

its first member.

Who will be voted out tonight?

>> Who knew a Jew could climb a

tree and get coconuts and

pandamas nuts and scallops and

clams alone in the wilderness?

I'm the wandering Jew without a


I'm living a mutineers' life,


I'm on the outside.

I've made the game much harder

for myself.

>> Thanks.

>> You're welcome.

>> I regret jumping.

I mean, it was an impulsive


But I hope in the long run it

turns out to be a good thing.

>> So are you excited to be


>> I'm so excited.

I mean... you know I trust you.

>> So we've got to keep that,

because you and I are going to

be the end.

That's what we're doing.

>> Good.

I took a big step to switch

tribes, and I'm, you know,

completely out of everything

that's going on.

>> But you and I are going to

the end.

>> All right.

From the very beginning, I feel

like Adam is a very

straightforward person.

So I do feel lucky to have

somebody in the game that I can

trust right now.

>> Everyone knows that you and I

are pretty close.

And Jenny is the only issue.

She's probably worried that I'm

going to be with you, which I

am, and we've got to, like, not

let her think that.

>> Mm-hmm.

>> Probably want to make babies

and have a house with a white

picket fence.

They're like the all-American


>> Yeah, I know.

>> If we stick to our five--

Nate, Parvati, Rebecca, Adam and

myself-- we'll get far in this


Candice, I'm a bit leery about,

because I know, in the original

Raro tribe, that Candice and

Adam had a little attraction.

So I'm a little worried about

that, because we don't want Adam

to falter, and make sure that he

stays secure with our group-of-

five alliance.

>> I trust you completely, but

everything else is like a


>> Exactly.

>> That hurt?

>> Thank you.

>> Feel better?

>> And this one, yeah.

>> This one?

>> And I cut my finger.

>> Where?

>> Right here.

>> And I cut my lip right here.

>> Did you?

>> Yeah.

>> Did you?

>> Feel better?

>> Yep.

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>> You know, we're deep inside

of a hole.

We're three people behind at

this point, and we're being

tested in a way that few

survivors have been able to come

out of.

It's an incredible opportunity.

To be the underdog is amazing,

and I'm happy, totally happy, to

be the underdog.

>> Tree mail!

How well do you guys know your

nautical flags?

No letter, just this.

>> Whoa.

>> So I don't know if we have to

memorize all of these.

>> Tree mail was basically a


>> Red, white, and blue vertical


>> Red, white, blue, that is


>> So we're fiercely cramming.

>> "S" is the squares with the

gray in the middle.

>> For us, we don't really have

any strategic options other than

to win.

We are the underdogs.

All we have to do is our best.

We have to work together.

We have to be a team.

If we're not, we're screwed.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

Come on in, Raro.

Aitu getting your first look at

the new Raro tribe.

Brad voted out at the last

tribal council.

>> Oh, man.

>> PROBST: One bit of news that

I need to share with Aitu.

When Brad became the ninth

person voted out, he also became

the first member of the jury.

>> Whoa.

>> PROBST: Okay, guys ready to

get to today's reward challenge?

>> Yep.

>> Yep.

>> PROBST: Two tribe members

armed with a compass and

coordinate will race out to a

large 16-point compass rose to

locate treasure chests buried

under the sand.

Each chest has the next

coordinate painted on the top.

When you find a chest, race back

to your mat.

The next two tribe members, with

that new coordinate, will race

out to get another chest.

Once you have all four chests

back on your mat, untie the

chest and remove seven wooden

nautical flags.

Remembering that the flags

represent letters of the

alphabet, you will match the

correct flags with the

corresponding letters on the

board to spell the word


First tribe to get it right wins


Want to know what you're playing


>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: The winning tribe

will be flown to a nearby island

and take part in an umu, which

is a local feast.

>> Yeah, baby.

>> PROBST: Pork, lots of fruit,

home brew, which is similar to

wine, made locally, thus the

name, home brew.

In addition the winning tribe

will choose one member from the

losing tribe to go to Exile


Raro, you have three extra


You're sitting three people out.

