Survivor (2000–…): Season 13, Episode 13 - Arranging a Hit - full transcript

With only seven castaways left, the SurvivorsÂ' loved ones arrive in hopes of winning a Reward.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on


>> It pissed everyone in this

game off.

>> PROBST: Jonathan felt the

backlash of betraying his former

Raro tribe and joining the Aitu


>> It's vile to me.

I think that he's a filthy,

miserable rat.

>> PROBST: At the reward


Sold to Jonathan.

...Jonathan's behavior...

>> And no sharing, right?

>> PROBST: ...fueled resentment.

( burps )

And Yul revealed a powerful


>> I have it.

>> PROBST: The immunity idol.

>> It's a compass on the


>> PROBST: Back at camp...

( burps )

>> Oh, I definitely smell that


>> PROBST: ...Jonathan's

character was questioned, even

by his new allies.

>> He's obnoxious.

>> Jonathan was a little too

arrogant, and it just shows a

little bit maybe of what his

true character is like.

>> PROBST: At the immunity


Adam is the first to start


...Adam, Jonathan, and Parvati

fought for survival.

Adam has the key-- he's moving


But it was Adam who came out on


Adam wins immunity!

Adam, safe from the vote


Back at camp...

>> Are they eating?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Jonathan and Candice

had it out.

>> Since when do you guys not


>> Didn't you call me a

disgusting rat?

>> Well, Jonathan, you're a rat

because you betrayed everybody

in this game.

>> Jonathan is just a slimeball

and needs to be voted off.

>> PROBST: Knowing they were

outnumbered, Adam, Parvati, and

Candice put pressure on Yul to

dump Jonathan from the Aitu


>> Candice, Parvati, and Adam

threatened me, pointing out the

fact that they would be on the

jury and if I didn't vote off

Jonathan they would hold me

responsible, and I'm honestly

concerned about it.

>> PROBST: At tribal council...

>> What am I?

>> PROBST: ...things heated up.

>> You're a rat.

>> That's a fact, that I'm a


That's enough out of you.

>> There's absolutely no reason

for you to be around now,


>> Says you, Jack.

>> PROBST: But in the end, Yul

stuck by Jonathan.

13th person voted out and the

fifth member of our jury.

Candice was voted out and gave

Adam one final good-bye.

Candice, the tribe has spoken.

Seven are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

>> I expected no less.

So it was all fine.

Wow, what didn't happen at

tribal tonight?

It got pretty crazy there.

I was called all kinds of names.

"Rat" and "cancer" were the two

that I remember the most.

Adam and Parvati are angry that

I flopped, and I'm absolutely

convinced I made the right


Everybody needs a bad guy, so I

become the bad guy, and

everybody else is good, nobody

else has lied, nobody else has

manipulated things.

Everybody knows that's not true.

>> I'm tired.

>> I'm really tired.

>> It was pretty exhausting.

I'm going to try to keep my chin

up and just keep punching.

I don't know how far I'm going

to get, but I know that I'm not

going to let a couple of kids

like that ruin everything I've

been working towards.

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( theme song playing )

>> Out fishing.

( laughter )

>> Ah!

Oh, my god.


What do I do?

>> That is a deep cut.

That is a really deep cut.

>> Pressure.

>> Where is your buff?

We have to have somebody look at

it because that looks too deep.

>> I feel like my finger is

about to fall off.

>> There's a slice through the

nail, pretty close to the middle

of the nail, so we tried to stay

as calm as possible to keep her


...trying to open up a coconut.

>> Yeah.

>> I think that Parvati needs

medical attention.

>> It's like, literally, you can

see where it's separated, where

the finger is actually



>> Going to have a bit of a look

at it here, and then see what we

need to do.

How did this happen?

>> I was chopping a coconut with

the machete, and I chopped off

my finger instead.

>> You're stitching it right


>> You're being so brave,


>> There is something about

fingernails falling off that

really bothers me, so...

You know, I didn't really want

to look at him sticking needles

under the actual finger that was


It wasn't the best sight in the

world, mainly because I was

thinking that, you know, with us

being a dying breed, she doesn't

need to be out there cutting her

fingers off because it's just

her and I against the world

right now.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

How is everybody doing?

>> Good.

>> PROBST: What happened,


>> Thumbs up!

I just pulled the old chop-your-


trick this morning.

>> PROBST: Can you get it wet?

