Survivor (2000–…): Season 13, Episode 14 - I Have the Advantage... For Once - full transcript

With only six castaways left, outsiders Parvati and Adam fight to stay in the game.

>> JEFF PROBST: previously on


>> Oh, my god.

I feel like my finger is about

to fall off.

>> PROBST: Parvati put herself

on the chopping block.

>> You can see where the finger

is actually separated.

>> PROBST: At the reward


>> Stacy, come on out.

>> PROBST: ...the tribe got a

taste of home.

Survivors ready?


Then the survivors and their

loved ones competed together.

>> Is that good?

>> Keep going!

>> PROBST: Despite her injury,

Parvati and her father


Parvati wins reward!

>> Jonathan.

>> PROBST: And Jonathan was sent

to Exile Island.

Sundra, Adam, and their loved

ones joined Parvati and her dad

on a true Cook Islands


>> I haven't had fresh water in

32 days.

It was so cool and refreshing.

It felt so good.

>> PROBST: When the winners

returned bearing gifts...

>> We had extra food.

>> Oh, my god!

>> PROBST: ...the tribe bonded.

>> People seem more chilled out

if we're just our six without

Jonathan, so it's sort of nice

that he's on Exile right now.

>> PROBST: At the challenge,

immunity was in the balance.

Ozzy having no trouble.

Ozzy very close.

And Ozzy once again shut

everyone out.

Ozzy wins immunity!

Ozzy was safe.

>> Why not have me or Parvati in

the fifth spot as opposed to


>> PROBST: And with the hidden

immunity idol still in his

possession, Yul was in a

position of power.

>> They're going to say anything

they can, because if you fall

for it then I'm gone, and

they're still around waiting to

take you guys out.

>> I feel like I'm, like, the

godfather or something,

arranging a hit on somebody.

>> PROBST: At tribal council...

>> No one wants Jonathan around.

>> PROBST: Jonathan took another


>> There are six good people out

here that really deserve to be


>> Why don't I deserve to be


>> Just your integrity.

You don't have any.

>> PROBST: And Adam and Parvati

were spared.

The 14th person voted out and

the sixth member of our jury.

Jonathan, the tribe has spoken.

>> And I'd like my hat back at

some point.

>> PROBST: Six are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

>> Jonathan's not here.

>> He was like, "I want my hat


>> Parvati and I feel good about

Jonathan being voted off.

You know, I just feel better now

that I'm in the game and

Jonathan's not, because, you

know, he was just a nuisance at

this point.

I want to stay in the game

however I can, as long as

possible, and try to crack the

armor of those four.

>> I know.

I think Adam and I know that our

position of power right now is

very limited.

We are in a weak spot.

It's going to take a lot of

smooth talking to try to get

them to, you know, open their


I have to put it in a way like

it doesn't seem like they're

betraying their old tribe.

And that's going to be very

difficult, because I know that

they all are fiercely loyal to

each other right now, and me and

Adam are on the outside.

People are going to have to

start turning on each other.

>> Exactly.

Yeah, I know.

>> We're the underdogs.

We've got to fight.

>> I know.

We are.

We've got to try.

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>> Tree mail!

>> What does it say?

>> What's that?

>> Is that mud?

>> It's a bucket of mud.

All right.

"Again you will bust out your


It's not a shame to be dirty.

Today you better be proud.

You could be eating and sleeping

in splendor while the others

will just get by.

To earning rejuvenation, here's

mud in your eye."

We just got our tree mail, and

we're wondering if it's going to

be, like, the naked mud

wrestling competition or

something crazy.

Something muddy.

>> Yep.

>> And the reward sounds great.

It sounds like you'll be eating

and sleeping in splendor.

So I think we're all pretty

excited by it.

>> I mean, it's... we've got to

do it.

>> At this point, it's extremely

important for me or Adam to win

this challenge because if not,

Adam is going to exile.

We're the underdogs.

>> Yeah.

>> The four of the Aitu tribe is

very tight, so I'm sure they

won't be sending any of each

other to exile.

You know, so that's the plan.

We've got to make it happen.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

Time to get dirty.

Ready to get to today's


>> Yeah.

>> Ready!

>> PROBST: For today's reward

challenge, are you going to dive

into a mud pit and cover your

body with as much mud as you

can, then race back and scrape

it off into a bucket.

You cannot carry mud in your

arms or your hands.

You can only use your body.

The person with the most mud in

their bucket at the end of ten

minutes wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing


>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: The winner of today's

challenge will be indulging in a

luxury spa reward.