Who's going to sit this one out?

Rebecca, Nate, and Parvati.

Take your spots, wait for my go.

Both tribes have their compass.

Raro, your first coordinate is


Aitu, your first coordinate is


For reward.

Survivors ready?


Yul and Sundra out first.

Jonathan checking north before

he heads out.

>> Right here, right?

>> PROBST: Aitu digging for

their first chest.

>> North by northeast.

>> It's north-northwest.

>> It's north by northeast.

>> North-northwest.

>> PROBST: Raro already having a


Are they in the right spot?

>> North-northwest.

>> Just dig.

>> PROBST: Yul and Sundra found

their first chest!

>> Yes, yes, yes, yes.

>> Man, come on!

>> What is this digging like


Help him.

Help him, Jenny!

>> Come on, guys!

>> PROBST: Aitu making good


They can see the chest.

They've just got to get it out

of the sand.

Jonathan and Jenny now have an

eye on their first chest.

>> Come on, guys, get that thing


>> You guys got it.

>> PROBST: Yul and Sundra coming

back with their first chest.

>> Coordinate, coordinates.

>> North by northwest.

>> North by northwest.

>> PROBST: Jonathan and Jenny

have their first chest.

>> East.



>> East-southeast.

>> That's it, that's it. that's


>> PROBST: Ozzy and Becky have a

line on their second chest.

>> East south...

>> Southeast.

>> No, no.

>> East-southeast.

Right here.

>> This is southeast.

>> PROBST: Adam and Candice

confused, losing time for Raro.

Ozzy and Becky back with the

second chest for Aitu.

Aitu leads 2-1, big reward on

the line.

>> Damn, we stink.

>> Yul and Sundra out now,

digging up their third chest for


Adam and Candice have found the

second chest for Raro, finally.

>> Come this way.

>> PROBST: They've been at this

chest a long time.

Raro has lost all momentum.

Yul and Sundra have their third

chest out for Aitu.

Aitu leads three chests to one.

>> West-southwest.

>> PROBST: Ozzy and Becky now

looking for that fourth and

final chest for Aitu.

Adam and Candice have the chest


>> Run, run, run.

>> Southwest, southwest,


>> PROBST: Got to get back to

the mat.


Got to get back to the mat.

Jonathan and Jenny back on the

course now, looking for their

third chest.

>> West-southwest.


>> PROBST: Ozzy and Becky have

found their fourth chest.

Big reward on the line.

Losers, somebody going to Exile


>> Come on, guys, keep digging.

>> The hole's coming.

>> They're on their last chest.

We've only got two.

>> PROBST: Jonathan and Jenny

now have an eye on their third


>> Dig around it, Jenny!

Dig around it!

Dig with both hands, both hands!

>> I don't want to bury it with

my other hand.

>> I don't understand.

>> PROBST: Jenny just pushed

more sand back in the hole.

>> Come on, guys.

>> Stand up.

Use your legs!

>> Use your legs to pull it up!

>> We're trying!

>> PROBST: Ozzy and Becky have

found their fourth and final

chest for Aitu.

>> Everyone take a box.

>> Damn it!

>> PROBST: Jonathan and Jenny

still working on their third


Aitu now working quickly to

untie all four chests and remove

the flags.

>> Who's having trouble?

>> I'm having trouble.

This one is really tight.

>> PROBST: Very little sand

coming out of that hole.

Aitu now pulling out the flags.

Those flags will spell one word.

>> Come on.

I'm going to go to exile.

>> PROBST: Jonathan and Jenny,

they've unearthed the third

chest for Raro.

>> South-southwest.

>> PROBST: Got to get back to

the mat.

>> Get on the mat, get on the


>> PROBST: Go!

Adam and Candice now looking for

that fourth chest.

Aitu has all the chests open.

They have all of their flag


Adam and Candice like slow

motion over there.

>> Come on, both hands, guys!

Dig in!

>> PROBST: Aitu working together

quickly trying to solve the


>> Oh, my god, how do we keep

doing this?