>> I can get it wet a little


>> PROBST: Today's challenge,

definitely going to get a little


For today's reward challenge,

you will use a small bucket to

transport water from the ocean

into a larger bucket.

When you get enough water in the

larger bucket, the weight of the

water will lower the bucket,

raising a flag.

First person to raise their flag

wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing


>> Yeah.

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: The winner of today's

challenge will go to another


Locals will then take you to a

sacred cave, and you'll have a

spectacular picnic.

>> Oh!

>> PROBST: Fried chicken, meat

loaf, apple pie.

>> Now you're talking.

>> PROBST: In addition, the

winner will send one person to

Exile Island.

There's one other element to

this reward.

Jonathan, say hello to your

wife, Stacy.

>> Oh!

( applause )

>> PROBST: It's been 31 days.

>> Oh, my god!

>> Everybody okay?

>> Everyone's great.

>> PROBST: Parvati, say hello to

your dad, Mike.

( applause )

>> Oh, my god!

>> PROBST: Adam, say hello to

your dad, George.

>> He looks just like him!

>> How you doing?

I miss the hell out of you.

You look good.

You look good.

>> PROBST: Becky, here is your

sister, Sarah.

>> Sarah Lee!

( applause )

( crying )

>> Stop crying.

>> PROBST: Yul, somebody here

wants to say hi to you, your

brother, Paul.

Paul, come on out!

( applause )

>> Oh, god, how are you?

>> PROBST: All right, Ozzy, your

mom's dying to get out here.

Gina, come on out.

( applause )

>> PROBST: Sundra, your mom,


She's running to see you.

( crying )

>> Oh...

>> PROBST: Okay, the person who

wins this challenge will not

only enjoy the reward.

They will share that reward with

their loved one.

( applause )

>> Oh, yeah.

>> There's one other twist.

Not only will they share the

reward with you, you will

partner up with them for this


You are all participating.

Here's how it works: the

survivors will scoop water out

of the ocean.

You will toss it to your loved

ones, who will have to catch the

water and empty it in their


The last twist to this

challenge: you will be


Your loved ones will be your


>> Oh, of course!

>> PROBST: We'll get you

blindfolded up, and we'll get


Here we go, for reward.

Survivors ready?


>> Adam, come back.

Throw it straight like shooting

a free throw.

Good job.

>> Up and out.

There you go.

>> You're right.


>> Was that good?

>> No, that was very diffused.

>> Ready?

>> Yeah, go, go.

All right, a little too strong.

>> PROBST: Everybody trying to

figure out a system.

>> I'm trying to set you up.

>> Going straight.

Come on, throw.

>> I'm missing it.

It's stopping about halfway.

>> To the right!

>> Good, good.

>> PROBST: Who's going to win

this reward?

>> Throw it more straight


Okay, do it again!

Do it again!

>> That was great.

Do it like that again.

>> Throw!

You're taking too long!

>> PROBST: Ozzy making a little

progress with his mom, Gina.

>> Ready?

>> That's it, arc.


A little bit higher!

>> Higher, okay.

>> PROBST: Parvati and Mike

starting to do it.

>> Now throw it straight


>> From down here?

>> Yeah, okay.

>> PROBST: Becky and Sarah

having no luck.

George and Adam not in it right


Ozzy with another good toss to

his mom.

Jonathan and Stacy competitive.

Ozzy and Gina having fun.

>> Need more push, more push,

more push.

>> Am I spraying?

>> Yeah, you're spraying.

That one didn't go anywhere.

>> PROBST: Yul and Paul having

no luck.

Jonathan with Stacy.

Stacy using her shirt, wringing

everything out into that bucket.

>> That's a good idea.

>> PROBST: Jonathan and Stacy

with the lead right now.

Gina doing the same thing, using

her shirt, trying to get every

drop in that bucket.

>> Up and out.

>> PROBST: Sundra, Parvati, you

got to pick it up if you want to

win this.

Sundra not in it right now.

>> Keep going, yeah!

We're filling it up!

>> PROBST: Parvati and Mike with

a lot of water.

They're now in this challenge.

Jonathan and Stacy, Ozzy and

Gina, Parvati and Mike, they're

all three in it.

Jonathan and Stacy very close.

Ozzy and Gina, you're falling


Stacy doing better using her

hair than the bucket.

We're getting very close to

somebody winning this.