You'll have a massage, pool,

wash your clothes.

You'll have a bed, because

you're spending the night.

And you will gorge on food.

>> Oh!

>> PROBST: Plenty of dessert.

Plus beer, wine, and champagne.

>> Oh, Jeff!

You're killing me, Jeff!

>> PROBST: With six days left,

this could be what you need to

get you through the rest of this


Worth playing for?

>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: In addition, the

winner of this challenge will

send one person to Exile Island.

One other element-- the winner

of this challenge will be joined

by two people on this reward.

Those two people will be the

second and third-place


>> Oh, wow.

>> All right!

>> PROBST: Sound good?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: We'll draw for spots,

we'll get started.

Here we go, for reward.

Survivors ready?


Ozzy hurdles the hitching post.

Everybody in the mud.

What strategy will you use to

get the mud back?

You can put mud on your heads.

Make sure you're not carrying

mud in your hands.

Adam coming back with mud.

Yul coming back.

Ozzy coming back.

Yul covered in mud, getting all

of it off.

You have ten minutes to get as

much mud as you can in your


Top three going on reward.

Yul heading back out.

Ozzy right behind.

Ozzy back in the mud.

Adam back in the mud.

Yul coming back with a second

load of mud.

Adam right behind.

Yul doing the back, using the

trough of his back to carry mud.

Becky using her hair, squeezing

as much mud out as she can.

Parvati loading up her chest,

trying to keep it up there

without carrying it.

Adam's just using his long legs,

scraping them off.

Ozzy got a nice load on his


Can he keep it?

He does, through the hitching


That's a lot of mud in that


Like watching bad performance


Ozzy heading back out for more


Two minutes left.

Everybody squeezing as much off

as they can.

Ozzy loading up the back of his


He's going to try and cradle it

back there.

Yul heading back out.

Ozzy has a lot of mud with a big

lead after that.

One minute left.

Yul coming back once again

carrying it on his back.

And it works.

30 seconds left!

This is going to be it.

Parvati making a go of it with a

ton of mud on her head.

That could move Parvati up.

Ozzy coming back with more mud.

Ozzy's bucket's nearly full.

20 seconds.

Yul getting everything he can

off his body.


Parvati getting everything off

her arms.

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six,

five, four, three, two, one.

Step away, step away, step away.

All right, I'm going to follow

my gut, and we're going to start

with what I think is the most,

see if anybody can beat it.

Ozzy weighs in at 45 pounds of


Ozzy, come on up.

You're in the number one spot.

So not only are we looking for

the winner of the challenge,

We're looking for the top three.

Let's start with Parvati, see

where you're at.

Parvati weighs in at 24 pounds

of mud.

>> Half.

>> PROBST: Take a spot next to


You are currently in second


Adam weighs in.

22 pounds.

Adam currently in third place.

So Adam has the least amount of

weight right now.

Sundra, you need 22 pounds to

crack the top three.

Sundra clocks in at 20 pounds.

Not enough.

Let's see what Becky has.

Becky clocks in at 20 pounds.

Not enough.

Yul, in order to break this top

three, you've got to have to

have 22 pounds.

Otherwise, you three are going

on reward.

By a half a pound, Yul wins.

>> Whoa!

>> PROBST: As close as it gets.

So Ozzy, Parvati, and Yul, all

enjoying a spa reward.

Ozzy, big decision for you now.

Six days left in this game.

You're sending Becky, Adam, or

Sundra to Exile Island.

>> Sorry, bro.

>> I know.

>> Sorry, man.

>> I'm really sorry.

>> PROBST: Adam, straight down

to the beach.

>> Love you, Adam.

>> PROBST: Becky, Sundra,

nothing for you guys.

You're heading back to camp.

Yul, Parvati, Ozzy, have a nice

time at the spa.

>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: You're going as you


You'll get cleaned up at the


Head on out.

>> Of course it's raining.

>> I really wish I was at the


But I'm not going to cry.

I'm not going to get upset.

I'm happy to be here just with


As opposed to anybody else,

yeah, because, you know, we've

been... we've been rolling with

the punches together.

>> You know, and today I

seriously saw that.

And I was like... I don't know.

We're being foolish.

I mean, we're fools in the sense

of just saying, "Okay, let's go

on staying strong," because

we're going to have to face them

in the end.

I mean, just, like, today I saw


It was so blatant.

You know, like, his whole bucket

was full, and none of us were

even close.

Like, this is his element.

>> Yeah, I know.