>> PROBST: Aitu getting very


>> I don't believe it.

>> "V-i-c-t-o-r-y."

>> PROBST: The new Aitu tribe

win said their third challenge

in a row.

>> Yeah!

>> Yeah!

>> Oh, my god.

Where are they?

They don't have the fourth box.

>> PROBST: Aitu, congratulations

on another victory.

>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: First order of

business-- you must now send one

person from Raro to exile


>> One, two, three-- Candice.

>> PROBST: Is this from the same


>> Betrayal, strategy-- at this

point, same thing.

>> PROBST: Candice, you just got

back from exile.

You're heading right back there.

Boat will pick you up in time

for the next immunity challenge.

Aitu, we've chartered a plane

for you.

You will be flown to an island

where the feast is awaiting you.

>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: Grab your stuff, head

on down the beach.

>> Yeah!

>> Thank you, Jeff!

>> Today, I did not want to be

sent back to Exile Island.

But I know it will be okay.

Sea cucumber-- so disgusting.

It's not fun to know that people

that you like want to see you


I can survive out here.

It's tough, but hopefully this

is a character-building


>> I really believe that our

tribe deserved this adventure,

because we're up against these

amazing odds.

And we come into the challenges

humble, knowing that we can only

try our hardest, and that's all

we can do.

( speaking a foreign language )

>> At first, this very dignified

man in his costume, and all

these feathers, you know, comes

out and starts, like, yelling.

You know, almost like we had

done something wrong, you know,

like this very commanding voice.

Obviously we don't understand,

so, you know, the most we could

do was just stand and wait.

( chanting in a foreign

language )

( singing in a foreign

language )

>> Basically, it was a warrior's


That's part of their culture.

And we were warriors that just

came out of a fierce battle.

It was incredible.

And it was nothing that we ever

expected in our imagination.

( chanting in a foreign

language )

( cheers )

>> I didn't know I would ever be

a part of something this

beautiful in my life.

It was magnificent-- the people

welcoming us, how we felt after

winning the challenge, you know,

the four orphans that have to

stick together, and we triumphed

once again.

I can't even describe how that


>> Thank you.

>> So good.


This is so good!

I was incredibly grateful for

the islanders reaching out and,

you know, being such wonderful


>> Whoo!


>> It was fun.

You know, I got to say, probably

the first time since I've been

here where I really felt really

carefree and just enjoyed


>> Yul's a very complex, very,

very intellectual guy.

To see him come out of his shell

was amazing.

Man, that guy can dance.

I didn't know he had it in him.

You know, at this point in the

game, we've gone from being

separated into all of our same


Now we're all able to come

together and experience a

totally new culture.

And we carry a piece of their

spirit with us into the next


Raro doesn't know what's coming.

>> My tribemates all want to


Haven't yet seen that whatever

they're doing isn't working, and

maybe they're just demoralized

from losing.

But the reason we've been losing

is these have not been a tribe


They do not work together.

And I realized if it was ever

going to work, slowly but surely

give them an example of another

way to be in the tribe.

And that is you work your ass

off all the time.

>> Got some fish?

>> Dude, I got so many freaking


Five, six, seven, eight, nine,

ten, 11.

>> It looks like you went to the

store and just bought...

>> Yeah, right?

It's funny.

I'm getting the hang of it now

for sure.

These folks need to trust me.

I need to help them out.

I can continue to try to do what

I'm doing and have them say,

"Oh, well, at least somebody's


Can't get rid of him because at

least I'm eating thanks to him."

I like it.

I don't know.

We'll see.

>> All right, ladies.

Tree mail.

>> Another map.

>> "Any explorer knows to study

about where he goes.

Disappointment shows, and for

the losers, the tribal council


>> Just learn the islands.

We got a whole map of the

islands of the Pacific,

assumingly to study.

>> Rebecca, you need to really

learn it.


Does that make sense?

>> There hasn't been one

challenge where I feel that

Rebecca has been a strong force

to help our tribe win.

>> I can help you.

>> Okay, help me.