Mike and Parvati are very close!

That flag is raising!

You've got to hit the wood.

Jonathan's flag is now raising.

>> Right here, baby!

>> PROBST: It's Jonathan and


Parvati wins reward!

>> Good job, Parvati.

>> I'm sorry, baby.

>> Damn it!

>> PROBST: Nice job.

>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: First order of

business: you have to choose one

of these six to leave right now

and go to Exile Island.

>> Jonathan.

>> PROBST: Jonathan not even

asking permission.

He's taking a good-bye.

>> Love you.

>> PROBST: Now to the more fun

part of the reward.

Two other survivors...

( laughter )

...and their loved ones will

join you on this reward.

And, Mike, you're going to

decide who it is with no help

from you.

>> Oh...!

>> PROBST: No talking from the


Who are you taking with you?

>> Oh, man.



Island lady, Jeanette.

>> Oh, beautiful ladies!

>> PROBST: Jeanette, Sundra,

come over here.

( applause )

One more choice.

>> George, right?

>> PROBST: Adam's dad, George.

>> Yes!

>> PROBST: Loved ones, it's been

a pleasure having you here.

It's time for you guys to go.

You can head back the way you

came in.

Well, the good news is you're

all going back to camp together.

>> Yay!

>> PROBST: Sundra, Adam,

Parvati, loved ones, boat will

pick you up in a few hours, take

you to your reward.

All right, take them back to

camp, guys.

>> So you're back at camp.

Do you believe I've been here

for 31 days?

>> Yeah.

>> I was, like, squealing and

jumping up and down when I won

because it was just so

unexpected, but I needed it.

It showed me that I am still in

this game and, you know, that

I still have a fighting chance.

This is home.

I'll give you a tour.

Here's the living room.

>> I'm really glad because I

couldn't describe this in words,

I don't think.

It was great to see George here.

George is my dad, and I call him

George because he's my best


I'm surprised I lasted this


>> Well, I'm proud of you,


>> I told you, don't...

The chances of me lasting past

tomorrow are slim.

>> Okay.

>> I could get into this.

>> Yes, for a day.

I think having my mom come here

and see it, it's going to give

her a whole new perspective that

I probably could never get


I mean, this is something that

my mom probably would never have

had in her whole lifetime.

>> Interesting.

That's what we have to drink?

>> Yes, we boil it.

So I think actually we're going

to get some tonight because we

filled up our water bottles.

>> Want to see the house where

we sleep?

>> Yeah.

>> That's awesome!

( laughter )

>> It's kind of annoying having

the camp be overrun with the

competitors' family.

Parvati and Adam depend on the

food that we provide them, so I

almost feel responsible for

helping them be strong enough to

win that challenge.

>> Here it comes.

You ready?

>> All right, bye-bye.

>> Bye.

>> Have a good time.

>> Bye, guys.

>> See you guys later.

>> Me, too.

>> Yeah!

>> It's really nice.

>> I agree.

>> Laid back.

>> Exactly!

>> It was unbelievable.

We got greeted by at least 100

people, women and children, just

singing to us and, like, we were


It was fabulous.

I loved it.

>> We have no idea what they're

singing, you know.

It's just amazing.

The little kids are around us.

And then they walk us to this

cave, and in this cave, there's

fresh water.

It was, like oh, my god!

Like a little piece of heaven

just dropped right off the side

of the road.

>> They do it twice a year, this

religious ceremony where they,

like, bless the cave water, sing

and pray, and it's just a

ceremonial occasion, and I was

so grateful that that was part

of the reward.

And it was like, I mean, just a

once-in-a-lifetime thing that


( applause and cheers )

>> Whoo!

>> I haven't had fresh water in

32 days.

It was so cool and refreshing.

And when I came up, our skin

smelled nice because of the oil.

It felt so good.

( cheers )

>> The world is getting much

smaller, and it would only

benefit us if we took the time

to learn about somebody else.

Because guaranteed there's at

least one thing that we have in


>> Oh, my god!

Oh, my god!

Are those biscuits?!

It was unbelievable.

The blanket was just full of

fried chicken, meat loaf,

biscuits-- I mean, I'm a

Southern girl.

I love chicken and biscuits.

I am so glad I won that


>> As you should.

>> That is good.

>> Oh, my god!

>> Go for it, Adam.