>> He's like... you can't beat


The challenge today told me a

lot in the sense of Ozzy really

likes to win, and regardless of,

you know, if it's immunity or


It's not even about that.

It's not even about the prize at

the end.

Ozzy just hates to lose.

>> You know what I mean?

>> That's what I'm saying.

It wasn't even close for

first place.

You know, I can't risk the sense

of him winning every immunity

challenge and every reward, and

so that's just been lingering in

my head that, you know, he is a

bigger threat than I think

people realize.

>> I think at this point in the

game, this is really frustrating

for me, because I'm on the

outside and I don't know what to


I think the only thing that I

can do now is try pulling

someone over to my side and

making them play a strategic


And really, I mean, I think Ozzy

would be my only hope.

>> Hi, how are you?

>> Good.

>> It's beautiful.

>> Hi!

Thank you.

>> Yes, yes, yes.

>> A good shower.

>> Oh, wow, beautiful!

>> It's nice.

>> Oh, my god!

>> Oh, god!

I will remember that shower,

that one particular shower, for

the rest of my life.

Because it was hands-down the

best shower I've ever had.

And that was just the beginning.

>> Have you had a massage


>> I've never had a massage


>> You've never had a massage?

>> No.

>> Oh, you're in for a treat.

We got a massage after that,

which was awesome.

It's a nice reminder of life

outside of this game.

They're giving a hot rock

massage, and they're massaging

my legs right now.

It feels great.

>> It smells so good.

What is that smell?

>> It's coconut.

>> Okay, there's a light at the

end of the tunnel.

All I have left is five days of

dirt, and I can do it.

I've gone 34 days.

I can go five more.

>> This is the third time out on

Exile Island.

Third time's a charm.

Except for the charm's not here

anymore-- Yul's got it.

So it hurts to be out here, not

being with Parvati, just to


Hopefully, Parvati can find some

way to break up the old Aitutaki


Who needs a fire when you can

eat everything raw, right?

I hope I can get some sleep, be

nourished for the challenge that

I've got ahead of me.

It was awful.

It was pouring down rain.

I just laid there, and shivering

and cold.

Not a good thing to go through.

So I've got to keep fighting and

just put up with it for a little

bit longer.

>> I feel like its a fairy tale

and I'm going to pinch myself

and wake up in the sandy, gross


>> Well, at least when we go

back, there's only four more


>> Kind of a big deal.

>> A really big deal.

>> I mean, a lot of things can


You're, like, in the same

position that for a long time I

felt like I was.

You have to win.

Have to win.

>> Ozzy's kind of a loner, so

it's hard to get to know him.

But he's opened up to me a

little bit.

Oh, my god!

So many different flavors.

Nothing tastes like coconut.

The more charming I can be, the

more, like, friendly and in I

can get with these people,

especially Ozzy, the longer I'm

going to stick around.

Power outage?

>> In the middle of dinner,

raging storm, and then all of a

sudden a blackout.

We lit candles all over the

place, and it turned out to be

very beautiful ambiance.

>> All of a sudden, this island

band comes and sets up in the

middle of the living room.

And then these dancers come

running in, and they're all,

like, doing the native dances

and singing, and it was just

this huge island show.

It was, like, way better than

dinner and a movie.

After everything's done, like, I

have a little champagne and some

wine in me, so we just took off

our pajamas and hopped in the

hot tub.

I'm nervous.

I just peed in my pants and I

wasn't even wearing any.

>> I don't know if Parvati is

flirting with Ozzy only because

she's hoping there might be some

strategic option there.

Ozzy, to some extent, might be


I mean, if Ozzy responds in some

way, maybe somewhere down the

line, something might come up.

>> I've got two naked guys in

the hot tub.

>> Yeah.

>> Yee-hah!

>> But the numbers are in my

favor at least this once.

>> I am looking out for myself.

I mean, I've been playing this

game on an individual level

since I got here, and I'm

playing it now more than ever.

So I might play the game with

Parvati while there's still the


>> Camp life the last two days

has been pretty relaxing, just

basically Sundra and me.

If there's one person I think I

miss, probably it would be Yul,

because I've been having some

thought about new strategy.

You know, I would like to get

Ozzy out sooner than later.

>> We're back.

>> Hi.

>> Hi, girls.

>> Hey, guys.

>> How you doing?

>> Good.

>> It's okay.

No, don't feel bad.

>> I came back to camp, and I

could tell something was a

little bit tense with Becky.

>> Some of the stuff that me and

Sundra have been talking about

was that we want to change up

the order.

>> Okay.