>> Solomon drives solo, because

there's one little guy that

sticks out.


So it goes...

Am I confusing you?

Should I go in order?

>> So I don't know how Rebecca

is going to fare from this point

on if she doesn't show a little

more in challenges.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys.

We'll now bring in Candice

returning from Exile Island.

>> Hey, guys!

Miss me?

>> Yeah!

Miss us?

>> Maybe just a little bit.

>> Welcome back.

>> PROBST: So Candice, since

the infamous mutiny, you've

spent three days and nights on

Exile and less than 24 hours

with your new tribe.

The isolation has to be having

some impact on you.

>> Well, I mean, I'd rather be

with my tribe, but I trust that

they know that I'm, you know,

staying strong out there, and

they're staying strong for me

back at camp.

>> PROBST: You guys ready to get

to today's challenge?

>> Yep.

>> PROBST: First things first.

Yul, I'll take back the immunity


Immunity is back up for grabs.

In tree mail, you once again

received information vital to

today's challenge.

I have faith that you studied


On my "go," you will swim out

one at a time to a pontoon.

You'll dive down and unclip a

bundle of island names and swim

back to shore.

Then the next person goes.

Once all four tribe members are

back, you will move to an answer

table where you must correctly

identify ten islands by matching

the islands with the island

names you just collected.

First tribe to answer correctly,

you'll go back to camp with the

immunity idol.

Losers go to tribal council.

You will not, however, leave


The losing tribe will take back

to camp with them this bottle.

Inside it is a note.

It must remain sealed.

The note contains significant


You will bring it with you to

tribal council.

You will open the bottle after

you have voted.

Raro, you have three extra


At the last challenge, Nate,

Parvati, and Rebecca sat out.

You three are participating.

Who is the fourth person who is

going to join you?

>> I am.

>> PROBST: All right, take your

spots at the start.

Wait for my, "go."

Here we go.

For immunity.

Survivors ready?


Ozzy and Nate in the water


When you reach the pontoon,

you've got to dive down and


Ozzy already up with the island

names and heading back.

>> Man!

>> PROBST: Nate at his pontoon.

Nate didn't get it the first


Raro quickly falling behind.

Nate has it, heading back for


>> Yeah!

Come on, buddy!

>> PROBST: Ozzy back for Aitu

with the first bag of island


Yul heads out for Aitu.

Raro's going to have to make up

some time.

Nate is exhausted swimming back.

>> Come on, Nate!

Kick it, buddy, kick it!

>> PROBST: Yul dives down for


>> Come on, Yul!

>> PROBST: Yul up quickly with

the second bundle of island

names for Aitu.

Nate coming back to shore.

>> Good job!

Good job!

>> PROBST: Jonathan heads out

for Raro.

Becky heads out for Aitu.

Aitu has two bundles of island


Raro with one.

Jonathan up quickly with the

island names and swimming back.

>> Go, Becky!

>> PROBST: Becky slowing down.

>> Come on, Becky!

A little bit farther.

>> PROBST: Jonathan back to

shore with the second bundle of

island names for Raro.

>> Go!

>> PROBST: Parvati heading out

now for Raro.

Parvati a strong swimmer, trying

to make up time now.

>> Swim, baby, swim!

>> PROBST: Becky is up with the

third bundle of island names for


Parvati has the third bundle for


Raro is catching up.

>> Come on, Becky!

>> Push, Becky, push!

>> PROBST: Sundra heads out for

the fourth and final pontoon.

Parvati worn out.

>> Run!

That's it, that's it!

Nice job!

Nice job.

Go, Rebecca!

>> PROBST: Rebecca heading out.

Sundra can't get it on the first

time down.

>> Go, Rebecca!

>> PROBST: Rebecca has reached

the fourth pontoon for Raro.

Sundra has the fourth bundle of

island names for Aitu.

>> Come on, Sundra!

You've got it.

>> PROBST: Rebecca does not come

up with the bundle.

>> Come on, Rebecca!

>> Good job!

Come on, baby!

>> Come on!