>> Got to beat Jonathan


That's our goal for the rest of

the time we're here.

We just have to beat him at


I feel like I'm about to


>> Oh, gluttony is so good.

Adam and Parvati without

Jonathan around are a lot more

chilled out, and we got a chance

to just talk, find out a little

bit more about each other and

just be really calm.

>> I think we should do


>> All I know is I can't keep

feeding Adam and Parvati and

have them win.

>> You don't think it's fair, in

a sense, to feed people like

your enemies.

>> No, I understand.

Ozzy catches pretty much most

of our food, and Adam and

Parvati keep on winning these


So I think at this point, we've

tentatively decided to keep on

catching food, but maybe hide

some of it from Adam and


>> I think we should just throw

them in the woods.

>> Right there.

>> Now is a key, pivotal moment,

and I don't want to feed people

that beat me.

So for Adam, Parvati, and

Jonathan, no more coconuts.

They can go get their own.

>> How was it?

>> Hi!

>> Hi, Parvati.

>> Hi, guys.

How are you?

>> Tell us all about it.

>> This is a survival game, so

the issue is just trying to have

an upper edge in the game and

not feeding someone so they can

beat you.

And Adam is the biggest guy, and

he eats the most.

And so the less food he eats,

the more drained he gets.

>> If you can't get your own

food at this point, then maybe

you shouldn't be in the game.

>> Oh, my god!

Oh, my...

Thank you!

>> I'm not done yet.

>> Oh, my god!

The original plan for Ozzy and

myself and also Yul was to sort

of hide the coconuts, hide the

food, you know, to save it for

us for later.

But after we saw that Adam and

Parvati brought back so much

food, we sort of felt bad.

I think the hiding plan is sort

of on the outs.

>> Guys, thank you, seriously.

>> People seem more chilled out

if we're just our six without

Jonathan, so it's sort of nice

that he's on Exile right now.

>> Oh, Yul's going to cry!

( laughter )

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys!

We'll now bring in Jonathan

returning from Exile Island.

>> Thanks, guys.

Hi, guys.

>> PROBST: You guys ready to get

to today's challenge?

>> Yeah.

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: First things first,

Adam, take back the necklace.

>> No more bling-bling, huh?

>> PROBST: Once again immunity

back up for grabs.

For today's challenge, you're

going to race out into the water

and maneuver across a series of


When you reach the end, you'll

retrieve a bundle of sticks and

race back.

You must then go out and do this

a second time.

Once you have both bundles back,

you'll untie the sticks and,

using the rope and the sticks,

build one long pole, which you

will then use to retrieve two


First person to retrieve both

rings wins immunity, guaranteed

a one-in-six shot at winning

this game and the million-dollar

check that goes along with it.

Losers, you know what happens:

tribal council tonight.

Somebody going home.

Make sense?

>> Yeah.

>> Yeah.

>> Absolutely.

>> PROBST: We'll draw for spots

and we'll get started.

For immunity, survivors ready?


Ozzy leading the pack.

He's first to the platform.

Yul up on the platform.

Jonathan right behind.

Yul in the water.

He's got to go back to the


Ozzy making quick work of this


Not hesitating.

Ozzy in the water, swimming out

to his buoy.

Yul and Jonathan right behind.

Becky, Pavarti, Sundra on the


Yul across the barrels, hanging


Ozzy heading back with his first

bundle of sticks.

Yul swimming out to his bundle.

Parvati and Sundra making their

way across the balance beams as

Ozzy heads back.

Jonathan swimming out for his

first bundle.

Adam slides across the barrel.

Ozzy having no trouble.

Yul heading back with his first


Ozzy back with his first bundle.

Becky and Parvati having a hard

time with the barrels.

Jonathan heads back with his

first bundle.

Adam working on the knots of his

first bundle while Ozzy is

getting ready to lap him.

Yul swimming back with his first

bundle of sticks.

Parvati struggling to hang on to

that barrel.

Parvati off again.

She's got to go back.

Yul's back with his first


Everybody is having a hard time

with the barrels.

You're being too cautious.

Attack this course.

Jonathan slides across the


Ozzy slides across the barrel

and makes it.

Ozzy swimming for his second


Adam coming back with his first


Jonathan's heading back.

Parvati makes it across.

She's swimming out for her first


Ozzy's back on the course.

Yul across the barrels, swimming

out for his second bundle.