So Becky took me out to the back

beach and we had a conversation.

>> I know that we want the Aitu

four to go forward as much as

possible, and everything.

But just seeing his bucket

full... he didn't win by a

little bit.

He beat us all, like, by a lot.

He's a very strong competitor,

whatever it is-- balance,

endurance-- because he's

playing... he just loves to win.

>> I think any of us would have

a hard time against Ozzy.

I would not be happy going to

the final two with Ozzy.

Any one of us going against Ozzy

would be likely to lose on the


Ozzy has been gaining a lot of

favor with members of the old

Raro tribe, because they

perceive him as being, you know,

kind of a pure player.

He's doing his own thing.

He's not strategizing, he's not

building coalitions.

He's playing a straight-up game

and he's doing a hell of a job

of it.

Either we go to the final four

and take the high road, or we

really play the game to the

final end and we take steps to

ensure that both of us get


>> Where's Parvati?

>> There was always a concern

that maybe Ozzy would go with

whomever has the best, you know,

sell for him.

So I think definitely Parvati is

a threat.

>> Becky said that you think

Parvati is a threat.

I think she's a huge threat.

I've been very surprised at how

strong she's been consistently

in all of these challenges.

At the same time, you know, we

might have to vote off Ozzy.

>> You know, at this point, we

know that the other two Raro

members are desperate, so, you

know, it's just one more thing

of "Let's cover our bases, let's

cover our bases, let's cover our


We don't want any more

surprises, because it's getting

to that point.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

We'll now bring in Adam,

returning from Exile Island.

>> How you doing?

Ah, you know.

>> How was last night?

>> It was a little rough, a

little rough.

>> Welcome back, welcome back.

>> But, you know, that's Exile

Island for you.

>> PROBST: You guys ready to get

to today's immunity challenge?

>> Yeah.

>> Yes.

>> PROBST: First things first.

Ozzy, take back the necklace.

Once again, immunity is back up

for grabs.

For today's challenge, one at a

time, you will carry four

bundles of puzzle pieces across

the balance beams to your mat.

Once you've collected all four

bundles, you will use those

bundles to create a table maze.

Finally, you will use the maze

to maneuver one cannonball past

decoy holes into each of the two

corner pockets.

First person to complete this

wins immunity, guaranteed a one

in five shot at winning this


>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: We'll draw for spots,

we'll get started.

Here we go, for immunity.

Survivors ready?


One bundle at a time across the


Ozzy off to a quick lead.

Ozzy across with his first


Adam, got to go back, landed

behind the line.

Becky takes a huge leap, barely

makes it over the line.

Ozzy across with his second


Yul makes it across with his

first bundle.

Sundra still working with her

first bundle.

Ozzy across easily with his

third bundle.

Yul using his head for balance.

Parvati's across with her first


Yul's across with his second


Becky takes a bad fall.

Keeps going.

Ozzy trying to hang on with his

fourth and final bundle.

Ozzy's across.

He can start working on the


Parvati's across, Yul's across.

Yul now with his third bundle.

Parvati with her second.

Ozzy untying his puzzle pieces.

Sundra falls off, has to go


Adam cannot get across.

Yul now catching up on Ozzy with

his fourth bundle.

Can he keep his balance?

Adam falls off again.

Yul clears it with a huge leap.

Yul has his fourth bundle.

It's Yul and Ozzy working on

their table maze.

Parvati across with her third


Adam and Sundra yet to get a

bundle across.

Yul making quick work of his


Adam cannot hang on again.

Parvati across with her fourth


She starts to work on the maze.

Becky across with her second


>> Come on!

>> PROBST: Adam struggling to

hang on.

Adam falls off again, getting


Two days on Exile taking their


Parvati trying to get her pieces

untied to get in this.

Immunity on the line.

Ozzy has his maze together.

Ozzy maneuvering his first


He's got to get one ball in each

of the two corner pockets.

Yul does not have his maze

together correctly.

He's put a roadblock up for


Ozzy maneuvering it past one of

the decoy holes.

Got to get around it.

And he does.

Now he's got to get it into one

of the two side pockets.

Ozzy has his first cannonball in

one pocket.

Now he's got to get the other


Yul desperately trying to get

this maze put together directly

to have a shot.

Parvati still laying hers out on

the ground.

Ozzy working the maze nicely.

Got to get this ball in his

other pocket now.

Ozzy wins immunity!

>> Good job, man.

>> PROBST: Ozzy, come on over.

Once again, Ozzy is safe from

the vote.