>> PROBST: Aitu, start solving


>> PROBST: Rebecca has the

fourth bag for Raro.

>> Come on, baby!

>> PROBST: Aitu already at work

solving the puzzle.

>> No, no.

Guam is up here.

>> No.

>> Stand up!

Stand up!

>> PROBST: Rebecca getting close

to the shore.

>> That's it, baby!

Run, now run!

>> PROBST: Aitu very close.

>> Okay.

Ready, and untie!

>> PROBST: Raro now working on

the puzzle.

Aitu thinks they have it.

Stop working, Raro.


Aitu wins immunity!

>> Good job, guys.

Good job.

>> PROBST: Aitu, congratulations

on your fourth straight win.

Safe from tribal council once


Raro, we have a date at tribal


And you have a bottle.

The bottle is sealed.

You will take it back with you

to camp.

Bring it to tribal council.

You will open this bottle after

the vote.

Candice, grab your stuff.

Head on back to camp.

>> What's in that little bottle

that Jeff gave us?

>> I think individual challenges

but no merge, or something weird

like that.

Or, like, we have to live on the

same beach, but no merge.

Once we lost immunity, there was

a little twist that whoever had

to go to tribal tonight was

going to get this bottle with a

message in it, and we couldn't

open it until after the vote.

>> I'm interested to hear what's

in that bottle.

>> I bet it says we have to,

tomorrow morning, get up and go

to the other tribe's island for

breakfast and merge.

>> I have this feeling of, like,

dread, like I don't want to open

it, I don't want to know,

because it's going to be

something really bad.

But who knows?

>> There's nothing happening.

>> Based on overall performance,

productivity around camp, and

performance during challenges,

we're going to have to break up

our five-team alliance and send

Rebecca home today.

>> I think it's good that

Rebecca goes today.

>> Yeah, I think that's good,


>> Then after that, I don't


>> Do you think that will... she

can get that to happen?

>> Jenny becomes a threat, and

we really have to worry about

Jenny after this vote.

At that point, she's going to

really try to get Candice off.

She's worried that I wouldn't

vote Candice out, which is true.

So Jenny might be the next one

to go.

>> He's a cool guy.

But I wouldn't turn on any one

of our original members for him.

That's not fair.

We've gone through too much

together, you know.

Even though there are times

where I wonder about certain


The tribe's consensus is to vote

for Rebecca.

She's our weakest link.

But I would say maybe Jonathan

right now, just because of the

fact that he's not family.

You know, we want to keep it

Rarotonga as much as we can.

It's kind of a... it's a weird

vote tonight.

>> We've got three good-looking

fish here.

>> Yeah, man.

>> Beautiful.

>> Yeah, baby.

I believe they're going to vote

Rebecca out.

I believe.

I hope.

And through a frickin' lot of

hard work on my part the last

couple of days, I think I have

earned at least the right to one

more night.

>> I'm really curious about that


>> Is it after the vote?

Is it after the... after the

results are read?

>> After the vote.

>> But who knows?

We don't know.

Who knows what it's going

to say.

>> It's going to be something


If it was something good,

wouldn't they give it to the

winning tribe?

>> PROBST: we'll now bring in

our jury.

Brad, voted out at the last

tribal council.

Brad is here to observe.

You're not to direct anything to


He's merely here to listen.

Okay, as a tribe, you guys have

won three challenges.

Jenny, what can you do to change

something within this tribe?

>> I wish I knew the answer.

I still can't pinpoint it.

I think it goes back to

analyzing our strengths and


I don't know.

I mean, from now, I guess we

just have to wait and see.

>> PROBST: Rebecca, let's talk

about what's going on at camp.

What goes on?


>> We know we have to move

forward and we have to stay as

positive as we possibly can, so

everybody goes out clamming,

crabbing, octopusing...

>> And also I got some fish and

some trochus.

>> PROBST: How many fish?

>> Today and yesterday, I went

crazy with the spear and caught,

like, 20, 22 fish in last two


>> PROBST: 22 fish in the last

two days?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Parvati, now that

Jonathan is here, in the last

two days, he's got 22 fish.