Ozzy passes Adam now, heading

back with his second bundle.

Jonathan taking his time.

Adam in no rush.

Ozzy already untying his

bundles, getting to work on his


Yul takes a nose dive.

Parvati off again.

Everybody falling.

Sundra takes a hard fall on the


Lots of bumps and bruises.

Adam back with his first bundle.

Ozzy spacing it out, trying to

get an idea of how much pole he

has to work with.

Parvati back with her first


Yul back with his second bundle.

He starts working on his pole.

Becky finally back with her

first bundle of sticks.

Down to Ozzy and Yul.

Who will get their pole together


Whose will be strong enough to


Ozzy's got his pole together.

Giving it a go.

Ozzy with his first ring back.

Ozzy doing it all with the pole.

Ozzy very close.

Ozzy wins immunity!

Ozzy, come on over.

( applause )

>> Good job.

>> PROBST: Once again, Ozzy is

safe tonight at tribal council.

Out of curiosity, anybody here

overly concerned that by not

winning they're in trouble


Adam, Parvati.

Well, we'll see if your concerns

are warranted.

Tonight, tribal council,

somebody going home.

Grab your stuff, head back to


See you at tribal.

>> Immunity challenge was right

up my alley.

It was actually quite hilarious

seeing people just eating it all

over the place.

>> Big old nut, isn't it?

>> It's humongous.

>> Big green nuts.

( laughter )

>> How's your sister?

There's clearly something up.

People don't really know exactly

what to say to me, you know?

Something is afoot, no question.

Something has shifted.

How far it's shifted and how

much time I have to correct the

shift, I don't know.

If they're going to vote Adam

off tonight, then I've got two


If they're going to vote me off,

I've got a couple of hours and

probably not a hell of a lot of


>> Yeah.

>> Great.

>> Some people might be like,

oh, you know, Jonathan's a

weasel and he... whatever,

weaseled his way in, but as far

as locking up the final four, if

Jonathan wasn't in it, who would

get it?

>> He was the only one that we

knew we could flip.

>> I understand that.

I don't think you're a bad

person for that at all.

I think that was good strategy,

it was great strategy.

But at this point, it doesn't


Why not have me or Parvati in

the fifth spot instead of... as

opposed to Jonathan?

>> Right.

It's a little bit weird for me

because I feel like I'm kind of

like the godfather or something

arranging a hit on somebody and

someone's asking, like, to take

out one person or another.

>> He doesn't deserve it.

>> The truth of the matter is I

don't know if I'm entirely

comfortable with it.

I will do everything I can to

keep you here because that

serves my interest.

>> I appreciate it.

>> If I can't...

>> Listen, clearly, the energy

has shifted.

And, you know, obviously, my

time away was a bad time to be


You had a feast, you had guests,

you had food brought back for

you, and Parvati and Adam are

charming young people, they're

closer to your age than I am, et

cetera, et cetera.

But let's... you know, let's not

be stupid, please.

You know, I'm the perfect person

to keep around.

I'm not a threat in terms of


And I saved your hide.

And I was happy to do it because

I felt like it made amends for

my stepping away, you know, and

they're going to say anything

they can.

Because if you fall for it, then

I'm gone, and they're still

around in the game, waiting to

take you guys out.

It would be stupid to vote me

out because I came back and I

saved my alliances' lives.

Are they really going to

sacrifice themselves and all

they've worked for because

Parvati is smiling at them now?

You know, because Adam is

stepping up and gathering a

little bit of wood?

>> Yeah.

It's either Jonathan or Adam,

because they seem to be the

biggest competitors right now.

It's really hard to pick,

though, which one is worse.

I think that, you know, as long

as the girls stay... stay


I think they will.

>> I think we're kind of set

anyways, right?

>> We're set...

>> I think the final four is

pretty much...

As long as no one does anything

crazy and the girls break, we're


>> PROBST: We'll now bring in

the members of our jury: Brad,

Rebecca, Jenny, Nate, and

Candice, voted out at the last

tribal council.

Pavarti, let's talk about the


Which was better, spending time

with your loved one or all that


>> Hands down, spending time

with my dad, you know.

Seeing just the joy on their


They're so proud of us and what

we're doing right now.

You know, and then when we went

on the reward and we were, like,

being celebrated with the

villagers, and biscuits, fried

chicken, apple pie-- you can't

really beat it.