As for the rest you, after 36

long days, this game will come

to an end tonight for one of


Should be a very interesting


See you at tribal.

>> Today Ozzy won immunity, as


I mean, he's just becoming a

bigger and bigger threat, so

we're all pretty aligned on

voting out one of the Raro

folks, either Adam or Parvati.

It's just a question of who to

vote out first.

>> Yeah.

>> I'm not positive, but I don't

think so.

>> Is it Parvati?

>> I think it might be Parvati.

>> Obviously, I want her to stay

around but I know it's one of us


>> It's really a toss-up, but, I

mean, if you want to stay...

>> I want to stay.

If you could make that work,

that would be awesome.

>> I like you a lot, and, like,

I don't feel you deserved to go

to Exile Island.

It was real close.

If you want to stay, you'll


>> Yul is definitely the puppet

master here, and he acts like

it, too.

He told me, "If you want to stay

I'll take care of it.

It's a done deal."

>> I'm pretty sure I can make it


>> Dude, that would be awesome.

>> All right.

>> You're the man.

My thinking is, as long as it's

benefiting me, I'm fine with it.

You know, Parvati and I have

been together since the

beginning, and I want us both to

continue to be in this game.

But if one of us has to go, you

know, I'd rather her than me.

And then, when it's down to

five, I think my best shot is to

win challenges.

>> I don't want to, like, pit

myself against Adam because, you

know, I care about him, and...

but I know that it's one of us

tonight, you know?

>> I think objectively you're

probably the bigger threat

between and you Adam, mainly

because you're very coordinated.

So anything kind of requiring


>> Balance and agility?

>> Yeah, balance, agility.

Like, I think... I mean, you're

far more of a threat than Adam


But because we have Ozzy, and to

some extent me, I'm less worried

about you as a threat.

So for me, I actually see Adam

as being the bigger threat.

Anyway, so that's what I'm

thinking so you know where I

kind of stand.

>> I am hopeful, because Yul

says that he sees Adam as being

the bigger threat right now.

But I don't know how... I'm not

going to bank on it at all.

So, basically, I'm going to have

to scramble something together

and try to stay in this game


Who are you voting tonight,


>> I don't know who I'm going to

vote for, but I'm not going to

vote for you or Ozzy.

Either Becky, Sundra, or Yul.

>> I just feel already my

position is so precarious, that

if I do something like that, and

then I lost, then I'd definitely

be gone.

>> Yeah, but you'd be gone

anyway when you lose, because

you're such a threat.

>> Yeah.

I feel like I do dominate at

this point in the challenges,

but I am worried that Yul,

Sundra, and Becky might kick me

out in the future.

So I'm just trying to cover all

the bases at this point and make

sure that I've got more of an

edge later on in the game.

So maybe Sundra might be the one

who's going tonight.

>> He's in the shelter now.

>> All three?

>> Yeah.

>> You think they're going to

try to work over Ozzy?

And is there any chance they

would convince him to do


>> Those three versus us three.

>> Oh!

>> Are you worried, like...

>> That Ozzy might be flipping?

>> Right now, we noticed that

Parvati and Adam were talking to

Ozzy inside the shelter by

themselves, so just to kind of

mitigate any possibility they

might be trying to work Ozzy

over and get an alliance going

with them, I suggested that I or

someone else go over and just

sit in.

Can I get in the shelter real


You know, I know you guys are

playing the game, but don't try

to get Ozzy against us.

>> I'm not trying to get him.

He was sitting here with

Parvati, and I've got to say


>> I know.

Okay, okay.

Do you understand?

I can't sit here and just not

say anything.

>> Yeah, okay.

It makes me uneasy the way Yul


So maybe I was talking more than

I should have.

I... tonight I have the most

uneasy feeling.

And, you know, I just think that

the chances are greater that

I'll be voted off.

>> Do you think Jonathan would

get mad if I showed up wearing

the hat?

Do you think that he would get

mad at that?

>> I don't know.

You could try.

>> Do you think Jeff is going to

yell at me?

Jonathan, you know, he wanted

his hat, and I thought I would

give it to him.

You know, if I got voted out and

it and I left something that

meant a lot to me here and I

just asked someone to give it to

me, I'd expect them to do it.

I just feel like it's, like, a

nice thing to do.

>> Let's call you "Yonathan."

>> Yulathan.

>> Yulathan.

>> PROBST: We'll now bring in

the members of the jury.

Brad, Rebecca, Jenny, Nate,

Candice, and Jonathan, voted out

at the last tribal council.