Is it starting to feel like,

"Okay, Jonathan's growing on


>> He's blending in.

Yeah, definitely.

Jonathan is a big part of this

tribe right now.

He's been basically nourishing

us so that we could have the

energy to perform today, you

know, and it's cool to have him


>> PROBST: Adam, it's important

that you keep people around who

can keep your tribe strong, and

people that you trust, which

could present a dilemma.

You had two people come over who

left their old tribe.

There could be questions of

trust there.

But it's fair to say at this

point that Candice and Jonathan

both are now very strong members

of this tribe, and are helping

keep you strong.

>> Jeff, I'm tired of losing,

and it's all about productivity

for me.

It's been other reasons before,

and tonight it's about


I don't like losing.

I'm tired of it.

>> PROBST: Can't get much more

clear than that.

Okay, before we get to the vote,

did somebody bring the bottle?

So you've kept it sealed?

>> Difficult, but we kept it


>> PROBST: We will hold on to

that bottle until after we have


Once the vote is over, you will

open the bottle and read the

note inside.

Okay, it is time to vote.

Candice, you're up.

>> You did you great today, but

this is based on overall


>> Jonathan, I think you're a

great guy.

You just came into the game too


>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the tribal

council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote: Jonathan.


One vote Jonathan, one vote



Two votes Rebecca, one vote



Three votes Rebecca, one vote


Tenth person voted out, the

second member of our jury,


That's four, that's enough.

Unless you have the hidden

immunity idol, you need to bring

me your torch.

Rebecca, the tribe has spoken.

It's time for you to go.

Okay, now it's time to get to

the bottle.

Parvati, before you open it, was

there a consensus as to what the

note inside might say?

>> The consensus is it's a


Am I right, guys?

But we don't know.

We're hoping you're going to

roll out a whole buffet for us

with coffee.

>> Ice cream.

>> Champagne.

>> PROBST: Let's find out.


I want you to open the note and

read it out loud.

"You've just voted out one

member of your tribe.

You will now vote out another."

That's not fun.

>> PROBST: Definitely not a


>> Not a merge, and not very


>> PROBST: So Nate, not only are

you not merging tonight, you're

voting out another tribe member

right now.

>> This is wack Arnold, man.

And now I'm thinking, if we had

this win today, they would have

been down to two.

Could have, should have, would

have-- spilled milk.

>> PROBST: There is no sign of a


It could be tomorrow.

It could never come.

Now you're down to five.

They're at four.

So, Adam, criteria now?

>> You know, I think Rebecca

stood out as one that wasn't


And there's no one else that


So this is going to be much


>> PROBST: All right, it is time

to vote.

Candice, you're up.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the tribal

council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Jonathan.


Two votes Jonathan.


Two votes Jonathan, one vote



Two votes Jonathan, two votes



That's three votes Jenny, two

votes Jonathan.

One vote left.

The 11th person voted out of

Cook Islands and the third

member of our jury, Jenny.

Unless you have the hidden

immunity idol, you need to bring

me your torch.

Jenny, the tribe has spoken.

It's time for you to go.

Well, tonight you lose two more


You're now down to five.

Maybe this is the wake-up call

this tribe needs in order to get

it together.

Grab your torches, head back to


Good night.

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>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> PROBST: next time

on Survivor:

>> He's back.

>> PROBST: At Raro...

>> Where's the water?

Have we got water?

>> PROBST: Jonathan hits a

breaking point.

>> I'm not going to lose because

you kids keep the get your asses

out of bed.

>> PROBST: At Aitu...

Yul shares his secret.

>> If it works out, it will

change the course of the game.

And things heat up between Adam

and Candice.

>> To be honest, I am completely

pissed off about tonight's vote.

Jonathan did a great job of

pulling his own weight.

I respect that.

But in the end, I feel

completely burned because I was


And had I known or expected that

there would be two voted out

tonight, I would have done

everything possible to make sure

I would still be in this game.