>> PROBST: Adam, at this point

in the game, a good meal can

have a direct impact on the next


>> You know, Ozzy didn't go to

the reward and he won the

challenge, so I don't know if

that's a good theory or not.

But I think it's more of going

to Exile Island damages you for

the immunity challenge more than

getting the reward helps you.

>> PROBST: Let's talk about

Exile Island.

Parvati, why Jonathan?

>> Sending Jonathan was a

strategy move to keep myself in

the game as long as possible.

I'm hoping that they'll begin to

see, you know, life is better

without him and keep me and


>> PROBST: Ozzy, nice not having

Jonathan around camp for a


>> Sure.

>> PROBST: Why?

>> Jonathan's got a very strong

personality, and sometimes it's

hard to be around.

>> PROBST: Jonathan, are you

learning stuff about yourself

that you didn't know, or have

you heard this kind of stuff


>> Well, I mean, I am

disappointed and surprised to

hear that these two have had as

much influence on these guys and

that a day or two in camp, or

three or four, whatever, is

going to throw out the trust

that I put in them and the flop

that I made for them.

But I don't know if that's going

to happen.

I really hope it doesn't.

>> Once again, Jeff, just like

last tribal council, no one

wants Jonathan around.

Just the fact that there's six

good people out here that really

deserve to be here.

>> Why don't I deserve to be


>> Just your integrity.

You don't have any.

You flop all the time, and it's

frustrating, every time we come

to tribal council to see them

over there, and he should have

been voted out each time they

were voted out.

>> You know, I beg to differ,


All of the people that were

voted off from Raro were not

voted off only by me, you know.

I was in a desperate situation

where I had come over there, and

it was their tribe mates who

voted for them.

>> PROBST: Do you feel a bit of

a debt is owed to you for saving

them and giving them the chance

to win this game when they

didn't have it?

>> Um, yes.

Some of them would not be here

tonight if I hadn't flopped.

That's just the truth.

But the fact is I have earned

my right to sit here tonight,

and I believe I have earned a

right to sit here at the next

tribal council.

>> PROBST: Yul, Jonathan says

that he saved you guys, and yet

I've heard you say that you

saved Jonathan?

Who saved who?

>> I think we both saved each


I mean, our backs were against

the wall, and we had to make

moves out of desperation.

So I would say collectively the

four of us, the Aitutaki four,

are in control of the game to

the extent I have the idol and I

have a lot of influence within


>> PROBST: All right, let's get

to the vote.

Ozzy, you have the individual

immunity necklace.

I don't assume you're giving it

up to anybody.

You cannot vote for Ozzy.

We also have the hidden immunity


If whoever has it needs it

tonight, you'd present it to me

after the vote.

You would be safe, and the

person with the next highest

number of votes would be sent


It is time to vote.

Becky, you're up.

>> Uh, what can I say?

You're the biggest threat to me.

You deserve to go home.

>> ( whispering ): You should

have been voted out a long time


Hopefully we got it right this


>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

The person voted out will be

asked to leave the tribal

council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Jonathan.


One vote Adam, one vote



Two votes Jonathan, one vote



Three votes Jonathan, one vote


14th person voted out and the

sixth member of our jury:


That's four, that's enough,

unless you have the hidden

immunity idol.

Please bring me your torch.

Jonathan, the tribe has spoken.

>> And I'd like my hat back at

some point.

Good night, guys.

>> PROBST: Interesting tribal


You vote out somebody who

thought he could trust you,

which now means trust should be

an issue for every single person

left in this game.

Grab your torches.

Head back to camp.

Good night.

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>> PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on


>> We're the underdogs.

We got to fight.

>> I know.

>> PROBST: Parvati and Adam

develop a plan.

>> Is there any way you'd vote

any of them?

>> I'm going to do whatever I

can to win.

I don't care what that means.

>> I'm scared of Ozzy.

>> PROBST: And Becky and Yul

consider turning on Ozzy.

>> It's up to you.

I'll leave it... whichever way

you want to do it.

>> These people are terrible

liars-- terrible liars.

I wish they'd told me to my face

but they didn't do that because

then there would be an argument

and obviously they didn't want

to hear me talk anymore.

So now they'll have a peaceful

camp and they'll have to deal

with each other stabbing each

other in the back as if that's

some new thing in the game of


Four of those six people are

going to join me on the jury

soon enough.