Well, normally, the jury doesn't

have any involvement other than

listening, but Yul brought your

hat, Jonathan.

>> I see.

Thank you very much.

>> PROBST: Quite possibly the

boldest move I've seen yet from

someone trying to win a vote

should they make it to the final

tribal council.

How'd this come into play?

>> On the night he was voted

out, he asked, "Can you give me

my hat?"

So I brought his hat.

It has sentimental value for


>> PROBST: I just want to make

sure I have the facts right.

This is the same guy who was

part of your little coalition

that you blindsided, and now

you're bringing the hat back

just because it's got

sentimental value.

Becky, did you know Yul was

going to bring the hat?

>> Yul had announced he was

going to bring the hat back to


Even if he doesn't admit to it,

I'm sure he was thinking in the

back of his head he might want

to win some favor back from


>> PROBST: Parvati, these votes

over here are going to be worth

a million dollars to somebody.

Bringing back somebody's

favorite hat could easily turn

somebody into, "You know what?

At least he brought me my hat.

Becky sure didn't, Sundra sure


Ozzy didn't."

>> Absolutely.

And Yul has been playing this

game to win votes, I think, from

the beginning.

Yul has been playing this game

seamlessly from the start.

>> PROBST: Adam, are you

starting to see people play for

the jury a bit?

Because they don't know what's

happening back at camp.

>> I don't think Sundra and

Becky or Ozzy are playing for

the jury.

Yul might be a little bit.

I mean, the hat... I don't know

what his intentions were.

>> PROBST: Yes, Yul, please?

>> All right, well, I'll just

give you the honest truth.

I wanted him to get his hat


He made a request to me, and,

you know, if I voted him out, I

would want to appease any kind

of resentment he might have

towards me.

So, you know, it serves both


>> PROBST: So Parvati, you, due

to your performance at the

reward challenge, got to partake

in a big spa with Yul and Ozzy.

Did that give you some time to

try and bond with these guys?

>> Oh, I would say I bonded with

the fellas.

We had a really good time.

And it, like, made everyone calm

down and, like, regain a little

bit of sanity.

So, I don't know, me and two

guys in a hot tub, odds were in

my favor, I guess.

>> PROBST: Adam, a little

concern that even though you and

Parvati are sort of mates in

this, she got some time to bond

with Yul and Ozzy.

Maybe she goes up one notch and

you drop a notch.

>> You know, I think I'm at the

bottom of the totem pole, so I

don't think I can drop any more.

So if she goes up, it's not over


>> PROBST: Why do you think you

are still in this game?

You seem to be the biggest

physical threat on paper.

>> I haven't produced very well,

though, Jeff.

I think my heart's in it, but

I'm not quite all there

physically and mentally anymore.

>> PROBST: Yul, on the flip

side, does it concern you that

Ozzy, who is certainly

dominating in challenges, is

actually helping the Aitu four

as much as he's helping himself?

>> Absolutely.

We all recognize that that's the

reason why we've been

successful so far.

But internally, we're very

tight, and we get farther

working together than we would


So yeah, absolutely.

>> PROBST: Okay, let's get to

the vote.

Ozzy, you have the immunity


Keeping it?

>> Oh, hell yeah.

>> PROBST: And if the person who

has the hidden immunity idol

needs to play it, you would

present it to me after the vote.

Let's find out who's going home.

It is time to vote.

Ozzy, you're up.

>> Love you.

Best of luck.


>> You're a strong competitor.

I definitely underestimated you.

But sorry, I have to vote you


>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the tribal

council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Sundra.



One vote Sundra, two votes


We're tied-- two votes Sundra,

two votes Parvati.


That's three votes Parvati.

15th person voted out, and the

seventh member of our jury,


That's four, that's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Parvati, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Well, the five of you have

lasted a long 36 days out here.

And in just three more days, one

of you will win this game and

the million dollars that goes

along with it.

Grab your torches.

Head back to camp.

Good night.

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>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> PROBST: next time

on Survivor:

Adam tries to hang on as the

Aitu four turn on each other.

>> My biggest fear right now is

it might come down to a

cutthroat game.

>> PROBST: And a final twist

will change the game.

Join us for the two hour season

finale and find out who will be

the sole survivor.

>> I know that I could have

worked it more in the hot tub if

I'd wanted to, but I don't think

it would have helped my place in

this game.

I've learned so much about


I really thought I would crack,

and I just realized how strong I

am and just what I'm capable of.

When it comes down to it, if I'm

just thrown into the wilderness

again, I know I can survive.